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Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

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Posted by Codysmom (Annandale, Va, USA) on 08/07/2009

borax and hydrogen peroxide cured my scabies

After 4 weeks of uncomfortable itching all over, I finally figured out that I had scabies. I decided to try the hydrogen peroxide and borax remedy posted on this site and it worked like a charm. I did have to soak in a bath of hot water, hydrogen peroxide (1 bottle) and 2 laundry scoops of the borax for two days, 30 minutes each soak. Then the next two days I didn't have time for baths so I just scrubbed borax all over while I was in the shower. I scrubbed for a good 10 minutes. I now just have slight itching in a couple of areas and I will continue to scrubb with borax until the itching is gone. This whole rememdy cost me $4 and I didn't have to go to the doctor for that pesticide cream. Yea for this site.

Replied by Buggie Mom
(St. Louis, Mo)

So have the scabies come back? I am on day 2 of my soaks of borax. Earlier today, I found 2 dead tiny bugs in my bra after a horrible itching fit. Should I really be able to see these mites or do we have some other mite????


Yes, you can see the tiny mites when they die or are released from the skin. U normally cannot see them when they are under the skin. That's where the confusion comes in. But yes, they look like tiny specks.

Replied by Codysmom
(Annandale, Va)

Yes the bugs did come back because they lay eggs and the eggs hatch. I had to scrub with borax everyday for about a month. I also only wore clothing once and washed the sheets in hot water. I also bought food grade diatomaceous earth and put the dust all over my house and skin. The itching has finally stopped. I now actually think they were bed bugs instead of scabies but both are very pesty bugs and produce the same type of itch. This all happened because I took in and slept on an old bed mattress from my parents friend. I got rid of the mattress and will never do that again.

Replied by Shirley
(Perth, Western Australia, australia)

Where can I buy borax here in perth australia? i seacrhed the net and find one but it is used as disinfectant and for household cleaning. Is it safe to use? Please help!!!! I have this scabies for two weeks now and I used the cream twice... still itching... and I still have tons of little blisters(pimple-like) all over my body especially arms and abdomen.I like to try the borax and peroxide but I don't know where to buy the right one.. is the disinfectant type can do?

EC: Here are a few posts on the subject:

Replied by Fuck Scabies
(Pasadena, Ca)

Garlic fresh crush not diced in bath, take garlic pils open and like vit e oil run on body odorless n eat as much. parasites (all) hate garlic

Replied by Fran

I need to begin scabies bathing treatment - but I am confused by all the different amounts and strengths of borax, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, etc. that others report success with:

2 C. borax, 1 C. 3% hydrogen peroxide, etc.

1 C. borax, 1 C. 35% hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Immerse hair 10 min.?

Can you give basic amounts to start with in hot bath - duration 30 minutes?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Fran, You might be interested to know about use of clove bud essential oil used in a carrier oil for scabies. Clove oil on its own will burn!

See this article for more info:

The article details a study done on permethrin-resistant scabies. The results showed that a 6% clove oil mix with other oil killed the scabies within 15 minutes.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Lee (Kelowna, BC) on 08/29/2006

My daughter's dog I believe has some kind of mites. Saroptic mange. He is loosing his hair big time. Constantly scratching etc. For over two years I have been to doctors trying to find out what has been biting me. I have treated for scabies, fleas, bed bugs etc including my home. Every time I go near the dog I come home with bites. I used kwellda for scabie mites and ended up with bites in my ears and eyebrows the only place I did not put kwellda lotion. I was fed up paying the large price for all this stuff that did not work I was surfing the net and came upon your site of remedies for pets and decided to try borax and peroxide. I put one bottle of 10% peroxide and a good third of a box of 20 mule borax and soaked for at least 30 mins. After doing this 3x I no longer itch, all the bites are healed with no more inflamation around them. And best of all my skin is very soft and has more glow. The sad thing is that all the Doctors are not believing that you can get mites from your pets if they have them.

Replied by Sarah
(Toronto, Ontario)

My name is Sarah.. and i have had Scabies for about a year now and i CANT seem to find a way to cure it. I just got back from my second day of high school and my last period is Gym! Today we had gym outside and it was about 28 degree's celcius! of course i am wearing pants because i am way to emparessed to show my legs or any other part of my body! So i change in the washroom! When i got home i was INSANLEY ITCHY! I am fed up with being itchy and i am in DESPERATE need of a good effective cure! People please reply because have also been diagnosed with depression and will not do very good if i do not get a CURE SOON!!! My mom has agreed to let me try the borak and peroxcide.. so PLEASE PRAY THAT IT WORKS.. BECAUSE I PREY EVERY NIGHT AND I GUESS I JUST NEED MORE PRAYER STRENGTH!! PLEASE HELP ME THROUGH THIS!! Please post this on the site so i can start to cure this with remedies and support of people who know what i am talking about!!

Replied by Linda
(Chattanooga, TN/USA)

About scabies.....

HMMMM.....very nasty, indeed...huge, nasty sores and red bumps from my shoulders to my forearms I got this as an early Christmas present from one of my second grade students about 4 weeks ago.

Initially, my doctor misdiagnosed this condition as "stress" and I used every over-the-counter itch cream available. About 2 weeks ago my doctor decided to treat my condition as scabies. I used the Permethrin Cream 5% twice, then when I kept getting new spots at my hairline and on my torso she prescribed Lindane Lotion. Fortunately, I looked on-line before having the prescription filled. I found out that Lindane can cause seizures, convulsions, and death. It is recommended that Lindane Lotion NOT be used if one has open sores or has used some other scabies medication; both of which I had or had used.
I was surprised my doctor didn't know this.

I have an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow and this morning I tried the Borax/Peroxide soak. My question is: Do you rinse your body with plain water after soaking and do you soak your scalp when you are using this method? I have very fair skin and I already feel as though I look like an alien from SCI-FI channel, so I'm just wondering what to do next? I should also mention that my hair is falling out in handfuls as of 1 and 1/2 weeks ago? Nice....

The only thing I found so far that stops the itching is Patron with three limes, chilled over ice, and sipped slowly. This remedy cannot be used in a school setting.

Thanks, in advance, for any insight you might have.
- Frustrated in TN

Replied by Crystal
(Austin, Tx)

I just wanted to thankyou!! this remedy works better than the expensive cream that the doctor prescribe & it didn't burn my child skin. Thankyou!! God Bless. I love this site. I find myself search this site just to learn new things.

