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Natural Approaches for Scabies: Exploring Effective Remedies

Oregano and Mineral Oil

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Posted by Lina (Felton, CA) on 09/29/2006
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I haven't been completely cured yet, but Oregano Oil and Mineral Oil have greatly helped a case of scabies and I feel I am on my way to recovering. I actually had this case of scabies for several years, but it never got very bad as I had tried various over the counter remedies because I thought at first it was just dry skin or a skin irritation. When I finally realized what I had, I was upset because I did not want to take a neurotoxin. An herbalist recommended the oregano oil and almost instantly I began to see results. I've been taking it orally and also applying it topically. I have also been using mineral oil on my hands as well.

Replied by Nana
(Lindsey, Oh)

i just wanted to know how long it took then to get rid of the scabies after using the oil of oregano? How long did you apply it? Once syptoms went away did you stop using the oils?

Oregano Oil and Liquid Soap

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Posted by Caroline (Honolulu, HI) on 10/04/2006
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This will work--no exceptions! Run hot shower over body for a couple minutes to open pores; turn off shower; add 5 drops pure oregano oil to some liquid soap like Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Soap. Mix in hands and apply to one major limb--left arm, e.g. Do the same again for the right arm. Again for the torso, and again for both legs respectively. It will burn. Tolerate it for as long as you can--between 3 to 5 minutes at the most. Rinse.

For me it cures these no-see-ums that I presume to be some kind of mite. I frequently get infested after handling papers or books that have previously been infected. Why I just don't throw out all these things so that I'll never be exposed again, I don't know. Actually, it's because I'm an information junkie and hope that freezing or cooking in the oven will rid these papers/books of these parasites. Not necessarily! I just got a new infestation which brings me here to this website. I did "the treatment" just now and it works. It burns the little critters to death. Just accept that your skin will burn also for the 3-5 minutes before you rinse it, and somewhat after. But you will definitely feel an immediate sense of relief because your nerve endings won't be agitated any longer

Replied by Indigo
(Sacramento, CA)

To treat books and papers that are infested with no see-ums....Put the papers, books in plastic bags, add cotton balls that have been soaked in ammonia to the bags and seal them up, leave over night. This worked for me. I used gallon freezer zip-loc bags rather than a huge bag with too much paper. You'll have to arrange the cotton so that it isn't too sopping wet and doesn't wet the papers. Be careful not to breathe the ammonia - it's toxic to your lungs. Also, be very careful not to have ammonia fumes near any possible chlorine bleach fumes, as the mixture of ammonia fumes and bleach fumes can kill you. Also works for shoes - put ammonia-soaked cotton balls into shoes and seal the shoes up in a plastic bag for 24 hours or so.

Peppermint Soap for Scabies

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Posted by Lisa (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/17/2008
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Peppermint soap (Dr. Bronner's) works great to get rid of scabies. I tried Tea Tree oil among other things and nothing else worked, except hand sanitizer gel. But at the first sign of itchiness, I get out the peppermint soap.

Replied by Macey
(Mississauga, Ontario)

I am a single mom of one and I have been fighting the battle of scabies for months. I tried, the creams (prescription), borax (not sure I gave this enough time to work), products by dermisil, but each time I thought I was getting better the next couple of days proved me wrong with more physical signs that I was still infected:(

To give you an idea of my routine, once I wake up I strip my beds of all linens (including pillows and comforter), bring them down to the basement and put them into the dryer... I run the dryer cycle once in the morning. Then head to work. After work and put the dryer on one more time and start a load of wash that has been store in black garbage bags, vacuum the floors, wash the bath tubs and clean all toilets, mirrors, sinks, etc......

Anyways, I recently read your suggestion and I am hoping this works for me as well. After researching Dr. Bronners products I am convinced that I will keep this product in my house for a lifetime because of its multi purpose.

Can you give me an update and any tips you learnt along the way. Some days I feel like crying and it sucks that I am isolated from my family in fear that I will pass it on to them. I would never want them to go through the nightmare I am going through.

Please help me!!!


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Posted by Dudeman (Hammond, Louisiana, Usa) on 10/23/2011
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I have tried some of the ideas here in order to avoid my health insurance's deductible. I don't go to the doctor much so a visit this late in the year seems like a waste.

I contracted my scabies from a longtime friend of the family who hugged me several weeks ago for an extended time (2 minutes?) while photos were taken. Turns out she has been dealing with an intense rash and may even still be in denial about it being scabies.

