Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones Cure

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Posted by Muz (Christchurch, New Zealand) on 05/16/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Had excruiating pain in my right flank and ended up with my partner taking me to the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital. After subduing the pain I was sent for X rays and MRI from which they determined I had a 4mm kidney stone. I was told to take the prescibed pain relief and the stone should pass within the next three days. A week later still nothing and the pain killers were not quite doing their job. After googling "kidney stones" I found your site and decided to try 2ozs of lemon juice and 2 ozs of olive oil. I suffer a bit from acid reflux and so had a slight burning in the throat for a while. Then nausea kicked in for a couple of hours. (not a big fan of that either) Later that evening I realised the pain in my side was completely gone. Its been two weeks now and still no pain. I was told to urinate through a strainer to collect any stones to show the urologist and I am continuing to do that but still have nothing to show. Its great to be pain free but I wonder if its still there or been completely dissolved. Anyway thanks for this great remedy - definitely worth trying when your in that much pain.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Heidi (Greenwood, Indiana) on 05/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Oh, my Goodness. Who would have thought that the olive oil, lemon juice would have worked, but IT DID. I went through the horrible pain of passing a kidney stone 4 weeks ago. I was hospitalized for 4days because of an infection and high fever. My doctor put a stint in to help pass the stone, I had that for 3 weeks. Then because that did not work I had lithotripsy done( another stay in the hospital). I went back to my doctor because I had not passed the stone yet. He scheduled me for another proceedure because my stone had not moved at all, even after they had blasted it into pieces, so I started looking on the internet for anything that would help me pass this. I mixed the olive oit cocktail, drank the water and went to the bathroom and there were several pieces of stone!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I didn't know this before my 2 stays in the hospital.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Shari (Berkley, Michigan) on 05/09/2007
4 out of 5 stars

I went to the emergency room on Sunday may6,07. I told my husband that something was wrong because the right side of my back was killing me. After a cat scan, the doctor said I had a small kidney stone. I left the hospital with no pain whatsoever. I have had no pain since sunday, but I tried the lemon juice and olive oil on Tuesday May 8,07. I didn't know if I had already passed the stone since I wasn't in pain or what was going on. It didn't taste bad at all. However it did feel very heavy in my stomach and by 9:00 P.M. I was having diarrehea. I dont think I passed the stone , if there is still one inside of me. I had diarreha twice more this morning and now I feel fine. I am drinking a ton of water. Does anyone know if it is possible that I passed the stone without knowing it?

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cindy G. (SF Bay Area, California) on 05/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

UPDATE !! He first took the Oil/Lems Juice " concoction" Wednesday night followed with a huge glass of water. Thanksfully I think the pain meds he was on at the time kept him sleeping instead of feeling nauseated. Then, Thursday morning I gave him just the Lemon Juice.. about 4 ounces worth. I called him from work at 11 am and told me that he had passed one stone and felt another was getting ready to pass. By Thursday afternoon, he had passed it. Coincidence or not, I don't know.. but I will continue this for the next few weeks and see how it works. I am starting to believe. Psst.. by the way.. a lady I work with says that Olive Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Shes a health nut and is into all this health stuff. Idon't care what it is.. I just hope it continues to help my husband.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Lori (Springfield, Missouri) on 05/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am so excited! For close to 2 weeks I have been suffering from horrible pain. I thought that I had a kidney infection. However, I began wondering if my symptoms could be kidney stones. I was in sooo much pain and I also had a constant urgency to urinate. I finally came across this wonderful site. My husband kindly ran to the store and got some fresh lemons and we juiced them and added the olive oil. (Both at 2 oz. each) I took the remedy this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. and only a little over 7 hours later, 10:45 p.m., I began passing some stones. What a RELIEF! It is a true answer to my prayers! Yeah! Now I can get back to life again. I would highly suggest that people suffering from kidney stones give this remedy a try. It was definitely worth it even though I didn't care for the mixture (I took it on an empty stomach). I did experience a little nausea because of this. Thanks again for the invaluable information!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cindy G. (SF Bay Area, California) on 05/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I found this site by accident the other night. A co-worker had said when she lived in Germany years ago, her Uncle was told to drink Olive Oil for Kidney Stones. I searched on the internet for " olive oil and kidney stones." Then I found your site.

