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Posted by Veda Woo (Usa) on 05/28/2016

My 93 year old Mom had a raging yeast infection from alcoholism and sugar diet, the prescribed anti fungals were not working and the infection was systemic and evident all over her body. Her doc suggested Borax.

She stays on 2 doses oral Borax/ day and that has been 3 years...her body looks cleared but was warned she should stay on Borax her whole life...even without alcohol and low sugar diet and good nutrition. She also stays on a 90 billion probiotic.

Hope this helps someone...Borax saved her life.

Posted by Kathy (Virginia Beach, VA) on 03/27/2008

Decades ago I was informed by a nurse that douching with a tbl. of the borax used for cleaning laundry(don't want to mention the BN) and 8 oz. of warm water twice daily for just a few days works. Well it really does. I've been using this remedy for many years now with no adverse reactions. If you do it gently, it should not cause problems, just wash out the vagina. Very simple and super cheap!

Borax Baths

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Posted by Dana H (Ohio) on 06/21/2015

In my late 20's and early 30's, I had chronic yeast infections. My OBGYN suggested that I use I cup of 20 Mule Team Borax in my bath water and soak in the tub. It worked. That was 30 years ago.

Replied by Krista

I had the worst yeast infection, I ran out of ACV. I ran into the laundry room and I had a box of Mule Borax detergent and I put a 1/2 cup in a tub of water and soaked in the tub for 20 minutes all the itching was gone what a huge relief. I know that Ted has mentioned Borax many times for candida.

Boric Acid

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Posted by Thankyoulord (Tx) on 05/17/2017

I have had a yeast infection for nearly 8 months.... Not kidding. Mild infections started happening to me in highschool and I would go to the doctor and one pill of fluconazole would do the trick... I had about 2 or 3 infections per year until I turned 22... The yeast infection from hell came and symptoms did not go away for like 2 months... I tried so many different things- diet, supplements, garlic, fluconazole, other azole bullcrap, coconut oil, essential oils, you name it. My mom found these Vitanica Yeast arrest suppositories that were the only thing that helped my symptoms (never fully curing me) . As soon as I stopped yeast would regrow. That's until this month that I finally stumbled upon the boric acid powder put in a capsule. I noticed significant improvement from the very first day. It was close to a miracle. Boric acid powder only cost me like 4 dollars at cvs... All the ridiculous amounts of money I've spent on this is a slap in the face after finding that my cure was so easy and inexpensive. I will continue to be on the candida diet plus take good quality oral probiotic pills for a couple more months just as prevention but I feel so great and wanna thank boric acid for existing and repairing not only my vagina but the emotional and psychological scars this infection caused me....

Replied by Shirleyann
(Kent, Wa.)

What we eat and drink is 95% of the problem. Sugar causes yeast to GROW. Most carbs turn to sugar. I'm here to learn more from other's experiences.

Boric Acid
Posted by Spring (Miami, Fl) on 02/02/2017

I am a mid-30s female that has suffered with recurring bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections for years, but mostly BV. Antibiotics and Diflucan both work for me, but running to the doctor every time I have a recurrence becomes tiresome and costly. I also don't want my body to get so use to the antibiotics that they no longer work. With that said, I've tried to lend towards more natural and holistic methods in treating my BV and yeast infections.

A week ago I woke up with a slightly sore vagina. Didn't think anything of it until a couple days later the soreness got worse and was accompanied by itching. I didn't have any odor whatsoever (which I normally get with BV) and although I didn't have full blown cottage cheese looking discharge, I did have a little thrush down there. I was definitely in the early stages of a yeast infection, so let the remedies begin.

I did the apple cigar vinegar soaked tampon a couple times, but all that did was make my insides raw (and it burns). I think I even saw a little bleeding. I decided instead of using the tampon, I'd just put a teaspoon of diluted apple cider vinegar directly up my vagina. I had to get creative and applied it using a drinking straw while laying on my back - craziness, I know! Well, that offered some relief, but the itching would come back within hours. So then I moved onto garlic. I'd insert a clove of peeled garlic directly up my vagina and leave it there over night. Again, a little relief but the itching was still there. Since that didn't work, I moved onto acidophilus. I swallowed 10 x 100 million organism tablets and I also shoved 2 up my vagina. Again, no significant relief! I was becoming frustrated and hopeless!!!

