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Clove Oil

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Posted by Scabiegone ( Massachusetts) on 04/10/2015

Took me forever to believe a natural oil would do the trick but after spending $125 on everything everyone else said, I finally found clove bud oil in rite aid. The employees didn't even know it was there, and I also grabbed orange oil too because it smells better than what I originally mixed up. So long story short, it does kill everything including the babies. You will feel relief almost instantly. There was a time I felt like giving up and I just started crying, mind you I'm a grown man. The next day I used the clove oil and I was back to life again. It takes about a week of doing what I'm about to tell you but seriously, stop reading so many posts and go find this stuff. First, in a store like Walmart, get sulphur soap, tea tree oil, clove oil, orange oil, a spray bottle, olive oil, and unscented lotion. The soap dries out skin which mites hate. Make a lotion by adding a small bottle of clove and orange oil to the lotion. Then make a spray using the olive, clove, and orange oils. The oils should be like 10% of whatever you're mixing it with to dilute it a bit. Then, take a very hot bath with drops of tea tree and orange oil in it. Soak as long as you can and get your head under water too. When you get out, air dry off and apply the lotion. This moment of relief will leave you feeling so much better already.. but it's not over. You will still itch up to a week but not merely as bad as it was. After 2 days you have your life back. BTW, clove oil stinks. That's why orange oil is key. Im on my third day of using these things and I can see them dead in my tub, because they get stuck in the oils and go down the drain so you don't have to worry. I also have extremely good vision. My itching is minimal and now I know it's working. I still have a Martin's 10% permethrin bottle from Amazon on its way as well as some diatomaceous earth (De). I plan to add the permethrin to the spray and lotion just for extra security and the DE I'll put on everything I touch and everywhere I've been including my car. Windex with ammonia also kills them on the surface so electronics etc can be treated with that. Small stuff like wallets and lighters can be frozen over night but I'd go 2 days straight to be sure. I never needed borax for my laundry, just high heat, but I'd still get it if I were you. So much for a long story short. I hope I helped someone because you're not alone.

Replied by Scabiegone

So it's been about a week since my last post regarding clove oil.. So far it's one of the best things to use to subside the itch and move forward with your life. Unfortunately I've been reinfected. This morning after waking up and feeling itchy again I decided to take another shower. Every day before I use a towel to pat dry I look at it to see if there is bugs on it and low and behold, I saw about 10. So, I finally took this opportunity to put them separately in a glass so I could test which of my solutions kill them fastest if at all. Long story short.. Windex!! First I tried Diatomaceous Earth and let them crawl through it, waited 15 min but they were still moving. Then let clove oil touch them, then a few repellents containing permethrin, then witch hazel, and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting but ammonia (Windex) killed them in under a minute. Although I was thoroughly enjoying making these things suffer. So now, on top of my clove oil/permethrin/orange oil mixture in lotion and spray form, I now have a spray containing ammonia, mint scented alcohol, and equal parts water so it doesn't melt my skin off. These bugs do travel too.. My daughter who shares just about everything with me, has yet to have one bite but across the room she found one of her shirts with two of the mites just sitting on it. At that point after finding so many (15) in less than an hour I'm now in serious clean mode again while spraying everything with this ammonia solution. I will report back with my findings or other cure I've found. I also plan to try to find the stuff from Sweden that was previously mentioned. Good luck.


There is no way you can see SCABIES mites with the naked eye. You would need bionic macro vision or a very powerful magnified glass at LEAST! What you are seeing is not scabies mites, maybe lice. While the treatments you state are likely to work on both types.

Just One Seabird

You can see some species of Demodex with the naked eye. There are far more than the two that doctors mention [brevis and folliculorum], and they ARE host switchers, you CAN get them from animals.

You can also see Cheyletiella parasitovorax with the naked eye, and they too can host switch to humans. Doctors tend to disbelieve this, but ask a vet, or a professional pet sitter, or a pet rescuer. THEY know.

So yes, some mites can be seen on towels and clothing. Please don't kick people when they're down, it's unkind and totally unnecessary.

Replied by Tracy

Can you tell me exactly how much of each went into lotion and spray bottle. Also, how much in the bath? What did you use the spray on? I'm sorry if you explained it and I am not fully understanding? I just don't want use wrong.

Replied by Brainbuster

How can you possibly be "finding" these mites? In your bath towel, in your daughter's shirt, etc.

They are supposed to be invisible to the naked eye, and I have yet to see one (despite all the evidence of them).

