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Enzymes for Scabies  

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Posted by D (Phoenix, AZ) on 07/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello. I came upon this site hoping to find some more remedies for scabies, particularly an oral treatment. I've read through the various replies, and it looks as though some of the commenters do not have scabies, because animals cannot carry the parasite (from the numerous articles I've read anyway). Anyway, I've had them for a few years, and mostly used the lice poison found at the supermarket. It helped somewhat, but it's poison! So I looked and found a product called Lice R Gone that worked. It's an natural enzyme that eats away at their exo-skeleton. The only problem I am having is that I have them on my foot, and it's a bit difficult to get through some of the tough skin, and even one small missed are will cause an outbreak eventually. It was cheap, it smelled pleasant, and very effective. Once my foot is cleared up, I'm done! Hope you all find relief!

Replied by Sharon
Wesely Chapel, Florida

To those of you who think mites cannot be transferred between humans and animals, I'm sorry, they can. We got our initial infection from some chickens-not a scabies mite, but a rat mite according to the lab at University of Texas who tested ours. There appears to be some mis-labeling due to the spread of different kinds of mites. Also, keep in mind that your local vets and docs do not know how to deal with the unknown mites- they are only used to what their books tell them. You cannot see them without the aid of bi-focal glasses a good magnifying glass. This type of rat mite lived in some washed blankets I had stored in my huge closet for over a year! When we got them out the next winter,we were all itching like mad in less than 30 min. and had to get up, strip everything and take a shower. They have killed my mom's parrot (ate thru his ears into his brain), and my sister's dog (infested a cat bite in his throat and the vet said it looked like a tumor, only 2 months after the bite). When my mom got tested, they sliced a piece of her infected abdomen skin. Under the microscope it only looked like many bits and pieces of mites, but mites. We infected our 4 pomeranians, even tho the vet said they could not get them as they were taking Revolution treatment once a month. We do not have scabies, according to the books, but it looks like scabies. Its itches like scabies, and it spreads rapidly. On the dogs, it looks like mange around the eyes and mouth. If I had not had two adult males in denial, I could have already rid myself of them. Ps, I am currently taking 2 tsp of curry powder each day to keep them from biting me as I am extremely allergic and break out badly. If I get into an infested area, they will get on and crawl around and itch a little until I go shower them off with borax and H Pero. At least I am sleeping nights and no more sores, boils, infected areas. I am taking curry because it has a high concentration of turmeric and was all I had around the house. Started working after the second day. One website for spices said turmeric has been used topically (on the skin) for scabies. Best Wishes, and thank you Ted for your kind advice.

Epsom Salts  

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Posted by Earthgirl17 (Elyria, Oh) on 09/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I first of all would like to thank everyone who posted their remedies for scabies. They are tenacious little critters aren't they! I did alot of research online and would like to share my story.

I had over a dozen large crusted scabies spots on my arms and legs... Dozens more smaller ones. I did some landscaping for a friend and we dug out a flower bed no one had touched for 20 years. I got poison ivy too (or pehaps not since I had never been allergic to it before), but didn't realize the scabies for a few days... Thought it was all just poison ivy at first. I 've had scabies before so I knew what they looked like, but the crusted scabies, or Norwegian scabies, is just the same mite but many, many, MANY of them. My skin was raised up, or very swollen in spots, with some diameters much larger than a silver dollar.

I used the borax and peroxide baths, omitting the peroxide alot, since I had no income for a while. I lost 3 jobs because I looked so awful and didn't want to contaminate others. I put myself in quarantine for about 6 weeks. My kids got small spots but I killed those right away. I was taking 5-6 borax baths in a 24 hour period, scrubbing down with it in the hottest water I could stand (my tolerance went up considerably over 6 weeks) and letting it dry before soaking. I could tell it was helping but needed something else. I used essential oils also- lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus globulus, rosemary, orange, others... and pennyroyal, which is highly toxic. It can shut down your kidneys so make sure you cleanse with a detox tea after and only use it once a week. I had them so bad I felt sick, so I detoxed my liver and kidneys with herbal teas- detoxing also helps your body deal with the little buggers! Also MSM, since it contains sulfur, I took twice everyday. I figured that, like candida, they thrive in an acidic atmospere, so I alkalized with cucumber and lemon water. I ate alkalizing vegetables and cut out all meat, sugar and alcohol. I ate a spoonful of coconut oil everyday, and used it topically to help my dried-out skin. I also used a capful of bleach and a toothbrush and scrubbed the spots occasionally, but I could tell that was making me sick too.

So, I went back online seeking other cures. The more cures I used, the more results I got. I feel that the Epsom salts really put the nail in the scabies' coffin, so to speak. I alternated borax baths with Epsoms baths, eventually just using the Epsoms salts, scrubbing myself with the salts and letting it dry a while before soaking. That's when they really started to die off. They hate sulfur. Maybe magnesium too? The essential oils helped with killing the eggs so they'd quit coming back. When I got it in my eyes, I used hot, soaked green tea bags on them. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the tea but they left my eyes. Also swimming in the neighborhood pool that contained way too much bromine may also have helped! Hahaha

I also cleaned my house and bedding incessantly, like others suggested, placing plastic covers on everything, vacuuming everyday. It was exhausting, and I barely slept for 6 weeks.

Besides the physical ways of doing away with scabies, FAITH is absolutely the best thing I had going for me. Don't ever lose it!! Faith is EVERYTHING. Not religion, but a pure steadfast belief in what you want. It always works.

Hope this works for you as well!!! It was hell!! - but I have valuable experience now, and we all have trials to go through. Maybe mine was so I could help others, I don't know- but I truly hope you find your cure!! I have the battle scars to prove I WON!!!

