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Natural Yeast Infection Remedies: Herbal Solutions & Lifestyle Tips

| Modified on May 21, 2024
Lifestyle Changes
Posted by Dena L. (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 05/21/2024

I suffered with recurrent yeast infections since my early 20s. I didn't want to give up my relationship so I suffered. Once the relationship was over, I used meditation from the doctor and decided to take my health in my own hands. I decided to strengthen my immune system by changing my diet by consuming milk alternatives like almond milk and eating fruits instead of sugary snacks. I got on a women's gummy vitamin. I can't take regular vitamins because they cause me chest pain. I started drinking kombucha drinks from Walmart twice a week, as well as Ollipop drinks in place of soda. I got myself fully tested and completely stopped having intercourse. I realize my partner was the cause of my recurrent yeast infection issues. I even treated my partner and got it again. I been free of these issues since I stopped all sex. I know many of you may not want to hear this but they are the cause of our issues. Your health is more important because most aren't faithful.

Posted by Moxie (Minneapolis, KS) on 02/13/2024

I have a litany of illnesses which leaves me less than healthy. Recently I had a raging vaginal yeast infection. After three rounds of over the counter Miconazole and a prescription for Diflucan, I still had the yeast infection and started have some bleeding tissue inside and out. I had that horrendous itching and now cracking tissue. There was no way I could have tolerated apple cider vinegar. So, I stuffed an empty tube from the Miconazole with Greek yogurt right before bedtime. Wow, it was SO soothing. The next morning, there was NO discharge on my pad, like others mentioned and that area felt a lot better! I continued with yogurt for 4 nights, then foolishly stopped. It's back again, so this time I'll use it longer.

I also had a yeast infection in one armpit and under one breast while I was battling the vaginal yeast. It cracked under my breast and I ended up with a baseball size patch of ruby red skin that never healed using Miconazole. Since I had good luck with the yogurt, I figured I had nothing to lose using it there, too. I washed with a gentle cleanser three times a day and then rubbed in a dab of Greek yogurt. It's getting much better now, too.

I did discover that Wet Ones for sensitive skin was not for me. My armpit stayed ruby red until I started washing with a gentle cleanser. I got a clean cloth each time and used some bleach when I laundered them. I have been dealing with this for almost 2 months (!!! Yes, two), and now I use diluted apple cider vinegar, 50/50, on a cotton round, let my pit dry and then dab on some yogurt. My armpit is now light pink and dry. Finally.

When I had a checkup last week, my doctor seemed really interested in this treatment. She told me to continue it for 4 days after I thought the infection was gone.
I am SO thankful that Earth Clinic is here and so many share their experiences with alternative healing.

Ozone Insufflations
Posted by IntegrativeNurse (Santa Cruz, CA) on 01/18/2024

Ozone Insufflations for Yeast infections/BV/Trichomoniasis

Ozone insufflation inserted vaginally at 42-65 gamma over 5-15 minutes works every single time I, or my patients have had either of these infections. This is entirely safe for all ages. I did every day when I was 8 months pregnant to enable me to have a vaginal birth at home (I swear all that oxygen to her developing brain is why my daughter is so smart:). Yin Care and ACV are great compliments to this treatment and help reduce symptoms until you get to a clinic that will administer ozone.

Start with a low dose/time and work your way up. You often only need one treatment to eliminate the infection. It is always good to balance pH and microbiome for long term defense.

Please be careful not to give yourself a UTI while using vaginally inserted probiotics. If you do acquire a UTI from this method, which I have done, be sure to use UT Vibrance crisis intervention to eliminate the urinary tract infection. This also works every time I or my family have ever had a UTI. UT vibrance, coupled with oral UT probiotics also cured my young niece of a kidney infection caused by a UTI.

