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Hydrogen Peroxide, Saline Douche

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Posted by Cindy Couldn't Sit Still (Dunkirk, Ny) on 03/08/2018
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Ladies, Ladies Ladies! This is the BEST way to be comfortable again - and it's affordable! My story goes back to when I was 15 and was prescribed antibiotics for Acne. By age 16 and 17 I was a crotch mess and virgin and until I read in a woman's magazine I never knew that antibiotic use could cause vaginal infections - I thought it was "puberty" and plenty irritating and itchy. I wanted to punch that doctor in the nose that never told me about possible side-effects.

Of course, when asked I got some drippy cream, an expensive prescription and some relief! I struggled with vag infections EVERY TIME I took antibiotics after that -just asked for the vag cream to go with it whenever I had sinus, or strep. I heard about peroxide on a religious talk show and GOD BLESS THAT LADY!


The DrNeilMed Sinus rinse bottles to use in the shower!!! $10 Lasts years. Not advertising - just sayin' it works and squirts!

They come with 50 tiny packets of salt. I used it for repeated sinus infections - and with a capful of hydrogen peroxide (all peroxide caps the same size) to about 12? oz warm water - my sinus infections went away and have never had to take an antibiotic in over 10 years!

I got to thinking...and tried the same mixture as a vaginal rinse -using the same bottle in the shower! VOILA'!

So SIMPLE So CHEAP! Keeps everything in balance! Makes me want to punch the doctors in the nose who prescribe expensive yucky creams and suppositories which I struggled to pay for sometimes. (they weren't OTC then). I never used more than a capful-or 2. I am past menopause now -and the vag infections still come and go-but I have INSTANT RELIEF!

After 40 years of dealing with this...I am glad to know but disgusted no one in medicine told me. Oh and in a pinch for a quick tune-up -you can do it on the toilet and be fresh and itch-free anytime.

Another embarrassing item...I have hypothesized and tried it...if you make your man brush his teeth extra happens less. I believe it is associated with oral contact - ALWAYS happened with my first husband...but NOT with my second...they can harbor bacteria in their MOUTH that causes infections. Someone shared something embarrassing for me to be I must share what I have found to be true. I couldn't sit still for itching most of my life. ~sigh~


Posted by Randall (Phx, AZ, USA) on 12/18/2008

An important thing to remember is MALES get Yeast Infections also!! If a woman has a yeast infection it could pass very easily through sexual contact with a partner, And vice-versu. A reason why you might be having reoccurring problems is because after curing it you just receive the infection from your partner again.

Both you and your partner need to be cured of it to stop the infection from reoccurring.

But even so, as hard as these fungal infections are to kill, this is not the only reason for reoccurring infections.

A great free website dedicated to info about yeast infection and NATURAL HOME REMEDIES is: -- hope this helps!

Replied by Rob
(San Fernando, California)

I have had a Eureka moment about this issue that I would like to share with you. I have noted that when women performed oral sex and intercourse followed right after, a yeast infection on the women followed soon. But when I changed that pattern and washed the penis after oral sex preceding intercourse, there was never a yeast infection. So my advise is to have the male wash his penis with soap and water after oral sex when intercourse is to follow. This is not a cure but a very powerful prevention tool. There may be other causes of yeast infection, but I've found that this was a major one.

Replied by Eclover
(Richmond, Va)

I think you are right, because I did that the other day, and I got a yeast infection now.

Posted by Linda (Gville, USA) on 10/05/2007

Here is a site that is most interesting, explaining the connections behind the diseases and maladies associated with yeast and fungus infections and some of the pulic issues and frustrations associated with Western Medicine's applications or lack thereof; due to it's stubbornness, arrogance and greed.( Judge for yourself how it might apply to you. Earthclinic and Ted's information has been most helpful for all of us who check in daily to the new discoveries using natural applications to clean up our bodies of disease. I am most pleased that Earthclinic and Ted find human sufferings to be important enough to allow us all to help one another by permitting us to post our findings to this site. Thanks Ted and Earthclinic!! Regards


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Posted by Maria (Los Angeles, Calfironia) on 05/29/2012
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I started douching with iodine diluted in water and it immediately cured the symptoms of candidiasis / bacterial vaginosis which had been affecting me for quite a while. I have been douching twice a day with the solution (5 drops of iodine in half a cup of water) and I'm extremely happy. After failing to cure my candidiasis / vaginosis with oral acidophilus, I am super satisfied with iodine.

