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Manuka Honey +

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Posted by Jo (Los Angeles) on 10/03/2020
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I had an earlier version of mites that persisted and thrived in my skin.. like scabies but harder to eliminate. I could BOIL my clothes and it wouldn't phase them. I found the best thing for my body was a manuka honey treatment but I could duplicate it with locally accessed ingredients for less and no wait on the shipping from new zealand. you need to blend ingredients to have it work. the most effective treatment was the mildest surprisingly. their lotion was a dilution of the oil, and it actually stopped the infestation. I would get a bottle of east cape manuka oil and one of lemon myrtle oil and mix in the base of sweet almond carrier oil. 6oz of almond oil to 1oz manuka to 1/2 oz lemon myrtle. These three ingredients make a lot of the product you need. and a small amount of this into an unscented body lotion well mixed, applied several times a day and the rash would be gone. for my clothes and bedding I used Kleen Free (formerly Kleen Green) and several ounces in a warm or hot laundry cycle would get everything if I soaked things first. I understand borax works and it's cheaper, but I haven't tried that. The great thing about Kleen Free is a gallon makes over 10 gallons so you can put it in a spray bottle and spray your hair, your skin, it gets the ones that might be crawling. if you have scabies this will work for you; be persistent, at any notice spray the kleen free solution (i get the unscented) and put the lotion on any active "underskin" area and around that area to keep them from traveling to a new part of the skin. I would sleep with a spray of the kleenfree on my hair in a plastic bag. But you have to treat everything at the same time.. use something on all surfaces, and yourself, make sure your bed is in a zipped mite free casing, the bedding is clean, and then continue this process. you can beat them !! I did it successfully for years, but occasionally I'd have a piece of clothing that I hadn't worn and it would start the infection process and I'd treat everything asap to keep from further invasion.


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Posted by Sandy (Monroe, Washinton,usa) on 11/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I use mayonaisse with olive oil (it will say this right on front of jar) then I put 5-7 drops of either clove bud essential oil or tea-tree oil in the mayo. I mix it well and then apply the cold mayo on my head. Then I use a shower cap to sleep in. This helps me so much, its no cure but keeps me sane, while fighting these darn things. Just before bed I use a thin line of dry eye ointment in the bottom eye lids( it will have petroleum and mineral oil as the ingredients) Make sure that you are all ready for bed and all you have to do is make your blurred way to your bed. This has really saved me. Also I have tried vasoline in my eyebrows with some cornstarch on top, and in the private hair areas also. They hate it!!! I do my shower before all of the above and scrub with a backbrush all over with some plain ole shampoo and about 5 drops of tea-tree oil. Avoid the eyes with any essential oil by itself. God bless and may we all find a cure.

Replied by Dibs
(Lancaster, PA)

How do you clean your back brush? Other brushes?

how did it go for you ??

Thanks, Darby

Replied by Mike
(Southern California)

Steralize all your hair brushes, back brush & nail brushes immediately after each use with cleaner with bleach from the dollar store.


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Posted by Ruth (Easley, SC) on 10/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars


Boiling menthol rub for colds seems to make these critters settle, or else it soothes the skin. Sulfur type products seem to cool and soothe the skin also.

EC: Menthol Rub = Vicks Vapor Rub or generic version... You can find sulfur type products in the eczema/psoriasis section of a pharmacy.

Mite Infestation Bath Remedies

Posted by Meeya (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 12/03/2013

Hi All,

I've found quite a few good remedies and suggestions for dealing with mite / demodex infestations. But most involve "spot treating" different areas of the body.

One of the most helpful suggestions I've found is to take a bath 100% submersed with a snorkel. This way, all mites, including those that can hide in the eyes, ears, scalp, etc, are going to be treated.

Can anyone give suggestions on WHAT TO PUT INTO THE BATH??

Borax seems like a good idea, but it would take a lot to saturate tub full of water.

~Thanks for all your help my fellow earth clinicians!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Meeya!

I agree - a bath tub full of a saturated borax solution is one spendy bath!

Old Robert Henry reported success by using extreme heat in a sauna- took about a week he said [scroll down and look for his posts, he talks all about it.]

So you could try very HOT soaks in the tub with a face towel saturated with borax/hydrogen peroxide or borax/vinegar.

Replied by Mertle

I just read to put powdered sulfur and salt in a bath and submerge, eyes protected for 3-8 min... I don't know, sulfur doesn't dissolve easily, maybe w salt it does. Rite now using it in a lotion and its working.. Google powdered sulfur and order...

Replied by Michelle
(Fort Hood)

Hello, I have been doing tons of research on mites that cats get that transfer to humans. I had found its the cheyletiella mite. It's horrible. I had raked the yard a few weeks ago & shortly after all the sudden started getting bug bites out of no feel like pin poke your skin from inside& bite. Feels like crawling on your skin& jumping around of something you can't see. Also like hairs dragging across your skin lightly. I had itched them so bad I have them all over. I tried everything vinegar, lemon juice, bug spray, disinfectant spray on me, bleach spray, borax, arm & hammer unscented dry soap, baking soda& cleaning everything& washing & vacuuming our throw down rugs, we have tile floors. I just bought Revolution flea meds for all 3 of our cats a few days ago I heard it is the best.

Our cats had the walking dandruff& one keeps pulling his hairs out& one had tons of dandruff my daughter cut her hair in all our cats dandruff area. I had washed them with the borax mixture day before I got Revolution. I spray Lysol everywhere & Sprayed beds& sprinkled arm& hammer soap on beds& in pillow cases & places Around the house. We got the 5% permethrin cream still no luck yet. I had even used nixed before as well all over.

When I was in the shower I saw I had a little left of arm & hammer toothpaste so put that all over me in shower helped relieved it some then put Vicks all over me after shower. Gonna keep using the arm & hammer toothpaste everyday buying more & gonna buy regular listerine to spray on me & around house as well I heard its good on mites. I had even used the queen Helene mud mask it helped some. I ordered some cedar oil essence from swansons vitamins to spray around house & on me cuz mite hate it & will close the pores they breath in. I had one little bottle but used it so fast also used a lot of 100% tea tree oil I bought from heb here in Texas for 4.99 a bottle but didn't help much.cedar oil suppose to be the best tho. Also any sprays with permithren& Lysol spray everywhere walls ceilings vents you name it. I keep praying & praying for it to be gone & for everyone who has battled this & is & any kind of bug.

My heart goes out to you all. This is worse than fleas could ever be. I have been spraying all in our car as well bug spray & Lysol cuz they have been in there too. I have MS & peripheral neuropathy & it's made it hard for me to walk sometimes & I feel sick like a flu. I need to change my diet too cuz I eat too much sugar & need to drink more water. God bless you all in this battle

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Heather M. (NH) on 06/14/2021
1 out of 5 stars

Wow so many mite "cures" my head is spinning. I'm here out of pure frustration, been going on 5 years being the only one in the house under attack every night. I've tried everything, just tired of spending thousands on useless so called cures.

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Are you familiar with morgellons?Ted's Remedies, Morgellons Remedies (

I know some people battling this.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Heather, You maybe have enough cures suggested to you by now by the sounds of it but may I suggest an idea of mine?

I use an Australian "Body and Soul Health Products shampoo" that I discovered recently and it is the only one that relieves my itchy scalp- oh the relief!

It does not claim to deal with micro insects but is mainly for eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, cradle cap and dandruff.

However, here's the thing, as I say it soothes my scalp such that nowadays I don't need to wash my hair nearly as often as before (yes, I know, I am a male! ) AND it works especially well after I have trimmed my huge hedge when I feel sure I get attacked by scores of very, very, small insects. If I don't do a thorough hair shampooing afterwards, I will itch and scratch all night! It might be pollen I suppose?

Goes by the name of Hope's Relief Shampoo and the good effect is enhanced if you use a conditioner afterwards. Follow the instructions on the container for best results. Use every day to start with.

I hope it works for you.


Replied by Mindy

Hi Heather, I'm struggling too and in NH. I'm not well to start with and so my body has not responded well to many of the treatments and attempts to heal myself of these blasted things. They get used to everythingI do. Ted's remedies do seem to help a lot of people...borax baths, taking baking soda 1/4 tsp 2x daily w 8, oz water on empty stomach etc. If you ever want to talk, pls feel free to contact me. I hate that I can't be around people or discuss it. Good luck and God bless everyone!!!

Replied by KT

You could try putting alcohol in a spray bottle and saturating your sheet and mattress, turning back your top sheet and spray that too along with your pillows about 1/2 hr. or so before going to bed. It should be dry enough to not smell of alcohol. I have done that and it seems to work well.


Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

(The following item was posted by Susan of France some years ago and should prove of interest to you I think).

The steam cleaners are sold through companies that help with bed bugs. I'm not sure this is the best solution for bird mites but couldn't hurt. As long as the pigeons are still nesting in your building you will have big problems with bird mites. The nest have to be cleared, the openings sealed and a mite killer powder placed where they roosted. Australian sites are good for this. The building may have to be tented and bird mite killer used (BetaCyfluthrin). If you kill them in just your apartment they will leave and then return.

If they are driving you mad then you can obtain relief though some of the remedies here.
Borax soaks with teatree are good for itching (the teatree oil repels them). I have used an essential oil spray that I had for my leg circulation. They hate the smell of essential oils, camphor, teatree, orange oil, and pine. Using these makes them leave temporarily.

Some people say that Skin-so-soft kills them on your body and repels then at night. I recommend sleeping in synthetic nightmare and using synthetic sheets as they prefer cotton.

