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Natural Approaches for Scabies: Exploring Effective Remedies

on Apr 07, 2023| Modified on Nov 27, 2023
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Scabies Remedies on Earth Clinic.

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition caused by the human itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis). This tiny mite burrows into the skin, causing intense itching, rash, and discomfort. Conventional treatment typically involves prescription medications, such as permethrin cream or oral ivermectin. However, some people prefer to explore natural remedies and supplements to manage the condition.

These alternative approaches can help alleviate symptoms, prevent secondary infections, and provide relief to patients without causing adverse effects associated with some medications. In this article, we discuss the most important points about scabies and delve into the most researched natural remedies and supplements for this skin condition, providing a comprehensive resource for those interested in exploring alternative treatments.

Understanding Scabies?

Scabies is an infestation caused by the microscopic mite Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrows into the upper layer of the skin to lay eggs. The infestation triggers an immune response, leading to symptoms such as itching, rash, and the formation of small blisters or sores. Scabies can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or hygiene practices. The condition spreads through close physical contact or sharing personal items (clothing, bedding, etc.) with an infected person.

Natural Remedies and Supplements

While natural remedies can be used to alleviate symptoms. Here are some of the most researched natural remedies and supplements for scabies:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiparasitic properties. 1 A study published in the Archives of Dermatology found that tea tree oil effectively killed scabies mites in vitro and might be a useful alternative treatment for scabies. 2

Neem Oil

Neem oil, derived from the seeds of the neem tree, has been traditionally used for treating various skin conditions, including scabies. It has been found to have antiparasitic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 3 A study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology showed that neem oil effectively treats scabies when combined with turmeric. 4

Clove Oil

Clove oil has been shown to possess antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. 5 A study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that clove oil demonstrated significant activity against scabies mites in vitro and in an animal model. 6

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has long been used for its soothing and healing properties on the skin. A study published in the journal Phytomedicine found that aloe vera gel was as effective as benzyl benzoate (a conventional scabies treatment) in treating scabies in a clinical trial. 7


Borax, or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring mineral used as a cleaning agent and insecticide. Some people claim that adding borax to a warm bath can help alleviate scabies symptoms.

While there is currently no scientific evidence to support its use in scabies treatment, borax combined with hydrogen peroxide is the most popular remedy on Earth Clinic reported by our readers.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been traditionally used for various skin conditions due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed that applying diluted apple cider vinegar on the affected skin may help soothe itching and irritation associated with scabies.


Sulfur is a well-known natural remedy for various skin conditions, including scabies. A sulfur ointment (5-10%) can be applied to the affected skin to help kill mites and alleviate symptoms. Sulfur has been used as a topical treatment for scabies for centuries and is generally considered safe. 8


Crotamiton is a non-prescription medication that has been used to treat scabies. It is derived from the plant Croton tiglium and has both anti-itch and anti-parasitic properties. A study published in a Korean medical journal showed that crotamiton was an effective treatment for scabies when applied topically. 9


Natural remedies and supplements can help alleviate symptoms and complement conventional scabies treatment. However, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional before using any natural remedies to ensure their safety and effectiveness. It is also crucial to remember that these alternative treatments may not work for everyone, and the severity of the infestation may require the use of prescription medications.

By staying informed and working closely with a healthcare provider, individuals suffering from scabies can explore various treatment options, including natural remedies, and find the most suitable approach for their situation. As more research is conducted on alternative treatments for scabies, there is hope that additional options will become available to help those affected by this uncomfortable and often distressing skin condition.

Continue reading below to discover which remedies helped Earth Clinic readers the most. Let us know what worked for you!


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Acapulco Leaves

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Posted by Heaven@zerbo's (Livonia, Mi ) on 02/28/2012

I want to let every know that this recipe works for scabies! We used it here on a seer of 7 year old twin boys! We included Sulpher soap and a spray of borax and hydrogen peroxide. As to the comment of "watch them crawl out" I think that was to make a point. So much safer and better than using insecticides! Everything was easy to get. I live in Livonia, Mi and there is a health food store here that has wonderful staff who helped me and told me how to use all these. Like the tea tree is so good to add a drop into my kids hair after shampoo to deter the little critters. Also coconut oil used for moisturizer and cooking, orange oil to clean my wood floors.... All these things I can use for multle purposes! I love this site and thank you for posting this recipe for scabies. Who would of knew? Coconut oil, tea, tree, orange oil, borax, Sulpher soap.... So easy and effective.

Replied by Stephanie

I used this last night it worked but today I'm still a little itchy still not as bad though, after the bath I used my little mix of coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil and literally soaked my body in it, then went to bed. I'm going to try it again when I get home from work tonight. I did see the little black pepper flakes in the tub and when I used the oil mix...I have l box of oils so I am using then to good use. I have a dermatolgy appointment tomorrow just to make sure iIdont have any other skin issue..

Thanks for the info.

Replied by Lovelyinmichigan

I am heading up to Zerbos to pick up your recommendations. Are you still scabies free?

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by Heaven@zerbo's (Livonia, Mi) on 02/28/2012

WORKS! My twins had scabies from the day care weeks ago and we learned Permethrin is not what I want to expose my bpys to. So I researched on the Earth Clinic website and found this recipe but I changed it a little. 1. Wet skin with natural hand sanitizer made with Thymol extract)
2)first layer with ORANGE OIL
3)second layer raw organic COCONUT OIL.
4) third layer TEA TREE OIL (now brand)
5) within 5 minutes the scabies literally crawled out by the hundreds (scary),
6) leave oil mix on skin for at least 30 minutes,
7) soak in shower and watch the mites run down the drain, and wash with Sulpher soap. 8) disinfect entire home with 1 percent hydrogen peroxide spray and Borax solution (can also spray skin with this). Use borax to spindle on carpet and then vacuum a few days later. 9) Rinse and Repeat
10) RELAX! ... Please follow these 10 easy steps and soon you will be posting the good news. Like I did for twin boys! No more scabies! Yaaaeeeeeee and my boys are safe from pesticide toxicity!

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by Aristeo (Solano, Philippines) on 02/07/2007

Acapulco leaves can cure scabies. Extract of the leaves can cure scabies.

Replied by Run Scabies Run
(Minneapolis, Mn)

I recently treated my 8 year old son... IT WORKS! My son was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and we learned Permethrin DOES NOT WORK. So I researched for 2 days and found this website. Here is what I did:


2)first layer with ORANGE OIL ($4. 99 from GNC),

3)second layer COCONUT OIL HAIR CONDITIONER ( $2 by Blue Magic),

4) third layer TEA TREE OIL ($2. 64 by Hollywood Beauty),

5) within 5 minutes the scabies literally crawled out by the hundreds (scary),

6) leave oil mix on skin for at least 30 minutes,

7) soak in shower and watch the mites run down the drain,

8) disinfect entire home,

9) Rinse and Repeat,

10) RELAX! ... Please follow these 10 easy steps and soon you will be posting the good news.

Replied by Tonya
(Winona, Mn Usa)

I was diagnosed a week ago. Since then I have done two perm treatments, showered twice every day, washed linens and clothing every day. My question to you is concerning the "layers". Do you mean apply all of them one right after another? or one everyday? and you said they literally crawled off? were you serious or just making a point?

Replied by Run Scabies Run
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Pack all layers of steps 1 through 4 all at once. This method takes care of the first treatment. It must also be maintained. I found sulfur soap for ($1.37)look on-line first because not all stores have the Hispanic isle. And Salicylic Acid for acne should help reduce the bumps that still appear after the mites die. Hope this helps!

Replied by Lauren
(Clearwater, Fl)

Ok my question is this, if scabies are microscopic how did you see them come crawling out of your skin after applying the oils? I was told that the only way to see scabies was on a microscope?


Wikipedia says, "S. scabiei mites are under 0.5 mm in size, but are sometimes visible as pinpoints of white." The confusion is that when they are inside the skin, they are not visible. Once a remedy is applied that forces them out and they die, they are seen on the skin as tiny specks of black, brown, or white (depending upon the stage of development and whether they have "fed" recently).

They are definitely visible if one looks closely and uses a method that is liquidy so that they climb out as they die. Creams are too thick for them to climb out so they die without being as visible. Carrier oils with essential oils, Aloe Vera juice with essential oils, borax and peroxide (in a bath or simply applied from a container with the mixture), alcohol and essential oils, or bathing in diluted bleach (strong pool water) or diluted non-chlorine bleach (releases peroxide) ... will all force them out and kill them, and then they absolutely are visible.

Even repeatedly rubbing the stronger isopropyl alcohol (or other) with essential oils (tea tree, cedar, clove, orange, rosemary, and/or others) on the skin where they are known to be will immediately get them out and they can be felt on the skin and seen.

That some comment that it is"cruel to mention one can see them, simply shows one does not know or have experience in understanding the difference between what happens when an effective remedy works, and when one is infested and untreated.