Take care and God bless!!

Replied by Shelly
Las Vegas, Nv

There should be a like button! Sorry for my english and spelling is not the best. Thanks for sharing. I read about epsom salt working for scabies. The mites I have seem to not be phased by it. I think they are bird mites. So far only lemon essential oil is killing them in my hair. Nothing else has like permethrin or like substances. They are not phased by coconut oil, amonia or even sulfur! I think actually the adult mites are not phased by the sulufur. MAybe newly hatched are.

The bleach baths also work on the non adult ones. Very few things work when bird mites are in your scalp. I'm so confused. I dont know what I have the more I think of it. I tried borox, sulfur, bug spray hot bath, heair dryer, toothpaste before the recent post for tooth paste, tea tree oil, turpintine oil, dawn dish liquid, neem oil and soap, lemon greass oil, apple cider vinager, ivermectin horse past, Flagyl pills, bitter melon pills, olive leafe pills, Dr, Hulda Clarcks parasite cleanse with black walnut, wormwood and freash grownd cloves, sauna, two hour soak in _____ baking soda deteregent for laundry, Quassia Amuara from a lice treatement, peroxide (peroxide does get them out of my ears when I leave in for 20 min) Diatomatious earth in bedding, carpet, hair and cloths, clove oil (made my scalp peel in huge chunks) Lysol spray and toilet bowl cleaner, barbarsol, alcholol 91%, finger nail polish remover, sun laundry detergent with color safe bleach as reccamended by the morgellons page, pine tar soap, pennyroyal oil, windex on the scalp soap for dogs, advantix permetherin 45% for dogs : (

Next on the list to try, Teds Borax in water, drank all day, colloidal silver, actual pine-tar-resin, actual Balsalm of Paru oil or resin, boiled wood chips from Quassia Amaura boiled strong in water then that water simmered in oil till the water is gone and oil remains, Still using the neem oil as it messes with their reproductive cycle.

The most valuable thing you mentioned is the faith. I KNOW I will get over this scalp mite infestation! I just have to make it happen! I have a ton of lemon oil in my hair now and it is burning! ITs near the point of panic but not there yet. If it gets to be too much, NEVER use water to rinse, douce with coconut. Olive or baby oil to dilute. Learned the hard way and the water opened the pores to more inteanse burning!

Ted, if there is ever a situation where one is running out of options or ideas its here. I've tried nearly everything. Very tired now. Gonna to take a bleach bath but with out the bleach and using chlorine for swimming pools and Sodium cabonate not to be confused with sodium Bicarmonate. There is a difference. Seems like the carbonate works better.

There is no way I can heal this and not come back to post what will have worked.


Replied by Douglas

Hello, I just read all of the things you tried for the bird mites in your scalp. I was just wondering if you ever tried crushed cloves of garlic? I saw an episode of monsters inside me where they said that garlic gets rid of most parasites and infections so maybe it would work for that as well. Didnt see it mentioned so figured I would chime in my suggestion. Hope you find relief. Also maybe DMSO combined with somethings you've already used would allow for greater penetration and absorption of the other remedies to better work on your scalp. Its Aug. 2013 now. Did you ever get it taken care of?

Replied by Rebel

I had or may even still have some kind of buggers that got on me while cutting grass more than five years ago. And I am not sure that they got on me or was drawn out of my own body( Maybe they live in our gut, I don't know for sure , because I am not sure what these things are ) They could be Canndidda, Parasites, Mites I just don't know for sure. I won't even take time to tell what all I have taken, that helped some. What I will share with you is what worked best! Hairever Scalp Therapy rubbed onto my forearms ( where they were ) Thank goodness not in my hair. Anyway I would get black specks that would come from my skin and it would help for a while. I pretty much thought I had them contained , but not cured all the way. They would re-appear and I would rub them down again.

Well, by accident while treating some other things I started to take Cayenne Pepper! Started slowly with like 30,000 Heat units , like 1/8 teaspoon in some V-8. Worked my way up to a full teaspoon after awhile. I started to notice that more and more black specks was coming out of my arms when I would rub them with the scalp therapy. After about a month of this my arms begin to clear alot. Best out of all the remedies that I had tried. I still have an occasional one rise up (usually has a white head on it ) and a few and I mean just a few black specks come out now. I use to have bunches of the white heads and black specks. This helped me the most.

If these thing are blood born or somehow get into the bloodstream as TED thinks they might be. Then you will have to kill them internally as well as externally.


Replied by Myi

Hello my husband and I are suffering from Scabies and I need some help please.... What is the ratio for Epsom salt peroxide and water.. Which works or what did you alternate with? Plz help me!!! Crosbymy(at)gmail (dot) com thanks

Replied by Boothvabeach Va
Va.beach, Va

So sorry for you, you did not mention whether you were using the cleansing regiment, if you are not maybe doing so would get you the results you want and need

Essential Oils  

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Posted by Nicki (Chalais Charente, France) on 11/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a beekeeper and treat my bees with essential oils. I thought that if the oils kill the varroah mite they might kill scabies.

In 2 tablespoons of olive oil put:

15 drops of wintergreen
15 drops of peppermint oil
15 drops of neem oil
15 drops of oregano oil
and for good measure and soothing 10 drops of lavender

I tried it on my scabies
No more itching
No more rash - within one week it seemed to have gone - I shall keep going for another week in case there are any eggs left!!

