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| Modified on Jul 27, 2022
Posted by Gemma (Lancashire) on 07/17/2022
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Last summer I had a beast of a cold sore. It was 6 in one!! I hadn't had one in about 15 years so it was very weird. Probably from vaccine shedding from other people.
For some reason I didn't think to check on here until about day 5. I tried acetone but the skin was already broken and it made it 10 times worse and left a scar too.

I think acetone must be used at the first signs and would be very effective but not once the skin has broken.

Posted by Lynn4 (maryland) on 07/11/2022
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Cold Sores:

When one of these appears in the mouth - what has worked for me is eating a good quality raw kale greens - or take Lysine tablets. it works.

Posted by GILLIAN (CA) on 07/10/2022
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I haven't gotten cold sore breakouts very often but have had them since I was a child. I've even gone years without an outbreak. When I would get one it would be mild and I'd combat it with Lysine and oil of oregenal both orally and topically. Usually they wouldn't even get to a blister with this treatment. However, I recently had a really large one come out on my bottom lip and it took forever to come down and heal. What a pain! The area is still slightly raw and sensitive. Over the long weekend of the 4th of July I got a lot of sun and didn't drink enough water, drank alcohol and got totally dehydrated. I felt my lip burning. I woke up with 3 huge ones on my bottom lip coming up into blisters!!!

Panicking I scoured the internet and saw Cheri's post from 2021. I tried it and put acetone on each one with a q-tip for about 20 seconds each and 1 DAY LATER they had all scabbed over!!

This would have been at least a week or more without this remedy! Thank you!!

Posted by Whathadhappendedwas (Florida) on 07/07/2022
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I usually get the big cold sores that make your lip look like a balloon. It sucks. I was eating spaghetti and noticed the sauce made my lip fill better. Did a search about tomato sauce and herpes to see if there was others who tried or used it. Came across a video that said to use ketchup. It was a boring video but decided to try it...Ole family recipe or something. Anyways grabbed some ketchup and put it on my lips. Guess I know what lipstick feels like. I don't know. I put a lot of ketchup on and just started watching a movie. It tingled a little, more uncomfortable I guess. But I left it on and after about 44 minutes I could feel a cluster in the back of my jaw get zapped. Not really sure how else to explain it. Provided relied though. Provided relief for the swollen lip too. Felt like it was working and decided to put a fresh batch and leave it on all night.

Woke up the next morning and it wasn't swollen anymore. Already formed scabs and started healing. Few days later my lip was back to normal. For the healing, I put Abreva on. I typically get blisters from the sun. Haven't had any in a couple months. Might be my new go to as Apple Cider Vinegar sucks. Ketchup is everywhere! Won't hurt to try. Says to use it at the tingle stage to prevent them too.

Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO
Posted by Thea (US) on 06/14/2022

What exactly is the protocol? Do I apply HP then DMSO topically or are they to be taken internally? Thanks

Lysine, Vitamin C and Coconut Oil
Posted by martiele (FL) on 06/09/2022

I heard magnesium oil spray does the trick But I have not had one to try it. When I have I have used aloe, aloe by cutting a square off and placing on lip sit 15 minutes and it will Usually stick for the rest of the day until it's gone. It will take me three days with aloe. Also lysine. I was drinking a lot of black tea and I heard black tea blocks lysine in our bodies and so I would get them more often or more easily prone to getting them.

Posted by Maria (NJ ) on 05/04/2022

ME TOO! What is it with the RETIN-A!!

Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO
Posted by Elton (Lucas do Rio Verde, MT) on 04/24/2022

Hello, my name is Elton from, Lucas do Rio Verde - MT, Brazil I also use hydrogen peroxide with DMSO, I didn't get a cure, mine is genital herpes, but I won't give up the treatment because I know I need to have more discipline to achieve the result.

Posted by Trista (Sydney, Australia ) on 03/05/2022
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Fresh lemongrass has stopped my cold sores in their tracks. If you get to it on the tingle and before it blisters it will knock it out and won't get the chance to blister.

Get a fresh lemongrass stalk, peel one of the layers off and use a spoon..I usually have the spoon up right while I scrape the inside lemongrass layer using my thumb to hold it down and get the juice on the spoon that way.. then put it on the cold sore with my finger...

The 1st couple of times I just put the layer on a plate and used the spoon and pressed it down to get the juice on the back of the spoon and used the spoon directly on the cold sore so I didn't have to wash my hands after.. or fold the layer in half and use the juices that produce at the fold directly to the cold sore..

1st time I used it, it was at the tingle stage.. within the hour of it tingling I applied the lemongrass juice just the once and the tingle stopped instantly. It was around midday/ early afternoon that I applied it.

The next morning I felt the tingle again.. I could see slight redness however no blister so I quickly put some more on and immediately stopped tingling and started healing after that.. no blister. No more applying. It just didn't progress into a cold sore and it healed from that point on.

