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Posted by Kaygee (St.john, New Brunswick) on 07/23/2011

do you put the peroxide on your vaginal area? the itching it so bad I can't stand it sometimes. But I don't have the "cottage cheese" symptom :/

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Fn (Corvallis, Or) on 04/28/2011

Peroxide YES!

I have been plagued by these infections my whole life since being sexually active. I would get these yeast infections like at least once a month. I finally tried the 1/2 cool water 1/2 peroxide filling a douche that I bought and discarded the solution it came with. If I ever feel the discomfort coming on, I douche morning and night for a few days, rinsing my peri area also, and it disappears! And this is WAY less frequently. It is so amazing and I no longer spend tons of money on monostat and others! Thank you so much!

Replied by Patrice
(San Juan, Trinidad)

I douche my vagina with salt water, rub it with hydrogen peroxide and then ease the burning With olive oil. It works!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Annie (St Thomas, Vi) on 10/10/2010

I have used hydrogen Peroxide for yeast infections. As soon as I get an itchy feeling, I apply it to my vagina. It works fast. I have not used Monistat for over a year.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Zanny (New York, NY) on 06/07/2010

so....I inserted the yogurt for about a week and that didn't cure the extreme itchiness. On day 5 I decide to try the hydrogen peroxide. I did 1 teaspoon of the hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of warm water, stirred it up and filled a baby medicine dropper with the mix. Inserted that. It did sting a little and I was concerned and I also didn't feel well all day. BUT it went away. Results were almost immediate. I don't know if it is safe and I hope I never have to do it again.

Important to note; I did get my period back after trying this. I am not sure if it is because of the hydrogen peroxide or if it is due to my thyroid issues. If you experience spotting as well, this may be a bad idea to do and you should see your doctor instead.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Andrea (Clinton Twp., MI) on 03/15/2009


For those of you using Hydrogen Peroxide for yeast infections, i just wanted to let you know that if it worked, it is highly likely that it wasn't a yeast infection in the first place, but bacterial vaginosis. I have been through it all over the past 8 years. I have had yeast infections, and recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and the symptoms are very similar. The only difference is, with a yeast infection, you really truly have to see the "cottage cheese" discharge. With bacterial vaginosis, you will get itching, burning, inflammation, redness, and a milky-white discharge...if it is severe, you will get a clumpy yellow-ish discharge that may be mistaken for the cottage cheese discharge of a yeast infection. If you want to find out more about the differences between the two, do some research online or ask your doctor. I'm glad the hydrogen peroxide worked for you, that is great! But i just wanted to make you aware that hydrogen peroxide is a natural antibiotic and only kills off bad bacteria, not yeast, so you may have had bacterial vaginosis without knowing it, and cured it without knowing it! Hope this helps someone out there who may be having recurrent vaginal health issues.

Replied by Michelle
(Jackson, Mi)

I just wanted to mention that hydrogen peroxide works on so much more that just bacteria. Just check out the hydrogen peroxide section on this site. I know from experience that it works on many other ailments including many skin rashes, canker sores and even athletes foot. I don't know personally if it works for yeast infection, but I don't think it's out of the question.

Replied by Jessica
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

I also wanted to mention that even though hydrogen peroxide may not have any direct effect on yeast and/or fungi, it is believed it has an indirect effect against fungus because it balances your pH balance like normal flora (good bacteria). Therefore making it a harder enviorment for yeast to grow in but a helpful one for the good bacteria that keep you healthy. It works well for jock itch, atheletes foot, and other fungal infections because of this reason.

Replied by Kaari

This isn't correct. A quick google search will show you that hydrogen peroxide is very effective in killing of yeast.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by K.Lynn (Mt. Healthy, Ohio) on 03/15/2009

i just tried a suggestion from this site, but I wanted to give measurements used because that is as important as the remedy. I 've been using acv and boiled water ( can't afford to buy water) to wipe the vaginal area. It helped at first, but the pain and itching returned. so I made a solution of 16oz. boiled water w/ 1 TBSP of hydrogen peroxide ( cvs brand ok for external wash) and THANK GOD IT WORKED!!! I always keep boiled water refridgerated. using really cold water for this really helps. When I did the acv I used 2TBS per 16 oz, of cold boiled water. hope this helps someone else suffering w/ vaginal problems, it's miserable.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shay (New York, Ny) on 11/03/2008

I am a young woman about 22 years old. I tried Hydrogen Peroxide half water half peroxide in a little plastic cup for a yeast infection. I was suffering for about two days from this certain one, but I have been having yeast infections for what seems like every other month and I am a healthy woman I go to the doctor take care of my body and my healths #1. I was sick of having the discomfort of monistat and all the leakage and painful burning! So i tired the peroxide mix with water. I let my tampon soak up the water still in the applicator and then inserted into my vagina I did this at night of course I also ran some of the mixture down my vagina as i sat on the toliet. I put the tampoon in for a few hours took it out ran the water over it, then soaked another tampoon and inserted it, i got instant relief and in the morning it fel really good by the next night I believed it was clear I changed the tampoons twice a day kept one in for atleast 8 hrs each night it's great not painful or itchy love it! :)