Lifestyle Suggestions

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Posted by Jay (Jackson, MS) on 07/23/2007
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I have very sensitive skin, so condoms, dryer sheets, and of course antibiotics can bring on a yeast infection. Step one is to avoid condoms and spermicide (for me) and using dryer sheets, particularly on underwear or athletic clothing that is close to the skin. To treat, I have had great success with bathing in lemon or lime water. This is probably more gentle than apple cider vinegar. Yeast needs a basic enviroment to live, and a healthy vagina is slightly acidic, so you want to return your environment gradually and gently to normal. Also - sperm is basic, so wash thoroughly after sexual activity to avoid creating a "good home" for excessive bacteria or yeast. There are also antifungal natural ear drops that are a little better than using a strong chemical treatment that you could try. For bacteria, I find that eating yogurt and probiotics during antibiotic courses, garlic, and avoiding triggers like dryer sheets helps as well. Hope this helps someone out there!

Lime Tonic

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Posted by B (Ca) on 08/06/2018
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This is too important NOT to share for those who suffer from many chronic yeast infections take this as follows for 2 dollars per week, EASY to take.

Cut 5-7 limes depending on your blender size, blend with water, MUST use the whole fruit, the outer green peel, the inner white peel the seeds, the WHOLE fruit. Should make about a quart good for one week for one person. Store in refrigerator. To serve, take out and stir using about 2-3 oz in a cup, add one oz warm water and down quickly, VERY EASY to take, rinse mouth, teeth, gums 2-3 times.

A REAL cure/preventative, you can cheat a little on your diet with this too but with any major problems not recommended to cheat a lot. Take 3-5 times daily depending on the quality of your diet, if real good diet take 3 times daily, for lower quality diets increase to 5 times daily.

Monistat Reactions

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Posted by Shell (Illinois) on 06/03/2006

I used Monostat 7 and it made my symptoms worse. The burn and itch increased and I was about to go out of my mind. The next morning things were swollen and they weren't previous to the treatment of Monistat 7. I just got through drinking the apple cider vinegar and water. Now I am waiting to see if it works. If nothing else I am glad to know that there is alternatives to the messy and nasty creams.

Monistat Reactions
Posted by Amy (So Carolina)

Monistat made me feel Terrible! the itching was severe and I had to run and wash it out immediately! I broke out all over my legs too. I tried diflucan and the infection went away and came back within a week. NOW I'm going to try the Vinegar! thanks for the advice...!

Replied by Ssh
(Atlanta, Ga)
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Monistat is the worst product. It seemed to make the infection worse and did not cure it. Monistat made burning and itching sensations horrible.

Replied by Addy
(Flowery Branch, Ga)

If you aren't getting results with monistat, that tells me you don't have a yeast infection. I would call the doctor and get it checked.

Replied by Ssh
(Atlanta, Ga)

