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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Tape, Sulphur
Posted by Karen (Sydney) on 03/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I caught scabies after visiting a friend in hospital in mid December, 2015...I never tried the creams from the chemists/drugstore as I read too many times how they don't work...Anyone who is/has suffered from scabies knows only too well that it is one of the hardest things to cure...Until now.

I bought 1kg sulpher powder from eBay...Every night I put it on my body after a shower and also on my eyebrows...It was working slowing but the bugs would scramble into my nose, on my eyelashes and hair...It was like a never ending story until I found one thing that has more or less got rid of them. Cello/sticky tape!

After putting on the sulpher, I would wait a minute and then run a piece of tape across my eyelashes..Do it very gently and pull from the inside out slowly...Do both lashes and then proceed to your eyebrows, from the outside in this time...Don't worry, you wont lose any eyelashes or brows if you do it this way and slowly...I was doing it 3/4 times a day and you will be surprised how many stick to the tape....Next and just as important, run you vacuum nozzle over your hair daily for just a few minutes and this will suck up any in your hair...Try and get lengths of hair shaft.

Next and equally important, vacuum your mattress and rub the sulpher into it and place a sheet on top..I did this twice, about three days in between.

Back to the tape..I used darker pillow cases so I could see the bugs..They were mostly white and ran the tape over my pillow cases (with pillows on) every day...You will see them sitting on the pillow cases..You can use wider tape or thinner tape but try and buy a good quality one as it has much more adhesive to pick up the bugs...I do this every day as they will keep coming back but they wont get a chance to lay eggs...I also run the tape over my face and caught a huge one in it..
No need to wash bedding every single day in hot water as it's time consuming and who has time to do that...The bugs have almost gone and my skin is clearing up and that terrible itch has subsided to zero...The tape combined with the sulpher is the key...Keep it up for months, even when the itch stops so you completely break the cycle..Dip your finger in the sulpher and place it inside your nose..It wont hurt you and they will come out..Have your tape ready and place some over your upper lip as well to lift any that have fallen out of your nose...This really works as I'm almost cured and you wont have to go through all those expensive creams and lotions or maddeningly washing your bed linen daily..Plus, it's easy and you will get great pleasure seeing those disgusting pests stuck to the tape..Make sure you fold the tape over its self to trap them and dispose of them into the rubbish bin..I keep a plastic bag to throw the used tape into it.

After 3 months of this, I feel great again..I wish I bought the tape months ago. Good luck everyone and you will get rid of it like I did.