Dry cleaning your clothes kills them as does high heat drying. Some recommend borax in the wash. When the clothes are clean you should keep them in a plastic bag or the mites will jump back on. Keep dirty clothes sealed in a bag as well. Some people say that modern moth repellants keep them off clothes temporarily. Some people say that Arrid Extra Dry repels them on clothing and in the car.

Bird mites like the face, nose, and ears and can make your face break out in bumps that scab over. I first noticed them in my nose and thought they were an allergy until I used the essential oils on the outside and they my nose stopped itching and congestion and breathing returned to normal- if momentarily. Some people recommend cleaning with alcohol, or bleach, or borax. I used diluted bleach, then alcohol on my face, then face cream and they stopped itching and the bumps cleared.

Mineral oil and particularly Vasoline kills them as they cannot breathe. This is a common remedy used on pet birds as they get mites on their beaks and feet. Some people use Campho-Phenique or Vick's vaporub in their nose on outer ear to keep them out and kill mites that have entered.


CLEANING: Vacuuming daily with a hepa filter that is sealed and kept outside. Vacuum walls, furnishings and clothes. Cleaning floors and surfaces with Dettol, Pinoclean, or Pinesol. (People with carpet use borax powder.) Spraying (BetaCyfluthrin found in roach spray) bedroom, mattress, closet, and pillows and sealing room for 4 hours. Keeping worn clothes sealed in bag and outside of bedroom.

BODY: Denorex, Gold Bond Foot Powder (It has menthol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and keeps them off feet and out of shoes), bleach baths, Arbonne bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen, Borax, sea salt scrub, Gold Bond Foot Spray.

Anything that has menthol in it or sulfur in it. Sulfer based hair products (Sulfur 8 hair and scalp medicated conditioner). Pestene by the company Inca Powder, sulfur, lime sulfur oil, sulfur dust, all work great. Lime Sulfur Oil from the Bonide Company (order lime sulfur pet dip from Amazon).

ENVIRONMENT:Keeping the rooms dry and cool. Mites love wet and humid. Using mite pillow protectors (also helps with dust and dust mite allergies.) Sleeping in synthetic nightgown and sheets. Sleeping on a laytex/memoryfoam mattress (helped with bird and dust mite)

Hope this is helpful! Good luck to you.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

(N/B. This posting was from Eve (Nv?) .. again from a while ago now - might be more relevant to your situation than the other one I gave you. Tea Tree Oil can be quite strong so be careful and don't underestimate it please-especially with the eyes-get a second opinion).

Sad Story and to think there are millions suffering from the same things! Mine started when I had the final cataract surgery done in NV, first one was done in another State and no problems. The surgeon didn't know what they were so to to make a long story story short, he thought Tea Tree Oil was a new oil, I laughed him almost out of the room, I had used it for 40 years for colds, back pain, and on and on.

Get a good grade of Tea Tree Oil and a Good carrier oil, such as cold pressed Coconut oil, These 2 will be need to be diluted 50/50, shake each time you use it. VERY CAREFULLY, take a Q tip and put the oil on it and pull your eye lids up and down so you can reach each one . Gently touch your lids with oil, and it will sting a bit, that's why you need to pull your lid up or down. After you have put the oil on the lids and you will feel these fools things trying to die, they will make your eye twitch. Then, close your eyes and use the q tip and massage across your upper lids with the oil. It is recommended that you do this every 5 minutes each time your doctor your eyes and do this 3 times each session. I also use saline solution to rinse my eyes out and if you have a fairly strong magnifying glass you will see little specks in eye bowl, switch that round in your eyes several times a day.

These instructions are from a Dr in a medical school in Fl and it was the only thing that killed them and gave me any relief. Since there are so many types of mites, you probably need to work on your home and your car because you carry them everywhere. My relief was straight 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, I sprayed my entire home, walls, floors, bed, clothes and when I get out of a shower I spray my body and if the mites are any place on your body you will feel a sting which will last about 3-5 minutes from the HP killing them. Don't spray your head with the HP as it will break your hair off. Use several drops of Tea Tree Oil in your shampoo every time you shower or bathe. Vac and sweep your floors and carpet frequently and change your bed linens weekly. No easy quick solution to the problem. I just recently found a Pesticide that will kill mites and it is called Onslaught. It's bit expensive, about 39.00 a qt and you need a sprayer for it, not a bottle sprayer, you don' want to get the stuff on your skin or eyes or children nor pets nor plants, it's safe after it dries. BE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY BUT IT WoRKS and will take about 2-3 applications and what a relief!

Just remember you got'em, keep calm but be diligent in doing your work about killing them, GOOD LUCK!

Cheers from Down Under

Replied by Cara
(Lakeside, AZ)

I just tried the Borax 20 Mule Team and am grateful that I found this Borax/Hydrogen peroxide mix for baths, only I added 2 cups of table salt to the 3 cups of Borax and 2 cups of Hydrogen peroxide. I feel so relieved for the first time since this started 3 years ago. I know it will take more baths, but it works well enough the first time to tell you it's going to work.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the Kerosene as my Grandma's generation and before used it to kill body parasites like chiggers and lice. So despite what warning is on the bottle, I know that it's safe to use from head to toe every 3 days until well.

If anyone needs Antifungals like Itraconazole, etc you can get them without a prescription from It's human medicine and it's good medicine, I know because I've been ordering it for 3 months. They will arrive in 7-14 days. They have Ivermectin too, but a doctor told me that the Ivermectin paste for horses was as good and it's cheaper. God bless you all with healing.

Replied by Deborah D.
(Flower Mound, TX)

I suggest clean green .. check out their website. I hav been fighting these creatures for 5 months. I use 2 c bleach in a tub full of hot water. Call clean green and ask for help. They had great ideas. Praying for you.

Replied by Nancy New Jersey

I found out that these microscopic mites thrive on your anxiety emotions if you take something like depression medicine they start jumping on you I myself took Valium and Lexapro

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heidi (California) on 05/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

i have been going through this and prayed I would die instead of feel this way. I also was only one in house feeling this. Apparently nicotine keeps them off my husband.

Here's how I have reduced the numbers and am making head way. I'm not sure which mites I have so I treated for several kinds. Borax, hydrogen peroxide & water on the body after a shower and used hair dryer to dry it. Tea tree oil in bath water. I bought ovante demodex control products off internet and use them every day- lotion, face cream, eye products, shampoo, body wash. I had tons of eye irritation too. My feet were full of dead skin and it's all gone too...think it may have been dandruf

Wash bedding, clothes and towels every day and add borax to the detergent. I dry hot & long. I throw pillows in a hot dryer every day for 20 minutes

I threw out all pillows. I bought a new mattress.

My body has had much less crawly, itchy, stinging episodes and I think it's getting under control after three weeks. Thank GOD.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tracymae (Missouri) on 12/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After many years of misery, and misdiagnosis, I finally discovered my home of 11 years had severe infestation of mites... Bird and rat mites. Tiny black, crawling, biting 8 legged creatures. (saw them under microscope, and one pest control company identified them too.... Though many others didn't believe me.) Nothing got rid of them, nothing.... Long story, but many years of trying everything... Anyone who came over, was diagnosed with scabies, but the bugs did not act like typical scabies, and the medication didn't work. Pest Control services didn't help much, if at all. I was not able to remove nests, because they were in my walls, attic, chimney, and being a disabled single parent, I had no way of doing it and couldn't afford to pay anyone. My pets suffered too, the neighbors dogs suffered. (Itching, raw skin, hair/fur falling out, etc). We moved, and left everything at our house, or we put it in storage. But many months later, the mites have yet to die off. Things were better, till my children started sneaking things in from storage. Then it started here too...... Itching, crawling, biting, rashes, my hair was falling out in huge amounts, I had bug bites, sores on my scalp and body... I had waist length hair, etc...i just couldn't bring myself to keep going to the Dr.I already bought new furniture, new clothes, etc.... I was checked for lice, bed bugs, etc...many times, and given meds for itch., The permethrin didn't work, only helped deter while I had the meds on me. I found Ted's mange cure and decided to try it. Little by little, I saw many improvements. Internal borax per Ted's recipe, external borax with hydrogen peroxide per Ted's mange treatment. My little dogs feet and legs and ears cleared right up after several soaks over two weeks or so.... (Vet kept saying it was allergies, and nerves) . Years of me dealing with all this, I became very depressed, from lack of sleep, and being so miserable, year after year. I know many people thought I had a mental imbalance. (At first, the bugs bothered everyone, but then it was mostly just me. I am middle aged, female, with immune system abnormalities. Occasionally, if someone new came along, they would get rashes they insisted were from poison ivy or chiggers.) . After about four or five baths in borax and hydrogen peroxide, my dog rarely has had any more problems since....but it has taken me two months of daily treatments on myself, .... At first, it was every day of borax and hydrogen peroxide, with Apple cider vinegar with water rinses. Then I started adding a few drops of iodine to my selsun blue shampoos, and added coconut oil to the borax hair scalp treatment too, to help with dryness, ... and washing my bed linens and blanket daily in hot water and borax and vinegar.... And vacuuming daily, (new filtered vacuum) spraying everything with borax water.(new mattress in a hypoallergenic bed bug and dust proof zipper mattress cover) Mopping with borax, then Murphy's oil soap, and wiping down everything with Windex every day or two at least. My car was also infested, and so it was hard trying to convince everyone they must be very careful with what they bring in from the car, and to shower, shampoo with selsun blue, and vinegar, and wash their jackets and clothes in hot water, and high heat.(soaked pillows in hot water, borax, weekly... Bought new pillows every 2 mo) Raid max foggers every 5-7 days in the car, and in my home helped too. Two cans per room.... (1.5 % cypermethrin, I believe). I was trying to break the life cycle. I plan to use a miticide next time, to be sure they don't build immunity and return.... Had I not had to deal with this nightmare myself, I would think everyone talking about bird and rat mites infesting humans and dogs had mental imbalances. But little by little, things are improving, ..... and I thank this website, and Ted's treatments, and reading about other people's experiences. I am hopeful for the first time in many many years. Things seem to be improving, although I still have a few issues here and there.

