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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Clove Oil
Posted by Bls (Ocala, Florida) on 08/26/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank everyone with their experience's and recommendation's. I have had this rash for approx. 10 days. I went to the ER to discover my worst fear, Scabies. I work at a Hotel and think I contracted this nasty disease there. My husband does not have any signs of the pest as of yet. After reading what permethrin is and what it can cause, and how effective it is, I became very, very scared. Apparently permethrin "use" to work but because the mites are insects and their life cycle is so short they have built up a immune to this toxic they are calling a drug.

After reading ALL posts in this forum I decided to try Borax w/H2O2. I made my bath with very hot water and added a cup of each and soaked for approx. 20 minutes. In a matter of minutes my skin stopped itching. My infestation is severe. I have a rash across my abdomen, my chest my entire back, buttocks elbows, inside and out.. Upper arms, upper things and back of my knees. I actually sat in the tub crying because I actually felt relief for the first time in 2 weeks. This disease has taken its toll on me, depriving me of sleep as many of you already know how it keeps us awake at night.

Once my skin air dried My husband applied the clove oil ( we mixed it with mineral oil, and he mixed it way to strong as it burned to the point I needed to wash it off) He is at the store now to buy more mineral oil. Its been an hour since my bath and I am itch free, my rash has even lightened up in color to a pinkish, instead of RED.

He sprinkled the Borax on the carpet (we removed our dog and cat).. Letting it sit for an hour and then vacuum it thoroughly. We plan on bleaching everything we can once he returns home, washing all bed linens and clothing.

I plan on keeping an update to this forum on my battle of this nasty pest. I hope my post provides testimony to anyone who is skeptical of using non-prescribed treatments.

Thank you again to all who posted this remedies, and god bless.