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Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

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Posted by Liz (Riverside, Calif) on 10/28/2011

Thanking God for this site, I had scabies, tried the cream that the Dr. gave me, two treatments one week apart, well it did not work, I was desperate and found your site. I used 2 cups of borax with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in a hot bath 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Soaked for 30 minutes, dipped my head for the first 5 minutes of the bath. Scabies are totally gone! My Dr says I just drowned the bugs, but I had such fast relief, the first night I slept with no itching! I don't care what the dr. says, this cured me.

P. S. I did invest in a steamer and was obsessed with cleaning for the 2weeks, and I washed bedding everyday and never wore the same thing twice without washing. Good luck to all you people fighting these little critters, try this it works! Thank you Earth Clinic.

Replied by Bitemenot
(Radcliff, Ky)

-DAY 1 of treatment,

-Acute infestation, possibly under a week, 3 people (one is a 3yr old), two adults showing signs of infestation.

So about two weeks ago a friend of my wife possibly brought over some friends of her own (scabies). Though her friend claims it is psoriasis all of the indicators point to scabies. All of the girls friends within the last few months have broken out with a rash. Now two weeks after the girl spends the night on our couch, my wife is diagnosed with scabies and two days later I am. It started as just a few bumps we assumed were a reaction to an antibiotic, then it spread, waving and waning. Thighs, then hips, then back, then legs, now face. Then we found out about the girls other friends breaking out. I immediately began research upon my wifes diagnosis, spent roughly 12 hours of straight research.

Her doctor prescribed her Ivermectin, , my doctor did as well, I am not real fond of the idea of using such a powerful pesticide like chemical in my body. Besides, we have a 3 year old and we are sure not putting it in her , so we are exploring safer alternatives first.

Although I was hesitant to bathe (and my wife is extremely sceptical) with Borax, which some places inisist is toxic. I decided it couldnt be any less safe externally bathing in the stuff than digesting/metabolizing pesticide.

Tonight I soaked for about 30 minutes in a bath(super hot) of a little more than half a cup of borax and a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (walmart didnt have the 35%). Letting each different part of my body soak for 10 minutes at a time, legs, chest/back neck, face /head/scalp. BTW I did spot test the Borax as I suggest anyone do before spreading/bathing with a unfamiliar chemical across a large surface area of your body. I just started showing epidermal indicators (bumps) today and my wife 3 days ago, so I do not believe our infestation to be to severe. We are cleaning the house thoroughly with the Borax as well. My daughter was a little itchy last night, but otherwise exhibits no signs at the moment.

The original suspected carrier continues to proclaim to be diagnosed with psoriasis or egzima, with recent visit to hospital (ER), and months ago by a dermatologist.

I'll keep yall updated on the effectiveness of treatment.

Replied by Teena
(Kelowna, Bc Canada)

Use Kleen Green it is an enzyme cleaner all natural product it works. Lookup company on website! It will get rid of scabies & many other infestations.

Replied by Hayden

My battle against these creatures was a full blown chemical assault. Borax was used for cleaning clothes, and also combined with hydrogen peroxide to mist around the house and on my skin after a shower. I also used orange oil extract, clove oil, coconut oil and two different types of chemical scabies treatments I alternated between, and used twice over 3 weeks. (be careful as they can be an accumulative poison if used too much) My concoction of chemicals cost around 120 us dollars, but was well worth it. (the two treatments I used were 'Derbac M' and 'Benhex Cream')

I actually got a little depressed after reading about the resilience these vermin can have. I've never done so much laundry :)

Anyone waging this war has my sympathy, but keep up with the cleaning and you'll preserver. I met my nemesis face to face at work as I dug 5 or 6 them out of my hand under a microscope. Needless to say I kept my secret quiet whilst worrying that I'd pass them on to someone else. I think there's a automatic association people make between scabies and uncleanliness/bad hygiene. I know I did, but to my relief I learned this isn't the case.

