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Natural Approaches for Scabies: Exploring Effective Remedies


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Posted by Pnky (Rockville, Maryland Usa) on 01/10/2011

I ordered sulfur cream and sulfur soap and it works when you are trying to kill scabies, it does not kill the eggs, but if you keep using it you will be cured. You can go to your local drug store ask for sulfur powder and make your own sulfur cream. This stuff works. I have tried almost everything else, and it was horrible, the horrible smells, the burning oh god it was bad. Sulfur is non toxic and it does not smell bad and it works. It is very gentle. Think sulfur and you will be thinking cure scabies no more sleepless nights. No more dreading the night, sulfur is the cure, nothing else has come close to sulfur.

I tried permethian from canada and mexico you get more from mexico but they use formaldehyde as a preservative its 5% perm and 1% forma so that is not good I used the stuff and got some relief but it did not work, I ran out of it, and it was less and less effective. I do not think sulfur will ever lose its effectiveness. Thank god for sulfur. I spent 60 dollars for about two and half pounds of sulfur cream along with 10 bars of sulfur soap. You can make your own sulfur cream and its much cheaper. If I need more sulfur cream I think I will make my own its so much cheaper.

I have found the best way to use it is sulfur cream applied to the affected areas rub it in, it is very gentle. At this point I usually feel sand like particles on my skin. Leave the cream on for an hour if you can. Get in the bath wash with sulfur soap if you have it regular soap if you do not. Get out of tub dry off put the sulfur cream on again rub it in leave it on. Do this upon rising and before going to bed. There are different methods of using sulfur soap/cream. Good luck!

Replied by Luvdplanet
(Gainesville, Fl)

Hello there! Any chance you can provide us with the recipe to make the cream. It would be greatly appreciated ;o)) Thanks, and I hope you got your problem under control. I want the recipe to put on diabetic ulcers.

(Central Tx.)

Sulfur creme can be made by diluting with any lotion or creme 1:10. One part sulfur to 9 of lotion.

Replied by Robin
(Lake George)

I totally agree with sulfur, only be very careful you can over do it. I burnt my neck and chest pretty bad cause I was so anxious to have the bugs killed. They are fine now after intense moisterizing..I used sulfur paste and mixed with eurcerin lotion. Go easy, it should be one part sulfur to 9 parts lotion and don't get it near your eyes. It will irritate them. Should continue for three weeks. Good luck all!

Posted by Umothra (Kensington, Md, Usa) on 01/02/2011

I have recently purchased for curing scabies diatomaceous soil, permethrin 5%, enzymes from kleen green, and finally most recently I purchased sulphur soap and sulphur cream from some where in oklahoma. The sulphur soap and cream work!!! , nothing else has worked. When I rub the cream into the affected areas where the rash is, after I rub it in for a few seconds, well it begins to feel like sand appears I can feel it I guess that is the dead scabies. Any-who the sulphur soap and cream especially the cream, kill scabies.

I have been using the soap and cream for 5 days and am almost completely free from. Please look into and order the cream and you will see that it does work its really quite amazing I am so happy that after 3 years I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think that generally you can purchase sulphur powder locally and mix it with oil of some kind. Maybe you might consult a pharmacist about the sulphur powder and or products.

Posted by Umothra (Kensington, Md, Usa) on 12/30/2010

I have had scabies for about three years, on and off im not sure if I have ever completely got rid of them. They come and go. I have tried many products and spent a lot of money. Recently I tried sulfur soap and sulfur cream it is inexpensive and it works. Results are fast although you have to keep up the regimen for a while. Sulfur works and I urge anyone with scabies to look into the use of sulfur to cure scabies.