Tiny flecks of black can be seen in bath water as it drains out as well if the treatment is effective and if you look very closely.

Replied by Andso
(Portland, Oregon)

There is NO WAY to see VERY UNKIND to spread misinformation.. Shame! do not take this persons advice PLEASE.. You could harm your skin or worse :(


I saw plenty of scabies on my pillow case..They are white but some aren't that small..I picked one off my face trying to burrow into my skin and it was pretty big..When the bug has human blood in it, they turn black..I have a white tiled shower and I've seen them on the floor so you are wrong, they are visible..I've been using cello/sticky tape along with sulpher, to run it across my eyebrows, face, body, pillow cases and it is the only thing I found that works ..Almost clear of them after nearly 4 months ..Your hair dryer also comes in handy..Run the nozzle across your hair daily to catch the one that hide in your hair.

Replied by He Had Cooties Or Ants - Not Scabies
(Tacoma, Wa)

Your kid must have had ants or cooties because what you described is not scabies...

- the scabies literally crawled out by the hundreds (scary)

-watch the mites run down the drain,

Two problems with your treatment description is:

You have anywhere from 10-20 mites on you .. if you have scabies - not "hundreds" as you put it.
The mites are a translucent teeny, tiny mite that is no bigger than the size of pin point when fully grown.. so to see them "run down the drain" and "litterally crawling out of your skin" is false!

    Good luck with that ant or cooties problem because its not scabies that your treating.

    Replied by Jessence
    (Sa, Tx)

    I respectfully disagree with the "microscopic" comments. I have had horrible acne for a while now which has been getting MUCH worse as of late. I also, as of the past month, have had intense, unbearable itching and swelling of my yoni (Sanskrit for vagina). I thought the acne was just acne~ even though I am a vegan, take raw food supplements, drink kefir daily, raw honey and home made chai tea (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, ect plus coconut milk), and basically do everything right~ and was rather stumped about it. The itch I thought was herpes (you don't have to sleep around to get it) and started natural treatments for that, but received a negative on my herpes test. So, stumped again.

    Well, recently I came across information that much acne is caused by the Demodex mite. After hours of research, I deduced that this was my acne problem, as I had all of the secondary symptoms and it totally resonated with me. So, I immediately got in the bath (at 2 am), dumped in Epsom salts and tea tree oil, and upon getting out of the bath, I slathered myself in tea tree, neem oil and coconut oil. Well, that was followed by MAJOR itch and crawling sensations on my face and yoni. I wiped at a crawly area on my face and examined my finger closely under a bright lamp. Well, there was a little SOMETHING there, kinda grayish, barely visable, long and thin~ so I smashed it between my thumbs and flattened it out. I continued inspecting my face, and lo and behold~ they were everywhere! On my face, my hairline, even on my neck and chest as I guess they tried to escape. I could FEEL them and SEE them. I couldn't tell if they were dead or not, so I tried to squish them all. Many were an exact replica of the first one found~ many were different. I seemed to have 3 (maybe 4) distinct stages of them coming out of my skin. Some were more white and soft bodied (nymphs?), some were hard and crystally (eggs?). Some came out with fibers (I read somewhere that the mite uses fibers from your clothes to make a nest). These were not all different things I was seeing and just paranoid so mistook them for the mites. These were all identical to the others of the same stage. Needless to say, I was totally grossed out, but SOOO happy to FINALLY have an answer to my embarrassing acne~ as well as the itchiness and crawy sensations of my face, scalp and ears.

    Well, then I had the idea to put the same concoction on my yoni (which was only mildly itchy at the time due to the bath). OMG~ the ITCH after putting the oils on her!!!! Crawling, creeping hell! I usually don't scrath down there, so I started to gently rub it for some relief and when I looked at my fingers, they were COVERED in the VERY SAME parasites!!!!!! I swear on my LIFE, this is the truth! I wiped my fingers on a towel, and did it again, focusing on where the itch was~ and same thing! This went on until 5 am, when I could take no more and went to sleep.

    So, today I went out and bought some tinctures of black walnut hull, wormwood and clove and I am putting myself on a MAJOR parasite cleanse. I also added clove oil and the tinctures to my oil concoction (clove oil kills parasite eggs and the others kill the other stages of parasites). I took a shower and applied the brew to my face, and got the same visable results. I applied it to my yoni, and more of the same, and this time I also got crawlies on my thighs and when I looked at those spots there was invariably a grayish speck there, undoubtably trying to escape. I am now sitting in a borax bath as I type this. So, this long story is to say that YES you CAN see them! AND you can definitely FEEL them crawling on (and in) your skin. This is not something I would spend all this time on simply telling a tall tale to yank your chain. I am extremely busy, and this past month with this SERIOUS issue has TRULY eaten up my time and I have been MISERABLE. I want NOTHING more than to get back to "normal". I guess you should be very careful when you pray that "all impure things inside of me be released and cleansed". I do think I am going to be healthier than ever, and optimum, pure, radiant health is my highest desire. I am extremely happy that I don't have herpes, because I was really dreading having to tell my husband. He's been in Panama building our island home while I have been staying at my parent's (ordering sustainable home supplies, seeds, and all the things we need to be self sufficient) for the last 6 months, and I didn't want to cause him any reason to doubt my devotion and think I cheated on him (which I NEVER have). So, I guess this is better than that. But IT SUCKS!!!! I know on some level I agreed to take this on, and I hope someday I am able to help someone else who suffers from it (I also know ALL about herpes now! ). Thanks for listening, I hope this is useful to someone and I wish you ALL the very best health imaginable. Namaste.

    Replied by Kodik
    (London, Ontario, Canada)

    Well, I have itchy scalp, ear (flaky too) and now in one spot on my genitals. I've been missdiagnosed before' doctors told me I have psoriasis but I knew it's not true because my husband and my niece got it too. I am so so desperate to heal it :( I can't sleep during the night:(

    I probably have scabies, and right this minute I'm going to take a bath with tee tree oil and coconut to kill them. We are washing the bedding EVERY DAY due to obsession.

    I hope I have something I can get rid of.

    Replied by Jan
    (Santa Cruz, Aruba)

    hello guys, I have this scabies symptoms for many years. I can sleep well, I look normal, small few bumps. Mild lession compare to scabies patient pictures. As I remember before I have bumps, lession in my penis, in the skin of my penis, I can see under my balls, the hair have a brown object clinging. Maybe dirty I dnt know. My waist also itchy.. As I finish taking a bath, I can feel crawling or running on my back area. I have also itchy thigh or bites but I cannot see bumps. In my finger web I have a bumps with have like water inside, coz I squeeze it. Seems like if I have a bumps in my body, looks have water inside. Thank you I see the earth clinic...

    When I use borax, hydrogen peroxide soak I feel better, but next day I feel still crawling in my back. My feet, in my fingers hair under I can feel them down there but can't see anything in my skin... When I hear about citrus, I try listerene citrus mouthwash all over my body from head to toe at night... In the morning I can see small black object, maybe dead mites. I can squeeze it in my nails. at day I try citrus anti bacterial handwash mix with coconut conditioner, borax dissolve in hydrogen peroxide, leave it in my body as I can... I can see again black object. after using this, this is the time I can feel them in my face and ear. In my genitals under my balls, anus which is most itchy I put always... Now I feel okey. No bites or itchy.. By this time I feel better but I can feel little crawling.. My fingers web, hands have bumps, I soak in hydrogen peroxide with borax, then I can see red blister.. Im very afraid guys, I dont want to pass this to anyone. if you try what I do be careful if you are allergic. Ted helps me with this.. Do I have Scabies?Morgellons? Collembola? anybody out there help me guys.. you can email me: janjanuary11(at)yahoo(dot)com THANKS GOD... THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC... I hope helping each other fellow sufferers on what we have suffer. We can have a new life...

    Replied by Cateyesinok
    (Tulsa, Ok)

    I'd have to agree as I've contracted them through my dog having mange and doctors, vets, internet says you cannot see them.. Perhaps her child had lice, I KNOW you can see those as my nieces and nephew had them years ago and some were pretty darn big..

    I'm currently treating my dog for sarcoptic mange with lime sulfur dip and myself with lice shampoo as none of the remedies on here has worked for my dog or myself. :( I tried the borax and peroxide and my dog screamed and it did help her belly a tiny bit but she is still fully infested.. I did the borax on myself and no go either.. I've tried vinegar, bleach and almost everything people suggested here with no relief, so I've had to turn to the vet and doctor even though I really didn't want all that harmful chemical on my dog or myself.. Such is life :( I've never had scabies before and it feels so gross

    Replied by No More Scabies
    (Shreveport, Louisiana)

    I know what you are going through! Here is my story. My son went on a mission trip and came home with scabies. Got the cream treated all family members, washed everything and a few weeks latter I had them from my back to my ankles I am talking everywhere!!! I was the only one that was invested. Went back to the doctor another round of cream! The bites continued for four months it was like I was chasing them all over my body! Tried the borax with peroxide baths twice a day, the anti bacteria lotions , neem oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, jergins lotion with lavender, orange oil, in it. Went through (4) tubes on prescription creams, wash everyday sleeping on a air mattress I felt like a crazy person Was so desperate to get rid of them that I ordered poke root and did that, if someone posted I tried it!