I remember laying in bed one night sleepless, crying and itching like crazy... while searching the internet for my next potential remedy. I was just about to convince myself to run to the 24-hour pharmacy to just pick up some 3-day Monistat, when I came across a post on Earth Clinic about boric acid. I read through some reviews, did a little research and figured I didn't have anything else to lose.

For whatever reason, none of the pharmacies I called that night had any boric acid in stock, so I figured Amazon would be easier. I ordered a bottle of boric acid powder, a bag of clear 0 empty gel capsules and had them shipped overnight - longest 24 hours I've ever had to wait.

With clean hands, I filled one of the gel capsules with as much of the boric acid powder that would fit, closed the capsule and inserted it as far up my vagina as I could. I did this once in the morning and once at night. By the start of day 2... THE ITCHING WAS COMPLETELY GONE! I was so happy!!! I still had a little soreness around my vagina, but that was probably from stripping it raw with all the other stuff I had been shoving up there. After day 3, my vagina was feeling 100% normal again... but I committed myself to using the boric acid suppositories for 5 days, to ensure all of the yeast was in fact killed. During the 5 days, I also upped my water intake, stayed away from sugar & bread and would pop a couple acidophilus for good measure to help build up my good bacteria.

I am happy to report that boric acid CURED my yeast infection! From what I've read, this stuff also works miracles in curing BV too... so it looks like this will definitely be something I keep in bathroom cabinet. Personally, I was a little skeptical about using boric acid because technically, it is toxic when ingested. It's also used to kill pests, which frightened me at first. But I had no choice but to trust some of the women that wrote on Earth Clinic about their experiences. One woman said her female OB/GYN recommended boric acid suppositories after her long bout with vaginal infections as well. That was good enough for me!

I highly recommend that any woman suffering with recurring yeast infections (or even recurring bacterial vaginosis) at least try boric acid. Dealing with these ailments are not only physically debilitating, they drain you emotionally and there is not better feeling than finding something that finally CURES you!

Three things to remember: Make sure you only insert boric acid into your vagina, NEVER inhale it or take it by mouth.

Also, make sure you commit to using it for at least 5 days (maybe 7-10 depending on how aggressive your infection is). I inserted one capsule twice a day, for 5 days. You shouldn't start using it and just stop once the itching stops. You want to make sure all those pesky little yeast are dead, even after your symptoms subside. So remember, a minimum of 5 days.

Finally, I'm not a healthcare pro, but I would say it's better to abstain from sex during this time. This includes not letting your boyfriend or hubby perform oral on you for obvious reasons. Trust me, giving your body time to heal is what's most important anyway. Good luck ladies!!!

Replied by Sunny
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

This post has been so helpful. I will try this remedy tonight. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!! Have you tried this again since then?

Boric Acid
Posted by Tri (Tampa, Fl.) on 10/11/2016

Boric acid powder in 00 capsules inserted vaginally for 7-10 days will reset the pH vaginal balance...use probiotics and use boric acid suppositories periodically to keep your ph balance in check. I order capsules and boric acid powder from works, be persistent..

Boric Acid
Posted by Nancy (Dallas, Texas) on 12/23/2015

I got a yeast infection from hell after using antibiotics to lower my Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. I stupidly didn't act on the itchiness for days, and then it got so bad that it not only hurt to pee, but felt like I had to pee ALL the time!!

I first tried Diflucan that my doctor prescribed. Did nothing. Then tried ACV...seemed to help the itching a little, but it would also come back and all my symptoms kept getting worse. Tried Hydrogen Peroxide...nada.

So I moved to Boric Acid suppositories which I made myself, once a night. I bought powdered boric acid and size 00 gel capsules. Using those started progress finally, as I could finally tell that the yeast was dying by having deep fatigue, and it did rid me of the peeing discomfort.

But still had some major itching and problems. I moved to twice a day on the fourth day (wish I started that way) and THAT started doing the trick. Will maintain twice a day for 3-4 days, then go back to once a day and keep it up for 10-14 days, depending on symptoms.