Replied by Mightymite
(Houston, Texas)

Started getting weird symptoms 2 mos. ago. Huge pigeon nesting population abutting my apt. Through deduction, internet and finding a small pigeon feather in my hair, I belive I have bird mites. Daily baths with Dawn, essential oil, apple cider vinegar and sometimes epsom salts and changing clothes regularly greatly helps. windez got rid of them on my shoes and feet. I am still shedding black specks, and I have only gotten a few reprieves for my eyelashes. I use a tea tree gel cleanser for them, but I can't seem to eradicate them. Awful when they are on ur eyelashes, moving on ur scalp/in hair and going in nose. Am drinking borax solution, 1st round now. How long do I do the borax drink and how the heck do I get them off my lashes? Thanks for all the remedies! Thought I was crazy for 6 weeks!

Replied by Sheila

Been going through this for 6 mo. I have a few helpful things for you to try. It has helped a lot. I wash my clothes in ammonia, borax and detergent. Then after they are dried put in Ziploc bags.I am a hairstylist and for my hair and skin I use a cheap shampoo and conditioner Tea tree and mint I get it at dollar tree or big lots I add a little tea tree oil to it when bathing. Swept your floors with salt . sprinkle it all over the mites want jump . Swept it put in Ziploc bags.Put lint out of dryer in bags. I have more advise that helps but doesn't get rid of them. They reproduce faster than we can eliminate them. I'm the only one in my house they bother.

Replied by Adrienne
(New Zealand)
5 posts

Thankyou for your feedback! I will obtain food grade hydrogen peroxide and borax and give this solution a good try.

I have found flowers of sulphur (from gardening centre) helpful but the smell stops me using it a lot during the day (other people looking at one weirdly does not help! ).

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) has been helpful and added to water, olive oil and body lotion stop separating helpful. T tree added very helpful.

1cup of bleach added to a bath very helpful.

But kicking it completely, elusive!

Your journey has been a hard one but it gives me hope!

Best regards! From Adrienne

Replied by Sherrie
(Arlington, Tx)

Traci!!!! N ALL!!!! Girl I feel a like an exact duplicate of what you've been through.... thank you for your fantastic post!!!! Just wow!! To finally figure out what these are... to all the absolute HELL I've gone thru... I too w waist hair...up in a constant doo-doo my "ziplock bag purse" (kept in the freezer right beside my bra!!! ) The suffering of my animals which I cannot bare and have spent hundreds n hundreds on grooming and Vet... To the pest control who thinks I'm just crazy as a loon!! Bloodshot eyes, insomnia, constant swiffering n vacumming w my broken back... washing pet bedding at 2AM...just totally a broken person. Thanks to ALL who've posted in here!!! What a HUGE HELP!!!! Omg thank you!! Bless you ALL!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


You haven't said the products you've used to be cured.

Replied by Invisible Plague
(New Zealand)

This post is recent. Where in new zealand are you? I'm in west auckland. did you get rid of them?

Replied by Rm

I have tried all of the remedies however nothing really worked except terrain modification for those horrible mites. They say that they like humid and moist areas so I decided to turn my house into the alkaline salt desert. I took out everything that I could accept bear shelving dresser Etc. I put all my books clothing and property in contractor plastic bags and added mothballs and cedar oil to the inside of the bags put them in storage. Not to touch them for a year or more. So I took salt with iodine and covered my floor with it I have ceramic tile. But I'm sure you can do this with carpet or whatever just cover your floor with salt because that's where they crawl and that will dry them up whenever they walk on it. Then I took Epsom salt which is 13% sulfur and I diluted 1/2 of a sprayer bottle with water and epsom salt. Then I proceeded to cover the ceiling and walls with Epsom salt and Bora Bora in water till I had the ceiling walls and Floors covered in salt for ox and epsom salt. No matter where they were they would be completely dried out. Leave it like that for 4 months any eggs that have hatched they will dry out and die. The next thing is to get enzymes they're called Kleen green these enzymes dissolve the exoskeleton of the mites. Killing them. They cannot build immunity to this these enzymes eat protein. I wash my clothes just in Kleen green enzymes. This is one hundred percent natural you can spray it on your person in your car everyday._. This takes a little time for the enzymes to work you can wash your hair with just enzymes you will feel the difference no crawlies nothing after a little time. So I'm at the end of this nightmare. I went from my whole chest being covered and bitten horrible horrible bites. To no bites once in awhile a little crawly then nothing to just sleep all night without any bites is amazing once you get these enzymes on the mites it starts dissolving them. Please try some of these things they will work. Take care and good luck

Replied by Adrienne
(West Auckland, New Zealand)
5 posts

Adrienne here, I'm in West Auckland, NZ. I am getting there.Still not resolved but better at times.

I have added homeopathy and it is helping more than one would think.

The other treatments I've mentioned above, I've kept on with because they work.

What a journey! All started when I went camping at the end of February '16 (NZs warmest month).

Diatomaceous Earth...Bought from Huckleberrys or Henderson Bird shop.

Flowers of Sulphur bought at Kings Garden Centre.

Homeopathics: Natrum Muriaticum take 2 tabs daily, dissolve in your mouth (Take on an empty stomach).

Sulphur 30c, take 2 drops in a glass of filtered water daily (again on empty stomach).

I wish any who are having this kind of experience all the best! It is hideous to say the least.

Cheers Adrienne

Replied by Michelle

Were you able to get them out of your car?

Replied by Christine
(Rhode Island)

Thank YOU for your post...i gave been suffering for almost 2 years I believe I have the same thing you had......i see yellowish, brown and black dots ...i also see hair looks like a little line......i am the only one getting bit so everyone thinks I'm nuts..... (I m not) I know what they look like becUse I have suffered so long after awhile you start to know what they look like .....i juat have one question does it matter what type of viniger??? Thank you and god bless


Please someone help! I have been on every Dr ordered med for bites, rash or mites and now being told it's a nerve disease. I'm going cray but more than that, my kids and friends think I'm losing it! I'm covered in bites. can see them under my skin even.

Replied by Ladyd
(Ontario Ca)
1 out of 5 stars

Help help I'm fighting a mite infestation for months now. And I'm at my wit's end I have read Orga testimonials from other people I am Junior eats of a teaspoon in water everyday as well as Borax and hydrogen peroxide mix and tannic acid and it says if I'm doing nothing so none of these are working and at this point I would rather be dead than deal with this anymore but I am using three different of your remedies and none of them are working and I have tried tea tree oil diaper rash ointment you name it I have tried it I've almost lost my job it's it's ridiculous please help give me something that will work

Replied by Jaime
(Ontario, California)

I'm sure you tried this already but sulfer soap seems to be the trick. I'm trying to help my parents with a similar mite issue, today my mother couldn't take it anymore and came over, dropped her things and immediately went to my shower. I made a bath for her and whipped up a mixture/scrub of everything that I found online that helps with mites which included: a popular bath salt scrub (3.99 at Target for a big bag), organic coconut oil (2.99 I think at trader Joe's), tea tree oil- also at t.j.'s for cheap, apple cider vinegar

I heated up the coconut oil in the microwave and mixed all the ingredients to a thick soup consistency and it seemed to help her a lot. The itching reduced and she was able to relax finally.

Then I kicked them out and sanitized everything... just joking, but fingers crossed they continue to improve. I also made a coconut tea tree oil so they can heat it and leave it on their skin.

Hope this helps you and it won't break the bank..Good luck!

Replied by Billy
(Brunswick, Ga)

For over 3 years I've been going through the same thing. Doctors vets every type mite pesticide there is and nothing has worked for me. Now tonight me and my two small dogs are covered in happy jack mange medicine and seems to be slowly working. Depressed yes can't do nothing out side hardly can't work can't do nothing I use to do. Covered in scars and hair lose. Just when you think you down to the last one here they cone again . moved from place to place even lived in tents to switch up . I'm not taking a bath for 7 days and I'm applying happy jack everyday for 7 days my dogs to. I would love to have a solid working recipe my self .. I even take sulfur baths with pure powder sulfur and I start with very hot water then go to nothing but pure cold water seems to help then I change up the rutein and that seems to help. Yes vinegar works sulfur soap helps ..ive even eaten ivermectin horse wormer yes I have. I got these things called scabies when I took a job at a hardware slash feed store and misery is all I can say. Any help would be great and the happy Jack mange medicine seems to be working but in not getting my hopes up yet. Any help would be a blessing. Just want my normal life back and be able to work again and be sociable again would be like winning the lottery to me. Help if you can .. thanks Billy in brunswick under severe depression with no clue what to try next

Replied by Crystal M.
(West Virginia)
4 out of 5 stars

Dr Bronners: 18 in 1 hemp peppermint pure castle soap shampoo body wash just be careful not to get in eyes and you can use in laundry fir clothes & bedding and before bed I use a small amount of mentholatum around my eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth and I sprinkle borax detergent in my carpet and spray hot shot bed bug everywhere in my home and car where I feel the bugs are at. It's been 5 Yrs, 3 different exterminators and I've paid for $100 jugs of evictor insect control spray and fumigated myself, it's a lot better now after 5 yrs but we're still dealing with a light infestation.