    Finally could not take anymore, found a different dermatologist the first one did do a scraping and I did have scabies made a appointment the bites that I have been chasing was fungalitas basically all the oils that I have been putting on my skin got my hair follicles infected, yes they itched and looked just like scabies! He gave me a prescription of sulfur antibiotics, four days later no more bumps. I hope my story helps some one I never want to go through that again!!!


    Fungalitis.... Do you know that sulfur kills scabies? Maybe you had scabies and they diagnosed fungalitis.

    Replied by Lamda
    (Princeton, Nj)

    I am currently very itchy and feel all the creepy crawlers around my body, which is how I got to this site. I have many bug bites that are small, some are bigger but much smaller than mosquito bite. I just don't know if is scabies? or rodent mite? or bird mites? I use tea tree oil on my body bc is the only thing I have available at the moment I don't seem to have any immediate relief, now I just concerned that the smell of the oil is too strong for my baby. I have to buy all the other recommendations as soon as possible. I am currently nursing so I am just praying my baby does not get these things. Is driving me crazy. Just wondering, has anyone ever being helped or got rid off by going to a pool (it has chlorine) or the beach (have salt)? I will try the pool tomorrow since I can go with all my children and not worried about the chemicals. I will post what treatment works best for me. But anyone with children please any recommendations will be helpful. I have a 7year old 4 year old and 10months old. I have seen a few bug bites on my seven year old not the other 2, but I am still concern specially about my youngest.

    Replied by Sunshine
    (Sunshine Somewhere, Usa)

    I would try natural sea salt in water... That may help. Also, working toward a good ph balance may help too. Apple cider vinegar on the spots may help as well... One other idea is hand sanitizer on spots.

    Sea salt maybe the overall best long term help, others have posted much about sea salt and the benefits.

    All of these ideas work great for little ones as well.

    Replied by Seriously
    (Atlanta, Ga)

    I have a little one as well and can't do steroids while I breastfeed but need some direction for curing on a little one...

    Replied by Carolyn
    (Madison, Wi)

    Jessence from Sa, TX. am wondering if this was really scabies or something else?

    Replied by Meci
    (Belleview, Florida)

    Some of this sounds like morgellons.

    Replied by Holistichealings1
    (Northbrook, Illinois)

    For those of you using essential oils, be sure to use "therapeutic" grade oils. Also be careful of clove oil-it is a "hot" oil and be irritating to skin. Also always do a patch test first.

    Replied by Gayle
    (West Columbia, Sc)

    There are two types of scabies, but it is the same "bug. " The first type is simple to cure with a cream or pill from the doctor or whatever method you use. The second type is crusted scabies in the beginning stages. A person with an imunno deficiency in their system, like herpes complex 1, which is a cold sore, or blisters on the fingers or anywhere on the body. Also, warts may also cause immune problems. As the scabies multiplies, the person feels no itch because he is not able to detect the chemical igE that the scabie releases with feces into the host's pore. The scabies multiply by the hundreds of thousands on the person's skin and no one is the wiser. The person may have some patch of eczema on their body, such as an elbow, face or hair.

    Fungus creams cure these patches and no one is the wiser. As the scabies multiply, the person may sometimes have a pin prick bite feeling with no visible bug to bite. The person may sometimes have itchy skin, but lotion heals that. There may be places on the body where the person thinks he has some type of clear wart or mole. It hurts to the touch, but is not otherwise bothersome. The "pimple" is a scabies nest with hundreds of thousands of scabies and eggs in it. The bug continues to multiply until, one day, the igE is too much for the person's bloodstream and he begins to feel the itch, the crawling and the biting these scabies cause. The doctor prescribes the cream and it does not work. The dermatologist says he has herpes simplex or shingles and gives him steroids, which will definitely worsen the scabies condition. The scabies live in the skin and, as the years pass, begin to make brand new nests in each pore of the skin. The scabies are everywhere, in the legs, in the back, in the arms, in the face and even definitely in the hair. This condition is the beginning stages of crusted scabies. There are pictures on the internet of horrible cases of crusted scabies in the last stage, which causes the person to look deformed. The problem is finding a doctor who understands that the condition 1)is highly contagious 2) needs the pill ivermectin or its equvalent 3) needs a cream to be applied for at least three weeks and maybe 6 weeks 4) will require treatment for a long period of time and especially a doctor who understands that all the family needs to be treated, even if they do not have symptoms. If someone has had scabies for years, many people may have been infected and should be informed to prevent an epidemic.

    I found Eucerin for very dry skin or Equate, vaseline, diluted amonia, moist tar (a drugist can mix this without a prescription), something sugary that dries on the skin like molasses or syrup and lots of showers helped me through the hell I suffered. Do not take baths, let them go down the drain. Protect others by covering with clothes from head to toe, vacuum very often daily, wash anything worn even for a minute. Put the clothes in a plastic bag to carry to the laundry room to wash or stick in the dryer for 30 min. Don't hug anybody, or touch anybody. Everywhere you walk is contaminated. Crusted scabies has so many scabies, they are visual to the naked eye and their eggs get in the fingers, which is very contagious. To find out more, Gaylestevenson(at) I welcome any questions or comments.


    Amazing comment albeit quite disheartening. 1) Have you been able to heal yourself from this catastrophe yet? If so, how? 2) I have scabies probably crusted variety, tried ALMOST everything so far. Best thing that seems to help is Prescription permethrin cream and baths with slightly more than a cup of bleach. Neem oil and tea tree seem to help too but I haven't been able to keep it on long enough and over my entire body to know for sure. 3) You said don't take baths, even with bleach? since I haven't been able to rid myself of them, what to do for it?

    Replied by Teresa
    (Ridgeland, South Carolina)

    Hi, Recently a puppy came into my yard that was real sick. I felt so sorry for him that I took him to the vet. They gave me vitamins, antibiotic for him and sent him on his way said he just was sick that is why he was losing his hair. Well, the doc was wrong he had sarcoptic mange, which is scabies and guess who got them me. I have spent 300 dollars on this dog and my family trying to get rid of them. We ran out of money to treat the dog or ourselves so I went online looking for help. I tried the borax and peroxide that helped somewhat.

    The vet gave the dog ivermectin and the borax and peroxide baths seems to help. You have to keep your bedding washed and dried everyday you need a mattress cover. Wash them in borax and hot water. I spray everything down with lice spray.

    P.S. don't let pets in area until dry and cover food and water well before spray. My mom's dog drank her water after I sprayed and got real sick almost died and I didn't even spray it near the water. I vacuum everyday. My husband and I have so far been able to keep the scabies to just us and the dog. We have my special needs son and my mom and dad live with us and they have not gotten it Thank God. We started using Germ x hand sanitizer on our bodies everytime we felt a little itch we would put it on that spot on top of lice treatment shampoo we put that on at night before bed and leave on for 8 or more hours. We started to get rid of them. I slacked off for 2 days and we got reinfested really fast so we are back on the germx washing and vacuuming and lice shampoo and borax baths for pup and us and it is going away again. All I have to say is keep it up it might take a while but I believe we are on the right track I pray do not slack off- those buggers reinfest fast. ps. puppy is a white long haired 6 month old poodle that is so sweet and smart I think he is the best dog our family is ever had Now if we could just get rid of the bugs that came with him.

    Replied by Cy
    (Mt. Eden, Ca)

    Hi all, this is a response to posts claiming that the mother is wrong because one cant see scabies... Yes you can! They are. 3-.45 of a mm (check wikipedia sarcoptic mange)..... Very small but very seeable. Especially when they've turned dark - hello, the little sucker is translucent only until they've filled their bellies with blood. Once they've burrowed you can see their home marked by a brown spot (thats their body and life's work worth of excrement- um ya theyre pooing in there too). The truth is, lots of what we call beauty marks are actually bug resting homes and after their normal two month life cycle has become a graveyard of sorts. Often though, as this is where their eggs are lain, the babies will both colonize their birth burrow and spread out, creating a trail of brown spots/burrows in a cluster. Got them during pregnancy on the inner forearm and thought I was experiencing an allergic reaction to fish. Sooo common are these bugs, maybe Adrian Monk isnt so crazy after all to carry wipes everywhere, haha. 1-10% of people in developed countries are infected and as much as 50-80% of the pop. in some places. Scabies definitely put a damper on my wanderlust... So clean at home : ) im so careful in my clinic now, wear gloves to palpate and inspect patients. Anyways, give that Mom a break. She was being helpful, sheesh!

    Replied by Motabike
    (St Petersburg, Fl, Usa)

    Craig has been the most right on, honest response I've read and identified with. I've been dealing with all sorts of "natural" treatments for months now and I seem to finally be learning whats happening, especially after reading his thoughts and experiences.