Replied by Marie
Knoxville , Tn
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with the essential oils getting rid of scabies, this is the mixture that worked for me:
In a cup of olive oil mix, two teaspoons of tea tree oil, a teaspoon of clove oil, a teaspoon of neem oil, and a teaspoon of orange oil. Rub it on your whole body like you would lotion before bedtime. I would do it for at least a month just to be sure. I put it on everynight because it also makes your skin so soft. The orange and clove oil really help the smell of the tea tree oil and the neem oil smell a lot better. This is so much better than all of the chemical treatments, and it really works. Vacuum and wash everything down and you should feel a lot better in a week or two.

Posted by Itchyface (Orange County, California) on 03/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am new to this scabies thing. But the things that worked really well for me. Is the Peppermint "Oil", Lavender oil, Neem oil, with base of olive, vegetable or avocado oil. Within a couple days it's worked.

Replied by Janet
Montgomery, Alabama


I just read your letter on the essential oils that helped with scabies. I just got some scabies from who knows where these are terrible. I am desperate to get rid of them.

I was wondering exactly how the oils worked for you. Did they kill the scabies of just help with the itching or what? And how long did it take for you to rid them?

Please write me back,
Thank you,
Janet [email protected]

Replied by Cathrine
Perth, Wetsern Australia
5 out of 5 stars

I found eucalyptus oil to be quite a potent natural insecticide. I have read it fries small insects such as fleas and head lice and so far appears to have stopped the scabies. It doesnt irritate my skin. I think essential oils work but perhaps take a bit longer than the chemical based treatments.

Replied by Griffo
Adelaide, Sa/ Australia

Well who knows where I caught this mungrel parasite. Three weeks after returninig from a family holiday in WA I began severely itching. I became concerned and went to my doctor. As there were no signs on my hands and feet and limitted marks on my body his thought was it might be scabies. I was like WHAT! Couldnt be. I said "Give a week and see what happens". When I went back he made an appointment for me to see a leading dermatologist in SA. If it wasnt for two small sores on my penis it would have been difficult to diagnose. Yes scabies I had. YUK. That night my girlfreind and I put the cream on us from head to foot. This was about the 7th of March this year. Again we covered ourselves with the white scabies cream a week later. We cleaned everything I was in touch with. After the second sleep with cream all over us I burnt the mattress in the back yard and bought a new one. I have only just recently taken the plastic off the new mattress. 7 months later I still itch as it is the scabie debris coming out of me. It has taken 8 months I have healed sores (skin blemishes) and now only small sores on my cancer operation scar under my belly button and on a scar on my butt where I backed into an emery grinder. It is only just recent that Ive had annoying itches again so Im back to oil baths. ie.eucalyptus/tee tree and citrus. Ive been having these baths often since after we slept with the scabies cream on us. My girlfriend luckily has not been affected by the beast. I contribute this to the excessive cleaning since our cream baths. Plus my constant bathing in the above oils.

I made a mistake of NOT believing in my doctor on the first visit so literally (because of the way they breed)1000's made home under my skin. So wish I had the cream put on my body when my doctor first acknowledged I might have scabies. Please if you think you have scabies get the scabies cream to sleep with on you straight away. I learnt a big lesson. I believe I used a white tube called lycream. I used cortival for a short time to heal the many sores that I had on my body. After Cortival I used a eucalyptus/ citrus spray on the sores after a bath, it stung but didnt itch. I felt the difference between a live itch and a dead itch. If you can picture sleeping in a bed of three corner jacks (nasty aussie prickles) thats what it felt like for me. As my body is getting back to some sort of normality my only concern now are the skin blemishes. I believe because of the way my body was invaded my research and methods have helped me What can bring back skin colour in old dark scabie sores that have healed?

Replied by Penolopy

Try vitamin E oil to reduce discoloration/scars.


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Posted by Itchy (Houston, Tx) on 01/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic Supplements cures scabies. If you have read through the post, I previously posted a yea for borax and peroxide. They did work to relieve my itching, but I still got long welts on my skin which then turned into little bumps and itched like crazy. Wednesday I did some searching and found out that garlic is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and could cure scabies. So I ran out an purchased a bottle at the $1 store. Skeptical that it was not going to be potent enough, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try. I took the supplements twice a day once in the morning and once at night. My supplements were 400mg. Use caution because too much garlic can make you sick. I was itch free completely within 2 days with no new bumps. I was sharing the bottle with my two boys, and did not realize that there were only two pills left today on Monday. So I gave the last two pills to my children. Now I sit here itching, but not to the degree that I was, but my children are not itching at all. First thing tomorrow I am getting another bottle. When i run out again I am going to try going off the pill again, will let you all know how well it works out. I wish eveyone luck. This thing is no picnic!

Replied by Itchy
Houston, Tx

Just an update. I did not get up and buy garlic supplements this morning (Tuesday). It is 5pm and I have not itched all day. Changing my name to Itch all gone.

Replied by Kmc
Temple, Pa

I filled a 10 x 14 plastic laundry basin with a half inch of full strength laundry bleach-- then stepped into it-- then I rubbed it in to my skin--it stung--small white grains of sand started to come out-- these were the larvae of the crusted scabies--i intend to repeat daily for two weeks to kill them at all stages of development--then took shower--finally I applied the second tube of the 5% permethrin cream--slept with no crawling sensation!!! At least I know that bleach will kill these critters.

Replied by Not Ready To Panic
Carslile, Pa

Did the garlic work for you to cure your Scabies problem really? People post all kinds of horror stories on here and it never seems like they finish saying what their outcome is? Does Scabies always get cured eventually?