Replied by Alice

Guys thanks so much for all these posts, I had to laugh at "I just started crying, and mind you I'm a grown man" because I can 100% empathise. I was about to go hari Kiri over here but instead will get my boyfriend to pick up as much clove, tea tree, and orange oil as he can carry. No time for a doctor as I know exactly what this is, having had it before and am kicking myself for not having recognised the symptoms earlier. I guess the repeated saunas mitigated the effects but last night I felt the bites and was like noooooooooo. I dont was this deactivated earth is but I will simply try sticking everything including our mattress, armchair, shoes, clothes etc in the sauna at 90° for 30 minutes, if any of those bastards survive that kind of heat, they probably deserve to live and 10 points for effort. But yeah, hopefully not. My question is, how long do we apply the clove oil for?? Like a week? I read the Australian study also, that said clove oil has a kill rate of 100% after 15 minutes, but they didn't specifically if this means repeated applications. Also I will Clingfilm the car seats. Good call. And thanks again for the advice and the morale!

Clove Oil
Posted by Johnmac (Castlemaine, Australia) on 09/16/2014

I've read through hundreds of posts here on scabies, and wonder why there is such confusion and angst.

If you read the scientific literature on scabies, it is generally cured with one dose of Ascabiol or benzyl benzoate.

E.g.: Landegren, J. et al. Treatment of scabies with disulfiram and benzyl benzoateemulsion: a controlled study.

In a double-blind study, 38 adults with scabies were treated with the scabicide Tenutex (a proprietary aqueous emulsion containing 0.5% DDT, 2% disulfiramand 22.5% benzyl benzoate) and 42 patients were treated with a similar emulsion lacking DDT. The treatment consisted of a single whole-body (except for the head) application which was washed off after 24 hours. When examined 3 weeks later, both groups were completely cured. Thereafter, a further 35 patients took part in an open trial with the DDT-free Tenutex emulsion and allpatients were cured, irrespective of whether the treatments were administeredby skilled personnel or by themselves at home. It is concluded that for the treatment of scabies in Sweden, the most commonly used preparation, Tenutex, can be replaced, without risk of loss of efficacy, by an emulsion containing 2% disulfiram and 22.5% benzyl benzoate, I.e. Tenutex without DDT.

Personally, I'm using clove bud oil. After 3 days most of my itching has gone, and many mites have died and surfaced through my skin. Clove kills the mites, but apparently not (all) the eggs, so I'll keep applying it for 6-8 weeks till the breeding cycle is over. As for fanatically laundering and hot-drying your clothing and bedding daily, spraying your entire house daily (including the ceilings! ), etc: Why? The literature is clear that scabies mites survive 24-36 hours only off the human body: "Human and canine scabies mites are capable of surviving for 24–36 hours at room temperature and retain the ability to re-establish infestation. Canine mites dislodged from a host respond to host odour and thermal stimuli by actively seeking their source. Despite the detection, survival and penetrative abilities of S scabiei when kept at room temperature, the role of contaminated bedding as a reservoir for infestation appears to be overemphasised. For example, in experiments where volunteers climbed into warm beds just vacated by heavily infected patients, only four new cases resulted from 272 attempts." (Google it.) Yes, you do need to treat scabies. Yes, you do need to wash your clothes and bedding - or abandon them for a few days to let the mites die.


Replied by Jess

There are literally thousands of types of mites and the medical establishment doesn't know everything. Some mites are super strong and regular meds aren't wrking

Replied by Jon

Thank you, JohnMac,for the very informative post.

Jess didn't really add anything to it.

A controlled, blind study of dozens of patients (as you cited), is a hundred times more reliable than 15 or so self-reported, anecdotal stories from people who frequent Earthclinic.

Though this website is a god-send,

I'm not so quick to ignore a controlled, blind study.

Most people on here (including myself), may click "Yea" to bleach bath, and attribute the cure to the bleach bath (as I did), but I also used Permethrin a couple days before the bleach bath. This is probably true for many others here--so it adds confounding variables.

That's why we need controls.


Not worth taking a chance on bedding because it only takes ONE pregnant female to start the nightmare all over again. It's a nightmare ESPECIALLY when scabies are now resistant to permethrin and ivermectin. This MAY not have been a problem 10 years ago but it is now and your information, is at present, misleading.

Replied by Just One Seabird

Parasites are becoming resistant to insecticides. Lice resist permethrin, and farmers are finding that ivermectin no longer works on mange mites.

Physicians don't actually know everything. Search "medical gaslighting", "Morgellons, a filamentous borrelial dermatitis", and "Host switching" and you will discover just how much they don't know.

Clove Oil
Posted by Craig` (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 01/21/2013

Since becoming infected with scabies I have more little brown moles as well as occasional 'pimples' that are much larger with a harder lump. These lumps are more likely to remain in spite of treatments. Over time they wear down and eventually disappear. Some have remained even after months. My question is: are these bumps and moles (and I think maybe also clear 'warts') active nests even when treatments appear to have killes the mites?

