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Posted by LH (Slidell, La) on 02/11/2009
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Okay so I have been suffering from either a yeast infection or bv... havent quiet figured out which one it is. I have the itching so im thinking it is probably a yeast infection. I have tried everything...acv douche, h202 douche,folic acid pills, yogurt, acidiphillous pills, garlic pills, Rephresh, Yeast gaurd. Now im trying the b-comlex 50, nicinamide 100 and liquid b-12. It kind of worked on the first day but now I dont think it is really working. I havent tried the Boric acid inserts bc i dont know where to find the boric acid. Also I was wondering if you can insert the Nicinamide and the B-complex pills into your vagina? If anyone has any remedies that they would like to share with me or any comments this would be very helpful! Thanks!