Unfortunately, I wasn't immediately aware of her affliction and assumed my itch was due to mosquitoes, allergies, new detergent... Until I was fully infested. Then I treated with lice shampoo, bleach, peroxide, hot water, various lotions... Some provided relief, others provided chemical burns! (yes... I missed the part about the "non" chlorine bleach LOL)

So, unable to take it any more I decided to step up the battle and purchased a concentrated 40% permethrin solution which I used to create an 8% permethrin spray. After completely washing my body using Joy to removed all body oils and dirt... I applied the 8% permethrin from the neck down. When my wife came home, she aided me in treating my head, face and ears.

I will WARN you... This stings like a *****! The areas that I damaged previously with the bleach were the worst and I almost washed the solution off... but I knew this was my last chance!!! The burning subsided and the itching was already lessened within the hour.

I let the solution airdry and left it on for over 18 hours. I used a little calamine lotion upon going to bed to soothe the few areas still itching. Then showered vigorously in the morning. It is now mid afternoon of the day after my treatment (the same day of the showering) and I am a new man. I've had a few itches and welts (less than 5), but nothing like what I have dealt with for the last 2 weeks; my body was covered.

I plan to repeat my treatment with permethrin next week to be sure I have beat it. I post this more as a ray of hope for anyone suffering, rather than a guide to follow. I do not suggest you do what I have done as you could seriously harm yourself. What I am suggesting is that you visit your doctor and use plenty of the permethrin cream to cure yourself once and for all!!!

I realized this goes against the "natural" theme of this website... But it's the only place I found any real information, and I want you all to experience some relief. Several of the stories I read on here brought me to tears! Good Luck!

Replied by John
(Tampa, Fl)

I am concerned about the percent permethrin mentioned in this article. I have used permethrin for many years for many purposes. The concentrated permethrin I have been able to buy is 2.5% or less; I mix a quart of concentrate with 25 gallons of water to treat grass or ground for fire ants and other pests. To treat clothing, everybody uses a 0.5% or .005 permethrin. Please revise the "permethrin helping cure" article.

Posted by Kirsten (San Antonio, TX) on 03/04/2009
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Scabies Treatment and Seizure: I came back from Thailand with scabies. My doctor prescribed Permethrin Cream which I used for 3 weeks in a row. Then my husband showed the signs of scabies so 10 days later we both used the Permethrin. In the 10 days I tried Tea Tree Oil as a natural substitute. After using the Permethrin for the 4th time (I informed my doctor that I had used it 3 times before). I had a seizure for the first in my life at 45. I went to ER told the doc that i had probably overdosed on Permethrin. He claimed it is a topical and disregarded that. I was sent to a neurologist who did an eeg and mri on me and both were normal. Meanwhile my armpits burn and itch and I just developed a rash and bumps on my abdomen. I called the neurologist almost in tears and he wanted to prescribe another cream Croatin or something. I declined!!!! They don't get it. I don't want to die to get rid of them. Is there an expert in this area? I looked up tea tree oil and the active ingredient is a similar makeup to turpentine and has caused seizures and death in cats. The scabies has cost me 5,000 from my insurance deductible. these medicines are dangerous and nobody cares. The neurologist thought permethrin could cause a seizure if ingested orally! Doesn't it go into our bloodstream through the skin and effect our nervous system? I am not a doctor, but it seems obvious. I don't know where to turn.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Dear Kirsten:

My findings I found is that short term use (exceeding one or more week) lead to a neurological damage in dogs as permethrin was found in the dogs blood that lead to sudden loss of appetite, vomiting and mild epileptic seizures. The most serious I found was weight loss and loss of appetite, along with general weakness. As to the tea tree oil, unfortunately I wasn't able to find any problems with its use.

The permethrin is currently assumed NOT to go through the skin, unfortunately they do go to the skin quite readily if the the carrier base are oil based or cream based and goes through the skin, as I understood, in a matter of hours. Most oil based chemicals, even including tea tree, but more so with permethrin since they damage the neurological process directly that leads to a sudden case of vomiting and then followed by a mild seizures for only permethrin, but not tea tree oil in normal usage amount. Even the person who applied it, namely me, I also got nauseated from using permethrin based dog shampoo and realized early on I had to stop use if the requirement involved the use of longer then 5 days otherwise the body can't detoxify.

