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Hulda Zapper

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Posted by Peggy (TX) on 01/26/2022
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I've used everything posted online and from doctors for scabies. The only thing that has worked for me is Dr. Clark Hulda Zapper. After the first day I was able to sleep through the night. I zap twice a day one in the morning and before bed. I put it under my armpits for 10min then off for 20min, then in my socks under my feet for 10 min then off 20 min then hold it in your hand for 10 minutes. Drink plenty of water you will get dehydrated.

Replied by Elisa

Which zapper did you buy, for scabies and where did you buy it?

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Max (England) on 09/28/2014
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Hi, Like most I have found scabies to be a scary infection.

A thought first: First check the possibilty that it may be 'folliculitis' as scabies is often diagnosed incorrectly.

I scrubbed my large area of infection on the knee with neat conditioner (I use any unbranded name). They are better than the one that is head and shoulders above the rest for infections. I use neat conditioner for most things especially eczema.

This cleared the area of surface critters. However, I notice there often isn't a distinction between 'I'm free of them' to 'I'm free of the infection underneath the skin'.

The following is not for the faint hearted. I can only say this is what I did and not saying do it.

I poured a very small amount of 33% peroxide into a small glass. I then add a little water. The mixture was very powerful, way beyond 10%.

With a cotton bud I rubbed into the infected burrow lines till they opened and whoosh the peroxide just killed everything. The process was so painful that I thought I couldn't bear it but I keep pushing the bud. The off white residue was hard so I washed it down. Later, I repeated the process on the missed areas.

I can always tell if there is any infection under the skin because if I press an area it feels like a pin sticking in me. My knee looked like I had fallen on gravel that cut deeply into my flesh.

At last the infection had gone. Now I am recovering and applying simple balms to the sores. There is no scarring of 'burnt' areas.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Anti- Itch Cream, Whitening Toothpaste

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Posted by Jason (Newport News, Va, Usa) on 08/29/2012
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I have had the 'bug' for almost 7 months before locating this site. When my symptoms first appeared, I was unsure if I was just losing my mind. I went to the doc's and they had no idea at first.... (odd if you think about it..... Med school for 12 yrs to open a business called a "Practice"). I didn't feel like being a guinea pig, but the itch was unbearable! I've read many of the articles/comments from others and came to the conclusion something was going to done soon. The "bleach/peroxide" cure didn't pan out, the "oils" were just too costly, And all the others were just a "hocus pocus" form of treatments. I did some more reasearch, spoke to a few peeps and was steered in the right direction after spending countless hours awake scratching till I bled at night!

Heres the cure:



3.APPLY AN ANTI-ITCH CREAM (allow time to penetrate skin)



I know this sounds crazy! But after doing this for 3 days the symptoms associated with the 'scabies bug' ceased! The itch is gone, the healing happens rapidly, and I can sleep at night again!

After you've applied the toothpaste to the area, be sure to leave it on until the next day. Wash it off with warm water and soap. Re-apply at night and follow process for a few days. You'll be amazed at the results!

After going to the doctors numerous times for them to prescribe me.... Cures...... which never worked and cost me a fortune, this is a cheap cure for scabies!

Let me think about the costs....hmm...

Permethrin Cream..$120


Permethrin is crap and costly! Doctors know nothing! They pump you full of drugs to see which works best!

This is a cure for me...... Toothpaste........ A whitening paste! You have a cool, tingling sensation after applying it, and sleep like hound dog!

Try it and add comments to this lovely and 'cheap cure for scabies'!!!!!!

Replied by Julia
(Riverside, Ca)

I have no idea where to buy some of the other ingredients... But your list is do-able. thank you.

Replied by Carol
(Paris, Ohio)

I wish I knew what toothpase? I have no money and fear wasting barrowed money on the wrong toothpaste.

Replied by Katydid
(Tx, Usa)

I used Crest 3D whitening toothpaste. But I believe it may not even need to be a whitening one. I used it, thinking I only had weird hives and I'm telling you it fixed the itch in less than 2 minutes. I left it on for a few hours and washed it off when it no longer felt like it was doing anything, and re-applied. I'm not cured yet. When I am I'll list what worked, so this may or may not be a cure, but it SURE does stop the itch that made me unable to sleep!!

I went to the dr a couple days ago for what I had assumed was hives due to a bug bite (I was thinking maybe an ant.) The doctor barely looked at me and just agreed with my suggestion. Turns out it wasn't an ant bite and resulting hives, because this isn't an allergic reaction. I've had those before to medicines, and the steroids always help quickly. I will keep on the steroid, simply because that is also part of the protocol that can be used for scabies - which is what I now assume this is.

Anyway, if you look under the hives section of EC, you'll see that toothpaste has been used before I tried it. I believe that person used a very different brand, and didn't mention it being whitening. If I were you, I'd just try what toothpaste you already use. I've also seen suggestions for mouthwash and am wondering if that and toothpaste share some ingredient that's helpful. That may be my next try. Good luck to you, and all of us.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Zinc Oxide Ointment