Background : My 39 yr old husband has been passing kidney stones since he was 18. The last 3 years they have gotten worse ( we think because of stress.) He is on morphine and nortriptyline ( Sp ? ) to help with his pain. His Urologist is at a loss as to why he forms so many so fast. Last year, he had 20 kidney stones in one kidney alone !! He's had the Lithotripsy, the Laser treatment which goes up you know where to blast a 12 mm stone. He's seen a dietician, urologist, endocrinologist... all with no answer except " drink more water and take pain meds." He drinks water ( prolly 1-2 liters per day) but that doesn't seem to be enough to help. We were desperate. I just mixed up the " concoction " as I call it and we are hoping for the best. We will let you all know if he gets any relief from this in the next few days. I am interested to know if any of you have gotten to the point where you are taking Morphine for the pain. Hubby has Calium Oxylate and Uric Acid stones. Tried Uriflow about a year ago.. he seemed to pass them more frequently. Please pray for him as this has been affecting us, our marriage, our life for years. I just want my husband back.

Replied by Doraleann
(Worcester, Massachusetts)
5 out of 5 stars

Cindy G- I read what u said about your husband and his condition. I am as well a person who takes morphine for my stones which I have been getting the past 4 years. Just to give you some insight on how ive been doing with my own homemade remedies which like this one helps alot in the passing of the stone.

Also another thing you can try is mint green tea with lemon, olive oil, apple cider vinigar and some aloe vera juice as well as pomagranate juice. Do the 2 oz of lemon juice and 2 oz of olive oil everything else is 1 tablespoon. I noticed that after 24 hours with taking my pain meds I didnt need the meds anymore the remedy actually disolved the stone small enough I didnt even feel it when it passed. I took this for a couple of days now when I feel im going to pass more stones I do the same thing. Maybe he should try it. He should also get checked to find out if he builds to much calcium and not enough acid. I found out I barely produce any acid at all and too much calcium which will cause stones. Good luck and I hope this helps

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Simone (Mackay, Australia) on 05/03/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Since drinking down the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, I've passed more grit and the pain has definately gone away, I feel perhaps the stone has been dissolved. Have been passing a fair amount of bloody tissue since and come down with fever and chills. Turns out that there is now an infection in the ureter and am on antibiotics, but I'm sure that's from the stone passing, not the oil and juice, although there was a burning sensation down my side a few hours after taking it. But I would go through anything to get rid of these awful stones, and this remedy is always worth a try. Thanks for this great information and here's hoping this remedy works for everyone else too.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Oona (Manila, Philippines) on 05/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

hi there! I was found out to have a kidney stone in my right kidney October of 2006. I had a severe UTI then that my OB decided that I should have KUB ultrasound. I was found out to have a 5.4 mm stone. I decided to have a check up with the urologist and he gave me a medicine. After a month of medication it became smaller to 4.2 mm and the doctor gave me additional medicine to be taken for another month. Fortunately the stone became smaller to 3.8 mm. But after the last month of medication, the stone remains at 3.8 mm. The doctor did not give me medicine anymore because he said he already gave me all the possible medicine that can dissolve my stone and he recommended lithotripsy. I told him that I will think about it since I could not afford the treatment. I decided to search the internet for possible natural remedy and thank god that I found this website. April 25 at 9:00 pm I drank the cocktail of 2 0z of lemon juice and 2 oz olive oil. I waited for the stone but I found nothing in my urine. Next I drank the cocktail friday, april 27. But still no stone was found. May 1 I had an appointment with a nephrologist and before that he requested me for a urinalysis. When I went to a laboratory for the urine test, I found out in the cup where I urinated that there are small white particles. I suspect those are the stones. Actually I feel better and I could not wait to have an ultrasound to see if my stone is gone already. I still want to drink another coctail to make sure that my stone is totaly gone. Just a warning to those who wanted to try lemon juice with other oil. Please never combine it with other oil. I tried it with virgin coconut oil and I had severe stomach ache and loss bowel movement. But anyway again I'm thankful for this website because I will not spend money for medicine anymore.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Chris (Sequim, WA) on 05/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

It is May 1st. Last week was hard (read my post from then, April twenty-something). I kept take the suggested 2 oz. olive oil witht he 2 oz. lemon juice every couple of day because I kept getting achy in my left kidney. Stones kept coming, 2 Monday, 2 Friday and 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday.