General Feedback  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tenn Usa) on 03/23/2013


I am at my ropes end. As ya'll know I fought cancer and defeated that by natural means. I have fought demodex mites and they finally hit the trail. I am now doing a bout with a different kind of mite and this bugger is about to get the best of me. I went to an orthopedic doctor in Chattanooga about a month ago and he told me that my arthritic Knee was about a 5 on the scale of 10 and I would have to suffer through it. He gave me a Nisaid gel and when I used it, all heck broke loose.

It turned loose all the mites that I have harbored for a period of time. Since then the scabies has spread over my entire body and Bill and Ted's remedies are of little use. They are taking a knife to a gun fight. I have tried all the Big Pharma stuff and now am into double that and into the Farm Co-op stuff for your horses and that is twice the strength of what a doctor would give you. At 76, I have been down some dusty roads, but this is one of the most interesting.

When you read about what folks say who have these devils, you kind of laugh. Get these buggers and you will appreciate what they are going through. I am going to my family doctor Monday but he won't know dip sheet. I have been on the internet for two weeks and now I am going to the second strongest insecticide that you can use and still not die. My next insecticide is Malathion, and that will be from my garden stuff and not from Big Pharma. I will kill these mites and then detox from the insecticide that I had to use. In the old days they called this , the seven year itch, and now I know why it was called that. This itch will put you into a tall pine tree.

So when you read a cry from someone wanting help, don't laugh, but just be thankful that these things have not hit you yet.

I am an old Chemical Engineer and I know the dangers of insecticides , but I am convinced that is the only hope for this problem. It may be stupid, but it is not as stupid and chemo and radiation for cancer. Now, that is double stupid.

Wish me luck and if my radical stuff works I'll get back to you. Your ole wore out buddy.... ROBERT HENRY...

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Since it's all-over, try one of the bath remedies, such as adding to the bathwater bleach, peroxide or borax. Also coconut oil slathered all over works well. Apply liberally as needed. For the first week or so, youl'll want to bathe about 30 minutes afterwards bc it really does wipe them out and bring them to the surface. You'll be able to tell because while the oil is working, they will show near the spots as black or grey flecks. This is just a thought, but I am wondering if a sauna would help. I got these real bad a few years back after accutane dried out all my membranes and gave me the flakies. Now, I use coconut oil locally (on the spots) to keep any recurrances under control.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Robert Henry, If the mites have a chitin layer, and a quick search seems to indicate that they do, perhaps consider Lukenuron, a safe to use, chitin inhibitor. It is harmless to humans and animals, does not let the mite, fea or even candida make the chitin layer that is needed for survival, thereby killing it. There is an overseas company that sells it, and soon a company in Mexico is supposed to start selling another safe version. The chemical name is Dimilin, but the Lufenuron version is pharmacy grade and safe. Best wishes!

Replied by Itchy And Miserable
San Antonio, Tx

How do you use the Dimilin on humans?

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

I used Lufenuron (aka Dimilin) to get rid of candida by inhibiting the chitin layer from developing, or weakening it. It is used on pets to rid them of fleas in the same manner. I bought one order that contained a small amount of Lufenuron (less than 1/4 Cup) and the directions say to take 1/3 per day for three successive days, mixed in mashed potatoes, applesauce or yogurt (or something similar) along with a high fat meal. It is stored in the fat cells and slowly released over a 2 week period. Since mites have a chitin layer, I am assuming it could work with them, as well. It is harmless and you can take several courses in a row without harm. (if you need to get rid of fleas and then the eggs, too) I think it is possible to have a herxheimer reaction as a result of the die off, but I did not. It was $27 per treatment. Best wishes!

Posted by D (Toronto, On) on 03/12/2013

I have had Scabies twice in my life. The first time it went on for years masked by oral and dermal steriods prescribed by arrogant Drs and Specialists who did a life time of damage without a moment's thought, or regard for me and my opinion or my person. What started as a simple mite infection turned into a train wreck disaster and I was sinking fast. By the time I trusted the truth it was so late in the game and the infection so wide spead. It was looking as if perhaps I would loose my hands. Not only was there a nation of Mites happily living under that crusted skin a mile thick where no medicine seemed to penetrate, there was the usual skin infection that often accompanies scabies When I finally decided I didnt have psoraisis, or exczema, chronic hives and allergies. I had scabies and it was unbelievbale what crusted scabies looks like when the steriods are removed and whats realling going on can be seen for the first time in years. I had them everywhere including ears, face and scalp. They do live there, why wouldnt they. By the time I said no more of this kind of Medicine, I'm not getting better I'm sicker then I have ever been and now I have no immune system to work with as the steriods wiped it out. I threw my life into the great Unknown, lept empty handed into the void, and began the road to Answers and Healing.

I went through thousands of dollars and broke the bank. I lost almost everything monetary you can think of. I lost my job, my home and then some. I was crippled spirtually and emotionally threw this and questioned almost everything I believe in. I have been prescribed risperdal by a renowned Specialist who just couldnt open his eyes or mind to the possibility that Medicine missed the boat on this one. That Nature and the Laws have changed since man started playing God and we now find ourselves in the mists of resistant Dis-Ease.

Heres what I know to be my Truth.

Scabies is Treatable. Scabies is Beatable. Even the most difficult cases can be cured. This can be undone.

I have studied and read, then applied much of what others have experienced on myself. I learned what works. What doesnt work. I learned how to take my Life back.

I am Grateful for this site and all those who have shared. My heart goes out to those who are caught in this struggle and I hope I can help. I will be documenting my own experience here for others to read and hopefully it will help others find there road to wellness. I am almost mite free now. It wont be years again this time I believe. I have an immune system this time round and I no this dance so well.