(faithville, Us)

Ted's Remedies, Morgellons Remedies (

I read a lot .....and love conspiracy ......if it's all good of course. Word is those covid nose swabs have morgellons on them and they are spreading it to the unsuspecting masses. Copper helps and possibly borax. Love a good rumor if it solves a mystery. The man who digs a pit will fall in it . Lies always come out in the end . Blessings, Charity

Replied by Robin
(San Francisco California)

It's September 2021 and I am dealing with these mite parasites which came to me because we let a neighbors outdoor cat stay in our place overnight for a matter of four or five hours and from that point on I felt intense crawling sensations on my scalp while laying on the couch. We put a blanket on the couch on that particular night and let the cat stay there in our living room because it was afraid of some skunk that was outside and it felt trapped near our back door. This cat brought us a lot of love during the whole global pandemic situation and it was heartbreaking because after we discovered that the neighbors cat was rolling around in areas where raccoons were scratching themselves, I soon realized that these were from a wild animal that was passed to the cat then passed on to us.

Since then, we've had to avoid touching or petting the cat in anyway whatsoever and it makes me cry at the thought of it. The cat is pure love and really enjoys our company even though it's not our pet.

Consequently, I am the one suffering but my husband does not feel the itching crawling and irritation. I recently have discovered however that after five months of this they are starting to go to my husband's lower hairline and neck because it's red and they're in his follicles. There are all kinds of different mites but these look like a bic pen dot and depending on their stage of growth are different sizes. they turn black when they're on light colors and they're white like dandruff or lint when they're on dark colors. these parasites have gotten under my skin and have made tracks marks on my skin at the beginning and I have experienced the stinging and the biting and the crawling irritation at night in the sheets and or seams of my clothing. I've had to throw away half of my closet. It is horrific! Yes, they nest under the skin and a lot of the remedies that are have already been mentioned here are the recommended ones -borax hydrogen peroxide distilled water spray -and I personally use Kleen Green (a natural enzyme spray product that is made in the US which has saved me and mostly prevented them from bothering me at night. I spray that natural enzyme on my clothes daily after lint rolling everything I wear before putting it on my body. This spray apparently cuts into their exoskeleton which will help to kill off a number of them. Bag balm which is a type of ointment that comes in a green square can is very helpful because it helps to prevent infection and also suffocates them. I put the bag balm on my feet and hands at night before going to bed and it prevents as much irritation as I had in the beginning. This product can be found at most pharmacies and are usually get it at Walgreens. You can also buy it online. It's much like petroleum jelly but different.

Personally, I have been so exhausted from this process since the middle of March that I can only handle washing every three days. I know it's probably better to wash daily but I'm just tired out from the situation. So, upon waking I lint roll all the sheets and pillows on the bed and then spray it down with Kleen Green - the product I mentioned above - let it dry and then put your comforter blanket on top afterwards. Lint rollers Kleen Green enzyme spray are my best friends right now as well as bag balm. Oh, and borax too. I launder with borax and the natural enzyme spray can be used to launder clothes as well.

Additionally, I sought out help from a Facebook group that was all about wellness and a woman who is a medical intuitive referred me to a man in Connecticut Dr Matt Cucolo who has had clients with this situation for the past handful of months. He prescribed to me a series of herbs to help candida and digestive issues along with any internal parasites. I have been taking those herbs since May I believe. One of the herbs is a wormwood complex which is ultra important and helps to kill the stuff from the inside. It's important that you don't just work from the outside with cleansers etc. You've got to kill them from the inside, especially the hair follicles on your head. They go into the intestines they go into the lower body areas or any orifice they can get into. It is absolutely disgusting! I did originally go to a dermatologist and a few nurse practitioners or physician assistance at urgent care and they did give me permethrin and ivermectin. It does not cure the problem. It's a temporary fix. If you have parasites of any kind inside your body it will attract the mites which are a parasite.

At this point in time, I'm having my husband put oregano drops (it's a natural anti-parasitic) in water to drink and he's using a sulfur soap to wash his hair and body with daily. The sulfur soap is very important and I've also purchased a pine tar oil soap (grandpas is the brand) that can be used for hair and body and of course I use Dr. Bronner‘s mint soap. My husband fought me along the way telling me that he didn't believe they were mites at all even after he saw black dots on our bed sheet after waking up in the morning. Do you believe that!? Now, I told him the problem will never go away unless he starts to treat himself in someway or another. He's finally realizing that he can't ignore it anymore and pretend that we don't have this issue.

Additionally, I have been adhering strictly to a diet of protein (mostly fish and eggs and once in a while some beef or bacon) vegetables and seed crackers plus pumpkin seeds macadamia nuts almonds sunflower seeds, non-dairy yogurt. Absolutely no carbs no potatoes no yeast no sugar or sugary fruits. this is absolutely essential if you want them to reduce in population.

Also check out a woman online on YouTube who has a channel called “I might have mites”. She has amazing recipes for bath solutions and hair solutions as well as other things like coconut oil which is something that I use daily to put on my body after I shower. it felt great to find someone who has a series of videos and has experienced this awful stuff. I think her hers lasted for two years.

I hope this helps some of you and please share anything you know about how to deal with the clothing and furniture part because I've had to wear all polyester clothes as a result and stay away from cotton clothes because they embed themselves in the cotton. I've also had to purchase polyester sheets which I absolutely don't like but they tend to not embed themselves as deeply in polyester as they do cotton.

Be well and reply if you want to know more or can help me too! This is revolting to experience and has affected my energy, motivation and daily life as well as sleep. I am on clonazipam to sleep at night. That is the only thing that a regular doctor did for me - otherwise they did not solve the problem at all!!!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nancy New Jersey (New Jersey) on 09/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been Fighting this for a year, selenium shampoo sulfide2.25% get a prescription from your doctor very expensive try to double your prescription don't drink any alcohol while using this shampoo, I use it everyday leave it on your whole body hair and body 10 minutes.if the mites are in your car you need to spray Rid lice spray all over rugs under seats morning and nite, after dark set off a fogger I used raid your choice until they are gone, Its been about two weeks, still feel a little but driveable I vac. Everyday like a (MF) I wipe the car down with gleen green, and still wash clothes in tide with bleach change my sheets on the bed everyday been fogging my house every two weeks with Bifen insec.order it on Amazon doesnt have a strong odor.clean my floors steam cleaner it took a year to finally figure it out I have been going I finally start feeling normal. Good luck. I hope this helps anyone so they don't have to suffer a whole year

Replied by Kimberly

I have had bird/rat mites for 3 mos. I couldn't get them out of my car and now my new apt. has them. Pest Control refused to fog my car. I wanted to use a Raid cypermethrin fogger, but the directions say not to put it in any space less than 5 x 5 ft. How did you fog your car? I am desperate. My car keeps reinfecting me.

I read an article that says I have to re-fog after 7-10 days to kill the newly hatched bird mites.

Replied by Jsdavis
(Tri-cities, Va)

I have bird-mite invasion. every day after I finish using my car, I spray it thoroughally with a solution of 3 cups warm water and 2 level Tablespoons of old fashioned Chlorox bleach. Do not forget the trunk. Close the car and it is usually OK for the next day.

Replied by Am
(Nashville Tn)

Hello....I'm replying on the fummigating the car....I spoke to my mechanic and he said it would NOT explode...he disconnected the battery cables and I put the bed bug fogger in the middle cup holder between the front n back seats...won't drive it a few days to let everything die....also bought good night mite spray at home depo to spray down the car after each use until all these things are off my body...I kept getting them back again every time I got in my car...I have 2 more foggers will do that as needed if needed.

Replied by Adrienne
(New Zealand)
5 posts

Tiny black biting mites:

Good pest control companies can put your car into a container to heat treat. It does not damage the car and is not off the planet in cost. I had mine done it was cost something like $280.00 NZ (I can't remember exactly, sorry) at Rentokil NZ pest control company, they were very helpful.

Getting me clear has been another matter. I have tried everything natural chemical and mixes. The things I've used that consistently help are:

diatomaceous earth: on everything including myself.

Equal amounts (20ml of each)of plain, cheap hair conditioner mixed with methylated spirits, there is always a little left over, Rub this all over including hair, use a nit comb through your hair. Wait 15 to 20 mins then shower. Or, if I'm tired (not hard with this journey) go to bed after rubbing it all over have a good nights sleep (keep some beside the bed and if you awaken being nipped put you finger in and rub where nipped, it stops. Repeat in the morning then shower. I have success leaving it on (repeating after a shower)then rub DE on your skin.

Mattress is encased in plastic. I use a plastic camping pillow; this has saved a lot of trouble. Have had a journey with changing the sheets and bedding every day. However sometimes am so tired I have had success in spraying each layer with fly spray.

i don't personally like chemicals but one can get so desperate for some peace that you just use what will work when you are exhausted. I work in a very busy hospital at the front line and have to be well rested.

To protect my car I spray with a good fly spray.

I do the same with my shoes; take them off, spray and bag them. I flea powder them prior to wearing and I've had success in stopping the tiny creatures from breeding in my shoes.

vacuming, washing clothes in hot water, drying then 1/2 an hour in a drier. Bras need to be put in boiling water; I boil the jug poor it over my bra and underpants as soon as I've removed them....the tiny black insects were breeding in the bras! I learned this very quickly.