Should they be removed and how is this possible? I have been using natural treatments for over four months. About a month ago I started using clove oil in the 1/3 ratio using coconut oil recommended here. The result was dramatic in terms of improvement. However, a persistent pattern has emerged - more and more parts of my body have stopped showing signs of scabies (as indicated by using an anti-paristic treatment onto the skin after a bath or shower and having mites, larvae, eggs etc rise to the surface of the skin - I believe always dead - as well as an improvement in the skin as lesions, blisters etc clear up). In these cleared up areas, there still remains an occasional persistent bump or an area where there are small brown moles. In addition, there are areas where lesions will not clear up. However certain areas will show no new signs of scabies (eg by no new lesions or no visble dead mites) for several days, only to find signs of the scabies then. This seemes to happen in areas where there are still raised lesions which feel like there is a track along them that won't break down over a long period of time. I now seem to be in a cycle where this occurs, but where the mites are gradually reducing and the return to no visible signs is more frequent. Perhaps, the treatment will eventually beat them.

My concern is that these lumps and moles may have active nests under them. If so, what to do about it? are these nests protected by some encasement or are they so deep that the topical treatments don't get to them? I've been told that the mites burrow into the lymphatic system and that certain treatments such as bleach incite the mites to burrow deeper. The reason I suspect this may be the case is because, I recently started using wild oregano oil (sometimes called wild marjoram) that have high concentrations of carvacol in it. I take this orally as well as putting it onto lesions and lumps topically. If applied to a lump or a lesion which feels like it has a trackline (i find that these are very hard to get rid of, especially on the back), then the oregano oil will seem to break down the lesion or pump a liitle bit. If you keep on rubbing the oil into the area after this happens then sometimes dead mites or eggs will emerge. When this happens there is more likely to be an outpouring of mites etc for a day or two afterwards. After the first few days of doing this, I found some kind of encased eggs (or nests?) be released - these things often were entangled in hairs - by continuing to rub them and pull them off, they tended to pull the hair out and seemed to be attached to the hair follicle. I have a great deal of trouble working out what all these things are when they are released from the skin - is it a good sign of improvement or a bad sign or is it indicative of something else? Are these eggs or nests or mites or faeces dead? are they dead after treatment while being under the lump or mole? I believe everything that leaves the skin after treatments is dead, but I can't work out if the stuff in the skin is dead or alive. The other thing I would note is that this stage of treatment is less likely to show signs of larvae leaving the skin which I found to be more common in earlier treatments with neem oil. What are other perople's experiences? should these moles and lumps be removed and, if so, how? or do they eventually just rise to the surface?

I find it interesting that oregano oil is not mentioned as being a natural treatment for scabies very much. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties to name just a few of its benefits. It would appear to kill all stages of the scabies' life cycle (although I still use clove oil daily as it kills the eggs).

There was an earlier posting about the difference between scabies in healthy and immuno-suppressed people - clearly, chronic infection is a symptom of immune problems which require a holistic approach to better health. I suspect that any chronic scabies condition needs some internal treatment (this is why western medicine uses ivermectin) - oregano oil taken internally appears to reach the scabies as evidenced by an initial worsening of itching and a flare up of the skin condition. The breaking down of persistent pumps would appear to follow this, along with the outpourings of dead things (and maybe live mites). I am only into the second week of using the oregano oil, so I can't determine success yet. Unfortunatley, clove oil alone didn't eliminate the problem. I've been on anti-parasitic internal remedies for a while, which have had a great improvement on digestive issues but not on the sacbies until I started taking the oregano oil. [One company's] health advice is tackle this parasite along with the elimination of internal parasites and toxins, along with liver detoxification and other measures to improve natural immunity. This can only be beneficial to well being, however the task seems very onerous. Sometimes I feel so exhausted and desiring of a break from the disciplined self/environmental regimes for treating chronic scabies. I hope I can endure and have success soon!

Replied by Dana
(Brisbane, Qld., Australia)

Craig, just wondering whether you are cured of this affliction, myself recently started on the oregano oil capsules.

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

HI Dana could you tell me where you purchased your oregano capsules thanks

Replied by Dana
(Brisbane, Australia)

Suseeq, I went on to eBay and found one brand beginning with "S" available in Australia and another wild oregano oil from the US, the latter arrived within 2 weeks. There are liquid drops available but if you use them under your tongue, you would not be happy.

