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Posted by Drmet (Orange, California, USA) on 05/20/2012
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i have had herpes type 1 for over 30 years and yesturday i started to get a break out on my lip so i did what i have done for over 20 years.

warning!!! what i do is extreamly painfull, but it works!!!

1. when you feel you are breaking out wait about 8 to 12 hours for the sore to get 1/2 way to a head.

2. get a razor blade or sharp knife and scrape the outer skin from the sore.
(you will bleed a bit, this part hurts but continue)

3. get a tissue, cotton balls or a rag and dip it in rubbing alcohol.

4. place the alcohol swab on the open sore, do this 4 or 5 times.
(this hurts alot! but only for a few seconds then re apply when you are able)

as i stated above i allowed my cold sore to come to a small early head, then did my treatment and this morning my sore is not hurting, my glands did not become inflamed, do not have any pain from the sore!

i know this works for me, please remember if you choose to use my cure, it is painful for a very short time so i suggest if you start do it quick and get it over with.


Posted by Mary (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/23/2008
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Cold Sore Remedy: This remedy came from my mom who is 80 years old this year. I developed a cold sore at the corner of my lips. I tried food grade Hydrogen Peroxide which did not seem to do anything. Next I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which relieved much of the burning and tingling. Unfortunately the ACV did not appear to heal the sore or stop it's spread. My mom said to use any type of alcohol on it. Not wanting to put any propyl or Isopropyl alcohol on my skin I used 40% proof vodka. Within a couple of hours I saw a major reduction in the size of the sore. My mom said to apply it often and I did. Twenty-four hours has passed and the sore has healed up and the burning and scabbing is going away. I wanted to share this with everyone here as it is sure working fast.

Replied by Caroler
Kilgore, Texas
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Alcohol can kill the virus before the sore pops out. Just dip a Q-tip in Vodka or a mouthwash high in alcohol. The secret is to hold it on the spot and soak it for 5 or 10 minutes. I think this is safer than nail polish remover.

Alkalize, Coconut Oil, Trace Minerals

Posted by Letsbeatthis (Eatontown, Nj/ United States) on 04/15/2011

Coral Calcium comes from our Coral reefs. If you know anything about Coral Reefs in our Oceans, you will know and understand that we should not be destroying them to make Coral Calcium. There is an Alternative that is basically the same thing which comes from Salt Lakes rather than the Ocean, destroying our Coral Reef. The Alternative is Trace Mineral Drops. It is also Certified Vegan and Gluten Free. I am in no way, shape, or form stating that this is a cure. I am strictly stating that this is an alternative to Coral Calcium. I recently contracted HSV2 unfortunately, so like you I am looking for a natural/ holistic cure, so I am trying different things as well.

I am also trying the Virgin Coconut Oil solution as mentioned in the 07/04/2007 Peter from New Zealand post. 1. Warming the Virgin Coconut Oil slightly and dabbing it onto the Herpes themselves. 2. Warming Virgin Coconut Oil slightly and adding a teaspoon to a glass of water 3 times a day in regular intervals.

The third solution I am trying is Alkalizing my body... Over the years I have heard lots of great things about Alkalizing the body. How Cancer cannot survive in an Alkalized enviornment as well as tons of other ailments. Feel free to type your Ailment along with the word Alkalize into Google or whichever search engine you choose, and you will be suprised to read what pops up. Just beware of products for sale.... You can also view lists of foods that are Acidic, Alkaline or somewhere in the middle as well by simply typing Acid/ Alkaline Food List. There are many, I notice some vary a bit as far as how many foods each one lists. I purchased PH strips, which you can either wet with saliva or in the urine stream. I though I was a healthy eater, apparently not healthy enough. My PH level was at a 5.5 where 7 is balanced, above 7 is Alkaline and below 7 is Acidic. Don't be suprised if you have to cut out habits such as wine, coffee, and or cigarettes to achieve your goal. Taking Trace Mineral Drops is just one step toward Alkalizing my body, since I don't know of other ways to intake minerals which our bodies need. Let's pray, one of these solutions are a cure. I'll do anything I can to keep from taking medication.

Food is our Medicine and Medicine is our Food. ;) I love the power of the internet. Any Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Replied by Electrum
Salt Lake City, Ut, Us

hi I'm new to this site and I noticed you mentioned alkalizing the body to prevent cancer, etc. An acquaintance told me that simply ingesting a baking soda and water solution is a good way to do this. I lost touch with him and do not have the recipe anymore but there is a wealth of knowledge online about baking soda cures.