There are a million Meds that do not work. Natural or otherwise. There a alot of scoundrols who will happily rob someone while there desperate and so in need of Healing. Then there our those that will take the time and share where they have been and how they found there way to wellness. Simply because its the right thing to do. I know I would never have found my way threw this Dis-ease to the other side without the sharing of others that have gone before me. Now its time for me to give something back so others that come after me can find there way to the other side. And live in Wellness again. It is our God given right.

Down to 5 bites last night and time for my shower.

Thank God for Sulfur Sincerly D

Replied by Mary

How did u use sulphur? What was your protocol? Thank you!!!

Replied by Aloisio
Curitiba, Brazil

Hello D.! What did you do with sulfur? Did you get cure from scabies?

Posted by Weallitch (Portland, Or, Usa) on 02/27/2013

This is more of just about curing scabies in general and not about a specific cure.

Hey Folks, I think Scabies has hit Epidemic/Pandemic levels.

Scabies is NOT an STD, it is extremely easy to contract. You can get it by sitting on the chair as someone that has it, you can get it by shaking hands, by hugging someone, even sitting on a toilet seat.
-- Think about it, scabies like to live in protected spots of our bodies, and really love the skin between our fingers because of that. So, anything you touch can become infected and then the next person that touches said thing can catch it.

IF you have scabies you need to notify your local health department and tell them that you think it is an epidemic! They might just try to tell you to get treated and not want to talk to you but DONT let them do that!
--Health departments need to start keeping track of outbreaks and notifying/educating the public in general about scabies!
**If you're worried about it being traced back to you, give a fake name when you call or email them from an email address you set up just for that purpose. (IT's what I'm doing)

To really stop scabies EVERYONE needs to be treated, this means you(A) everyone(B) that you've been in contact with, everyone(B) that has touched something you've been in contact with, everyone(C) that has been in contact with people/things from (B), everyone(D) that has been in contact with people/things from (C) and so on.

IF this doesn't happen people that treat themselves will just get it again.


My Story:

Like all of you here, I have scabies and like a lot of you, I've tried curing them without success. I've had them for a few years, tried treating multiple times and haven't been able to get rid of them. Either that or, I've been immediately reinfected by people around me.

I myself have a ton of shame around the fact that I've had it so long and not been able to get rid of it. I also have a ton of shame knowing that I've infected friends/family and random people around me even though I've tried to minimize my contact with people. I've massively cut down on my social life and spent the vast majority of the last few years in hiding. I just told an amazing man today that I can't have a relationship with him for 'personal reasons' because of these microscopic vampires.

Hell, I've been suicidal over it!!!

I'm quite frankly sick and tired of shaming myself over this and have decided to stop letting these pests run my life.

I've told friends, family and even written notes to clients (I work in private houses) saying whats up, the signs etc and out right had people say they didn't think they had it even though they obviously did. (IE: Animals CAN get it! Two clients had dogs that were itching like crazy, put on medication and the clients didn't believe me when I told them, even though I gave them links to info online from trusted sources).

Because of this I finally decided to contact my local health department and am going to force them to do something about it.

You should also!

Posted by Lajayyc2389 (Houston, Tx) on 02/25/2013

Scabies? Around the end of November, my son and I went to stay the night with a friend. At the end of December I started a new job. About a week later my hands were severily Intensively ITCHY, Very Dry, and my Fingers And Knuckles Were Red with Whelps & lil bumps "like ant bites". I pretty much woke up like that every morning but when I got to work is when I would notice the whelps, so I assumed I was allergic to something. Then the bumps, itchyness & rashes started to occur on my wrist, then my arms.. Spread to my legs and top of my feet. My mom thought it was for sure bedbuggs But I didnt think so, because my son sleeps in bed with me & he was just fine! About A Couple Weeks Later I Noticed Him Getting Itchy And Getting Bumps! So put my son in the living room, I did my research on bedbuggs so I got the spray, blow dryer (for heat), & a car Vacume So I Can Suck them out of the cracks and corners... Well.. I found bugs alright! Little white worms! From food my son stuck under the bed!!! BUT I never seen any bedbugs... I sprayd my room anyway and bagged everything up, & got new sheets & me and my son started to sleep on the couch and taped the bedroom door so they couldnt move to other parts of the house. WELL, when I read up on bedbuggs it said they only bite you when your asleep and you cant feel them only the itchyness from the bite the next morning, and that they only bite where skin is not covered. your face, arms, legs, feet..

Well me and my sons itchyness increased, more bumps, rashes, sores from scratching, feeling them crawling on us alll the time not just at night. Just got worse, from the neck down. even unexpected places: He has bumps and blotches of rash around his genitals, I have them on both of my areola's as well as my inner tighs, and we both have it on our buttox, backs & abdomen as well.

my itch is HORRIBLE!!! But I know because my son is younger that he is suffering more, I dont sleep maybe for an hour or two a night, and my son wakes up through the night itching because at night it increases a lottt more! It calmed down on my son he has so many bumps that thats all you pretty much see, on his back, and abdomen. On his stomach he started getting a rash with these tiny red bumps which made it look even worse, and they have been bitting at his wrist, fingers, arm pits, waste line & inbetween fingers, on his knuckles and inside his hand ALOT more lately. So I did research and it kept coming up scabies.. I read ALOT of diff. peoples stories, as well as googling symptoms & pictures & all.

it said where they are known to be, and how they look from a naked eye, too small to see but looks like a little black spec.. And I looked inside of my sons belly button after I gave him a bath & seen couple lil black specs, I used my nail to get one out & put it on my nail to see it & you could tell it was not dirt; it looked like a super tiny lil flea! Too tiny to tell exactly but you could notice leggs coming out of the black spec. bearlyyy but visual enough to me.

as for the burrows, I am not sure exactly if I can point them out even if I did see them, because he has so many scratches and rashy bumps.