2nd time it had just started to rise and was about to form a blister. I had no lemongrass on hand so went to the shops and grabbed some.I applied it that afternoon and before bed. The next day no tingling and it was healing. I didn't need to apply anymore.

So it would seem that 2 applications are necessary.

4th or 5th time I had kept the lemongrass in the freezer.. to my dismay, it did not work. It took the tingle out a little which I felt I needed to keep applying it.. soo I did all day and the next day.. but it continued into a blister.. I got some fresh lemongrass the next day and it worked. Immediately stopping its progress.

So the lemongrass has to be fresh.

I've tried all the creams.. they aren't really great.. at 1st they helped the itchiness etc but never stopped the blisters...and after a while don't do anything at all..

I've tried peppermint extract.. as I had read good things.. but this didn't help really.. made it less itchy but didn't help the blisters.. same as toothpaste.. it stops the itch but it burns the skin and makes the area bigger.

Lemongrass by far is the best thing I've tried. Knocks it out.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 01/12/2022 could use good ole nail polish remover to get the same results! Seems alot safer to me, too. I use it all the time; it works.

Posted by Corrina (AB) on 01/09/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I do this as well. In fact I started feeling the tingle around 2 this morning. Dabbed a cotton swab with bleach before I went to bed and held it on the very tip of each blister (there were 3 starting) for about 30 seconds each. Did it again around noon (when I woke up) and now it is just after 6pm and all that's left is a tiny mark from the slightly bigger blister and the other 2 are completely gone.

I just make sure I'm SUPER careful about allowing the tip of the swab to touch ONLY the blister so the skin around it doesn't burn.

Posted by Sarab (CA) on 12/26/2021

Does acetone make them stay away? Just wondering because I use selenium (selenomethionine) and I don't get cold sores any more. I take 1 200mcg capsule a day although I started by taking 2 200mcg capsules a day for about 10 months.

Posted by Bonita (Rochester, MN, USA) on 01/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Found this website looking for flea remedies and found so much more! I too am always looking for remedies other than what are mainstream, just because it seems to me there has got to be more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak!

Read about Vitamin D deficincy in The Star Tribune by a doctor at the U of MN who discovered how many people suffer from a lack of it. Of course, I am a blue eyed blond who frys like a lobster in the sun and can't remember when the last time was that I went outdoors without sunscreen and and hat so I began taking a D supplement right away. I take 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. I have to say that I feel pretty darn good considering I have arthritis in all the major joints of my body.

I also have been using lysine to take care of my Herpes simplex outbreaks for years and would not be without it. I find that if I take 4-6 500 mg tablets at the first sign of the itch/tingle on my lip, and then 2 tablets every couple of hours after that, I can most times, stop it in its tracks and completely skip and signs of the break out. If I am nowhere near my supply of lysine and I get those symptoms, taking it at first opportunity causes the leisons to heal very rapidly. In any case, it works for me.

Am going to try the apple cider vinegar thing as well, for arthritis and for the flea problem. Weird that it will be for 2 such unrelated problems but If it works, who cares. It is certainly safe enough. Thanks for being here as a sounding board and gathering of natural remedies.

General Feedback
Posted by Luiz Fernando (Brazil) on 11/08/2021

nope, that would never been an overdose. I have taken lugols 5% doses for 7 years ranging from 8 drops to 20-40 without issues besides some herx symptoms from detox.

The minimum amount for maintenance is 8 drops = 50mg, but often doses of 16 drops = 100mg is recommended because we are fully loaded on bromine/bromides, fluorides and toxins that will take a long time to clear before iodine/iodide can enter it receptors and works on sufficiency, doctors in the past have gave 200mg-3grams of iodine for serious conditions like syphilis and dangerous infections. IT cant be overdosing in that range, our body holds 2.5grams of iodine/iodide content when sufficient.

So any info that tells you to take 2-3 drops is a lie. People taking 2-3 drops will take 3-4 years to detox all bromides and fluorides to get into the sufficiency. Reminding you that we are exposed to fluoride and mostly bromine/bromide on a daily basis, as lots of products we have are loaded on bromine/bromide fire retardants, so you could never reach the full benefit of iodine in that dose.

I take 100mg =16 drops now for months this year, and I feel really good.

Posted by Rose (Bowie, MD) on 10/14/2021
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Apply dmso at first sign of cold sore it will shrink and prevent it even becoming an open blister within 10-15 mins

Artifiical Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Teresa (Texas, USA) on 10/11/2021
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I had not had a cold sore outbreak for it seems like years, but yesterday I chewed 1 stick of sugarfree gum and I have the biggest outbreak happening now....about 12 to 18 hours after exposure. I will definitely be more careful in the future.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Drew (Scotland, UK ) on 09/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver is the only thing I have found which a real and quick effect on cold sores. I apply it frequently when I get a flare-up.
I am not prone to cold sores, and the vast majority of the ones I have had can be traced to unwittingly ingesting the poison that is aspartame.
Thankfully, the silver goes a long way to countering it. If I'm quick enough, it can stop an outbreak entirely.