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Posted by Steve (Winnipeg, Canada) on 05/01/2008
4 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I was just reading through your page and got a lot of helpful information from all of the posts. I have scabies intensely on my wrists, and a very small out-break on my netherands. Now, I had gone to see my doctor abut the condition (knowing already what it was (that's right, this isn't the first time) he prescribed me the same medication as before; NIX Topical Cream. Now, this worked absolutely wonderful the first time I came across scabies. However, it was only today (four weeks after my first application of the NIX Topical Cream) and now after applying the same cream for the fourth time/bottle/30g each) my scabies still haven't gone away, and I find out that the scabies mite just might be immune to the treatments? Well, that pissed me off as you could probably guess, and $120.00 later (not including cleaning supplies and time). After reading the posts, I immediately went (stomped) to the washroom and ran my wrists under HOT water to open up my pores and then pulled out the hydrogen peroxide, and started rubbing it around on my wrists, WOW, I'm not sure if it felt soo good or soo painful!?!? Anyway, after I applied it, there appeared to be a lot of bubbling. I waited a minute or two and then washed it off. I then applied a Zinc Oxide Cream used for diaper rash and skin irritation. The burning from the peroxide soothed away, but as I'm typing to you now (5 minutes later after all of that) I appear to have a yellow transparent discharge in the area of the rash on my wrists. I'm sure it will be okay though. The reason I used Hydrogen Peroxide is because I use every time I get cold-sores (fever-blisters) on my lips. And I found it worked the quickest and without scarring. Instead of developing a big blister on my lip, if I applied the peroxide at the first sign of the cold-sore, the swelling went down almost without even a scab. I would apply it with simply a q-tip, about 3-4, 5 times daily, for one or two days, the discomfort of having a cold-sore goes away almost after the first day, and the feeling of relief feels sooo nice. I'll write again to tell you how well this works, side-effects, and how long it takes if it does. I still have a feeling that this might have been a bad idea; I don't care anymore at this point. I can't afford it or stand it anymore. Hey! The bright side is, I haven't cut off my hands yet *laughs* Thanks, Steve.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hi Steve- I have had your problem before & know how intense the itching can be. I don't know the topography where you are, but if you know what poke sallet (also known as pokeweed) is, the root of this plant is boiled in water, cooled enough to apply to the affected areas for scabies. At the times I had the problem I didn't know this, so have not tried it personally. I have eaten poke sallet and have taken poke berries for arthritis problems, so I can tell you that the plant is not likely to kill you. My next younger brother (now 72 years young) did tell me about his grown daughter came to him with the same problem of scabies, asking him what to do. Since I had told him about using the root for this purpose, he dug up a root, cleaned it, boiled it and gave her the water it was boiled in to lavishly apply it to the affected areas. He laughed as he told me about how it worked. She told him that "it set me on fire" but got rid of the scabies in one application.

Replied by Nancy
(Lakeland, Florida)
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Do NOT try this treatment! I did and ended up with bad chemical burns on my arms from the hydrogen peroxide! I do not know at this point whether I will be permanently scarred by these burns as they are still very bad over a week after trying this approach.

Replied by Nancy
(Tarpon Springs, FL)

Reponse to Nancy: Hydrogen Peroxide is a TOPICAL (to be used on the skin) antiseptic. You can use a diluted solution of it to rinse your MOUTH. You shouldn't have gotten a chemical burn from it. Perhaps you are allergic or hypersensitive or perhaps it was something else.

Replied by Mary
(Yonkers, Ny)
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Better But With Side Effects

I was using the HP and get "burned" so stopped. Start using the ACV and "burn". start Borax, burn part of my face, neck and chest but I did not stop the borax treatment.

After 2 months I tried the h2o2 and the Apple Cider Vinegar again just to see what happen. Surprise, didnt burn anymore. For me the burn was the killing of some fungus. In a normal healthy skin I guess dont do that. I am free to use it again.

Replied by Jess
(Los Angeles)

Ok the person telling ppl they cant get burned from peroxide. There's always someone trying to INVALIDATE another's experience. There are different strengths of peroxide skin types etc. and many outcomes possible. For instance, Diatomaceous Earth might have worked great for some but there are many different type of mites and solutions are not always one size fits all.

Replied by Dr. R

I had bought some hydrogen peroxide from a natural store. It turned out to be 98% HP. Well I'm glad I didn't get any on my skin. At that concentration it is used as fuel for engines. Be careful with the concentrations of HP you use. @ high concentrations it is ACID on your skin.

I don't think I have scabies, yet. I found out my niece was on the street for like 6 months. I brought her to my home a few weeks ago. No a lot of physical contact which is good, turned out she has scabies. I did wash all her sheets. I have given her 2 Nix treatments. Her friend can only afford 1 so I will pay for the second treatment for her friend.

I am allergic to most medications. I've tried the sauna heat. I am going to try a hot bath with HP, Borax, Japanese Mint Oil (Like Vick's) and then cover myself with hydrogen peroxide and then smother myself & the mites (if I have them) with Vaseline.

At least the first week my niece stayed at a friends house mostly. And I traced the source and how they have been playing (ping-pong) with this scabies for the last 6 months. Pray for me that I just have Hypochondria (not Mitochondria - sorry for this really bad pun, scabies ain't fun! ) from googling all this scabies information and not actual scabies...

Indigo's Scabies Remedies

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Posted by Indigo (Sacramento, California) on 09/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For the person being plagued by SCABIES - I had something like scabies (never did figure out exactly what, the doctor was useless on this). I can suggest a few things that worked for me. Get some green plastic garbage bags and white plastic garbage bags. The clothing that comes off of your body goes directly into the green garbage bag to be washed after one wearing, likewise your towel after one use. Store clean clothing out of the dryer in the white garbage bags until you put them on. Keep the bags sealed and separated. Wash your body and hair with Meat Tenderizer mixed in your water and shampoo (you can just mix in your hand before soaping up). Get the unseasoned meat tenderizer so you don't end up smelling like garlic. The papain in the meat tenderizer dissolves the exoskeleton of the bugs and they die. This also works for fleas for animals. Rinse thoroughly - it will leave your skin and hair nice and soft. You can get a large (almost 3 pound) dispenser of tenderizer online for around 20 bucks from Spice Place. Cheaper on the whole than small containers from the grocery store. Also change sheets and pillow cases every night. Wash clothes and linens in hot water and 1/2 cup bleach. Borax is also good - 1/2 cup for each load. Vacuum carpets and mattresses like crazy. Put your pillow through a hot dryer cycle. And this is very important - you need to change the internal terrain of your body, then parasites will not be attracted to you. Stop eating all forms of sugar and refined products, msg, artificial sweeteners and all junk food. Take a high potency multi and B vitamin complex. Drink hot water and lemon juice first thing every morning and a few more times during the day and before bed. Eat fresh food - lots of veggies. Coconut oil is also a great remedy for scabies. You can coat your skin before bed, even massage into your hair at night and shampoo in the morning. You'll be healthier in the long run and parasites will completely lose interest in you. Read the posts here on coconut oil - it seems like there are posts regarding scabies.