In any event, there IS a way around it, since no one really is going to do anything about this issue, which I am afraid I was a bit late to know about that to save one of the dogs dying from permethrin poisoning. The dog died of a seizure a couple of years back while visiting one of my neighbors. The remedy is hydrogen peroxide 20 drops per 1 liter of water, 3% food grade. The other, that can help (within reason!) is the use of vinegar, which somehow induced vomiting (in dogs) and caused a return to normal appetite.

Unfortunately long term exposure involving heavy neurological damage has limited ability to reverse this condition, but a mild exposure can be reduced by destroying permethrin through either breathing in ozone, and/or the use of hydrogen peroxide drinks, very 2-3 hours for about a day. In the event hydrogen peroxde and/or ozone isn't available, which happens very often in third world countries, then I would settle for vinegar and baking soda remedy. Which is 2 tablespoon of vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (the baking soda is a bit higher here by the usual 1/4), in 1/2 glass of water taken 3 times a day. A vitamin B complex is also helpful. Granulated lecithin 1 tablespoon was also protective, as is some magnesium also.

Few people know permethrin can be absorbed by the skin and checked for its presence within an hour or so after the application. It's also true that any oil based aromatherapy has the same effect transdermally. It is one reason how bisphenol A found in cosmetic products and canned food products get into our system also. In a laboratory findings of a rat where it's stomach were shaved, and lavender oil was applied, then it was sacrificed, the scientists found the presence of lavender in their kidneys. The same is also true for the use of garlic. A fresh clove of garlic, chopped, is placed on the foot of a person. Within 30 minutes to an hour, its possible to detect the presence of garlic in a person's breath even though a person have NOT consumed the garlic. It's this reason why ADHD condition are made much worse after the use of any commercial toiletry products, especially those that contain aldehydes and ketones.

Though information is lacking, its possible to prove that through blood tests for their presence. The same is true in proving aspartame poisoning in detection of methanol content over time increases after their consumption, and given a longer period, the presence of formadehyde from their breakdown in the body system. The secret is in the blood in proving things, not expensive rat studies to prove tumor, these research can be altered, but not a blood test.

In any event, I believe hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vitamin B complex will be most helpful. If none of those are available, permethrin are also destroyed by both UV and ozone exposure too. But their damages to neurological system maybe damaging, even in low concentration even for humans.


Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

Orange essential oil will get rid of scabies. you can put several (10-12) drops in your bath water and also make a spray of orange oil and water in a sprayer bottle - put enough so that you can smell the orange oil. i have also used it topically by mixing it with a carrier oil (olive or coconut). it won't hurt you however to use it straight - but be careful because it can cause sun-sensitivity. also orange juice or lemon or lime juice should also work.

when my best friend had scabies and couldn't use the prescription cream and treatment from the doctor this is what she used and had immediate relief. also i was helping her apply the orange oil and i had first put some on myself (the spray) and i didn't get scabies from her.

try it it works! and it is very cheap - which is good also. you can buy orange essential oil in the health food section of your grocery oil - where you would find lavender oil. also google orange oil for scabies and they also make a commerical spray that is similar made of the inside peel of the orange - the chemical is called D'Limonene.

Replied by Not So Itchy Guy
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

I was first diagnosed with scabies a year ago this month. I went to the doctor and they gave me permethrin cream. I was told to apply it the same way that you were, neck down, leave it on over night and shower it off in the morning. I followed the directions exactly as they told me, even re-applied two weeks later. The scabies never went away completely. I went back to the doctor and they gave me more permethrin. It didn't seem to really be working for me, although I have heard that it does for others.

In doing some research I came across several remedies that others are offering up as what worked for them. The simplest and most natural way that I have had success with has been using 10% sulfur soap, from the drug store. As soon as I used it the first time I noticed a HUGE difference. In the four areas of my body where they are showing the lesions seemed to diminish as well as the itching was lessened. The sulfur kills the scabies mite, but not the eggs so a couple months using this soap is what is recommended.

It's very simple, twice a day you get in the shower, make the water as hot as you can stand it, then get a wash rag and take the soap and build up a good lather with it. Apply the soapy rag to the affected areas of your skin and scrub it in. They recommend you do this twice a day until the rash disappears and then after it's gone you should do it at least once a week for a couple of months. This is what I have been doing and I have to tell you that it's really working for me and the best part is that it's very simple and very accessible for most people by going to the local drug store or even ordering it online. Good luck and I hope this will help someone.