I've used flannels to dry myself after showering and then into boiling water. I miss towels but this has been cost effective.

All of this stated with a camping trip at the end of Febrary this year (2016 at the warm end of our New Zealand summer).

i wish anyone having this problem all the best in beating it (including me) Good Luck!

Replied by Anje

I have had them for a year and a cpl months moved and trI'd following some tips but now I moved it seems like they're worse, ESP IN THE CAR. MY KIDS GET IN AND IMMEDIATELY THEY ARE COVERED. Tried lice spray no difference. Bombing I have not done. Our bodies are also detoxing from toxic mold we didn't know about for 3 yrs. Any recommendations wld be super appreciated.. im at white end. My kids are young and don't know why mommy is freaking out about silly normal things to them. But I belive my main source NOW is car... love to hear any advice!

Replied by Karen

Jane Ishmael has written an informative book as well as Richard Kuhn. Jane recommends getting a car like a keep or the Honda Element without carpets and plastic seats. I've used Lysol spray in mine. Helps. Scent dissipates fast.

Replied by Rose

Put some salt on the floor boards. Then put d e on the seats, you do have to leave it there . I hope this helps😢

Replied by Michelle

I would spray the car interior with denatured alcohol.

I saw a post from someone who said that they sprayed themselves with kerosene (paraffin) from head to toe every 4 days (slept in it) and this got rid of them.

I have had very good results with drinking neem powder dissolved in water (3 teaspoons a day dissolved in 750 ml water which I sip throughout the day). This has kept them to a minimum however the neem is dehydrating and you need to drink a lot of water to compensate.

Cut out potatoes, any refined sugar and flour from your diet. I have also started taking Juice Plus supplements, chlorella and spirulina. For me the problem is on my person rather than my environment (I brought these bastards back with me from a trip to India) so my strategy is to make my blood / scent disgusting to them.

I also add a cup of cheap table salt to my laundry.

I only feel occasional crawling now however it is largely under control. I am going to try the paraffin (with much hesitation) as I need them gone for good.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Oregon) on 04/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I got what I think is demodex mites. It took me 9 months to get rid of them but would have been much shorter if I had done what got rid of them for me earlier. I tried tea tree oil, neem oil, ivermectrin the list goes on and on. Here is what did it.

I used dry mustard (bought in large container from amazon) in my shampoo and body wash every day. You have to figure out how much you can do without burning. I started with a 1/2 teaspoon and worked up to 1 teaspoon, mix with 1 tsp of cold water and the shampoo. Mix it up and apply and leave on for 5 minutes. Keep away from eyes. Then I would do the same and add Dove's body soap, mix it and turn off the shower and apply all over my body and let it sit for 5 minutes. (my face couldn't handle mustard, burned) If it burns anywhere, rinse it off immediatly and use less in that area next time. Then rinse it off. I also used diatomaceous earth on my legs every night, just rubbed it in. Sometimes I had to get up when it was real bad and rub it in 2 or 3 times but always got them to quiet down so I could sleep.

When the infestation was at its worst, I took a bath with a cup of borax, cup of epsom salts and 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide. It gave me instant relief. I would lay on my side and put 1/2 my face in the water (to my nose so I could breathe, keep eyes closed) for a few minutes turn over and do the other side.

I kept a bottle of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup apple cider vinegar and mix 1-2 tbls of borax in it until the borax wouldn't dissolve anymore. I kept it in a colored glass spray bottle by my side and when I felt them moving on me, I sprayed and it stopped. Don't know how many it killed but it gave me relief from them crawling around on me and biting.

What I learned is get your immune system up, that is the number one best defense against these mites. I let my health go down and was depressed and that opened the door for them to breed unchecked.

I did the laundry thing, washed sheets every night in hot water and borax, wore clothes once and washed in same. Not sure if this made a difference. I still only use sheets for 3 days and wash, I guess afraid they will come back. My 17 year old son never got them, I didn't let him use my towels and washed his clothes separately. kept blankets on couch and washed them often.

It is hell but you can overcome it. I was there thinking my life was ruined, not wanting to be around people. Oh and did the doctor thing too, they don't have a clue. It was awful but you can get thru this.

God Bless and be with you, Debbie

Replied by Pam

Did you put the DE on your feet also or just your legs and what did you do about your private parts? The night time around 4 am is the worst, what did you do for that? I'm about ready to jump off a bridge, can't seem to get a handle on this.

Replied by Debbie

Hi Pam,

I actually have a pan of it in my bathroom right now and yes I would step in it before I went to bed, after applying it to my legs. The mustard/water/dove body wash each day in private parts helped and the spray I talked about I used it there too. Try a little first to make sure it doesn't burn. Also soak the tub with the Peroxide/Epsom Salt/Borax treatment above. It took care of them for quite awhile to get some rest from them.

You have to do the mustard everyday, you have to kill the new ones as they emerge. It will take awhile to get thru all the cycles and then keep doing it for 6 weeks after you think they are gone.

You can beat these horrid mites. Get your immune system up, eat well, no sugar and exercise will all help.

God Bless, Debbie

Replied by Vickie
(Springfield, Ohio)

I just now finding ways to kill mites I got them by digging in mulch where cats did there business in. I think that is the only thing I could think of anyway. So im treating my case with coconut oil. It does help because I dont think they are on my body they are only in my hair and eyebrows. I believe my immune system is low so I'm working on that too.Thanks for sharing your story it has helped me. Wish me luck.

Replied by Philip

We have a bad infestation of mites. Any more suggestions Debbie?

Replied by Eugene
(Rochester, New York)

God bless you. I thought this was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. This is what I have been looking for.

You've given me hope. Thank you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Leanne (Nsw) on 10/01/2015

Hi About just over 2 years ago I started getting a crawling sensation all over my body and intense itching. Then my mum was complaining of the same. We googled symptoms and decided we had bird mites but all the syptoms didn't match, then we thought it was dog mange but apparently humans can't catch animal mange, then I decided it was scabies but no rash! Then we thought it was rat mites and then back to scabies. We went to countless drs who referred us onto skin specialist who decided we had a case of "dry skin" and the way we were treated by the gps was appalling! Anyway while this is going on we are trying home remedies: tea tree oil, apple cider vineger ( both bathing and drinking), alfalfa tea, lyclear, bleach baths (everyday), plastic covers on beds, bagging all clothes after one wear, steaming, pesticide from hardware store, clove oil, salt lamps, dehumidifiers, garlic tablet, vitamins, sulphur, sulphur soap all types of creams potions and lotions (and there were more) we were at our wits end and severely depressed just wanting to die.... seriously. I have now been mite free for about a month or so. Here's what finally worked: All our clothes were bagged after one wear and sheet s changed daily( we had been doing this anyway) but this is important. I quit sugar. No more sugar in my diet ( a little here and there but not too much! ) Then every single day I would put on benzamil application head to toe everyday or straight after showeringin hot water (cook em! ). Do this until they are gone. If they come back do it again. You will be free again. These parasites have cost me about $4000. I don't want anyone to have to go through that again. Until you've lived it you have no idea. I vowed if I ever cured these dirty critters I would post what worked for other sufferers. I wish you all freedom and peace.

Replied by Idolly

Hi Leanne... can you please tell me how long you had to use the Benzemil for and did you just keep it on around the clock? I would really appreciate it if you would reply to this. Thanks

Replied by Julie
(Mpls, Mn)

What type of benzamil did you use, what strength? and where did you get it. Have not heard of that before. I have the same problem.

Replied by Sherry

Please tell me where to purchase Benzamil, I have not heard of this. Thanks

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chandra (Victoria, Bc) on 09/05/2015 1 posts
1 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, first of all I am so grateful of this website!

Thank you so much Ted for your advice and support! I have gathered so much valuable knowledge and insight. My rosacea is really bad right now, my face is extremely inflamed and my eyes are blood shot :( I can't sleep at night, my hair is dry and bleached from all the hydrogen peroxide and borax treatments. Please help!! (It's been 5 days since I started all the below treatments)

-I have been drinking borax and water daily. 1/8 borax to litre water. -Orally taking Vitamin C&D3& B12, Zinc, lysine, magnesium, flax oil and acia berry. -also went to Dr yesterday and he prescribed me antibiotic which I started yesterday monocyline - shower twice a day washing body with anti-dandruff shampoo twice, leaving on for 5 mins and rinsing then repeat. I'm using head and shoulders which contains pyrothese zinc (not sure if the spelling is right pyro..something) -washing face with borax and peroxide every morning and I have a spray bottle that I'm frequently spraying my body and hair with. - morning and night washing face with syslic acid (clean and clear) followed with zinc oxide cream 15% - twice a day drinking ACV and baking soda mixture (morning and night) - eating only fruit and veggies - 30 mins min of walking daily. - bagged all infested clothing and is in my storage for a month, then I will take out and wash everything with borax and tide. -I'm sleeping on an air mattress, changing sheets and pillow cases daily.

-Also only drinking 1 coffee per day. (No suger) I don't know what else to do, is this normal for this to be happening, blood shot eyes (I may have got a bit of lavender in them a few days ago) My face literally looks like I have been beat with a baseball bat.. Please help me, it's so embarrassing to even go to 'mart', everyone is gawking at me. any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello Chandra, (Victoria, BC) ---

Even though Ted's formula has helped a few dogs and I don't know about people, it has increased my dog's skin problems and I had to discontinue it for myself because of the drying effects and no noticeable improvement.