You can get rid of them. Best of luck.

Replied by Liz
(Winnie, TX)

It's really a bit cynical to be washing like this daily, who really has the time for this? Have you heard of the saying sometimes you can be too clean... the environment has ways of taking care of it's own, but as far as internally cleansing that really is the answer.

Replied by Lolita
(Sacramento, Ca)

The washing like crazy IS VERY TIME CONSUMING but necessary!!! If you have these creepy crawling things in your skin, believe me, washing everything over and over will be something you are willing to do to get rid of them!!!! Good Luck. We are still fighting. Will try some of these remedies and get back to you.

Replied by Craig
5 out of 5 stars

Papain does seem to work! I was reluctant to put meat tenderiser on my skin but I've experimented with mixing it in with hair conditioner, salicylic acid and the papain and massaging it onto the skin and leaving it there for a while. it doesn't seem to cause any damage to the skin, although I still have dense regions of scabies under my skin

Infrared Sauna

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Posted by Lindsay (North Carolina) on 03/08/2020
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An Infrared sauna will draw them out of your skin. Use a sticky roller to remove them. There is also a purple powder that turns brown in the tub that pulls all of them out of your skin and you will actually see them when you drain the tub. It works by oxidation. I will search to find the name of the powder and post. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Replied by Lulu

What is the name of the purple powder?

Replied by Michelle
(Allen park)

Does anyone know the name of the purple powder for scabies she is referring to on Amazon?

Replied by Bailey

What was the powder you said drew them out?

Replied by Rose
Replied by Gabrielle
(NSW sydney)

Did you find out the name for that purple powder 🙏

EC: Gentian Violet.

Manure + Borax Bath

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Posted by Dee A. (Canada) on 05/13/2019
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May 2019 -

Dear friends...I have suffered from a severe case of Scabies for 2 years.

Quite by accident I've come across a fast track cure. Here is my story... I went to the local hardware store and purchased supplies for gardening... seeds, fertilizer, sheep manure etc. The sheep manure stack at the hardware had some busted bags.

I selected the best bag I could find. It was heavy so I held it close to my body and lifted it into my cart. Two hours later I returned home and to my horror found Scabies had come out of my skin and were concentrated all around my chest and stomach area. The scent of the sheep manure had gotten on my shirt from lifting the bag and they are attracted to the scent. I took a lint roller to my skin then went for a borax bath. It is my opinion that this is a fast track method to eradicating them. Open a bag of manure outside...lay a shirt on the bag until you feel the shirt has picked up the scent then put it on for a couple of hours. Lint roller and see how many you collect. Do this outside please as this is manure.

You don't want to shed Scabies in your home either. After lint rolling your skin, head for a bath that kills what remains. Keep doing this until they are all gone.

Replied by Dee A.
5 out of 5 stars

Additional Comments:

Manure + Borax Bath

Please note... not everyone will see high concentrations of Scabies on their skin after drawing them out of the burrows with the scent of Sheep manure.

1) It depends on how badly your infestation is.

2) I have a condition called Myopia which is nearsightedness that can magnify the tiniest things with my glasses off. I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse as it freaks me out to see Scabies on my skin. I do know that seeing them after scenting them out of the burrow is a good thing toward reaching a cure. You out there with 20/20 vision probably won't see them without a magnifying glass. But this definitely works. Please be careful with how you handle Sheep manure. Gloves on please! Handle the shirt as though you are dealing with feces. Only scent the shirt and do not rub Sheep manure into the fabric.

Store Sheep manure away from the home. Sheep manure is not like cow, pig or chicken manure. It is not as strongly scented as these, but Scabies are drawn to it none-the-less. I have read a lot about the biology of Scabies. I have not read anywhere about how Scabies are attracted to certain scents. Having Myopia has given me an advantage I believe. I have seen them come out with certain strong scents.

If there is someone out there that can develop a scented product to draw these mites out of the burrow then please go to work! This is a horrible disease and we are waiting for help. 300 million new cases per year! I feel this is a far better treatment to try as you are getting Scabies to leave the burrows. Having them outside on the skin is a far better treatment solution than killing them inside the burrow with a topical. Borax Baths and H202 are recommended on this forum and I totally agree with this as you can keep your skin bacteria free. These mites are dirty and can cause a bacterial infection. I believe Borax baths kills Scabies that are on the surface at the time of the bath. Another thing that works to exfoliate the skin and keep it clean is Epsom Salts and Bath Salts. Please exercise caution and use common sense when attempting this and any other treatment. Research everything well before attempting.

Btw… Sheep manure here is 4.00 per large bag. Be well soon :)


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Posted by lily (Canada) on 12/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

A DR. told me to buy MSM, (organic preferably 99.9%pur) which is organic SULFUR crystals. Follow directions on the package PLUS boil a cup of water add a tsp. of granules, let cool, put in a spray bottle & spray your body & hair. It is true MAGIC!

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Robin (CA) on 04/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Important when you have scabies to wear latex gloves when showering or bathing so you don't spread scabies all over your body. And especially when wiping after using the bathroom or changing pads during period. Women don't use tampons during this problem at all!! Also, try to wear gloves as long as you can daily assuming it's not summer. Also always wear thick socks with diatomaceous inside them. Turn the sock inside out then grab some diatomaceous earth with inside out sock. Then turn the sock right side in. I used ankle socks. This along with consistent glove wearing kept me from spreading mites in my environment cutting down cleaning and helps to effectively stop the vicious cycle. These two steps also prevented feeling them inside and out. Not to mention keeping diatomaceous earth in my socks helps blood pressure and water retention. I do it to this day.