Replied by Justin
5 out of 5 stars

Hi...i have epilepsy and have used the cream and never had a seizure in that period, permetherin can be obtained cheaply thru vet supply,,,, or online...its the same stuff just be careful doing any conversion .... note the percentages ie 3% or more ...also guava leaves boiled in water and the tea applied helps with the itching....if your in usa I have sympathy for you and your greedy corporate health care system. I have removed scabies for under 50usd...good Luck and God bless

btw what God designed these creatures...i really cant understand that.

Replied by Ellen

When you are treating yourself for SCABBIES as well as other bugs, You also have to treat your house, car, clothes, and anywhere you have been....sit, sleep, etc. You have to treat anywhere the eggs have transferred to....floor. I hear Sulfur can be good for doing this. Look up how to do this. It sounds like you treated yourself and then got reinfected by your surroundings.

Permethrin, Hand Sanitizer

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Posted by Sandra (Westland, MI) on 12/21/2008
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I think that I have had scabies for years now. I start breaking out in the spring, by August, I am in bed. I have seen 6 different doc's. I even had a BIOPSY of one of the swollen lesions, I told the doc to take a "ripe" one-lol. For years it very nearly drove me insane. This year I realised that it is scabies. In my research over the years, I think perhaps I didn't want it to be a living parasite. I found this site by chance.
6 days ago, I used permethrin all over as directed.

Someone on this site mentioned hand sanitizer. And I believe it has done as much to drive the bastards out of my skin as anything else. But, it can be quite painful as it is simply jellied alcohol. My question is can these creatures hibernate for years? And, I thank God for this site. Medical doc's are slaves to the pharmeceutical companies. We need to learn to take care of ourselves, as best we can in this time of worldwide chemical pollution.

May God bless us all.
Sandy Lee

Petroleum Jelly

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Posted by rara_avis_muse (Chicago, IL) on 06/07/2009
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I think I got Scabies about 2-1/3 years ago. Sad to say, it was after Hugging a classmate that I hadn't seen for 50 years. She has multiple horses and dogs. I saw blood drops on the shoulders of her white blouse, but thought it was something like acne, not contagious. That hug gave me scabies within a short time, but I had never heard of scabies so I didn't know. I then came down with an Auto Immune illness and fought pain for 2 years. I was on Prednisone for a year and then Hydrocortisone. Plus I have been taking OTC allergy pills for 45 years, so they may have helped keep the scabies at bay. But they never really went away. Now I found this site and thank you Grannie from Miami, I tried the Petroleum Jelly. It's been about 28 hours and I can tell scabies do not like it. I covered most of my body with it and I could literally feel them rushing to my untreated feet. So I lavishly covered between my toes and feet to kill the suckers. I have also resisted scratching by rubbing in the PJ on the itchy spots. I wish I could say I'm free of them, but they do have 3 stages, I believe. 1. the live ones crawling on skin, 2. the buried eggs and 3.they hatching eggs which cause the itching. Since I've had them for so long, I expect it will take time to get rid of them. By the way, the reason Men have less problem with Scabies is because of their SHORT fingernails. I'm gonna go get the Citrus oil or spray today and try to finish the scabies off, once and for all. By the way, I also tried the Medicated Chest Rub, but it absorbs too fast and doesn't work, whereas the Petroleum Jelly is thicker. Thank you soooooooo much for this website.

Petroleum Jelly
Posted by Sara (Brooklyn, NY) on 12/29/2008
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petroleum jelly applied to scabies when it first pops out, and covered tightly with tape (like electric tape)- makes the site disappear- but does not prevent new ones from popping up.

Petroleum Jelly, Ivermectin

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Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 08/16/2020
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Regarding petroleum jelly for scabies posts:

Yes, you are right.

Petroleum jelly chokes these mites. Also, sulfur cream 10% works faster if u apply petroleum jelly first before the sulfur cream. It causes the sulfur to penetrate deeper.

I had a friend who was severely infested. Permethrin creams, lemon oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, you name it she used it-- No cure. It was driving her crazy n depressed.

I always have ivermectin injectable handy coz its a very convinient antiparasite meds, knocks out mites n worms etc.

We don't have access to ivermectin tablets for humans. Nothing to buy in this remote Philippine island.

So we did an experiment. We got a syringe took out 3 cc 1% ivermectin liquid from the bottle took out the needle. Then she rubbed petroleum jelly from neck down to her feet. Made it sit for a good 10 minutes. Thick amount was applied. After that drop by drop, we rubbed the ivermectin liquid from neck down.

