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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Washing Soda

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Posted by Wecair (Moose Jaw, Sk., Canada) on 11/04/2009
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Hopefully this will be posted because it really seems to be working! December 08 I started getting lesions all over my legs, back and head. I went to see my doctor and was told it was scabies and prescribed 5% permethrin cream,an anti bacterial oral med and topical steroid ,did NOT work! Also tried Ivermectin paste for horses (out of desperation,3 times)I did get what seemed to be a reduction in lesions but even after 12 Permethrin treatments it kept coming back. Dermatolagist said I was healing... just quit scratching. I came across a scabies blog where people were getting great results with soaking a half hour in 1 cup washing soda, dissolving washing soda (1) in 4-1 water (4), no rinsing and spraying floors, furniture walls etc. To my astonishment after 2 treatments my lesions are healing quickly and I think we got a Winner! The results are so dramatic I could not wait to post this, even if this is not a cure (to early to tell)it is worth trying. good luck fighting whatever super scabie or morgellons this is.

Replied by Bengi
(Raleigh, Nc)

This is a life altering pest. Now I check my skin daily for anything unusual. The doctors don't understand these little invisible monsters. I've tried the internal pill and the 5% cream. Here's what worked best for me.

1) Purchase over the counter Lice treatment (1% Permethrin), Nix or store brand, RID can burn.
2) Before bath cover head and neck with Sublimed Sulfur and Petroleum Jelly or Vic's Vapor Rub mix - avoid eyes and mucous membranes.
3) Mix Neem oil-cold pressed(10 drops), Eucalyptus essential oil(10 drops), 1 tablespoon of salt and Olive oil(1/4cup) then pour into hot tub and soak for a minimum of 30 minutes
4) While in tub gently rub an ex foliating brush from your toes to your neck to get the oil mix to cover your entire body. - If they are on your neck and head rub there as well.
5) Wash completely off with Peppermint Castle soap.
6) Dry off some but stay damp, rub in Nix from head to toe, leave on for 8-10 hours. During this time use a blow dryer on areas that itch. If you feel a burning sensation Wash off immediately.
7) Re-apply Nix a second time for another 8-10 hours and repeat steps 2-6.
8) Worn clothing should be placed in a plastic bag for washing in Hot water and adding 1 tablespoon of Borax w/ soap powder to each load
9) Iron clothing before wearing, wipe down everything you've touched with a damp hot rag and detergent, vacuum often/w heppa filter. Steam clean furniture and bedding.
10) If you see a spot on your skin start to itch and see a red dot you can also use Clove Bud Essential oil and a Que tip applied directly to the spot and hold for a minute. It kills the buggers dead. Be very careful with this oil, it will burn your skin.

Replied by Dottie
(Boca Raton, Florida)

Homemade Washing Soda

Baking Soda

1. Fill a wide baking dish with baking soda... [EC: due to copyright considerations, for further instructions please visit the website listed below]

here is the link!!!

Replied by Anothersufferer
(Austin, Texas)

I think I have scabies. Possibly from a new coworker, who is always using hand sanitizer. I stumbled on your site and found many helpful tips. I tried tea tree oil and other oils, and the borax peroxide soak, somewhat helpful. I also greased up overnight, even with petrolium jelly (what a mess), and could feel little frantic strugglings. But tonight I used lemon juice straight, with salt, even mixed up a little for dabbing (dousing), and found it to sting wonderfully. It also revealed the true track marks and infested areas. I just wanted to post and let people know that the two most common kitchen ingredients are very good at killing the mites. I will continue with sea salt soaks/borax also, and the nightly castor/olive oil (gave up on essential oils, roommate... ), and will finish the bath with a lemon juice wipedown. Also, spot killing with my lemon/peroxide/salt/water mixture. I also mixed up a spray bottle of non-chlorine bleach (apparently lemon juice/peroxide/water), and will continue to leave a bucket of bleachy (chlorox) water with a rag in it for cleaning my belongings and surroundings. Iwanted to tell people about lemon juice and salt, basically. Thanks for this wonderful site, and all the brave people contributing their stories.

Replied by Another Sufferer
(Austin, Texas, Usa)

So, I tried pure clove oil today on my stomach, and it burned but was ok. Then I put it on my shoulders and left it on for a few hours. It ended up burning me pretty bad... However, it seems to have done massive damage to their colonies or whatever they are. Also tried meat tenderizer and it really hurt the burns. My room is all wrapped in plastic bags and bleachy. outlook somewhat positive...

Replied by Another Sufferer
(Austin, Texas, Usa)

ok. real progress with salt today. I took a sea salt/borax/super washing soda bath with a little sulphur shampoo for twenty minutes, rinsed off and turned the shower off. Then applied sulphur shampoo all over and waited ten minutes. Then I rinsed that off and turned the shower off. Then I applied a mixture of salt, water, borax, and super washing soda and didn't rinse off. Then I went and did laundry in plastic bags. At night I am soaking with olive oil with a little castor oil or whatever. Tonight I might try mixing a little clove oil, but I'm still pretty burnt on my shoulders... I've been wondering if plastic bags might make things worse, and am considering using my dresser again (clean). Anyway, things are really starting to clear up, only a couple thin scabs on my stomach where it once was a big rash. My house has been sterilized fairly well, but I think my roomate is in denial and could slow this down. So, from clorox baths to lemon juice to borax to clove oil to salt and sulphur. We'll see... The winners are oil, salt, and sulphur/citrus. Good luck all.

Replied by Another Sufferer
(Austin, Texas, Usa)

so, I started taking a salt/borax bath (with a few drops of tea tree oil), and then rinsing off. Then taking meat tenderizer and mixing it with warm water and applying it all over and letting it sit. Ten minutes and rinse off. Next, sulphur soap ten percent, ten minutes and rinse off, warm water. Then, lemon juice all over, ten minutes and rinse off. Also, scrubbing with the green side of the dish scrubber. This seems to really kill them. I also have been using oil with a smaller amount of clove oil in waking hours. Leave it on as long as I can stand it. This seems to work also. I am also trying to get some 5% permethrin through some form of doctor. My other thing is sea salt dissolved in a spray bottle for all day body spraying. Things are getting a little better. I might try lice shampoo permethrin 1%, but I don't want them to build up resistance.

Replied by Another Sufferer
(Austin, Texas, Usa)

so, I started spraying myself with clove oil in water, which burns and makes me cold. It seemed to help. I also have been using lice shampoo. I just leave it on after drying after a bath. But tonight, I mixed up some sulphur powder with petroleum jelly, mineral oil, olive oil, and clove oil. I put this on after letting the lice shampoo dry. I also ordered 10% permethrin liquid from a pest control supply, hoping to mix it with petroleum jelly, and avoid doctors altogether. The sulphur cream I made is still on right now, and it feels pretty good, like it's working. Will keep updated. Also have been using meat tenderizer with water after (sea salt/borax/clove oil) bath for five minutes. Also straight lemon juice. then rinse.

White Vinegar

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Posted by Harry (New Mexico) on 01/16/2022
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White Vinegar rapidly dissolves the exoskeleton of scabies. I had them on my upper back. I soaked a paper towel with white vinegar and laid it on my skin. The itching stopped in about a minute. I left it on for about 10 minutes. Months of aggravation gone.