Replied by Ez

Try organic raw apple cider vinegar and baking soda in water. Drink with water once every other day

Clove Oil
Posted by Itchynva (Charlottesville, Va) on 11/28/2012

I just have to say Clove Oil is the Cure. I didnt know I had scabies until 4 months after I had gotten them. It started on my buttocks and then after a couple of months I started on my lower legs and calves, I thought it was chiggers... So I treated for that, but that wasn't it and after waking up at 3 and 4 in the morning with an itch that would not quit, I started looking online for what it could be. I used lye soap which I knew would cure poison ivy, that just dried the whelps but obiously did not cure the itch. I had some relief but not much. It was only when I noticed that now my back and arms were broek out in whelps and I felt creepy crawlys in my hair and on my face but could not see anything. I read and read and read all the stuff online, I tried everything and I mean everything. I tried the baths with salt, bleach, peroxide, borax, citrus mouthwash and added essential oils to my shampoo and body lotion etc. It was only until I used only the clove oil and suggested by other people on here, did I try that and only that after a hot bath with tea tree oil, after one day the itching was gone and after day 3, the redness has gone and the itching is gone. I will continue to use this for the next month just to be sure. I am so over cleaning and washing clothes and sheets and pillow cases, but at least I can sleep now and I think I am on the road to being cured. I sure hope I dont jinx myself by writing this prematurely. Good luck to everyone that is suffering from this beast of a creature. If I can offer any advice let me know.

Replied by Maraknocka
(Charleston, South Carolina)

How are you now? Please tell me cured? We are at wits end with this mess, I could use some sould advise and a little help.

Replied by Itchyncville
(Charlottesville, Virginia)

Sorry I did not reply sooner. As of today, I have been cured from the scabies mite, Thank God. The nites of endless scratching are over. Everytime I feel something crawling, I say oh my god, they are back. Thank God they aren't. How long have you had them?

Replied by Brandon

Hi- you tell me if you have been cured from this mad mess

Clove Oil
Posted by Genevieve From West Coast, Usa (Yachats, Oregon) on 05/15/2012

Folks, this is the answer to your prayers! CLOVE OIL. Over the course of a year I tried many of the suggestions on this site for ridding myself of scabies. The winner is:

3/4 tsp clove oil mixed with 4 TBS olive oil

(Be careful: I made a too-potent blend and burned my skin, and the healing process was maybe even worse than the scabies! But at the 6% ratio I note above, I had no problem.)

I followed the protocols suggested in many of the postings here for laundry, bedding, bathing and general disinfecting. MMS bath 3x/day, followed by application of the clove/olive oil mixture (I also used almond and coconut oils). Apply it ALL over your body, even if you only see signs of scabies on your arm, e.g. also, I used a Q-tip and applied the undiluted oil directly onto the "bump" (I didn't put the undiluted oil on my uninfested skin).

I had scabies for over a year and by the time I tuned in to clove oil, they ranged from my ankles up to my chin! (I don't suppose details of my long mind-deranging ordeal are necessary, just imagine.)

If you want more information re the protocols I used (and helpful info from others), you can find them on under "Dermisil for Scabies, " 3-star review by Jennifer. As you might guess, I am not recommending this product, but it's where I first started out and because scabies are sooo horrible, I gave as much info as I could during my ordeal in order to be helpful to others.

Eternal (and I mean this) thanks to lorisayshey from San Diego (under the heading Citrus Mouthwash, 8/18/11) and Cathrine from Perth, Western Australia (under the heading Clove Oil, 8/28/11) for posting the link to the Australian study of the effects of clove oil on permethrin-resistant scabies. The link is:

Replied by Lee
(Chattanooga, Tn)

Our scabies nightmare began in Las Vegas--from a scabies-infested sleeper sofa at a high-end hotel. Within a week, the infestation had spread from one apartment, to a second home, to 2 cars, and nearly everything we owned. Life was miserable.

After battling scabies for nearly a year-including several rounds of doctor-prescribed meds, assorted veterinary medicines, and miscellaneous home remedies that did not work, I discovered the clove BUD oil remedy study. I started the test myself by ordering a few bottles of clove BUD oil (which is what the study used) and set out for a cure. In the meantime, my relative continued using another remedy.

Instead of mixing the clove with oil (which I found was messy, created even more of a laundry mess, and became a hazard when bathing), I mixed the clove bud oil with a THIN moisturizing lotion for extra-dry skin that I found at a dollar store.

I poured a half-bottle of the lotion into a margarine tub (later I used an extra bottle) and added about 20-30 drops of the clove oil. I shook it well and allowed it to sit for several hours before applying. I then showered and thoroughly exfoliated--and then I applied this clove-lotion blend from toes to neck (and ALL crevices in between! ) while the body was still damp. I then air-dried--no toweling off! The body MUST be covered with the lotion 24-7. The clove bud oil is not only a natural repellant, it also penetrates the skin surface and hair follicles, so you want to keep as much of it on your body as possible at all times.

