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Acetone, Ice, Lysine

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Posted by Maz (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 04/26/2012

I woke up with COLD SORES on a Tuesday morning, and I was going to fly across the country to visit my boyfriend that Friday! No way was I going to see my boyfriend for the first time in a month and NOT be able to kiss him! I used ice AND lysine AND acetone. Here's how:

LYSINE: Took 3000 mg as soon as I got up, 2000 mg at lunch, and 2000 mg at bedtime. The second and third days, I took 2000 mg at each of the same times.

ICE: Iced ASAP for about 20 minutes. This stopped the tingling and pain for about half an hour after I was done. Iced again a few hours later for another 20 minutes.

ACETONE: After icing, I used a Q-tip to CAREFULLY soak each cold sore with acetone for about a minute. As soon as the tingling or pain came back, I soaked the sores with the acetone again. I did this for about an hour and a half, then rinsed my lips with lots of cold water. I soaked the sores with acetone again one time right before going to bed. The second day, I used the acetone one time in the morning and one time at night.

The sores were GONE by the end of the second day. My lips WERE red and puffy for another day or so in the places where I'd used the acetone -- so be aware that you might be replacing your cold sore with a chemical burn.

I have not tried using these three things separately, so I can't tell you which one is the best. But using all of them together worked for me!


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Posted by Gina (Wichita, Ks) on 05/11/2010

I suggest taking acidophilus for herpes. Start at the first tingle. A pharmacist told me about this and I have not had a cold sore fully develop in years.

Posted by Jimdave (Lavinia, Tennessee) on 06/02/2009

Acidolpholis cured my cold sores and fever blisters. Had them all my life and saw a note about this bacteria in a magazine. I laughed, like everyone else. Later is desperation I tried some Bulgarian Buttermilk and within 24 hrs they were gone. Worked for years, then they took the buttermilk off the shelves. Replaced it with bulgarian style (no bacteria added). It's a fake and doesn't work anymore. Bought the pills over the counter. Also works great. Just take one or two ocasionaly when traveling and eating processed food.If takeing antibiotics or drinking clorinated water you will need to take a mega dose between antibiotic pills. You will be amazed. No thrush or hemorriods. Most every company has thier own kind of bacteria so I alternate and keep a couple on hand. Some now say that they contain Bulgariacus. That apears to be the best.

Posted by Marvia (St. Catherine, Jamaica ) on 09/30/2008

I've always had outbreaks of cold sores for more than ten years until a friend told me about Acidophilus. Whenever I feel the tingling on my mouth I crush two tablets of the (Probiotic) Acidophilus (preferrably the Schiff brand) with 1 tsp. of milk and take and repeat this three times a day.

The outbreaks of my cold sores usually happens after the intake of antibiotics which usually breaks down the friendly bacterias so the acidophilus regularises the friendly bacterias and it's a great digestive support.

Posted by John (Sandpoint, Idaho USA) on 11/27/2007

At first sign of a COLD SORE take two acidofillus capsules with water three times a day. These bowel friendly bacteria used to be available in yogurt and/or goats milk but are now usually removed. I believe that the friendly bacteria helps balance the ph of the colon and eliminates the cold sores. I have used this on myself and my family and a dozen other people in the last 25 years and never seen it fail. Results almost immediate and it never takes more than 24 hrs.


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Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 11/05/2012

Many times I have the tingling sensation when a cold sore is coming on. I simply use rubbing alcohol on cotton swab and hold in at the spot for a few seconds or 2 minutes. The cold sore never materializes and the itching stops after a while. Even when there is a slight raise at the spot using the alcohol gets rid of it.

Replied by Lisa H.
(Santa Barbara, Ca)

When I was in Nepal earlier this year I got a cold sore and I was staying a top a mountain, a three hour return trip to a pharmacy. I had failed to pack any zovirax, which has been successful in the past, so my friend and I went digging through our first aid kits and came up with alcohol swabs! Ah huh!!

After the first swipe, the burning started, but it was that good burning like you can feel the virus shrinking away from it as fast as it can kind of burning. It took about three days of day with the alcohol wipes every couple of hours to turn it completely around and kill it.

I have subsequently found acetone to work faster and be more effective, but if you are working with what you have available in a first aid kit - I can 400% recommend the alcohol swabs!