I used MMS with very good results but my skin was like dry paper and again had to discontinue. I did cure my rosacea though more than a year ago only using colloidal silver which I make myself, on a cotton ball, doing half an hour at a time and not for too long. It came back once after sun exposure and doing a little CS application, then did not return. CS is excellent for eye issues with a dropper bottle. It kills the mites around the eye balls.

But I have new mites and some old ones in my eyes and head. Now, after much research on EC, I seem to have the answer.

First of all, NO antibiotics. They will make it harder for the body to resolve this issue.

My skin is very fair and needs goodly amounts of quality oil, not drying remedies. That was the mistake with my big dog, too. His skin began to split and bleed so I saw this was not to be done.

Right now we are using Neem Seed Oil from an ayurvedic supplier. This slightly warmed in cool weather but not in hot weather as it is easy to apply, No microwave, massaged all over the body and in my case the upper body and head.

I do this daily or every other day about three times a week. In my dog's case I keep seeing a lot of dead black small things after massage. But in my case I have to persevere longer with Neem tincture which has to mature for two weeks and daily shakings for now. To make neem tincture, use dry neem leaves powder with equal amount of wodka and keep in a bottle for two weeks at least. Then put through a cloth. I will have to wait now for about two weeks while I apply neem oil to moisturize the body and saturate the skin. I acquired my mite problem by using someone else's pillow. Not from a dog. Later from a garment of a big Canadian store.

I found this neem tincture remedy by researching on EC where a man who was in Africa wrote he cured himself with the stronger neem tincture in three days, applying this morning and evening for three days. I would follow up though to make sure, all is well.

It has to be noted that the neem tree (Margosa) in India is anti parasitic' and bugs and a host of detrimental critters, even freeing land of weeds to make it arable. Including many health issues, such as diabetes. It is considered a holy tree.

A lot of work ahead but I am confident that this approach is very beneficial. All the best.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Catherine

I bought neem oil at a health store is it the same?

Replied by Cindy

Have tried all remedies, nothing has cleared them out, kleen green helps not a cure, Use DE food grade it helps, not a cure, eat only eggs, meat, unprocessed, and veggies seems to help, fruit was making me worse, am at 99 lbs from 117, I'm small boned but still weight has become an issue...Need these parasites gone...any answers.

Replied by Barb

Sugary fruits can make it worse. Eat fruits with little sugar like tart apples and low glycemic type fruits.

Replied by Eric
(Okc Ok)

Chandra combining Apple Cider Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous as it forms peracetic acid which is damaging to humans and the eyes and lungs. Maybe stop using peroxide and vinegar together and see if your face improves over time with the other stuff you are doing. The swollen face can also be a huge die off of mites so keep it up (minus the peroxide and vinegar mixed together, although you can use them separately) and see if your face improves over time

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Naturalgal (Bronx, Ny) on 08/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have cured myself of mites! I could NOT believe the sudden increase in the creepy crawling like sensation I felt just a few evenings ago. I have been feeling these mild sensations for a while now and never thought it was something abnormal. Who knew? That was until one night I was going to sleep and felt a surge of tingling all over my legs! It did not hurt nor keep me from sleeping because I was exhausted, but I knew that it wasn't normal. It felt like bugs where "peak-a-booing" in and out of my pores. I read everything I could about the sensation and determined it was mites!!

-I have had a rash on neck that just would not go away (in part because I wasn't following through when things were working). ACV burned because I was scratching, Sulfur mask - I slacked using it, tea tree with Vitamin E smell was annoying me All three got me result though. But Like I said I should've kept up with one regimen.

So this is what I did........

1. I woke up went to the store for new hepa filter and alcohol (90%), and apple cider vinegar, borax wasn't available nearby. I showered, sprayed myself everywhere with ACV and put on clean clothes fresh out the dryer.

2. I called a cleaning company to do the cleaning with me and cleaned everything in home from top to bottom (even the ceilings with a vacuum cleaner), while the workers wore janitor like suits. While they cleaned I put everything already clean in the dryer for 20 min. My dryer is incredibly hot. Drawer by drawer to make it easier to put back. Only my hands touched the clothes out of the dryer. The inside of the drawers were cleaned and sprayed with alcohol.

3. EVERYTHING was sprayed with 90% alcohol with a few drops of eucalyptus to cut the smell. Rugs, walls, mattresses, gym equipment, you got sprayed. What couldn't be sprayed was wiped down and cleaned with HOT water, dried and then sprayed. Every removable fabric was washed in hot water then dried by high heat.

4. Feeling confident I killed them all I showered, sprayed myself with ACV and went to bed. To my horror I still felt the suckers on my legs but definitely not as much. I recall thinking why can't salt kill these buggers? So I got up and dissolved fine sea salt in water (more salt than water) & added ACV and poured it all over my body, air dried and went to bed with loose cloths on to keep the salt on my skin. I woke up feeling great. I still felt some peak-a-booing though.

I did another ACV salt solution, air dried and put on my clothes and went about my day. Still I felt them. I also felt like I stirred them up. Good cause I was was relentless.

I eliminated them from my environment. Really minimized them because we co-exist with them. :| I spray alcohol every where especially my bed, leaving bed unmade to air out.

5. Know to eradicate the nuisances off my skin. With skin lathered with sulfur soap I apricot scrubbed every square inch of me and pumiced my hand, feet and elbows. My goal is to starve them by not giving them any food, that is getting rid of dead skin as much as possible.

6. Twice a day: I pat-dried my skin and poured this mixture over my skin: 1 cup ACV, 1 cup dissolved (mostly) sea salt and 1/4 ground cloves. It is working. I used this mixture twice a day and clearly it is working. I do not feel that tingly peek-a-boo sensation. I just wear loose clothes to minimize sweat. (summer in NYC).

Now what seemed to happen is I forgot about my feet because I never felt them here. So I am guessing I drove them from one part of my body to another. SOLUTION... Ground cloves in my socks. Viola!!!!!!! As for the rash?? I use ground cloves in vaseline. I know that I killed these buggers burrowing in that rash because I felt it give me a spasm in a nerve on my neck! Yep, weird but the rash is dried up and does not itch at all. Leave the ground cloves and sea salt on your sheets while your gone for the day. Even sleep with as much as you can stand on and below your sheets. Sprinkle carpets with clovers and salt periodically and vacuum later.

This is my recipe and I am keeping up with it until long after its all gone. I have no idea how long their eggs take to hatch but I figured it is worth maintaining the regimen for a few weeks to get the entire life cycle. I also take ACV 3 times a day and am sprinkling clove in my lotion. Hahaha the buggers are going insane.

Good luck and thanks to all who shared their experiences. I learned a lot and came up with my recipe for killing mites.

Update January 25, 2016:

Original problem STILL GONE!!! No pee-a-booing. NOTHING present.

The heavy sea salt (above and below the sheets) and ground clove (above the sheets only) and sleeping with this for a few days really did the trick. It makes sense to me to sprinkle sea salt on the mattress and surrounding flooring/carpet. It "kills" bugs period. Sulfur shampoo as a lathery soap actually leave your skill feeling superiorly cleaned. I continue to use it, just not daily as of December 1, 2015. Ground clove as a body scrub is also nice a using sugar or sand for spa-ing types. I hope this helps someone else.

I also drink ACV as a daily tonic A shot in warm water taste like warm apple juice. Twice daily.

Replied by Shar57

Hi natural gal, don't know if you will ever see this post, but I sure would like an update on how your cure is doing? please please, I know all of pray, hope down to our very toes that you are better .

Please let is know! 😃😉😇

Replied by Sherry
(North Carolina)

Hi Naturalgal, thank you for all the information you have posted. I tried your ACV and sea salt mixture, but could not get salt to dissolve. Could you share how you mixed this? Fighting these things are about to get the best of me. Thanks again for all the good info.

Replied by Nm

I use a bit of hot water to dissolve sea salt and then add apple cider vinegar. It helps greatly.

Replied by Me
(New York)

Hey thanks for sharing your whole experience and the recipe. I'm going through it now, 5 months already. Can you tell me please what did you use for your ears? Inside of them actually? Thanks

Replied by Nanc
(Houston, Tx)
5 out of 5 stars

Naturalgal: you are a genius. Salting sheets with cloves added sounded crazy but it worked! First sleep I've had in weeks. Thank you!!!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Apick (Nj) on 07/02/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with mites of sorts. Constantly having creepy crawling feeling, when I would feel a bite or an itch, I would smack the area and always find a tiny little thing, almost like sand (sometimes larger, sometimes white brown or black) and thinking it was a coincidence. I started digging deeper once my daughter started getting bit and my husband even began to be itchy. Even when I was near my coworkers I noticed they started scratching incessantly!! Once I realized it was mites, I had a semi nervous breakdown and became angry.