ive been to the doctor. monistat just does not work for me.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Dena L. (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 06/04/2022
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I have been yeast infection free for three years. I suffered from chronic reoccurring infections since I was 21. My advise is to wash all underwear in hot water with unscented washing liquid like the All brand. Bath only in unscented dove soap or use castle soaps with essential oils such as Dr. Bonner or the opengate brand. You can also order liquid black soap with essential oils of lavender or peppermint which is anti fungal on Amazon . I'm going to stress using hot water and washing your underwear separate from your socks and other clothing. You can also prewash your underwear daily with hot water and regular antibacterial soap then wash again in the washing machine. The reason for this is yeast can live in your underwear and only die with heat. Also wash all towels in bleach and hot water and the unscented washing liquid . For color towels add Lysol or pine sol with the unscented washing liquid. I only use 1/4cup. Wash the outside and inner labia only with the soap. Do not put in vaginal canal. Bath in warm salt baths using pink salt or sea salt with hydrogen peroxide. You can also douche with hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of water. Follow with homemade tea tree oil suppositories made with coconut oil. Freeze them and wrap each in foil. Use one before bedtime. Also drink probiotics drinks like Kumbachi from Walmart vegetables section or eat low sugar yogurt by oiu or chobono. You can also take a woman's probiotics. Probiotics are very important for vaginal flora and to prevent yeast infections. Always get your partner treated or avoid sex until you are fully better. Get tested for all stds especially requests a G/C test from doctor. Avoid all sugar drinks and drink coconut water or lemon/ lime water daily. If you suffer from heartburn add aloe Vera in your drinks. Eat fruit but avoid bread and rice. Avoid all sweets. Get a blender and juice lots of green vegetables daily with your favorite fruit for breakfast and lunch.Drink green juices daily. Eat a raw salad with cucumbers and your choice of meet for dinner. Avoid fast foods. Drink Green tea with a tsp of coconut oil daily. Eat a plant base diet. Drink cranberry juice daily. Drink probiotics drinks three times a week. Add liquid chlorophyll by Now brand from Amazon to your water a few times a week to oxygenate the body. Yeast cant grow in a oxygen body. Take P73 oregano oil three times daily. You can buy it from Amazon.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lonclark1311 (Wellington, New Zealand) on 07/01/2015
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Hello everyone! I'm a 27 yr old woman who has been battling yeast infections for the past 1.5 years. I had my first YI at 20, and then never had one again until I moved to New Zealand in December 2013. Since then, I've tried many different remedies from ACV douching to otc thrush cream. The otc stuff works for about 3 months, and then the yeast monster comes back. I have never taken antibiotics, keep a healthy/balanced diet; and to put it in perspective, yeast has been my ONLY health problem ever in life that started at 26 yrs old.

The yeast monster is back now and I'm getting aggressive in finding a natural solution. I've been doing the following for 6 consecutive days now:

- 4000-5000IUs D3

- rubbing itchy vulva with mixture of 10 drops tea tree and olive oil

- 20ml Acidophilous natural, sugar-free yogurt vaginally inserted AND orally taken (this is my favorite because it's very soothing)

- 2 probiotic vaginal inserts - the refrigerated kind (each pill containing 25 million cultures)

- Cold-pressed, virgin organic coconut oil taken both orally and vaginally

- No alcohol, lowered sugar intake

I've taken a shot of ACV everyday for the past five years as a general health practice. I thought I finally tackled the yeast beast the other day, but decided to try Vitamin C vaginal inserts as an addition to my above regime. As of yesterday, I started inserting 2x 550mg Vit C into vagina, and have had some crazy yellow/orange chunky yeasty discharge. I smell like baking bread right now, and it seems to have made the problem worse. Is this normal? Is the Vit C pushing out all of the remaining yeast or creating more? What is happening to me? LOL!

Does anyone have any other suggestions on what to do?

I'm pretty desperate.

Replied by Sam

Google Lauricidin, Interfase Plus, Biofilm Defense, Apolactoferin, Nattokinase. Not even a grain of sugar is allowed.

Replied by Z
(Ny, Ny)

I have felt your pain! I battled that yeast monster and desperately searched for a lasting solution and finally discovered food grade Castor Oil (Palma Christi) applied topically to that area works for me EVERY time and cutting too much sugar from my diet. I also eat baby kale regularly. Haven't had to use messy yogurt or AZO or other otc's at all. Hope this helps!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Polly (Toronto, Canada) on 06/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been getting yeast infections after sex and during my period for the past 6 months. I have found several different cures that work within days:

*Soaking a tampon in Tea tree oil w/ water or ACV and water(leave in overnight)
*Inserting 2 Acidophilus pills inside and taking 2 more orally
*Fill spray bottle with water and lots of tea tree oil, spray your "lady parts" everytime you go to the washroom. It burns like fire but it works.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Breezesmother (Gainesville, Florida, United States) on 06/07/2013

I have a yeast infection and no money or insurance to go to the doctor. So far I have tried hydrogen peroxide douches, eating yogurt, cutting out all sugar and carbs, and a fresh clove of garlic in the vagina every few hours.