Today is Tuesday, May 1st. I was fine yesterday, but very early in the morning (around 2 am), I was very restless and the aching was returning. GROAN! By 7 am I was suffering again but had already downed my oilive oil and lemon juice at 6 am. The pain was much more tolerable but still just could not sleep nor sit still.

Hot shower, pain pills.

I cannot tell you what happened because the mixture makes you have to stay home tethered to the bathroom. Good thing too!

But I passed an extremely large stone. I did not think that such a size was possible! Upon more reading, I learned that stones can become very very large! So I am somewhat grateful that I was actually able to pass this chunk!

I will be taking more of the olive oil and lemon juice this evening. I've been experiencing blood once in a while also and after this passage, some burning (as you can imagine). But my kidney 'still' feels achy and I'm wondering just how many stones are in there! ???

I highly recommend taking this, I really do. It is said to help with gallstones and liver problems as well.

One wonders 'why' the medical profession does not recommend this, especially since it is readily available for pennies and pure (well I just answered my own quiry, didn't I) ?

Anyways, I high recommend this as a course of action upon first signs of achiness in the kidney region that seems to start intensifying.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Paul (Milledgeville, GA) on 04/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Lemon Juice & Olive Oil Remedy works! on Saturday 4/21 I awoke at about 3a.m. with the lower back pain from hell. Left kidney felt like an ice pick being jabbed in and out. Popped a pain pill I had and endured the pain until about 9 a.m. when it subsided. The rest of the weekend and the following week I had pain in my groin area from time to time. Nothing like the kidney pain so it was tolerable. Still hadn't passed the stone though. I had been online and ordered a product that I had found . It's called Uriflow , it's expensive but when you're in pain you'll try anything right ? Well after doing that I found this webpage and read the remedy recipe. Sounded too easy and too good to be true but guess what, it TOTALLY WORKED!. Friday 4/27 I read this page and bought the ingrediants on the way home and took it at 7 pm along with about 2 bottles of water. Around 9:30 PM I had the urge to urinate really bad and Bam! out popped a 6 or 7 mm sized stone. Whew what a releif. I suggest to anyone with a stone to give this a try. It's basic ingredients you can buy at the grocery store , what do you have to lose, except a kidney stone.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Stu (Philadelphia, PA) on 04/30/2007
4 out of 5 stars

I have had uric acid stones before - 6 to be exact. Each time, they seem to get worse. The last was 2 years ago and lasted about 24 hours until it reached my bladder (it was 5mm) but literally took 3 months before I peed it out. Last Tuesday I started to get one again. It started mild but after several hours got really bad. At the ER, they told me I had 2 stones, a 7mm in the ureter, and an 8mm in the kidney. The thought of drinking that mixture, when the pain starts kicking in and, especially the first 24 hours of this thing would have been impossible. Now, it is Sunday night and that bugger (I'm using a polite term) doesn't feel like it's moved much at all. The pain is in the flank and is a burning, sticking kind of pain (not that initial cramping agony) which only occasionally brings on a wave of nausea. Tomorrow, the urologist will give me a catscan and tell me if it has progressed. I will ask him about this rememdy although I'm sure he was say "Drink ANYTHING". If it works, I will be in your debt forever. The x-ray I took revealed that there are several stones in there on both sides (waiting in the wings). I do NOT want to go throw this again. I lost a week's work. I want to know from the people that used this remedy if the fact that these are uric acid stones would make a difference since the 'cures' are different for calcium stones.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Chris (Sequim, WA) on 04/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to give a synopsis of my very recent hideously painful bout with kidney stones. This started at noontime on Thursday, April 19th and escalated very quickly, just like the last bout.

4-1/2 years ago I experienced an attack while on vacation, coming on at 3 am in a motel. My husband finally had to insist I go to Emergency because he was afraid someone would think he was murdering me.

