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Bleach and Water

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Posted by Korinna (Haleyville, Alabama) on 02/25/2015

We got mites from a dog we picked up. I used mostly bleach and a little hot water. I had the bleach as strong as I could stand it and sprayed it all over my body and let sit for five mins then washed it off. Word of advice - don't scratch while bleach is on you. It burns really bad if you do. Not bad if you don't scratch; it has a light sting to it but the next day I was seeing results. My daughter had it from head to toe and I sprayed her down let it sit on her skin for about five mins then had her get a shower. Same thing I saw results the next day. We did that for three days and it's gone.

Replied by Jenn
(Cobbora, Australia)

I'm trying to get my head around the fact that someone knowingly sprayed themselves with bleach, and not only themselves but their child as well.

Sure, bleach will kill mites and also you, if you inhale it and have an unknown allergy to it..

...we already live in a world where our bodies have to cope with many external contaminants such as pollution, and commercial shampoos etc that are mini labs of chemicals designed " to clean your hair" etc. The pores on our skin are there for a reason...

Try to buy a large ( possibly 2 litres that we can buy here from local supermarket) bottle of ACV. It doesn't even have to be organic . Failing that , brown or white vinegar, will do..dilute 1 cup of vinegar to 4 cups of warm water, which should be a 2 litre bottle..a plastic bottle would be more practical where you shower than a glass bottle and can safely be reused, without breaking.

Try it on a small patch of skin to see if it is comfortable after a few moments, and if so add an extra cup of water and prepare to use it, after you have had a hot shower initially, then gradually reduce the hot water until it is still warm but cooler have and washed yourself thoroughly, hair included..lightly towel dry yourself and then whilst your skin pores are open, pour the bottle of vinegar/water, over your head and shoulders and everywhere else (and don't forget to close your eyes) ..a 2 litre bottle of mixture is quite sufficient to do a large adult and another for a child. and leave to a-dry on your body.If infestation is heavy, it can be done 3-4 times a day and should be gone within 24 hours- 36 hours

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it isn't. Doing this every time you have a shower is also helpful for your skin because it gradually alkalines your skin and makes you less suseptable to hosting mites.. They don't like living on skin that isn't acidic.

Before I got sick I used to do this every day and it cured a skin complaint that I'd had for several years and nothing had been able to cure it. But ACV in this proportion did, in just 2 weeks and in over 7 years it has never returned.. but as for bleach? ... great for sterilising bandages and cloth nappies and dog kennels but not on living things..

For some added protection you may wish to buy some solution for scabies, if you don't want to do the ACV everyday.

Go to your chemist or pharmacy and buy 5% Permethrin Cream, and Google scabies lotion online and it will show you step by step how to make the lotion for home use, to keep in case this happens again.

Hope this will be of help to you..

Jenn x

Replied by Gratitude
(Northeast, Usa)

I use ACV for many many things but it certainly does not clear up critters on everyone. Well-diluted bleach baths have been recommended for years by people and even dermatologists for adults and children with severe eczema and/or psoriasis. I don't see much difference in bathing in it vs spraying it on. As a mother, I'm sure she was careful using it on her daughter. It worked for them in 3 days which is great since many suffer for months and even years.

Replied by Wantemgone
(, Tn,)

Ive been dealingwith this severalmonths and thought I finally beat it however it was great for 2 months but I had company it was mani had rented out roomto and he never showered I had wondered how in crap did this happen now I know it was him in first place..... But I got sle lupus andmy skin so sensitive plus I got a dog who vet started on revolution but I noticedshe has no bumps or rashes but shes keeping me up again but neways I sprayed myself with bleach last night and later took shower I exfolatite my skin good, , , right now tho this morning I wike up to bump on belly im sorry I get so confuse what are yhe spots that look like freakles and make patterns at times?is that the fecal?and can we see larva on skin I have noticed some ppl report seeing them but they are so small so these few raise bumps are on me but this tume around no wiggles only itches could somebody plz help me understand I did take 2 tubes of stuff that start with P im on fixed income I cant find the borax or sulfer I even thought about takibg bath in my dogs shampoo they gave me foe mites? Thank you and I pray u all are having success with this ugly infestation mite monsters

Replied by Sovereign

Did the vinegar rinse cure scabies for you or someone you know or just the other skin issue you had before?

Replied by gg

I have literally tried EV RY THING!!!! Perm 2, neem, clove, gr seed oil, oral ivermec, topical ivermec, orange, borax n hp, hp, rubbing alc, alc perfume, THE ONLY THING THAT HAS WORKED: OUT OF COMPLETE AND TOTAL DESPERATION: covered myself head to toe in hand sanitizer. Got 1 nights sleep w no creepy crawly. Next day: complete and total desperation>>> dollar store LA totally awesome cleaner with BLEACH. $1. Spray head to toe night rinse in morning. Next day I would use clove and grape seed oil just to MAKE SURE. At night do it again. I'm doing this every night until I don't feel one once of pinching or creepy crawly feeling then I'm prob do it for another few days then every week til nothing. I also vacuumed, washed everything daily, dryer for 90 minutes, covered fabrics w borax. Vacuumed daily. Dispose of contents away from me. Oh and if you're wondering where you're “getting them from” it's your dog.

Your dog needs borax water and hp dip after bath weekly to rid them. Go on YouTube and look up dog borax baths to see followed up with a frontline spot on their neck. ESPECIALLY if your dog is itching m, has dandruff and smells like gross cheese it's definitely them. All of their fabrics need to be washed in bleach and dried 90 minutes daily. The bleach cleaner and the sanitizer are the only 2 things that performed a true “knock down” of these little a$$holes. Ummm and yes you absolutely can see them. I've found 3 3 days in a row crawling on the light on my cell phone. I dumped a drop of clove oil on it and it was dead in seconds. They're the size of a pin head and they are beige. You'll feel less overwhelmed cleaning if you rotate 3 outfits and wash and put away everything else in your house for 2-3 months.

Good luck to you all and good luck to me.

Bleach and Water
Posted by Jon (Indianapolis, US) on 08/05/2014

I used the Permethrin, which for all I know eventually worked. But I was still itching (never scratching) like crazy, and the bumps/rash was disgusting and showed no signs of diminishing.

I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide/Bleach/Water bath. That was good.

But I really started to notice improvement after spraying the quarter-sized rash (with several tiny, satellite bumps) with bleach/water (1 part bleach, 1 part water). The rash was on the inner wrist, where you feel your pulse.

Spraying it with the diluted bleach always made the itching go away (I don't know how). After a couple days, I saw visible improvement. I thought it might have been my imagination, but I was pretty sure it was diminishing. Now I'm absolutely sure it's diminished, because I can barely see it anymore.

Many reviewers here have recommended washing everything in sight...washing clothes, etc. I washed my clothes and sheets once, and tried to clean up the place some, but I honestly don't think it's crucial.

I understand the constant itching drives you mad, so you probably overreact and spray every inch with bleach. And I suppose that's a good thing, but in my experience, treating the affected area is good enough.

Maybe a bleach/water bath also, just so you get every inch of your body...after all, Scabies can only thrive on the human body.

I am SO glad this is gone. I was staying inside almost every day because it was disgusting...looked like a cluster of miniature grapes. When I went out to run errands, I wrapped bandages around it...couldn't see the rash, but then I looked like a suicide victim.

Replied by Jon

Just an update. The rash is totally gone now. It's more than 2 weeks later. I didn't go nuts and have my entire apartment and car sanitized. I think that's just overreacting to the maddening itching. Spraying the affected area (plus I took one or two diluted bleach baths) did the trick.

Away from human contact, scabies mites die within 3 days; so it would probably be cheaper to just rent a motel for a couple nights then return to your home. Go to Starbucks with your sanitized suitcase in the car, stay there 12 hrs, then stay in a motel for the night, the next day, and another night if you want to be sure.

When you get home, all the mites will be dead, and you didn't have to sanitize every inch of your home.

But all the above is overkill anyway...that's my point.


Please please please do NOT stay at a hotel if you know you have Scabies! This is how I have caught Scabies TWICE now, from hotels. You are spreading it to others.


Haha. Stay in a motel. I love it


(San Antonio TX)

Not nessisarily. If the housekeeper does a proper job of vacuuming and cleaning then there should be no trace. Bed is changed and most hotels have covers on all pillows.they sanitize and wipe down the bathtub and counters and all surfaces. If that was the case house keepers would catch it left and right. Plus he mentioned that he treated himself before leaving and waited 12 hours before that point the live bugs are dead and reinfection is the only concern.

Replied by Winning
(New England)

I LOVE your overview --- your belief it's not crucial for sanitizing the bedding, carpeting etc. And that 3 days without feeding they die. If a person did go to a clean environment for a time, wouldn't he or she bring a population under the skin that would be brought along? I feel I'd come back and the critters under my skin would come with me. Re-infesting clothes, linens back home which was rid of eggs, etc after the 3 days.

But, it's the most hopeful thought I've ever heard!

Replied by Theo
(South Hampshire)

How are you able to keep bleach and water on you?

I tried the bleach and water sprayed on me at just the recommended mix on here and within a half hour I had an absolutely horrible headache. Is there some kind of bleach that you are using that doesn't have the awful harmful smell?

Replied by Jon

In reply to Winning:

Yes, I suppose it's possible with my method (leaving your home for a few days and staying at a hotel--since they die without a human host after a few days) that you'd bring the mites with you.

However, you could bring bleach with you and immediately take a bleach bath in the hotel room.

Another potential problem with my method (haven't tried it--I only took bleach baths for a few days and that did it),

is the eggs.

Not sure if the eggs survive longer than 48 hours without a human host, say, in the carpet.

If that's the case, you'd have to be absent for as long as it takes for the eggs to die too; or as long as it takes for them to hatch, then die (without you).

One more idea. There's now something called AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide).

Since HP is one of the best cures according to the reviews on this site, and AHP works MUCH faster than HP as a disinfectant (hospitals all across USA are changing to AHP because it's the perfect cleaner and disinfectant, disinfects 10 times faster than bleach or lysol or anything). Then maybe AHP would work even better for the scabies.

Replied by Colleen
(Branson, Mo.)

I have concern about those who go to 'hotels' to get away from their scabies while they die off in their homes. Did you ever consider that you're passing them on to the next person who stays in that room, probably the within the contagious period?

