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Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Ivan (Tampa, Fl) on 05/23/2010

I have been sick with low grade fever and swolen neck glands for about a month. I also have been having tingling sensation inside my pennis.

I went to the doctor and they tested me for STDs and all negative.

Now, this week I started a military exersise working long hours, I don't drink soda but I needed something to drink during the long hours and I went for Coke One. And, surprise! My, first outbreak of genital herpes. So I had the Herpes with no outbreak until now. That explains a lot.

Well, my outbreak was quickly fading away and I hit the Coke One like 3 times yesterday. And today I wake up with a 2 new small blister in the same area!!!!

I hate you Coke One!!!

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Tyler (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) on 12/27/2009

Started taking aspartame yesterday as a phenylalanine supplement, so I was taking a pretty significant amount, about 350mg twice a day. Today, I got a cold sore; no notice or warning (tingling or itching) or anything. I've never ingested aspartame before in my life, and don't get cold sores that often, maybe once or twice a year and it's always from too much sun. The aspartame is definitely what caused this outbreak, seeing as it's December and I'm not getting any sun at all.

I'm pissed. The companies that make and sell this sh*t should be required to put a warning on the labels regarding a link between their product and cold sores/gh outbreaks. Obviously, and I can tell from reading the responses on this site, aspartame causes herpes outbreaks, and this cold sore on my lip right now wouldn't be here if I never took any in the first place.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Susan (New York, New York) on 04/26/2009

It has finally dawned on me that after consuming many cans of Slimfast for weightloss, I now realize that this is most likely the cause for my HB. 4 days after consuming Slimfast, I had a breakout. After reading the ingredients on the can, the company lists "non nutritive" sweetners, which obviously is some form of artifical sweetner. I am wondering now if the manufacturer might realize the problem and never intentionally mension the actual sweetners by name????? So, I will never drink Slimfast again. I do not take any diet products of any kind or artificial sweetners. I think people who are allergy prone have a higher chance of this kind of reaction. I believe that with all of the obesity in this country, more and more people will have outbreaks due to weightloss products. Thanks for this site.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by IGOTITTO (Martin, TN) on 04/09/2009

I have been able to link one of my worse outbreaks ever to my new diet and these drink mixes. Of course, it has aspartme. I was wondering though, which of you all was able to link it to wine? Thanks for the help guys. A community that is able to help others is a loving thing. Thanks again.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Jason (Miami, Fl) on 03/18/2009

OMG, u guys are saviors. I have not had an outbreak in almost a year. A week ago my roomate brought home a box of Sugar Free Popsicle. Although I hate sugar free products, one night last week I wanted some ice cream and I had 2 of the popsicles the first night and 1 the next night. Can you believe I'm having the worse outbreak right now? it's been over a week now. I was wondering why am I having an outbreak so bad, like I've never had before. Usually I have one red spot around the head of my genital, now it's two and so painful. Worse of all, right before I came to this site I had another one of that poison popsicle last night during my outbreak, so u know I'm f----d. I can't believe this. I'm about to throw away these suckers right now. And someone please tell me, can I get L-Lysine over the counter?

EC: Yes, L-Lysine is an OTC supplement. Some grocery stores and pharmacies even carry it, but you may want to check out a health food store first.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by L (Boston, MA) on 03/16/2009

cold sore prevention: About 12 years ago, I figured out that artificial sweeteners triggered my cold sore outbreaks. I removed all artificial sweeteners from my diet but would still have outbreaks twice a year. Then, I noticed the outbreaks coincided with my teeth cleanings. Prophy paste contains artificial sweeteners. I now have my teeth cleaned with pumice and never have outbreaks.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Patricia (Elmont, NY) on 02/02/2009

emergen-c caused a herpes simplex outbreak. I was shopping at Trader Joes and I picked up a pack of emergen-c. thinking that it will supply me with needed vit-c. I took one packet right at the store with water that I bought there. I felt really weird after taking it. I read the ingredients and I noticed natural flavors and natural sucrose. I know from previous time that anything edible containing natural flavours it is MSG. No sooner did I get into my car to leave,my lip became inflamed and I had the start of a cold sore. I returned to the store and got my money back. I later spoke to the manager about the situation and he said he cannot pull anything off the shelf. It has to be done by headquarters. Now I only depend on good quality Vit C. Emergen-C is on my not-to-buy-list!

EC: Read the rest of this thread on Vitamin C side effects here.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Steve (Birmingham, UK) on 01/08/2009

I regulary have outbreaks of coldsores, although they seems to be to two different types.

The first type - normal, typical ones that are on the lips, they start small with the tell tale tingle and spread, with recovery expedited with the use of Acyclovir.

The second type are a bit different these seem to be a much larger pre-determined size,they have more smaller fluid filled welts, a far greater distance from my lips either on the tip or side of my nose or upper chin. They do not have the tell tale tingle, nor do they do respond well to acyclovir.

The second type I used to strongly believe was an allergic reaction to either bannanas or artificial sweeteners as opposed to coldsores because of these differences, however medical tests confirmed that they were cold sores. I currently avoid both potential triggers and seem to get far less outbreaks, however artificial sweetners are almost impossible to avoid.

Who knows!!??