I'm trying to find a cure/preventative measure for cold sores too and I'd be interested to know if baking soda can do this since one way to combat cold sores is to lower your acidic levels.

Aloe Vera

Posted by Jayne (London) on 09/15/2013
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As soon as I feel or see a cold sore developing, I put some aloe vera toothpaste on, (the kind you can buy in any healthfood shop), and leave it on overnight. It's normally gone by morning. This also helps with other sores and blemishes. It helps to dry them up and, although tingly at first, feels very healing.

Posted by D M (Orlando, Fl) on 10/14/2012
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Apply ice and aloe vera. Keep the skin cool as soon as tingling starts. Works like a charm.

Posted by Mari (Houston, Texas) on 12/02/2011
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I used aloe vera for my cold sore once before and the swelling was gone and my sore was completely gone in 3 days.

Replied by Lulu
Orange, Nj

Hey everyone. I highly recommend aloe vera gel, at least in combination with turmeric. Here's what happened. I woke up this am with small bumps on the bottom corner of my lip, though I hadn't yet felt the tingling. I'd already made a mask of turmeric powder -- bought at an Indian grocery store; not taken from my spice rack -- for my puffy eyes and decided to search online to see if turmeric works for cold sores. After reading that it does, I applied the paste (turmeric and water) to the cold sores and left it on for about 10 minutes. Then I rinsed gently with water, patted it dry with a towel, and applied a bit of aloe gel using a q-tip. Within 10 minutes I noticed the sores were no longer shiny. They'd already dried up quite a bit. I was amazed! I applied aloe vera gel again about 30 minutes later and followed up two hours later with more turmeric paste. I'll keep this up all day and see, but it looks like they will be gone by tomorrow. Good luck!

Posted by Cocoandrico (Kingston, NY, USA) on 08/18/2011
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Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy to try during an outbreak. While I couldn't find much research on the effects of taking Aloe supplements, they do supress other types of viruses and might be useful for herpes. Aloe gels and creams can heal sores quickly (a few days) and prevent infection. Studies have shown that compounds in Aloe disable the functioning of both type 1 and 2 and strengthen the body's immune response. For more info on how to treat herpes naturally, visit:

Replied by Sam
Seattle, Wa

So far this seems to be the best method for open sores. Within minutes the peeled scab rebuilt itself. I've been waiting for the soft white and pink tissue to correct itself all day. It's now brown red. The developing spot seems unaffected though.

The other methods I used scabbed overnight but instead pushed the cold sore closer inside my mouth. It's like the virus figured out what I was doing and picked a new spot.

Posted by Dana (Kansas City, Missouri) on 11/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been drinking Aloe Vera Juice daily, 4oz in the morning and 4oz in the evening, for several months now as a relief from Herpes symptoms. It truly seems to be working. I found this "cure" from a website that talking about ancient Egyptians that used aloe juice for vaginal lesions and decided to try it. The brand I found doesn't taste bad at all, and it really, really seems to help. It's truly a tough disease to deal with, but I would recommend the Aloe Vera Juice to anyone, it can't hurt.

Posted by Amanda (Tampa, FL) on 06/19/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I have gotten cold sores since I was little. And I am 22 now and i still get them. My docter use to give me this paste for them however it just made them look worse and never helped. Last summer I got cold sores probably about once every 2 weeks. As soon as one was gone another one would come in its place. I have bought everything you can buy at walgreens. None of it works, esp. Abreva the stuff just flat out does not work. I went on the internet one day and found that Aloe Vera, if you put it on the cold sore as soon as it starts it stunts the cold sore and it never gets any bigger. I also use L-Lysine tablets, about 4,000 or more mgs a day if I go to the beach while I don't have a cold sore, I will still take about two or so tablets. Also my docter gave me valtrex which does work well but only if you catch the cold sore right as it is starting to form, which is hard to do since I am not always at home when they start. Carring supplies in your purse is helpful though, I know it's a pain but when you get cold sores you gotta do what you gotta do. Last night I was at work and felt one forming on my lip. It never got any bigger and I thought it wasn't going to but than another one started to form on my lip also. I ran home and put aloe on it but I think i was too late. I am trying Apple Cider Vineger right now and so far it seems to be working so I think this will go in my list for remedies, lol. Thank you!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Amanda, from Miami, Increase that l-lysine to 2 grams (2000 mgms) 4 x a day and see if it doesn't work. It always works for me at that dosage. You might also consider avoiding high arginine foods, like peanuts.

