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Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Gina (Leeds, West Yorkshire) on 05/08/2012
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Cleaning with diluted tea tree oil and regular dabbing of the affected area. Drys it right up.. The cold sore should be gone within about 4 days.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Marathonlady (Denver, Co.) on 04/04/2012
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I have had real good luck with keeping my herpes lesions from beginning full blown sores. When you begin to feel the tingling of an episode, or even if they are there but not leaking fluid, dab on tea tree oil with your fingers straight out of the bottle. This will reduce and totally eliminate the sore. Otherwise, the episode takes 2 to 3 weeks to get over. I have my sores on my butt cheeks, so don't know how the tea tree oil would act on tender genital tissues?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Crazyakplayer (Pc, Fl) on 01/29/2012
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i usually get blisters on my lips twice a year did some research found that tea tree oil works good I bought some itch away oil from a herb shop and applied it to my sore it was completely gone in two days no scab or anything ive used abreava and it doesnt work the itch away oil is awsome

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cassie (Augusta, GA) on 06/29/2008
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ACV or Tea Tree Oil to cure cold sores.

I used ACV on a q-tip pressing firmly, and repeated several times throughout the day. This began to dry up the cold sore on my upper lip after only a few hours...however, it caused a bit of skin irritation around the area which kind of defeated the purpose (i have very sensitive skin). So the next day I switched to tea tree oil applied with a q-tip (making sure to use new q-tips for each application). Cold sore is almost completely dried and the irritation from the ACV is dissapearing.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Debra (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/09/2006
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Cold sores/fever blisters I've been suffering with this problem over & over for quite some time and wasn't having any luck with the OTC stuff or Valtrax for that matter. I tried the H2O2 on its own & mixed with a crushed up L-Lysine tab (took FOREVER to crush into powder) the last time this happened but this time it seemed to come back stronger than ever. In a true moment of desperation I put 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil (TTO) into a dixie cup full of H2O2 grabbed some q-tips and (one by one never re-using) applied it to the cold sore over and over and over and over. I pressed the q-tip up against it hard and massaged it in. I swabbed my lips with it and the inside of my mouth. This process took about an hour but by the time I stopped the cold sore had gone from itching, oozing & weeping to white "bubbles" to dry crust/scab. I think I may start using TTO, baking soda & H2O2 as my new toothpaste and baking soda w TTO as my new "soap"!

Replied by LaNae

Hi debra what is h202 and TTO? Not all of us are acronyn

EC: Hydrogen Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jenny (Toronto)
5 out of 5 stars

I use organic tea tree oil on my lips when I get the beginnings of an outbreak and it is gone within 24-36 hours. (i apply 3-4x/day).

also, an acidic body will give you an outbreak quickly. Look into the acid alkaline balance. Cheese and coffee does it for me every time.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Leigh (Nogales, AZ)
5 out of 5 stars

I have had frequent outbreaks with herpes oral and genital for many years. Along with taking L-Lysine (1000 mg) daily, I dilute Tea-Tree oil in warm water and wet cotton balls with it and apply several times a day. This relieves the pain and itch. You can also use the diluted solution for a douche which also will relieve. Make sure you dilute 1 part tea tree oil to 3 parts water. Do not use directly or it will burn. Try it. It works!

Tea Tree Oil, Blended Green Smoothie

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Posted by Desiree (Portland, OR) on 01/08/2009
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For cold sores I apply the highest quality of pure melaleuca oil (also known as tea tree oil) on my sore as soon as I feel the tingling and often it does not erupt. This oil is penetrating and goes deep into the tissue, so bear that in mind when you decide where to put it. I would avoid too close to the eye, and I don't know if it can cross the blood brain barrier. Does anyone else? What might the effects be? I have tried everything on the market and this works every time. On an outbreak, it will take the eruption away in a day or two.

For systemic effect, I have found a concoction that takes it away for very long periods of time, usually no matter the stress level.

I make a blended green smoothie out of 1 fuji apple (peeled and cubed), 3 sticks of cubed celery, 1 1/2 C trimmed parsley (without the stalks), 1 inch of fresh ginger (cubed small, smashed with the blade of a vegetable knife and minced), 1 1/2 to 2 cups washed, destalked and cut to bite size green kale (I like the dinosaur kale best), 1 - 2 inch peeled banana, dash of cayenne pepper, 1/3 cup pure pressed unprocessed apple cider or apple juice, 1/3 cup water.

I add all this into the blender (I have a commercial blender that breaks down the cell wall of the kale which is thick and tough) and I blend it about 40 seconds until it is almost as thick as a milk shake. I drink the whole thing for breakfast.

At 50, it works better with enzymes, I think. The more raw vegetables that I eat, the more I can eat without the stomache ache I used to get when I eat vegetables. All ingredients are organic. The water is bottled spring water.