    I have found the best success making a water spray with MSM (sulfur) which I cover my whole body with, let dry into white crystal form and wait for about 30 min and then cover my body again with clove oil mixed into coconut oil base. My mix is pretty extreme but I dose it up with about 140plus drops in 3 oz coconut oil. It seems to get rid of the itchy irratation and cause all the bumps to stop growing, no trails after a couple days of that. The bumps I do have all end up more of a sore with a small scab (bugs crawling out?! ). However, almost two weeks after doing this I started slowing up on the intensity of treatment (just doing it once in the morning and once before bed instead of staying covered all day) and all of a sudden I got attacked again. I did change some things like diet, got slack and ate a pint of ice cream, also got a sandwich with lots of cheese on it (i don't think wheat or dairy or sugar is good for me already).. I was also using tea tree oil after a shower, before a bath in epsom salt and sometimes clove bud tea concentrate in the bath.. Sometimes I cover my body with betonite clay for a while before this epsom salt bath.. Sometimes I grind oatmeal and water and add that to the bath. I did start exfoliating the couple days before the outbreak again which I stopped, that was just a rough hand mitt all over my body which felt good but may have disrupted something. Maybe it was good and I had to get the deep down suckers out. I'm back to minimal itch and not so much new bumps but still have these bumps and also notice some of the brown "moles" under my arm pits like craig was saying might be deep down burrows?

    Either way, I think it's right on to get into better diet routine. My thoughts are maybe the eggs didn't die and all hatched about two weeks after a sulfur mineral springs bath I went to.. Not sure but would like others feedback.. I feel pretty intuitive and can figure out what is going on when I learn more about the life cycle.. Its just getting down to it and getting absolutely rid of these things.. I had high hopes but couldn't seem to get rid of them all before this last outbreak. I think if I keep up with the clove and coconut oil and sulfur spray however, hopefully I can catch and kill the eggs hatching before more eggs are laid?!

    Craig: If you read this, i'd like to know how things are going for you, seems like you left that comment in January so it'd be good enough time to know if they are gone for good or you are still dealing with it.. My email is motabike(at) for anyone who wants to share useful info or needs more info from me.. Thanks

    Replied by Windy & Breezy
    (Central Florida)

    I'm sorry, but you are perhaps misinformed. Keep in mind that there are many types of scabies mites and therefore, many sizes of mites. In my quest for relief, I've encountered several persons who, by all accounts, are suffering with forms of scabies that shouldn't affect humans, but so obviously do! The zip lock baggie in my freezer shows the 12-13 mites of many different stages or sizes that came out and were very visible on a white washcloth during a particularly successful treatment I tried, but which didn't rid me completely of the little buggers!

    African Black Soap

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    Posted by Toni (Orlando, Fl) on 05/06/2016

    To get rid of mites from the home, you must be religious about vacuuming everyday; tile and carpets. Laundry everyday in hot water and highheat drier.

    Use African black soap on body and hair. Will kill the eggs and the mites instantly. First few times you lather up your skin will feel a burning sensation where there are openings on your skin. There will be a major 'dry-off' of the areas infected on your skin. First time you use the soap you may want to pause from using it again for a couple days. As your skin heals and mites disappear, you can use it daily. Use a shea butter based lotion daily. You will feel relief right away. You will sleep better right away. Check with med professional before using on children.

    Good luck and God Bless.


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    Posted by Bart (Bel Air, Md) on 12/23/2012

    Scabies - I have 90% relief using amber colored Original Listerine, not the blue listerine. After shower, put on gloves and apply listerine all over. Keep out of eyes. But can use on face. Air dry or blow dry, then take half a lemon, apply all over, let dry. Then apply coconut oil all over. Try to do this 2x day.

    Replied by Lou
    (Tyler, Tx)

    I'm not sure what I have going on, but I've been losing my hair. I tried the blue Listerine (it has thymol--anti-parisitic) on my eyebrows and eyelid margins. I haven't put it in my hair. I did read in a dog cure website to slice lemons and boil. Let steep overnigtht and use as a final rinse on hair the next day. Hope this helps. Worked for me! They are back, though. I also poured seabucktorn juice on as a final rinse. It relieved it for a while. Last night I applied a lot of mayonnaise with a shower cap and took a bath in peroxide and borax a couple of hours later. Better.

    I used to drink Constant Comment tea with cloves. I may start doing that again.

    Andrographis Paniculata

    Posted by Katina (Sydney) on 10/15/2015

    Scabies: Andrographis paniculata internally as tea or tablets. Very good. Hemp oil with vinegar.

    You must you must treat the whole household and clean everything including clothes shoes etc.

    Antibacterial Soap

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    Posted by Shellie (Delaware, USA) on 09/26/2008

    I tried ___ bodywash, an antibacterial soap. It helps with any skin condition like scabies, acne, any sores that spread on body. I am unsure what I have but resembles scabies & sores people get with fibromyalgia that sometimes itch & burn & spread. What antibacterial ___ does (may be other soaps as well like safeguard my mom says helped for shingles) is peels off the swelling/sores & they are gone. Unfortunately they will come back if you dont treat with a chemical free remedy. U can do a google search to find out where to buy an inexpensive cure.

    Replied by Renate
    (Jacksonville, Florida)

    I have had scabies for about a year and tried the antibacterial soap route and it doesn't work. At least not for me. These are feisty little creatures we are dealing with and as we know the Permethrin cream doesn't work.

    Replied by Jeanannesooter
    (Winfield, Kansas)

    I will tell I don't know what was bitting me but ___ Antibacterial WORKS I been trying to get rid of this for 3 years. and I had sores all over big ones there going away in 2 days time wow I'm happy and also Orange Oil. Mine is going away I'm so thankfull to e1 on this web sit I put the Orange Oil; on left it for a day then Just wash your self with the ___ Antibacterial and you will see it go away


    The anti-bacterial soap will help with inflammation only. And while that will provide some relief, it will not kill the scabies. Not even close.

    Replied by Ann
    (Greenville, Nc)

    Where do you purchase neem or orange oils? I asked my local drug store for sulphur soap and they dont supply such? Tired of the itch from scabies.... any info will be helpful.

    Replied by Brygivrob
    (Escondido, Ca)

    I searched the website where I buy vitamins and herbs, and all three items you want are there. We cannot post brand or company names, so just search online supplement companies, or email me at [email protected] and I will give you the info.

    Replied by Angela
    (Smalltown, Bc Canada)

    Antibacterial soap was a good help for hands and other exposed areas. I did not get red bumps on my hands at any time during my scabies outbreak. It also made me feel a little more secure knowing that the scabies was less likely to be passed along after I had washed my hands with antibacterial soap.


    Some other things I did were:

    - I used permethrin. Although it didn't completely work, it did lessen the problem slightly giving me an edge on it. I did two treatments overall in three weeks

    - I washed everything I touched/wore with 1/2 cup borax and the regular amount of laundry detergent in hot water. I then dried clothing bone dry (very important).

    - I kept clean laundry in separate containers from all other clothing and only used clean clothes. This may mean that you will end up washing everything in your wardrobe eventually, but it's better than having scabies.

    - I put anything that couldn't be washed in the freezer for a minimum of 4 days or you could dry clean. I live remotely, so that's not possible here.

    - I did not wear clothing more than once and changed sheets/pillow cases daily being very careful in how I handled everything, gloves are a good idea. Consider anything unwashed as toxic and deal with it accordingly.

    - I did not sit on any soft furniture for minimally 3 weeks, I sprayed it with bleach water and covered it with diotamaceous earth. If you must use yours, try to sterilize it then cover it with a fresh sheet and change that regularly. I don't have a vacuum, so I will wait to deal with it when I believe all scabies are dead. I am only sitting on vinyl or wooden chairs at the moment.

    - You may hear that scabies live for only up to 72 hours, but I think it is a good idea to assume they can live for up to 3-4 weeks and proceed accordingly. It's better to be safe than reinfect yourself the way I did.

    - I disinfected bathroom and other surfaces every time I used them - don't forget the toilet seat, hard chairs, computer, telephone, driver's wheel, books, etc. Wipe down anything you touch regularly, even being careful with the toilet paper. Remember, everything you touch is a potential site for reinfection

    - I covered my mattress with a plastic sheet which I sprayed down daily with bleach and let dry. I also sprinkled diotamaceous earth on it before sleeping there. In the morning I would remove all bedding and put it directly into the laundry basket and then go clean myself.

    - I slept just with a sheet and a hot water bottle to ease laundry woes.

    - I turned the heat up in the house. It helps with drying out the critters and also lets you wear less clothing, therefore less laundry

    - I made a spray bottle with water and used a mixture of at least 3 essential oils: peppermint, citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano, neem oils (approximately 20 drops of each to a regular sized spray bottle). The ones most recommended for scabies are: tea tree, neem, orange, citronella, lavender, ginger, or black pepper. I just used what I could get.

