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Posted by Geri (Lynnwood, Washington) on 08/09/2012

For what duration should one take the Yakeow herb to eliminate the herpes virus, if one can find it in the USA?


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Posted by Nit (Long Beach, California) on 01/13/2011
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I've had this itchy mole on my left calf for more then two years - its brown the size of a pea. Later I develop a very sharp unexplain pain on my left foot from my knee to my buttock then follow an controllable fever which I got it more than twice a year. I zap with a 1000hz frequency with a zapper for one whole month. The mole fall off and now 2 years later - cancer free - Herpes type I-II also so gone for good for the last 4 years now.

Zap did not remove my stuffy nose - its been stuffy for over 15 years. I crush Garlic add a little purify water and applied on my whole face and head - in an instant - my stuffy nose started to clear. For the first time my nose is stuffy free for over 6 years now.


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Posted by Canadiandave (Bc) on 01/28/2017 15 posts
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I developed an unusual itchy red rash all over my mouth after visiting a certain restaurant, but I could have had a problem for a while. I developed a sore on the corner of each mouth only once in the 2 years since, but get the itching and redness almost every day. I used LED lights to be environmental, but had to switch back, because it made the problem much worse. So as you can see, I did not have an advanced or long term problem, but it was reduced greatly with zinc.

I read that many people with fatigue have a copper/zinc imbalance, and I thought I'd give it a try. It's only been 10 days, and no results yet on the fatigue, but the itching is virtually gone already!

This research also says that people with too high copper/too low zinc have viral problems, as zinc kills viruses in the body, with copper being better against bacteria.

I hope that's true. Not very exciting, but cleaning up my smile is a relief!

Replied by Dave Of Canada
(Victoria, Bc)
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Well, it's been like a month since my last post. I have to say the zinc I take has kept working all this time. The information I read suggests that people who are addicted to chocolate are often the people with exhaustion, viral problems, anxiety, racing mind, etc. and I found today that exhaustion is reducing in me! I thought the 50mg of zinc citrate I take a day was only helping a lot with cold sores, but today I did some spring cleaning, and found that I could keep cleaning rather than taking a break every 15 minutes. I haven't noticed any increase in energy over the past month and a half, but I seem to have energy after exertion, so I guess that's an improvement in stamina.

I also found that days when I did have chocolate gave me some small amount of that unwelcome itching and redness the next day, as I had read, but I love chocolate so! I found I have much less of a reaction with powdered chocolate than with milk chocolate.

(I was so happy that I celebrated with getting some chocolate! )

I am so glad that read of this connection with zinc/copper, that I think I might try exercising and seeing if I can raise my overall energy level.