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Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by 1947hoppy (Winamac, Indiana) on 03/27/2013

My wife had developed a pretty serious yeast problem after a recent hospital stint and, IMHO, an excessive amount of antibiotics. I had previously read about Grapefruit Seed Extract, while researching information on candida infections. If you do a google on GSE you will find that it has many uses, is relatively inexpensive and from our personal experience with it, acts fast to relieve yeast infections. A small bottle, which lasts a very long time, MUST be diluted, as you will find when you do your research. It can be taken orally, sprayed on topically and even added to a douche.

Do a 'google' on 'the benefits of grapefruit seed extract'. You will be amazed. It is available at many health food stores, or online. Good luck.

Replied by Maureen
(Overgaard, Arizona 85933)

I too am plagued with end less yeast infections. The grapefruit seed oil works for me too. Kudos to it!!! I was soo desperate, I didn't know what to do. I even wanted to die!!!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Eh (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/08/2009

Grapefruit Seed Extract is an awesome product that I came to discover when I developed a terrible yeast infection from taking 2 rounds of antibiotics in one year, about 5 years ago. My docs could not even diagnose it, because it was what I would call "atypical yeast" -- not the typical symptoms, but rather an intense irritation and burning on the outside skin of my genitals. Anyway, I finally figured out that's what it was and went looking for natural treatments. BTW: you can do a search on GSE on the web and there are several websites that sell it, AND give VERY specific instructions on how to take it. But this is what I did: 10 drops GSE (in a empty capsule) 3 times/daily. (Be prepared to experience "detox" symptoms -- but mine were just a runny nose and a little headache). You could also douche with 5 drops/quart water. That is also recommended -- I did not, because my problem wasn't in my vagina, but on the outside. Since then, though, I have had "flare ups" with it again (got reinfected from my husband, actually, I think), and have used the douche - it gives almost instant relief -- a few times will almost cure it. But continue to use it -- I used it (decreased to 2x daily and then 1x daily) for months, for fear it it coming back. You can use it long-term without worring about it killing the good bacteria (or so they say), but I used a pro-biotic along with it (once/daily - spaced out 2 hrs between - very important!) You do not want to kill the good bacteria with the GSE... too expensive to do that! :o) Hope this helps! Oh! and the pet thing -- you can put it in their drinking water -- it is bitter so it may be difficult. But just give it maybe 2-3 drops and do it long-term... hopefully that will work. GSE has powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. I have used it for many applications, after reading all that you could use it for on a website. It really is amazing. Hope this helps you guys!

Replied by Julie
(New York City, New York)

Dear Eh,

I think I have a similar problem. How long did you take the GSE 3x daily, and when did you step it down to 2x daily & once daily? When did you begin to feel relief from your symptoms? Thank you so much for your original post!!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tina (Pensacola , Fla) on 10/23/2007

The BEST remedy for yeast infections that truly works.... Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Green Tea

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Posted by Jessica (Canada) on 12/05/2017

I spent so much money trying to cure my yeast infection. The creams would give me relief but it wouldn't cure me. There are studies in which people successfully treated fungal infections of the skin with green tea, so I thought I would try it for yeast. I made 4 cups of organic green tea and cooled it down with ice, then I sat in a little basin full of it for 25 minutes. It's extremely soothing and takes all of the irritation away.

Homeopathic Remedies

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Posted by Julie (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 05/31/2008

When I had constant yeast infections, from having candida overgrowth, I used Yeast Gard homeopathic (available at drugstores). It kept me relatively comfortable, until I was able to cure the overgrowth. I also had itchy anus - I used a little bit there, too.

Honey and Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Rose Moran (Lompoc, California) on 12/30/2008

HONEY and Tee tree oil saved me from going outta my mind...after suffering a bout with yeast infection and trying over the counter cures it came back and nothing worked...I was about to go to the doctors for anti biodics which they say is bad when in desperation I did another search on yeast infections.I had tried vinegar,even organic, peroxide and creams from the store but I was in so much misery and could not stand it.....One web page said lather in honey and wait 10 minutes... I waited 15 or more and you could just feel the pain and itch subside... after rinsing you apply tea tree oil and I slept like a baby. It took two applications of honey and needless to say I LOVED HONEY. I would reccomend it highly.

Replied by Rebecca
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

Hey, Ive been suffering from yeast infections all my life, and Ive done the tea tree oil thing, and it works great, but your body becomes used to the oil after awhile. What people dont know is that there are many essential oils that will treat a yeast infection and instantly and more efficiently than monistat. Midwives and Herbalists have known this for centuries.

The ones I use are as follows::

Cypress, (diluted with jojoba oil, it will burn) Lavender, Rosemary together (may burn, dilute a bit)

Roman Chamomile in jojoba oil with another oil blend which has cedarwood, sandlewood, and Myrtle oils, and are perfectly safe and all used for yeast infections, and other infections, I googled them all and did extensive research as well as tried these on myself.