Posted by Sharon (Wesely Chapel, Fl) on 01/15/2010

Got rid of the durn things but got re-infested by the automobiles so got to start from scratch again. Just a word about the post-treatment itching. I had it bad after permethrin treatments. Found out it was because I was so allergic to the eggs laid under the skin. Sulfur helped stop the itch immediately. I purchase it cheaply from a bonsai seller and used 2 0z mixed with a thick hand cream as a salve. It kills them critters as well, but smells and can stain until it gets dry. Can be mixed with body wash in the same concentration for showers. My husband recently bought the lime sulphur dip for dogs and it is full strength. I have 4 long haired pomeranians that are the dickens to treat safely. I hope to try the enzymes on them. Now, someone please tell me how to gain everyone's FULL co-operation in treating these vermin. One member of my family has threatened to shut me up permanently if I mention it again and he is covered with them all over his back and spreading them. Woe is me.

Tape, Sulphur

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Posted by Karen (Sydney) on 03/25/2016

I caught scabies after visiting a friend in hospital in mid December, 2015...I never tried the creams from the chemists/drugstore as I read too many times how they don't work...Anyone who is/has suffered from scabies knows only too well that it is one of the hardest things to cure...Until now.

I bought 1kg sulpher powder from eBay...Every night I put it on my body after a shower and also on my eyebrows...It was working slowing but the bugs would scramble into my nose, on my eyelashes and hair...It was like a never ending story until I found one thing that has more or less got rid of them. Cello/sticky tape!

After putting on the sulpher, I would wait a minute and then run a piece of tape across my eyelashes..Do it very gently and pull from the inside out slowly...Do both lashes and then proceed to your eyebrows, from the outside in this time...Don't worry, you wont lose any eyelashes or brows if you do it this way and slowly...I was doing it 3/4 times a day and you will be surprised how many stick to the tape....Next and just as important, run you vacuum nozzle over your hair daily for just a few minutes and this will suck up any in your hair...Try and get lengths of hair shaft.

Next and equally important, vacuum your mattress and rub the sulpher into it and place a sheet on top..I did this twice, about three days in between.

Back to the tape..I used darker pillow cases so I could see the bugs..They were mostly white and ran the tape over my pillow cases (with pillows on) every day...You will see them sitting on the pillow cases..You can use wider tape or thinner tape but try and buy a good quality one as it has much more adhesive to pick up the bugs...I do this every day as they will keep coming back but they wont get a chance to lay eggs...I also run the tape over my face and caught a huge one in it..
No need to wash bedding every single day in hot water as it's time consuming and who has time to do that...The bugs have almost gone and my skin is clearing up and that terrible itch has subsided to zero...The tape combined with the sulpher is the key...Keep it up for months, even when the itch stops so you completely break the cycle..Dip your finger in the sulpher and place it inside your nose..It wont hurt you and they will come out..Have your tape ready and place some over your upper lip as well to lift any that have fallen out of your nose...This really works as I'm almost cured and you wont have to go through all those expensive creams and lotions or maddeningly washing your bed linen daily..Plus, it's easy and you will get great pleasure seeing those disgusting pests stuck to the tape..Make sure you fold the tape over its self to trap them and dispose of them into the rubbish bin..I keep a plastic bag to throw the used tape into it.

After 3 months of this, I feel great again..I wish I bought the tape months ago. Good luck everyone and you will get rid of it like I did.

Replied by Karen

It's been three weeks since my last post and I'm happy to say my scabies have gone...No more itch or crawling mites on me...The sulpher is excellent but it did leave my skin extremely dry...I am using coconut oil every day to make my skin soft again and it's looking better...I can't say enough about having sticky/cello tape handy...I think the sulpher killed the mites but the tape wiped out the eggs and cycle...If you saw the amount of eggs the tape picked up on my face and body and pillow cases, you would be shocked...I washed my bedding every 4 days in cold water ..I made sure I vacuumed my mattress and steam cleaned it on wash days and then placed the sulpher powder over the mattress, put mattress protected on and sheet back on...That was it and they are now gone and my skin is healing...I am still using the tape, just in case but not the sulpher on my body... I really believe the tape is the answer .

Replied by Nan

Not sure what kind of mites you have that are so visible, even so, here's a tip: I bathe flea-ridden kittens in Dawn soap (the original kind.) The fleas would run and hide in the kittens' ears. To stop this, I put mineral oil in the kittens' ears. The mineral oil traps and kills the fleas. If anything is hiding in your ears or nose, try a little mineral oil before you do your other treatment.