Replied by Renate
(Jacksonville, Florida)

I am looking forward to trying this treatment. I've had scabies for almost a year, and my boyfriend has too. I didn't think is was going to be this tough to get rid of. I lost custody of my son to my ex due to this and lost all visitation until it goes away. I have done the Permethrin treatments and it did nothing but make them populate more, I think they like it. This "simple" problem has ruined the last year of my life. I am for sure trying this. I will post to tell if it worked. I pray it works...

Replied by Jennifer
(Sacramento, CA)

After using the cream that the doctor prescribed TWICE! Our scabies came back each time. I must say that it does not work and my doctor said the cream was harmless....we know that's not true. So I tried olive oil and recommended essential oils and tea tree oil...none of those worked. I didn't try borax till this week because my baby also has it and I didn't know if it was safe or not. But I thought, what could be worse then that dang cream (that doesn't work)! So this is what I did...I bathed with 1/2 cup borax in my water and applied it like a scrub directly on any scabies bite or egg blister. It totally worked. I could see holes where they came out of my skin. By the next morning I was almost all healed up...few scabs but huge improvement. When I get a single bite here and there from reinfecting myself...we have 6 of us with this stuff so that happens. I make the scrub and scrub away at that bite...I do it for awhile and let it sit...Then presto! Within a couple of hours you don't see it anymore or its dried out. I can't tell you the mental anguish I've gone through over this stuff. This cure has given me peace of mind and now I don't freak out and have a breakdown anymore when I see a bite. I also used the 1/2 cup of borax in every wash when I did laundry. The borax and peroxide solution worked great on the dog...which doctor said we didn't get it from..yeah right...we all know the truth about that too.

Replied by Sunnysideup
(Jacksonville, FL)

I have used the Permetherin 5% cream and various "remedies" from here and elsewhere. The Borax/Peroxide soak has provided some welcome relief from the itching and apparently it does work somewhat, because I have actually been able to see a few of the dead critters in the water after looking through a magnifying glass. I have used sprays and treatments on the rugs, mattresses, got new pillows, etc. Yet still.... grrrr...

But today, I got so frustrated I tried using Elmer's glue. I just rubbed the washable non toxic school glue kind all over my areas until it dried into a white film. And it seems to be working! Hopefully they will either suffocate or get stuck in the glue trying to get out. Of course, I would not use this 'treatment' on the face, scalp, personal areas, etc... And I am not sure that it would be very good for the skin on a long term basis. But if someone is desparate, it might work for them.

Replied by april
(North Florida, Florida)

About the mites on the dog -- try covering the dog with mayonaise!!! Leave it on as long as you can before rinsing it off. After rinsing I like to shamppoo the dog and rinse with vinegar and water. The dog may smell like a salad while wearing the mayo, but the mayo suffocates the mites. We run a dog rescue and take in babies with all sorts of skin ailments, and this works like a charm getting rid of mites. Lots of people claim dogs with mange are incurable - well, the mange caused by mites is taken care of with mayo every time.

Replied by Eman8723
(Greenville, TX)

YES this works!!!!! i have tried all kinds of things and nothing works. i bought this stuff off the internet that cost 100 bucks thinkin it would work(didnt). i went to the doctor and he gave me this stuff that didnt work either. when i saw this site i thought what the hell... wouldnt hurt to try. i used a regular cup that u drink out of and put two huge scoops it in the tub. then i would get in and and sprinkle a alot of it over my infected areas. just sit in the tub for 30 min each night with warm water. the first day i kinda saw a difference, but i noticed that i was not itching near as much! the second day i noticed a huge difference they were almost gone!!! i am going to try it again for the third night tonight. i was just so happy about how well this works i had to let other people know so they dont have to suffer like i did!

Replied by Ka
(La Mesa, California)

Comment on this post from April ...

07/09/2009: April from North Florida, replies: " For mites on the dog -- try covering the dog with mayonnaise!!! Leave it on as long as you can before rinsing it off. After rinsing I like to shampoo the dog and rinse with vinegar and water. The dog may smell like a salad while wearing the mayo, but the mayo suffocates the mites. We run a dog rescue and take in babies with all sorts of skin ailments, and this works like a charm getting rid of mites. Lots of people claim dogs with mange are incurable - well, the mange caused by mites is taken care of with mayo every time."

April thanks for posting tis.. I did this twice in 12 hrs to my little female pooch

it is awesome.. and the mayo also made her coat smooth and the vinegar balanced out the residual redness of her skin .. I can't believe how well it worked and how calm it made her.. like she was getting a spa treatment .. the may gave her instant relief

guess the mites are less active right away?? And she just laid there I was able to leave the mayo on for over an hour each time. I put sterile gauze pads in the apple vinegar and let them stay on her deflated mite sites......again AWESOME.. about 75 to 80 percent better after the first treatment and a small gain after the 2nd on.. I am letting her skin recuperate and w ill do it again in a day or two

my question.. how often to you do this treatment.. how long does it take ( does it vary) to eliminate all the mite sites? and more specific instructions would be appreciated

a big thanks from me.. and great big wet kiss from Roxie...KA from La Mesa California

Replied by Itchy!
(Palo Alto, California)

I made the mistake of letting my friend sleep on my couch once a week. Whenever he came over, he always was itching and it would always get worse at night. He went to the doctor and he TOLD me that the doctor said it was "just allergies". What i found out LATER was that the doctor told him he had scabies- he was just "too embarrassed" to tell me the truth, so he told me that it was just allergies. 5 weeks later of me thinking i just had allergies, my friend calls me up and tells me the truth, that he had scabies. So now i have these stupid critters burrowing in my skin, all because he was "too embarrassed" to tell me. All of this could had been prevented.

Long Story Short, guys, don't be embarrassed... it's better to be cautious than to spread your scabies with the rest of the world.

OK! So now I too am DYING of these itchy mo-fo's.

2 Days ago- i went to the dermatologist and she perscribed me that toxic cream crap (starts with a P).

It's been 2 days and nothing has happened as far as the cream goes... i don't know what to do. The itching was getting SO bad and i had to do something so i JUST tried 2cups Peroxide/2 cups Borax bath. I also just changed ALL my bedding and sprinkled borax all over the mattress and the ground.

I plan on doing the bath once a day until it goes away. I'll let you know what happens!

Replied by Robin
(Scotts Valley, Ca)

Dont worry Itchy in Palo Alto...the little buggers are affecting us on this side of the hill too.

