Natural Remedies

Natural Approaches for Scabies: Exploring Effective Remedies

Neem, Coconut, Clove and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by Sharon (MI) on 06/10/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Chrissy,

I tried your remedy and I am getting the white shards! I have a few questions that I hope you could please answer. Did you apply to your whole body including hair and then leave on for 10 minutes and wipe the shards off. Or did you leave it on your body?

Neem, Coconut, Clove and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by Chrissy (QLD) on 05/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Neem, coconut, clove and tea tree oils for scabies

I tried everything, nothing killed the scabies and made them come out of my skin like the neem, coconut, clove and tea tree oils. Probably thousands of tiny salt like shards came out of my skin everywhere - even where I wasn't itchy. It is extremely important to slather it in on every inch of your body multiple times a day until you stop feeling them. It takes about 10 minutes of massaging to really notice. So disgusting but so happy they are gone.

Mix neem and coconut oil 50/50 and then add about 5 drops each of tea tree and clove per tablespoon of neem and coconut. You'll need about 6 tablespoons to liberally cover yourself. The oils are what brings them to the surface. They are dead when they come out.

I did it for two weeks every day and then slowed down but still do it every now and then to make sure

I spent hundreds on different treatments and was at my wit's end and this was the solution. Ruined my hair and put so much toxic crap on myself over 8 months - the worst. Lost so much sleep, avoided people and activities