(HUGE TIP: While you are undergoing this treatment, apply the lotion after each shower--preferably twice each day, including before bed. DO NOT CHANGE CLOTHES ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN TUB OR SHOWER! Bag and tie dirty clothes immediately until washed.)

And regardless of what the "books" say, scabies DO infest the hair-and will actually burrow into hair follicles. Always apply shampoo to dry hair--and leave on as long as possible before rinsing. THEN apply a thick conditioner (add a little clove oil) and cover your head with a plastic shower cap. Sleep in it--and rinse out in the a. M. I was desperate enough to put the clove lotion on my head as well--slept in a plastic cap--and got quick results in eliminating the critters there.

I used a Q-tip with straight clove bud oil on any tracks or visible signs of the infestation. If I felt something crawling, I applied either straight clove oil to an extended area of the "crawling" or applied an additional coating of the lotion. (If you have a strong magnifying glass, check areas where there are tracks and where you have applied straight clove bud oil. You will see gas bubbles just beneath the skin indicating the critters and eggs are dead or dying.)

I also coated brows, lashes, nostrils, and ears with petroleum jelly before bed every night--and, if facial skin could tolerate it, also applied the clove bud lotion to the face.

Within a couple of days, the mites were running for cover. If you did not start out with the critters in the "private areas" previously, they will make a bee-line to escape the lotion now and you will feel them in the crease of the legs, waist areas, buttocks, etc. In fact, our experience taught us that you may not THINK you have them there--but you do. We used a slightly diluted lotion on those sensitive areas (even added a little diatamaceous earth to the lotion in the beginning to increase adhesion of the lotion. ) It's important to keep the area coated at all times in the beginning. The sudden surge in itching and crawling told me that had been a hiding place for quite a while and nights were a bit uncomfortable until I got a handle on them.

Within 2 weeks, there was a noticeable decrease in numbers and life became more bearable. I felt comfortable enough with the progress to encourage my relative to also begin the treatment. She was suffering a far more serious infestation because she was the one initially infected. She declined and continued on with her own remedies, still desperate.

By the end of the month, I knew I was on the right track and INSISTED that she start using my "home remedy. " She did--and had the SAME astounding results within 2 weeks! The relief was so tremendous that I couldn't tear her away from continuing the experiment!

It took time because the infestations were so advanced, but within 3-4 months, we were confident enough to declare ourselves CURED. Not "sorta" or "kinda" cured--but cured! I could finally put bed linen back on the bed and sleep without being tormented.

Still, I continued with the scrupulous laundry/sanitation practices we'd been using to ensure no critters had escaped, including treating the car with permethrin spray created by mixing 1 tube of a 45% "spot on" over-the-counter flea and tick solution with 1 cup of water. This was misted on the car from top to bottom about once each 2 weeks, along with frequent vacuuming. This remedy came as the result of spraying borax in the vehicles--which quickly corroded metal parts. (CAUTION: DO NOT USE PERMETHRIN ON FURNISHINGS OR CARPET IF YOU HAVE CATS--IT CAN BE FATAL! )

We also discovered that hot water washing was not necessary and that alone resulted in huge energy savings. A cold-water soaking in any detergent for several hours or preferably overnight, along with 1-2 cups of ammonia in the soak water, worked better than borax or other recommended remedies and did not damage clothes. This is highly recommended for your bed linens and towels. We continued 30 minutes to 1 hour high-heat drying to be on the safe side.

We also discovered that you must remove and soak in hot soapy water any earrings, jewelry, eye glasses, combs, hair brushes, and other items after wearing or using them ONCE. Let them soak at least an hour, then rinse and air dry. Scabies will set up house in hinges and nooks of these items. During the duration of the treatment, I gave up wearing a watch as well.

Freeze all makeup, wallets, purses, belts, makeup bags EVERY DAY. Wash and then freeze makeup brushes each time they are used, including removing brushes from mascara before freezing. Books and magazines should be put in plastic bags with a few mothballs--or freeze them. Cell and home phones, remotes, etc. , should be cleaned every day with germicidal wipes--and wash and freeze the cell phone covers as well. This may seem to be overboard, but ANYTHING you carry or touch can spread the critters.

If I can warn against anything, it is giving up too soon and jumping from one remedy to another in hope of faster results. Remember, you are having to eliminate the entire life cycle of generations of these critters that have already infested your body. It's going to take time to eliminate them all, because new ones are constantly maturing. We saw a change within 2 weeks--and then it began improving drastically from that point. We stuck with the regimen--and it worked when nothing else we tried did.