I want to thank all of you for your home remedies, we are going through our 2nd round and cant figure out from whom, from where or why. Had done the Cream thing last year but do not want to repeat.

This is the only site that doesn't have NUMEROUS ads before even finding any info! THANK YOU>

p.s. Does anyone know if this can be brought in on my pets? The vets say no possibility of cross contamination, but I've seen other things crossing over so was wondering.

Borax and Peroxide Scalp Treatment

Posted by Jane (Freehold, New Jersey) on 12/27/2013

I have scabies which spread to my scalp and would like to try the saturated borax and hydrogen peroxide treatment on my scalp. Please tell me what amount of saturated borax is mixed with the peroxide. I would appreciate the measurements for all the ingredients i.e., saturated borax, peroxide and water. Also, how long does it stay on? I would like to keep it on my scalp overnight. Please advise...thank you.

Borax Bath, Bleach Bath

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Posted by Camille (Red Bluff, Calif.) on 04/13/2011

Yes you can see the scabies!! After the Doctor telling us over and over that our son was bathing too much, the water was too hot, he used too much soap and was drying out his skin, we finely went to another doctor and got the result we didn't want to hear- scabies! He has had them for at least 3 months so after doing research we opted for the borax bath. The first bath we could see tiny light brown flakes floating on top of the water and ignored it. The next day we did the chlorine free bleach bath and again the brown flakes but also tiny black dots with a semi clear body now I had to take a closer look! After looking at it under a loop it was a BUG and larva.

So you people out there saying they can't be seen are wrong and the chlorine bath not only brought out the bugs but the larva so we're staying with that. After the bath we are using Tea tree oil mixed half & half with olive oil all over the body to discourage the little monsters from attaching to our skin. Good luck to you all, I'll post if the oil works and we don't have to sanitize our whole house.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Ma.)

Camille; I am totally at wits ends here, it started out with my cat having scabs all over her body also red spots and itching constantly, I came here thinking it was mange and treated her as such with great results for over eight months, now these mites are back even worse also getting closer to her eyes and because of so many treatments she is severely stressed out. Now I find my husband has the same red spots and itching on the back of his neck at the hair line, I too am itching along with my two dogs, it's like a zoo here lol I finally brought my cat to the vets after all these months only to find he says she has allergies I said I think not these were contagious, he wanted to give her steroids; I said nothing abrasive thanks....... That stupidity cost me over a hundred dollars I could not afford. I'm wondering how abrasive it would be for a small cat? if any one might know the answer please send me an answer, I would appreciate the input. Thanks every one that contributes any info. Peace.

Borax, Boric Acid, Washing Soda

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Posted by Umathr (Kensington, MD) on 07/01/2009

i had scabies but i think there gone for good i think i found a cure
im going to be point blank
its borax, boric acid, super washing soda, very strong be careful, and dish washing liquid, buy the popular brands of dish washing liquids they are strong so watch out
i suggest taking baths and making up spray bottles
the scabies should die fast
it worked for me
start in the bath with no more than a quarter cup of one
boric acid 2 tbl
the popular brands of dishwashing liquid are strong so be careful
my eyes turned red

Replied by Umathr
(Rockville, Md. Usa)

I was using all those things but now I just use sulfur soap and I hope it works. It seems to be working.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Citrus Soap

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Posted by Shawn (Newark, Delaware) on 12/04/2009

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide and citrus-based dish soap:

This is similar to others, but it's real good if you've been having a hard time getting rid of those things even with the borax/hydrogen soak. Here's what you do:

wash/dry on hot all lining.
* Mix 1 part borax and 8 parts hydro-proxide.
* wipe down all pillows/mattress using a wash cloth and borax/hydro mix.
* sprinkle borax on carpet. leave on carpet until scabies is 100% cured.
* mix 1 part borax, 1 part citris dish soap, 1 part water in a bucket.
* take a shower. Stop the shower and use a wash cloth to scrub yourself with the borax/citris mix neck to toe(no running water or sitting in water, just your damp self). leave on for 10-20 minutes or as long as you can stand it - it will sting and it will leave your skin very dry.
* wash borax/citrus mix off and finish your shower.
* replace lining and go to bed.
* wake up and apply borax/hydro mix to all areas of your skin that still itch. let it mixture dry on you.continue to do this throughout the day as needed.
* repeat all steps until all those creatures die.


Replied by Scabies Cured!!!!!
(Las Galeras , Dominican Republic)

Dear Shaun:

I am writing to thank you! I and my boyfriend has Scabies, He had it very badly and I had only a little of it, because I followed your directions! I never took a remedy from a pharmacy! He did take the pills and use the cream, but that DID NOT really work for him, he was reinfected after using the pharmacy remedy, only when I arrived with the Borax and citrus soap did we finally get COMPLETELY CURED and we have seen nothing since.

We also covered the mattresses with plastic bags and spayed prior with anti-parasite spray from France, but the black plastic bags worked wonders, used gloves to cover them.

We put just about all of our clothes in plastic bags and put them away and we did not reuse anything for almost one month/few weeks (luckily we have many clothes).

I want to share what really did work though. After my boyfriend was reinfected the situation was fa worse for him. It looked like a real mess, then I came and we used the Borax (with a hot bath as best we could since in the Caribbean there is not hot water) as a scrub to scrub of all of the tops of the sores even on penis and it hurt him but it surely got rid of the eggs. I read in the Paul Pitchford Healing with Whole Foods book to cook the Borax with oil and we made a remedy which was still really a scrub and after the bath we applied it to every single sore and left it sit there for a few hours. After we removed this we put on Orange Oil and Tee Tree oil that I bought in Philadelphia PA. Then we let it sit and I swear that within 2 days ALL SORES WERE GONE LIKE A MIRACLE>





I was never fully infected with any sores, because I did hot baths when I returned to Philly for a short time - when I came back his situation was one month worse than before... if I didn't find this site I would have been infected and he would not have gotten better!

Use the BORAX to SCRUB THE SORES AND THEN MAKE A PASTE WITH a light cooking of olive (or any oil) not a long cooking just to mix then apply to sores and leave on few hours follow with the oils, be careful.


Replied by Joyce
(Mo., US)

What if you only have a shower, no tub?