Ylang, Ylang, and patchouli oil (hard core hippy chick here, lol! )

Neroli, and Myhrr (spellcheck??) frankenscense (cant spell it, lol)

St Johns oil and east Cape Manuka oil (another relative of the Tea tree) and Bergamont works well too (same oil they out in earl grey tea)

Eucalyptus..(wll burn like heck, DILUTE!! )

I either make them in coconut oil frozen suppositories, or I just put a few drops straight on a clean finger and lay down on my back, and insert and rub around in there as far as it will go (gross I know, but when you have an uncomfortable miserable life ruining yeast infection youll try anything!!!) I also tend to clean the yogurt like material out in the shower, so the oils can really penetrate, but thats not necessary for most people. (really gross, I know, sorry for the TMI, but we need to get well here, lol!!)

You will notice relief within 15 minutes, Im serious. And it will be gone in just a couple days (usually. If you have a more severe infection, you may need to apply the oils up to five times a day. Build yourself up to it, aswell, it may burn a bit, but after a while your body builds up resistance and you can take much more concentrated amounts on the skin without burning. I know with my infections, I usually dont dilute, (except with eucalyptus, and Mrryh, lol!) very strong. Oregano oil can be used aswell, REALLY STRONG, only use a drop in sum carrier oil.

Essential oil are incredibly healing for wounds, and all manner of things. After having success treating my yeast infections, I did ALOT of research into it, and I was amazed. God put these incredibly healing things on the earth and its awesome!

Most of these oils dont cost more than ten dollars, sum are just $4, Mhrry (cant spell sorry) is about $17, so its worth the investement. Like I said, I get these things frequently, so I know very well, how awful they are. The oils work great, try it!!

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, NC)
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Thanks for all this great information. and btw I don't feel you did too much TMI... this is our body and our bodies have orifices... not gross... just natural. I have had ongoing yeast issues and I will try some of the essential oil (diluted) approaches too. my yeast currently is breaking out on my crack around my (large. lol) butt. I used to get yeast infections around my clit! Annoying!! Things will go well for a few days or weeks or months and then things happen up again.

I do think my partner and I give it back and forth also. we have been treated for bv although his docs said his treatment was unnecessary. LOL. what dopes. I read that ongoing yeast infections can be a warning of having diabetes eventually so I am working on more of a palio diet.

Everyone's body is different. it took me about 5 months to get rid of the rosecea I had but trying different methods from EC. but it's gone now. I make a list of all the treatments that speak to me and slowly go down the list.

Really happy I found Earth Clinic.


Honey, Garlic Powder

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Posted by Sherry S (Clarkesville, GA) on 04/25/2021

Recently did a raw juice fast. BIG MISTAKE!!! Developed a vaginal yeast infection. After three days could not stand it anymore. Checked our EC ailments and read all the different suggestions. I decided at 2am due to wanting to get some rest, to do a raw honey/garlic powder mixture. I am so thankful for all of you here. I finally have relief. Plan on applying twice a day for the next three days at least. Oh, and very little stinging.

Honey, Yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic

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Posted by MayBelle (Hudson, NH) on 05/24/2008

I am trying this remedy for a yeast infection it is done in 4 parts:

1st: I applied Raw natural honey (not store bought) let it sit and then rinsed it off.
2nd: I put plain yogurt in an applicator but it must have NO sugar and have live active cultures. I left that in my vagina for at least one hour.
3rd: I douched with raw apple cider vinegar and water 1tbsp per 1 liter
Finally: placed the clove of Garlic mentioned here.

My friend told me that this remedy works fast.. So Since OTC doesn't work I figured I had nothing to loose. I am on the last step and I do have to tell you already feel so much better...

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by MHO (Provo) on 05/13/2019

I always get a vaginal infection when I am taking antibiotics. A simple cure is to put a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in your mouth daily and swish it around for 10 minutes. Spit it out. I have no problems when I do this. Olive Leaf Extract supplements are marvelous for combatting yeast infections. Pau d Arco is another powerful anti-yeast supplement. I take one of each three times a day for as long as is needed.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jb (Nyc ) on 09/08/2016

I have recurring BV and YIs constantly. Usually the diflucan works for me but recently I've been away from my doctor and don't feel like this warrants a trip to urgent care. So spent hours looking through the different home remedies.

I tried all the methods using apple cider vinegar (drinking it, bathing in it, douching, tampons, damp cloth) and nothing worked! I also used the tea tree oil and, it felt a lot fresher but ultimately overly dried me out. Finally douched with a 50%hydrogen peroxide 50% distilled water. Immediately after it was a little painful but after about a half an hour I felt SO MUCH BETTER. What a relief! I also take acidophilus and folic acid to try and keep my ph in check. The Hydrogen peroxide also works wonders for my BV as well.

This stuff the real deal. Stop reading and commence the healing!