Probiotics, Kimchi, Vitamin C
Posted by Mar (Honolulu, HI USA) on 05/13/2023

Probiotics, Kimchi, Vitamin C for yeast infection

I wasn't willing to cut out alcohol, sugar or yeasty foods and I didn't need to (how hard is it to give up yummy foods when you're already sad and stressed about being itchy and inflamed?! ). I think unfortunately there's no one pill cure for vaginal issues- it has to be an aggressive and decisive combo. The remedies that work for one woman won't necessarily work for another, but my hunch is this general combo will work for anyone as long as you stick to it for a couple weeks:

- A daily probiotic capsule

- An immunity booster

- A daily fermented high probiotic food

This is the combination that worked for me, now symptom free:

1. 2 probiotic capsules per day (20 billion FCU) for a week or so reduced my symptoms but definitely not a cure (my "local wholesale chain" had 70 capsules for $20)

2. I added Vitamin C even though I definitely get enough through my diet, I thought it might help and it definitely did

3. Right after I started the vitamin c, I started eating kimchi everyday (I got a big tub from "my local warehouse chain" for cheap - it's full of garlic and probiotics which are both recommended for yeast infections)

I ate healthy but I still had the occasional cookie, beer and fried food as usual. After about a week of taking all 3 daily, my pum-pum felt great and still does. Find your team and you can slowly taper off the supplementation as you build up your good cooch bacties once again. You can do it!

Posted by Patty (Orange County, CA) on 12/17/2022

I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and suffered them from the age of 16 (1969) until menopause. Turns out I have Sjogren's Syndrome which causes dry eyes and mouth, yeast infections, and ultimately severe arthritis.

In 1972, my doctor recommended I douche with 20 mule team borax. It was effective then and likely the ingredients still work now. I stumbled on this old conversation and wanted to add my experience in the hope it would help others. I recommend seeing and following a doctor's advice but can confirm this douche was once highly recommended and effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nanaphyl (Anywhere, USA) on 11/25/2022

Be sure to have your boyfriend go to the doctor to get treated for Yeast infection. Guys can get it from you and you get treated. But after, your treated you have relations, he will give you back your yeast infection. Doctors can and do give men the same pill we take for yeast infections.

Tips to Avoid Reinfection
Posted by Dena (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 11/17/2022

Tips to avoid reinfection

I suffered from recurring yeast infections since I was a teenager. I would use condoms consistently but I was still getting them. What I did to get rid of yeast infections was I started pre washing all my underwear by washing each one daily in hot water and antibacterial hand soap. Then I wash them a second time in the washing machine in hot water and bleach and unscented washing liquid by All. If you don't have time to prewash your underwear just wash them in the washer machine but set the washer to double rinse. I only add two pours of bleach to color and white underwear and it doesn't fade the color. If you don't like bleach add pinesol and hot water. Hot water kills the yeast in your underwear and prevent reinfection. I believe many women are reinfecting themselves without knowing. Also get your partner treated. If they refuse treatment end the relationship. Your health is more important. I also take a women probiotics. I like the ones with cranberry. There is another one called femdophlis. It has good reviews on Amazon. I also make sure to bath in salt water and oatmeal for bath. Sea salt kills yeast. I stop using soaps with fragrance. I use dove unscented or I use
liquid castle soap with essential oils. My favorite is opengate castle soap with lavender essential oil or peppermint. You can also buy the melt and pour soaps and add lavender and tea tree essential oil with neem powder to the soap and put it in a soap mold. Look into tea tree oil and lavender essential oil because they fight yeast. Neem soap and powder kill yeast but should only be used on skin not internally. Amazon sells different brands of castle soap just make sure to read the labels on your products and make sure it doesn't contain fragrance or purfumes. Essential oils are safe scents and don't affect vaginal ph. I also use tea tree oil bath salts with no fragrance by daily remedy. These changes has saved me. I've been yeast free and I eat a normal diet. I do try not to overdo the sugar and bread.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lillian (London, UK) on 07/25/2022