I would strongly encourage anyone struggling with this terrible infestation to at least give it a try--and stick with it for at least a month! It works!

Clove Oil
Posted by J. (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia) on 11/12/2011

I just came across the article called "Clove oil can be treatment for itchy rash" which discusses a new study from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia. In the article the researches discuss how they discovered clove oil is effective in killing the scabies mite.

"Researchers tested the clove oil, nutmeg oil and ylang ylang oil on two different types of mites in the laboratory to see how many died from contact with the oils.

'We tested the oils on the mites, and found that clove oil killed all the mites within 15 minutes'."

"The importance of this research is that the scabies mite has become increasingly resistant to current treatments, especially in Northern Australia where scabies is common. Our research aims to identify naturally occurring compounds that can combat scabies and prevent resistance from occurring."

In my opinion it needs to be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil before applied to the body (we tried to stay at the 6% strength that was mentioned in the article to being 100% effective in killing both normal scabies as well as scabies that have built up a resistance to permethrin, within 15 minutes).

Up until now we've been using borax & hydrogen peroxide baths twice a day, neem oil and tea tree in coconut oil and applied after the baths, DE (Diatomaceous earth) and borax on the carpets and DE on the car seats, plus washing everything in borax and hot water and changing clothes after each bath, clean clothes in bags, dirty clothes in separate bags until washed (all remedies learned thanks to this site! ).

I just read about the research on Clove Oil today so that has been added to our coconut oil as of now. Not sure when we will know when the scabies are finally gone, have been at it for 9 days now, will give it a couple of days with the Clove Oil just to be sure. Does anyone know if these remedies will actually sink into the skin and kill the female mite? Or will it just kill the babies as they hatch from the eggs and come to the surface?

I hope this helps!

Replied by Njnit
(Newark, Nj)

I think I contracted scabies from a chair that was given to me. I tossed that chair in the trash and ran to my doctor who prescribed permethrin. It seemed to work well and I was bite free for about 3 weeks and then started getting bites again, although no where near as bad as the first time. I seem to have stopped it from spreading this time by applying a mixture of coconut oil, clove oil, neem oil, and tea tree oil. Of course, I am cleaning my home thoroughly with a 50/50 bleach mixture and washing my clothing/bedding/towels with borax. I have also been using a scrub made from citrus soap and borax in the shower.

I mixed a big batch of oil and apply it two or three times daily all over my body. (My husband says I smell like a spice rack.)

I use:

8 oz coconut oil

1 oz clove oil

4 dropper fulls neem oil

.5 oz tea tree oil

I also added two heaping teaspoons of sulfur powder.

(I bought everything online.)

The oil warms the skin almost as if you applied "icy hot" or some other muscle relaxing cream. I like it but, others may find it too hot in which case you may want to lessen the amount of clove oil.

The neem oil and sulfur smell awful, but the other oils mask the smell. Based on what I have read on this site, I will probably add some orange oil to the mixture for good measure.

It's too soon to say that I'm cured, but I seem to have stopped it from spreading. Although no one else in my family has caught this, I'm going to begin treating them with a milder version of the killer oil. Better to be safe than sorry!

Good luck all!

Clove Oil
Posted by Lorisayshey (San Diego, Ca) on 08/25/2011

USE CLOVE OIL!!!! Only thing effective in killing the permithrin-resistant scabies. Better than anything else I've used, 90% cured after 1 week. 1 part clove oil, 3 parts coconut oil or olive oil. Leave on skill 24 hrs a day. Scabies and larvae coming to surface of skin get a taste and die, scabies burrowing into skin get a taste and it kills them in about 15 mins. Keep everything not just clean, but sanitized - 1/2 ounce clove oil in 32 ounce spray bottle and spray EVERYTHING you can every morning every night. Way to get rid of them is reduce the numbers every day, keep things clean, don't give up, be more tenatious than they are! Don't forget to pray and thank the Lord that He put it on my heart to post this to help you all!

Replied by Jeanne

Thank you for your recipe. I believe you have found the right strength of clove oil to carrier oil to work. I am going to try this immediately. God bless you too.

Clove Oil
Posted by Curedmyscabies (Paterson, New Jersey) on 08/25/2011


I have been cured of scabies for about 4 months now and feel obliged to enlighten every suffering human being of the secret. Two Words: CLOVE OIL. It can be purchased from any type of natural food store including whole foods, or online. When using it, you should probably dilute it in another type of oil, I used jojoba oil. So probably about 1 drop of clove per 2 teaspoon of jojoba. Mix it up. Rub this mixture all over the body and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Shower and make sure you have washed all of your linens and clothes beforehand with SPECIFIC DETERGENT. BORAX. ADD at least a cup and a half of borax to each load of laundry and make sure you have cleaned everything in your home or you will be reinfected. You may feel the scabies coming out or literally freaking out on your skin, like I did. They came out of tiny wholes and pretty much looked like they were suffering and eventually stopped moving after 20 minutes which is when I showered. It took me a few times to completely get rid of them, so don't feel hopeless if it doesnt work the first time. BUT IT WORKS! It took me approximately 4-5 days to completely rid them and I'm glad I did. Hopefully you guys will take my advice and no longer suffer. G-d Bless!

