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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Hot Cloths
Posted by Annie Mae (Waltham, Ma, Usa) on 09/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For years I've tried everything that I could find that was non-toxic to annihilate my scabies. I was desperate -- just as desperate as those here whose posts I've seen. I tried the peroxide with borax and it did not help. But the grains of borax helped by being abrasive. Finally found sulphur powder. Mixed it with either eucerin moisturing cream and another batch with petroleum jelly. Again only temporary relief. Okay, two days ago my inner thighs were so chafed and sore that I applied an ointment which was of a mix Vitamins A and D in petroleum jelly. Bought at CVS. Just to fight the soreness, but I reached for the Vicks. Those things must have overlapped, this was my final attack for that night. I got up and did whatever needed doing around the house, and when I began ironing and felt the itch I took a cloth, rested my iron on the cloth -- it was VERY warm (hot) and I put it against the itch. Over and over I used a supply of washcloths that way. It proved to be the final blow to this curse.

I'll never really know if the vicks, the A & D ointment that began the end of the scabies, but I have seen a straight 24 hours that increased to 48 hours with no itch. Or if I itched I hit it with yet another hot cloth --- Do I dare feel cured? Desperation will push you to do unconventional things. And yes, I did plug the iron in and had it near my bedside. And yes, when what was left of the population kicked up at 2AM, I put on my light, turned the iron up, rested it onto a cloth and hit the itch with it and the thing came to a complete stop. This has been ongoing for now two almost three days. I've put away the things set up here that made my areas look like a laboratory. The clove oil, the various mixes of sulphurs, the rubber gloves for wiping down all plastic coverings with bleach, the diatomaceous earth, the dishes with a concoction of clove oil- d. Earth - moisturizing cream. Clove oil is caustic enough to eat into any mixing dish that isn't china or stone-ware. The inner peace at seeing my house look now as normal as before is healing itself.

My prayers were (and are) aimed at St Jude, St Joseph, St Anthony (dear St Anthony please look around my health is lost and cannot be found) . You've got to pray; man and his toxic concoctions made in labs are not always --- in this highly advanced age of moon shots etc ---enough, or might do it but leave you reeling from side effects. Not for me. Natural is always the best of options, first. Okay, the 'iron' isn't purely natural, but it sure seems to have been a good last resort at least for one who was sure there was only one way to rid myself of these: my death.

Do not put anything like metal onto your body ONLY A CLOTH THAT HAS BEEN MADE VERY WARM. I only say this because the desperation can drive us to the edge of madness. Terry is appropriate; like your washcloths. Not a thin cotton fabric. God bless you, one and all.