Posted by Khunt (Zurich, Switzerland) on 10/31/2012

Good morning, I wanted to share my story of treating cold sores. I have battling the evil blisters since I was a kid. The embarassment of the huge blister sitting on my face, the pain and the discomfort it caused for days on end. I have tried everything from abreva and ice to lysine, nothing got rid of it. Yes things like abreva cut back on the time my sore lasted but it never got rid of it like alcohol. Yes, pure rubbing alcohol. As soon as you feel the tingling soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and apply for a few minutes every few hours. It will be gone within 24 hours.

I even went as far as to put hand sanitizer on once. I was out at a ball game and felt one coming on. I didn't have alcohol and I panicted. I never use hand sanitizer because of the high content of alcohol in it but a friend had some on her so I grabbed a dab and plopped it on my lip. It was gone by that evening.

Posted by Drmet (Orange, California, USA) on 05/20/2012

i have had herpes type 1 for over 30 years and yesturday i started to get a break out on my lip so i did what i have done for over 20 years.

warning!!! what i do is extreamly painfull, but it works!!!

1. when you feel you are breaking out wait about 8 to 12 hours for the sore to get 1/2 way to a head.

2. get a razor blade or sharp knife and scrape the outer skin from the sore.
(you will bleed a bit, this part hurts but continue)

3. get a tissue, cotton balls or a rag and dip it in rubbing alcohol.

4. place the alcohol swab on the open sore, do this 4 or 5 times.
(this hurts alot! but only for a few seconds then re apply when you are able)

as i stated above i allowed my cold sore to come to a small early head, then did my treatment and this morning my sore is not hurting, my glands did not become inflamed, do not have any pain from the sore!

i know this works for me, please remember if you choose to use my cure, it is painful for a very short time so i suggest if you start do it quick and get it over with.


Posted by Mary (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/23/2008

Cold Sore Remedy: This remedy came from my mom who is 80 years old this year. I developed a cold sore at the corner of my lips. I tried food grade Hydrogen Peroxide which did not seem to do anything. Next I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which relieved much of the burning and tingling. Unfortunately the ACV did not appear to heal the sore or stop it's spread. My mom said to use any type of alcohol on it. Not wanting to put any propyl or Isopropyl alcohol on my skin I used 40% proof vodka. Within a couple of hours I saw a major reduction in the size of the sore. My mom said to apply it often and I did. Twenty-four hours has passed and the sore has healed up and the burning and scabbing is going away. I wanted to share this with everyone here as it is sure working fast.

Replied by Caroler
(Kilgore, Texas)

Alcohol can kill the virus before the sore pops out. Just dip a Q-tip in Vodka or a mouthwash high in alcohol. The secret is to hold it on the spot and soak it for 5 or 10 minutes. I think this is safer than nail polish remover.

Alkalize, Coconut Oil, Trace Minerals

Posted by Letsbeatthis (Eatontown, Nj/ United States) on 04/15/2011

Coral Calcium comes from our Coral reefs. If you know anything about Coral Reefs in our Oceans, you will know and understand that we should not be destroying them to make Coral Calcium. There is an Alternative that is basically the same thing which comes from Salt Lakes rather than the Ocean, destroying our Coral Reef. The Alternative is Trace Mineral Drops. It is also Certified Vegan and Gluten Free. I am in no way, shape, or form stating that this is a cure. I am strictly stating that this is an alternative to Coral Calcium. I recently contracted HSV2 unfortunately, so like you I am looking for a natural/ holistic cure, so I am trying different things as well.

I am also trying the Virgin Coconut Oil solution as mentioned in the 07/04/2007 Peter from New Zealand post. 1. Warming the Virgin Coconut Oil slightly and dabbing it onto the Herpes themselves. 2. Warming Virgin Coconut Oil slightly and adding a teaspoon to a glass of water 3 times a day in regular intervals.