I am pretty positive that SCABIES has been the problem of all this hell that me and my son have been going through. Now im on the search for a cure to get rid of these suckers!!

today (feb. 24, 13) out of no where I got a huge rash, starting from the back of my knee down to the bottom of my calf, with a horrible stinging sensation ; feels as if I burnt it!!

me and my son both soaked in a tub containing: hot water, organic oatmeal, & a little tea tree oil for him and quite a bit for me. (because ive never used it I didnt want him to end up breaking out if he was allergic or something)... I let him soak for 30 mins & I soaked for an hour. While soaking I felt awsome! Up untill about 45 mins into it lol I started feeling a lil itch here and there, but when I got out it wasnt long untill we were itching up a storm again!! I know the itching stays for a while, so im not going to say it didnt work just yet. im going to do the oatmeal baths with tea tree oil everyday for this whole week & see if it improves! Hopefully it works because this has been hell!!! & I cant hate myself enough for knowing my son is going through this at 4 years old.

I feel for all of you that have to deal with this & I hope that you all find a cure that works for yall soon!

p.s this has seriously been one of the worst experiences I've even had to go through.. may god bless me & my son as well as yall with a cure. amen!

Replied by Om
Hope, Canada, B.c.

For scabies, take PSORINUM homeopathic remedy. It will do away with it in half an hour. Strength is 30C. You can order it from a good health food store or phone a homeopath and ask where you can get it. Cost $8 or thereabouts. It has helped me. First I had gone to an allopathic doctor. He gave me a medicine which, when applying, made my aura black! (this happens also to plants when given pesticides). When I read the info. of the package, I nearly got a fit! It can cause cancer! It cost $80!!!

You can also buy colloidal silver water and sponge your entire body. In my experience no bug on or under the skin can survive this remedy. For bedbugs it is unequalled. Hey, you'll both be fine. Om

Replied by Lajayyc2389
Houston, Tx

My son and i have been taking a hot bath with oatmeal, & tea tree oil also adding a little peppermint body wash. it was calming our itchyness to an extent & i put petroleum jelly on us before bed time, my son was able to actually sleep!! well yesterday i decided to add some vinegar; & let me just say that was a huge mistake!!!!! we itched all night and today we are itching like crazyyyy!!! not to mention we woke up with more red itchy bumps!!!! my son: on his knuckles, inside of his hand, up his neck (which wasnt happening before) & between his fingers! and now he keeps scratching his head!!!! and me: around my ankles, bottom of my legs, my thighs, & between my fingers.

im thinking that the vinegar made things increase? im sticking with the petroleum jelly though, & use gloves on our hands all day and tape around feet and ankles and i will be trying new things as well to see what works, i wont give up untill these things are gone!!!

Posted by Candleeclipse (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) on 04/04/2012

Hi, I have been reading every single post on scabies cures as I got them from my future step mother and I was really going through hell with these things!

I took the permithrin and it didn't appear to be working as they cleared and seemed to come back in my backside within the week. I took more and more (as I was worried about infecting people) and it seemed to keep them at bay, I then took ivermectin tablets first lot then 7 days later with permithrin(lyclear), we cleaned our flat everyday from the moment we realised, bagged our beds and furniture and bleached all day, let off 3 pemithrin bombs, washed everything and dried in hot dryer for min 30 minutes each day, washed clothes and soaked in tea tree oil and boiling hot water and washed toilet seat with bleach after every use. It cost a fortune! I seemed to be getting new nodules coming up on my behind again and on my arms. I was devastated. I then tried bleach baths with hydrogen pyroxide and then borax baths with hydrogen peroxide, and covered myself with clove oil and olive oil. The clove oil burned so badly it was terrible.

I then finally was referred to a dermatologist and he checked everything and said I didn't have scabies at all, by the way you cant see them at all, they are very very small and you can't see them running and they are not black, that must be something else, I was advised the new nodules coming to the surface and the severe itching as an allergic reaction to the permithrin, the sever itching and crawling feeling in my backside was also due to burning it with the soaks I was doing and the clove oil and the allergic reaction, so I stopped everything and then tried to repair my completely damaged skin. It is working, the bits I saw in the bath as I drained the water were dead skin cells, my backside is finally healing and I can now see where I have burnt it, and my nodules are disappearing. My major concern that the scabies weren't dying was incorrect, I had a severe allergic reaction to the permithrin and then I was burning my skin off with the bath soaks. I have been told the nodules may continue to show for up to a year as I have sensitive skin and I have damaged it so badly. I think I was going a little crazy and to be honest I was trying everything.

Once I stopped damaging my skin I have started to repair. My skin on my backside is now peeling off which is causing the itch. So please listen to your dermatologist, he has a microscope and could see if there were any burrows or scabies, there weren't, and I also had skin scrapings all on the new nodules that were appearing, all were clear and to be honest he was correct. the ivermectin tablets worked, so when you are diagnosed as clear, keep ensuring you clean thoroughly and ensure that you cant be reinfested. Do not visit people to infect them as it is just not a nice thing to do to anybody. And have hope that your skin is just repairing itself and has had an allergic reaction. I have read my story from 5 people on these forums, and I am hoping my story will help other people like me experiencing an allergic reaction to the pesticides to trust that you are free of these awful things and that you don't have to have bleach baths and burn your skin to get rid of them. Also tea tree oil did sooth the itch, but the clove oil has to be diluted as it burnt me so very badly.