Replied by Lorisayshey
(San Diego, Ca)

How did you see these? I looked through a magnifying glass with a light shining on my skin and still could not see anything. I used the clove oil too, but I leave it on all day so that when they come out onto my skin they get a taste of it and die right away. Not sure about the jojoba oil, but I used coconut oil because it absorbs deeper into your skin. Most other oils only lay on the surface. Best to put it on just after the shower while your pores are open so it absorbs deeper into your skin. Also, if you are using the Permethrin cream, doctor's tell you that you are no longer contagious and then need to apply in again in a week. This was absolutely not true in my case. Got it from my husband AFTER in between his Permethrin treatments. Use the clove oil mixture even it you are taking to Permithrin just in case there are some stragglers hanging around that could reinfect you. If you are using bleach, they will kill the adults that are on your skin, but the ones that are under your skin - most of them, will be driven further into your skin to get away from it, then it is even harder to reach them AND they will be doing their burrowing deeper in your skin making more tunnels and causing more damage. I used the clove oil with much success, but wasn't sure if they were all gone, so I took the Permithrin treatment and clove oil at same time, it's almost gone now. No more itching, but they say the rash and some red spots will continue up to 3 weeks after the last treatments as your body secrete the dead mite, their larvae, eggs, and waste from your body. Hang in there. If this persists more than 6 weeks, go see an infectuous disease doctor for sure.

Clove Oil
Posted by Happysoul (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) on 08/07/2011

I erraticated my scabies infection with clove oil alone in a period of 3 days. It's important to skin test it first after dilutting 10 drops to a cup of grapeseed/olive oil first. Specially on open wounds.

If one can work up to a high mix of clove oil which feels like a burning sensation, and leave this on for 15 minutes and wash off after, it will promtly kill all mites.

Clove Oil, Coconut Oil +

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Posted by Lynn (New London, CT) on 06/12/2022

For the past 11+ years I suffered from scabies that was not only misdiagnosed, but resistant to all prescription drug treatments. I had been researching for all these years for a permanent solution. I had been to hundreds of doctors and aside from being misdiagnosed, (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, allergic reaction, etc.) and over prescribed steroids, ivermectin, permetherin, etc.) I finally found a promising cure.

Aside from finding the right remedy, I know now that everyone's skin and bodies are different and through trial and error found the appropriate mixture that has worked specifically for me. I have extremely sensitive skin and can't tolerate the majority of products (both prescription and OTC) as they often trigger adverse and allergic reactions. So remember when reading this that "less is more" when you first start out using the method and mixture ratio that has worked for me.

I used organic 100% pure clove bud oil, cold pressed 109% pure coconut oil, 100% organic pure aloe vera gel, tea tree oil face and body wash for sensitive skin, Loma Lux Eczema Pill (sulphur tablets) and white 100% cotton gloves (to sleep with on my hands to help prevent further injury of unconsciously scratching/itching open skin lesions during the night - to promote my healing.

For me the ratio of mixture that I found specifically appropriate for me was this.

1.) Seven (7) drops of clove bud oil to one (1) tablespoon of coconut oil.
2.) Two Loma Lux Eczema tablets once per day (taken at bedtime). My initial dosage was 3-4 tablets for the first two weeks.
3.) Put on a fresh clean pair of the cotton gloves daily at bedtime.
4.) Use of permetherin 5% spray to treat bedding (sheets, mattress, pillows) furniture and interior rooms on a daily basis.

Every other day in the evening at bedtime I would apply the clove bud oil combined with the coconut oil to my skin (from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet - including face, scalp, inside my ear lobes, under my toe and finger nails, etc.) And on the in between days I would apply the pure sloe vera gel several times throughout the day to promote healing.
The tea tree oil face and body wash I used throughout the day several times using a slightly textured wash cloth with warm water.

Honest to God I am finally feeling relief from the insane itching, my skin lesions are all almost completely healed. Most of the scabies and demodex mites have died and exhumed from my skin (hundreds of them). I am almost in full remission after 11 + years.

Currently I am researching for the best mite killing laundry detergent add-on and hope to update this post when I find the best additive.

