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Yogurt, Garlic, ACV
Posted by Badger (Guffey, Co, Usa) on 04/21/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Not sure if it's Yeast or BV or ? Symptomatic for nearly 6 mos. itching made itchier by scratching, but impossible to leave it alone! Burning and sometimes it feels like someone bit me way up in there. It seems to have a cycle, tolerable at times, intolerable at others! Been trying holistic stuff the whole time, finally thought to try a traditional doctor as well, she gave me Flouconazole? Seemed to clear up fast since I took it a week ago. Dang, today I felt that "old familiar feeling" down there. No cheesy discharge, but there seems to be a granular substance coming out of me, and my mucous alternates between slick & sticky like glue. My vulva is swollen & sore, and a couple of days I also sported a bright pink rash on my inner thighs. Feels inflamed!

I've tried ACV on a cottonball, Super results wearing a pad soaked with ACV for a few hours. Enjoy drinking ACV or lemon juice added to my water & tea. These were great help, but only temporary help. Tonight, I made ACV baking soda paste and applied liberally. Felt so good for a few hours. Now I fear it's degrading, feel an itch coming on again. Tried clove oil and I warn you: WATER IT DOWN. It felt like it was burning the heck out of me. When I looked no damage, and it did relieve symptoms for a whole day or two! What to try next.................. B3, Magnesium, Borax. I think Ted really knows his stuff!