They do change the sheets, but not the spread or the pillows, or the carpet. I can understand wanting to run from it, but we need to think of others. Just sayin'

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My son brought scabies home from staying in a hotel room!!! Hell no!

Replied by Cc
(Washington Dc)

this is what worked for me after going batty. for me no symptoms for a month so thought I was clear. permethrin made it much worse, severe reaction. mine didn't look like internet pics at first so hubby and 1 doc didn't diagnose; pediatrician wouldn't let us in her office but did diagnosis positive. both docs gave Rx. Tea tree oil worked for my son.

dyna gro neem oil hot baths, kleen free spraying after baths, tea tree oil or kleen free dabs on itching

1 use linens, towels, clothes and extra 30 minutes in dryer for wet laundry; only 30 minutes for clean laundry/ linens (takes 20 minutes high heat to kill the mite and dryer cools down the last 10 minutes of cycle).mite proof mattress and pillow encasements- Bedical brand

massive cleaning of course, storing lots of extra things especially fabrics, dehumidifier especially in the storage room,

after treating for a couple of weeks and extremely dry skin (humidity keeps them alive so didn't want any lotion) started using grape seed oil with tea tree oil after bath and continued with kleen free spot spraying through day. This and the guided imagery was such a relief.

** Listened to guided imagery- was critical for resilience and physical healing- I fell asleep to it- free at podcasts for immune system, stress, pain, sleep.

steam cleaning (a real hot steam cleaner, not just hot water), carpets and upholstered furniture, dunked the cat in a Kleen free bath (which she took in stride, pets can carry them like a rug even though the mites don't bite them) and DE powder (with masks because of superfine powder can aggravate breathing even though it's non toxic) on carpets and places we couldn't steam clean right before leaving for vacation for a week (I believe I was scabies free by then and just suffering from side effects of Rx, super hot drying baths, etc, but brought new mattress encasement and my own bedding, furniture covers and cleaned with kleen free)

also used sulfur and mineral soap and shampoo on myself and son, but not sure how they figured into cure

I'm very fortunate to have been able to afford all these things, and lucky our vacation timed with needing to get out of the house. If you can't do all of these I'd say to: use clothes and linens once only before cleaning or drying, 30 minutes drying already dry linens and clothes, storage of extra things, dusting and vacuuming your butt off, kleen free and dehumidifyer, and the Free guided imagery. Tea tree oil hot baths (Radha is good quality and value on amazon) and sulfur soap worked for my son but not me. I also drank Lots of water and more veggies, vitamin C

sending love and wishing you and yours health and comfort

Bleach and Water
Posted by Jane (Freehold, New Jersey) on 11/25/2013

Do you use regular bleach for the baths or non-chlorinated bleach. Also, please indicate the ratio of bleach & peroxide I.e., 1 cup bleach etc. Thank you!

Replied by Jon
(Indianapolis, IN)

I used regular Chlorox.


Not sure if "non-chlorinated" bleach is real bleach. I put one or two cups of bleach in the bathtub, about the same hydrogen peroxide, then fill up the tub.

Bleach and Water
Posted by Angela (Eastpointe, Mi) on 06/18/2013

Scabies is the WORST thing to have ever happen to me! I tried the PERM & no results after a couple of days so I went to Google for some help and I found this site. I just want to say THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!! I started taking the bathes with bleach & peroxide on a Sunday I started seeing results the very next day! These little suckers started working overtime due to me messing with their new found environment (my body) but I hung in there and got creative. After my bath I sprayed myself with bleach water and apply tea tree oil all over. In the morning I would get in the shower spray my body with peroxide, rub citrus dish detergent all over my body let it sit for a couple of minutes, rinse then wash as normal with Dial body wash (antibacteria) I even washed my hair with the dish detergent and dipped head in my bath water. Wash everything or throw away! I even started spraying my body with alcohol after my showers and applied the tea tree oils. Spray ur bed every time u planned on laying down with bleach water & putting plastic to cover ur mattresses is highly recommended! Wash everything and clean everything! I sprayed my floors and walls with bleach water for the first to days then I started every other day. I also wore latex gloves to keep down on wiping everything I touched. Don't forget ur car! I cleaned and sprayed my truck with a Ortho beg spray from Home Depot ever night and don't forget the seat belts. It's a extreme pain, but it works! Listerine or any mouthwash works as well. DON'T GIVE UP! I've been doing this for a wk now and my old spots are clearing up and new spots are becoming a sweet memory!

Replied by Martha
(Covina, Ca)

Could you please tell me if you used regular Chlorine bleach or Clorine-free bleach?

Replied by Tonya
(Detroit, MI)

Your method worked out Great.. Angela from Eastpointe, MI. Thanx a lot

Replied by Toni
(Kansas City,mo)

I started today with a spray bottle on my arms and will let you know after a few days with my results...never had this..I think it came from someone that came into my home with it... and I am so clean..grrr and I too got the Perm treatment from my doctor and still did not help or maybe its just around this person that comes and visit me I may have to let that person know YOU OUT OF HERE lol

Replied by Brainbuster
(Indianapolis, US)

"I tried the PERM & no results after a couple of days..."

Sounds like you didn't listen to your doctor, on he/she didn't tell you anything about what to expect.

Permethrin does NOT make you good as new after 2 days. You have to apply it, usually wait 7 days, then apply again. Then it takes weeks for the rash and itching to go away.

Bleach and Water
Posted by Fmabg (Oneonta, NY) on 05/20/2009

think i may have found a way. i have been suffering for almost 18 months now and have tried the creams and soaps. i haven't takin the pill yet casue my doc won't let me. sayes it may be too toxic. so what i did was took a soda bottle and messured out to equal sections on the bottle and marked them. then i took bleach and filled it up to the 2nd line and the rest with water, or a 1 part bleach and 4 parts water. then i sprayed my whole body from top to bottom. the first night i didn;t feel anything in the lostest time. secound night was great too. i woke up in the morning and noticed 3 new spots on my arms and a couple on my legs. i mixed the bleach again and then did it the night after. its been two weeks now and haven;t have a singls bite yet. i did do it a couple more times a total of six times in a 3 week period. aside from washing my cloths and bedding as much as possable. i also sparyed my mattress with the bleach/water once a week. i really think i might be rid of them and hopefully for good. seeing as i have no idea were they came from i hope to never run into them again.

Replied by Shenora
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi,may I ask you what kind of bleach you used?...Please e-mail me at [email protected] am desparate for help!...Thank-you

Replied by Jb
(Buffalo, Ny)

Bleach can irritate your skin even more and is probably less dangerous to the mites than other chemicals which aren't as toxic to humans. My most effective solution to this problem was to treat my dog with flea treatment that contains Imidacloprid coupled with Permethrin (only 1 or 2 brands contain these, check carefully). She sleeps on the floors, my bed, my couch, unconsciously treating my entire house, and every time I pet her I probably get exposed a little too. Then naturally, obsessively wash bedding in the hottest water possible, add an extra shower a day, change clothes as frequently as you can.

Replied by Ceeboe
(Columbia, Mo)

Well bleach and water worked 4 me too, but I also used antibacterial soap with aloe and very hot hot water and soaked for about 20 minutes. The hot water open the pores of the skin, the bleach kills the nest, and the aloe cures the skin from itching. When you get out the tub you must air dry.

Jody Farar

What were the portion you used for each? What kind of aloe did you use?

I have tried bleach bath alone but hasn't worked.


It may be necessary to use more than one treatment method even if you find limited, partial relief with the bleach in a tub of water. While some report cure with that method, others do not. What is important is delivering whatever parasticide is being used to the mites and their eggs, larvae, etc.

The borax and hydrogen peroxide baths (or application of a solution of the same to the entire body) are also very helpful. Baths can help because going through this is exhausting and taking a bath can be a time to re-charge and rest which is so much needed.

It has been mentioned that instead of soaking in a bathtub where larger amounts of borax and hydrogen peroxide would need to be used (or bleach in this example), one can get a container that would hold a few cups of liquid and mix the ingredients being used there, apply the solution over one's entire body from top of head to bottom of feet with a small face cloth.

A carrier oil can be used with several drops of essential oils (like Clove, Peppermint, Orange, Lavender, Tea Tree) and the oil, again, applied to every square inch of the body (being careful not to get any in the eyes). Anyone who says the mites do not go to the head are ignorant.

Oil application can work for a while, but then the pores of the skin can get clogged. Clearing that off by washing with peppermint (or tea tree, for example) castile soap and then drying off and applying a solution of aloe vera juice (100% with nothing else added in the bottle from the manufacturer) or gel, mixed with the same several essential oils (a few drops each of clove, peppermint, orange, tea tree, for example in a cup or two, depending upon how large your body is) and apply that all over from top to bottom.

Aloe Vera will be soothing to the skin and healing. This can be repeated several days in a row if necessary.

Also, one can purchase a skin lotion (choose one that is easily absorbable into the skin that does not set up a greasy barrier), dilute it somewhat with water to make it easier to apply and so it stays wet longer, and put some clove oil into that. Such a skin lotion can be applied during the day to any spots that are itchy. Or you could cover the entire body with that at night before sleep for good results as well.

No one remedy alone may be best because the skin can only take so much of certain treatments. One has to find balance and soothe the skin while still treating.

One should know that any spots that are itchy are probably scabies larva or eggs and any sites that are sharply biting are adults. Apply the lotion with the clove oil (and some other essential oils if you like) to those spots when you can't treat the entire body. Pay especial attention to locations where skin folds are found, even tiny cracks on the feet or hands and rub the lotion in during the day, or as needed. (If you cannot tolerate clove oil, then use one of the others such as orange oil, tea tree, peppermint, lavender that help).

Keep it up. You will find relief, but reinfestation is the greater problem: cleaning the environment, changing the sheets, washing in hot water with borax and ammonia, etc are absolutely necessary. A solution of water with a little ammonia will kill any mites probably more effective than strong isopropyl alcohol solution, but either will work so long as you keep at it.


You say that the bleach baths did not work, but every treatment modality has variables that affect whether or not it will be successful. As with medications where there are the necessary aspects of a medical order: you have the right patient, the right drug (treatment), the right dose, the right timing or interval between treatments/doses, and the right route or method of application.

Even with a bleach bath (or any other treatment that people say failed), we have to look at what amount of bleach is used in a tub of water.