Boric Acid
Posted by Marsh (Denver, Co, Usa) on 04/15/2013

ACV works too but in about 1977 I had reoccuring vaginal yeast infections that kept the obgyn in business. One prescription would cause another type infection and it constantly cycled to the point of practically not being able to sit. One morning, he was at the hospital delivering a baby and his nurse took one look at my chart. She was appalled that he kept re-prescribing the same drugs for nearly a year. She instructed me to purchase empty gelatin capsules and fill with boric acid and insert before bed. Wearing panty liners the next day will help keep things dry. The boric acid can even be used as a douche if preferred. For over 30 years I've used this remedy at the hint of a yeast infection and it disappears overnight. Indulging in too many sweets, wine, wheat, harsh soaps & detergents seem to be many of the culprits. Stay away from sheet softeners and feminine products with fragrances. Natural soaps and gentle detergents are the best.

Boric Acid
Posted by Healed (Dallas, Tx) on 10/05/2012

Lord, thank you for healing my yeast infection thru boric acid... Ladies I was going insane and some how confused with the itches I was experiencing. I had tried inserting garlic, ( very painful especially when you crush it), it worked only during the moment and in the morning it starts all over; and since I had to go to work from 8 to 5, I could not be going aroung with garlic in my xxx.. Tried Vinegar, salt and warm water, soothing and calming but started iching after few hours, tried lemon, oh my God did not help as well.

And now Boric Acid did the job, still on my 6 day, plan to take the full dose of 14 days. What a relief, no inches, no discharges and I am on my way to total recovery. Amen. Hopefully this will help someone out there.. Take care Ladies n God bless y'all.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Yogurt is also an effective natural fix. Eat yogurt of any flavor, or use plain yogurt on a tampon (even better, make your own suppository with an empty tampon casing! ). Eat and apply it for a double-whammie against candida.

Boric Acid
Posted by Alabama (Toronto, Ontario) on 08/27/2012

I suffered for many many years from chronic vaginal pain. 8 years in fact. It was cyclical. It started on day 7 of my cycle and ended near menstruation And nobody ever knew why as I never had psoitive tests. (Now From reading the V BOOK I learned that estrogen was responsible for make yeast proliferate in women who were susceptible). Until one day I was simply been put on the progesterone only birth control pill (which did eliminate the symptoms immediately for 8 years! ) because they thought I was having an allergic type reaction to my own estrogen.

Now I tried everything in those years. Everything. Nothing worked but the pil. But when I came off it to become pregnant, within a year or so my cycling went back to normal and my pain began again. I tried to go back on the pil but it didn't work. I saw countless doctors, had vaginal anaesthetic needles inserted with pain blockers done during ovulation and was given powerful pain creams (because all my tests came up negative for yeasts except 1) Not only did these creams not work but they made things worse due to the chemicals in them.

After a year , I had no success and only one positive yeast test and I had a very sour milk smell all the time except during my period. So my doctor suggested that it could be cyclical yeast that lives in the walls and hard to detect. Whatever....... I just wanted some relief and all the yeast creams aggitated me due to the chemicals and the moisture from them dripping out during the day made the yeast proliferate and irritated the already very irritated vulvar skin. And the medications were just too hard on my liver and I had bad side effects.

So we decided to try boric acid. I started with the empty gel caps 1x a day and it burned so badly it actually bleached my underwear three nights in a row. I tried vaseline and oil to protect the outside but it didn't help. Nor did pads. I didn't want to spend a fortune on custom suppositories so I called them up and asked them the ingredients. A basic wax or oil with the boric acid. THAT"S IT? I can do that. I researched oils that were candida friendly and two jumped out.......... Olive and Coconut. So I started making my own in icecube trays. This was so cheap, chemical free and also protected my vagina from the harshness of the boric acid. Also the cold is soooo soothing! I put a pad on at night for leakage and one during the day and try to go without underwear whenever possible for a breather.

I did this for 3 weeks everyday and it dissapeared withing days. Only to return the next month day 7 as usual. So repeat. Then repeat the following month. Then I added pro b probiotics(drug store no prescription) specifically made for your vagina as it is a great misconception that acidophilus from yogurt helps your vagina........... IT IS NOT EVEN THE SAME STRAIN! And in fact yogurt in the vagina can make yeast grow more due to the sugar lactose. ( the V Book) It is wonderful for your digestive tract though. And I added a controversial element, a mild cortisone cream in a petroleum only base I had compounded as the other cortisones had chemicals that just irritated me. When you are irritated and swollen almost everything makes in worse especially harsh chemicals (the V book). Cortisone can make yeast grow sometimes but I only use a bit once a day as needed for inflammation.