The morphin took the severest edge of this pain off but I could still feel pain, and it was shown that the stones were there but thankfully on the move, so after 4 hours in Emergency (and a whopping $2600 bill! later), I was released to wait for the passage.

About 2 hours later, 2 pretty large stones passed and instant relief -- although I was extremely tired for 2 days and we had a long ride from the Canadian border to reach our home in San Diego.

These were manufactured in my right kidney.

Last Thursday (4-1/2 years later) an attack in my left kidney started with great intensity. I opted to ride it out at home although I was literally screaming on and off for 2-1/2 days.

My friends thought I was daft not to go to Emergency but we just made changes to my insurance last month to cut back on the large increase in cost and the deductibles, etc. would pretty much negate an Emergency bill being covered. I just did not want another huge bill as I am starting a new business and ran credit up to purchase supplies!

Many are writing about not caring for the taste of the 2 oz. olive oil with 2 oz. of freshly squeezed lemon juice. For an Italian, this is very similar to an easy fresh salad dressing. My problem was that I had severe lower stomach problems (a delicate way of saying I had been drastically and totally cleaned out on Thursday which is very common during an attack). I could not even drink half a glass of water! The vomiting too was horribly intense for a day and a half!

What to do? (Severe chills and high fever accompanied my pain also.)

If you have a friend who is in the medical profession, ask for a suppository that relieves the nausea. My girlfriend is a surgical nurse and she supplied this for me. This worked so well.

I just 'could not' get into any vehicle to get to a doctor's office. This was the worst pain I have ever experienced and I was very very fatigued and getting dizzy and dehydrated.

Another thing that helped me: Perhaps it was because I 'needed' water so badly . . . I am not certain. But I just had to get in the shower! Normally I do not care for very hot showers but the hot water pounding on my back and kidney and tummy gave me temporary relief.

So I started to think: Heat 'expands' . . . Perhaps a little expansion could occur allowing better passage for the stones?

I followed with very hot soaks in the tub. Friday I took 4 hot long long soaks and 12 showers (if you can believe this). (Well at least I would be squeeky clean, if I had to go to the hospital afterall!)

Upon drying, I used a heating pad to my kidney immediately and after I had no more nausea, could keep pain pills down, so I sipped water constantly laying on my 'good' side in bed and finally sleeping in 1-hour stints.

But every hour it would flare up again, sending me in dances throughout the house almost turning myself inside out trying to escape the pain. And I applaud my husband who was so supportive and never complained about having to sleep in the recliner! nor continually have to listen to me crying out.

My husband went on line and found that 'distilled water'is the best to drink at this time. So I did.

I could only tolerate little little bits of banana or crackers and a tiny bit of milk to try to soothe my stomach.

Then slices of pears seemed easy to take.

It was also noted to take large quantities of Vitamin C downed with water to help break up the stones.

By Sunday the pain started moving into my bladder region and it was bad too.

It took 4-1/2 days to pass two rather large stones, every bit as large as the ones I passed 4 years ago. First one and an hour later, the other. They were pretty rough surfaced and a bit jagged-edged. UGH!

But afterwards I told my husband to get the lemons for me and last night I did drink the mixture. I felt no adversion taste-wise because I'm used to this mix anyways and like it.

However, I did experience within about 20 minutes a burning in my left kidney. I was so afraid that pain would start again. The burning lasted about the 2 hours until bedtime and as a precautionary, I took 2 over-the-counter pain tablets.

My feeling is that because of the jaggedness of the stones I was trying to pass, that perhaps the acidity of the lemons may have just caused a bit of the burning. I'm sure there was tenderness (or more) where these stones had been stuck and trying to pass through as some report blood in their urine. It was not bad by any means.

My feeling is that this concoction WILL work "IF" you can actually swallow and keep ANYTHING down at the time you are agonizing and writhing in pain and so nauseated.

Do not wait until you get there (again). I say 'again' for kidney stones usually reappear every few years (OH GOODY!)

I plan on drinking this mixture every month to try to ward off another attack!