When I initially did the garlic over night, the itching got much much worse and I took it out. I'm now doing it during the day, changing them every few hours. When will I see any improvement? Unfortunately I am highly allergic to monistat which ended up with me in the emergency room last time I used it :/

I am having pain in my lower abdomen along with frequent urination. Thank you.

Replied by Iowama
(Pella, Ia/usa)

Hi. I'm sorry you're having trouble with a yeast infection. You'll probably hear a lot of good responses to this post, but I wanted to weigh in with an Earth Clinic cure that my daughter and I both swear by: Dip a tampon in Apple Cider Vinegar and squeeze out the excess. Insert it and leave it in for a few hours or over night. The vinegar we used was an inexpensive store brand.

Replied by KT
(, The Usa)

I have read using ACV on the tampon on more than one post and wondered why you couldn't use white vinegar. Isn't the ACV sticky?

Replied by Iowama
(Pella, Ia/USA)

As to why one vinegar works better than the other, I have no idea. ACV is not sticky, however, and I find I like it better in recipes than the white vinegar. For my needs, it's been a good ingredient to keep on hand.

Replied by KT
(The Usa)

I meant white vinegar for tampon use. I ingest the ACV but have the white vinegar for cleaning purposes. I was just thinking apple juice would make things sticky so I would assume ACV would do the same since it is fermented apple juice.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vanessa (Lake Worth, Florida, Us) on 09/15/2012

I recently met the most handsomest man I have ever met and have had 2 yeast infections in the same month, so we havent been intimate ever! I used to get yeast infections every month after my period for the past 3 years. I went to several doctors and no one could tell me what was wrong, until one day a doctor took a pH strip stuck it up there and told me I needed to acidify my system. I was taking 2000mg of vitamin c everyday, for 5 months, about how long it took and yay no more yeast infections. This lasted for a year, then the beginning of this year they started coming again, I have been taking 1000mg of vitamin c to keep my pH constant. I bought pH strips tested my pH, and it came out normal range(3. 5-4) so I was confused why I was getting them again. I first assumed it was stress. I was REALLY stressed out for a couple months, I was fine for 4 months then all of a sudden after I had sex with one guy I got a yeast infection. I was confused because we didnt use latex for I am sensitive, and we used my all natural carrageenan lubricant. Got 2 infections in the same month recently so I was very confused.

What I discovered was my plan to gain weight backfired on me. How you say? Before I never touched simple carbs, ever! I would only eat complexes. My solution to gain weight that I lost was to eat simple carbs, I was eating rice pudding almost 3 times a week! White bread you name it. Plus I believe me using Monistat over and over again for the past 2 years created an immunity to the Candida so it developed a super Candida with me feeding the yeast as well with all this starch! . Ive have been eating Greek yogurt everyday for the past three years. I also bought femdophilus. I was so confused why this wasnt helping. What I realized is that everyone talks about probiotics but no one talks about prebiotics and anti-fungals. So! I needed to get over this yeast infection fast so I can be intimate with this guy, because we have been dating for a month and only had sex once. Also, my doctor prescribed me diflucan which I have never took before, looked it up and may or may not work and takes up to 7 days what!! ?? I looked up grapefruit seed extract, oregeno oil, Apple cider vinegar(organic) , Hydrogen peroxide, fructooligosaccharides, rephresh tampons and finally Luvena prebiotic vaginal lubricant.

My intense treatement that cured me in 3 days!!

1) take oregeno oil and grapefruit seed extract 3 times a day

2) insereted oregeno oil capsule directly in vagina, for 2 nights, had to dilute with Carlson vitamin e suppositories, because my goodness is that oregano concentrated! (After the first night I felt amazing by the way!!