Right drug/treatment (chlorine bleach or non-chlorine bleach) Some have used non-chlorine bleach as well with good results as it releases hydrogen peroxide into the water and kills the mites

Dose: (two cups in a full tub of water, but make sure to pour the bleach liquid or powder into the water so it mixes thoroughly and dissolves (if powder) before you get in. That applies to essential oils, borax, epsom salts as well. This way, the solution is dilute enough to avoid harming the skin by having too strong a solution (or oil) on the skin initially. No need to be harsh to the skin (even with bleach that is thought to be harsh; it will be like strong pool water and should not burn the skin; if there are many scabies and it's a first treatment, you will feel where they are as they succumb).

Timing: in this treatment involves how long one stays in the bath. That should be as long as you can up to an hour, but at least 30 minutes. And the interval: daily for a few days at least.

Some suggest leaving the bleach on the skin and air drying. Others have rinsed off after the bath and dried, and then applied something soothing: as bleach can really dry out the skin, an excellent way to soothe the skin while continuing to treat is to use aloe vera juice with a few drops each of essential oils (there are many variations. One is clove, cedarwood, and rosemary. Others like clove and tea tree or orange. Whatever is convenient. Neem oil is excellent.)

The route is topical as the bath water covers the skin and the treatment (non-chlorine or chlorine bleach) penetrates to kill the mites.

If too little (of any treatment) is used, then it won't work. How do you know you have scabies? Aside from the intense itching felt to be from within the skin, and piercing bites there, one can look for bumps on the skin. If you don't see any bumps, take the bath and soak for a while and feel the skin surface all over. Any bumps even on the bottom of feet or on the fingers should be inspected. If there are a few in a row, that is indicative of scabies tracks made. These are actually holes in the surface of the skin that appear as bumps but when soaked for a while the holes can be detected/felt.

In a bleach bath (or other treatment using essential oils, epsom salts/borax in a bath) you will see tiny specks. Those are the scabies mites that died and left ... so you then know the treatment is working.

Replied by Aaron
(Boise, Id)

I had been suffering from scabies for over a year. I have had four doses of Perm, and three doses of ivermectum (one dose a week for three weeks) I did this all reluctantly and have about 75% success with the ivermectum. These things are resiliant as hell, don't underestimate their ablility to survive, they've been around longer as a species then we have. I did every home remedy known (neem soap, neem leaf, oral neem, tea tree, coconut oil, borax, etc. etc. ). I cleaned everything religiously, never wore the same thing twice no matter how tempting. Steamed all my clothing and bedding before wash with an industrial steamer. I will tell you right now the girl who posted here has nailed it right on the head. I found a post about three months back by a girl who said bleach was the cure. I did a 1 to 3 ratio of household clorox bleach to water in a spray bottle and sprayed myself down and left it on over night.

Bleach is the cure. It may be dangerous but totally worth it. It took three times of doing this with spot treating with bleach and a blow dryer but I am now scabie free. Mostly it's important to know that your dog having a parasite is much different and honestly you cannot relate. Heating a spot that has brand-new bumps with a blow dryer to just past the point of being uncomfortable will kill them. Doubling that with the bleach, you're basically good to go.

Replied by Kelley
(Sandy Springs, Ga)

I started using the Peroxide Bleach and Water last night. Amazing that I noticed a difference right away and I will be using this again tonight. I am also using the Steam and Vac to sanitize the carpets while I vacuum each night, I spray my bed each night with the 1 to 3 parts solution let it air dry as I vacuum. Each morning I strip the bed linens and place them in a plastic bag to bring them out of my room so I don't transport any across the house and straight to the dryer with all bed linens and pillow too. I have been wiping down everything with clorox bleach wipes. I am making sure that I place the clothing I wore that day into a plastic bag and take as hot of a shower as I can take each night and then cover myself in the solution air dry. Take the bagged clothes directly to a hot water wash and then into the dryer. Wish me luck and I will update you on my progress.

Replied by Cathrine
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

I had my first bleach bath last night and no more crawling feelings today. The scabies were mainly on my scalp and chest. I dipped my hair in the bath for a couple of minutes as I was laying there. Then I aired dried and an hour later I had a shower. I had secondary scabies after not treating my scalp the first time (benzyl benzoate) I have tried everything. It looks like the bleach works. I will need to continue baths every 2 or 3 days as I will need to keep up with the new batches of eggs that hatch until the population is down. Fingers crossed

Replied by Jan
(Lirpa, Philippines)

hi... I have this scab for many years. I try permtrn lotions but it didnt cure me... I have this during my highschool years, I dont know were I get this. Guys I need your help badly... Please... aaron from boise r u rely cured by bleach and water?or is there anything that you do to cure your scabs?HELP....PLS...

Replied by Kelley
(Sandy Springs, Ga)

I want to Thank this forum for finally getting my home back. My husband and I are complete rid of Scabies because of this forum.. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Here is our story and what we did to finally rid our bodies and home from these relentless critters.

We tried the prescription creams and even took the pills that doctors prescribed and scrubbed my house and washed the linens every day, only to have recurrances every 4-5 days. After 3 failed attempts doing it the doctors way finally I headed to the internet and found this website. I read all the different posts for what others were using and having success. I guess you can say I gathered a mix of treatments. Here is what we did to finally rid our bodies and home.

1) Wrap the mattress and box springs in plastic

2) Wrap the couch in plastic

3) Steam Clean the Carpets -- We added 1/4 cup Chlorine free bleach, 3 Tblsp Dr Bonners Castile Peppermint soap and Zep Carpet Cleaner to mix with our water. Not only did this actually do a better job on our carpets then the cleaner itself ever did, but our carpets were minty fresh.

4) Take the bed linens off the bed every morning and straight to the washing machine. Add borax with your detergent. Then to the dryer until completely dry, I ran mine for 2 cycles. Spray the plastic on the bed with 50/50 Cholorine free bleach and Water, let air dry.

5) If you have pets, bathe them with the Peppermint soap made into shampoo. Use a nit/flea comb to remove any eggs that they are carrying. No the scabies don't infect them, but they do provide them with rides all over your house.

6) Remove daily clothing in the bathroom and place them directly into a plastic bag to transport clothing and towels to the washing machine.

7)Bathe twice a day, make the water as hot as you can take. Add Tblsp of each -Dr Bonners castile Citrus, Tea Tree and Peppermint oil soaps to the Bath water and soak. Then wash with one of the castile oil soaps which ever one you choose for the day and shower off. Towel dry and spray entire body with a 50/50 mix of the chlorine free bleach and Water. Place towel in the plastic bag with the clothing you were wearing and off to the laundry.

8) vacuum carpets every day.

9) each day spray every room in your house from floor to ceiling (everything- walls, doors, cabinets, floor.. Etc. ) with a 50/50 mix of chlorine free bleach and water.

In 10 days and we were completely free of scabies from our bodies and home. I say 10 days because we were clear of any outbreaks in 5 days, but we kept up the cleaning regiment for another 5 days just to make sure we didn't have another recurrance in the usual 4-5 days when we were following the doctor prescribed methods.

You have to be completely ready to stay with the routine, if you decide that you are tired and don't follow through with the cleaning regiment, I promise you will be sorry. Just plan on starting over as though it is day one all over again. Trust me you can't win the battle if you aren't fighting.

Once again Thank you everyone for posting your remedies, I hope passing along our success story will help someone else. Please pay attention to your body because the chlorine free bleach and soaps are not for everyone and I wouldn't want anyone to have an adverse reaction if you have allergies or sensitive skin to any of the ingredients used, then don't use them, create a mix of your own that works for you.

Replied by Rongalap
(Alexandria, Va)

I sprayed a 4/1 mixture of water/bleach on my scabies patches, and for good measure, I covered the worst areas with Saran Wrap which I left on all night. I figured it would suffacate the little buggers. A little tape kept the wrap in place. Next morning there was a noticeable improvement in the appearance and decrease in itching. Second morning was even better. I am about to do the routine for the third time tonite. This will be a Godsend if it gets rid of these critters from Hell. I also spray the bleach solution on my legs and body 2-3 times during the day. Sure hope some of you find a little relief with this approach.

Replied by Critters Be Gone!
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hey everyone - the bleach and water work 100%... Not sure how good it is, but I am definitely seeing sign of improvement. I did permetherin 3 times and it didn't do much. I did Ivectermin/Stromectol and it helped.

Here is my cure:

Bed bug spray EVERYTHING -- it has permetherin in it. If you have it in your scalp use CVS 1% Lice shampoo.

Shower every night as hot as you can stand it, dry off and spray with water and bleach solution.

Spray the bed with bug spray, get in bed. Leave Window open to circulate air, fumes I am sure are not good for you.

Wake up, shower and scrub gently with a KITCHEN (yes, I said KITCHEN scrub pad to remove dead skin, and dead Scabies and whatever they leave behind), spray again. Spray everything with bug spray and bleach/water solution - wash everything daily.

After a few days you should see sign of improvement.

This has ruined my summer 2011; I have been in despair... So down over it. Cost $$$ and I have had it since the beginning of May... it's now August.

I have red marks all over my chest and upper legs, and some inside my arms. But it gets better.

God knows what all these chemicals are doing to my body, but I was desperate, I am hoping I am through the worst of it now.

Don't give up!

Replied by Buggie
(New York)

I have been infected with buggies for years. I have tried EVERYTHING and I do mean everything.

In desperation I decided to try garlic. I chop up 2 gloves of raw garlic every morning, mix with butter or olive oil and spread on bread. I am still not completely clean but 80% of the sores on my skin have disappeared and the rest are healing. Apparently the chemicals in garlic spread throughout your body. This is long term however.

Another thing is eggplant. It comes close to worming you.

Also, get a plastic bottle bidet and clean yourself with clear water after every bowel movement. Afterwards, wipe with petroleum jelly. Make sure that you are absolutely clean because that is where these buggies come from. It took me years to figure out that my own insides were the source of the problem.

Combining long term use of garlic and internal and external cleansing can reduce the miseries and give you a start in getting rid of the buggers.

Another thing that works on the sores on the skin is Vicks. Rub it in and it stops the itches and starts the healing.

I don't know how to get rid of them permanently.

Replied by Amanda
(Eau Claire, Mi)

Is this bleach mixture ok for a child?

Replied by Itchy And Scratchy
(Dull As Denver, Usa)

Bleach and water is for sure the way to go for instant relief. I mixed bleach and water 4:1 ratio aprox, and noticed that my itch had subsided almost immediately! How awesome is that?! Also the second time I treated my skin this way I added about a tablespoon of olive oil to the mix, this seemed to lessen the harshness of straight bleach on exposed skin and open cuts from scratching. Thank you for the advice people of the internet! I love you all!