Plan of action:

Washed everyone in my home (toddler, husband, 2 dogs) in T-Gel shampoo and washed all of our clothes in hot water and borax then sprayed everyone with pure white vinegar and peppermint oil

Then sprayed the outside of our house with ortho home max which worked wonders (a little scary but whatever works)

Put all of our clothes into garbage bags with the eucalyptus scent and lived out of those

Vacuumed everything! And mopped with vinegar and windex

Put cedarwood and eucalyptus incents everywhere!! And put those cedar moth replant things in all of our clothing drawers

After a day, I found nothing on me. Not one thing!!! I was so used to feeling around my skin and picking off litte pieces of sand and there was nothing!! No more creepy crawly feeling, no more anything. I also started taking sovereign silver twice a day. I still find mites around but they don't bite or bother any longer thank god. My husband just sprayed ortho home max inside today so I'm hoping that will get rid of the remaining mites. Try it! Can't hurt!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael A. (Porlamar, Venezuela) on 06/11/2015

A few new strategies Two weeks ago my bedroom was infested with "invisible bug" bird mites via an abandoned bird's nest that had been built in a potted cactus below my clothesline. I thought the bird's nest was cute and left it alone. Little did I know; actually, nothing did I know. My wake-up call came after I had been up reading on the internet most of the night. It was almost dawn and I lied down on my bed to try to get a few hours sleep. My torso was covered with a sheet, my legs sticking out. As I started to fall asleep, suddenly my legs were peppered with sharp stings, like sand grains blown by a hard wind or a shotgun shooting tiny shot. I looked and felt my legs but there was nothing to see or be felt. This continued intermittently and sleep was impossible, and remained impossible except for short naps in the daytime until three days ago. Talking to a friend in the US a little later in the morning I asked what sort of bugs were so tiny they were invisible; my friend suggested mites, and thus began my internet education on skin mites which led me to this thread on EarthClinic.a few days ago. Some things mentioned in posts here and on other threads inspired the two new ideas that have allowed me to sleep through the night the last three nights. Salty Sheets I saw mention of a homeopathic remedy called Natrum Muriaticum made from sea salt, and a couple of mentions of swimming in the ocean being helpful to decrease mite activity.

As I live close to the beach on an island in the southern Caribbean, I headed right down there and splashed around in the waves, while scrubbing my body with my hands. Sitting on a driftwood log to dry in the sun, I was inspired to rinse some clothes and sheets in the seawater, so I went back to my place and grabbed a bag of shirts, shorts, towels, and sheets, took them back to the beach, soaked them in seawater, wrung them out, and took them home to hang up on the clothesline. (I don't have a dryer). After they dried in the sun, I rewashed the towels but left the dried saltwater on the sheets, shorts, and shirts. I put the sheets on the inflatable mattress I am now sleeping on in the living room, steam ironed the shorts and shirts and started wearing them like that. The mite attacks decreased noticeably, and that night, sleeping on my salty sheets, I had the first decent night's sleep in two weeks. I just woke up from the third nights restful sleep, without a single bite, sleeping with the same sheets that haven't been laundered. So, we know that these critters don't like salt or borax, but though we have been washing our clothes and linens with borax, we have been rinsing it out. I'm suggesting that if the borax (and/or salt) are left in the fabric, that will prevent the mites from making a home or laying eggs in the fabric. With a top-loading washer, borax and salt be added to the final rinse so they saturate the fabric, then the fabrics can be put in the dryer and worn or used on the bed. With a front-loader that probably won't work, so the fabrics would have to be dipped in a bucket of borax and salty water, wrung out and then dried, but that would be well worth the effort if one can put on their clothes and slide between the bedsheets without getting attacked, because their clothes and linens no longer provided a safe haven for the bugs. Tobacco juice Tobacco is a powerful pesticide. I was reminded of this by a mention here and on another site that if tobacco leaves are put into a bird cage the mites will leave the birds alone. Following up on that, I made some strong tobacco tea, strained it into a spray bottle, and started spraying it on any spot that I felt a bite, or itching, or crawling. It worked marvelously, stopped the critters or the itching immediately. That is the second part of my salty sheets strategy, to spend the last hour or so before I go to bed spraying every itch with tobacco tea and rubbing it in. I made the tea by putting a good handful of coarsely chopped tobacco leaves into a pint mayonnaise jar and filling it with boiling water, then shaking it regularly while it cooled down a bit. Any form of tobacco would work; a handful of pipe or cigarette tobacco, or the tobacco from a pack of cigs taken out of the tubes and put in a jar. This is truly the best thing I have tried for stopping the biting and itching. This post is already pretty long. I will continue it with my ideas for alkalizing the body and actually killing bird mites in a later post.

Replied by Michael A
(Porlamar, Venezuela)

Continuing the report on strategies for dealing with bird (or rat) mite infestation: because of my work with soil minerals in agriculture and long-time interest in optimal nutrition I am fortunate to have on hand many of the "tools" that are being used in this battle, such as borax, DMSO, EDTA, MSM, and sulfur. If I didn't already have them they would be difficult to obtain here unless I imported them at high expense and with a wait of six to eight weeks. I am sitting here typing and spraying tobacco tea occasionally after wiping myself all over with a borax solution mixed with a small amount of DMSO and sodium EDTA. Yesterday I was free of bites or itches when I went to the store and remained unmolested when I came home, until I decided to drag the infested mattress and box spring from the bedroom to the upstairs patio where I will burn it and my old pillows today. As soon as I grabbed hold of the mattress I could feel the little invisible buggers attacking me, but I got it done, both pieces, and then immediately jumped into the shower and scrubbed down with soap. After that I put on my swimming trunks, went to the beach and scrubbed myself down in the ocean. If I didn't have the beach right here I would have soaked in a tub of salt and borax, if I had a bath tub, which I don't.

Alkalizing the Body

Cesium (or caesium) is the most alkaline of all elements. On the periodic table it is in group I, the first column, below sodium and potassium. Cesium chloride is used as a cancer remedy because it rapidly alkalinizes the body. Most people have only heard of cesium as radioactive cesium such as is spewing out from the Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant, or from Chernobyl, but cesium is a natural if rare element. The natural form is not radioactive at all. As a matter of fact prior to the start of atomic explosions in the mid-1940s there was no radioactive cesium on planet Earth. Archaeological digs and soil layers in excavations can be accurately dated as pre- and post- 1940s by determining whether or not they contain radioactive cesium. It is likely an essential nutrient in small quantities; soil fungi rapidly absorb and retain it in the upper soil horizon, which is the major reason the radioactive contamination of the topsoil from the Chernobyl disaster has not appreciably decreased since the accident occurred in the late 1980s. There is no danger of radiation poisoning from taking natural cesium; quite the opposite; having reserves of natural cesium in the body will protect against the uptake of radioactive cesium from the environment. Cesium chloride can be purchased on Ebay; it is expensive but not much is needed, perhaps one gram per day. The taste is very salty, more salty than regular sodium chloride salt.

Another possibility is the element strontium which is in the second column on the periodic table, below calcium and magnesium. I haven't done the research to know just how alkalizing it is, but it's something I had on hand as an insurance against the body absorbing radioactive strontium from nuclear disasters. I bought it from a nutritional supplier as strontium citrate.

Killing bird and rodent mites

As I noted, until two weeks ago I had no idea of the worldwide plague of mite infestations. It appears this is something new that has occurred in the last ten years, mites readily crossing species barriers along with much more aggressive and treatment resistant strains of mites. It is also apparent that the medical professions and the governments of the world are either in denial or deliberately covering up this ongoing plague and nightmare. We can expect no help from them, we are on our own in figuring out the remedies. Much progress has been made in eliminating them from the body; the more difficult task is eliminating them from our living environment.

At this point it looks to me like the best remedy for indoor infestation may be denatured alcohol. I recently ordered a gallon of miticide called sterifab that got high reviews on another site; the reviewer said it really worked well, and noted that it seemed to be mostly alcohol. On this EC thread someone else wrote that denatured alcohol (methylated spirits) killed the mites. Denatured alcohol is ethyl (drinking) alcohol to which methyl or wood alcohol has been added which makes it poisonous to drink. That sounds like a good combination to me, as we have already learned that 91% ethyl alcohol is effective against these parasites. Perhaps it would be even better to just use straight methyl alcohol, spray it heavily in a closed off room, close the door and let them die. As methyl (wood) alcohol is very poisonous to humans one would need a good respirator at least, perhaps even an air supply, but regardless something needs to be found that works every time and to which the parasites cannot become immune.

I'm really hoping that spraying and fogging with pure or denatured alcohol is an answer.


How do you take the cesium? Is it dissolved in water? From your post, is one gram per day an effective dose? I read somewhere that it can be dangerous, I imagine that this is referring to taking it in large amounts.