I also recommend that anyone prone to these stones revamp their diet. I had totally changed the way I was eating back in October to try to alleviate health problems down the road, but evidently eating too much spinach (my favorite in salads) is not great either.

I also love coffee but had obediently cut back to a cup and a half daily but unbeknownst to me, mistakening thought 4 cups of tea a day was fine. Evidently not, according to yesterday's research. I also cut out desserts except for my 3 pieces of very dark chocolates which I daily consumed.

Seems too little, too late. Also I hardly ever eat red meat (at least not more than once a week and the portion is small).

Evidently these stones were years in the making. I have also been a very heavy milk drinker since childhood and even though I had cut back to 0% fat and to only 3 cups a day, I may cut this back to one a day and supplement with calcium pills since I am 56 now and need calcium.

I also noted that Magnesium is very important.

I will most likely continue drinking at least half my water allotment from distilled water. Seems that the minerals in tap water are not good for those prone to kidney stones. However, I feel we do need minerals to an extent, so will do a half and half and try to keep my intake to 64 to 72 oz. daily.

I do not like extremes of any kind and am leary of believing everything published.

I am pulling lists of foods to cut down on but I plan to make a little schedule for the lemon juice and olive oil.

I heard that over in the 'old country' (Italy) that this is a 'tried and true' remedy. So this is not really anything 'new'.

By the way, I feel just fine this morning! The only thing is that it may take a few more days to get my strength back from this ordeal because it felt as if a bulldozer kept running over me.

I am buying decaf coffee beans today also.

If you feel an attack coming on, I highly advise the drinking of the lemon juice with the olive oil RIGHT AWAY. Why wait? I will never wait until I get that nausea and CAN'T keep anything down again.

Better yet, do it monthly.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Mike (Philadelphia, PA) on 04/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Went to the hospital with kidney pain, cat scan found a 3mm stone, sent home to pass it. Had one before, and was worried about getting more as I found out if you have a single incident, you will likley have more, looked up info on google, found your site. Had nothing to loose, tired it and within 24 hours, the stone was out. It was bigger then my last one, but this time, caus eof the oil, didin't even feel it come out. I can't believe that hospitals don't talk about this stuff, what a pitty all the people that have surgery without trying anything else. I also found a product called chanca piedra, which is supposed to do the same thing as the oil and lemon, but used the lemon oil mixture first which worked. I will use the chanca once a month to keep me from getting them again. Now I have told 10 more people about this so they have the knowledge too.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Deputydon (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 04/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, I had nothing to lose. I had been to the Emergency Room twice. Once for the initial diagnosis and the second time for severe pain. I was told that I had a 4mm stone that was passing. After waiting several days and going thru lots of pain, I took matters into my own hands and found your remedy for kidney stones. I went to the store picked up a couple fresh lemons and came home and made the drink with the virgin olive oil. The mixture actually looked worse than it tasted. I read that some people had a hard time keeping it down, but I thought it went down pretty easy. I did chase it with lots of water just to make sure it stayed down. I took the drink at approx. 6:30 p.m. on Saturday the 21 of April. The pain appeared to have lessened somewhat. I went to bed thinking that I maybe would have to try it again in the morning or just give it up because it was not going to work. At approx. 2:10 a.m. I woke up with the urge to urinate. Nothing unusual since I had drank lots of water prior to going to bed. As I was urinating in my doctors provided cup, I heard a plop, and there was my stone. I had no pain as it was coming out, and I was very surprised. I believe the lemon/oil drink helped in releasing my stone. It was only a 4mm, but it was jagged and not very smooth, hence the severe pain. I think this remedy helped. I'm not some crazy person or a person that just wanted to post a positive outcome to get your hopes up. I'm a honest person, and my career is in law enforcement. My email address is not posted because I do not want unsolicited mail. If you want to write me check out my professional website, and get my email address there.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Joseph (Morgan City, Louisiana) on 04/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had kidney stones so long . thursday night I was rushed to the hospital for on in my left kidney , just to be sent home for the weekend,saying it was to large to pass . It was 7MM. I was scheduled for blasting it monday. I tried your lemon and olive oil. It is now 7:45 sunday and after very little pain it has reacher the bladder . Thank You