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Posted by Happyhappy (Del Mar, California) on 08/30/2014

Garlic works!

I have had this virus since I was 5 or 6, maybe younger for all I know, but I just remember first finding out I had a cold sore. I honestly thought it was a type of cold, and I never knew there was a stigma behind them until I was about 22. Once I figured out people have the audacity to look down on people with this virus (even though they likely have it too), I became very stressed whenever I would have an outbreak. I never knew you could stop one until I researched it. Learning about garlic on this Earth Clinic website, I had to try it, especially since I usually buy too much and have it lying around for about 3 months at a time.

I hear people talking about a garlic supplement not working, but I am talking about FRESH garlic. I personally cannot chance an outbreak by using a garlic pill when I have the real deal fresh garlic. You can buy a couple of bulbs of garlic and it will last for quite some time (I've had my garlic for almost two months, and even though it may not be as pretty as new garlic, once you cut it, that fresh garlic juice is there). I just cut a small sliver (just take a knife and take a flat slice from biggest part of the garlic so it will cover a larger area, which can help kill the virus on AND around the offending area) from a clove and hold the little sliver against my lip. I do this if I feel a tingle, if I bite too much dry skin off my lip (bad habit), if I feel discomfort of any sort around my lips/mouth, or even question an upcoming outbreak, I go on and press that fresh sliver against my lip, and that is EXACTLY what you should do in those cases too.

The nice thing about garlic is that you can even use it IN the mouth, whereas many other things (i.e. alcohol, nail polish remover) cannot be used for blisters inside the mouth.

Even if you have a blister when you wake up, ice it for as long as you can to calm down the swelling and numb the lip, then immediately grab your garlic clove, cut a sliver off (save the remainder of the clove, this way, as you need more, you can keep cutting slivers off throughout the day, thus releasing more fresh juice every time you use it. ) The Garlic will send the active virus to hell where it belongs and you should notice your blister rapidly receding, as the garlic will not only obliterate the active virus, but don't lick your lips after applying the garlic, because the garlic should help dry that sucker out.

(When you get to the last possible piece of your garlic, it may be dry because there is not more garlic to cut off to release the juice. If this is the case, just gently squeeze the last piece to release the juice, and it will be good to go! )

Anytime you think, know, doubt, assume, wonder, or question rather or not a cold sore is coming, USE THE FRESH GARLIC. I recommend using it every couple of hours to ensure you won't get a breakout during times you need it, however, I've used it once on red swollen skin (the stage RIGHT BEFORE impending blister) and feel asleep, and next morning, nothing. If you fall asleep, just use more garlic next day.

WARNING: You will have to man/woman up for this, as the garlic MAY cause an extreme burning sensation as you press it on the offending area. Sometimes it barely burns, especially if my lips are not cracked or damaged, and sometimes my mouth, eyes, and nose water because it hurts so bad. But I deal with it, because it is less painful than walking around feeling like you have a black eye on your lip. Embarrassing.

Summary & Tips:

  • Buy FRESH GARLIC and just keep it around. The juice inside the garlic will be there a very long time, so even old looking garlic can be cut to release juice with that power garlic "medicine."
  • You only need to cut a sliver off of the garlic each time you need some garlic, as each flat sliver has the "miracle" garlic juice on it.
  • If in doubt and if you have an outbreak, still use the garlic. It may even possibly kill the virus on the skin (the shedding) to help protect others or spreading to other parts of your body (please still use ALL the safety precautions that you would use if you had giant oozing blister on your mouth.)
  • Carry a clove of garlic in your car, backpack, purse, etc. It may not be legal to carry a knife (especially if minors and/or anyone at an educational institute), so carry something that can help you release the juice from the garlic. Plastic knife, spoon, even a sanitized filer on nail clippers.
  • Don't forget to brush your teeth! You don't know how many people admit they forgot to brush their teeth the day/night before an outbreak. The virus loves moist and unclean. Also, avoid toothpastes with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (sls), as it is believed to cause outbreaks.
  • You may want to gargle with peroxide to kill the viruses that may be throwing a party in your mouth. I also take a piece of cotton, paper towel, or even toilet paper (anything disposable) and put some peroxide on it, and clean my lips and mouth area to also help remove any shedding I may not be aware of.
  • In between outbreaks, always keep lips moist with something that helps prevent outbreaks. Something with lysine, an antiviral essential or even some balm that if for cold sores. Just use something to help keep these at bay.

Thanks to everyone who sticks around to read this long post.

Good look and be happy!

Posted by Anon (Australia) on 07/04/2013

YEA to garlic, ice and honey for cold sores. I tend to get cold sores on my lips when I'm run-down and haven't been sleeping and/or eating very well. I usually don't get a tingling sensation until after the little monster rears it ugly head, the only sign I have to go off is dry, chapped lips, which can easily be attributed to the winter weather.