    - I bathed twice a day with approx. 10-20 drops of tea tree oil in my bath. make sure you soak your hair and head as well.

    - I covered my skin and even my hair with diotomaceous earth at night before sleeping. I just sprinkled it on and rubbed it in while being careful not to breathe it in.

    - I washed floors at least twice a day with bleach or vinegar water and also sprinkled diotamaceous earth around the floors.

    - I rolled up and put outside all carpets. I will deal with these in a few weeks by sprinkling with diotamaceous earth, leaving them for a couple of days and then shaking them out, or preferably, vacuuming them. I will then wipe them down with bleach water or essential oils.

    - Steam cleaning is recommended for carpets and furniture, but i don't have access, so I have to resort to other ways

    - I sprinkled diotamaceous earth in my shoes and also sprayed them with essential oil mix or bleach water

    - I also sprayed down all coats or put them in a hot dryer for 20 min

    - I sprayed down curtains and anything i touched, ie light switches regularly

    - I always wore clean socks and tried to keep all my skin covered to prevent reinfection from my environment ie long sleeves, long pants, long, thick socks

    - I have been drinking 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar daily in order to alkaline my body, other suggestions are green tea, neem tablets, 8 glasses of water a day with a few drops of peppermint oil, cloves, garlic, onions

    - I put neem oil cream or tea tree oil directly on my body wherever i felt an itch and at night I would use it all over my body.

    - stay away from eating sugar

    - take magnesium/calcium supplements

    I have been EXTREMELY DILIGENT with all of this and it seems to be working. It has been a few days now of being pretty much symptom free. Wish me luck! I wish you luck. This is a horrible and very humbling thing to go through, but I do believe that it can be overcome. I sincerely hope this information will help you. Good luck.

    Replied by Angela
    (Smalltown, Bc)

    I just wanted to add a few more details to my previous post. I unfortunately got reinfected by mistakenly putting on a wool sweater that hadn't been washed. It is just so easy to keep getting this. Diligence and complete daily discipline to cleanliness are the only solutions.

    Also, I found that having scabies really drained me of energy. My body was doing its best to fight it off, but it was exhausting and deprived me of any motivation. These beasties know how to make their host weak. I think it is important to know that so that you can fight it mentally when you are tired physically. You must get up and do that laundry, eat well, clean your body, no matter how hard it feels.

    I have now managed to get rid of this horrid pest, but the residual itch still freaks me out occasionally.

    Also I wanted to say that the 5% permethrin cream did work, but for a couple of days it felt like it didn't work and in fact made me feel like things were even worse. The orange essential oil has been a godsend also. I still put it on and in my bath just out of comfort because it definitely helps and calms me down at the same time.

    You CAN get rid of this thing. But it may take a few repeated treatments over a few months as it did for me. I wish you all the best.

    Replied by Sick Of Scratching
    (Uk, Midlands)

    My mum in a really lovely care home contracted scabies back in july, after several visits from the GP a diagnosis was reached and treatment commenced. - she is still infected and so are three members of my family! - we have tried lots of the above tea tree oil, coconut oil, neem oil, and sulphar soap and bathing twice a day (doesnt help but makes me feel clean) also washing everything after one wear including used towels after bathing - all the bedding washed on a daily basis - all very time consuming!

    After some big scratching the other night and my skin feeling like it was crawling I decided to use a clothing lint roller (like selotape for clothes) but I ran it over the severely itchy areas on my body which felt a good bit less itchy and also collected any little critters roaming around on the surface (RESULT) - I am now taking this a little futher after rollering I am applying either sticky dressing pads to major bite areas or bits of microporous tape across the little bumps cause the little buggers once caught on the tape cannot move including any new ones crawling out. Also lint roller very good for going over soft furnishings after hoovering to collect any strays - quite effective up to now. - early days will keep you posted.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

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    Posted by Rita (Ekron, Ky, Usa) on 11/16/2010

    In ruling out what could be causing the terrible itching that I've had for the past month I came across this website two nights ago. I was sure that I had seen Apple Cider Vinegar mentioned as one of the cures but after going thru three pages of posts tonight was unable to find Apple Cider Vinegar mentioned in anyway when talking about scabies. Does anyone know how it might be used for a cure? Have used the borax, peroxide soak three times so far and still itching almost if not as bad as I was when I realized I have scabies and have had a new outbreak in the last few minutes.

    Replied by Parasite Hunter
    (Bongor, Me)

    I doubt that this would manifest a 'cure' for scabies, but it could make them leave your body. When you take Apple Cider Vinegar it detoxes the digestive system like Drano and cleans the system so rapidly WATCH OUT I've used it when I am really ill. It can cure things because it makes you an unwanted host. I suggest fasting off of sugar (even take less fruit) and spices. All inner parasites look for a negative terrain to run rampant. Use the Cider Vinegar! I just went for mine and I'm out. No funds for it or else I'd be on it now.

    Apple Cider Vinegar +

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    Posted by Lorisayshey (San Diego, Ca) on 08/15/2011

    Scabies are a microscopic insect that burrow into your skin and leave marks that look like flea or misquito bites. It is very diffucult to be rid of because they are micoscopic and they reproduce rapidly. It burrows into the top layer of your skin, digs a tunnel and makes a nest using the fibers of your clothes, then it lays 1-3 eggs every day which hatch in a few days. They become larvae which then travel down the tunnel to the surface of your skin and hang onto the hair on your skin until they turn into adults a few days later, then they burrow into your skin and continue this disgusting process. If you scratch your skin, the eggs get under your nails and you tranfer them to other parts of your body very quicklty. This spreads it and makes it harder to get rid of. The adults cannot live outside your body for more than 72 hours; however, the eggs can last for years in clothes, furniture, etc. You must kill the eggs left under your skin before they hatch or you could have this stuff for years!

    I was fortunate to know right away that I had Scabies because someone close to me was diagnosed and was undergoing treatment when I visited him. He told me right off that he was being treated for Scabies (didn't know what that was at the time) and that his dermatologist said that he was not contagious as long as he was undergoing the treatment, but we found this to be untrue in my case! I noticed the first itchy spots the very next day and all I did was sit on his couch for a couple hours watching a movie. Most people don't find out they have Scabies for weeks and by that time they are severely infested and so his their home, car, office, or places they frequent. This makes it more difficult to rid themselves of this horrible disgusting parasite and to prevent others from catching it. Here's what I did to get rid of it in 5 days and what I passed onto my friend, who was much more infested than me, and also was able to get rid of it completely in about 2 weeks.

    Here's what you need to purchase at the store:

    • Organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) not white vinegar (1 part vinegar 8 parts water) in new clean spray bottle. Used to sterilize.
    • Hydrogen peroxide.
    • Q-tips
    • Bleach (1 part bleach 4 parts water) in spray bottle. Used to sterilize.
    • 100% peppermint oil
    • 100% tea tree oil
    • Non-itch formula (1/4 cup coconut oil with 3 drops peppermint oil and 6 drops tea tree oil). Also kills adult Scabies and their larvae.
    • A box of Borax or Baking soda sanitizes the wash.
    • Plastic mattress cover and plastic bags that can be sealed or tied shut completely. Mattress cover should cover your entire mattess (like the kind that zips up).
    • Either purchase Castle peppermint liquid soap, or put a few drops of peppermint oil in your shampoo and liquid body soap.
    • Purchase a new nylon body scrubber to wash with don't use washclothes.

    Antibacterial soap to wash hands throughout the day or you can use any liquid soap with a few drops of peppermint oil. Using antibacterial soap too much will dry out your hands eventually, I found out later.

    You must be deligent at all times to get rid of this horrible pest, not just for yourself, but for those you care about or come in contact with throughout the day.

    1. Remember at all times that you are highly contagious and infected until ALL red spots are completely gone (about 10 days since the last spot left). DON'T EVER SCRATCH IT that's how you spread it. As soon at it itches, apply the non-itch formula, even if this means you must wake up in the middle of the night to apply the formula.

    2. Don't touch or hug anyone! If you come in close contact with someone while you are infected, you MUST warn them that you are infected and that they should check themselves twice daily to see if they get bite marks, which typically show up first under their arms, on their back, or inside their thighs.

    3. Clean and sterilize anything that you've touched until ALL red spots are gone! Such as: bedsheets, pillows, blankets, clothes, towels, brushes, combs, door knobs, car seat, steering wheel, office chair, toilet seats (use covers). Wash everything in hot water, add 1/4 cup baking soda or Borax to wash, and dry in hot dryer. If you can't wash it, spray it with the Apple Cider vinegar solution or dryclean it, or throw it out inside a plastic bag and put in trash outside the home.

    4. To keep from having to wash bed pillows every day, I wrapped mine tightly with plastic trash bags.

    5. Remove rugs from bathroom floor. If your bathroom is carpeted, cover the carpet with rugs that can be washed after every shower.