I drink this daily and have no outbreaks or tingling for about 3 months after I haven't had one. In the summer I trade the apple for a pear or a peach (yummy). This tastes great no matter which fruit you use. Should last you all morning, unless you need enzymes. Best Wishes.

Ted's Remedy Feedback

Posted by Cure Herpes (Gold Coast, Qld) on 09/17/2010

Hey Ted really need your help. I have genital and mouth herpes. I have been on the internet days on end searching for a cure. You seem to be one of the very few that give a glimpse of hope. I have read all of your suggestions on Earth clinic. What I really want is a short, concise protocol on how to CURE herpes. If u had herpes how would you go about eliminating them? (100% no fail CURE)

In my own research I have seen zinc seems to be the key. Zinc alone being able to kill off 99% of the virus. And if applied enough case studies indicate that it stops outbreaks for 2 years if not more. U suggest magnesium chloride, why is that? I have done research and some people suggest that magnesium cholride in fact doubles the replication of the virus. (Not saying your wrong just want the insight into why)

So please ted, I really need your help. Please outline the latest, greatest, the most relevant protocol for 2010 that will killl the herpes virus for good. Thankyou so much in advance. Ted you have amazing insight and thanks for the hope and knowledge u bring!

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz, The Land Of Oz)

Hi there, I will copy Ted From Bangkok's latest info for combatting Herpes Virus (latest I can find is 2012).

07/31/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, that is a weak remedy. I might try a stronger one, with BHT 500 mg, twice a day, lysine 1000 every hour for 4 hours once a day, and vitamin C 500 mg five times a day, for a month. You can also take the lysine twice a day, for four hours twice a day, with threonine, 500 mg at same time taken with lysine. There is a more powerful remedy than that, but I believe starting with the weakest one and gradually increasing strength is the safest way to go. Lithium is also antiviral and is taken at 5 mg a day before sleep and so is Lugols, but that's another remedy.


-- Source:

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by E11even (Miami, Fl) on 10/24/2009

Clarification of Ted's remedy

Can someone PLEASE translate Ted's remedy into simple dosage and instructions??? pills? liquid? topical? internally? This formula sounds good but is unclear....

"The exact measurement for the herpes simplex cure is a 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride. This is the simplest formula that is most easy to remember. Viruses take a long time to kill because they hide inside your body.

To quicken the kill so they can no longer hide dormant, you should take 25-50 mg. of zinc acetate for a week alternatively. This means take this one week on and take it one week off. Do this for about two months."

Thanks in advance, God bless...

Replied by Samantha77
(South Whitley, Indiana, Usa)

RE: Ted's Cold Sore Remedies

I'm a bit confused about the dosage of Ted's cold sore remedy as well. Can somebody clarify? Sorry if it's a repeat question.

I've just read about a similar remedy that involves taking zinc as well. It's optional though.
It also recommends taking Lysine tablets which has worked at healing my cold sores faster and to balance your pH if it is too acidic (which I found out that mine was).

So I've been drinking some purified alkaline water and eating more alkaline based foods rather than acidic foods. So far it's really been effective. I've had much less cold sores since starting this routine. It's really helpful if you have severe cold sore breakouts, or you get them often.


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Posted by Chris (Minneapolis, Mn) on 12/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Stop a herpes outbreak: THC, the active ingredient in marijuana kills the herpes virus. It stops the pain of a canker sore on contact. You do not need to smoke or get high at all, just put a pinch into rubbing alcohol and apply with a q-tip.

Replied by Maryjane420
(Dallas, Tx Us)