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Clove Oil

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Posted by Bls (Ocala, Florida) on 08/26/2011

I would like to thank everyone with their experience's and recommendation's. I have had this rash for approx. 10 days. I went to the ER to discover my worst fear, Scabies. I work at a Hotel and think I contracted this nasty disease there. My husband does not have any signs of the pest as of yet. After reading what permethrin is and what it can cause, and how effective it is, I became very, very scared. Apparently permethrin "use" to work but because the mites are insects and their life cycle is so short they have built up a immune to this toxic they are calling a drug.

After reading ALL posts in this forum I decided to try Borax w/H2O2. I made my bath with very hot water and added a cup of each and soaked for approx. 20 minutes. In a matter of minutes my skin stopped itching. My infestation is severe. I have a rash across my abdomen, my chest my entire back, buttocks elbows, inside and out.. Upper arms, upper things and back of my knees. I actually sat in the tub crying because I actually felt relief for the first time in 2 weeks. This disease has taken its toll on me, depriving me of sleep as many of you already know how it keeps us awake at night.

Once my skin air dried My husband applied the clove oil ( we mixed it with mineral oil, and he mixed it way to strong as it burned to the point I needed to wash it off) He is at the store now to buy more mineral oil. Its been an hour since my bath and I am itch free, my rash has even lightened up in color to a pinkish, instead of RED.

He sprinkled the Borax on the carpet (we removed our dog and cat).. Letting it sit for an hour and then vacuum it thoroughly. We plan on bleaching everything we can once he returns home, washing all bed linens and clothing.

I plan on keeping an update to this forum on my battle of this nasty pest. I hope my post provides testimony to anyone who is skeptical of using non-prescribed treatments.

Thank you again to all who posted this remedies, and god bless.

Replied by Bls
(Ocala, Florida)


Hi everyone. I want to first state that it seems everyone has different outcomes with their treatment of scabies. I used the Borax/H2O2 bath soaks for 4 days with no improvement of my rash. It got worse. The itching was relieved for approx. 4-6 hours after the bath soaks, but the rash continued to spread down my arms and legs and up my neck. On the 4th day we decided to try permethrin. That was yesterday. Today my rash is still visible but with great improvement. Nearly all redness is gone ( except in the severe areas) and most of the itch is gone as well. My skin feels like sandpaper where the bumps are but looks let irritated. I plan on using the second dose of perm in 7 days as directed on my script. I will update my post if anything has changed. I hope my post will help someone, anyone who is battling with this infliction.

God Bless.

Replied by Bugfree
(California City, Ca)

I waited to Post untill I was Healed.. BORAX & HYDROGEN PEROXIDE was the Key to Cure.... I went to the Doctor and he gave me Pemerthrin Cream & a strong antibiotic for staff infection. It helped but did not completly cure. I dusted my bed and couch & chair and Drivers Seat of the Car with Boric Acid and took evening Hot Baths in a plam full of Twentymule Team Borax & 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide after a few weeks... The bumps I was still getting was not from mites any more but reaction to the borax so I slowly went from a handfull of borax to the bath to a teaspoon to zero.. After a few weeks of no borax bath & the last of the bumps went away and I was healed. I learned that the reaction to the Pemerthrin & Borax on the skin is the similar symptons as the scabies ( But not as near as bad you can live with it )... You do have to finally stop all treatments and give the skin time to heal... The whole scabies journey was the most horrible situation I have ever experienced in my life.. For those that are scratching while reading this there is a way to sanity again: Borax & Hydrogen Preoxide Hot Baths every evening and you will get healed.... God Bless!

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Grandnanny D (Delaware, Oh) on 08/26/2011

WOW at first I thought you guys were trying to see what weird crap you could get us dummys to put on ourselves. And then I got desperate at 3:00 in the morning and ran to pick up Borax, hyrd prox, and coconut oil. Oh and I got a strawberry/banana smoothie for my pain and suffering. I followed ya'lls instructions for the bath and afterward rubbed the coconut oil on. My skin looked immediately better, but I started feeling things crawl on my toes and then a few bites so I then squirted the clorox/water mixture all over my bed, around my bed on the side of the box springs and on the carpet and on me. I feel like I am at war with a micro organizm that I can not even see. I have never heard of coconut oil and what I bought was in the baking isle and looks like crisco but a taller narrower can. I thank you all for sharing your advice. I tried the apple cider vinegar first, it burned like a sun of a gun. And all they did was multiply. So, harmful or not, it seems to be working as I am not itching right now and honestly as much as I hate to hear the side affects of any medicine because then I feel like I have to make a choice of which problem will be the bigger headache, I AM SO FREAKING GLAD TO NOT BE ITCHING RIGHT NOW! I am going to snuggle up to my clorox bottle and put on my battle uniform of Pjs on and hopefully get a good night sleep thanks to all of yall!!!! So if anyone reads this and is hestitant, as God is my witness... It works!!!!! Maybe now I will get enough rest to fight this battle and win!!!

Replied by Anita
(Melbourne, Australia)

How to get rid of scabies/mites. I had a bad attack, with bites all over. I went to the chemist who gave me a cream to put all over my body after a shower and leave on for 24 hours, but still had the crawling sensation. A cleaning guru in Australia had mentioned that orange juice is a cure for head lice, so I bought an orange and washed myself with it (undiluted) including my hair. I haven't had a bite since. If I felt 'something' I bought some roll on personal insect spray and rolled it all around where the sensation was, because I was so badly bitten there would have been extra mites hanging around. Have not been bitten in 2 days. Apparently it's the citrus juice - it gets right under your skin. Grapefruit and lemon juice are apparently better.

Replied by Lee
(Australia, Qld)

I broke out about 3 weeks ago, just because my nephew sat on my rocking chair then left with his father, only to find out that he had scabies. I never knew anything about scabies till I got it and saw the symptoms, itching around ankles, elbows wrists, inner thighs, stomach (which I found out on the computer) so I went to the doctor after 3 days of scratching, and yes I used the cream, once a week for 2 weeks, the first time I thought I was cured because their was relief for 5 days but started scratching for the next 2 days then I used it again (as per doctors instructions) but it got worse, I couldn't stand the itch and I looked at my skin and there were burrows everywhere.