The third solution I am trying is Alkalizing my body... Over the years I have heard lots of great things about Alkalizing the body. How Cancer cannot survive in an Alkalized enviornment as well as tons of other ailments. Feel free to type your Ailment along with the word Alkalize into Google or whichever search engine you choose, and you will be suprised to read what pops up. Just beware of products for sale.... You can also view lists of foods that are Acidic, Alkaline or somewhere in the middle as well by simply typing Acid/ Alkaline Food List. There are many, I notice some vary a bit as far as how many foods each one lists. I purchased PH strips, which you can either wet with saliva or in the urine stream. I though I was a healthy eater, apparently not healthy enough. My PH level was at a 5.5 where 7 is balanced, above 7 is Alkaline and below 7 is Acidic. Don't be suprised if you have to cut out habits such as wine, coffee, and or cigarettes to achieve your goal. Taking Trace Mineral Drops is just one step toward Alkalizing my body, since I don't know of other ways to intake minerals which our bodies need. Let's pray, one of these solutions are a cure. I'll do anything I can to keep from taking medication.

Food is our Medicine and Medicine is our Food. ;) I love the power of the internet. Any Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Replied by Electrum
(Salt Lake City, Ut, Us)

hi I'm new to this site and I noticed you mentioned alkalizing the body to prevent cancer, etc. An acquaintance told me that simply ingesting a baking soda and water solution is a good way to do this. I lost touch with him and do not have the recipe anymore but there is a wealth of knowledge online about baking soda cures.

I'm trying to find a cure/preventative measure for cold sores too and I'd be interested to know if baking soda can do this since one way to combat cold sores is to lower your acidic levels.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Jayne (London) on 09/15/2013

As soon as I feel or see a cold sore developing, I put some aloe vera toothpaste on, (the kind you can buy in any healthfood shop), and leave it on overnight. It's normally gone by morning. This also helps with other sores and blemishes. It helps to dry them up and, although tingly at first, feels very healing.

Aloe Vera
Posted by D M (Orlando, Fl) on 10/14/2012

Apply ice and aloe vera. Keep the skin cool as soon as tingling starts. Works like a charm.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Mari (Houston, Texas) on 12/02/2011

I used aloe vera for my cold sore once before and the swelling was gone and my sore was completely gone in 3 days.

Replied by Lulu
(Orange, Nj)

Hey everyone. I highly recommend aloe vera gel, at least in combination with turmeric. Here's what happened. I woke up this am with small bumps on the bottom corner of my lip, though I hadn't yet felt the tingling. I'd already made a mask of turmeric powder -- bought at an Indian grocery store; not taken from my spice rack -- for my puffy eyes and decided to search online to see if turmeric works for cold sores. After reading that it does, I applied the paste (turmeric and water) to the cold sores and left it on for about 10 minutes. Then I rinsed gently with water, patted it dry with a towel, and applied a bit of aloe gel using a q-tip. Within 10 minutes I noticed the sores were no longer shiny. They'd already dried up quite a bit. I was amazed! I applied aloe vera gel again about 30 minutes later and followed up two hours later with more turmeric paste. I'll keep this up all day and see, but it looks like they will be gone by tomorrow. Good luck!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Cocoandrico (Kingston, NY, USA) on 08/18/2011

Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy to try during an outbreak. While I couldn't find much research on the effects of taking Aloe supplements, they do supress other types of viruses and might be useful for herpes. Aloe gels and creams can heal sores quickly (a few days) and prevent infection. Studies have shown that compounds in Aloe disable the functioning of both type 1 and 2 and strengthen the body's immune response. For more info on how to treat herpes naturally, visit:

Replied by Sam
(Seattle, Wa)

So far this seems to be the best method for open sores. Within minutes the peeled scab rebuilt itself. I've been waiting for the soft white and pink tissue to correct itself all day. It's now brown red. The developing spot seems unaffected though.

The other methods I used scabbed overnight but instead pushed the cold sore closer inside my mouth. It's like the virus figured out what I was doing and picked a new spot.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Dana (Kansas City, Missouri) on 11/24/2010

I have been drinking Aloe Vera Juice daily, 4oz in the morning and 4oz in the evening, for several months now as a relief from Herpes symptoms. It truly seems to be working. I found this "cure" from a website that talking about ancient Egyptians that used aloe juice for vaginal lesions and decided to try it. The brand I found doesn't taste bad at all, and it really, really seems to help. It's truly a tough disease to deal with, but I would recommend the Aloe Vera Juice to anyone, it can't hurt.

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