I also shaved my head bald. I'm not kidding. I'm a woman and I figured I wasn't going out or seeing many people anyway. It helped alot but I know it's not for most people. I also drank diatomaceous earth in water daily. There are miticide foggers also that help especially cause your so exhausted mentally and physically. And dehumidifiers and heat used together with all windows closed for as long as possible (you have to leave the premises of course. Try just hanging outside.) Always keep any furniture a few inches away from walls from now on. Never have any furniture, knick knacks touching walls. I also stopped hanging pictures and other things on walls to prevent hiding places for pests, parasites. From now on lifestyle means less is more!

One last mention is to keep any clothes, shoes, pictures, memorabilia, anything stored or not in immediate use that you would like to keep seal it tight in plastic from now on. This is important as a rule of thumb. It cuts down cleaning and having to throw things out for many types of infestation like mites, bed bugs and roaches. I hope this helps.

Replied by Kimberly

Omg!!! Yes, why do doctors, vets, exterminator, and the dermatologist is last to be seen, but no one has mentioned half what you did ..and that is why 6 months and no real improvement with the mites, people believing me, and my pets too are still dealing with them.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gabriélle (A.) on 12/14/2020
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Hello Earth Clinic,

Over the months I have been learning how to irradiate scabies. Yesterday I found your site.

This has been my routine (up until now) with no significant effects, maybe slightly worse:


  • Daily Supplements - 1st in morning pre pro biotic & aloe Vera powder
  • NAC & other supplements Vit C 7,500 mg etc
  • Daily Clothing in ziplock labelled day week leave in 10days
  • Daily Permethrin on itch spots - night and day yes
  • Daily Laundromat - 30min and leave sit in heat 15min longer
  • Mats that cover Floor all bedding and towel
  • Daily Spray - Kleen Green benches steering wheel surfaces and van floor
  • Weekly - Clip nails often
  • Weekly - Permethrin weekly
  • Weekly - Head - ivermectin or Permethrin mixed with 1/2 the quantity of conditioner
  • 3 weekly Moxidectin 1/2 dose ? Full (neurotoxin)similar to ivermectin a stronger version

If anyone can suggest another treatment, please do so. Thank you.

Replied by Nina

Pls try teds remedies

Borax n H2O2 mix.

This is what my friend did and it has cured her when others did not.

1 bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide

Water n borax ( 20 mule brand).

Big container to mix the solution.

Empty the bottle if hydrogen peroxide in the container. Then fill the empty bottle with water 3x . Each time emptying it in the big container ( 1:3 ratio).

Then teaspoon by teaspoon slowly add borax in it. Mix very well. When you notice that the borax is not dissolving anymore ( granules are left in the mixture), stop adding borax.

Use the solution as a soak on affected parts . 15-30 min per day or 3x/week depends on how you can tolerate it. On the second week of doing this, skin is very dry but mites gone.

Replied by MissM
(New York)

Some suggestions:

  • Infra red sauna if you can get to one
  • Neem dry herb capsule internal
  • d limolene capsules a type of orange oil
  • Neem and Orange oil are used as bug eradicators.

For neem internal take only the dried herb, not the oil. Neem oil is toxic when taken internally.

  • Pet MD benzoyl peroxide shampoo this has sulphur and salicylic acid. Add 1/2 neem oil to this. Neem is stinky and bugs hate it. This is to be used as shampoo and body wash.
  • You can add peppermint or tea tree essential oil to make it smell better. Both these essential oil are also anti bug.
  • Sulphur bar soaps from Amazon. Sulphur is drying be aware and does smell like Sulphur!

Above shampoo works because it goes deep into hair follicles.

I would also make a body spray with hydrogen peroxide and borax and spray your body after bathing. Just keep it around. Look on Earth Clinic for proportion. I believe it's 10 percent hydrogen peroxide, 10 per cent borax to solution.

Replied by Rob

Here in Kentucky, we use turpentine baths to get rid of turkey mites bites (infant star ticks) when we hike in the woods. It makes since that since scabies are a mite, it can be used for them also.

Published in the (Roy and Ghosh Medical Journal Dec. 1944), From the Department of Medical Entomology, School of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta) When it was noticed that the incidence of scabies is at present extremely high and that drugs such as benzyl benzoate, mitigal, tetmos, etc., are not available in this country, it was felt that it would be worth while to undertake an investigation with the object of discovering a sarcopticidal drug which would not only be efficient but would also be readily available. In this connection, a large number of indigenous preparations commonly used for scabies in this country were tested, and in course of this investigation oil of turpentine was observed to possess properties whereby the mite was quickly overwhelmed and was soon killed on contact outside the body.

To take a turpentine bath, pour a capful of turpentine about 1 teaspoon into a full tub of warm/hot water. Add bath bubbles to help draw the turpentine into the water because oil and water don't mix well. Humco Pure Gum Spirits is sold here at grocery stores and is made from real pine trees. Not synthetic made crap sold at hardware stores which will burn your skin we found out.

To make a topical salve, mix 1:4 Turpentine to Olive oil. Apply to infected areas.

Replied by MissM

This remedy makes sense to me. Turpentine has same smell similar to tea tree oil that also kills mites.

A bath with tea tree oil could work as well.

Eye mites can be killed with the following tea tree, peppermint and lavender essential oil.

A scabies remedy could consist of bubble bath with turpentine and the above essential oils, and borax!

11 posts

I have been taking very hot baths with tea tree oil clove oil and lavender soak for one hour does not work. I think it just makes them dormant? They come back!! I'm now taking borax & HP will see how this works, but how often do I do this is what I need to know??