3) Only ate vegetables and protein for a couple days, so the supplements can do what they do

4) also was on fluconozoale 1 dose of 150mg

5) bathe in ACV at night, and rinsed out vagina with ACV with turkey baster, I dont like douches (did this 3 nights)

morning bathed in H2O2 and rinsed out vagina with H2O2 with turkey baster (did this 2 mornings)

6) still take Femdophilus twice a day, with FOS twice a day(prebiotics) to keep probiotics alive

4th day I didnt see anymore Candida disharge, also I had absolutely NO itching, just very minor innflamation, thats it ACV is amazing!! By the 5th day I was absolutely back to normal

I have to say though that me stupidly putting a concentrated oregeno capsule in my vagina burned like hell but I felt amazing. After realizing this I diluted by putting half a vitamin e suppository. Everything did burn, but only for a couple seconds and I had abosulutely NO itching or irritation, just minor inflammation, Friday I felt 100 percent better, and this treatment only took 3 days!!!! I am still taking the supplements only twice a day now and plan on being intimate with this beautiful man tomorrow night! :)

I also bought represh tampons, because I realized that everytime I get my period I get a little irritated and never realized it being my pH so I have yet to try those. Look up Luvena prebiotic I am going to use that after I have sex, to see how that works out, so I still have to try that as well.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rebecca (Toronto, Canada) on 07/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I just did the following and got results in 30 minutes!

Now that I am in my 40s, I find that I often start to get the beginnings of a yeast infection on day 3 of my cycle. I assume it's got something to do with hormone levels... I'm looking into it as it's a bit annoying. Generally if I catch it soon enough, a regular application of lavender oil clears it up. (I put a few drops on my finger and insert). For whatever reason, this month, the yeast got the better of me. I was quite busy so initially opted for 1 day Monistat - which not only didn't work AT ALL - it actually caused me considerable discomfort. I decided to make time to deal with it the natural way. Here is what I purchased:

Boric Acid, empty 00 gel caps, Apple Cider Vinegar, raw organic coconut oil, raw organic Manuka Honey, FeminaFlora (this is a friendly bacteria suppository found at Health food stores in the refrigerator)

I immediately inserted ONE FeminaFlora and TWO capsules filled with boric acid. Then, while sitting on the toilet, I slathered on Manuka Honey, including coating my finger and inserting it a few inches up inside. Sat for 20 minutes - then rinced with warm water. (was already feeling relief from the burning/itching! ) Afterward - I put 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a basin of warm water large enough to sit in and did a sitz bath for 10 minutes. I ended this all off by soaking an organic cotton tampon in coconut oil and inserting it. I left that in for two hours.

VOILA! The honey stopped the burn/itch right away. The coconut oil was very soothing internally, and is also anit-fungal. The apple cider vinegar helps restore pH. The boric acid kills the over growth of yeast. The FeminaFlora boosts the GOOD flora! I will continue with one FeminaFlora every night for 7 nights, and one boric acid insert along with it. Honey, etc as needed - but I don't think I'm going to need them.

Moving forward, I plan to go on a candida cleanse where I will eliminate sugar for awhile... And see my acupuncturist to address hormone fluxuations. I am also going to start taking B vitamins. Best of luck! This really DOES work, and it works FAST! I had never tried the HONEY before and was thrilled with the immediate relief.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Clinic2012 (Atlantic City, Nj ) on 02/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering from a yeast infection.

Quick simple easy way to get rid of one:

Stop using soap when you bathe. Bathe with water and sea salt. When you finish bathing, mix coconut oil with tea trea oil and apply to the vagina (can go in walls or inserted inside). Also take a drop of oregano oil after and mix in. You can also take 2-3 drops of oregano oil on the tongue.

Also, buy a case of kefir and drink one or two glasses a day. I also find that taking ayurvedic herbs like triphala and gotu kola also helped the process. Using coconut oil when eating has also done wonders.