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Posted by Tami (Stettler, Canada) on 11/27/2007
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I don't know if this helps herpes, but when I feel a cold sore coming on, I dab on a cotton ball of witch hazel on it, and the cold sore hardly ever shows up...if the feeling doesn't go away (I can see it, but it hasn't broken yet, I just reapply. Works every time.

Replied by Dada
(Boston, Ma, US)
5 out of 5 stars

Well, of all these remedies only this one works for me. Thank you!


Posted by Lacey (Pontiac, Michigan) on 10/10/2012

Where do you buy this stuff? Everyone is asking, but there has been no response...

Replied by Denise
(Richmond, Va)

Research Ya Rang Jued, the hangover remedy.

Replied by Jj
(New Orleans, La)

did anyone find the yakeow?

Posted by Geri (Tacoma, Washington) on 08/13/2012

I have not found the Yakeow herb in an herb store, or business yet. But, I have found the live plant online. Therefore, if I can purchas this plant, what parts should I use for the treatment of herpes (leaves or flowers)?

Posted by Geri (Lynnwood, Washington) on 08/09/2012

For what duration should one take the Yakeow herb to eliminate the herpes virus, if one can find it in the USA?


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Posted by Nit (Long Beach, California) on 01/13/2011
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I've had this itchy mole on my left calf for more then two years - its brown the size of a pea. Later I develop a very sharp unexplain pain on my left foot from my knee to my buttock then follow an controllable fever which I got it more than twice a year. I zap with a 1000hz frequency with a zapper for one whole month. The mole fall off and now 2 years later - cancer free - Herpes type I-II also so gone for good for the last 4 years now.

Zap did not remove my stuffy nose - its been stuffy for over 15 years. I crush Garlic add a little purify water and applied on my whole face and head - in an instant - my stuffy nose started to clear. For the first time my nose is stuffy free for over 6 years now.


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Posted by Canadiandave (Bc) on 01/28/2017 15 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I developed an unusual itchy red rash all over my mouth after visiting a certain restaurant, but I could have had a problem for a while. I developed a sore on the corner of each mouth only once in the 2 years since, but get the itching and redness almost every day. I used LED lights to be environmental, but had to switch back, because it made the problem much worse. So as you can see, I did not have an advanced or long term problem, but it was reduced greatly with zinc.

I read that many people with fatigue have a copper/zinc imbalance, and I thought I'd give it a try. It's only been 10 days, and no results yet on the fatigue, but the itching is virtually gone already!

This research also says that people with too high copper/too low zinc have viral problems, as zinc kills viruses in the body, with copper being better against bacteria.

I hope that's true. Not very exciting, but cleaning up my smile is a relief!

Replied by Dave Of Canada
(Victoria, Bc)
15 posts

Well, it's been like a month since my last post. I have to say the zinc I take has kept working all this time. The information I read suggests that people who are addicted to chocolate are often the people with exhaustion, viral problems, anxiety, racing mind, etc. and I found today that exhaustion is reducing in me! I thought the 50mg of zinc citrate I take a day was only helping a lot with cold sores, but today I did some spring cleaning, and found that I could keep cleaning rather than taking a break every 15 minutes. I haven't noticed any increase in energy over the past month and a half, but I seem to have energy after exertion, so I guess that's an improvement in stamina.

I also found that days when I did have chocolate gave me some small amount of that unwelcome itching and redness the next day, as I had read, but I love chocolate so! I found I have much less of a reaction with powdered chocolate than with milk chocolate.

(I was so happy that I celebrated with getting some chocolate! )

I am so glad that read of this connection with zinc/copper, that I think I might try exercising and seeing if I can raise my overall energy level.