Amaranth Grain

Posted by Dbkh (Y, Usa) on 03/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Amaranth Grain is a complete protein grain that is high in Lysine. Lysine tablets, even when kept under lip, never worked for me; But Amaranth Grain, ground into flour with a coffee grinder and used in recipes, really does help. And is VERY healthy to boot.

Replied by Lara
Bristol, Ct

Can you give us your recipes, please?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Anonymous (US) on 07/30/2017
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Ok so I soaked Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotten ball and held the cotten ball on my cold sore for maybe more than ten minutes. Once I took it off I realized my lip swelled.. A lot. IF I were to do this again I would only dab on the Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the cold sore. Now I'm sitting in my room with an ice cube to my lip.

Posted by Toni (Netherlands) on 05/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

ACV it is! Applied a soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar cotton ball on my sore and put a bandade over it and just left it there, reapplying the Apple Cider Vinegar every hour and within 2 hours the sore was dry....but kept the bandade on after that I applied aloe vera to keep it moist constantly to prevent a scap from forming bye bye sore! So happy with this! It took me 1 day!

Replied by Maayshia D

Hi, umm I have a cold sore right now and so I am using Apple Cider Vinegar on my lip and it has turned white now, does this mean that its working?

Posted by Rubylola (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/28/2012
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From time to time I will get a cold sore up my nose which is really itcy and sometimes painful. I normally put cold sore cream on and it will take a few days to scab and heal. Yesterday I woke up with a big blister up there and decided to soak an ear bud in ACV and apply. I was worried it would sting as my nose was quite sore but I did not feel anything at all. I applied the ACV all around my nostril and held it for a minute on the blister. The blister was completely gone from this! I swabbed diluted ACV around the outside area of my nose to make sure it didn't spread and continued to do this throughout the day. The next day there is no scab or anything up my nose, I'm very impressed. I will continue to apply it today to kill anything that may still be lurking. Will be interesting to see if it works the same next time (would be great if there is no next time though! ).

Posted by Please Help (Fort Wayne, In) on 06/06/2012

So if I take 2-3 tablespoos of vinegar a day will this cure the hsv2 virus or do I have to add something else to it?

Replied by Emily
Alameda, Ca

I have never heard of such a thing, but if you're going to try it.. I wouldn't take that much, ESPECIALLY all at once.. if you have any negative side effects, they will come on way stronger than you'd appreciate.

Replied by Miserable_in_bama
Oneonta, Alabama, United States

try L-lysine 1, 000mg 2x a day, morning and night, and you shouldn't have another outbreak. As for healing what you have, echinacea/goldenseal, red clover, burdock root, pau d' arco, elderberry, acidolphilus. Ech/goldenseal is best, but take acidolphilus or you will get a yeast infection, it is like an antibiotic. Keep it clean and dry. Use witch hazel or tea tree oil to help it heal up. Tea tree oil will dry it out, give you pain relief, and it feels cooling to me.

L-lysine is cheap and I haven't had an outbreak in 2 yrs. I used to get them so bad I passed in and out of consciousness, high fever, extreme joint and muscle aches, dizziness, you name it. Take me a month to heal.

Good luck and God Bless

Posted by Coldsorenomore (Phoenix, Arizona Usa) on 10/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This is a great site. I LOVE it!

About a year ago I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on a big and ugly cold sore. Having first learned about ACV as a child about 35 years ago and then getting a great education about it from Earth Clinic, the idea just clicked. I took a cotton ball and soaked up a good amount of ACV. I would lie down for about 15 minutes with the wet cotton ball on my lip directly over the cold sore. Sometimes I would apply slight pressure to make sure of good contact. I did this about 3 times per day. The cold sore was completely gone in 3 days. It usually takes 2 weeks, no matter if I apply other mainstream and alternative remedies.

I got another cold sore about 2 weeks ago. It was just coming on. Had to move quickly, because I work with the public. Thankfully, it was during the weekend. I searched my memory about what I had done last time and remembered ACV. I did the same as above, and it was gone in 1 day. No joke and no exaggeration.

The ACV gave me a light burning sensation my lips and not just on the cold sore. My lips peeled mildly for the next few days. I believe there is no harm, and I certainly prefer a little peeling to a big, ugly cold sore. One thing I am cautious about is to keep the ACV on the cotton ball from touching my front teeth to prevent enamel erosion.

I hope this works for you.