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
335 posts

I stumbled onto something and got reading the reviews on the not-the-Nile site. It's called Nu-Stock. It's a sulfur cream and has a lot of high reviews for its intended purpose which is for horses - or just animals in general. Mange, cuts, scrapes etc. and, apparently, anything for which you could use it topically. But it also has some reviews for external use on people. I got some but didn't have anything to use it on.

It's pretty messy. Actually, it's VERY messy but you could easily squeeze it all out into a jar and mix it that way. It would be a lot less messy, too. I think it's in a tube so ranchers and horse people can just toss it in their kit/tack bag or glove compartment and such but you could definitely transfer it to another container. You'd want to really flatten it to get it all out so the ratio would be maintained when you're mixing it up. I think those who had trouble with it didn't mix it up and just got the oil that had separated when they tried to get it out of the tube.

Replied by Noel
(Toronto, Ont)

Hi, please can you tell me about how you take moxidectin? I know it can stay longer in the body system than the ivermectin and is being tried in humans? I am infected from the last 5 months. Also, where can I buy it? Thanks.


Hi, I got moxidectin through a horse dewormer paste, you can order it online or even buy it at tractor supply! It eradicated a lot of my mites, currently I am not 100% cured but o can at least sleep at night. I am still going through many treatments to get rid of all of them. Make sure to do research on Moxidectin before you take it though.

Replied by MissM

I got ivermectin from my doctor, because of serious eye mites. Ask your doctor for treatment. You must take this twice at least. Kills bugs first go, but then a couple weeks later you need to dose for eggs babies.

There are several threads about getting rid of these types of bugs. You can take a pinch of borax in warm water five days on, then on day off. Neem capsules, not neem liquid which is toxic internally. Di limolene gel capsules. Both of these are anti bugs.

You won't get rid of them if you aren't scrupulous about washing your clothes, and bed linens everyday with borax, detergent and high heat. If you don't you will get reinfected.

(faithville, Us)

Read Ted's Remedies, Top Natural Remedies for Scabies (

my seed for the day, hoping for a harvest in my own health.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Noel (Toronto, Ont) on 10/04/2020
1 out of 5 stars

Hi thanks everybody for your posting about scabies. I suffering for the last 3 month and is nightmare terrible, 5 members of my family are infected we try tee three oil neem oil alcohol stromectol pill or ivermectin 4 times nix cream the oil lamp work but did not kill the eggs and they come back sulfur soap etc, I still have this monsters I am taking now oregano oil softgels and garlic pills. please what is MMS and please any other suggestions how to kill the eggs from inside out God blessed everybody

Replied by Orh
(Ten Mile, Tn)

NOEL, ORH here, I got mites several years ago and nothing worked until I read that hi heat will kill them. Put all clothes a bedding in a plastic bag and washed in high heat. I have a sauna and got in it twice a day at 160 degrees. You right in that you can kill the adults and the eggs re-infect you. Thus it takes time to get them all. I was corresponding with a guy in England and he killed his with a Rife Machine. Scabies and mites are both parasites. Heat will kill them. I also had a ointment that I coated my skin with to prevent then from getting oxygen. When I get into trouble, I throw the kitchen sink at the problem and sometimes do not know what solved my problem. Just know that you must keep you clothing and bedding in plastic bag and wash daily in hot, hot water. ====ORH====

(Kuala Lumpur)

Hi how long do you spend in the sauna?

Replied by Art
1463 posts


Have you tried clove oil in vodka and used as a spray? Lavender oil with peppermint oil in vodka applied as a spray may also be helpful. All three of these oils are considered helpful for detering these mites.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ldc (Los Angeles) on 12/15/2017
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Which brand of bleach are you using / did you use for baths?

On a side note, been dealing with scabies for many months and I have used lots of remedies, including daily use of Permethrin, high dose Ivermectin (1.8X dose every other day), sulphur, Neem oil, turpentine, DMSO, and the list goes on.

Recently I saw a few people say they had success with infrared sauna - so I started doing that at a facility several days ago and bought one too (arrives in a couple days), and after reading a lot of forums and comments over the last many months, just now am seeing the bleach/borax/hydrogen peroxide bath routine. Lots of success stories. So, I'm on it - but would love to know which brand of bleach everyone is using. As a natural living type of a person, I prefer the least toxic version.

The infrared sauna is helping, and it up regulates immune function and I have more energy. Not fully covinced though that it is clearing scabies, but, I feel better at least. Once the sauna arrives I'll be doing it morning and night.

I have had some success putting a mixure of tourpetine and DMSO (with a 5:1 ratio, respectively) directly on the scabie wounds using cotton tips, but it is not the end all be all cure, that's for sure.

I was gung ho about neem oil becase it is supposed to stop scabie reproduction, and it's been used successfully in India, but, after a few days I started to have a reaction.

My skin absolutely reacts horribly to tea tree oil.

I can handle small amounts of suplhur cream, but not a lot.

The Kleen Green I'm disappointed in - I used that for many weeks, starting at the 1:7 dilution, then to 1:5, then to 1:3. I stopped for a few weeks. Now I'm using it straight since I can't do neem oil. I figure that's better than nothing. (It's supposed to cause them to molt early, killing them indirectly.)

Weak immune function doesallow them to proliferate - I recommend Vitamin C IVs if you can afford them. Administered by naturopathic doctors or integrative medical doctors. They super charge the immune system - also needed to fight the scabies.

And of course, everything is washed every day; everywhere is vacuumed every day. The one area I'm neglecting is my car - I need to get on that.

This is an all consuming war.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lindaw (Deland, Florida) on 02/24/2016
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I have had scabies many times in my adult life and have always used permethrin (Elemite) cream to kill them and it has worked until now. I was attending a Bible Study with several elderly ladies from a local nursing home. In mid December I discovered I had them. I went to my doctor on 12/23 and got the elimite cream and treated myself that evening, I left it on for 12 hrs but it didn't kill all of them so I retreated a couple days later and still had them. I knew from former research that Neem oil and extract is used for scabies so I had some neem extract and body lotion I tried putting the neem on the spots but it didn't work.