    6. My daily routine was as follows:

    • Didn't do anything until I first stripped bed of sheets, pillow cases, blankets, pjs, underwear and put in them in washer right away (not in the laundry basket, but in the washer). But didn't turn on washer until I got out of shower. If you get up and go into kitchen and make coffee or do something before you do this, you may be spreading the pest to other places in your house without knowing it. So get in the shower first thing. They seem to reproduce more active during the night, thus they could be on the surface of your skin, so if you have any on your skin when you wake, you could easily transfer them to another location that you or someone else could pick up later.
    • Spray mattress and pillows (that are wrapped in plastic bags) with bleach formula.
    • Stand in shower and put hydrogen peroxide all over your body, especially on the sores. Wait 5 minutes, then shower with hot water as hot as you can stand it.
    • While in shower, first wash hands from hyrodgen peroxide - don't get in eyes, wash hair with peppermint soap (I used Castle peppermint liquid soap, but you can put a few drops of peppermint oil in any body wash or liquid soap and use this), then wash body with peppermint soap. If you shave, use throwaway shavers and don't use them more than once. Don't use peppermint soap on private areas and careful not to get in eyes, only because it stings. Use your regular soap on private areas and your regular shampoo and cream rinse after using the peppermint soap. Don't use regular soap on other areas of your body. You need to keep as much of the non-itch formula on your skin throughout the day as possible because when the larvae come to the surface of your skin and come in contact with the peppermint and also the tea tree oil, it kills them. It wears off after a few hours. The coconut oil is not only used to dilute the peppermint oil and tea tree oil, but the coconut oil also has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help to keep the skin clean. The coconut oil also helps to smother the adult Scabies. I read that you can also use olive oil, but I used coconut oil because I already knew of its other benefits. I've used coconut oil for years to keep from catching colds, flu, etc. The peppermint and coconut oil are also natural exfolients that keep the skin moist and will help to keep the skin from drying out due to all the washings.
    • Before getting out of shower, spray shower wall, floor and everything in shower with the bleach formula. Get out of shower and towell off, then put the same towell on the floor and stand on this until you are ready to dress.
    • After towelling off and combing hair with pre-sterilized brush (soaked in bleach or ACV formula), apply the non-itch formula to each sore then rub it into the rest of your body all over, including the face.
    • Spray down sink, toilet, and bathroom floor with ACV solution and wipe up with same towel and put this towell in washer with bedding.
    • Put on clean clothes that have not not worn yet or that have been washed in hot water with Borax or bleach.
    • Turn on washer. Put everything in dryer and dry hot for 50 minutes (before you leave for work so that they are ready when you arrive home later).
    • Take ACV spray with you to work along with the non-itch formula.
    • Put a clean towell over car seat and then spray towel on seat and steering wheel each morning before getting into car with the ACV spray.
    • While at work, use caution. Do not touch anyone (shake hands) or exchange materials with others that you have touched. Do not scratch, apply non-itch formula to sores several times during the day and as as often as needed. Spray office chair with Apple cider vinegar solution before sitting on it. It's best if you can stay home and isolated if possible. However, I know that everyone can't do this.
    • When you arrive home, get clean towels and clothes (not those in the dryer these are for later) and repeat steps to take a shower BEFORE sitting down or touching anything don't take clean items out of dryer until AFTER you have showered. If you have to sit down on anything, put a clean towel down first, but recommend you shower as soon as you can. Don't forget to put the towel you sat on in the washer before someone else sits on it. Also, don't put dirty clothes in hamper, put them in a trash bag. If you did, spray hamper with bleach formula.
    • Now take clean bedding, pjs, etc. Out of dryer and make bed. You should be clean the rest of the night, but I also sprayed my feet with the Apple Cider vinegar spray each time before I put them into bed. Try to get up during the night to reapply the non-itch formula. Once it wears off, you can get bitten again very easily and this whole process has to start all over again!
    • Repeat this routine daily until ALL red spots are gone. Takes about 10 days after last bite is totally healed.
      It's hard and exhausting, but you can win and get rid of these things if you are patient, deligent, and don't give up!

    Day 1 - I started out with six sores the morning after I came in contact with infected person. I had five bites under my right arm, one under my left arm. These things are extremely itchy and when you scratch them, they hurt! When hot water hits them they string! I Began treatment later that evening (day 2), next morning I had 7 more (13 total) under left arm, under breast, inside left upper thigh and inside right leg by knee, and even one on the back of my neck. Day 3, no new ones and the first ones started to get lighter. Day 4, no new ones and first ones were almost gone. Day 5 all but two bites were almost gone. There were two that would not go away. Kept applying hydrogen peroxide could see welts around the bite area that were the eggs under the skin. Skin looked normal until I soaked the area with the hyrodgen peroxide. Eventually 2 days later they started to go away too. However, when I was still recovering from the last one, I was forced to take care of my quad son to feed him, because his caretaker had a death in the family. While I was feeding him dinner (darn it I should have worn latex gloves), he got three small bites on his neck. I treated it right away with hydrogen peroxide, but by the next morning his face, neck, shoulders, and scalp were covered with hundreds of bites! So, I covered myself up as much as possible, wore latex gloves and began treating him too. My last sore was nearly gone by now, so I thought I was ok, but I WAS NOT! My poor son. The only place he can feel is above his shoulders and the entire area is covered with bites. He can't stop scratching rubs his head and neck on his wheelchair headrest, so it is making it harder to get rid of. I let all his caretakers go and I stayed home from work to care for him. After putting the hyrogen peroxide all over his face and neck using a q-tip, they burn itch horibbly. Then applied the non-itch formula all over his body, did better. 2nd night he could actually sleep thru the night thank God. But, even though I covered myself all over while caring for him, I still woke up with a new bite on my arm! These things are so horrible and very hard to get rid of.

    I recommend that you go online and read everything you can about what other people had to go through with this horrible parasite and what things they did that helped. Best site I found was Don't totally trust what doctors tell you (even a dematologist) and don't waste money purchasing products created to treat this pest they aren't guaranteed and the household items I used worked fine! My friend's dermatologist did not tell him that others could get infected if they sat on his infected couch like it did! If you don't follow the above instructions, you may continue to get reinfested and end of having to take some really bad stronger medicine that could cause other major health problems. Just read others' unbelieveable stories on the internet who have been through this. Some were infected for years!

    Another thing to note. My friend went to his dermatologist. The standard remedy given is to prescribe Permethrin cream, which includes a toxic synthetic chemical commonly used as a pesticide! They tell you to cover your body with this stuff and leave it on ALL NIGHT! Are they kidding this chemical is banned in 40 countries but not in the USA. This chemical is known to cause cancer, seizures, and Parkinson's disease!

    I am a Christian and I believe that the Lord helped me figure out how to get over this stuff quickly by 1) leading me to the treatment info I needed to get be rid of it, and 2) reminding me to be deligent about doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done and stick with it, even when it was in the middle of the night when I was dead tired and didn't want to get up and put the non-itch formula on my sores. It seems to itch the most at night. I was so, so tempted to just scratch it and go back to sleep. I thank God He helped me through this so that my son and I could be free of it and not infest anyone else. I pray that my journal and instructions help someone else get free from these awful things. Hang in there, pray, trust the Lord and He will get you through it!

    Found out later that you DO NOT want to put the bleach on your skin. Causes the adult to burrow deeper into your skin. Use the hyrogen peroxide - works better at killing them inside their tunnels - the eggs too.

    Bitter Melon

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    Posted by AmethystMoon (Florida) on 08/31/2023

    I've tried everything to get rid of the itch. Everything. I then read that bitter melon (aka bitter squash, bitter gourd) is actually called scabies fruit in other countries. In less than a week my symptoms, which plagued me for a year were reduced by 80%! I ordered the capsules online and I now take them daily along with MSM. Try it.

    Replied by Janette
    (Waco Tx)

    How many mg do you take and how often and how many days? I've had trouble getting rid of these? Thank you

    Bitter Melon
    Posted by Crystal (Nv) on 08/16/2018

    Please get bitter melon or bitter gourd. You can find the pills at your local health food store or online (Amazon). You can find the fruit at Asian markets and juice it. This worked for me when all else failed and I had tried EVERYTHING. I had it all over my hands for close to a year and had practically given up but continued to do research and found bitter melon which is known as the scabies fruit in some foreign countries. As the name implies it is very very bitter and I am sure that it makes our bodies not a good host for the scabies parasite. They do not like the taste of it. Take it as directed.

    Replied by Nan

    How much bitter melon, and for how long did you take it? Thanks.

    Replied by Linda

    That's interesting! In which form did you take it? As a fruit or in capsules? Thank you!!!

    Replied by Patrick
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    Hello: Just writing about your post from many years ago about bitter melon for scabies. How long did you use it?


    Replied by Imogen

    Crystal posted about bitter melon cure for scabies in 2018. Thank you, Crystal! It's a miracle! In the Philippines bitter melon is very common. My grandma often tells me to eat it coz it's medicine. But I just hated it.