Replied by Diana
(La Mesa, Nm)

Hi I am 40 yrs old and I have been diagnosed with Candida Albicans since Sept. 2003. It has been a hell of a journey going thru this horrible illness. Doctors told me there was no remedy nor cure. It brings relief to know I'm not the only victim suffering from this. I have had 2 pregnancies thru the 11 yrs and the infections vanished through out the pregnancy. After I gave birth they'd come back. I have seen gynecologists, disease and infection specialist. I have changed my diet completly, I have done homeopathic remedies, I had a pic line inserted for strong antibiotics, changed birth control even though I had a tubal. Did borax, acidophilus, honey, garlic, all over the counter meds and never cured them. Symptoms were relived but they always come back right before my period. Once the bleeding began the infections vanished. I'd get them for 2 weeks 1 a month. Finally on 2-14-14 a had a hysterectomy. Removing my cervix and uterus. They vanished completly. Just last week they began again. So for 2 1/2 yrs they went away . I've been treating myself with over there counter and home remedies but I'm afraid it won't go away. This will be 8 th day. By the way if I can avoid doctors I will as I've been told that these infections are not severe enough to consider any medical actions. I feel as if doctors don't care. I was told to take any where from ibuprofen, tylenol, allergy meds. All by these work for pain and for the itching but don't cure. The problem is hormonal. I also get very irritable then very sentimental to the point I feel I'm unless and why should I have to suffer like this. I was once told by a doctor I should be grateful that I can function every day because there are people in worse conditions. I am very grateful to live life. To raise a family, to hold a job. But this is not normal. If left unattended I have had kidney infections, and utis. Can become very painful. If anyone has the experience please reply or suggest. If there is something I have not tried I am willing to do it. Thanks!!

Replied by Timh
2064 posts

Diana: In cases of chronic infections that only temporarily respond to treatment or don't respond at all, it usually suggest the need for cleansing. To have very good health one would need to do heavy metal cleanse, parasite cleanse, colon cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, and kidney cleanse periodically. Read up on these in the remedies section here on E.C. I can almost guarantee your infection go away after completing these cleanses; it takes some time & work but when it's over you will feel like 18.

Replied by Melissa
(Garner, Nc)


If your infections stem from hormones you may want to get your levels checked and look into some herbal remedies to help balance hormones. I know Dong Quai and Black Kohosh (I think) are good for this as well. I am sure you can research some online. I suffered from hormone related Cervicitis years ago (due to BC pills, of course) and its symptoms were the same as BV, yeast and UTI's all at once. I suffered for about 8 mons and saw every dr in my area before one finally told me they thought it was inflammation of the cervix. I took Dong Quai for 3 months...I can't remember the dosage now but I believe I took 3 pills 3x a day for 6 wks and saw huge improvements. I continued for another 6 wks at that dosage and then moved to 2 pills 3x a day for several weeks and then 1 pill 3x a day for a few weeks. After about 3 or 4 months I stopped taking them and my issues were gone. I don't think you have cervicitis as you don't have one anymore but just wanted to give an example of how you may be able to balance your hormones to assist with the yeast issue.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nadia (New Britain, Ct) on 03/18/2013

bv and yeast: I've found that douching distilled water with the hydrogen peroxide works wonders! One can also take acidophilis, folic acid and even multi vitamin in between. It's all about keeping the good bacteria up in our bodies versus the bad. Natural remedies are the best! Glad I found this site. I thought to myself there must be natural remedies to cure many issues faced before many of the now medications existed.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kaygee (St.john, New Brunswick) on 07/23/2011

do you put the peroxide on your vaginal area? the itching it so bad I can't stand it sometimes. But I don't have the "cottage cheese" symptom :/

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Fn (Corvallis, Or) on 04/28/2011

Peroxide YES!

I have been plagued by these infections my whole life since being sexually active. I would get these yeast infections like at least once a month. I finally tried the 1/2 cool water 1/2 peroxide filling a douche that I bought and discarded the solution it came with. If I ever feel the discomfort coming on, I douche morning and night for a few days, rinsing my peri area also, and it disappears! And this is WAY less frequently. It is so amazing and I no longer spend tons of money on monostat and others! Thank you so much!

Replied by Patrice
(San Juan, Trinidad)

I douche my vagina with salt water, rub it with hydrogen peroxide and then ease the burning With olive oil. It works!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Annie (St Thomas, Vi) on 10/10/2010

I have used hydrogen Peroxide for yeast infections. As soon as I get an itchy feeling, I apply it to my vagina. It works fast. I have not used Monistat for over a year.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Zanny (New York, NY) on 06/07/2010

so....I inserted the yogurt for about a week and that didn't cure the extreme itchiness. On day 5 I decide to try the hydrogen peroxide. I did 1 teaspoon of the hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of warm water, stirred it up and filled a baby medicine dropper with the mix. Inserted that. It did sting a little and I was concerned and I also didn't feel well all day. BUT it went away. Results were almost immediate. I don't know if it is safe and I hope I never have to do it again.

Important to note; I did get my period back after trying this. I am not sure if it is because of the hydrogen peroxide or if it is due to my thyroid issues. If you experience spotting as well, this may be a bad idea to do and you should see your doctor instead.