I then took baths in 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup epsom salt & 1 cup borax and they relieve the itching greatly. I soak in it for at least 30 minutes. I use liquid neem soap and add tea tree oil to it that also helps. I use a bar of sulfur soap as well. I put the neem and tea tree body lotion on immediately after I bathe or shower.

I bought a bag of sulfur powder and mixed some in the liquid soap and this seemed to help. I am still battling with these hellish things and wanted to share what I have learned as well in hopes it may help someone. I have considered taking Ivermectin orally but there are a lot of side effects and I prefer natural sources, I may try the liquid on my skin.

I also tried taking neem leaf capsules orally because they are good for so many things including digestive and immune support but had a reaction to it so I stopped taking it. I am going to try adding peroxide to my bath as well. I just read where washing soda and baking soda create peroxide I am considering trying that as well.

I am open to anything natural that may work. Cayenne pepper is too harsh for my skin so that is out for me. I have had so many issues since December and it is now Feb 24th, so it is going on 3 months now, I wish I knew a way to kill the eggs before they hatch. I appreciate the former posts because it helps to know I am not alone in this war.

Replied by Linda
(San Miguel De Allende, Mx)

I gave this info once before when I found it worked so well, but still don't see it here in the cure options.
I tried lots of things and especially from this site. Including the cayenne you mentioned. (That was interesting.) OK, what works is a hair dryer, hot and as long as you can take it. You feel them die. The live red goes away. I think for 2 or 3 years I was still worried, every little itch, the hair dryer came out. You have to keep doing it as there must be eggs and maybe places you miss.

Good news - I am completely free of them and what a relief! Normal life again. I realize this would be difficult with children.
I thought of this because we use clothes dryers to kill them. This method works!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Squeakyclean (Oh) on 08/01/2015
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I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor about my culture, but after extensive cleansing, and diligent treatments, I believe I have killed off all signs of scabies.

I am a 20 year-old diabetic, who thought the constant itching was a result of my new insulin prescribed...wrong. I went to the ER due to severe itching which scabbed over and even infected certain wounds. They prescribed benedryl, claritin, and a steroid, which only made things worse for my auto-immune disease. Itching still going on full-throttle.

Finally went to my derm, who checked my body and saw the scabbing all over. She took a culture of my dead skin flakes, and microscoped these little suckers - scabies. I was disgusted, and mortified. However, I am one of the cleanest people I know. I am a huge believer in medicine, and doctors, as I am a healthcare professional myself. But it doesn't matter how clean you are, you ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SCABIES regardless of your circumstances.

I used the permethrin 5% cream, prescribed to me, which seemed to immediately work overnight, however, that kills the first generation of scabies. They are constantly laying eggs, which are the little bumps all over your skin. I still kept itching, which is normal, due to the allergic reaction your body has to foreign mites in your system.
I was eager to rid them completely, so I created a super intense killing process...if you want to kill these pests, you MUST follow this extensively.
I'm only on day 2 of my process, and I'm already feeling and seeing the results. NO MORE ITCHING, and all of my scabs have healed.
First, I have access to a sauna and pool. Yes, you can use the pool, even though it's public, the chlorine in the pool will destroy them before they can access another person. I've already asked my doctor. Scabies HATE heat, so I'm sauna-ing every day for about a half hour on HIGH, changing my clothing after each thing I do. After the sauna, I immediately jump in the pool. After the pool, buy the original kind of dawn, (it's blue) with concentrate. Lather BEFORE you get in the tub all over your body to exfoliate the skin with the dawn.

Put Petroleum jelly on your neck so the scabies can't get past your neck and infect your face. I take an extremely HOT bath with about 2 cups of BORAX, 1 Cup of Bleach, a handful of sea-salt crystals, 100% orange peel essential oil and clove oil.
Rinse off with a HOT shower after.

DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO DRY. Use the hair dryer to dry yourself off, AFTER you lysol it.
If you put on clothing, make sure it is either steam-cleaned before you put it near your body, or in the dryer for 30 minutes.
I like to add Diatomaceous Earth to my dryer for each load. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth daily to all bedding, pillows, carpets, and furniture, and vacuum daily.
When finished with your bath, I suggest you make a paste of diatomaceous earth and coconut oil, with a couple drops of clove and orange peel essential oils.
Dust DE on top of your paste when finished.
I've also made a spray that I use throughout the day consisting of 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of bleach, 1 bottle of water (Distilled ONLY), clove oil, orange oil, and 1/2 cup of borax...which will dissolve.

I sleep on a tarp, which is a dollar at your local dollar store, and wrapped my pillows in garbage bags. If I use a blanket, It's dried 30 minutes while I bathe, and if used, I throw it in the wash every morning. Never use or wear the same material twice...always wash.

I steam all of my clothes daily, wear a mask and gloves when doing laundry and vacuuming the DE because it is very bad to inhale.

Also, if you can, there is a bug fumigator you can buy for your house, 1 per room. It's about $10 for 4. It contains the same ingredients as the cream prescribed by my doctor, and though it's not for mites, it will help kill them if they're in a house...just make sure you're gone for 4 hours while you fumigate. PLEASE comet your tubs and sinks after use, and scrub the heck out of them while wearing gloves.
I suggest shaving with disposable razors, and throwing away with each use.
Please be diligent. It's worth taking a week to do all of this, in place of having these pests for 10 years.
Like I said, I'm on day 2, and no itching, no bumps, and scabs are healed....AND I have diabetes...meaning I heal much slower than your average joe.
I also will note, I'm drinking DE (doesn't matter how much) in every drink, and I take 2 TBSP. of ACV daily to start my day.
This is not to be taken lightly. Do your research, be careful, and get rid of this!