Replied by Same
(Cambridge, Ma)

After two years of fruitless cleaning of clothes that could not be cleaned, we discovered the same thing about dipping clothes in the same borax and hydrogen peroxide mix we bathe in. Let hang dry. The thinner the fabric the better. Microfiber sheets are the best. Mites will build nests within your clothes dryer, no matter how hot, eggs always survive and hatch, The combination of wet and heat is a way to explode them in your environment. Replace all bedding every few months. Saturate w borax before tossing or burn. Spray with 91% alcohol every night before bed. If you have hardwood floors the mites are probably in between the floor boards and subfloor. The absolute best thing we have done is pack the grooves between the floor boards with food grade DE (diatomaceous earth) Wear a respirator when spreading twice a month, wipe up exess with dry paper towels. Inflatable mattresses should be windexed often. While building up your immune system is great, don't blame yourself for your crappy habits, it's your body warmth and skin oils these things love but really they can nest in any medium, a scalp, a shirt, an engine, your cat. We have sealed up valuable books with mothballs. Sealing up porous wood products with varnish or orange oil, fresh paint on walls, all good ideas... and minimize, minimize, minimize. Sentimentality for possessions will kill you with this. Spray car down with alcohol before driving, we put plastic bags over car seats and change them every few days. Use car chamois instead of towels...huge difference. Most bugs have become bleach resistant so alkalizing and mineralizing are all good. Use castille soap on body and clothes. God Bless!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mama2love (Hephzibah, Georgia) on 05/18/2015

I've found instant relief and kill these mites once and for all. This is my regemin 1st thing in the morning I run a bath with 1/2 cup borax hottest you can stand it make lots of bubbles and stand in the tub rub the bubbles in to you skin ears nostrils hair everywhere. Wait about 3 minutes then submerge yourself under the water slowing hold your nose and just let your lips out to breath, stay under for about 10 minutes, then go under and shake your head face down, vigorously hold your nose of course you will see these black mites flothing.Get soap with antibaterial in it lather your whole body rinse standing in the tub with fresh hot water, I then get dandruff shampoo and lather my hair vigorously and apply the lather all over my body. I sermerge again shake hair under water side to side face down. I then apply conditioner with salt I add 2 tablespoons to mine, I leave it on for a good 10 mins. I then stand in the tub and use a cup to rinse everything off, as the tub is draining. I pat dry myself and apply coconut oil everywhere. I make a paste of triple antiboctic ointment and foot powder for my face, the cheap kind at dollar stores it's got to have salicylic acid, in it I pay 2 dollars for mine. It's need to look like lard thick I usually put the triple ointment 1st then the powder heavy thick enough pat it in so it don't fall off and drys leave on as long as you can, I rinse off after a hour are so, and again at night I leave on all night, I put vaseline only in my ears and nostrils at night and neck and body but face triple powder for short.. I also take Muti vitamin and extra vitamin c and D also, Candida support and probiotic. After 3 days of doing this the ringing in my ears stopped the sores healed and the mites are almost gone there is one place over my eye brow that about a size of a pea that was as big as a quarter it's working and I'm going to be doing this for another day are so, Itried everything under the sun and for 3 months my husband has seen a phyco spending money on everything, then one day I tried this instant relief and death to the enemy that almost ruin my life. I also stayed away for sweets and breads but with Candida support I can eat bread but not swhat's. I know what everyone here is battling and feeling, Ive also cried and asked why, but remember don't ever give up. I almost did, 3 months of this I was going insane until I did this concoction and whalaa I feel normal again and my skin is actually better Ohh almost forgot each time you do this and rinse with warm water and apply coconut oil if you don't have coconut oil use vasaline are just the triple antiboctic ointment. Triple Powder Power to the People..I hope this helps all that gives it a try...Please if I can help, I'm here.Gods Speed..

Replied by Mama2love

Oh forgot, after I do my bath and triple powder treatment, I take aloe Vera gel all over and let dry face 1st my face, then I start rubbing in circular motion and here comes the dead leftover mites and debris, rub firm and stay in one place you will be amazed at what comes out, your skin has to heat up a little from the rubbiing, it takes awhile to do your whole body, but after the rewards are great. Gods Speed..

Replied by Il Suffer
4 out of 5 stars

I have been reading this forum since after my third doc visit for these mutes

During the holidays a relative of mine that works in health care from another state totally infected almost the whole family. I was infested from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I thought since I had gotten scabies in the 1970s and was rid of it less than a week with some super cleaning, washing clothes/sheets and using the prescibed meds from the doc we would all be fine. Well, this is the middle of June and we still are not rid of this nightmare. Seems Its just me and my grand-daughter that can not get rid of it. I have thrown out 2 sets bed mattresses and box springs , clothes and now my livingroom carpet. I bathe 2 times daily in Borax, ACV, Esalt, clove bud oil and spray Kleen Green on our bodies and every thing we wear.I vacume daily. I use clove bud oil on where I see red bumps . I use diatomaceous earth food grade on my bed sheets everynight and change them every day. Wash clothes in amonia and let them soak hours or over night. My family thinks I am nuts and its just "Fuzzys" they see. Well, believe me its NOT fuzzys..... I get these pin pricks from bites constantly. They are in denial! My relative also still has them also. I do not know if I get rid if them and someone keeps bring them back in. I feel them under my skin. My feet are the worst. I put olive oil 3T with 3/4 tsp clove bud oil on them every day and night after my baths. My stomach and under my breasts I get stuff out daily. I have used every concoction on the internet. I will say that tea tree oil mixed with diatomaceous earth food gradegrapeseed oil did NOTHING. I have covers on all mattresses and box springs. I see the doc again on Friday and an scared to death she is going to think I am nuts. I get black things out of my skin daily. They make look like small eye lashes, black dots or feel like salt. They are different stages I get off me. Some days are better than others. I pray and try to get healing at least for my grandaughter. I have taken every supplement on the internet to help.

I go see the doc and a few days. I am so embarressed. We stayed a way from people for months. Now, before I go out of the house any where I shower, spray Kleen Green on me again and wash my tennis shoes. I aways wash all our clothes daily.

I do not have any more burrows and neither does my grand-daughter. I am not understanding why we are still getting things out of our skin and the biting. Hand Sanitizer will help get the ones out of my hand with a lot of rubbing.

I am not infested like I was but, when will this end?

5 %Permethrin and 12 mg ivermectin were not of any help at all from first application.

Any on can help me totally get rid of these it will be a blessing.

Replied by Sharon

Dear Il sufferer, my mom and l have battled these mites for 10 years, my mom twice as long as myself, since l got them at her home. l can tell you that by encasing your bed and pillows in plastic and duct-taping the zippers and openings will prevent much re-infestation. Mostly your car and upholstered furniture and clothes are causing your constant biting, and of course, any relatives that have been exposed to you that do not treat themselves. Now, what works to kill them- Citric acid mixed half and half with water in a large glass and pour over yourself in a bath(DO NOT GET IN YOUR EYES, STINGS LIKE FIRE), scrub and rinse when tingling stops. Lysol spray kills them in 15 seconds. Borax baths 7-20 minutes, with generic oxyclean. Add one half cup oxy first, 2 cups cups borax next. Kerosene kills them in 5 seconds, (Do not use it until you have cleansed with borax baths or citric acid for a week, as kerosene exposes the large infestations under the skin rapidly and the destruction underneath burns where the mites have nested that lasts about 24-48 hours). Avon bug guard with picaridin sprayed on an itchy spot will cause the mites to surface after 5-10 minutes, and can be rinsed away. If you do not treat your whole house you will continue to think nothing works as you are constantly re-infesting yourself. They feed about twice a day, between 3-4 am and 12 hrs later, with constant biting when you sit in an infested area or handle infested items. Your worst enemy is your family who are not bothered much with itches. They are breeders of pregnant female mites and leave large quantities when they visit. These things float off them into the air and land on you, your things, your ceilings, then crawl into all the cracks and crevices of your house and furniture. Your house and outside can be sprayed with a gallon of denatured alcohol with 10 drops pennyroyal and 10 drops clove oil, but unless you are willing to change your upholstered furniture for wood or plastic, it is almost impossible to get them out of the fabric covered things since they creep deeper than your spray, but it is great for the car, dries colorless and no stickiness. Mop with vinegar, they hate it, and use Eucalyptus for a nice smell(4 drops). Best wishes to you and if you can tell me how to convince the family that they have mites, let me know the secret, as it is torture to have them visit.

Replied by Gracie

I thought Ted suggested first spray body with hydrogen peroxide spray and then get in hot bath with borax . I would just close eyes and emerge whole body and use a snorkel to breath and keep a towel close by when you emerge you want a dry your eyes . I think SALT is the key so I would add sea salt to the bath it dehydrates the mites . I would also would buy a big bag of sea salt dehydration is the key first you must draw them out I think Michael is on to something with his salt sheets and clothes no place for them to make a bed and breed.

Find, identify the type of mite. A mite needs a host to survive. The life cycle question is crucial. You could bag your clothes and put everything in the garage shut the door and don't open it for weeks and you may even fumigate it to be on the safe side just park your car in the driveway. Of course you have to treat your body daily to get kill this thing

Most mites are not visible to the eye usually measure1/8" or less in length. Human scabies mites cannot survive off a host for more than about 24 hours. Therefore, insecticide foggers and sprays to furniture, carpeting or other areas is waste of time. Take a 2 or 3 day vacation or camp outside a get one of those cool blowup hot tubs and put sea salt and borax in it and you have instant hot bubbling sea salt hot tub to jump into. Again, hydrogen spray draws them out and salt/ borax finishes them off .

There are scabies mites, dust and paper mites, clover bird mites this includes chicken mites, straw mites ( in hay, dried grass stored peas and beans), Chigger ( red in color) and I assume mites that we have not discovered yet

Ask doctor for a demodex scraping if he refuses get another doctor or see a dermatologist
Permethrin Cream - kills demodex face mites. (also kills scabies, lice, ) good for those with pustules/acne; Getting on Metrogel helps it an antifungal and antibiotic; reduces the demodex mite population on the skin.

Replied by Tamie

I've had the same problem for months. Finally think we found the source! Bird mites in my evergreen bush. I was seeing the white floaters, black and white specks on my skin. Same things you described. I also had them in my car, which is parked right by the bush. I'm the only one in my house affected. They all thought I was crazy until my husband found an old bird nest in the tree and when he moved a branch....WOW! They all came rushing out in all their different forms. Some are slmost transparent, some look like white fuzz, some are black and look similar to a fruit fly but smaller. The nest was abandoned but my neighbor has like 30 chickens....curious if she's had any issues. We sprayed the tree and the whole outside of the house then dusted with DE. Bombing the house tomorrow. I'm just happy to finally figured out what this is that's been eating me alive.

Replied by Archos
(Ft Smith, Ark)

Niacin works break the capsule open and rub on your skin