It's not scabies. It's definitely an infestation of some kind.

But I have them too. They are the most annoying, crawling into mucous parts of the face: nostrils, eyes, ears.

They die when I bug spray around, but I cannot do that on a daily basis. It's unhealthy.

Wish I knew what they are.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Marie (Warsaw, In ) on 09/19/2010

When I had scabies about 3 years back, I went to the doctor - she gave a script for premarin - after using it twice, my skin kept itching so I told the doctor and she said you will still itch even though it was gone - well I believe it so I never used anymore premarin. Needless to say, the doc was right. The scabies were gone even though I had itch for about a year then it finally stopped. Then 3 years later, I got scabies again - this time I looked on the internet for a natural cure. I found that Tree Tea Oil (about an ounce) along with Olive Oil (about 3 or 4 drops)- pour this into bath water and soak (your entire body and head) in the bathtub for about a half hour. It works but you have wash your bed sheet, etc. And clothing in hot water. Also need to clean your furniture and anything else that you touch.

Replied by Stephanie
(Greenwood, Missouri)

No one has yet to mention how much the tea tree oils BURNS!! I poured one ounce into my bath and lasted less than 10 minutes. It started out fine and I was relaxed soaking in the tub. After a short time, though, the parts of my body most affected by the mites (groin area, waist, upper side of thighs, arm pits) began to burn intensely. The box said there might be a tingling sensation so I tried to power through it but the pain became too much to bear and I had to exit the tub. I feel like the burning was a good sign though! Even though it hurt I am dying for a remedy so I will try this again tomorrow.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

I bought a job lot of 2oz tea tree oil bottles online 'buy 2 get 3 free' from the big online vitamin merchant that starts with a P, and I put it in everything. I add extra tea tree oil to my tea tree shampoo and toner - (tip - buy tea tree toiletries and add extra TTO to them for extra strength and ongoing protection), put it on my more affected spots straight after coconut oil so it won't burn, the real 100% pure stuff is very strong. Use it in the bath, put a few drops in your shower gel, do everything you can think of with tea tree except eat it. It is very strong, so start out doing a few of these at night if the smell is unsocial. Using it in oil like coconut, olive or almond oil is better than lotion because there are no additives or wax in an essential oil.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Happily Cured (Harrison, Nj) on 04/26/2010

Tea tree oil really works on scabies! I had tried just about everything over a 3 month period and finally relief!!! I applied it to the itchy parts a few times a day and at bedtime and it took a few days to calm down and maybe 10 days to completely cure. I still had lots of scarring and weird patches over most of my body. I treated these with lavender oil and they cleared up like magic! So don't give up - there is relief!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Brenda (Blue Springs, Missouri ) on 11/22/2008

Can you get scabies on your head and face area? I have been fighting these "things" for almost 3 months. At first itching, then white type if burrowong mite.I have black specks and white substance that keep appearing. And of coarse the itching is intense. Went through 2 rounds of the Rx creams and the oral Ivermectin. All the doctor's I have seen say they are gone. I'm not so sure. How long will I itch? I am using tee tree oil. It seems to help with healing the open wounds with secondary infection. Do you think this sounds like something other than scabies? I drench myself in oil every day. Seems to draw them out. Any suggestions? I am desperate.

Replied by Frustrated
(Central TX)

If you don't see bites, it is probably the permethrin that leaves you with alot of itching. It is a neurotoxin. You unfortunately will have this for a few months depending on how long you used permethrin. Your skin will heal with time. Use Dove soap or any other gentle non sulfates and moisturize!

Replied by Alisa

The white "mites" you see are your own epithelial cells. It makes sense, since scabies dig through skin.

I found out after being called crazy by the dermatologist (he didn't think I had scabies), but I insisted for him to check under microscope AND to send me to a lab for test.