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Kat (Norman, OK) on 10/25/2008

I found this site while looking up lysine, and was shocked to read about a link between outbreaks & artificial sweeteners. I've had herpes for about 3 years now (that I know of anyway- Aug. 2005 was my first outbreak ever), and I've been outbreak-free since that first one up until about 3 months ago. I could not figure out why all of a sudden I was getting an outbreak a month but then I figured it out tonight- DIET SODA! I switched from regular coke to coke zero roughly 3 months ago & that's right when all the nerve pain & outbreaks began! God no wonder. I know for a fact I have a good immune system & I'm not under a lot of stress, so I was beginning to get scared. Just bought a new case of coke zero tonight & it's going right back to the store tomorrow. I'm going to try some of the remedies listed on the site, thanks.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Tracy (Suffield, CT) on 05/19/2008

Thanks for the information about artificial sweetneers link to herpes outbreaks. I recently had been chewing sugarless gum and sugarless mints and had a few outbreaks during a 3 week period. I now know that it is probably linked. I can't afford the Valtrex to take all the time and started taking Garlic twice a day and haven't had any breakouts. I was reading over this site and there is a lot of talk about Lysine, I am going to research that as well. About the Stevia (Sweetleaf) it is wonderful and natural. Forget the artificial sweetners, they are not good for you!Thank you everyone for your help!

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Harry (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/18/2008

Herpes outbreaks: stay away from aspartame, please read labels before u eat food. aspartame is in following. NO SUGAR-LESS GUM - stick to breath mints instead. NO DIET SODA- stay away from all diet products, drink water or regualar soda NO SWEET & LOW or any sugar substitute, they all trigger herpes. stick to regular sugar. i've had no outbreaks in the last 4 yrs, stay away from doctor prescribed herpes medication, they don't work. aspartame triggers outbreaks, please do your research.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Noone (Nowhere, USA) on 04/22/2008

I just wanted to say that I am so AMAZED and the info that i received here. I just recently found out that i was exposed to herpes (whatever that means) and i have lil to no outbreaks. I have been paying very close attention to what triggers them. I just so happened to come across this website and was snooping around and found the section where they discuss the outbreaks from artifical sweetners. I was in the midst of drinking sugar free red-bull and had been drinking those for two days prior to reading this. Low and behold, the follwing day i was having slight pains "down there" and i could not believe it..i was living proof that the reaction is VERY REAL!! so to anyone new to this page and are reading that this section is true and validated!!!

I also wanted to say that i have been drinking my ACV and i haven't felt a differenct yet, but i am glad just knowing that i am taking the steps needed to obtain the best health possible! thanks you all!!

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Dexter (Philly, USA) on 04/13/2008

I have experienced cold sores since I was a child. They are the kind that starts at the corner and spread across the whole lip. So naturally it affected my life in a very negative way, but there is hope. I recently saw that sunlight causes 1 in 4 cases so I used sunscreen on my face and lips, and I was cold sore free for almost 2 years. I say almost because at the end of september, I got a really bad cold and decided to take sugar free cough drops instead of regular cough drops. And Whoa, the next morning a fever blister was starting to form. I got upset and thought that the sunscreen was a hoax and there was nothing I could do to help my self. But I also knew that I have never got any past september so it made me investigate. Thank GOD, I did. I put 2 and 2 together and realized that the cough drops that were sugar free had sucralose(Splena) in them. And I almost ate the whole bag trying to rid my sore throat. So now I look at everything, as someone said before evern gum had sucralose in it. I hope this helps.

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Berks (London, England) on 04/06/2008

Hi all. I have been searching the net for days hoping i could find info beyond al the official sites etc. I have never had an outbreak of genital herpes before and was surprised to say the least when diagnosed. This has happened in the last few weeks and i have accepted the disease. After having the outbreak, i searched my brain for any changes in diet or anything that had possible changed. Sad as it sounds, i have not had sex for 3 years and did not know the virus could lay dormant for so long. When i saw this site, it hit me like a bolt of thunder! DIET PEPSI. I bought a few crates from a local whole sale store as i was on a diet and found that it prevent me eating late at night. After drinking 5 cans of this a night, it looks like it triggered something to cause an outbreak. Needless to say, i have switched back to sugar and will never go near sweetners again. My genital sore is now clearing up and i will report back in a few months to see if stopping sweetner prevents further outbreaks. Take care all. Berks

Artificial Sweetener Link to Herpes
Posted by Johnnie (Teaneck, New Jersey) on 03/30/2008

Please help me, I am desperaste and going insane. I diagnosed myself with Herpes yesteday. For about a year I would occasionally experience a tingling sensation on one side of my genitailia( I do suffer from nerve damage from a spinal injury ). I would also feel iritated. Call me nieve but I would think maybe I scratched myself when bating or some pubic hair had been pulled out causing this discomfort. When I did try to look to see what was going on I din't notice anything suspicious. I guess I didn't know what to look for I don't make it a habit of visiting that area with a mirror. Anyway, three days ago I was feeling very iritated and yesterday I woke up with major discomfrot. I looked with a mirror and noticed three very small cicular sores. Exactly like the ones I have been getting in my mouth since I was 5 or 6 years old ( and my granmother would tell me my stomach was out of order ).Something clicked and I searched the internet for picures of Genital Herpes. How did I get this? Is this what I have been feeling for the past year? I have been married for 15 years and have never been unfaithful. I can't say the same for my husband, but I am certain that for the past five years neither of us has had sex outside of our marriage. Could the Splenda that I have been using religiously for the past year or so be the culprit? Do I have Herpes or don't I? Has it always been in my system? Is my husband lying to me? I need some answers I am about to lose mind.

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