So I came on here and decided to do the bleach and water, hot shower first then sprayed and it was burning for a little bit on the rashed up areas but would go away after being totally drenched in it, but I was ok and I washed it off in hot water after 10mins (I know this is way too quick but tomorrow will be longer) as I did this at 2am and need to get to bed. The results are amazing, no scratching no crawly feelings and I blow dried myself instead of using a towel, I will be carrying this bottle everywhere I go and I have even thrown everything that I have worn and slept on in the machine with bleach and hot water and putting it in the dryer, big house cleaning will be next and I will be throwing out the mats, covering furniture with plastic so it is easy to clean (after I spray it) then I will be visiting my brother and nephews and I will be spraying them too or they will not be allowed back in my house.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Noxzema

Posted by Michelle (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 09/20/2011

I want to start by saying I believe I got it from my dog. I have read numerous sites that say you cannot catch it from your pet but I do NOT believe it. My dog started losing its fur, and scratching herself bloody. After two trips to the vet, they said she had allergies. About two weeks after her itching began, so did mine. The vet prescribed various creams, pads, medicines, and special food to help with her "allergies. " As her itching got worse, so did mine so I began using Benedryl spray, cream and many other "itch-relief" medicines... None of which worked for very long. I was awakened every night about 2:00am with INTENSE itching. I was scratching so hard and so much, I was covered with bruises in between all of my bumps. One night I woke up with hives as well. I graduated to tea-tree oil and Noxema rubs, then after finding this site, onto Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide soaks. During this time, my dog was so miserable, she was going crazy with the itching so I took her to the NVASPCA. They diagnosed her with Mange! I went to the Dr. and got a dose of Permethrin Cream.

I did my dose of Perm a few days ago, and am now making a "scrub" on my wash rag with Lavendar soap and 1/4 Borax. Then I rinse off and squirt Hydrogen Peroxide on my wet body and dab dry. I carry Peroxide in a spray bottle and use when necessary. It does burn so I think it is working and I was at a point where burning was better than itching so I keep using it. At night, my hubby rubs me down with Noxzema, from top to bottom, with a deep massage to work it in real good. I feel I am on the road to recovery. I am sleeping through the night, and not itching as much during the day. My bumps are starting to get dry little "heads" on them. I have washed everything... HOT with Borax, and I vacuum the hell out of my carpet. I hope and pray this is it!

Replied by Stephanie
(Detroit, Mi)

How to Kill Scabies: A Love Story

What you will need: (Phases 1-3)

1. Clove Oil
2. Coconut Oil (or Olive Oil)
3. Chlorine Free Bleach
4. Tap Water
5. Tea Tree Oil
6. Peppermint Oil
7. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Citrus Liquid Soap)
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Citrus Orange Bar)
8. Garlic Supplements
9. Plastic Trash Bags (Large)
10. Washing Machine
11. Spray Bottle (2-3)
12. Kitchen Scrubbing Sponge
13. Dryer
14. Clean Bath Towel
15. Bath
Phase 1: Cleaning House

You Will Need:
-Spray Bottle
-Plastic Bags
-Washing Machine
-Chlorine Free Bleach
-Tap Water

First Step: Put all linens and clothing that have been sitting out and around your bedroom/sleeping area into large trash bags. Household blankets should also be washed too, but cleaning your sleeping areas is most important.

Second Step: Put Linens and clothing into washing machine, using your normal washing detergents.

Third Step: Take Linens out of washing machine and transfer into the dryer immediately.

Fourth Step: While linens and clothing are drying, put a 50/50 MIXTURE of CHLORINE FREE BLEACH and TAP WATER into a clean spray bottle.

Fifth Step: Bring spray bottle with mixture and iPod player into bedroom, putting both on end table.

Sixth Step: Set iPod to play Eminem's Recovery album.
Seventh Step: With spray bottle, liberally spray the 50/50 MIXTURE of CHLORINE FREE BLEACH and TAP WATER onto every inch of your bedroom, and other rooms on top floor of home. Continue spraying into any other areas that you may think could have had direct contact with your skin.

Eighth Step: When linens and clothing are done washing, put linens back to where they came from and spray them again with a conservative amount of spray bottle mixture.

Phase 2: Cleaning Body

You Will Need:
-Peppermint Oil
-Tea Tree Oil
-Dr. Bronner's Citrus Liquid or Bar Soap
-Kitchen Scrubbing Sponge
-Clean Bath Towel
First Step: Run water in bath and put to as high of a temperature as your body can stand.
Second Step: Put 2 Tablespoons of Tea Tree Oil and 2 Tablespoons Peppermint Oil into water. If you are using Dr. Bronner's liquid citrus soap, also put 2 Tablespoons of that in your bath water.

Third Step: Get into bath and soak in tub for an hour , trying to maintain high water temperature.

Fourth Step: Scrub body with everyday shower cleaning soap using a kitchen scrubbing sponge.

Fifth Step: Shower Off

Sixth Step: Dry off body with clean bath towel and put your clothing and towel into a plastic bag.

Repeat this step twice daily if possible.
Phase Three: Spraying Clean

You Will Need:
-Clove Oil
-Coconut or Olive Oil
-Chlorine Free Bleach
-Spray Bottle

First Step: After bath, reuse your 50/50 MIXTURE of CHLORINE FREE BLEACH and TAP WATER or make new mixture in a different spray bottle and spray your entire body with the mixture. Let your body air dry and have bedroom windows open while and after spraying.

Second Step: Put CLEAN clothing back on and go down stairs to the living room.

Third Step: Save the world by playing Gears of War 3.

Fourth Step: When you are nearing the time before you sleep, get a new, and clean spray bottle and add a 1 PART CLOVE OIL, 3 PART COCONUT (or Olive) OIL MIXTURE.

Fifth Step: Spray entire body with mixture, more so on especially infested areas, put on clean clothing and fall asleep.

Sixth Step: Wake up and shower. Repeat the three phases another day or until you feel that the bugs and itches are completely gone.

Another recommendation is to start taking Garlic Supplements. Garlic Supplements are said to be the worlds natural "wonder-drug" and have been known to cure everything from the common flu to the plague!

Replied by Mcsdj
(London, Uk)

I got scabies after weeks thinking it was hard water from moving to the UK. It got to the point where I became suspect after developing some bumps on my penis. I thought maybe my new girlfriend had given me an STD. Went to the doctor, he thought it was Herpes but I was skeptical as I trusted her that she was telling the truth about her sexual history. I did much research and found I exhibited all the symptoms of Scabies. I went to the doctor who prescribed me a cream but turns out it was discontinued in the UK and no where to be found. I came to the US as I had some family matters to deal with and could not let this stop me. I got the cream here thank god however I have read this website back to front multiple times and thought to combine measures.

