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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Hair Dryer
Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 06/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hair Dryer for Scabies:

Yes, this absolutely works! Just blast the parts with heat using any hair dryer. Blast it every time it itches. So keep your hair dryer nearby. Once a week apply permethrin lotion leave it for 24 hours. In two weeks time, they're all gone.

Tea tree oil applied to skin everyday for one month as prevention. You really can't kill all that is in the environment. So just make sure they dont have any host for a while until they all die out eventually. If u can use tea tree oil soap and shampoo, the better!

You don't need to suffer yourself with all those bleach, peroxide soaks.

Hair Dryer
Posted by Linda (Ajo, Az ) on 06/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've reported this before but never saw my info.

Use a hairdryer on all the lines/spots/itches of the scabies. Use it as close and hot and as long until it starts to hurt. You can feel the relief right away. Do more until you feel like you don't want to burn yourself. If you need to repeat later or the next day - do it until they are gone. They die and the redness goes away. I originally thought of this because the clothes dryer works and I had tried EVERYTHING on my skin. It is amazing how well and quick it works.

Except for Diatomaceous Earth (DE). I'll keep that in mind.

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Hair Dryer
Posted by Linda (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) on 04/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have written here before thinking I had found relief from scabies only to find again that they were still around. I used many of the ideas on Earthclinic. It is almost a year ago now that I started using a hair dryer on the scabies and it is amazing as soon as you start. I haven't found any scabies in months but I worry every time I itch and I just use the hairdryer. I use it as hot as possible till I can't stand the heat or burn feeling. I read from a person on this site about that idea first and it made sense. As soon as I did this the redness or aliveness faded. It works fast, you just have to get all the places and then of course there is the clothes and house cleaning. Good luck with these horrible little "animals". This works great!