Replied by Robert Ston

Hi Lynn, How did you survive so long with this miserable thing? Are you totally cured now?

Replied by Cici

Hi, thanks so much for sharing what worked for you. How long did you use this routine and can I ask which tea tree face wash you used please?

Contracting Scabies

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Posted by Anonymous (Mendota, Usa) on 05/26/2011

animals cannot get scabies. the mites can only live on human skin, and human skin alone. the only way to get scabies in the first place is by prolonged skin to skin contact. for example how a mother hugs her child more than once a day. shaking of the hand or one simple hug will not contract them. the scabies can only live without a host for 3 days. simply vacate your house for three days and they will be gone(from your home anyway). make sure you take treatment durring then so not to reinfest your environment.

Replied by Anonymous
(Hopeless, Fl)

Yes your animals can get scabies, it's also known as mange. Furthermore, you can get it from your animals as well. (Trust me, my family did.)

Replied by Markx
(Sgp, Singapore)

05/26/2011: Anonymous from Mendota, Usa

Animals do get mites - dogs have their 'own versions' of sarcopties and demodex, as do pigs, and as do many other animals. These species don't usually result in sustained infections on humans, but human infection is possible.

I believe some individuals are far more resistant to scabies than others.

I can't shake it off for months, but my wife and daughter only need one conventional treatment. After too much contact with me, even when I think I'm cured, they get itchy spots again, but one or two treatements will cure them.

On each occasion I've had it, it has taken me at least six weeks to get rid of it, with repeated rotated, conventional treatments.

Another point: While transmission is most likely by sustained skin to skin contact, a simple hand shake will do it.

I have seen that myself. I went into a boardroom whilst I had a diagnosed, (treated and almost recovered) scabies infection, I shook hands with everyone, then we sat around the table and started talking. Half an our into the meeting, one manager on the other side to the table started scratching the crease inside his elbow... on his right arm, the one I had just shaken! His scratching intensity increased to the point he took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeve to examine his arm.

I was too embarassed to say anything.

Interesting to note that he had obviously had a prior exposure to react so quickly (but then, at about 50 years of age, that is very likely to have occurred).

Replied by stephen
(central florida)

I did not have scabies. I took a new cat that I just brought home, to the vet for her first visit. The vet told me my new cat has scabies. My cat came with SCABIES that, they can't get, hum interesting that an animal that can't get scabies has scabies, that it can't get, interesting how false old wives tales contradict the truth. Then the dogs got checked. The vet said the medicine I give will kill scabies in both cats and dogs. Now it's my turn to go to my Dr. to get rid of my scabies infection. Thanks cat her name is barnett. She is a barn cat no more rats in the garage thanks barny love you girl.


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Posted by Peg (TX) on 04/03/2022

Scabies - Turpentine Soap and Cryotherapy

Turpentine bar soap cure overnight. Lather your body up to 5 times and let it sit on your skin for 2-3 minutes then rinse off. Repeat as needed. Do not put anything on your skin after you rinse and dry. I ordered my bar of soap on Amazon Search Turpinetine Bar Soap by Diamond G Forest Products. It's the best 9 dollars I have spent. I also ordered the Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine to put some in the hand soap and hair shampoo to keep them off of me. Wash everything for the next few days to get rid of them.

I do Cryotherapy as well to freeze them suckers off of you. Keep in mind you will be cold, but you will see the parasite fall off your skin like dust. I praise God he placed this in my path to cure.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Anna (KY) on 04/03/2023

I suffered with a terrible case of scabies for six weeks many years ago. After 3 dermatologists and many useless creams, I found a recommendation for food-grade DE. I cautiously applied it to my skin, careful not to inhale any dust which can be harmful to lungs and keep away from eyes. I went to sleep, wearing only the DE, on a sheet laid out on the floor (I was that exhausted from the laundry, cleaning bedding, and constantly cleaning the bed itself.) To my enormous relief, I woke up without the itching I had worried would literally drive me insane if it continued to intensify. In eight hours, I was cured, and no more scabies. Just a bit more cleaning to do, but with joy!

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 03/06/2023

I got rid of my battle with scabies and they never returned. I put Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth all over my body at bedtime. I did it 3 nights and they never came back. Make sure it is Food Grade.

Best of luck


Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Darlene (Oregon, Usa) on 10/12/2014

On the topic of scabies, Diatomaceous earth works wonderful. Use one cupful in bath water and soak for while covering all parts of body. When you get out of bath just pat dry to leave as much DM on the body as possible. Use the food grade. It can also be used for internal parasites. I have used it for 6 yrs on my dogs, goats, mule, chickens and even taken it myself. It works to get rid of mites on chickens and scale mites on their feet . Research this for more info.