Replied by Craig
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You mention that you had bumps. I have had these bumps for three years that I could not get rid of. They are teeming with scabies and their debris and need to be broken down. The only thing that will do it is salicylic acid (3%) in a solution along with an anti-parasitic of some kind (clove oil etc). Recently I have discovered that petroleum jelly or emulsified ointment is a good medium for the other two ingredients. It is a cheap product purchased from the chemist that has wax and paraffin (vaseline and other petroleum based products would also work). The lumps are the physical evidence of a crusted area of lesions caused by the large numbers of scabies present in that region of the skin [they may look scaly or they may be like adhering lesions (clinically described as a hyperkeratonic lesion)or they may look like a scar or wart or a fungal nail infection or some other discolouration on the skin]. Untreated or not properly treated they will gradually spread out into neighbouring regions as may appear on the skin under the typical scenario of scabies with redness, blisters, scabies appearing on the surface of the skin when an anti-parasitic is rubbed onto them. After applying this treatment over a lengthy period I realised about three weeks ago that I had what would be considered crusted scabies as these lesions were over most of my body. Upon realising this I am in the beginning of a third week of a very unpleasant treatment where I take oral ivermectin every seven days and put the following application on my skin at least twice a day (ideally applied so that it is always covering the entire body except the eyes and delicate mucous membranes):

Salicylic acid 3% (breaks down lesions, softens skin, assists exfoliation, softens keratin)

Clove oil (at least5%)

Liquid coal tar (7%) (decreases production of thick cells in the outer layer of the skin, helps with the shedding of layers of hyperkeratonic lesions)

Emulsifying ointment to make up the 100%

After the second dose the scabies really started falling out at an unfathomable level and the topical application has shed many layers of the lesions. I have read several medical articles about crusted scabies and ivermectin is unable to penetrate these thick, adhering lesions and so treatment must include the topical application, which I think may have the added benefit of drowning them. In the second week I realised that my toenails were thoroughly saturated with scabies and as the treatment broke them down it increasingly has taken on the appearance of the lesions on other parts of my body.

I'm posted this as I really don't want anyone to go through this experience to the extent that I have. If you have the lumps and you think you have cleared the infection but then find a breakout again and again (often posted in these sorts of threads as 're-infected') the truth is probably more likely to be that the scabies have been reproducing and spreading throughout your skin without your knowledge. I've studied these cases and this treatment can be successful. When scabies are in your nails the case studies reported suggest that it would take at least a month to get rid of them using the combinations of oral ivermectin and the use of the emulsified ointments. Salicylic acid is essential to the treatment.

Crusted scabies is commonly misdiagnosed. I have been going crazy as my doctor thinks I have a post-scabies allergic reaction (this is the scenario of typical scabies not when you know your skin is saturated with scabies). He sent me to a specialist after three years of treating each consultation about this as another infection. The specialist read the referral and said the same thing (i had an allergic reaction), refused to take a skin scraping (as does my doctor) and then prescribed 4 repeats of ivermectin (go figure! ). I have taken samples of the many droppings of things from my skin to the doctor who won't send them away for investigation. When reading about this it would appear that most cases like this would be quarantined in a hospital but here in Australia scabies is not considered an infectious disease. It would seem that may people in the medical profession have not ever seen a case of crusted scabies until the situation has reached a critical condition and just keep on parroting out the clinical description of an initial scabies infection and then if a patient gets chronic skin problems, prescribes cortisone treatments (which in the first year or so may temporarily mask the real cause of the skin disorder. (i noticed that some posts talk about an allergic reaction as the skin tries to recover - however if the skin is saturated with scabies it seems necessary to keep on treating the skin or things are only going to get worse)

I found one research article conducted in Australia where they said that skin samples revealed a selective auto-immune response where there was too may T-cells and an absence of B cells which resulted in the skin's inability to mount an immunity response to the scabies. If anyone knows how to increase the B cells please let me know. Apparently blood samples were normal but not the skin samples. Given the enormous inflammatory response in the skin I have now increased my intake of turmeric which has an active ingredient in helping reduce inflammation (which is typically present in most chronic illnesses). I have an autoimmune disorder which worsted at the time of the scabies appearing three years ago. I am also pursuing biofilm therapies to assist with that.

Wishing you the best in your journeys to overcome this problem.

Replied by Christina

Been trying everything as well for the last 16 months, I got them on a holiday to Hamilton island, well hope you're cured, I am going to try dmso with peroxide next, I found daily applications of sulphur mixed with lotion very helpful, I just cannot get them out of my scalp. Good luck.

Replied by MissM
(New York)

Try adding neem oil half a tsp to shampoo and conditioner.

Neem is effective against bugs. Warning it is stinky so use a shampoo with scent. I use a natural citrus shampooo as citrus oils are anti bug.

Additonally take neem capsules. The oil is toxic internally but not capsules. Also buy d-limonene capsules. Orange oil is used against bugs. I used both of these recent bout of some kind of mite and eradicated problem.

You can also try Diatomaceous earth. Use as a mud pack on scalp. Most bugs hate it. You can also dust your scalp with it, then wear a shower cap over it at night.

I also found dog shampoos with Peroxide, Micronized Sulfur and Salicylic Acid very effective. I used one from Pet MD. It is unscented, and gets into hair follicles and scalp well! With shampoos you can add neem, tea tree, sulphuric etc. leave on as long as you can then rinse.

(New York)

If in scalp I forgot to mention.

Try this blend borax powder, d - earth, neem powder. Get a powder shaker from Amazon and dust your hair a scalp. put shower cap on and wear as long as possible.

I had mites from somewhere, and did take ivermectin. My doctor said its one of the safer drugs out there and has long history.