Lugol's Iodine, Coconut Oil
Posted by Maria K. (Frankfurt, Germany) on 08/19/2021 5 posts
5 out of 5 stars

In the Past I used to get cold sores on my lips almost every month. That was so annoying and painful. Three years ago I visited my homeland and being a guest and having parties with friends and relatives ate spicy dishes with ketchup and drank so much soft drinks that at the end of my journey when next night I had a flight for Germany I felt tingling on my lips, alarming cold sore is coming.I wanted urgent relief and want to stop it on its way, because I did not want to travel in constant pain and looking horible with swollen lips.I had Lugols Iodine 5% and coconut oil at hand.

In desperation I took 5 drops of Lugols Iodine and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil after 4 hours took another dose of 5 drops of Iodine and coconut oil. After 2 hours I felt a little relief in tingling on lips and cold sore stopped getting bigger.After 2 hours before depature of my flight I took third time 5 drops of Lugol's Iodine and no more coconut oil.In aeroplane I was sitting relaxed and happy with my family, no more tingling and pain.So quick relief I had never in my life.When I reached home the little sore had turned brown.So in the last three years I did not have a single episod of herpes because at the first sign of herpes I start this protocol, always works like a charm.Now I can eat spicy and sour dishes, ketchup, nuts and soft drinks in moderation without any fear of getting herpes.

I take daily 4 drops of Iodine for general health too.

I think same protocol will work for gentials Herpes too.

Lugol's Iodine, Coconut Oil
Posted by Maria K. (Frankfurt, Germany) on 07/16/2021 5 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Lugol's Iodine, Coconut Oil for COVID and Oral Herpes

My sister, her husband and her four kids got Corona, even her newborn got infected severely.

On my recommendation (I am not a doctor, only an old reader of Earth clinic ) she and her husband took 5 drops of Lugols Iodine 5% three times a day. In addition to Lugols Iodine they took 1,2 tablespoons of Coconut oil two times a day. She gave Iodine and coconut oil to her kids too.Kids' dose is 3 drops of Lugols Iodine thrice and 1 or 2 TB of Coconut oil.

Besides these remedies, they took panadol and vitamin C from the local doctor's advice. Adults gargled with warm salt water and iodine water too.

With the grace of God Almighty they were all relieved and Cured just in two days. After two weeks they tested negative for Covid 19. I personally use this protocol for the oral herpes, I start it seeing the first sign of tingling on my lips, always works, want to share on Herpes cures page too.

Posted by Adriana (California) on 04/22/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My ex suffered from herpes simplex in the mouth, which smelled like the day after a battlefield, rotting. He had lost lots of weight and many remedies were not working. He could not eat and had lost a great deal of weight.

Because it seemed the condition was stuck, I had read that Niacin could move stuck radioactive conditions.

He took Niacin and within 2 days was back to work.

Posted by Cheri S. (Wellington, Florida) on 03/18/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had his first cold sore at 42 years old. Neither of us even knew what it was at first. He is very tough when it comes to pain and this thing was excruciating for him. I found this suggestion on Earth Clinic, thank God. He said there was a huge relief with the very first application of acetone. He applied it with a cotton ball only 4- 5 times a day (yes, it burns, but definitely worth it). He is on day 3 now and it is significantly smaller, scabbed over, and he has almost no pain or swelling on his lip. This would have been a miserable 2 week experience if it weren't for you all posting your effective treatments. Thank you Earth Clinic!!

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/05/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Campho-Phenique (Liquid in the green bottle) which you can buy over the counter at any drug store.

Campho-Phenique is an old folk remedy for many skin issues. Camphor is known to have antiviral activity. Studies state that external application of lavender oil mixed with Camphor deactivates both herpes simplex type-1 and herpes simplex type-2 virus. This prevents spreading of the herpes infection.

It works for any type of herpes virus such as cold sores or shingles. Apply with Q-tip to affected area three to four times a day. It dries up the sores immediately.

I got introduced to Campho-Phenique back in the late 70's when I had a mouth ulcer. My parents had a bottle of it in the bathroom cabinet. I dipped a Q-tip into the liquid and rubbed it on the mouth ulcer, waited about a minutes and spit it out. The mouth ulcer was gone by the next day. I've been using this product for other skin issues ever since.

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Marcia (Utah) on 05/01/2020
5 out of 5 stars

A drop of liquid magnesium chloride (aka magnesium oil) on the end of a Q-Tip, will kill a cold sore immediately.

Lavender Oil
Posted by Jean (Wheeling, IL) on 03/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Lavender essential oil applied liberally three times a day will heal cold sores in no time.