Noticed the tiny, tingly/itchy bump when I woke up a yesterday and freaked out because I'm volunteering at a week-long event starting tomorrow and didn't want a massive blister in the centre of my bottom lip. I usually use Zovirax but that usually takes over a week to heal and even then has left small blemishes/scars.

I read on another site about the garlic remedy and decided to test it out. Cut a clove of garlic in half and crushed it to release the juices, then held it over the bump for about thirty seconds. Burned like no tomorrow, but the tingling sensation was gone and never came back. Once the burning sensation had died, I soaked some paper towel and dabbed it clean before applying honey. Repeated every few hours. Next day, no blister! Just a small scab that's a good half or third the size of my usual sores.

Came here to see what other natural remedies could be added to the program, but I don't fancy the idea of popping or invading the wound to apply solutions for fear of infection and chemical solutions like acetone or hydrogen peroxide scare me. At any rate, I now use a clove of garlic, followed by a cube of ice, dab it dry and then add a touch of honey, applied every couple of hours. Swelling is pretty much non-existent and there is no tingling or itchiness at all. From the looks of things it'll be gone in a day or two! (Fastest recovery time ever! )

Replied by Vanessa
(London, UK)

This is the first time I've commented on here but I was compelled to write because of the success of using garlic, ice and coconut oil for my cold sore. I woke up in the night to feel a bump and tingle on my top lip, I immediately applied Zovirax but by the morning the sore was already blooming. I iced the sore for 10 minutes at a time, four times in the day and applied garlic for 15 seconds in between, putting a layer of VOC after each time. It's the smallest and the quickest recovery I've ever had from a CS.

Posted by Fae (Santa Rosa, Ca) on 06/11/2013

The juice of fresh raw garlic clove applied topically stops a cold sore dead in its tracks! Results are felt instantly. I've tried many of the natural Earth Clinic remedies for cold sores (ice, peroxide, L-lysine, nail polish remover, etc. ) with varying degrees of success so when I say it works almost immediately, I am speaking from experience! As soon as you feel that dreaded tingle or see any sign of the blister, peel a raw clove, nick the end to release the juices (or smash it in a garlic press) and apply to the sore. Hold it on there for about 15 seconds. It will sting like a sonuva..but that is the garlic juice doing its job and is actually a satisfying sensation. I usually only have to do this 2 or 3 times within an hour or two, holding it on there for about 15 seconds each time (any longer and the strong juice may irritate the skin) and the virus inside the cold sore dies or retreats. You can feel it! Any physical damage the cold sore has caused will have to heal in it's own time which is why it's best to catch it before there is any visible sign but even when I had a big red swollen bubble, it flattened within an hour, dried up and flaked off within a day or so. Instantly effective and dependable! I have read that garlic is a strong anti-viral and it is now my only cold sore treatment. I love Earth Clinic and wanted to share this simple but effective cold sore cure.

Posted by Curative (Midwest) on 11/22/2010

Garlic took care of a cold sore on my lip. I cut a piece of raw garlic in half and placed it on my lip for a few hours. I did this every day and the cold sore was almost slim to none in 3-4 days whereas for me it would take a week or more. The site where the cold sore was was not even noticeable.

Replied by J.t.
(Delta, Oh, Usa)

I've been putting fresh garlic on my lip, not only burns, surrounding area seems to be discolored as well.

Replied by Anonymous


Garlic works. However, garlic will eat up the infected area and leave a hole! I used garlic for a boil under my arm and it left me with a hole. The skin grew back but it was not pretty. Be careful with garlic. Very potent stuff!

Posted by Steven (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 12/06/2009

There have been many times where i've ignored or taken for granted the initial tingles of an oncoming cold sore. So the remedy I'm going to share even works for cold sores at their maximum size and strength! Mix half a clove of crushed garlic with about 1/2 a tablespoon of toothpaste. Depending on the size of the cold sore(s), this mixture will make enough for a few applications. Apply it thick, on not only the cold sore, but around the affected area also. I do warn you, this will burn like mad! Leave it to dry for 3 hours, then remove and re-apply. Do this 3 or 4 times during the day.

The reason this works well is because the toothpaste acts as a barrier, not letting air to the affected area, giving the crushed garlic increased potential to kill the infection.

Posted by Anna (Charlotte, USA) on 06/29/2008

Garlic Remedy for Cold Sores: My mom traveled to Europe and while she was there, cold sores broke out around her mouth. An Austrian man saw her and told her to cut a clove of garlic in half and hold it to the area for 10 minutes three or four times a day. It works like a charm for her.