Last night was my first treatment as follows:

Hot bath in Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide, splash of listerine, body lotion, and lemon juice. The lemon juice stung like a bitch but it definitely raised all of my burrows to then dive back into the bath

I used NIX on my scalp

after the bath, I airdryed. Then, I applied the cream all over my body. when that dried, I applied a hair gel and borax paste.

Now I wait. Today, I feel allright. The bumps are red but not itchy at all. I haven't had the need to scratch since my bath but the recurrence posts and leaving me paranoid. Today I was finally able to get my hands on Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus Soap with Tea Tree Oil. Tonight, I plan on doing the following while scrubbing out the 24 hour cream...

hot bath with borax and hydrogen peroxide

lemon juice application

readmister bath with the soap

once airdried, applying a mix of the Clove and Tea Tree Oil mixed in with body lotion

I'll keep you all posted as to my progression here as it seems this is a battle where we as sufferers need to stick together. This shit SUCKS.

Replied by Chris
(Chicago, Il)

I've been trying essential oils... Just amazing. Experimenting on how to use but ingredients are: clove oil, sweet orange oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, grapeseed or coconut oil used as a base oil. Apply hand sanitizer as base then add others. The creatures come out of your skin if they're there.

Castor Oil

Posted by Jayne (London, Uk) on 08/25/2012

I had a rash on my arm for a while and was mis-diagnosed with eczema and allergies for a while before the doctor agreed it might be scabies. The itching since spread everywhere, and two doses of Permethrin haven't made much difference. So I decided to try some oils.

I slathered castor oil all over me, and before long little black specks started coming out of my pores. Scary at first, and yes it hurts slightly, as if lots of splinters are coming out. I also got tiny, clear, round grains of hard sandy stuff, along with amber versions of the same thing, tiny egg-shaped things and larger egg-shaped things. Very disturbing indeed. I know that some people will say that this is Morgellens, but at the moment I'm choosing to believe that these are various stages of mites and their droppings and eggs. Some other websites comfirm this, and one of my GPs said that they've heard of this happening with scabies.

So I figured that it's all much better out than in and I'm continuing to do it. I'm also using olive oil or coconut oil sometimes, they seems to work too, although I'm thinking that castor oil, as a thicker oil is probably smothering the little creatures more, and I think I'm seeing slightly more stuff come out when I use it.

After doing it a few times I am feeling some relief today, (although I'm by no means cured). This could be because there is less stuff inside irritating me, or simply because my skin is more moisturised, but I'm going to continue with this because it seems to be working.

I've also tried diatomaceous earth, which didn't work, sadly, even when I mixed it with grapeseed oil. I am drinking it though, 1 tsp in water each day, but I'm not sure that drinking it is effective for scabies, which isn't a stomach-related parasite.

And bleach baths also didn't seem to do much, although they did clear some burrows under my fingernail. I was pleasantly surprised by that! But don't seem to help other than that.

I also tried hydrogen peroxide and borax mixed with water. Also didn't work. Tea tree oil provides some temporary relief, and I bought some clove oil, but I'm reallly too scared to put it on my skin, even mixed heavily with oil.

I guess different things work for different people. Will carry on with the oils and report back.

Replied by Eee3
(Gambier, Oh)

To Jayne, Re your castor oil treatment - how long do/did you leave it on, and how did you get it off? Thanks, EEE3

Citronella Horse Shampoo

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Posted by Cassandra C. (OK) on 09/07/2023

I want to share my treatment for scabies.

After battling scabies for 4 years I have finally reached the end. At the feed store, they have a horse shampoo that is yellow and it's made of citronella. I went to Walmart and bought one of the scrub gloves. I wet my entire body including my hair and put the citronella horse shampoo in my hair and all over my body I let it set for 5 minutes and then I would add water to the glove and scrub my skin. This has eliminated the mites. I've done the exact same thing for my dog after I shaved him. And I I have also used it on my cat. I would really like for you guys to get the word out. It is amazing and works wonderfully.

I also make a liquid solution of potassium hydroxide - you can find the exact measurements online to make a cleaning solution - and I put a half a cup of it in my laundry to kill the mites on the clothing. works wonderfully.

Replied by Cam
(Decatur, GA)

Hi, how many times a day and for how many days did you do this with the horse shampoo till you realized or felt you had erradicated them/the mites? Thanks, Cam

Citrus Mouthwash

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Posted by Christine (Wildomar, Ca) on 08/19/2009

I went to the beach with my family about 2 or 3 months ago. Immediatley when we left the beach my right arm, where my elbow is or fold is, it began to burn & itch really bad. I figured I had just suffered from being sunburned. For about 2 - 3 days my arm itched like crazy and I figured it was dry/sunburned skin, so I kept putting lotion or aloe gel on the site. Until I noticed the trail inbedded under my skin. I knew it was scabies & or mites. Immediateley I changed all my bedding, clothes and made sure that I washed my hands regularly. The itching would be so bad that it would wake me every night. I couldn't stand it anymore. I dont have medical insurance to get a prescription from a doctor, so I came across this site. What a relief, I had to use household / holistic remedies to treat this. The Citrus Listerine/Mouthwash really works. I'd apply it the area, let it completly dry, then I would apply straight Orange Oil (you can get it @ health food stores for about $2-$3). I did this twice a day, if not more when needed, at night and in the morning. The itching has completley stopped, the discoloration is fading...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this home remedy, THIS ONE WORKS !!!! :)

Citrus Mouthwash
Posted by Granny (Miami, Florida) on 03/05/2009

Citrus mouthwash for scabies and Blk Pepper mites: Like you I have been battleing scabies for 8 long months ! Of couse I have used tons of over the counter remedys to no final avail,to be honest I sent in a remedy that in the end didn't work for me,so this time I'll just say to try it,you might like it. I heard of people using listerine for scabies and Black Pepper Mites (check about them ,they mimic scabies,you might be suffering from them instead ) I went to my brothers house to borrow listerine (next door)and all they had was Equate Citrus antiseptic mouthwash, I went home put some in a small wash basin in the tub stood in it and soaked myself from top of head to soles of feet, I let it air dry on me and it is very sticky, but low and behold black dots started popping out of my flesh!! I remembered working at a hotel where they used citrus spray for fleas and mites from peoples pets, I rinsed off before going to bed, should have left it on ,but this is the best my skin has felt in 8 months, I still have itches but very few. which I dab with the mouthwash and soak my feet each night,Wal-Mart has it in big bottles and it's cheap,don't have to tell you guys to keep up with borax in the carpets and wash and cover that mattress with plastic and clean it w/ diluted clorox,hope so much this helps someone out there.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

anything citrus helps with scabies. you can use orange juice or lemon or lime juice or even better orange oil. google orange oil for scabies

Replied by Lon
(Stanhope, NJ)

Walmart sells a 100% orange oil spray. it can be found in the carpet deoderiser section.