It's been 4 months. I need the suppositories less and less. I start day 7 and often do a week then every 2-4 days until my period. My doctor said sometimes it takes a really long time to completely erradicate a stubborn cyclical infection. I see the results slowly but surely. The smell is gone, I can have sex oart of the month and I can live a relatively normal life wth only a few super swollen days as opposed to before when it was 22 days a month I was walking and sitting funny and crying. I am told it is common for 6 months to a year to deal with this so I am on track.. I wanted the quick fix but as long as I see progress I feel motivated, not depressed and in control of my body! Plus I have learned a lot from the V BOOK about good vaginal health, from listening to myself and I saved a lot of money by making my own suppositories (I got the boric acid at the drug store behind the counter in Canada it USA you can get it on

It is slow and steady. BIG LESSON don't try more than one thing at a time or you will not know what is working or not working. And don't see too many doctors, naturopaths etc, too many cooks in the kitchen leads to disasters and conflicting information.... I keep it really simple, no thousands of supplements, diets, meds or doctors! and drink a lot of water so my pee no longer burns and inflames it... Another trick. And I always use natural oils or petroleum for sexual lubricant now.... NO MORE CHEMICALS (except boric and cortisone) will ever touch my vagina again. Good luck and I hope this helps someone out there. Don't give up hope. Find what works for you and listen to you body. Inform yourself and keep at it. There is an end to this misery. Keep the faith girls!

Replied by Laura
(Houston, Tx)

I know you posted this a couple years ago, but was wondering how you are doing now? Your story sounds EXACTLY like mine, but I was eventually diagnosed, by a vulvovaginal specialist in Houston, with Cytolytic Vaginosis. Cyclical yeast-like symptoms (itching, burning, discharge) with the absence of positive results for yeast are hallmarks of this imbalance (which is basically an overgrowth of lactobacilli, which can be brought on by repeated use of antifungals). I also read the V Book, and this book claims that Cytolytic Vaginosis has been debunked. I can assure you that this is not true. A specialist here in Houston informed me that it is a real clinical entity that responds to appropriate treatment. if you're still having symptoms, especially with the use of Rephresh Pro-B, please look into Cytolytic Vaginosis!

Replied by Kes

Hi, I don't know if you will see this and respond but I live just outside Houston and I am currently looking for a doctor for my re-current yeast like symptoms, immediately following 3 rounds of harsh antibiotics. I have tested negative for yeast and everything else it could be and have become desperate as anti-fungals stop working as soon I stop taking them. Boric acid burns like heck after only a few days (although it does help before I have to quit) I would love to get the name of the doctor you used! I am trying to figure out which doctor you refer to but there are so many claiming to be 'experts'.

Replied by Ashley P
(Austin, Tx)

Not sure if you still need the name of a doctor, but I was sent to Dr. Kelly Hodges in Houston. My gyno in Austin sent me to her because she is the vaginitis guru.

Boric Acid
Posted by Fabygm (Houston, Tx) on 01/19/2012

I suffered from yeast infections for years due to my poor diet and the fact that I was young and clueless as to how to help myself rid of them. Thanks to a wonderful doctor who finally stopped the horrid cycle of Pain by prescribing me boric acid suppositories. I had to find a compounding pharmacy to make them for me then I inserted one vaginally before hoing to bed on a Tuesday and again one on Friday and they are gone forever! I wish I had saved myself all those years of pain and wasting money on that stupid ink pill! I actually had candidiasis which is when yeast literally uproots into your body and it is very hard to get rid of it, as I said I had this got at least 6 years about once or twice a week until the boric acid. It's been 10 years and I never had a yeast infection again, tell your doctor to give you a prescription.

Replied by Mechanoid Monster
(San Diego, Ca)

That is so wonderful!! Congrats :)

I've had a yeast infection at least once a month for the past six months. I've used Monistat and Diflucan to get rid of the infection but they ALWAYS come back. It seems they started when I began the Depo shot in combination with cycling more than usual. I've gone off the Depo and the yeast infections are less frequent BUT still once a month. I don't use scented soaps and get out of my cycling/workout clothes immediately after.