It does work, two doses three weeks apart to kill baby mites.

Now any of these treatments will not work if you don't launder your pillow case and sheets with borax hot water and high heat. Same with combs, brushes, towels. You have to be a maniac.

Yes, a pinch of borax in water helps too with neem powder capsules NOT the liqud which is not safe to take that is only for putting on skin, or in shampoo. It stinks as bad as coal tar shampoos.

Replied by Christina

Same here, I am in my second year of misery, hope you are well by now.

Replied by Haley
(Atlanta Georgia)

I want to add a little to the T cell auto immune destructive response you mentioned. I have had a terrible time with my skin reactions causing sudden and unhealing permanent wounds that I constantly have to dig into and remove the little mite islands and tunnel systems that masquerade as new skin cell scar type tissue. The salacylic acid I figured out as I desperately dug through my garage and under the sinks of my home searching for something I felt I could tolerate in open wounds that the mites could not.

One new thing I've added in a revelation to the newest revised routine I'm practicing is implementing very religious vitamin and mineral daily supplements. I personally am terribly anemic so the blood attracts the mites and every paper cut or mosquito bite ends up a giant crater hosting a permanent bug festival. Iron and all the associated letter vitamins required for it's absorption seems to be changing the game in it's department of boosting my body's metabolic and hematologic functions and leading to actual healing of some long standing wounds. The prenatal vitamin is my personal choice for it's very complete coverage of vitamins and minerals we all require daily and many of us, without even realizing, have been lacking for longer than we have had buggy troubles. I suggest a long with the topical, and oral pharmaceutical methods used daily, make sure to add your super vitamins and skin health supplements such as vitamin c, callogen, and calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Our skim is the first line of defense and seems to be the weakest link in the forces we have to combat the bugs that Satan sends. Research the tissue and blood cell support elements as well as your immune health boosters. A nutritionist or dietician may be able to help a ton by getting comprehensive blood levels of every vitamin mineral etc you currently have, and show you the exact points of deficiency or lacking.

Lastly I want to throw this little bit in: I personally had to stop the antibacterial soap cleansing of my skin because I learned that prehistoric people did not struggle with this disease due to their healthy skin flora. There are so many bacteria and microscopic helpers that are also bugs and live on us without us ever realizing the defense they provide by eating and eliminating a ton of things that are a potential threat to us as well as their happy home in our pores. When we systematically remove these helpers, it's very hard to ever get that back. I'm going to do a bit of research on that note. Im now on a mission of possible clay, or volcanic ash mud type skin therapies that can reintroduce good bugs into my skin microbiome and hopefully give me an advantage over the rapid repopulations I see daily. Basics is the key I'm thinking as of late. Nature and dirt is all people had b4 modern chemistry and the bugs were never heard of till recent times. I'm gonna focus on that concept for now to keep me busy and not crazy!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carol (Akron, OH) on 03/22/2015

My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering from any skin issues especially scabies. I just wanted to leave a comment to those franticly and endlessly up in the middle of the night searching the internet for a cure or treatment.

1st of all, the permethrin is not really that toxic. Fake sugars are more dangerous than permethrin as your liver is involved with metabolizing in the food or beverage you may repeatedly consume rather than the permethrin you just wash off. Sure a small amount is absorbed through the skin but it's a substance your body can breakdown easily. Don't be afraid of it. It's a plan analog of pymetherin made by a flower that acts like a nerve exciter and mini stun-gun to insects. They die after to repeated shocks to their nerves, you just feel a slight harmless tingle.

The pill, ivermectin, is a bit more serious though, all healthy persons can well handle it but not those with liver issues. It may cause liver damage if too much is ingested. It is a bacterial analog of a soil microbe that paralyses insects and especially larva. When consumed with a fatty meal, it is better metabolized and makes its way to the skin from the inside out. It works but only if you take care not to re-infect.

I really do believe some of you out there may not actually have scabies but some other skin issue and those that do, may think their scabies is still active due to the itching that remains after treatment. I have found that the skin reacts to things you are doing to it. Looking back, the itching with no visible rashes that was waking me up and causing so much anxiety was coming from the bleach baths.My skin was trying to heal.

Also, save yourself the trouble of daily washing of bed clothes and buy 8 bedsheets, towels and cheap blankets to spare yourself the time and energy of daily washing. That way, you only have to wash every seven days with one day with of bed linens to spare. Cover beds with venal covers and spray with bleach water after changing each night through the duration of your treatment.

Over the years I've kept an eye out for the things that people say works best.

  1. Clove oil (can cause pin prick sensations next day)
  2. Bleach baths (ditto)
  3. Arm & Hammer for sensitive skin laundry detergent (one scoop in a long hot bath)
  4. Kleen Free enzyme based soap soak in bath or sprayed on skin.
  5. 100% pure tree gum oil of turpentine
  6. Sulfur Soap (can cause itching and dryness)
  7. Peroxide and Borax (may cause pin prick sensations after the bath)
  8. Diatomaceous earth (strongly made me itch when used daily on skin after a while)
  9. Tea Tree oil
  10. Neem oil.

I'd say in that order, according to what I read, worked best for people. I also see a lot of people who say they have scabies but then mentioning being able to see them coming out of their skin, flying around them, describing puss filled blisters and other non-scabies serious skin conditions. Remember the more fear you have in your consciousness, the less likely you are going to see clearly, so calm the anxiety and don't imagine the worse case scenario is going to happen to you.

This whole mess back in 2012 took such a toll on me emotionally, looking back I see I was the case of most of it. The strange skin condition I had then was only an activating catalyst for my nerves and anxiety. Please don't make the same mistake. Go to bed and get the sleep your body needs. If you are up late reading this with fear, the best thing at this moment is to go to bed and give your body and nerves the rest. Tomorrow you can resume your quest for knowledge and get closer to solving your problem which you eventually will.