Replied by Lon
(Stanhope, Nj)

in reference to the orange oil spray found at Walmart, I wouldn't use it with out diluting it a lot. I use it as a deoderizer, but if you spray more than just a little, it makes you cough, it's very strong. The directions warn that it can burn the skin. I believe I have scabies, and thought i would try adding a little to some to olive oil. I'm not sure how it will work.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

you can buy the orange essential oil at any place that sells essential oils for very little money - around 2 or 3 dollars. then put some in a spray bottle and dilute with water and use it OR mix it with the carrier oil of your choice and use it after your bath. i have also had luck putting about 9 drops of the straight orange oil into my bath water. smells good and scabies DO NOT like it.

Replied by Thissux
(Bellingham, WA)

How long are you supposed to leave it on? If you wash your clothes in very hot water and normal detergent is that enough to kill them?

Replied by Sarah
(Monrovia, CA)

To Dianna from Austin, TX

Thank you for posting the orange oil remedy. I have been battling with scabies for about one year, used different remedies and cleaning and washing. I used permethrin 5% x2, recently I did 3-day sulphur cream. It seems that I'm not cured! I ordered orange oil and mixed with aloe to 10%. May you post on how many times do you apply the orange oil a day? Do you make the lotion 10% to apply on the body? and how long did it take you or your friend to get rid of it?

Replied by s888miles
(Arcadia, CA)

I put 1 1/2 bottles of ___ Citrus Mouth Wash into a tub of warm water, and soaked myself for 10 minutes, completely immersing myself from head to toe, including hair. Afterwards, I dried off with towel. No rinsing needed. Then I put generous amount of perm all over my body, and left it on for 14 hours and rinsed everything off the next morning. I also washed all my sheets and comforter and towels daily in hot water, extra hot dryer. Clothes was treated in same manner, after every wear. it's worth it, even if the clothes shrinks. REPEAT for 2 days, or 3 days if still feeling creepy crawllys.

I think I am cured, I hope I am cured. This was by far the worse thing that has happened to me, and thank god for this website, or else I wouldn't know what to do.

Replied by D
(Long Beach, Ca Usa)

tried citrus listerine last night. condition WORSE today. cross that one off the list. along with tea tree oil. my condition went nuclear when I tried that stuff on it.


When scabies are worse the next day after treating them. It is a sign you have disturbed their nest and they're fighting back! Think about when you step on a hornet's nest. They attack. Scabies are the same. They want you to stop putting poison on them so they go wild. Don't stop treating. Keep going!

Replied by Lorisayshey
(San Diego, Ca)

OMG, I'm not going to tell Bobby what I discovered this morning or he'll freak out and get more stressed out. He's doing fine and only has a few bites left, but I discovered this morning that I have literally THOUSANDS under my skin!!!! I'm trusting the Lord totally on all this as there must be a reason for it all. It's not true about what the doctors say and the stuff you read on those medical websites about Scabies - it's not that easy to cure. Even on the Mayo Clinic website. If you want to know the TRUTH about his stuff, go to and read all the horrible, disgusting stories of these poor people's experience with this. I posted my experience on there too and am continuing to update the process that I am following so that it might help others too. I don't want to talk on the phone about this as I don't want Bobby to overhear me.

Bobby initially got hundreds of bites just from those first initial 3 bites that he got from me while I was feeding him. But with the process I'm using to treat him, he was 50% better after the first day, then 75% better after the second day. Last night he only had a few spots left on his face. Thank God. I am wearing gloves at all times and long-sleeve shirt and long pants so I don't spread it to him. I was pretty confident that mine was nearly gone because I only had one bite left. Then this morning I decided to put the hydrogen peroxide all over my body just to see if there were any more hiding somewhere. My upper right leg showed thousands of little red spots, also both of my upper arms and front legs. I even had them on the tops of my hands! I freeked out. OMG. Prayed. Calmed down and just dealt with it. Now I realize that those bites that I could see on my skin where where the bugs initially burrowed into my skin. They stayed under my skin and burrowed all over like moles laying eggs everywhere!

So, I asked myself, why is Bobby doing so good and now I have this. These have probably been here all along without me knowing it becuase my process was a little different from his. The process I used was to put the hydrogen peroxide only on the bites, wait for about 5-10 mins - as long as I could stand the stinging/itching, then get in the hot shower, and clean up with peppermint soap, then cover my body with the non-itch formula (coconut mixed with tea tree oil and peppermint oil). Then resume my day and do the same thing in the evening. I wasn't putting the hydrogen peroxide on my entire body because I didn't SEE any bites. Also, I would wash off the hp in the shower. With Bobby being paralyzed, I could not wash his off, so I just left it on then put the co mixture on his entire body. THAT WAS IT!!!! I needed to keep the hp on my entire body and not wash it off. I took a video of my leg so I could show this to others who are going through this. So, I put the hp all over my body, took my shower, then put it all over my body again, then covered myself with the co mixture. This seems to be working better now, but won't know until tonight. If the red spots lesson, I'll know that I finally have the correct procedure to follow. If not, and it is worse, I'll need to call my doctor and ask her to prescribe the insecticide (Permethin) and just do it as much as I hate to have to resort to that stuff. What choice to I have. I also learned that you MUST treat your entire body, even your head, face, ears, private area - everywhere, because when you put the hp on, they freek out and look for a place to go where it is not on your skin!!!!! I'm praying that I won't have to use the Permithrin stuff, but I am getting desparate to get rid of thes awful, disgusing things. I will run out of sick time in about another week, so much find a way to get rid of these soon. Here's some good news. Yesterday I was so exhausted I didn't think I could make it through another night getting up every couple hours taking care of Bobby. Today I feel much stronger - thank the Lord. I also lost over 5 pounds so far with all the workout of taking care of B obby, constant cleaning/sanitizing everything in sight, etc. You can't beileve the toll this takes on a person. Please keep praying for us. Thanks.

Replied by Lorisayshey
(San Diego, Ca)

Update 8/18/2011. Just discovered last night that clove oil kills the adults, larvae, AND penetrates the eggs and kills the eggs too in less than an hour. Read the latest research on this from Australia. This was just discovered last August - go here to read about the study results They had a serious virilent strain of scabies that was Permithrn resistant.