ACV for Yeast Infection

Miraculous. Lifesaver. I have had a couple less severe yeast infections in the past that cleared up with OTC clotrimazol or fluconazol (available as an oral tablet in UK pharmacies) after a couple days, but this time had a horrible infection that wouldn't clear with pharmacy medication. Went to gyno who diagnosed BV and yeast infection occurring at the same time, and prescribed antibiotic vaginal pessary x5 days for the BV + fluconazol x2 pills 3 days apart. The treatment cleared up the BV symptoms (awful smell and excessive watery discharge) but the yeast symptoms continued and worsened. For over 8 days I have had unbearable itching, swelling, burning, tenderness and discomfort. Nothing helped and following the dual medication course of treatment, it had gotten even worse. Finally found the ACV cure on this website yesterday morning. I started out soaking a towel/tissue in ACV and pressing this to my vaginal area (as well as a little bit inside vagina) for about 30-60 seconds at a time – this burned like crazy for a couple minutes but provided relief for a few hours. I did it three times throughout the day yesterday but was disappointed it was only alleviating the symptoms and not curing/killing the yeast.

Then last night, I decided to try the soak – I poured a cup of ACV into a basin of hot water and sat in it for only about 5 mins before bed. Woke up this morning feeling 99% cured!!! It's been almost half a day and no more itching or tenderness, just a feeling of dryness that I'm hoping will pass after awhile. Will do the ACV soak once more this evening and feeling confident that I will be finally yeast free! SO THANKFUL for this lifesaving remedy

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dena L. (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 06/04/2022

I have been yeast infection free for three years. I suffered from chronic reoccurring infections since I was 21. My advise is to wash all underwear in hot water with unscented washing liquid like the All brand. Bath only in unscented dove soap or use castle soaps with essential oils such as Dr. Bonner or the opengate brand. You can also order liquid black soap with essential oils of lavender or peppermint which is anti fungal on Amazon . I'm going to stress using hot water and washing your underwear separate from your socks and other clothing. You can also prewash your underwear daily with hot water and regular antibacterial soap then wash again in the washing machine. The reason for this is yeast can live in your underwear and only die with heat. Also wash all towels in bleach and hot water and the unscented washing liquid . For color towels add Lysol or pine sol with the unscented washing liquid. I only use 1/4cup. Wash the outside and inner labia only with the soap. Do not put in vaginal canal. Bath in warm salt baths using pink salt or sea salt with hydrogen peroxide. You can also douche with hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of water. Follow with homemade tea tree oil suppositories made with coconut oil. Freeze them and wrap each in foil. Use one before bedtime. Also drink probiotics drinks like Kumbachi from Walmart vegetables section or eat low sugar yogurt by oiu or chobono. You can also take a woman's probiotics. Probiotics are very important for vaginal flora and to prevent yeast infections. Always get your partner treated or avoid sex until you are fully better. Get tested for all stds especially requests a G/C test from doctor. Avoid all sugar drinks and drink coconut water or lemon/ lime water daily. If you suffer from heartburn add aloe Vera in your drinks. Eat fruit but avoid bread and rice. Avoid all sweets. Get a blender and juice lots of green vegetables daily with your favorite fruit for breakfast and lunch.Drink green juices daily. Eat a raw salad with cucumbers and your choice of meet for dinner. Avoid fast foods. Drink Green tea with a tsp of coconut oil daily. Eat a plant base diet. Drink cranberry juice daily. Drink probiotics drinks three times a week. Add liquid chlorophyll by Now brand from Amazon to your water a few times a week to oxygenate the body. Yeast cant grow in a oxygen body. Take P73 oregano oil three times daily. You can buy it from Amazon.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 05/07/2022

I recently learned that Candida...ingenious and elusive as it is, thrives in an ALKALINE environment! Many a time I have run across the lone voice in the wilderness here saying the ACV was not helping them or was causing them issues with their many ailments as it seemed to be miraculously curing everything for everyone else. I too have more trouble than not when using ACV. It is more than likely the ACV could have in fact been exacerbating her problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ginger (Tulsa, OK) on 05/07/2022

Consuming the ACV didn't cause a raging yeast infection. You likely were experiencing your body purging the yeast. Our wombs are self-cleaners and whenever taking anti-fungals, the body will remove it the best means possible (via excretion, skin, discharge, etc).