Everything was paid by myself, in a country with free access to medical care.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bobbie (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/16/2008

Tea Tree oil, after a bath of baking soda, cured my scabies. The prescription my doctor gave me made my scabies a lot worse so I decided to stop using it. The scabies burrows stung and itched so badly, so after taking a bath I applied tea tree oil on 5 cotton balls and whiped my body down. The itching is gone and my scabs are clean and no longer bleeding from all the previous scratching.

Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt

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Posted by Claire (Netherlands ) on 05/03/2024

I had scabies since November 2023- so for 6 months now. I tried the counter medicines- ivermectin and permethrin but they were not strong enough to eradicate the problem.
I had crusted scabies on my arm and so these medicines helped to reduce the infection but didn't get rid completely.

one time I went to the dermatologist and she gave me four rounds of the treatment.
I expected it to help but then the scabies spread to my back, stomach and neck in a very bad way.

I started to use natural remedies _ coconut oil unrefined (cold pressed- this is important aspect! ) and warmed it up with tea tree.

well this also seemed to make it worse, I even tried putting the diatomaceous powder on my skin to suffocate them.

I started to think the scabies must be bad in my house, since I live in a studio apartment. Even though I was cleaning thoroughly it felt that I kept getting reinfected.

Eventually, I went to stay in a community for 10 days, with fresh bed sheets and towels. I just took two bags with fresh clothes that I had washed at 60 degrees.

I took the cold pressed coconut oil with me and a box of Epsom salts (magnesium salt) and a box of regular table salt. Every evening I would take a bath and put Epsom salts in it and have a good soak. My skin would feel very itchy and then I'd rub the skin with regular salt. This stung like crazy but I know it killed the scabies. I would leave the salt to sit on my skin for 15 mins and then wash it off. After the bath I would cover my whole body in coconut oil ( be sure to also have short fingernails) and leave it on overnight. In the morning I would put another round of coconut oil on my skin.

This has really helped.

I am now back home and am almost clear of them. I still use coconut oil every day. I don't have a bath here but if an area is itchy I rub Epsom salts into the affected area or tea tree which is great for the itch.

I hope this helps you all!!

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Jane (New Jersey) on 02/06/2014


I have a confirmed case of scabies and it has been 8 months of trying to get rid of it. I have tried everything i.e., medicines and natural treatments but none of these cure it only temporary fix. The disease has gone above my neck and is in my hair and I have had them on my face as well. This has been the challenge. I copied down a recipie from Ted's Earth Clinic and wanted to know if this will kill the mites in my hair as well. I'm a little reluctant to use DMSO because I heard controversial things about it. Here is Ted's recipie: Also, have done the Borax & peroxide rinse in the hair. It helps but does not cure it. Below is Ted's recipie. Any other advice would be welcomed. I am at my wits end with this and suffering greatly. A response would be appreciated.


1. How do you measure 2.5%, 4% or 5% I.e. tablespoons or teaspoons?

2. how long do you leave it on and for what duration time?

3. Does this treatment get put on the body as well as the scalp?


Ted's comment: All oils are carrier oils, but their penetrant ability is limited, except for DMSO...I have found castor oil mixed with DMSO to be good - 25% castor oil and 75% DMSO. Then you can mix it with mustard powder, mustard oil, or d limonene at, say, 2.5%. That will take care of killing the mites. Plus, you add, say, 4% or 5% lavender oil. They're the approximate numbers I calculate

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Jane from NJ,

Re Ted's formula for mite infestation and your question on Ted's use of DMSO...

I've been using DMSO longer than most any other "curative" item ...about 30 years. Just used it a day ago on Impetigo case which is children's infection by bacteria. Used Bentonite clay, DMSO, H2O2 and Colloidal Silver to form the "plaster"... Wrapped infected finger with clay mix. Let dry and washed off. Then assuming for caution sake the infection might also contain spores of fungus, also applied to dry surface, a powder form of anti fungal and held that in place with paper towel. Finally, a re application of the Clay / DMSO mix.