Replied by Kristine
(Evansville, Ill)

I am 41 and I use to have them all the time the doctor gave me antibiotics and I was talkin to a friend and she use to also so she said change ur soap to antibactera dial I did that and had no more yeast infections try that it works also.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by ana (chicago, il) on 05/11/2008

I have to say it is a big relief to have used the remedy of hydrogen peroxide for curing a vaginal yeast infection. I diluted by using onc cup peroxide and a quarter cup water. Used a douche bottle and rinsed with it two days only once a day. It is gone. Amazing! Thanks again.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Carla (Media, PA) on 12/11/2007

re: Yeast Infection -- bathing in water and apple cider vinegar and then cleansing with the peroxide/water solution gave me immediate relief

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by V (Panama, Florida) on 11/13/2007

I don't normally give comments back, but I am going to this time. I have had a yeast infection or BV for 4 days and thinking yeast first, I treated it with Monostat 1. It did not work, on the 4th day I was more miserable than I was on day one. I do not know how ladies put up with such a nasty condition for so long. Anyway, I dislike going to the doctors very much. I found this site and read your antidotes, then I found a medical site that backed the information about using a certain kind (that most people do not have) of H202 internally. I only have the 3% at home and that is what I used. The medical site does not recommend it for internal use. I do not own a baster or anything else like that. I used a tampon which I tried to soak with a solution of 50% bottled water and 50% H202, but I found it expanded too much in the applicator. In my frustration, I removed the tampon from the applicator and drenched it with straight H202 and used my fingers to push it up into my vaginal cavity. It was messy and a lot of liquid just came dripping back out. I also took paper towels and soaked them in staight H202 and methodically cleaned the entire external area from inside thigh to inside thigh and from start of pubic hair well past the anal opening. I let myself air dry then put on clean cotten underwear with a pad, and went to make a phone call, I talked for 67 minutes. During that time expanse there was a bit of a warm sensation that I felt and a bit of pain (like a cramping pain). After my call was over, I pulled the tampon out, then I literally dumped some more H202 over the entire external area and left myself air dry again. I woke this morning and have checked 3 times so far. No external cheesy stuff, no internal excessive white stuff, no musky smell, and I am pink again. I am going to the store to get some folic acid today also, but I did want to let you know of my success. P.S. I already eat Breyers probiotic yogurt daily regardless of state of health.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jaydene (Kngston, Jamaica) on 09/28/2007

Hydrogen Peroxide worked instantly for the itching caused by my yeast infection, even though it stung a little bit initially. But the relief was worth the use I'm definately sticking by this one. Thanks for the info on the site, it was really helpful.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by reina (orlando, US) on 08/09/2007

I started having a terrible itching two days ago. This had never happened to me so I didn't know where it came from, especially now that I am on a good diet. It may have been the bath that I took, and many other things. Anyway, the itching started being unbearable, last night I couldn't sleep at all so I started reading the cures on these site. I did the folic acid, garlic softgel and hydrogen peroxide. The itching really as subsided. Hopefully it goes all away. The hydrogen peroxide seemed to help a lot.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Veronica (Toronto, Cananda) on 07/27/2007

Honestly for all you ladies you have yeast infections hydrogen peroxide does the trick - for me in a single dose! I googled natural remedies and was told about mixing 1 tablespoon per cup. I used two cups [of water] with 2 tablespoons [of h202] and a turkey baster to get it in there. Relief was immediate and my symptoms are gone after only ONE use! I will never use anyting else but this EVER again. If I had the power to gurarentee it I would! I LOVE hydrogen peroxide and am learning just how effective it is for many ailments!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Megan (VA) on 06/13/2006

I tried this product for yeast infection, I used the plastic tube that the vaginal creme comes with and fill it with hydrogen peroxide put inside the vaginal areas for a couple of days and it worked like a charm. Also used it for a severe vaginal itch, (careful!! it may burn !! but not for long) all I know is the itching was gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Acidophilus Douche

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Posted by Notagain (Levittown, Pa) on 11/15/2009

okay, I happy to say that I have found something that works for me. I have been battling BV and Lucky me Yeast infection at the same time. This is what I did, I empty a bottled water bottle and add half peroxide and half distilled water, then I add 1 acidophilus caplet to the mixture. Once the caplet dissolves I use this mixture as a douche for 5 wonders. oh, I also take the probiotic pills ____ one daily. Hope this helps and please share with if it does.