Posted by Itching Again (Janesville, Wi) on 10/01/2011

Third week and three tubes of permethrin, last head to toe three days ago, I only have gone from couch covered in plastic with a new sheet everday to washing machine hot cycle to shower. Cleaned and then avoided touching everything at start. It's back. And each time it seems the cream stops it then three days later it doubles. Lost my faith in the doctor. God I hope the list of cures I found off this page will help. You all give me hope, itch itch itch, I will let you know what worked for me just saying, thanks aaahhhh, itch itch itch

Replied by Griffo Again
Adelaide, South Australia.

Griffo Again, To all the people who have acknowledged thier experience I thank You. Reading through posts I would like to say please people be aware that once you have thoroughly cleaned everything and taken sleep with cream on nights it is dependent upon how long you have had the mungrel paracite under your skin before treatment as to how long the affect will last. As I am up to eight months with the paracite I now have small sand like pebbles coming out of my butt, upper thighs and stomache. Not a lot like earlier in the sufferring term but enough to create an annoying itch. I stand by natural oils more so than the chemical based creams available. Ive used Eucalyptus/citrus oil spray on sores after a tea tree eucalyptus citrus oil bath. As I was stubborn in my belief I had scabies and went too long before treatment I find now that most of my body was infested. The paracite debris is still coming out of me but not at the grose level it was earlier. I am of the belief your skin needs to dry and die before the paracite debris exits your body. Such a horrible feeling but I believe it's fact. Therefore if many have bred under your skin before treatment (ie. lyclear)expect a long term of skin irritation while the paracite debris exits your body.

I experienced more sand like pebbles and smallish bumps arising many times after a bath where I rubbed my whole body with a course flannelette. Spraying eucalyptus and citrus oil on the affectted areas stung but did kill the itch many times. Im so glad it is nealy over. The other day I experienced a burst of blood coming from two snake bite like holes on my fore arm. This area has turned into a small rectangle area with tiny red dots making up the rectangle. DEBRIS EXITING.... Hurry the hell up I say... Nearly there nearly there... nearly there.

I again thank all the sufferring people who have offerred their experiences and do hope my information has helped someone.

My only question now is "What can bring back skin colour to the healed scabie sore scar tissue areas?"

Replied by Martha

Have you cleaned your car, jacket, purse, hairband, bracelet...

Posted by Roses (Tulsa, Ok) on 09/19/2011

I have used all the suggested thing to cure scabies. Some helped but most did not cure. I have had allergic reaction to some of the treatments such as too much bleach.

To change the PH balance and make my body uninviting to the pests, in desperation I used bottled lemon juice. Real lemon juice undiluted, right from the bottle. To be easier to apply poured it into a covered container and keep in the refrigerator. Oh, feels so good cold to sooth the itching. Would take my shower then after drying off. Use a clean wash rag soaked in the juice to totally wet my body down then allowed to air dry. Did this morning and night for two weeks, also vacuumed and washing bedding and clothes daily. Was mostly free of pests in 3 days but continued just to be sure. I have had scabies 5 times and my Dr says it is a pH imbalance problem so now I eat very little sweets, white flour products and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sure don't want this again.

Posted by Snubian (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 08/31/2009

Hi all, I hope this helps someone. I am tramatised in Philly and have been battling this SCABBIE mite for 3mos. I used a few things in conjunction. First know your enemy this mite likes to nest in paper, anything poreous(sp)curtains, rugs, books, unfoRtunatly humans, as we who are suffering know. So trash anyhing in your house made of these substances, it especially likes to lay eggs in your bedding. I threw out almost all of my belongings and minimized everything. I went to kmart and bought twin fold out iron bed frame(100 bucks) and a swiss blow up mattress (43 bucks) one allergy fitted mattress cover to protect against microscopic pest. I purchased xtreme clean, medicated wash and salve and pest dust from Q base solutions on line. The dust should be fine mist throughout your home, it smothers the mite and strips its skeleton and that of its eggs, I also put it on my body to smother any emerging mite. Neutrogena acne prone skin body wash and scrub has acid in it and I found that it flattens out those bumps and heals the skin. Use vitamin e oil to help repair skin. Eat as much fresh cloves of garlic as you can stand because it is a natural anti parasitic and it will also help to fight off infections. Eat alot of fruit and veggies for the vitamin c to keep your immune system up, its needed against this bug, Wash all your bedding and clothing everyday. If you can, after a bath coat yourself with petrolium jelly and add tea tree oil which kills their egg cycle to keep them from breeding in your home. Fine mist that dust in your bedding too and on all hard surfaces(not too much because you dont want them walking on it) you want to choke them out. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!! dO NOT TRASH ITEMS UNTIL YOU GET THE DUST, if you disturb any of their nest they may come after you and you want to protect yourself. Use the dust in your car because the mite goes where you go. I hope to God that this helps someone.