Let it sit for 5 minutes before putting on clothes. It itched like hell! But she bravely took it, did not scratch. After about 10 minutes, the itching subsided until it was gone entirely.

She slept through the night. We left the meds there for 10 hours before washing it off. The next day the redness was gone, the rashes were dry, and her very dry skin was not so harrassed anymore. No more itching!

The treatment was repeated the next night. So two nights in a row for the first week, then once a week for 4 weeks. Scabies gone! We did pray so much that first night of treatment n expected a miracle. And a miracle she got!

We got borax n dusted it all over her house, everywhere. Sprayed lemon oil mixed wd water all over as well. Together wd the repeated laundry, cleaning etc.

She treated her place like a warzone. Always wearing pants tucked inside thick socks.

Never using clothes more than once, never sleeping on the same clothes u wore that day. Constant dryer n washing. Different shoes n slippers in her room .

Constantly rubbing petroleum jelly.

I hope this info helps. I hope all of you reading this will pray, never give up hope and expect a miracle as well. And I know you will be cured.

Replied by Linda
10 posts

Where do you get liquid ivermectin?


Linda, go to Tractor Supply or Rural King, to the animal medicines. There should be ivermectin injectable, pour on or paste. You want the pour on one. The animal supply places have all sorts of things--dmso, povidone iodine, tar-based salves and so on. Stuff the people pharmacies have rejected in favor of modern pharma.

Powdered Sulfur, Vaseline

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Posted by Luann (Indiana) on 05/20/2023
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Sulfur is the cure for scabies! Into a small bowl I mixed four level tablespoons of yellow sulfur powder with about three tablespoons of baby oil until smooth and then I added one large 15 oz plastic jar of Vaseline or some call it petroleum jelly and I stirred this together very well with a small spoon. When it was well Incorporated I put it back into the Vaseline plastic container and yes it all fit nicely. I set this on my bathroom sink and twice a day morning and night I smeared this on my body and rubbed it in well. I even put it in my hair and covered my pillow with the towel so I wouldn't stain it and slept very well that night, no itches no crawling. The next morning I took a shower with sulfur bar soap and even my hair. I had to wash my hair several times and yes it was a gooey mess but who cares as long as it's killing these things right? This stuff works miracles and from then on I've put it on twice a day and it said to do it for one week. You do not have to wash it off only once a day if you feel like it and I think this was key into killing them bastards. I kept myself covered with it and yes you can leave the house and you can't see it on you nor did I smell it. Anyway this stuff will kill it and this is how you make a sulfur ointment. That's what this stuff is called. Before that I used body lotion with the sulfur but it did not work the same as using Vaseline and it did not kill them therefore this is why I went to making the sulfur ointment using Vaseline. Just makes your skin feel great also.

Powdered Sulfur, Vaseline
Posted by Sandra (Tampa, Fl) on 11/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Mix 1tsp powdered sulfur with 1tbsp melted Vaseline to make a salve. Apply frequently until scabies go away. Wash all bedding, washcloths and towels everyday with hot water to reduce possibility of reinfecting yourself or other family members. This remedy was passed down from my grandmother and my family has used it successfully for many years. Powdered sulfur can be purchased from a compounding pharmacy.

Prescription Medications

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Posted by Dylan (Toronto, On) on 01/15/2012

I suffered from scabbies for 8 months and no doctor told me that it is scabies and I tried so hard get rid of that horrible itch at night. When my wife had same symptoms then we checked the internet and find this site. Thank you to all of you for your posts. I have to say that ivermactin was the only solution to get rid of it and one dose is sufficient. I also bought Borax from Walmart and cleaned our entire house hold with bleach and borax for ten days. No doctor will prescribe ivermactin unless you push and find one doctor might write the prescription. The only place you may find Ivermactin is Smiths Pharmacy at Yonge-Lawrance location. No other drug store have it. As I said the bleach, borax and kwalada lotion does not cure. Ivermactin did work for me and my wife.

Replied by Nmx

Next time try psorinum homeopathic - its made from scabies and should kill them - or check online search scabies +cure and you see what other people have used successfully.

Replied by Kathy

Hi there, did you buy the ivermectin over the counter or by prescription. Does anyone know where I can order it on line without a prescription?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U KATHY, , , , , , , , , , usually the farm supply stores have the 10 % Ivermectin for animal treatment. No prescription is required. That is where we buy our powdered MSM and DMSO.