SOoo I just bought some boric acid, hoping it'll cure this stupid infection that's inside me. My doctor mentioned boric acid to me as well but didn't give me any specifics. So yours told you to do one boric acid suppository then another three days later? I'm definitely trying that as soon as I get the boric acid in the mail.

Thank you!

Replied by Mechanoid Monster
(San Diego, California)

Ok so an update!

I'm on my 2nd night of boric acid suppositories and I feel amazing. It's not harsh at all for me and my vagina looks and feels completely better. I'm only going to do 2 nights because I just got off 2 pills (with three days in between a pill) of Diflucan which cured the infection about halfway.

I'm so happy to notice a difference in just one night. Before my vagina was very dry and flaking (which I attributed to the end of the yeast infection and possibly to BV :/) now it is all normal! I'm also taking 800mg of Folic acid and 2 multi-strain probiotics.

Fingers crossed!!!!

Replied by Soraya
(Oakland, Ca)

I am totally hoping this works. I just ordered some from a company called vitanica. fingers crossed too. been having yeast infections for a long time tried most everything. taking a probiotic which helps with the yeast in my body (digestive system, etc), but need something stronger for the rest of me....

Boric Acid
Posted by Athena (York, Pennsylvania) on 01/28/2011

I have been using boric acid capsules for the past 4 nights. I am feeling better, but how long should I do this? also, I have such a mess in the morning, I need any and all sugestions as to what to do! Am I doing the right thing for this? I have been going through this for such a long time and it actually depresses me. I no longer have a period and many say my hormones have alot to with it. Also I was getting steroid injections in my back. I also know stress is a big factor and boy am I stressed, mainly about this problem and my hurt back. Please tell me if I am doing the right thing and if so, how long do I use the capsules??

Boric Acid
Posted by Izzy (St. Louis, Mo, United States) on 10/01/2010

What can I use to alleviate the pain and irritation from my vulva, I am getting rid of a yeast infection, it seems like the soreness and irritations are persisting, I am using boric acid, I read that you have to keep using it which I will but the itching vulva is driving me mad!

Replied by Analoggal
(Rancho Cordova, Ca)

Try putting vitamin E oil on your privates before inserting the capsule. I read to do that if your itchy and sore "down there". I just bought some Boric acid myself and will also apply the vitamin E oil. Can't wait to get rid of my yeast infection. Hope this info helps! :)

Replied by Tyle60625
(Chicago, Il, United States)

Is the boric acid used for killing insects safe to use for treating yeast infections?

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hey. I have been struggling with yeast infection my entire life. Pretty much everytime I have sex, I get one, its so awful, and I have tried everything under the sun over the years to try to help me feel, normal, down there.

Boric acid works! However, Boric acid is very strong, and very drying and traumatizing to the tissues even after 2 days of using it, so heres what I do, to get the effects while lessening the dryness, irritation, and sometimes bleeding factor of using the 00 empty gel cap boric acid inserted in the vagina everyday for a week issue. The first day of my yeast infection, I'll put one capsule up in there, and maybe even do it again, the second day. But by the third day, I open a capsule, wet my 2 fingers with water, and sprinkle the boric acid, on my fingers. Then lay down over a towel and insert, and I try to distribute evenly up in there, (I know, graphic and gross) but when your desperate to get rid of this thing, it wont matter. Then I wash my hands, dry them, the sprinkle tea tree oil on my fingers and do it again. It feels very cooling, and medicinal and your flowers will feel back to normal in about 4 to 5 days of doing this every night. You can even have sex during this treatment, because the tissues arent dried out, like if you were using the capsules.

You guys, Ive tried everything, EVERYTHING. I use to use these herbal suppositories, (cant say the name on here) but you can purchase them on amazon. Com, which contain Boric acid, and tea tree oil, as the main ingredients, and they worked. But them they changed the formula, and removed the boric acid, which was the main ingredient that really worked in there, and everyone started to complain. So, Im essentially recreating that suppository. I've tried tea tree oil on its own twice a day to cure and infection, and its a pain, and it doesnt always work. However, inserting a bit of tea tree oil in the vag rite after sex, is an awesome preventative. I also take a good expensive multi strain probiotic everyday, and that has prevented future UTI's aswell. Anyways, its all about Boric acid, but it is very strong, and harsh, but it does work