    So we have a big garden and one of the tenants got a stray cat. Then they had the worst scabies case. They had to leave the place coz according to them it's in the property but in truth none of that happened until they adopted that cat. The bugs spread all over the place and we got it for many years. It was just the most resistant type of bug!
    We used everything! Ivermectin, sulfur, Permethrin, tea tree oil, acapulco oil, clove oil, blower, teds remedies...the list goes on . Nothing worked.
    The itch was so bad all I could do was cry!

    The sleepless nights and the suffering! I understand it totally!
    I never want even my enemies to have them.

    So, I read Crystal's post. So I said I'll give it a try. What do I got to lose? I can buy bitter melon capsules anywhere in the Philippines! They are called ampalaya capsules. They're more popular as diabetes cure. It lowers blood sugar significantly. So I took two capsules 2x/ day. I kid you not! First two days the itch was gone 50%, on the third day the itch was totally gone. On the 5th day, the rashes have totally dried out. For the first time in maybe 5 years, we are itch free n cured!

    So we just take it 2x a day now . It has other health benefits . Since I started drinking it, I lost weight. But after using the bathroom gosh! It's like I pooped smth dead. So I'm thinking maybe the bitterness was just all over our system that all the mites just ran away!
    We were not the chosen host anymore.

    I'm thinking if there are no host, then all the mites will just die after 3 days.

    This is a miracle! Thank you Crystal wherever u are! Thank u Earth clinic! Thank you God! You are a miracle working God!

    Replied by Kerry
    (United Kingdom)

    Hi Imogen, do you remember what strength the tablets were that you took 2 times a day.


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    Posted by Amy (Richland, Washington) on 03/11/2012

    It all started when my boyfriend came home very itchy! We had two months in to our new apartment, also bought a new bedding set, new comforter set, NEW EVERYTHING! We thought perhaps the itching was brought on by dust, chemicals from his job, or something so simple as dry skin. Sadly, we were wrong! This is where our worst living nightmare came to life. The scratching got so bad and the most scratching happened when we were in bed trying to sleep and that never became possible. We would finally be able to sleep when our eyes couldn't take it any longer! In the morning is when we noticed the most bumps on my boyfriends rear and in between both our thighs. Two whole weeks went by, I would wonder to the store at night when the itching was unbearable because we both felt things crawling in a sense. SO I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! Cortizone creams, Cortaid sprays, Zyrtec Allergy pills, Benadryl. NOTHING over the counter got rid of this awful itching. Finally it came down to a night where I was so frustrated and spent hours in an emergency room to find out what my hubby and I had. SCABIES was the first word the doctor said! Thanks to Google, I later found out what this horrible parasite was. Sleep was out the window for sure! The doctor prescribed Permethrin cream. Shit sucked! Tried it twice and still nothing. So don't even waste your time with these doctor visits. One doctor prescribed me with Eurax 10% Lotion which was only available at one Rite Aid pharmacy for the price of $400! Crazy right, and no I didn't buy. Wasn't going to throw more money away for something that might have came back to haunt me.

    So thanks to all the research online, I came across here. Read everyones stories and let me tell you, I know how it feels to have these disgusting things crawling around in your skin. It's mortifying and I will ever be the same.

    When I came home from the first doctor visit I rushed to have everything washed in HOT water. I began to start washing piece by piece every single clothing we had and that became impossible. So now we have collected only a few pieces of clothing that we can wear over and over after washing over and over, manly pj's because we have been confined to these apartment walls. Every other piece of clothing and blanket I put in plastic bags tightly sealed and in front of the sun. They have to be on the skin to survive right? In those bags they will stay for a week so they can die completely!

    I started up my bath and dropped a cup of bleach with the hottest water our bodies could take, following with sitting in there for a good 15-20 minutes. Washed our bodies with Sulfur soap and a all natural lavender soup to rinse off with. And when we got out we lightly dried ourselves and again rubbed some more bleach and water mixer, applying more amounts in the places where we both needed the most. I slept through the night for the first time in a month after doing this. Minor itches here and there, yes. The results are there, BLEACH is the cure for these things. Constant day to day cleaning of everything in your home and everything you touch. We washed and cleaned the carpets as an obsession that maybe they were all over the carpet. Now everything I clean I wipe down with bleach!

    At first I found all of this very tiring but it's a routine one literally has to make part of their life to get rid of this condition. I have never came across with anyone besides my boyfriend and myself who has experienced this and I don't ever wish it upon anyone!

    Right now we are going through the baths and constant cleaning to fight these off and little by little I know these suckers will give up with my "bleaching baths," as I like to call them.

    I hope this is helpful to some like it was so very helpful to me! Many good lucks go out the the people experiencing this and trying to find ways to get rid of these suckers. Above all have faith that things will get better and that this will pass:)

    Replied by Scabie No!
    (New York, Ny)

    I wanted to add my cent to this nightmare. Anyway no more bites still dealening with crawlies and pinpricks. I thight I was cured bc I wasn't getting bites and wasn't really itchy. Well the crawling on my face and head was driving me nuts. And I did treat the face and head and body with permethirn like 20 times ( no joking) and also did ivermectin it is very helpful but sometimes not curative depending if it makes it to te skin or not. Some livers seems to fight the venom more than others but there is a high cure among many. Except myself. Although I am trying it again bc I was showering after my dose and that washes off the oil of skin and also the ivermetin that kill them.

    If you get lucky and ask your doctor for ivermectin( aka Stromectol ) ask him to give at least 3 doses at 250mc per kilo. Take it in the evening and do not eat 3hours prior the dose. Only drink grapefruit before and after and that will extend the efficacy of this med. Take it with any oil I took fish oil like 4 pills and this is very information do not take a shower for 2 days and keep the permethrin for 24 hours or more. 12 hours is not enough. Scabies in America are becoming resistant to permethirn. Everyone knows that.

    Now I am also doing bleach baths and after the bath I am doing a 8 hour castor oil with Tea tree oil. Castor oil suffocated them big time. I did it. I did the castor for the first time last night bc I wanted to know if I was cured or not, due the lack of tracks bites etc and itchness but surely enough I was shocked bc once you do the castor oil wait like 15 minutes and they go crazy!!!!! The good thing about these bastards is that they need oxygen u cut that and you kill a lot. Now you have to continue this for like 6 weeks due to eggs.

    Replied by Birdsong
    (Salisbury, Australia)

    I would be very cautious using bleach on exposed skin. My sister ended up in hospital with an Asthma attack with no previous history of Asthma, or future occurances of Asthma like symptoms, after breathing it in simply using it as a household cleaner!

    As with any treatment, I have found it wise to ask oneself, do the possible benefits outweigh the risks? Just a thought.

    Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

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    Posted by Heather (Alabama) on 03/05/2016

    My husband and I have been suffering from scabies since early November. We got a couch from some family and within a few days of bringing it home noticed we were breaking out and itching bad. Neither of us have ever had them before or known anyone who had them. We finally broke down and went to the doc. They prescribed the cream for both of us but unfortunately couldn't afford it as we have no health insurance. I started searching the Web and tried everything possible and nothing worked.

    Finally tonight I gave up and we tried the bleach and peroxide bath. I put 1 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup peroxide in a full tub of water as hot as I could stand it. As soon as I sat down I felt instant relief. The itching stopped immediately and I could feel my skin no longer feeling like I have things crawling all over me. I soaked for 20 min then got out and air dryed. I have also used the same amount in a spray bottle and sprayed all my furniture and bed.

    Will continue to do this and hope they go away.

    Replied by Linda
    10 posts

    Yes it works now their in my living room I use DE that powder . My bedroom is a war room I'm at ends meet. I have to take all my clothes out of drawers in a bag and put outside I'm in Alabama and it's been raining a lot they hate the heat I need sunshine to do this. If you had them on your skin they will get into your bed. OMG! THATS WHEN I REALIZED THEY WERE ALL IN MY BEDROOM! I CANT SLEEP IN MY BED ANYMORE UNTIL I GET THAT OLD BOX SPRING OUT I GET IT OUR WITH A TARP THE PIWDER IS ALL OVER MY ROOM ALL CRACKS AND CREVICES MY MATTRESS WAS ALREADY ENCLOSED WITH A PLASTIC MATTRESS COVER. IT'S BEEN OVER A WEEK NOW.I SLEEP ON TH LOVE SEAT. NOW I BELIEVE THEIR IN THIS ALSO! GOD HELP US PLEASE 🙏🏼

    Replied by Peter

    I have read that mixing these two causes a chemical reaction that creates chlorine gas which can be toxic. People considering this option should be careful.

    Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by D (Houston, Tx) on 08/03/2012

    I contracted an itchy rash from the man I had been seeing for the last 6 months. He travels quite a bit for work and he became symptomatic before me and the doctor said it was contact dermatitis. But that doesn't spread to others. After I started itching, I realized the doctors were wrong. But then couldn't find anything until this website. The fact that people were so frank and not scared to say... this worked for me.