I'm contributing my story due to the appreciation I have for the advice people have given. I'm itching just thinking about the whole ordeal.

I had an allergic reaction to the mites which would bring up itchy bumps all over my stomach / legs. Try not to scratch these as they are not the mites, and will leave you with red bumps all over the show. I took antihistamines to alleviate the irritation, and in turn make life bearable.

Good luck :)

Replied by Justin
(Melbourne, Florida)

After two rounds of Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide I am feeling much better, keeping with the treatment, relief feels great after days of getting worse. Thanks!

Replied by Jaime
(San Francisco Ca.)

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak really works for scabies.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Scabies Are Curable (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 07/30/2011

Well, I thought I allergic to my yards of new material when I discovered we all were infected by scabies.... What a nightmare!!! The prescription doesn't work!!! The pharmaceutical company for the medication most likely set off the epidemic for profit. But I tried Bleach, the prescription medication etc... I did bath using Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide on all the children all 5 of them, my husband and myself. We seen little black specs in the water and if you look at a scabie photo they look like that... Anyways, we are sticking with washing everything in borax and hot water and bathing in the solution for the next couple of days and nobody has had an allergic reaction. The itching stopped immediately and it was a relief.... and for those of you lying about the borax and hydrogen peroxide treatment tell your pharmaceutical company to quit profitting off the misery of others and step up the medication dosage to eliminate the problem....

Replied by Joel
(Porterville, Ca, United States)

Hey I read your post annd I was hoping if you can help me out with the same problem that you had?

Replied by Dot
(Houston, Tx)

Hi, can you clarify if its the Borax pesticide sold in Home Depot, or Borax soap sold in the detergent isles at the stores? Also, how old were your children, I have a toddler and want to make sure it wont damage her skin. Thanks

Replied by Pixel
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

This worked for me. I have had scabies twice. The first time I just went to the doctor and got permetherin creme. After the first application it helped, but came back strongly in a week. I did a second dose and that finished the job. A year later I broke out with it in Germany. I looked into getting the creme again, but learned that in Germany the government requires you to report that you have scabies and they treat you and essentially quarantine you.

So I found this forum while looking for over the counter cures. I did some bleach baths, which seemed to help, but definately did not cure me. I then did the borax and Hydrogen peroxide baths, which worked perfectly. The results were immediate and compelling, but I did daily baths for a few days. I didn't want to take chances, so I did a few more baths over the next three weeks just in case I got reinfected from clothing or something, because I had not taken the time to steralize everything. I have been scabie free for about 8 months now. I feel much better about soaking in borax than rubbing permethrine cream all over my body. I believe borax is much safer, but I am not a doctor. I wish all doctors had the knowledge an honest to give out this proven cure.

Replied by Thank God For This
(Laporte, Indiana, Usa)

Ok I have been suffering from scabies for about 6 or 7 months now. I have been back and forth to the doctor and they keep prescribing premethrin cream... IT DOES NOT WORK... Huge waste of money. I have applied and reapplied over and over needless to say with little results... I tried putting SSS from avon all over my body to help get rid of this I put it in my hair it seemed to help a little bit but I noticed that it gave me pimple like bumps all over me. I told the doctor it was in my hair she said that it does not get in the hair... Which is a load of crap because that was where it was the worst. I know I got it from the laundromat I was working at... The washers kept flooding and I ended up soaked with the dirty water every time I worked. The place didnt have hot water ever. So people who would come in to clean their clothes would press hot and either get luke warm or cold water. So if someone had scabies and thought they were washing in hot water they werent and I was wearing that nasty water for 8 hours.