Replied by Ksk
(Jacksonville, Fl)

I did all of the hygiene ideas recommended--washed all my clothes and linens in hot water with anti- bacterial soap, threw my bedspread in the trash, etc. And I did 2 rounds of the medicine my doctor gave me-- Permethrin.

However, I honestly think the bleach cleanser (bleach and water) I tried one night was the actual cure. It stopped the itching immediately and after applying it directly to my skin for a couple of nights, the mites are gone. This has only gone on for a week for me. My heart goes out to those of you who have been dealing with it so long. I'm a health care professional and have been around scabies-infected people for years but never got it until now. I was infected with scabies from having sex with a man who does not have the symptoms. He must just be carrying it. Anyway, I don't care if the bleach is bad for your skin as long as I'm cured. This has been a nightmare. Good luck everybody.

Replied by Joey Bug
(Newark, De)

Best remedy yet!! I was covered from head to toe with this horrible disease. I tried two seperate all Natural programs on the internet. One with no help and the other one I just couldn't handle the smell of sulfur. It is 3 weeks later and I still smell sulfur in my clothes and towels. I then started my Permithen 5%. Two episodes a week apart with some results but not enough to make me happy or actually sleep through the nite. I then found this site after reading from another blog site that one doctor said the true way to kill the Scabies is bleach and water. The doctor said that bleach penetrates the skin and the chlorine kills the mites on contact.

I read some of these comments and decided what do I have to lose. It's been two days and I am pretty Damn happy with the results. Two days and dried up Probably 75% of the mites, just be careful it can burn a little but well worth it. I will stick with the Bleach and Water. Good Luck!

Replied by Sn
(Fort Worth, Texas)

This does work! Bleach and water is the cure. After soaking in a bath mixed with bleach and peroxide for 10-15 min and watch it loosen "whatever was coming off" to the surface was absolutely amazing. It gives your skin a slight tingly feeling almost like little buggies are running along your skin, then little air bubbles are released. Not sure exactly what was happening but I can tell you whatever was being terminated by the bleach wasn't on my skin anymore.

Like the earlier post say, it probably is a little bad for your skin, since it does dry it out quite a bit, but using a lotion afterwards solved that.

I've only done it one night, but I can say it's working because my husband and I have been fighting it for countless months and this is the most effective new treatment we've found. I woke up this morning (AFTER THE VERY FIRST NIGHT OF SOAKING) with not one new bite. At least as of lunch when I'm posting this from my desk.

The true key is a reduction in the number of live mites in your environment.

4/1 water/bleach EVERYTHING. It is diluted enough as to not leave spots on fabric. When I say everything I mean everything, all the time, always. If you can imagine. Everytime you think about it spray something with the solution or wipe it with a disinfectant. One of at all times was carrying the bottle as we went about our nightly routine spraying and cleaning everything we touched. You will begin to realize why you haven't been able to get rid of it.

You have to keep with it, it is awful. You come home from one job, just to start another one.

Steps to follow if you can't come up with something else you think if better:

1) fill bath with hottest water you can stand, add 1 cup of bleach and 1/2 peroixde. SIT, RELAX, FEEL THE FIZZLE. 10-15 min

2) This step is optional, but if you worry about the drying effects on your skin I would considered adding this.

Take a shower with oatmeal soap, tea tree oil soap, aveeno, etc. Something you find that soothes your skin. This will help the skin heal from the bleach you just sat in. The peroxide does this while sitting in the bath. At this point I was not itch, except for my very top of my shoulders that I would not get in the bath tub cause I live in a small apartment with a small tub.

3) Air dry. While I was still wet and standing in the bathroom I sprayed my skin with the bleach/water solution to be left on over night. I think air drying keeps it off the towels. the little buggers are scurrying and dying so giving them a way off your bleached body is letting them live to fight another day.

4) I went to bed naked but I understand that's not for everybody. That way there was no where they could hide. I treated my bedding, mattress, box spring, and my body. Everywhere they crawled was treated.

When you wake up you will feel the difference and be way less itchy if you still itch at all.

I also wanted to add that before I ran the bath I sprayed by bed with the solution because I knew I was going directly to bed. It was really wet, but it dries by the time the whole bathing routine is done. Surprisingly, it didn't leave that much of a smell of bleach. At least not enough to make you not keep doing it. They are most active at night so if you can survive the night without getting any new bites you know you are killing them off.

You are winning!

Treating your house is what takes the most out of you. You have to vaccum everyday. Also spray your car and work environment if you can. But definately your car's interior with the solution. If you can help it sit on hard furniture that can be wiped down when you get up. We don't sit on the couch, we got 2 plastic chairs. TREAT YOUR FURNITURE WITH THE SOLUTION QUITE HEAVILY. Since you probably sat in the same spot everyday for months before and while you were infected before you started EFFECTIVILY treating.

Good Luck!

Replied by Peace
(Charlotte, Nc)

I think I caught this from a girl I was seeing. She always had these little red bumps on her hands and would occasionally have a breakout of red dots on her body. She said that she was allergic to just about everything and she was always taking Clariton and Benedryl (sp?). So I never thought anything of it. She was also a beautiful girl and very clean. A few weeks in, I had similar bumps on my hands, mainly between my thumb and forefinger and I too, broke out in red dots across my body. Doctors told me it was an allergic reaction. But I have never been allergic to anything and I kept breaking out. And then the itching began. Stumped, I did my own research and I saw the burrow marks that I learned of, on my hands, in between most of my fingers. I was terrified after reading testimonials on other websites about how noone could shake these parasites and have had it for years. YEARS! Some even claimed to have considered suicide as an alternative. Then I found this sight. It is much more positive and helpful. I did the bleach/water full body spray, followed by a blow dry. About 20 seconds after the blow dry, the craziest things started happening. Things started coming out of my skin. I think it was mainly two different things. One was tiny little white specs. The other was like little white threads, 1/4 inch long, with a weird circle-like head or something. Coming right out of my skin. There may have been about 10 of those, and I don't even know how many of the tiny specs there were. Needless to say I was freaked out. But then afterwards, the itchiness subsided. I also took a bath in the borax/peroxide mix afterwards. My skin is dry, and I still have a little itchiness, but nothing like before. I have a positive outlook for the first time in months after last night. Today is my second day of this treatment. I can only hope that my condition continues to improve. And yes, I have been doing laundry like a nazi and cleaning like a freak. Thank you all so much for your input and stories. No one knows what we are going through. But stay positive and persistant. I don't know you guys, but I love you all. -Peace

Replied by True
(New York City)

oooooooooooooo yes this is so true I cant stress the fact how true it is!!! I cant pin point where exactly I got the horrible bugs from but I had it I must admit it is a crazy feeling nd the worst part no1 seems to understand. Well after doin online searchin reading symptoms I was well aware of scabies I was desperate it seem nothin work so I tryed the bleach bath I was so scared of the out come but I prayed went along with the info above n I swear as im soakin in the tub I see the little white spots like ripped tisue diluting in the water it was mind blowin, but the itching was gone. I still had a fu marks so I said I would stay with it the nex day I took a hot scolding shower got out n was about to spray myself with the bleach n water n I had a lil white dot [. ] in my hand I called my moms as she clearly thought I was crazy but wen she saw it she was lookin in disbelief. I smahed the bug wit tissue n still have it in a sandwich bag hoping to get a microsope nd look at it. Another way is to blow dry the bumps the spots that itch there still there the ones dat dont itch wen yu put the heat on I believe there dead idk im still fighting. I will keep postin but stay strong nd dont gv up!!!!!!!

Replied by Mutlyusa
(Palo, Leyte)

The Bleach & Water works... Hot shower with neem soap then 4:1 bleach spray is what we used for a 15min soak & then a hot bath with neem soap again then Neem, tea tree, coco nut, oils mixed after til the 2nd day, all over again. Sprayed the bed and area around... Washed sheets and clothes etc etc

Replied by A
(Wilmington, North Carolina)

Six tubes of permethrin cream did not work. I used non-chlorine bleach when I did my bath. I submerged every part of me, including my hair/scalp, which was also infested. I saw improvement right away; the itching subsided and I started to be able to sleep! However, I did need to have a bath for 3 days running, then repeat a couple of weeks later, before the scabies went completely away. Maybe there were egss still embedded in my skin? I've been free for two months now.

(Weaverville, Nc)

Where do you get non-chlorine bleach?


Non-chlorine bleach is in the laundry areas of stores sold as color safe bleach. It has Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Percarbonate that releases peroxide when mixed with water. Many big name brand color safe bleach products have this. But make sure it doesn't have other chemicals added.

It is gentler on the skin than chlorine, for sure.

Replied by A In Wilmington, Nc
(Wilmington, Nc)

Three and a half months and I'm still scabies-free! The bleach and water worked. I now have another skin problem. It's itchy, but definitely not scabies. Scabies only got worse, and this comes and goes. Several of the meds I still had from scabies that never worked (Triamcinolone) are helping this, making a big difference. I think having had scabies for so long, I've developed greater sensitivity to other skin problems. I go to the doctor next week (an allergist this time).

Replied by Stillme
(Fairfax, Va)

Hello everyone, I am so so so thankful that I found this website! 3 doctors told me not to worry, it would be gone in a few weeks... Did the cream 2x, 3 doses of ivermectin... I am doing 2 more ivermectin.. And I am still not 100%. HOWEVER THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! I think the bleach and water is working! Finally! I don't feel that creepy crawly feeling after doing the bleach last night, and tonight after the gym I am doing the borax and peroxide bath, followed by the bleach. Of course, I am washing sheets towels every day, and washing clothing... And the clothing I can't wash - ie coat, a blazer for work, gets put in the dryer for 30 min on high when I get home.

Don't forget shoes... I have been spraying them inside and out with bedbug and flea spray.

Sofa and desk chair covered with plastic, and also I wipe all of my toiletries with alcohol - razor, tweezer, and also wipe off pencils and lipsticks...

Hairbrushes - put in a pillowcase and put in the dryer for 30 min on high, to be certain.

I'll keep everyone posted on my journey with this. God bless, and I hope everyone keeps up and gets through this awful thing.