Boric Acid
Posted by Elusia (Boston, Ma) on 09/16/2010

I'm in my mid-30's and suddenly got a raging yeast infection about a month ago. Actually, it wasn't really suddenly - I think I'd had a low-lying infection for about 18 months because I was having terrible rectal itching at night (or itchy butt syndrome as folks here like to call it! ). Finally it turned into the real thing, and I was trying everything - oregano oil, coconut oil, the Monistat 7-day treatment. Nothing worked. So, I went off all carbs and have been eating only veggies and chicken/turkey and eggs. I also started taking high potency probiotics (50 billion/capsule, 2 capsules am and pm). And I added in the boric acid - 1 600 mg (00) pill that I fill myself with the powder I got from my compounding pharmacy. I've been doing it every night for 9 nights and plan to keep on doing it for 5 more. I also went out and bought all cotton panties. My goal has been to rid myself of this wretched thing before I get married next weekend and head to Hawaii for 2 weeks. I was determined to kick this thing before then - and so far it's worked. I'm not up all night because of the itching - in fact the itching is gone completely. I'm not ready to claw myself to pieces after intercourse. And no more discharge. I'm a happy gal after finding this site. Thanks to you all for giving me a happy honeymoon!

Replied by Betsy
(Deridder, Louisiana)

Yes Boric Acid! Just remember your partner can carry the yeast and give it right back to you.

Replied by Julianna

How do you treat your partner for a yeast infection? Would he apply diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and for how long or simply yogurt and for how long, etc.... Or dust with some boric acid????

Thank you so much!


Replied by Rs
(Sf, Ca)

Hi Julianna,

I dont think boric acid is intended for use by males. It is used internally by women who have bacterial vaginosis, and not necessarily yeast infections, although you might as well give it a shot because most likely you have BV. I had it for about 8 years and used boric acid capsules almost daily. This works, but I also found that drinking alkaline water and taking alkaline supplements has completely take away the symptoms. There is NO cure for BV currently, so your struggle is to keep it at bay and from reoccurring. I started my alkaline experiment a few months ago and I have had no BV symptoms since then. I drink bottled pH balanced water (ready the labels for pH level....8.5-9.5 is best). Yeast and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Your partner probably needs to see a doctor for a prescription because boric acid is NOT meant to be "dusted" on your body....and apple cider vinegar should not be put on a man's penis. It is basically acid and is also used for facial chemical get the idea. Have your boyfriend drink alkaline water and try the alkaline supplements. Get this online at Its much less expensive than going to a health food store. Trust me. Do NOT use boric acid externally!!!!!!!!!!

Boric Acid
Posted by Dee (Charlotte, Nc) on 09/21/2009

I am a 27 year old female who has suffered from a raging yeast infection for the past six months. I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to get rid of this infection and it would not go away. I took the one-dose diflucan pills three times and used a prescription cream once. These treatments used to help, but this time they did nothing. I then turned to alternative meds. At one time, I was taking oil of oregano drops, pau d'arco drops, garlic pills, capyrilic acid pills, doing apple cider vinegar douches, and following a low sugar/bread diet. This did not alleviate my symptoms at all. I had basically given up hope at this point and the yeast infection was seriously affecting my sexual relationship with my husband. I was sore and itchy all of the time and I had a serious amount of discharge. I tried the boric acid suppositories as a last resort. I had been afraid to use them before because of toxicity of the boric acid. After thoroughly researching, though, I realized that they were only toxic when taken internally and not intravaginally. Well, I bought the boric acid powder at the pharmacy (it was difficult to track down though, you might find it easier to order it from and I actually used grapeseed extract capsules to fill. I just opened the capsules and dumped out the grapeseed extract and filled them with boric acid powder. This was MUCH cheaper than buying the empty capsules and just as effective. Now these capsules may be smaller than the OO empty ones and I also used half of the recommended dosage (one half-full pill every night for two weeks). I was still a little scared when I began the treatment, which is why I used less. I would recommend trying the lower dosage and then increasing the dosage if you respond well to avoid unecessary irritation. Well, within a week, my symptoms had drastically improved. After the two week treatment, my symptoms had disappeared. They later returned after my period and I had to continue treatment for another week (same low dosage). For me, the boric acid is more of a treatment than a cure (I often have to resume treatment when the infection returns), but it is the only thing that has given me relief from my symptoms. I am SO glad that I discovered this treatment. Just remember that you cannot take them orally, only as a vaginal suppository. I don't usually write testimonials, but I felt that I had to share this in case anyone found themselves in the same situation that I was in.