    Tonight is my first attempt at the Bleach/Peroxide bath and this is the first I have not wanted to peel my skin off in days. After the bath I took a hot scrub shower, and then sprayed myself with a water/bleach mix(4/1) and dryed with a hair dryer. Then slathered in tea tree oil.

    I hope that everyone tries this. INSTANTLY better. Now begins the battle of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

    But thank you to everyone who shared an alternative to doctors and pesticides.

    Replied by Lee81
    (Charlotte, Nc)

    I have been reading all the post regarding the bleach and peroxide baths and was wondering could I do this for a 15 month old if not what can I do?

    Replied by Using Common Sense Helps
    (Anywhere, Usa)

    PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR CHILD!! A child's skin is much more delicate than an adults and you could burn his skin (and yours) with bleach. Not knowing what is causing the rash, have him checked for allergies. In the meantime.... I have used generic Milk of Magnesia for rashes on my grandson that helped greatly. Stops the itching and clears it up. NO CHEMICALS!

    Replied by Wayseeker
    (Modesto, Ca/ Usa)

    I totally agree about not using bleach on a baby.

    If this is for a diaper rash, you could try a Lemon and warm water soak, with some Essiac tea (goes by FlorEssence also) splashed in, and a couple of drops of Rosemary Oil. This could really help. Keep the soaking water out of baby's hands due to hand-to-eye impulse.

    I have had great success with yeast with this warm soak. Don't use the rosemary or lemon unless you will keep the soak water out of childs reach and eyes! One way is to do a soaked compress on baby's bottom, and so avoid the splashing into eyes concern alltogether. --T.

    Replied by Karen
    (Clarkston, Mi)

    Bleach is NOT good for any contact by any human being. Study and google the effects of clorine before suggesting to people to use it.

    Replied by Scabiesbegone
    (Charlotte, Nc)

    What can I use to treat a 12 month old with scabies? Please help!


    Please tell me if you were able to treat your baby and why you used? I think we have it and my baby is five months.

    (New Jersey)

    Find a lotion with Hypochlorous acid (0.018%) and Sodium chloride (0.06%) on Amazon. It is safe and effective and can be used on children. I used it on my 5 year old with Vaseline to suffocate them and we are mites free.

    Replied by Mmsg
    (Somewhere, Europe)

    Wayseeker: and I have had great success with only coconut oil.

    Replied by Wayseeker
    (Modesto, Ca/ Usa)

    Hi there! Not to scare you or anything, but many people have what is presently called Morgellons, and their first understanding is that they have scabies. Unfortunately, this is much more difficult to control or get rid of than scabies. Please try not to be afraid, if you look into it, as fear itself is very destructive, and makes this problem much worse. It almost teaches one to neccesarily "walk in balance," if you will.

    That said, there are a number of things written online about modalities that have helped. The biggest concern is that your child is very young, and so you must treat with care, and under a doctor's supervision.

    Is the child breasfed? Was the child only recently given solid foods? There is the possibility of dealing with a food allergy. I would check the listings on this site under both, if they are there.

    I believe that anything that kills parasites, or builds immunity could help. There is something called Clarkia, which is essentially clove, wormwood, black walnut hulls. Again, I do not know if safe for an infant, so check with M. D. I had to inform my doctor about Morgellon's, who had no idea, and then he later said, "Everyone has it."

    Colloidial silver may help. Essiac tea helps. I have had much success with Vit C lately, and also believe in drinking warm water and lemon. Morgellons hates coconut oil... Capsules, on a spoon, or topically. Sulphur soap is very soothing. Beta Glucans of various types seem to help. I have used many types, and like Immutol. Some use diatomaceous earth (DE). You must proceed with caution with a baby, and perhaps see a specialist or dermatologist. I would almost suggest staying with breastfeeding as much as possible.

    I am learning much about undenatured, grass-fed origin, whey and glutathione, and believe that it approximates, or is, the best part of raw milk, which is an incredible healer, based on old books now out of print, one of which I just finished reading. Revelation speak about this: "They shall all eat whey."

    No sugar, no bread, no juice. Pineapple is a good anti-parasitical, especially the hard inner core... Can chew on it or juice it. Lots of fresh organic veges and good water, not tap. Tap has flouride which destroys the immune system. That's enough for now. Know that many people are also suffering with this, worldwide, and is possibly contagious, or so it appears, or else only becomes a problem with weakened immune systems. After all that, perhaps it is just scabies, which is much easier to heal, by cleanliness and enzymes spray. But I doubt it. Remember that knowledge is power. Babe in prayers. --T.

    10 posts

    Well if they're crawling in your bed and biting you you know it's SCABIES!

    Replied by Citygirl27
    (Richardson, Tx, Usa)

    Coconut Oil all over. Easy peasy, non-toxic if they lick it, no prescription needed, smells yum, and apply as often as you like. Coconut oil smothers the mites and heals the spots. First few times you may want to bathe them 30-60 minutes afterwards, as black flecks will come out noticeably. Also, lemon juice works wonders on any bumps without broken skin, as in a lemon wedge.

    Bleach and Water

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    Posted by Jules (Georgia) on 04/23/2021

    So thankful I found this site. In 2021 this regimen of bleach/water still works. Particularly on page 2. I would add to use veterinarians formula antiparasitic/antisebhorrahic shampoo and lime sulfur dips on the animals. Be very careful and make sure to dilute it, using just a paper towel around the animal's face. It's very toxic to their eyes/nose etc. Also, don't go in the car for 4 days so the mites die off. Take a bath in 2 cups of bleach, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide daily. Spray down with a 4:1 or 5:1 spray of water to bleach, whatever your skin can handle. Then use lotions with essential oils to rehydrate. I also got a prescription of metronidazole which is an antibiotic/antiparasitic. Lots of times Take good probiotics to counteract it wiping out your good bacteria.

    I want to Thank this forum for finally getting my home back. My husband and I are completely rid of Scabies because of this forum.. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Here is our story and what we did to finally rid our bodies and home from these relentless critters.

    We tried the prescription creams and even took the pills that doctors prescribed and scrubbed my house and washed the linens every day, only to have recurrences every 4-5 days. After 3 failed attempts doing it the doctor's way finally I headed to the internet and found this website. I read all the different posts for what others were using and having success. I guess you can say I gathered a mix of treatments. Here is what we did to finally rid our bodies and home.

    1) Wrap the mattress and box springs in plastic

    2) Wrap the couch in plastic

    3) Steam Clean the Carpets -- We added 1/4 cup Chlorine free bleach, 3 Tblsp Dr Bonners Castile Peppermint soap and Zep Carpet Cleaner to mix with our water. Not only did this actually do a better job on our carpets then the cleaner itself ever did, but our carpets were minty fresh.

    4) Take the bed linens off the bed every morning and straight to the washing machine. Add borax with your detergent. Then to the dryer until completely dry, I ran mine for 2 cycles. Spray the plastic on the bed with 50/50 Cholorine free bleach and Water, let air dry.

    5) If you have pets, bathe them with the Peppermint soap made into shampoo. Use a nit/flea comb to remove any eggs that they are carrying. No the scabies don't infect them, but they do provide them with rides all over your house.

    6) Remove daily clothing in the bathroom and place them directly into a plastic bag to transport clothing and towels to the washing machine.

    7)Bathe twice a day, make the water as hot as you can take. Add Tblsp of each -Dr Bonners castile Citrus, Tea Tree and Peppermint oil soaps to the Bath water and soak. Then wash with one of the castile oil soaps which ever one you choose for the day and shower off. Towel dry and spray entire body with a 50/50 mix of the chlorine free bleach and Water. Place towel in the plastic bag with the clothing you were wearing and off to the laundry.

    8) vacuum carpets every day.

    9) each day spray every room in your house from floor to ceiling (everything- walls, doors, cabinets, floor.. Etc. ) with a 50/50 mix of chlorine free bleach and water.

    In 10 days and we were completely free of scabies from our bodies and home. I say 10 days because we were clear of any outbreaks in 5 days, but we kept up the cleaning regiment for another 5 days just to make sure we didn't have another recurrence in the usual 4-5 days when we were following the doctor prescribed methods.

    You have to be completely ready to stay with the routine, if you decide that you are tired and don't follow through with the cleaning regiment, I promise you will be sorry. Just plan on starting over as though it is day one all over again. Trust me you can't win the battle if you aren't fighting.

    Once again Thank you everyone for posting your remedies, I hope passing along our success story will help someone else. Please pay attention to your body because the chlorine free bleach and soaps are not for everyone and I wouldn't want anyone to have an adverse reaction if you have allergies or sensitive skin to any of the ingredients used, then don't use them, create a mix of your own that works for you.

    Replied by Sam
    (Memphis, TN)

    Hi I was wondering how to keep the non-chlorine bleach from bleaching everything when u use it.