Replied by Thorsmama2013
(Princeton, Louisiana)

Wow, I can't believe all of these reviews. My family and I have been suffering from this disgusting mite for two months now. It's absolutely horrible. We are about to move into a new home, and I plan on following the tips and advice from all of you. I hope this works, please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Replied by Jimbo

I had scabies in 2010;they hatch out on 30 day intervals, learn how 2 time that.Doctors should no that, the 1 I had did and kept me infested to get my $$$.Yes, unfortunately most dr.s today r very unethical, so ur probably better off on ur own.My scabies turned into the norwieghan variety because I drove them off my body in a 130 degree bath.They are permithrin resistant, to the 5&10% permetrin. If you go to ace hardware&get the 38% permethrin &double the water dilution you have 19&1/2% prmethrin. I kept a spray bottle next 2 me at all times .I kept the house&bedding etc.clean, but what really got em was spontaniously spot treating with my 19% perm. Every little itch or twitch even if I had to get up at 2:oo a.m., lift the scab or bump its under&spray directly on site .It got the scabies; unfortunately they had already attracted a co-infection of bird mites to my home & it being 3.5 years I think it has progressed into morgellons now. It's only 10 or 12 dollars for a bottle that will make several gallons of treatment, spray the house, yard&septic system with the straight 38% mix.

So, if all you have is scabies, that should be all you need. I got rid of it in less than 3 months once I started doing this .Hope this cures you.

Replied by Margaret
(Thornton Colo)

Lol I just love you so much, your post reminded me of that Movie "Monk", he had OCD and just by your meticulouse cleansing I do believe you were probably free from those pests since day 1 or 2. I just wanted to Thank You for your sharing and caring. You have a great yr.

Replied by Steve

Where do you get chlorine free bleach? Confusing...

Replied by Jon

"bleach and water 4:1 ratio"??

Replied by Lisa

I heard tea tree oil, just a drop of it in bath water, no more as it's very potent can help. Also neem oil... smells horrible but again, just a drop.

Some people also said white vinegar mix of 50/50 in your cloths in hot wash and dryer on high for 30 minutes...

Boost the Immune System

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Posted by Jane (Newcastle ) on 03/28/2021

A healthy immune system is able to kill scabies on its own. Work on boosting the system with diet, supplements, exercise, sleep and supportive social networks.


1 User Review
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Posted by Diana (Toronto) on 10/07/2019

There is a new super scabies that is nearly impossible to get rid of. Thank God I found earthclinic that told me about borax…..gone in a week. A pinch of borax in my drinking water sipped for four days then borax in my bath and also for laundry. I still take it now and then when I get reinfested. Best remedy for pets with the super scabies or fleas as its a natural insecticide. It also balanced my hormones as a side benefit and gave me regular periods at age 50.

Replied by Glenda

Diana what is the ratio of borax, peroxide and water do you use for a bathroom soak in?

Posted by Seeking Solution (Usa) on 11/11/2015

Dear Ted,

Thank you for all your help with what's posted. I've read extensively.

I believe I had scabies, it was misdiagnosed as many things and finally treated w oral ivermectin after about 6 months. It seemed to be clear. That was in the spring of 2014. I spent a lot of time in the ocean that summer. When it got colder and I spent less time it came back. Clustered bite marks and other itches. I should mention that prior to the ivermectin (stromectol) I went through three episodes of nodules. When it came back I did several treatments of permethrin and had die offs. At the same time a new sensation had started very tingly around the bottom of my nose and nipples and tops of toes. Heavy treatments of sulfur seems to stop it for a bit. Then in the winter I did home crusted scabies w Iver paste and once a week perm. Almost gone again but then came back. In the summer in the ocean it goes away until I stop swimming. Also sulfur soap keeps it down. I now think it's Demodex and not scabies. Maybe I had scabies maybe not.

I've been taking the borax 1/4 teaspoon w distilled water one liter for 5 days. I immediately began having a sensation that I haven't heard people mention, which is increased pricking sensation on torso. Not so much itching. Back of neck is itchy. I can see some cylindrical dandruff in my beard but not eyelashes. Is this sensation from the borax normal? The ocean where I am is very salty and when I leave it to dry on my skin I get 12-24 hours of almost nothing. I intend to begin baking soda and have no bath tub so maybe spray with borax peroxide or Epsom salt?

Many thanks, Ted!

Replied by Carol

I've found help with a cocktail of; equal amounts of dollar store mint mouthwash with90% alcohol and witch hazel. Apply 3 layers letting each layer dry in between. Hope it works for you. Good luck.

Borax and Apple Cider Vinegar Soak

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Posted by john (California) on 05/17/2023

A quarter cup of borax and half a cup of apple cider vinegar in the hottest bath water you can stand soaking yourself, submerging your head and rubbing this thoroughly through your hair, scalp and and your groin area. Soaking it for at least 10 minutes will greatly reduce itch and symptoms of this horrible unseen pest.

Replied by MTCO
(Brisbane, Australia)

Neem powder is pretty good for that too. make up a nice mixture to stick, and cover with plastic to keep it moist, for fifteen minutes or so. maybe longer. do not let it dry on your skin though!

Borax and Baking Soda Scrub

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Posted by Mattb (Larose, LA) on 10/12/2013

I have been battling scabies for weeks now. I have applied 5% permethrin twice and lately starting to use borax and baking soda to make body scrub. Most of the time during the day I don't itch much but in the morning after I wake up and walk into my kitchen to cook breakfast, and my kitchen is kind of warm so I sweat easely my back and stomach feels like I get pricked by 100 needles and it goes away after about a minute. I wonder if it's the hair folicals that is infected from the scabies or the scabies moving around all at ones. When it comes to scrubbing yourself with borax and baking soda I don't recommend using a nylon scrubber because it will will tare up your skin and it will make the concoction sting. I really do want to get rid of these mites so I was thinking about trying the 1/8 tsp borax in a liter of water to see if it will help with the eggs. But I'm afraid that I will get sick after reading what other people have posted. I don't have problem sleeping anymore, hardly itching at all during the night. Could it be that I don't have scabies anymore but I have post-scabies itch and also itching from the borax? I am considering going to a dermatologist to let him or her check it out.

Replied by Enough

Shave ALL body hair if you can't reach it than stop that area. Then start the treatment again.

Worked for me but I had to shave.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

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Posted by Rp (Usa) on 07/10/2018

Another option (other than using aloe vera gel or oil as a carrier for essential oils) is to use Witch Hazel solution which is available everywhere. Witch Hazel is soothing and has a low alcohol content which also helps kill the mites, but again, you can add a few drops of essential oil (clove, cedar, tea tree would be useful) to the solution.

Keeping your eyes closed, apply some of the liquid mixture and wait till the liquid dries before opening them (which should not take long), leaving just a residue of medicinal essential oil. How strong should essential oils used be? Strong enough that you feel some tingling, but not so that they burn you with their intensity.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Truemermaid (Al) on 07/01/2018

After one year with dealing with scabies the only thing we found to work for my husband's dry skin was Ted's remedy for pet mange. 50/50 peroxide and borax left on the skin overnight. Overnight was the key because borax bath soaks that cleared the other members of our household during reinfestations were not absolving the problem for him. Thus, every few days he would need to repeat treatment to avoid reinvesting the household. Permethrin (bought from local farm store) repelled mites from our furniture but did not kill immediately (3 days in non-humid environment). We tried both ivermectin and moxidectin however both repelled but did not eliminate the problem.

One method I found to help with clothing, especially shoes and belts, was freezing them for at least 10 minutes. Extreme changes in temperatures kill the mites but hot baths were too drying on my husband's skin and made the problem worse. His flaky dry skin was harboring the bugs and one peroxide/borax treatment overnight ended our war!

I hope this helps anyone dealing with this and know you are not dirty for keeping scabies. There is not enough information or research from the local USA doctor community to help adults with this disease.

Replied by Gloria
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

What was she referring to when she said 50/50 peroxide and borax? What is in this and how much?what does 50/50 mean?

EC: Hi Gloria,

She is referring to Ted's remedy on our mange page.

Replied by Linda
10 posts

How do you apply the borox and peroxide to your body? What grade of peroxide?

Replied by linda
10 posts

How long to you soak in borax and hydrogen peroxide?

Replied by Amanda

The pet solution looks like it calls for 3 tablespoons borax, 2 cups of peroxide and 4 cups of water. Is this what you did?

Replied by Rodney
(London, England)

50% borax and 50% Peroxide, Mixed and applied neat or in a bath?


Did you manage to find borax in the UK or something that worked?

Replied by Leon
(London uk)

Hi All,

What grade or % peroxide should I use? Also mix ratios please. I am struggling to get rid of scabies.

EC: 3% Drugstore. Please read the recipe on the Dog Mange page in the pets section:

Replied by Marge

Can you please provide exactamouts/measurements of ingredients? I have no experience w borax or peroxide, so am ignorant of customary uses/practices. Your help would be appreciated!

Replied by Terry

Well well I tried it for 3 days and it's working dried them up so fast and I went through well over 15 bottles of permethrin it's junk didn't work suffered with this for 3 years 3 days of this borax and peroxide and problem cured thankyou so much


Hello, can you tell me if you used the Ted's recipe for a dog bath, or the 50/50 Borax/HP recipe? Thank you.

Replied by Bernadette
(Portland, Or)

I made the Ted's Dog Mange Recipe, and it looks like a watery rinse. Am I supposed to sponge this all over me and then air dry and leave it on all night? From the original author's post about the 50/50 borax peroxide left on her husband's skin all night, it seems like she is saying he used only borax and peroxide (no water) at a 1:1 ratio to make more of a paste and leave that on. Any idea?

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Earthdweller (Mo) on 12/23/2013

Hi, I actually discovered EC back in '08 and have come here several times of the intervening years. I wish there were a better way to vote on posts aside from yea & nay, but the site has great value nontheless.

The reason for my post is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU TED! For this remedy. I was actually looking for a remedy for scabies when I came across this.

I've been suffering from this since October but now I have real hope. MDs won't help, search engines obscure results in favor for establishment treatments that don't work and cost boo-kew bucks, and that is simply ridiculous and downright psychopathic in this information age. Just shows how screwed up values are in this country.

Last night at my wits end I decided to try yet another internet search for something, anything to make some progress on this problem. When I found this I immediately checked to see if I had any h202 around. I had 3oz of 3%, so diluted made 10.5oz to which I added 1.5 tbls of Borax.