The point is the DMSO was used easily on child with no ill effects. Only helped. I also use DMSO on any sign of Bells Palsey, for instance....I mix DMSO fifty fifty with colloidal silver and apply on affected side with white paper towel. Only ten days ago I suddenly had a swollen forefinger on left hand. Out of the blue....couldn't figure why since I'd done no exercise/ yard work etc the day before....I used DMSO straight on swollen area. Worked the area and now days later no swelling. I found I could "move" the swollen joint and "pop" it in place. Almost no sensitivity now.

I'm just trying to point out all the times I use DMSO. Not weekly, but I bet I use DMSO eight or nine times yearly on myself, and have now for over three decades.

Watch on youtube, DMSO, dr Jacobs, sixty minutes and you'll find a great three part program on DMSO.

Replied by Mike62

Jane: Ted is not an amateur. He has thoroughly researched all the products he recommends and takes them himself. I took 5g a day of dmso for 90 days. David Avacado Wolfe recommends dmso. Get the 99.9% pure, although many people use the 99% brand for farm animals. 1tbsp is 15ml. 5% of 1tbsp is 750mg. Mix 25% castor oil because the dmso needs to be at a certain dilution. The dmso carries the remedies through the skin barrier so there won't be anything left on the skin to wash off. For the scalp cut the hair very short before applying. When I had scabies the Dr. gave me some medicine in a cream that cured them immediately.


What was the medicine in a cream? I hope you don't mean permethrin. Permethrin isn't working at least for me.

Thyme Essential Oil

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Posted by Casey J (Perth, Australia) on 04/02/2008

Hi there, Using Thyme essential oil also works to relieve itches at night from Scabies. Thyme has a history of being used to treat Scabies too. Beware to get the real good quality thyme essential oil, i get mine from Young Living. The smell is strong so is the effect on the skin. may burn but its not that bad...if it stings too much - use a bit oil (Olive, sesame, any other etc) to soothe the burn if you are experiencing any of that

Toasted Flour

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Posted by Bonnie (Wendell, Idaho) on 09/21/2009

Biting mites

I have tried so many of the ideas on this site, and nothing helped. I finally took common flour and baked it in the oven until it turned brown, and applied it to my skin. It is healing my skin and the deep bruising of the bites are being healed. The first day, I applied olive oil and a coconut oil mix and then dusted myself with the "brown flour", and it worked.

Yes I smell kinda of like toast --but it is worth it, and it is working for me! Thank you. I think this is an olden day cure for skin problems that work. Bonnie

Treat Your Pets

Posted by Lizzy (Glasgow) on 05/01/2015

SCABIES TREATMENT: Be sure to treat your animals for mange at the same time! :)

Vaseline +

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Posted by Luann (Indiana) on 05/20/2023

Vaseline and Sulfur for Scabies

Sulfur is the cure for scabies! Into a small bowl I mixed four level tablespoons of yellow sulfur powder with about three tablespoons of baby oil until smooth and then I added one large 15 oz plastic jar of Vaseline or some call it petroleum jelly and I stirred this together very well with a small spoon. When it was well Incorporated I put it back into the Vaseline plastic container and yes it all fit nicely. I set this on my bathroom sink and twice a day morning and night I smeared this on my body and rubbed it in well. I even put it in my hair and covered my pillow with the towel so I wouldn't stain it and slept very well that night, no itches no crawling. The next morning I took a shower with sulfur bar soap and even my hair. I had to wash my hair several times and yes it was a gooey mess but who cares as long as it's killing these things right? This stuff works miracles and from then on I've put it on twice a day and it said to do it for one week. You do not have to wash it off only once a day if you feel like it and I think this was key into killing them bastards. I kept myself covered with it and yes you can leave the house and you can't see it on you nor did I smell it. Anyway this stuff will kill it and this is how you make a sulfur ointment. That's what this stuff is called. Before that I used body lotion with the sulfur but it did not work the same as using Vaseline and it did not kill them therefore this is why I went to making the sulfur ointment using Vaseline. Just makes your skin feel great also.

Replied by Alisa

If you are following a homeopathic treatment, then your Dr probably told you to stay clear of essential oils.

So Vaseline is the best thing you can do to help your skin.

It is an old method of killing scabies by suffocation. In the old times, people were using lard to achieve the same effect.

Good luck!