Posted by Marie (Washington, DC) on 02/25/2022

Ted you are a lifesaver!

Re your 2007 post from:

"One major vitamin I have narrowed down, is the niacinamide vitamin B3, usually taken at about 300 mg/day has usually resulted in 50% reduction in yeast infection on the first dose, and the resulting doses, on the third or fourth day nearly all the yeast infection goes away and never came back, provided of course the body has sufficient vitamin B3 maintenance dose without causing a deficiency. The reason why is that yeasts have a gene called SIR 2 mechanism whereby the niacinamide induces early death of the yeast cells and hence keep their growth in check and stays within normal biological parameters and ideal symbiosis. If I am looking for that one single bullet it has got to be that niacinamide B3."

I tried the niacinimide B3 supplement 500mg for a yeast infection that would not go away and was keeping me up at night. None of my normal remedies were helping... low sugar/carb diet, yogurt, probiotics, walnut oil/tea tree/oregano oil douche. I also took an iodine supplement and took the baking soda/lime/water mix to normalize Ph levels. I noticed a huge difference within 24 hours. I am going to incorporate the baking soda/lime drink plus one cup of green tea per day and take a multivitamin that has iodine and all the B vitamins you mentioned as a maintenance routine.

I thought I knew how to handle yeast infections after dealing with them for 20 years but you helped me so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an accessible and understandable way. I have learned so much from your website over the past 10 years!

Posted by Moray (New York) on 12/24/2021

The borax works and it does require keeping up with the capsule suppositories several times a day for a week - yes, it does make the discharge watery.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ashnels (CT) on 12/20/2021

I get frequent infections around menstrual time. I use cylinder shape ice cube trays - melt 1/4 cup coconut oil on the stove, add to trays, and freeze.

Cranberry Juice
Posted by peter (plimuth) on 11/03/2021

How much cranberry juice per day do you usually drink per day to get rid of the yeast infection and which brand(s) of cranberry juice would you use usually? Thank you very much.

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amanda (Pulaski, TN) on 08/20/2021

I put a few drops of tea tree oil into a bowl lid and added coconut oil. Put in the freezer and let solidify. Broke solid pieces into chunks. Several times a day I took a chunk into the bathroom and inserted it. I wore a pad daily until the yeast inflection was gone, which took about 2 days after first starting this. Worked great. I now have the rest of the broken chunks in the freezer in a bowl handy if I need them again.

Honey, Garlic Powder
Posted by Sherry S (Clarkesville, GA) on 04/25/2021

Recently did a raw juice fast. BIG MISTAKE!!! Developed a vaginal yeast infection. After three days could not stand it anymore. Checked our EC ailments and read all the different suggestions. I decided at 2am due to wanting to get some rest, to do a raw honey/garlic powder mixture. I am so thankful for all of you here. I finally have relief. Plan on applying twice a day for the next three days at least. Oh, and very little stinging.

Cranberry and Lemon Juice
Posted by Dena L. (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 04/05/2021

If you are suffering from yeast infections or bacterial vaginitis, pour a half cup of 100% cranberry juice ( I used ocean spray brand) and fresh or bottled lemon juice. I pour 2 tablespoons with a half cup of water. I like to water down the cranberry juice so it's not too sugary.

