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Ear Wax

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Posted by Shawn (Rochester, New York) on 04/22/2009

Cold Sores - Earwax: the thought and the taste is rather nasty, but it works better than anything else i've tried. When we were younger my mom use to apply our own earwax, strait from our ears to the effected area, to me sibblings and my sibblings whenever we got one. this really works.

Ear Wax
Posted by C.R. (Springfield, MO) on 10/05/2008

OK this is gross ... But it works, I even had my boss try it.... Grandma said when you have a coldsore, use your own earwax. But don't lick your lips! I know. I know. But if you like me I use to get them all the time.. I havent had one in years.

Ear Wax
Posted by Helena (New York, NY) on 06/24/2008

I've heard about using ear wax on cold sores, was surprised not to see it mentioned here. You put it on when you first get the sore. Take a Q-tip, get some ear wax out and spread it on your sore. Be careful not to put the q-tip back in your ear, you might cross-contaminate!
Unfortunately didn't know about this until mine had horribly popped and scabbed over. I tried icing it, and putting apple cider vinegar on it but didn't seem to help much... Hopefully I'll not have a chance to try this remedy out soon! Hopefully no cold sores again soon.

Ear Wax
Posted by Margie (Columbia, SC) on 03/26/2008

You might find this fever blister (herpes) remedy kind of yucky, however IT WORKS. I've been using it for YEARS and I'm 52. Whenever I feel a fever blister coming up on my lip, I immediately apply (here goes) EARWAX from my ear! YES REALLY. Just use a Q-tip, dab a little on the area and you can feel the earwax working as soon as you apply it! For some reason, earwax dries fever blisters very, very quickly. The only downside is that earwax tastes bitter. I know you are horrified right now, But DON'T KNOCK IT until you've tried it. I've never taken the time to research why it works. (Maybe you folks might have an answer.) Anyway, if you feel this is appropriate to post, please do. Thanks,

Replied by Hugh
(Queenstown, New Zealand)

I heard this remedy when I was mining up in the Yukon Territory. I think there is something in the earwax that is designed? to prevent infections in the ear. It is serendipity that it also works on coldsores!

Replied by J

Yes, My grandmother told me the old wives tale about ear wax and cold sores. At first I was like most horrified and grossed out, I bought the expensive squeeze tunes of "cold sore medication", tried about 2 or 3 different forms of it...nothing. I tried popping them and alcohol to dry them up....nothing but more days in pain, I even went to the doctor and was given a script when I had one inside my lip in fear that they would reach my throat. They cleared up, eventually.

But when I felt that well known oh no tickle the next time and thought I have nothing else to lose so I go into the bathroom and qtip to ear and took a deep breath and 1,2, wait what am I doing?? Screw it...3!! And on like I would lipstick or gloss but just to the spot.

You know break out! Are you kidding me?! All of this time, pain and wasted money. Should I been doing this for years! And I have been ever since.

Let me say this, it only takes one time to forget that you have it on and you rub your lips together or stick out your tongue. Lol. Heaven forbid if you lick it! Lol, but you will only do it once.

Ear Wax
Posted by Brigitte (Houston, Texas) on 01/11/2008

Thank you for the information regarding Herpes outbreaks. Luckily the colc sore that I have is not a terribly aggressive form. I seldom have a problem but when I do the colc sore forms on my cheek. Last night I began to feel the tingeling sensation which is a precurser to its appearance. I tried the DMSO and hydrogen peroxide which simply burned and did nothing to prevent the manifestation of the cold sore. This morning It hurt really bad and I am expecting a vivit from family and I did not want them to see my face with a festering postule so in desperation to stop the burning, itching, and tingeling, I tried the ear wax because I had none of the other more hygenic ingredients which are spoken of in other articles. To my utter disbelief, It worked to stop the pain almost imediately the swelling has stopped and I am saved the embarrassment of having the eye sore while my inlaws are visiting. Thank you again for this home remedy. I will use it again in the future.

Ear Wax
Posted by Jessica (LIma, Ohio) on 07/31/2007

This will sound odd but those of us that get cold sores and such know the warning signs. I was told many years ago that when you get the itchy or tingle feeling to put ear wax on the spot. I tried it and have done it for 13 yrs or so now. It works very very well and I tell everyone about it. It doesnt taste good if you lick your lips but it does work.