My husband has been under a Dermotologist's care for 3 weeks now and he was prescribed Permithrin twice and still has only killed about 10 percent of them. Me and my son are finally getting relief from these awful things. The ratio we started with is 1 part clove oil and 3 parts coconut oil. Also, put 1/2 ounce in a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed the entire house - EVERYTHING!!! We put it on us last night and didn't feel them crawling all night, plus all day today. Tonight I notice a few, but nothing compared to the night before. I've read that when the last bite is gone and there is no more itching, you must wait 10 days after this to be considered cured. But, must keep up with keeping everything clean (new sheets every day, etc. As I indicated in my process above) for at least 3 months to prevent a reinfection. I'll keep you up to date on our progress, but for now, we are feeling like we are finally out of the worst of it! I know the Lord helped me to find the info we needed to get set free from this awful stuff, also so that I could share it with so many of you who have suffered for way to long with the disgusting stuff. God Bless!

Replied by Lorisayshey
(San Diego, Ca)

Update 8/19/11. Contining to use the clove oil. Going on third day of treatment and for me they are 85% gone, for my son, 90% gone! Thank God. Will continue this treatment until gone. Read that you are still contagious up to 10 days after the last bite is gone! Be careful. If you get infested again, just hurry and apply the clove oil treatment and it will not get very far. Keep up the cleaning for at least two more months to get all the eggs out of your house becaues they can cause reinfestation even a year later! Just read all the posts from people who have been there! Thank God we finally have a way to cure these.

My son is suffering from Scabies only on his face, neck, and head, so don't believe this OLD understanding of Scabies. Scabies in the US has become more verilent and resists many of the drugs dermatologists still prescribe. My husband has been treated with Scafbies for 3 weeks with these drugs and is only 10% cured. My son and I discovered the latest research on this in Austrailia about Clove oil, w hich kills the adults, larvae and eggs in 15 mins! But takes at least two weeks of continued treatment to get them all out of your body! Mix 1 part clove oil with 3 parts extra-virgin coconut oil (or olive oil) I'm using cococut oil because it has other needed benefits to keep the bites from becoming infected. After 3 days of treatment, I'm 80% cured and my son, who is paralyzed, is 90% cured! Thank God. Also read about other's experience with using clove oil at: ...

Replied by Cathrine
(Perth, Western Australia)

Yes I agree, I have been on another forum trialling differents treatments with different members. Even dog flea treatment which worked, but a few of us relapsed. After reading this article that another member posted

an Australian study conducted last year, we decided to give clove oil a go. We are having excellent results after 2 days. We are diluting 1 part clove oil to 3 parts grapeseed oil. Cover entire body including scalp. For genitals and, nose and eyelids we are using 1 part clove oil to 9 parts grapeseed oil as it can sting when applied. Well worth a try we have tried everything out there.

Replied by Michael

Scabies can only live 72 hours without a host. So long weekend away from house and come back they will be dead.

Replied by Deborah

Hi, you posted about clove and coconut oil. Did you follow through and are free of scabies?

Clove Oil

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Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 06/04/2018

Clove bud essential oil mixed with a carrier oil will kill and cure scabies. Here is a link to a study done in Qld. where in the north, scabies is widespread.

Clove Oil
Posted by Kristin (Queens, Ny) on 04/06/2016

CLOVE OIL for scabies.

I've had scabies before, thought they were just mosquito bites at the time as I'd never heard of scabies. after a week of not going to doc or being diagnosed, the mites had a chance to multiply so it got pretty bad. finally went to doc, got permethrin cream and did that 2x, but lived in the hell of wrapping everything in plastic, not sleeping at night due to the itching, constantly laundry, etc. in between the permethrin cream dosages (a week apart, I believe), I did clove oil after doing tons of online research and learning of the australian study that said clove oil diluted kills even permethrin resistant scabies in 15 minutes. I wasn't taking any chances, so I used clove oil diluted with grapeseed oil, wasn't sure of dosage to use at the time, and still used permethrin. after 2nd treatment of permethrin (which made me feel dizzy, I later heard it's a neurotoxin and poisonous to cats but I wouldn't deter a human from using it! ) they were all gone. also was told that you couldn't get scabies from dogs, and I now know that is incorrect. Dogs can have mange, and you can get it - scabies. I am an animal caretaker.

Anyway, so that scabies was cured almost a year ago. then a few nights ago, I started itching. I knew what it was right away. it started in my pelvis, and that's where it started last time. no way in heck was I going to wait to go to doc, I knew what it was and wanted to kill those buggers ASAP. I took 100% clove oil and grapeseed oil and mixed them in a bowl- in the ratio of 3 Tablespoons grapeseed oil and one tablespoon clove oil, mixed and applied all over my body. I love the smell. I had to go to the Er for something else (really rough week ha! ) and the doc was like wow, it doesn't even look like scabies. We knew it was because of one burrow. I said, wow, maybe clove oil really did kill them all! (She also confirmed you CAN get it from dogs.) I've been applying the clove/grapseed oil mix twice a day and putting diatomaceous earth on the bed. I can't guarantee they are gone for sure, I guess I need more time to do that, but this scabies experience is nothing like last time. I am not up all night scratching, not scratching at all. I already have giant plastic bags at my house. if you want to cover your bed in plastic, get that stuff at the dollar store, save yourself some money. instead of going crazy washing everything I am just storing them in giant Ziplock bags for 3 days so the scabies dies.

Anyway you can get 100% clove oil for cheap on the internet, as well as grapeseed oil. I am always going to keep them in stock now because with all these dogs, it looks like I may be getting it a lot.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Clove oil in carrier oil works on scabies. I found this study a few years ago to confirm.

Replied by Rp

You are right about clove oil being an excellent scabicide (others work as well, such as cedar oil, and others), but what you shared about covering the bed is also important for many to understand.

When pest control companies are brought in to treat for fleas, ticks, or mange when there are dogs, one of the first things they say is to treat the area where the dog sleeps, because the parasites are there, and eggs may also be there. With humans, the same holds true: the bed must be treated (spraying with a dilute ammonia solution will definitely kill them) and covering the bed with plastic is a good precaution (as well as washing the sheets every day in hot/drying on hottest setting).

Many simply treat successfully only to reinfest themselves over and over again because they didn't pay attention to treating the bed itself, under the sheets! You have pointed out something that is vital!

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