After showering the 3% permethrin off of me I'd been wearing for 4 days (yes I know that's bad), and applying the borax/h202 solution to my poor tortured body, I felt tingling, stinging where I tried it on my lower leg. After giving myself a rather nasty burn from using a self made concoction of sulfur powder+vaseline+cayenne extract, I only did the worst spot to see what happened. After a few minutes the stinging went away entirely so I proceeded to another spot. Same response, so I repeated this over my entire body. The stinging is a bit uncomfortable but it doesn't last long and it tells you the solution is working.

I felt great and was able to fall asleep quickly, although I was pretty confident I would reinfest myself getting from the bathroom to the bed. Sure enough, I awoke about 2 hrs later with a couple of itchy areas. I was hoping it might just be the result of ultra dry skin, but it wasn't. So after 30 minutes passed without being able to fall asleep again I arose and went straight to the bathroom to see how bad the re-infestation was. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

So I showered off the old borax and had just enough to reply. The stinging was there again but not as severe or long lasting. But I knew this would be a sure cure if I could clean up my environment. Although I tried to be careful after the 2nd treatment I was highly confident I would be re-infested before I could leave the house to replenish supplies and mount a serious effort to evict the little buggers with borax.

When I returned home that afternoon I could feel some of the itching return, though FAR FAR less than before. Although I was dog tired and need to get some sleep I knew what would happen if I tried before carefully and thoroughly cleaning everything.

I have sprayed a solution of borax & water on the waterbed (no bedding on it), the carpets and in the bathroom. I'm waiting for it to dry before hoping in the shower to apply the 3rd round of borax / h2o2 solution.

This time I used a large garbage bag and unloaded the dryer directly into it. I sure hope I've cleaned those dang things out of here and tonight will be first night of restful sleep. Trying to decide whether to shower first or get the bedding ready to sleep on.

Anyway, I'm now confident I have the knowledge & tools to overcome this ordeal and get on with my life one again.


Replied by Earthdweller

I was so excited to see the results of the borax / h202 solution I just couldn't wait to post last night. However great this solution is to scabies it isn't an "instant fix".

I have scabies over a large portion of my body. The worst is my right leg which became infected and swollen. That's what led me to seek an MD in the first place.

I just finished a round of Cipro (antibiotic) and was also given a shot of Medrol at that time. That seemed to take care of the majority of the swelling & infection.

But the leg is still very red with some swelling. When I treat it with borax / h202 it oozes clear pus here and there, but it's very minor compared to when I first went to the Dr. I see a few of the scabie "trails" after putting the solution on, and if they itch I scrub them real well and I can finally get them to sting and die, as they then fade and go away.

My point is that I believe the remedy is the best I've seen, and it does work, but persistence is very, very important as is cleaning your environment. That is why repeating the process every day is required until you can get yourself & the environment rid of the beasts.

Another important point is that if you have thickened skin (as I have on my leg) you may need to use a stronger penetrating agent (such as DMSO) to get the borax under the skin to where the mites and their eggs are.

I still haven't had a full nights rest yet. An hour or two after going to sleep I awaken shivering. I live in a small (less than 1000 sq ft) house which is heated by a wood stove. The bedroom stays about 10 degrees cooler than the living room, but it's close to 69 degrees in the bedroom. I have no idea what is causing that. Perhaps it's a side effect from leaving the permethrin on too long, or perhaps it's my ultra dry skin caused by the borax treatments.

Right now for example I'm sitting right in front of the stove, it's 80 degrees and I'm beginning to shiver. I've been out of bed for 6 hours now and I'm starting to notice some itchyness on my back and a little on my arms. So I'm about to go the bathroom, switch on the electric heater and do some spot applications of the borax / h202 solution where I itch and put on fresh clothing.

Thats my update. I will keep posting in hopes that this information my help others, even if it's just to provide a measure of comfort by knowing you're not alone in your struggle.

Bye for now.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hey Earthdweller,

Google "Turpentine scabies" and you'll find a lot of information on the use of turpentine "baths" to kill the little critters. Caution; only one cap full in a whole bath. More as you can learn to tolerate higher doses. Also google "healing with Turpentine tony pantalleresco youtube" and he has an extensive description of the very old medicinal uses of turpentine...uses that go back a hundred years.

Also there is a powerful substance you can use on the skin called Cedarcide made in Texas that kills about anything but won't hurt a person or animal. Apply to skin and I bet it would work on mites too. It will on larger mites, so why not the microscopic ones?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

I think it was our own Robert Henry that reported good results w/ hot sauna trnt along w/ other stuff. Read his reports as I think he finally killed the critters.

The roundworm trnt drug Ivermectin, if I am not mistaken, is also indicated for parasites such as mites, scabies, etc. It is available in mostly liquid or paste and may work topically but it may do to try some also orally.

10 posts

Ivermectin is a prescription isn't it? Not over the counter?

Replied by Tg

You can get ivermectin at farm supply stores or a co-op--like Tractor Supply Co or somthing similar. I use the cattle pour-on ivermectin in extremely low doses on my poultry--like 3 drops for an 8 pound bird. This is dosed on the skin, measured w/ a syringe (also bought at Tractor Supply Co) but no needle. It goes in through the skin and kills worms and somehow also kills fleas/mites on the outside. Research miticides with no emphasis on being for a human. Most of what our pets get we also can take, the dose is all that is different. Check out your local feed/farm store and ask what they have for mites/mange/etc. Our local clerk tells me that most of the horse hormones are purchased by body builders, but they can't sell it to them if they know that's what it's for.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Earthdweller: There are a lot of people like you approaching old age who are taking meds, herbs, and supplements and continue to suffer. I was one a short while ago. The info I am going to give you is not only going to solve all the problems but is going to give you the best body and brain of your entire life. Get some water kefir grains online. There are two kinds. One is fully awake. The other is dormant and takes 3-4 days to awaken. Put 30g organic flour, 30g organic whole dried cane sugar, and the kefir, in 1 quart drinking water. Do not use any metal. Let brew at room temp away from direct sunlight and drink 1 cup every hour before too tart. Watch how to make water kefir in 2 minutes or less video. You can make the next batch with some from the previous batch. Take 10g or more of absorbable colostrum. Make green smoothies in a blender from organic baby leaves. Eat the sugar you give the kefir, raw honey, and activated barley for carbs, hawaiin spirulina, chlorella, dessicated liver, nondenatured whey isolate, and raw cocoa powder for protein, 15g coconut oil, 25g black chia seeds, and 1tsp sesame oil for fats. Eat 80% carbs, 10% protein, 5% fiber, and 5% fats by weight. Watch raw food videos.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U EARTH DWELLER, , , , , , , know you are excited about your find, but can promise you that you are still in trouble. Some of the eggs have not hatched and they are staggered and will hatch for sometime. Your bed clothing still has mites in them unless you have continuously addressed that with isolation and hot washing and drying.

My evolution with mites went like yours and others that have posted. I did not post my whole story six months ago. I will because I think folks can cut to the chase by reading it. The mites first showed up on my right knee and then covered my body. Like you I went to the drug store and bought 1 % OTC Permethrim which is for head lice and useless. I then went to my MD and he prescribed 5 % Permithrim which is also useless. I then went to the Farm Co-op and bought 10% Permithrim that is used on horses. That did some good. At the same time I was doing the peroxide, borax baths and bathed with a sulfur soap. All this time I thought I had Demodex mites and it may have been. Dog mange is Demodex mites and I have cured many dogs and I can tell you that my cure is far better than Ted's. Anyway, that is the rational for using sulfur soap. I also bought the hottest Mexican pepper sauce available and coated my body while standing in my bath.

At the same time I was isolating my bed linens and washing with our hot water heater wide open. We covered my mattress with Diatomaceous Earth and totally enclosed the mattress in plastic cover. Things were getting better but not rid of the critters yet. I then went to a very good Dermatologist and carried him samples of both the male and females mites. We collected them with a lint roller. He prescribed an ointment , Triamcinolone Acetonide , 0.025% with instructions to cover my body morning and night.

All this time I had been useing my FIR Sauna daily. Read where heat of 120 F would kill them , so I upped my sauna temperature to 160 to 180 F. Went back to the Dermotologist in two weeks and he declared that the ointment had worked and just coat my body once a day. I never went back and stayed with my hot sauna's for two more weeks. He did not send the mite samples off for identification and said it was just a rash.

In hind sight, I think all these posts help, but I am convinced that it is the heat that truly rids you of these critters. For me, it seems ridiculous to think changing your diet will cure you of a skin parasite. Hope my long winded diatribe has given you good earth clinic folks a short cut to solving your mite problem. Ain't life interesting?

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

10 posts

Yes, these mites hate heat .I was thinking to go to a stand up tanning bed? Permethrin. Never works. I've been taking hot baths with clove oil tee tree oil & Lavender essentials oils. I feel better for a while but then I feel them bite me again. I'm so fed up! I'm depressed, my son brought them home a year ago. Went to dermatologist she gave me permitherin and Ivermectin pills. I thought they were gone? Nope, I moved out with my son to Alabama They came back in March 2020 The dermatologist here was a bitch. Sshe was not interested in curring me They did mostly surgical procedures no money in curing me!! Drs don't help. Going to try the borax treatment/ I think my son's dog has mites too .this could be the problem I have treated him with mange dips and expensive shampoo! I'm beside myself now! Doing all the laundry in very hot water and let them soak in it for 30 min or more I spray my sheets with the essential oils and alcohol! Please someone HELP ME!!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey EarthDweller!

Some friends of mine swear by Freedom 45 - pyrethrin based.

Google "freedom 45 scabies" for a Topix discussion that may give you ideas as well.

Because parasite are attracted to the energy from a weakened immune system, do consider Mike's advise for nutritional supplements to take to help you heal from the inside out.

If you are constantly being reinfected, you may have to step up your cleaning routine and spread borax powder about and leave it down to prevent the mites from establishing any new colonies or hiding spots in your home.

Replied by Mt
(Ottawa, Ontario)

1) Try to apply your urine on the infected area or 2) Try to apply dry wood ashes on the infected area.

Replied by Earthdweller

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. Before I respond to the feedback you offered, let me provide a brief update.

When I returned home on Christmas day I was itching pretty badly. I reviewed the various things I've tried and paused when I came to sulfur+olive oil. I remember reading how sulfur has been used as a scabies cure for over a 1000 years. So why didn't work I asked myself. Sulfur+DMSO didn't work very well and neither did any thing else with sulfur.