Ear Wax
Posted by N (milwaukee,wi) on 12/31/2005

the wax in the ear to heal cold sores works. my mom told me about it, and for ages our family has done this to get rid of cold sores. it really does work. I agree with Marvin, from Calgary, Canada.

Ear Wax
Posted by Marvin (Calgary, Canada)

For Cold Sores on the lip...(I know it sounds nasty) ear wax rubbed on the sore repeatedly from the time you first get the tingling sensation does wonders. Since I tried this for the first time, I've not had a single one do anything but start to form a bump... they then vanish in a few days like magic.


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Posted by Carynllewellyn (Edgewater, Maryland) on 04/14/2010

for over 15 years, I used to have back to back out breaks of genital herpes...I tried prescription meds to no avail...these meds gave me I stopped taking them & just suffered.

Then I tried taking B-Complex w/C twice daily...this helped a lot...but not completely but at least I was down to one or two outbreaks a month usually around my menstrual cycle as opposed to chronic I did a little research & found that Elderberry was an anti viral herbal (see notes below) I gave it a try...

To my Amazement WITHIN DAYS, I was free of any outbreaks at all...and the only outbreak I've had in the past few years was due to running out of the's an amazing little fruit.

Of course now, I make sure to have a little extra on hand...I am able to eat citrus again, this used to aggrevate my outbreaks, so much so that I had to avoid all citrus or suffer the consequences.

The research I read said that Elderberry is an anti-viral fruit... The way it works is that it actually encapsulates the virus and thus it is kept from attacking the body so it is flushed out in the urine/waste products. Regardless of how it works that little berry is another of Mother Nature's blessings. Before discovering it, I was in such bad shape from chronic outbreaks that I really couldn't have relations for fear of spreading that nasty little virus to my spouse.

I would Imagine since it is an anti-viral, it would work with regards to ANY VIRUS, which would make it especially helpful during cold & flu season & I would imagine (in my unprofessional opinion) that it would help those suffering from the HIV Virus as well. Please pass this info on to help others suffering as I was.

I recently began growing my own Elderberry Bush to make jams & pies, juice etc...the birds seem to love it as well...hope they leave some for me...hahaha...anyway, There is an Online shop that sells it at a very affordable price...and it's worth mentioning this because they sell it at 1/2 the cost of what one would pay at the local herb shop.

Thanks for Reading & Blessings to All, Caryn

Posted by Citrine (Austin, TX) on 10/17/2008

I take Elderberry Extract 4 times a day to cure cold sores due to the herpes virus. At the first tingling sensation, I take my first capsule with water and also dab on a little hydrogen peroxide. The cold sores usually never forms. Elderberry (medicinal name is Sambucus) is an amazing anti-viral berry. It even works against the flu virus! My family does not take the flu vaccine and has used Elderberry to knock out the flu should the flu virus strike. You can purchase elderberry extract at any health food store. There is a syrup version for kids too (but it contains quite a bit of sugar as do most children's meds). As with any viral infection, it is recommended to continue the dosage for at least 3 days to rid your body of the viral attack. Hope this helps!


Posted by Ragingcase (Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada) on 10/20/2012

I have had ob of HSV-1 on my lips since pre-adolescence... Probably originally inadvertently transmitted to me from goodnight/goodbye kisses by infected family members... gross huh! I have been and am diligent about warning and abstaining from intimate contact with all my past partners from the onset of ob.

My family doctor suggested at the onset of ob boosts of double regular doses of various vitamins... mainly C, B-complex, A & D; as well as drying the blisters out with rubbing alcohol and unscented anti-perspirant; then regularly cleaning the burst blisters with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide; all of which has a predictable but slight effect.

HOWEVER... just this weekend, with the familiar feelings of the onset of an ob, just a week and a half after my last (and pretty severe) ob cleared up, I was at my wits end as it has been nearly a month since being able to kiss my girlfriend. So I got this crazy notion... What if I try to electrocute the virus ?