Posted by Shane (Sherman Oaks, California) on 12/27/2007

I have been studying Natural Remedies and herbal cures for years and found only an obscure reference to garlic for the treatment of boils in an old text. I used to get herpes around the mouth really bad where it would sometimes completely encircle my lips by 1/4 to 1/2 inch. The way to use garlic to treat these outbreaks is this (not entirely pleasant) - Take any size clove and break or cut in half. Eat one half immediately and chew completely. Take the other half and rub into the affected areas. THIS WILL STING- That's it! repeat as necessary until the herpes pain is gone. The first time you do this it will take a few applications every day until it stops the progression of the blistering. It will scab up. There will be a longer interval between outbreaks but the next time it happens start the treatment with garlic as soon as you feel it coming on. The blistering should not get very far if it even blisters at all. It takes 3-4 progressions of outbreaks and by they should be further and further between. I have not had an outbreak since 1995. A year ago I felt it a little and used the garlic right away and the feeling stopped immediately. ODORLESS GARLIC GELCAPS DO NOT WORK FOR THIS!!! I TRIED THEM AND THEY ARE WORTHLESS. Must be fresh garlic. Do not cut corners.

Posted by Emily (Madison, Maine) on 05/10/2007

I take the odorless garlic softgels for my Herpes outbreaks. I take twelve softgels when I feel the tingling and then three every four hours while awake for the next few days. If I don't get it soon enough to prevent it then it only lasts a few days. I also use the softgels for when I have ear pain. I pierce the gelcap and squeeze the contents on a cottonball and put it in the offending ear for an hour. Then do the same over night. You will feel an immediate response and the overnight treatment only needs to be done for a couple of nights. I LOVE garlic. These remedies I have found through many health and herbal remedy books.

Posted by David (Reading, UK) on 12/06/2006

I felt the tingle and the beginning of the ache that arises when the preliminary bump starts to form on the lip, so applied half a cut garlic clove to it about three times a day. The ache stopped immediately on application, the swelling reduced and now there is only a very small crust formed, less than half the size it would normally be and I expect it to be gone by tomorrow. All this within two days, less than half the weekly cycle it normally takes. I have to say very impressed, a definite Yea. As a point of interest my Cold Sore first appeared after my lips got severely sunburned while on a boat. I was 30 years old and never had one before. So get that sunscreen on!

Posted by Bobby (Houston, TX)

crushed garlic (it burns) on an outbreak works! You won't believe the results and how fast the ulcer heals.

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Posted by Candy (Brooklyn, Ny, United States) on 12/04/2012

Has anyone been cure from herpes using the oil of oregano and coconut oil?

Replied by Candy
(Brooklyn, Ny, United States)

To Ted.. I really need some info on this I am presently taking zinc, coconot oil and oil of oregano to cure herpes. I am determine to beat this thing, not just stop out breaks but to cure it. My diet has change, I eat lots of fruits, apples, watermalon, bananas etc I drink lots of water, eat lots of cheese, drink lots of milk, egss and fish. I think I mess up by eating whole wheat breads, what breads are better to eat the white or wheat if u have hsv1 and 2. I am not sure what juices I should drink either, does foot detox help with this too? Please shed some light on this thank you.. Has anyone been cured from these stuff? How long you recommend I take those stuff?

Replied by Kilgore
(Jackson, Ms)

Candy, please look into Lugols iodine for your herpes. I have cured myself of a long standing infection in two months, 20 drops a day of 5% Lugols solution in coffee/milk.

Replied by Denise
(Richmond, Va)

Glad to hear that your blemishes, scars and infection is gone. My question is have you gotten re-tested to see if the virus is still your blood?

Replied by Susan

Thanks a lot but did u get re-tested for HSV-1 and2?

Replied by Vitaminjunkie
(Marietta, Georgia)

Try the oil of oregano! Take one 1500 mg. Capsule once a day for 4 or 5 months. You can also use the oil of oregano that comes in a bottle with a dropper for the actual sores during an outbreak. The only caveat is that oil of oregano can interfere with iron absorption so if you are a menstruating female you should take an iron supplement several hours before or after the oil of oregano. THIS STUFF WORKS.

Replied by Candy
(Brooklyn, Ny, United States)

Kilgore from Jackson... have u taken a blood test and it proved you are cured from HSV1 and 2?

Replied by Gina
(New York, NY)


20 drops a day of 5% lugol's iodine? Are you kidding me? I hope that is a typo as this is an overdose with serious side effects!! Please... This is a dangerous recommendation. 2-3 drops a day is more realistic.