Replied by Nancy
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Worked Temporarily

Ivermectin only worked for a few days and then I actually got a worse case scabies 4 days later. If you are going to use it, also do permethrin cream covering scalp to feet.

Prescription Medications
Posted by Pat (Raymond, NH, USA) on 05/19/2009

My son had a friend sleep over 2 weeks ago, and he brought a dirty blanket with him. He slept in the extra bed, but when he left I stripped the bedding and washed it in hot water and soap and bleach. I slept in there for 2 nites and started to feel itchy. I thought I had mosquito bites around my ankles, but as the days went on I noticed bites going up both legs toward my knees. Over this past weekend the boy stayed here again, no blanket this time and I asked if he or anyone in his family had bites or rashes. He called his dad and told him about it and he thought they had bed bugs a month ago. I researched the bite type marks that were like lines of bites and knew I had scabies. All day Sunday we took all blankets, bedding, etc and hot washed with bleached and hot dryer. Items that we couldn't wash (large comforters, pillows etc) we placed in large trash bags with ties and placed them all in our living room. I've read them should be bagged 7+ days.

We took out our Kirby vacuum and did all the bedding, including the bed frames, and all carpets floors, drapes etc. I called my doctor first thing on Monday and went in and they said I had scabies and prescribed Lindane lotion and said to thin cover my entire body, from neck to toes, blow dry it on my skin, then wear loose clothing to bed, and rinse the lotion off in the morning. Because this lotion is said to kill the scabies under the skin, the itch can remain up to 2 weeks, after the bugs die, they also prescibed the steroid (predesone) to lessen the itch. I had difficulty sleeping still, feeling itchy, and crawling over my lower legs. Today, I was ok til @ 3pm and the itching came back, so I applied ice, and took an antihistamine (bendryl) to lessen the itch. This worked ok. I notice if I stand a long time, my ankles get red and so don't the bites in that area, so I have been elevating my feet, when possible, with the ice bags, that helps. It's too early to tell if this lotion did actually kill the scabies under the skin. I am grossed out, but the fact my skin will heal with dead bugs underneath, so I am wondering if anyone has ever open the skin slightly and scraped them out. For those on this site that have had them for months and years, I simply can't imagine, not being able to sleep with the constant itchy, crawling sensation, I've had over the past week, never mind the psychological aspect of scouring your home and everyone in it to make sure every spec you see isn't a bug/mite. I have tweezers, plastic container with lid, and a large magnifying glass on the counter, just in case. I was sent this site today, but have read many of the comments and I've not seen any that state they have killed scabies and have not had them again, but using/doing certain steps. I've read on WebMD and other medical sites that scabies need to be treated/killed or they will continue. THe doctor told me that if they do not have a host to feed that the mite will die within 24 hrs. I don't know how they travel. My prescriptions (lotion and steroid) co-pay was only $15, so if this works and they are gone, the creepy crawlies and itching were worth me freaking out about the potential (scared the crap out of me) side effects of the lotion. Good Luck to all who are searching for the cure, and if this works and I'm done soon with the itching, I will re-post.

Replied by Sarah
(Leesburg, VA)

So I am anxious now that it's been two months how it all worked out for you!!


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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

For scabies infection use the homeopathic remedy PSORINUM 30C. Within less than 1/2 hr. it will be gone. Use once or twice more. It helped me immediately. If your health food store does not have it, it can be ordered. Cost: about less than Can. $10. The medical remedy was cancer causing as per info. And cost about Can. $80.

Stay away from costly, dangerous medicines. I saw my aura turn black with the medical remedy! You could try Psorinum on pets without side effects. Otherwise use Ted's remedy. From Om

Red Lavender Tincture

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Posted by Melissa (Saint Croix, Virgin Islands) on 09/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all! If you are looking for a natural remedy that works for Scabies I must tell you that the red lavender tincture works. It does a great job at drying up the site. It works! It works! It works!!

Replied by Phil
(Henderson, 89015)

What else did u use just the lavender how many times a day what was quantity what did u do for couches house dishes get from shower to washer dryer so many questions but especially ingerdiants how often.

Replied by Sandi
(Portland Oregon UDA)

Melissa, where did you buy your red lavender tincture oil.. How did you use it for scabies?? Is it still available anywhere? Please answer if you get this email. I know your post was a long time ago. Thanks in advance, Sandi