Since I do get some relief (tho not a cure) from coconut oil, I decided to mix 1 cup of coconut oil with 1 Tblsp sulfur powder. I spread the light yellow liquid onto two of the worst places and no stinging. Did that 2 more times, never any stinging so I did entire body.

I felt much relief when I came out of the bathroom. Was able to get 3.5 hrs of sleep before awakening to itching. But visual inspection showed many areas looked much better. I know it's gonna require relentless repetition as sulfur only kills the adult mites. When the next batch of eggs hatch there better be plenty of sulfur on the skin surface to greet them.

I feel better and arms are really improving. Have used the coconut oil + sulfur twice now, about to go in for another shower. I also re-coated some itchy spots couple of hrs ago. The coconut oil seems to do a much better job of getting the sulfur into the skin. I'm going to keep after the 'lil buggers and eventually there will be no more to hatch.

Now onto your feedback.

Tom from TX: My friend suggested kerosine, and I tried it on a spot. Didn't seem to help. Tea Tree oil has a turpentine element in it as well, but didn't really work for me either. I have heard about the Cedarcide, but need to google it to get details. I don't have enough bandwidth for YouTube here at the house, but will definitely see what it has to offer when I go into town next. Thanks much for suggestions.

Tg from AL: Thanks for the tip on getting Ivermectn at farm supply stores. I'll check into that on next visit to one.

Mike 62: I've heard of kefir but don't know much about it. Is it a fermented process? Again, an excellent suggestion I will look into further. Thank you for your input!

Robert Henry: You're absolutely right, it will take persistence to kill all the newly hatched bugs since the sulfur only kills adults and as you point out there will be successive waves of new bugs to kill. Right now there are so many its just a matter of hours between waves, based on how often the severe itching occurs. I'll be more hopeful if I continue to see improvement and the time between waves gets longer and longer. It might even be worth considering full shower + treatment when I feel the need to itch. But doing so also implies much more laundering and I am already doing that almost non-stop now. I was prescribed the exact same steroid you mentioned, but it is all gone now. It definitely helps to stop the itching, but read elsewhere it has some bad side affects, so for now I will avoid it. Hot water is 155 degrees into washer. Cools to 122 just as agitator starts cycle. So I add 1 or two large pots of boiling water to raise it back up to 140 degrees or more.

Theresa: I agree. I intend to check into the info Mike wrote about. Don't know about the colostrum tho. I know what that is, it most certainly would be good to take, but not sure where to get it. I'll ask about it at farm supply on next visit. I gotta say tho that it does kindof put me off, like eating bugs & cows brains do.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply with your wonderful and positive input.

EarthDweller still hanging in there...

Replied by Earthdweller

Mike 62: Question for you. Colostrum is the first milk from mammals and really boosts immune systems. So what is absorbable colostrum? I did a google search for it and all the results were for colostrum rather than absorbable colostrum. I mentioned being put off from drinking it b/c it looks yukky to me, like eating bugs etc. But I should at least try it.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Earthdweller: Absorbable colostrum happens to be the best selling colostrum in the country, has the most favorable reviews at amazon, and as a bonus is the most cost effective. The colostrum molecule is too large to be absorbed after the intestinal wall becomes fully formed. The colostrum has an oil attached to get into the blood. A 21oz jar costs $52 shipped. I take 5g daily.

Replied by Earthdweller

I sure hope so, Robert Henry. The coconut oil is very soothing and good for the skin, however it is absorbed relatively quickly. I noticed only a couple of hours after applying it that the skin didn't seem oily anymore.

When I tried the olive oil & sulfur I didn't repeat it or keep it up. Perhaps a mixture of sulfur + olive oil + coconut oil + a few drops of tea tree oil would be a good combo. The olive oil sticks around longer and the tea tree oil might interfere with offspring reproduction.

Hey all these trials are just slightly educated guesses. The good thing is they are natural. That's not to say they can't hurt you (like the burn I gave myself from cayenne in it; still have a few red patches from that! ).

Your technique of looking for dead mites the next morning is interesting. Sounds like you have a scientific perspective, trying to find evidence like that. Bravo! It's a tough problem to solve without good feedback, and that is limited.

If you assume there are several or many (another unknown to factor in) different groups of bugs & their offspring, your collection method might not be representative of all of them. But it's the best idea I've heard of.

I might give it a try to see if I can even spot one of the little buggers. I spent 5 minutes trying to see if I could spot one with a magnifying glass on my leg with no luck. One problem I foresee with the clear tape approach is that there will likely be lots of dead skin cells on the tape and they may actually interfere with spotting bugs. Worth a try tho.

Replied by Earthdweller

Mike 62: My friend was in town today when I called her and she picked up the only kefir the health food store had. It was for a milk / yogurt style kefir, although it was just kefir grains. She asked about the colostrum and they couldn't answer the question about obsorbable type, but what they had was in capsules which alleviates my ebie gebies over drinking that yellow slime. It was rather pricy though at nearly $20 a bottle. When I go in to town I will look for kefir at a different health food store. There are 3 in that town of 11,000 people.

Replied by Trudy

If you want real milk kefir, go online and so a search for the kefirlady. She will send you the grains with instructions, you mail her cash (I think it was $10) and get it in a week or so. I did this years ago and still have mine growing, although it makes so much that I freeze the extra grains. I like to let mine get really thick, then use it like a ricotta cheese on top of my oatmeal--the tang is very tasty. But, I really can't stomack drinking the stuff straight, have to make a smoothie in order to drink it daily. Very good, but I put on weight becasue I was trying to drink all it made. This is soo much cheaper than buying ready made from any store, and they add sweetener and flavoring that you may not want.

Replied by Tg

Seems to me that heat is the way to go, it's a matter of how to do it if you don't have access to a sauna. Could you use a hair dryer?

Replied by Earthdweller

Hey everyone, just wanted to provide an update on my progress with scabies.

The treatment I've been using since 12/27/2013 is 1 cup coconut oil + 1 Tblsp sulfur powder. I spread it all over my body and really scrub it in where the scabies are the most active (greatest concentration of red bumps or where skin has grown thick or crusted over). 1 cup is good for about 4 days used twice a day.

I'm happy to report that I'll probably be scabies free in about a week. I'm now sleeping 5-7 hrs a night and I've got no major itching, and all swelling has gone away. Large areas on back, shoulders, buttocks & thighs are clear, only red smooth skin where massive bumps once were.

However on my right leg, the first place to show symptoms, is proving to be difficult to oust the scabies. It has thickened skin, in some places it has been very crusty and I really scrub it down, and remove the dead skin each shower. This uncovers more scabies lines / burrows which the sulfur & oil will destroy with enough scrubbing.

I'm also talking 3 Symbiotics Colostrum Plus capsules twice a day. Couldn't find water kefur grains locally and no $ to order online right now. Found a 20 oz water kefur drink for $8 or $9 but the flavor didn't sound appealing and it was at most 2 servings.

The one drawback to this treatment regimen is that I shiver alot, even if the room temp is 85 degrees and I'm bundled up many layers of clothes. I just can't stay warm. This is usually what awakens me before morning comes. I am shivering but find I'm actually sweating on the side I lay on. By the time this happens the coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and it feels quite dry on the opposite side to where I sleep, or on my arms.

I still spray water+borax and vacuum once a day, and keep up the routine of washing all bedding and clothing, usually 4 -5 loads of laundry a day. I'll be glad when I can back off that, but I won't until I see no new bumps for at least 4 days. I'm close, but still finding 3 - 6 bumps appearing on my arms and various other places. I wear latex gloves most of the time and am very watchful of wear new bumps appear; if on the arms, hands or feet I try to determine if they were introduced from on my body or the environment. Most of the time now they come from some place on my person.

So that's about it. This treatment works, though it takes many iterations to achieve clear skin. In my case it was about the only treatment that I could see was effective. I did try DMSO+Borax+H202, and that also works, but is really harsh on the skin. Also used MMS+DMSO with same results. I use that as a spot treatment of small patches. It seems to burn the skin and leave it red and sensitive.

Anyway, thanks to EarthClinic and all who post here and give their reports of their tribulations and remedies. This is an excellent example of how the Internet brings us together to help one another, to foster a sense of real community.

Good luck everyone!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U EARTH DWELLER, , , , , , , , , ,

Great that the sulfur and oil protocol is working for you. Pet lovers have told me that this is an inhumane treatment, and I needed to move into the 21 century. Funny, I thought I had.

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY ========

Replied by Earthdweller

Theresa: the coconut + sulfur treatments don't really smell much. The coconut oil really smothers the sulfur stink. After the oil is absorbed the sulfur is left on the dry skin. It does smell some then, but not very much. I have noticed a very mild sulfur smell on the clothes when they come out of the dryer, but not strong at all.

Replied by Smittymom
(Des Moines, LA)

I just wanted to comment on the Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide post. You have saved my sanity!!! I have 4 kids under 9 and we think my husband brought home scabies from work. It has been a horrible experience! Especially for our 15 month old who was struggling terribly-up hours at night screaming etc. I was desperate. After several internet search attempts I found this site. I did not want to use Ivermectin and Permethrin creams-so I tried several home remedies--lots of coconut oil (which my 15mo old reacted to so we had to switch her to grapeseed oil-worked great) We used those carrier oils for the young living's Thieves oil-which worked great for relief-but didn't cure. We also used Naturasil stuff-lavender/sulfer soap, tea tree oil soak, the sulfer lotion, and the spray to kill stuff--along with washing everything-everyday. All of those things helped-and maybe even cured my husband--but my baby girl had nests all over-and head to toe rash--she was in misery. Not until we started the hydrogen peroxide/borax soak did she truly see results--and I saw them the first day!!!!! It was amazing!!! I only used about 1/3 c borax and 1/4 c. hydrogen peroxide for her--borax is hard on skin so be careful! Will really dry out. for myself I followed the 1c borax and 1/2 c Hydrogen peroxide. We so far have done 2 nights of borax baths and this is the first day I can say she has no new spots and the old ones are fading fast. It's been 10 days of hell for us (my husband started itching 2 months ago) but the last week and a half were awful.