I drink this every day, three times a day. You can also take a woman's probiotic (cold) daily. Do this daily along with a low sugar diet and you should feel back to normal. If not, try to douche with hydrogen period and water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tina (Princeton) on 11/13/2020

Hi Bev,

I have been struggling with dry skin for many years, especially during winters. For the last eight months I have been using Glysolid and it's been wonderful. It's made in Germany and available on Amazon and it doesn't cost the earth. No fragrance, no fancy oil etc, just a smooth, silky white cream that coats my skin like an invisible barrier. Sorry for the ad-like prose. But this cream is truly amazing!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bev (Orlando, Fl) on 11/11/2020

Try organic coconut oil. It has numerous benefits.

Boric Acid
Posted by Shirleyann (Kent, Wa.) on 09/27/2020

What we eat and drink is 95% of the problem. Sugar causes yeast to GROW. Most carbs turn to sugar. I'm here to learn more from other's experiences.

Saline Douche
Posted by Lolly (Arkansas ) on 05/21/2020

I never comment on here but just have to add this worked for me too when nothing else would! It took a few days to go away but I did it in the morning and at night and EVERYTIME it gave immediate relief and improvement. Love earth clinic 🙏

Saline Douche
Posted by Toni (NW) on 10/25/2019

I had complete relief and symptoms gone in one day. I used it for three days just to make certain there was nothing lingering. Have had no problem since. I'm SO amazed.

Saline Douche
Posted by Ellie (Oregon) on 10/25/2019

HI Toni! Did you use this treatment for just one day? THanks for the post!

Saline Douche
Posted by Lisa (GA, United States) on 10/01/2019

After disturbing my pH balance with too many sweets over the weekend, I started getting a yeast infection that progressively got worse near the end of the day. I filled the bathtub with a cup of ACV plus 1 cup of baking soda and soaked for about 30 minutes but it only provided minor relief. I turned to Earth Clinic and saw this post. I have a box of the Med Sinus solution packets and used one packet with a capful of hydrogen peroxide in a douche bulb. Immediate relief and woke up with no itching or irritation! I will do it nightly for the next 3 days just to make sure it's all gone and continue to take my probiotics. This is definitely a winner!

Saline Douche
Posted by Toni (Oregon) on 09/15/2019

One of the ladies on here recommended The DrNeilMed Sinus rinse bottle. I ordered it on Amazon. While waiting, I tried yogurt... a little relief but still major symptoms. Read the Dr Neil Med Sinus solution which is basically a mixture of salt and baking soda. The bottle has a rounded top. She recommended using it in the shower, I just used it on the toilet. Squirt inside and spritzed outside. There was almost immediate relief of most of the symptoms. Within 24 hours was gone. Totally sold on this.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by MHO (Provo) on 05/13/2019

I always get a vaginal infection when I am taking antibiotics. A simple cure is to put a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in your mouth daily and swish it around for 10 minutes. Spit it out. I have no problems when I do this. Olive Leaf Extract supplements are marvelous for combatting yeast infections. Pau d Arco is another powerful anti-yeast supplement. I take one of each three times a day for as long as is needed.

Boric Acid
Posted by Sunny (Pittsburgh, Pa ) on 11/30/2018

This post has been so helpful. I will try this remedy tonight. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!! Have you tried this again since then?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Wendy (Nd) on 09/03/2018

Coconut oil will help.

Lime Tonic
Posted by B (Ca) on 08/06/2018


This is too important NOT to share for those who suffer from many chronic yeast infections take this as follows for 2 dollars per week, EASY to take.

Cut 5-7 limes depending on your blender size, blend with water, MUST use the whole fruit, the outer green peel, the inner white peel the seeds, the WHOLE fruit. Should make about a quart good for one week for one person. Store in refrigerator. To serve, take out and stir using about 2-3 oz in a cup, add one oz warm water and down quickly, VERY EASY to take, rinse mouth, teeth, gums 2-3 times.

A REAL cure/preventative, you can cheat a little on your diet with this too but with any major problems not recommended to cheat a lot. Take 3-5 times daily depending on the quality of your diet, if real good diet take 3 times daily, for lower quality diets increase to 5 times daily.