I did a little on-line research and found a little info that it is feasable, a-LOT that it is bunk, but nothing that said it would cause any damage, so I licked my lip depositing a good conducting layer of saliva, gritted my teeth and touched the two electrodes of a fresh, clean 9 volt battery to the area... And... I got a good shock! But I pressed on, holding the shocking electrodes for 15 second intervals over and around the festering area, both the outside and slightly inside my lip. Once every couple of hours since the onset yesterday morning.

... and...

... without blistering, it's starting to shrink and the burning pressure is subsiding. Now this is only the first time trying this, and it's quite possibly, just a mild rebound (albeit about a centimeter over) from the last and pretty severe ob less than a week ago, but I'm actually quite surprised... Shocked you might say! Lol

I am going to continue this low voltage "electro-therapy" for the duration of this ob and some future ones to test its efficacy, and hopefully some other brave souls may experiment with it too and report back. And if anyone has any professional medical evidence advising against it, that would be great too.

I'll hopefully keep this forum posted. - RagingCase

Replied by Linda
(Maricopa, Az)

Interesting technique, but very painful. I have been cold sore free for over 30 years. Prior to using a treatment (I received from a nurse) I had sore large sores at least 4 times a year. This nurse told me to get some drinkable iodine, place 10 drops in a large glass of water, drink it up, do this for 30 days. She said the virus for this herpes lives in the pancrease and this iodine kills it. Well it worked for me. I recommend this to my friends - think they are a bit sceptical - so they may not ever use it. You may want to try this.

Eliminating Mercury Fillings

Posted by Maxklug (Ma, Usa) on 03/05/2015

This is interesting. When one goes on a Ketogenic diet the body produces Ketones from your fat stores that are burned for fuel instead of glucose. One of those Ketones is Acetone. It would therefore make sense that those on Ketogenic diets would not have outbreaks. Perhaps the other ketones the body produces are equally effective against the virus.

There is one more thing that may be of interest to readers. I read somewhere else that outbreaks are tied to elevated levels of mercury in the body. I was originally infected in my late teens but then had years of never having another outbreak. Then in my mid thirties I had cavities filled for the first time in my life, the fillings were amalgam fillings containing mercury. I then experienced monthly outbreaks. I did not make the connection at that time as I was not aware of the connection between mercury and Herpes outbreaks.

For those concerned about mercury there is a cheap and effective way to chelate it from your body. That way is by consuming cilantro, otherwise known as coriander.

Another way to chelate Mercury is with a supplement called IP6, but that also chelates iron so women below the age of menopause should take precautions against anemia if they take this supplement.

I suspect that high levels of free iron in the blood also stimulate herpes outbreaks so men should avoid all "fortified" products that have ferrous sulphate in them. It would be hard to find a pasta or a flour sold retail that is not "fortified" but there are brands of rice that do not have it, usually jasmine rice in the asian food section of the market or at asian markets.

Epsom Salt

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Posted by Jean (Franklin, Wi) on 08/18/2009

No idea where I ever got the idea to try this, but it has worked every time for me. When I get a cold sore, I put a crystal of epsom salt on it. It stings for a bit, but within a short period of time the pain is down, a few hours I know its already on the mend, and the next day its usually about 1/2 to 2/3 cleared up. It only needs to be done once.


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Posted by Sam (Charlotte NC)

I use a plant from kenya called fragipani. It cures herpes 1 and 2 by just applying its juice on the sore. It will burn when applying first but you'll be fine in 10-15min. try it, it's easy to get it.

Replied by Gail
(Surrey, Canada)


Hi Someone recommended Fragipani as a remedy for cold sores...I looked it up and they said the flower was poisonous, I have concerns about people trying anything in desperation, maybe a small amount of Fragipani is harmless, but I do think its wise to check first for safety sake.

Fresh Avocado

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Posted by Clare (Penzance, Uk) on 07/01/2015

For cold sores, smear a small amount of avocado pear on it. If you catch it early enough it will stop it immediately. Even if you do it later I.e. the next day, it will stop the cold sore from developing. Just keep smearing it on; it will dry and you might look like an extra from a horror movie but it has to be better than some of the things that people say they are using. Marvellous cure!