Replied by Snubian
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello, formerly panicked in Philly here. Wanted to share with my fellow comrades. One, purchase lice/egg and killer and spray down your carpets and bedding and furniture to kill scabie mite. I was told by a pharmacist that it works just as well on killing the scabbie mite. Second, if your itching like crazy and you feel them everywhere on your body but you have no new bumps on tracks then there is more than a good chance that you are suffering a form of post traumatic stress as I was. This is not far fetched because the experience of this mite is so horrific that it may take some time until you accept that its really over. It took me 3trips to the E.R. and my final trip to the dermatologist (today) to convince me that there was nothing crawling all over me. I left a inchoherent, grammatical mess of a post on this site lastnight because as I typed I felt the creepy crawlies all over me. It was all in my head. Period. I sprayed the house down with the Rid lice killer just to be on the safe side. To those who REALLY are going through it, you have my deepest sympathies and prayer. DON'T DO YOURSELF BODILY HARM!!! Keep fighting and eat plenty of garlic to fight off possible infection. I endured the anguish of this creepy critter and understand. GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted by Cindy D (Greenville, Texas) on 07/03/2009

Scabies. OMG! This has me so depressed! To hear that some people have had these for a year? My boyfriend lives in sandy soil and I first thought it was sand fleas. Boy was I wrong. He stays in motels for work and I truly believe this is where it came from! I am embarrassed to tell him. But I will tonight. We have not seen each other for a month so I wonder what he will think. This has been going on for about a month now. It's driving me insane, but I finally went to the Dr. and he prescribed Eurax cream rubbed over entire body and left on for 48 hours (no bath). It's gross! I think my house is infected so tonight I intend to go on a cleaning mission. I have leather couches and when you sit on them you can feel the mites jumping you. What to do there? I think my mattress is infested as well. I have sprayed with bleach. Also is there anything I can put in my steam cleaner to help kill these creeps? I itch constantly at work and am afraid and embarassed that my coworkers will get it! I need to do something in my office without drawing notice. I have gotten some really good info from this site and will try whatever! Thanks guys soooo much. It makes you feel so unclean.

Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx

orange oil. you can put some drops into your bath water and soak in it. also mix it into a carrier oil and rub it all over your body. olive oil or coconut oil would work as a carrier oil. you can also add a bunch of drops to water and shake it well and spray your house.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Orange oil: I am using orange oil today. I put it on after I had a bath (with tea tree and coconut oil in it :) ), and used coconut oil as the carrier. It smells SO good. SO much better than some of the more smelly remedies. Orange with clove oil smells like Christmas omg just use a carrier oil like coconut, almond or olive bc clove oil is extremely strong. I got mine online from the big vitamins company that starts with a P, buy 2 get 3 free. It is definitely keeping them quiet and smells yum.

Posted by Sara (Brooklyn, NY) on 04/19/2009

i have scabies and sometimes find white stuff- lke tiny grains of salt- on my skin and bedding- what is it?? thanks

Replied by AiBella
Mathews, Virginia

In response to the question of what you may be finding on your skin and in your bed that resembles tiny white grains:

You could be finding one or both of 2 things...

skin cells: every thirty days your skin "cycles" (for lack of a better word) all skin cells are sloughed off and replaced by the cells beneath it. It takes approximately 30 days for your deepest dermal layer of cells to reach your epidermal layer to be discarded.

eggs and parasite corpses: the above mentioned cycle also effects anything IN your skin layers. If you try a treatment and the creatures and eggs are killed, they are still there... and you will still itch until the "remains" are cycled. As the the new skin cells are forming, they push the older cells toward the surface. The surface cells die and fall off, are washed of, and even scratched off (as is the case with scabies). When the dead scabies and their eggs reach that top layer, they are "exfoliated" with the dead skin cells.

That is why you will continue to itch even if your treatment DID kill the parasites.
It also could very well explain what you're finding on your bed.
Since you know you have scabies and are using treatments (I assume) your epidermal layers of skin may be reacting to the treatments by dying which would cause excess exfoliation (think dandruff).

It is unfortunate that you haven't been able to get rid of the parasites... it seems that not only are you dealing with the allergies to the presence of dead parasites, but the condition is perpetuated. I seriously think you should have EVERYTHING about your life checked. For example, I work at a nursing home.... THAT'S where I picked up MY hitchhiking vampire mites. A condition of a resident that has had scoriasis since she was 15 years old was ignored (nurses and doctors even argued with me about it) and she has passed it not only to me and nearly every other resident on the unit I work on, but my 2 year old and my 5 year old.

I had gotten rid of them, and then the resident got transferred from another unit to my unit and she brought them with her.

Please don't ignore scabies!!! If think you can live with the itch, that's all well and good but scabies can cause skin infections from the scratching and the fecal matter. Skin infections cause liver and kidney problems!!!!!

Replied by Mary
Windsor, Ontario

Those pieces of sand can also feel like glass, I've experienced those as well as seen black dots and tiny mites, I presume its all the same crap. I've been battling this for years. I think its gone but it isn't. It just shows up in another area. Its working on my ears and causing my lobes to swell up. At one point my ear looked like it was encased in a slippery looking skin. I've tried sulpher mixed with cream, bad reaction. I use borax in bath, helps keep me somewhat free, but tons of brown age spots, which I believe are result of the horrible mite. I use pine needle oil mixed with a carrier oil and it helps, also take wild yam herb another known scabies killer. I'm going to buy the cream and apply to skin, particulary ears. And use pinesol cleaner, it really works, but, its a tiresome job, My other next purchase will be silicone cream and Results lice killer to apply to head and skin. Learned about it on British website, called Full Marks. God Bless in your endeavors and give you favour in finding freedom from this nasty menace.

Replied by Maria

Kleen Green works. Google it. It is an enzyme spray that dissolves their hard shells. I got some a couple weeks ago. You need to take shower and then dry off well. To one ounce of the Kleen Green add 7 ounces of water. Spray everywhere, all body crevices including your naval, ears, nose, genitals, (because if they can hide out they will.) Leave the spray on for thirty minutes, it is worth it, just stand there in the tub. Use the spray all over your hair too. You can leave this on. It is totally safe. It is organic and only made with 4 enzymes.

BUT you have to do this twice a day, along with washing all your bedding, clothes etc...

Make sure you also bathe your pets with it. They can also carry this and then you get it back again and it keeps on going.