I also made up a spray bottle of about 20oz warm water and added 2 Tbs borax and 2Tbs hydrogen peroxide. I spray this all over my house and when I have an itch I put it on my skin and let it dry there. After that I still use the coconut oil (2Tbs melted) with 4-5drops of Thieves oil-its got clove in it--and I put that on the itchy spots as well. We also put the tea tree oil in the baths at night as well-we then air dry to let the oil and borax stay on our skin. After that I cover in the coconut oil I have found some very dry/leathery like spots on my skin after borax-but its so much better than a scabies itch-so I will lotion or oil up. We also put borax in all our laundry loads washing everything on super hot (we turned our hot water heater all the way up) and drying everything completely (and putting all pillows in the dryer daily for 20-30min)

We will continue the nightly bath ritual (which takes about 4 hours for 6 people it seems). For a few more days at least-until the baby is completely healed-and then we will probably do every 2-3 days for awhile just in case-I'm not risking re-infection--this has been a nightmare.

This was an AMAZING find!! Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide made all the difference for the cure!!!! Thank You Thank You thank you!!! Getting our lives back. :)

Replied by Katie Spielman

This is in response to Earthdweller Mo. I have coconut oil but where did you find sulfur powder? Did you put this mix on your skin before or after showering? Did you leave it on while you slept? Or wash it off after a duration of time. I'm in desperate need of advice! Thanks.

Replied by Marquise
(Chicago, Il)

I wanted to know can scabies be on hard wood or tiled floor. I'm constantly washing and drying. I feel like I'm going crazy trying to get rid of the bugs.

Replied by Nancy
(Lyons, Ks)

Thank you so much for your post I'm going to try the borax and peroxide since I have also heard this elsewhere. I have been miserable now for six months with no doctors ichnology that I even have them I'm going insane I am literally ready to just do myself and just ended so I don't have to be miserable anymore. I hope this works.

Replied by Margaret
(Thornton Colo)

Oh my goodness your post broke my heart. To hear that your sitting by the stove gettin warm. I'm so sorry for your plight. I pray Those little pests give you rest. Im gunna look into the Borax. Also The Peroxide I put onto my 15 yr old Grandson he said it burned. Does it? But he said it probably burned where he scratched. And also I was thinkin on useing aplle cider viniger in his room. As I think thats where their located. Funny though there no where else in my daughters house. Hhm, so tomarrow Im gunna clean every inch of my grandsons room and sanitize kill those evil little things. But I pray you are better all around.

Replied by Anna

Hi! I know it's been 3 years ago, but I need to ask you one thing. Did you use that solution of borax and h. peroxide without water, or you pour it in the bath full of water? How did you use it exactly? Thank you in advance! Anna


Find Ted's cures section for extensive discussion, but borax powder must be mixed with water as well as the peroxide, so the powder is dissolved in the hot bath water and peroxide added. Bathe a minimum of 30 minutes

Replied by Xoxom
(Ventura Ca)

How long do you take a bath for? W borax and hydrogen per?

Replied by Lj

Safely use the hottest heat on your blow dryer to dry the skin each night before sleeping. It stops the itch and kills the mites. Use rubbing alcohol after your shower on mite areas. This does not kill mites. This is what hospitals use to clean. Clean your vacuum and the filters. Vacuum every single day. Yes, cleaning sucks. You will keep busy, have a clean home, and the mites will go away. Apply baby oil your entire body every single day after the shower or bath. You will have a soft body after feeling horrid from mites on the body. Do not wear the same clothes twice for three weeks. Let me know how you feel?


I buy mine at Tractor Supply. If you want the dr to give it to you, then you need a prescription.


duramectin ivermectin paste for sale on Amazon.

You need to know how to use it though. Obviously, it doesn't give directions for human consumption.

This will help you:

Ivermectin Horse Paste info on COVID - Bing video

Replied by Jean
(Anderson, SC)

3/3/2023 After 3rd outbreak, duscovered this site. Soak was great help. took step further and made "mud bath" paste of 1 cup diatomaceous earth, 2Tblsp Borax powder, 2 Tblsp hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup warm water plus additional warm water slowly added to make brownie thick paste. sitting in dry tub/shower covered body hairline to toes with thin coating of mud avoiding eyelids and lips. let dry 30 minutes then showed off. repeated daily while continuing recomnended household cleaning and sanitation practices. Legs, arms and face totally clear after a week. continued daily "mud bath" another week to be sure any eggs hatching or nymphs were killed off. hope this gets a view. diemateous earth kills scabies and insects and is recommended as carpet treatment but inhaling dust not good. tying up diatomaceous earth in water based paste is the key.

Replied by Michelle
(San antonio, tx)

May I suggest leaving your house for 3 days.4 to be sure the bugs all die off in your home.that way u can focus more on your owm treatment and less on cleaning out the house from them.i did it and it really helped alot.we have me my husband, 2 kids, 2 animals so u can see how the mites can add up fast learking around the house.iv gotten so that I can feel if one gets on when I came home I felt the difference.

Replied by Garry
(South Australia)

What strength is the hydrogen peroxide 3/6/12?

EC: 3%

Replied by Astya
(Sydney NSW)

You're shivering, as was I, because your body is trying to get enough heat going to sweat them out. I hope you get this message as it's a horrible condition. These r WATER BORNE bugs who need the moisture in yr body for their eggs and young to survive into adulthood. They're only Using your body as an incubator.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Kevin (New York) on 10/15/2013

I have been batteling scabies for the past few months and finally borax and h202 are working. I have read a ton about alkalizing on this website and have started drinking sodium bicarb mixtures with Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon/lime juice. I have also read Ted's pH balance book... My question refers to the diet portion. If I can't eat fruit or dairy, and have to drastically cut down on my meat and other carbs, WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT? If anyone with knowledge on this can give me more specific information about what to eat instead of what to stay away from it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a 25 year old male, thought I was healthy before this scabies event, it has showed me that I have to change a lot about my life, I don't want to loose weight.

Replied by Ed2010

I am not sure for what purpose you have to reduce meat and carbs. If Bill and Ted has said it, there is should be a valid reason for it. In any case, if you need nutrition. Take Spirulina 2 - 4 capsules a day. Start with 2. It will supply all the nutrition you need except vitamin C, Vitamin E. Good Health

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Kevin: I had the same problem. Studying all the condemnations confused me. I had $2,000 in the bank and I was starving because I was afraid to eat anything. Then I discovered the solution, zeta potential. High zeta potential creates an atmosphere where cells thrive and all pathogens perish. Any food that increases zeta potential is good. Raw food and live ferments have enzymes. Organic and grass fed foods have bioactive minerals. Live enzymes and bioactive minerals increase zeta potential. For example you can eat a raw organic strawberry but not drink pasteurized orange juice. You can eat grass fed hamburger raw or rare but not cooked regular hamburger. Concentrates like raw honey and dessicated liver are more convenient and less expensive. Google raw food and superfood videos. I take 85% raw organic concentrates and 15% raw grass fed and wild harvested animal concentrates. If this is something that you would like to try reply back and I'll give you all the properly prepared products from reputable companies highly recommended by naturopath doctors that I take, the dosages, and instructions.

Replied by Greenglo

Hi Mike, where do you buy the raw fish sauce from? I live in Denver too but have'nt been able to locate this. Would also love to have your product recommendations. Thanks!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS DOING, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Last year when I was addressing Lymphoma, I had an out break of mites of some kind. I think it was associated with the cancer as Hulda Clarks says. Anyways, I went to my doctor and he gave me an insecticide. That did not work, so I went to a Dermatoligist and he gave me a gel that was supposed to smother them. The sorry rascal did not send the specimans off for indentification.

I read where mites die at 120 degrees so we washed all my clothes and bed sheets with the hot water heater on maximam. I took a FIR Sauna at 160 degrees every day. That solved my problem. Any other treatment besides heat , then you are pissen in the wind.

Know lots of you don't have the money for a FIR Sauna, but you dang sure know how to build a fire. The native Indians used heat to solve a lot of their health problems. You figure out how to get your skin above 120 degrees and you are home free.

For parasites that are in the skin, heat is the only solution. Otherwise you have a long drawn out process. Heed what I say. I've been there.

Love you like a FIRST COUSIN. == OLE RH ====

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Greenglo: God's Goodies can make the body buzz like a bee and brain think like a super computor. I would love to assist you in accomplishing this incredible goal. A case of 12 7oz. Bottles thai fish sauce can be purchased for $55 shipped. The best has been fermented for 2 years. For the oil soluable nutrients an 8oz. bottle of raw fermented skate liver oil can be purchased for $50 shipped. The protein powders I take are raw organic cocoa powder, raw whey isolate, absorbable colostrum, hawaiin spirulina, chlorella, and non defatted dessicated liver. The carbs I take are honey, organic whole dried cane juice, and organic buckwheat flour, all raw. The oils I take are expellar pressed coconut, raw organic sesame, and black chia seeds. The herbs I take are cold processed maca, yucca powder, organic tomato paste, cayenne, hawaiin cordyceps, freeze dried organic young green coconut water, and 4:1 goji concentrate. The supplements I take are water soluable humic acid, wyoming clay, nascent iodine stabalized with alcohol, cold pressed lemon and wild harvested oregano essential oils, and vanilla bean. I drink a pint of water per hour and do earthing. I walk for a half hour, then rest for a half hour, 8 times. I drink 4 cups of home made water kefir. Thank you God's Goodies.

Replied by Greenglo

Thanks Mike. Any chance you can give me the fish sauce and the humic acid brand? There are too many brands out there ...

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Greenglo: Tra Chang at Import Foods and TeraVita at Amazon.

Replied by Emael

Did you ever conquer the scabies? What did you end up eating? What finally worked?

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Kimberly (Columbus) on 05/16/2013

Thank God for this site!!! My 16 yr old was itching really bad then I ended up with itching we were both broke out with red bumps all over us and intense itching It was so depressing:( I found this site through yahoo and I read dozens of peoples posts on here. That lead me to go out and buy a box of Borax and bottles of peroxide I ran a tub of the hottest water I could stand and put 1 cup of borax in with 2 cups of peroxide as soon as I got in the tub and layed down I was rubbing my legs etc and it felt like I could literally feel gritty stuff or bugs come off I have not been diagnosed by my doctor until tomorrow but I was researching my symptoms on the internet seems like I have all the symptoms as scabies:(:( I'm going 2 continue treating us 2x a day with the borax and peroxide baths and wash laundry and bedding daily thanks 2 every 1 that posted on here which helped me treat my son and I until our doctor appt.

Replied by Kat13
(Garfield, New Jersey)

After beginning borax external treatment, how long is scabies still contagious for? Or should I be on internal as well before physical contact with someone? If so for how long should I wait?

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