Luiz Fernando

nope, that would never been an overdose. I have taken lugols 5% doses for 7 years ranging from 8 drops to 20-40 without issues besides some herx symptoms from detox.

The minimum amount for maintenance is 8 drops = 50mg, but often doses of 16 drops = 100mg is recommended because we are fully loaded on bromine/bromides, fluorides and toxins that will take a long time to clear before iodine/iodide can enter it receptors and works on sufficiency, doctors in the past have gave 200mg-3grams of iodine for serious conditions like syphilis and dangerous infections. IT cant be overdosing in that range, our body holds 2.5grams of iodine/iodide content when sufficient.

So any info that tells you to take 2-3 drops is a lie. People taking 2-3 drops will take 3-4 years to detox all bromides and fluorides to get into the sufficiency. Reminding you that we are exposed to fluoride and mostly bromine/bromide on a daily basis, as lots of products we have are loaded on bromine/bromide fire retardants, so you could never reach the full benefit of iodine in that dose.

I take 100mg =16 drops now for months this year, and I feel really good.

Replied by Gerrit
(Abbotsford, Bc, Canada)

Gina I want you to know that I take 35 drops of Lugol's 5% in divided doses daily.

I been taking all kinds of Iodine for the last couple of years started slowly with very little.

The info I can find is, if you overdose water starts dripping from your nose and like too much vit C you just pee it out. I'm 83 and still around. I take it for Hypothyroid and still can't get my basil temp over 97. 5 and if I paint it on in the AM it is gone by nightfall.

The same with magnesium oil I have to take lot's of it spray it right in my mouth wish I could find a refillable deoderent applyer so I could roll it on also, I have to take it otherwise I would get foot and leg cramps during the night.

As always do your own DD this is just one man's opinion.

May the Lord continue to bless THIS EC site and its supporters and Angels like Lisa etc.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Gerrit - You mentioned that you would prefer using a roll-on for transdermal magnesium oil.

I apply magnesium oil (homemade) by refilling an old deodorant bottle. I pop off the top part (that contains the ball) with the thin part of a dull knife. Then I fill it with magnesium oil, add a few drops of essential oil and use that. I found it works much better than spraying it on. I even found glass deodorant bottles at London Drugs (just empty the contents which are full of chemicals). Hope that helps and good health to you!

General Feedback
Posted by Wendon (Bklyn, Ny) on 10/06/2011

Hi Ted, I have HSV1 and 2. I just started using baking soda and citric acid, stabilized oxygen and little coconut oil in warm water. How long do I use citric acid and baking soda for? Is it safe to use coconut oil, since I am concerned about blocked arteries. I do it twice a day. I also take FGHP every other day now since I do not want to mis too much stuff. I take 4 lecithin cap daily. Thanks alot! Just started 1st week october 2011.

General Feedback
Posted by Amaria (Oakland, Ca) on 07/03/2011

With herpies, unfortunately, even if you do not feel the symptoms I understand that the virus can still "shed."

This is especially important for a pregnant woman who actively has the virus at the time of delivery... The baby passing through the birth canal, I. E. , natural birth, can result in blindness and other horrific health problems for the baby.

As much as I wanted and planned to have a natural birth I opted to have a "C" section in order to insure that the virus didn't adversely affect my babies health... no regrets...

General Feedback
Posted by Daisy (Sf, Ca) on 06/29/2011

This is for Morganism54 from Granite Bay, California who said: "Just want to make it clear to everyone you can't get rid of herpes.... It goes into dormancy or recede into the skin to the original place of infection... " My question is: if herpes outbreaks happen at the place of infection, why does he state that "genital herpes tends to habitate at the base of the spine"? Thanks to all who can enlighten me on this.

Replied by Grace
(Pdx, US)

Herpes is a virus that you can draw out of the cells and dissolve. My doctor believes there are cures for all illnesses, even if it hasn't been discovered yet. I read herpes is cured by MMS. I would consider a zapper. I read that a cure was found for a serious illness and suddenly the rights purchased and mysteriously the cure is poof gone never to surface.

General Feedback
Posted by Morganism54 (Granite Bay, California) on 06/21/2011

Just want to make it clear to everyone you can't get rid of herpes. Some of the language used to explain treatments made it seem like you could "kill the virus" which you can't you can't only cause it to go into dormancy or recede into the skin to the original place of infection genital herpes tends to habitate at the base of the spin and you can often tell when an outbreak will occur by a tinge or tingle of pain in that region. Just FYI because a few people I have talked to seemed to be under the impression that certain herbal remedies can cure you of HSV which is not the case.

Replied by Chris
(Tucson, Az)

Well, there are some who claim they have. That's worth nothing I know, but it is a claim. Have you heard of the zapper by Dr. Hulda? I've heard that works.