Replied by Fliffles
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Betty - it is true that boric acid is toxic when ingested, but it is NOT when inserted vaginally. there is plenty of research out there, and many standard gynecologists do recommend this as a solution. i know you mean well by warning people about the toxicity of this compound, but your response is so alarmist it is more scary than helpful. you have to ingest a LOT of boric acid for a lethal dose, but ingesting any amount can definitely lead to sickness. as a vaginal suppository, however, the chemical re-balances the pH in there and makes sure to leave no room for the bad stuff (yeast infections, BV). read up on this a little more before scaring everyone away! this can help a LOT of people!

We all should research the things that we put into our bodies in general, and it is wise to do so.

Replied by Pneumatikos
(Carmel, Indiana)

Boric Acid has been recommended by doctors for years and has worked well for me. I bought the medical grade powder from a seller on Ebay and used a teaspoon in 8 ounces of water for douche. It does have a drying effect so I use virgin coconut oil to keep moist because it is antifungal.

Boric Acid kills roaches because it dehydrates them when they ingest it. Since I'm not eating or drinking it, I don't see a problem.

Replied by Wisdom71274
(Springfield Gardens, New York, Usa)

Dear, Betty from Salt Lake, Ut,

First off Wikipedia is a open access public database, which means anyone can post anything on there and it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. In other words it is not a scholarly source. College students are not allowed to use it in their research for that reason.

Second there is validity to what you're saying about the boric acid acid being dangerous but do the research before replying. It is safe to use for the purpose of yeast infections.

Lastly, you wrote that you are all for natural cures (homeopathic medicine). Homeopathy is based on similars. Therefore the treatments are like the problem or illness. One of the main ingredients in many homeopathic preperations is ARSENIC.

Replied by Dee
(Wixom, Michigan)

Sorry Betty. Dr. Jack Sobel, a leading BV specialist and an infectious disease specialist at Wayne State University, MI with a thriving personal practice of booked clinics prescribes 600 mg '00' boric acid gelatin capsules as a treatment for BV that doesn't respond to drug therapy and for chronic yeast infections (it kills both). Initial treatment involves two capsules, one morning and one night for one week. His clinical research is widely published and greatly respected. He is an authority on a subject that clearly needs greater attention in the medical community.

Compounding pharmacies call this 'an oldie but goodie' remedy for vaginal bacterial infections and those who cannot take azole drugs for yeast infections. It's been used for some time and the medical contradictions are only for those who use it incorrectly (do not ingest it) which is far less than ALL the side effects associated with the current drug therapies. It is well documented in the drug accomanying literature that the most commonly prescribed anti-fungal fluconazole (brand name Diflucan) damages the liver at high enough concentrations from prolonged use and anyone who has taken the antibiotics for BV can attest to the long list of nasty side effects and recurrence.

You wouldn't drink a glass of pure bleach, but to make contaminated water safe to drink, it is added to kill bacteria. This is much the same. Take vaginally; do NOT ingest by mouth.

Replied by Julie
(Montreal, Quebec)

A reply to Betty from Salt Lake city. You are a little over-reacting about the fact that we are making our own boric acid capsules. The compounding pharmacy does the very same thing we are doing: placing pharmaceutical grade boric acid into empty gel caps. Nothing more complicated and easily replicated at home. Much cheaper too. It is also incorrect that the boric acid we are suggesting is found in the pest control aisle. That is the wrong product, though is does contain boric acid. The correct boric acid is pharmaceutical grade, sold in a pharmacy, in the aisle where the disinfectants are sold. Ours has it beside the alcohol, peroxide, iodine, methylene blue... The fact that it also happens to kill insect is irrelevant. The fact that water is an ingredient in hand sanitizer does make water unsafe.

Replied by Nicole

haha great point!

Replied by Michail

Look at the CDC website search for boric acid.

Reichman O, Akins R, Sobel JD. Boric acid addition to suppressive antimicrobial therapy for recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Sex Transm Dis 2009;36:732–4.

Sobel JD, Chaim W, Nagappan V, et al. Treatment of vaginitis caused by Candida glabrata: use of topical boric acid and flucytosine. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2003;189:1297–1300.

Nuff said.