Well, I've never heard of that before...Really don't see how that would work, but I suppose it's worth a try, I guess, 'cause I always got bud around! But just in case anyone is wondering, NO, smoking out WILL NOT prevent or cure an outbreak!!! Trust me, I'm a freakin pot head who smokes everyday and I'm actually having a massive outbreak as I type this. I haven't had this disease very long so I'm still learning about what works, what doesn't, prevention of spreading and outbreaks...but man is it horrible. Suppressive therapy still allows outbreaks, but then if you find yourself like me, without a job or insurance, you can't afford it anymore and it makes the next outbreak SO MUCH WORSE! Plus, any stress factor or change in your life, your body, your emotions...all of that will cause an outbreak. If you are sick, a smoker, have another disease, even menstruation can trigger an outbreak. Guys who have it should consider themselves VERY lucky. They don't have the proper "environment" to advocate growth, as we girls do. It sucks. THE ONLY thing I've found to be very helpful is the typical M.D. answer: "Eat right, exercise, take vitamins, drink water" etc etc. As stupid and cliche as that advice sounds, it really did do wonders for me when I was vigilant about my health. It may be worth noting (or may not be...dunno) that I was following a gluten-free diet during this time and drank no carbonated beverages at all, as well as no alcohol. When my world fell apart, though, like everyone's does at SOME point, that's when my health went to s--- and that's when I even discovered I had the disease(s). I'd had them for several months and never knew. I knew this because I had been single for a while by then. This is probably why fairly healthy individuals can have these for years and really, truly NEVER know--until their immune system drops. HPV works very similarly (I got the 2-for-1 special from Mr Manwhore whom I foolishly trusted). I didn't even know I had a problem, aside from the usual paranoia after having sex with a different partner. But yeah, you know, it sounds real easy to just eat good foods, drink water, and exercise, but when everything sucks in your life, it's real hard to actually do. Pile jobs, kids, housework, relationships, bills, etc on top of it and it's easy to just say *F it!* and go to McDonalds. THEN, try doing it by yourself like I, and SO MANY other single women, have to do. And then when immunity is down your outbreaks take over and make you feel ugly at the VERY least, not even mentioning the pain. If you're not SUPER careful you can spread it around your body. I do not have oral herpes but whether it was from just being not careful, or a towel, or whatever, I managed to get a sore on my lip. So yeah, another bad cliche, "an ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention"...Wear condoms, people. Don't be stupid like I was. Sure it feels great, but the potential consequences ARE NOT worth it. And most of the time the guy is not worth it either. Well, anyway, that's about all I had. Hope that helps someone out there, anyway.

The Rip-Em-Off Method for Cold Sores!

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Posted by steve (bolingbrook, illinois) on 10/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

what has worked for me for getting rid of cold sores faster than anything else may, not be the best thing. it hurts for a while, but it gets rid of them fast. take a wash cloth, dampen it with hot water, apply the washcloth to the coldsore and rip the cold sore off. afterwords apply vasoline/neosporine to the open wound. i have yet to have a problem transmitting the virus, even minutes after ripping the cold sore off. this is the fastest way i have found to rid myself of the embarassing sores. as for preventing the outbreaks, i try to live my life as stress free as possible. i have found that stress is the main cause of getting cold sores. i may have 3 outbreaks a year, each of which lasting no more than 12 hours.

Replied by EricSF
(San Francisco, CA)

I'm sorry, but with all the alternative remedies listed here I can't condone ripping off part of your face; in effect, performing surgery on yourself as a remedy to cold sores. Not only would this be excruciatingly painful, you also leave an open wound on your face to develop infections and leave scars. Next time, try Apple Cider Vinegar. My cold sore erupted, oozed, dried out, scabbed and cleared up within 24 hours after repeatedly applying 100% Apple cider vinegar for a few hours. By the next day, only a small dry red area of skin was left which could be covered with a little concealer and healed within the next 24 hours. What would usually last 8-10 days essentially ran it's course in 2 and vinegar is all natural. I was amazed how well it worked, but it certainly did and didn't involve mutilating my face.

Replied by Lisa
(Boulder, Colorado)

Apply Aloe Vera whenever you feel a cold sore coming on. Most the time you will not have an outbreak at all. You can also take Aloe Vera by mouth, too! If you do get a cold sore, pop the blister with a needle, then apply the Aloe Vera. You won't even see it after about 2 hours! Good for me!

Tinactin (Foot Spray)

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Posted by Wellington (Quincy, WA) on 01/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used this product called "Tinactin" (its an athletes foot spray) I used it for 3 days morning and night .I sprayed it on and let it dry,(I used it because Tinactin has an anti itch medicine in it )after the 3rd day the blisters were gone and i have not had an out break for about 1 year.

Replied by Birdy
(Ankeny, Iowa, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

I must agree with this. I use an off brand of this athletes foot spray that has the same medicine it it and BHT. It also is the spray that has some talc. If I feel a tingle I apply this and just leave it on for a while at home. It will wipe right off when I want it to. It has stopped all cold sores from developing for 5 months. If I feel a scare I just put it on. Dont wait until you get one, prevention is the best way to deal with these.

Tissues with Lotion

Posted by Tracy (Ohio, US) on 12/31/2014

While it could very well be herpes, mrsa, staph or some other virus... it could also be from your tissues! It took me months to figure out what was causing my nose sores - TISSUES WITH LOTION. I don't know what they are putting in those tissues with lotion, but they were causing my nose to break out inside every other day with crusty, cracky, weepy, hurty, open sores. As soon as I stopped using tissues with lotion, they cleared up.

Tomato Juice

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Posted by Puddles (Regina, Canada) on 02/28/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Tomato juice is an excellent cure for cold sores. Dab generously directly on the sore and also drink about three glasses a day for at least a week. I have known some people to never get another cold sore with this remedy. I hope it works for you!