This site has ended up as a life saver. I just got done with the first soak in the tub. I itched like crazy when I first got in. I had it really hot that is probably why. I am noticing that the itching has already stopped for the moment. I didnt rince it off I let it air dry hope that was right. I am cleaning and cleaning and doing laundry like crazy with borax. I am going to mix borax non clorine bleach and water to spray on my carpets, beds, in the car and going to wash all the floors with borax bleach and mr clean. Or should I used flea spray? I have washed out the dressers with borax mr clean and water. I am washing all the blankets and sheets and keeping the clothes away from the ones that were in the dresser until I can rewash them in borax. I have bleached my pillows and dried on high heat in the dryer and placed vinyl covers on them and the bed. Is there anything else I need to do to make sure that I dont get this crap back? It has been going on long enough...

I am going to continue the soaks for the next week. Skin seems dry so I got some Cocoa Butter Lotion to put on my skin. Or would lavender baby lotion be better? I hope this works because I am so tired of my head and coochie and under my breasts under my arms and legs itching like crazy. I need a good nights sleep for once. I am exhausted.

Another thing should I treat my cat and dog too? The cat seems to be itching which she does when she eats stuff she isnt supposed to have (my room mate feeding her crap from the table) but the dog isnt itching at all. They both sleep in my bed. Spoiled rotten lol. I was thinking of making some of the treatment into a paste and dab it on her itchy spots as well. Would it hurt her?

It has been an hour and no itching at all... This is wonderful... OMG I feel great... For the first time in months I don't itch at all...

Replied by Anna

Kindly could you advice me about the borax?! I am from uk and I can't find it in stores so while searching online I came across different types of borax starting from homemade borax to MULE team cleaning products and borax powder.
Kindly advice urgently as I am suffering with the scabies


Replied by Theresa
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Anna from Ca :

20 Mule Team Borax and borax powder should be the same thing: from the 20 Mule Team site:

20 Mule Team Borax is comprised of 99.5% pure borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water. (The scientific name for borax is sodium tetraborate decahydrate.)

Cheers. Good luck!

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Uk8284 (Nottingham, United Kingdom) on 05/08/2011

hi, can someone please tell me what grade % hydrogen peroxide I need and how much is litres or ml do put in the bath to do this borax and hydrogen peroxide soak for scabies. Please HELP. Thank you

Replied by Anonymous
(Waukesha, Wi)

I personally, add 2 cups of bleach and 2 large bottles to a very hot bath! Then 2 cups of borax and a large container of seasalt... Hope it helps!

Replied by Theresa
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Uk8284 from Nottingham, United Kingdom :

The over-the-counter Hydrogen Peroxide here is 3%; just the usual HP bought for disinfecting wounds. Hope that helps. I'm not sure how much to use, there are lots of different recipes out there.

Replied by Jayne
(London, Uk)

I'd also like to know what percentage Hydrogen Peroxide you put in the bath? I have the 3%, is that strong enough? And how many cups/ml?? Thanks.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Teresa (Kissimmee, Florida, Us) on 01/24/2011

Hi, my husband and I have been doing the peroxide / borax baths for 2 days now. When we started he had no hair on his chest, legs and face, along with red bumps all over. Since we have been doing the baths he looks horrible! I want to cry everytime I see him. He has scabs and sores all over him, he is lethargic and smells. The oozing has stopped and they look like red scabs all over a bare body. Is this normal? is this a its going to look worse before it gets better? He had this problem a few months back and I gave him a couple baths with the peroxide and borax and he healed right up. But not this time..... Please help! We are struggling to put food on the table for our kids, so right now a vet is not an option.

Replied by Cathrine
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Try household bleach in the bath water. I cup to a tub of water. Do the scalp too

Replied by Anonymous
(Waukesha, Wi/usa)

Using bleach in bath water (1-2cups ONLY) is not toxic to you. It's about equal to a clorinated pool! I wouldn't recommend this as a daily regimen! It's not a first choice for your skin, BUT it will work for SCABIES! The thing with scabies/bleach is to basically shock the mites! It will kill them, if done, with somewhat normal (healthy) skin! If your skin is severe (DO NOT USE BLEACH). Use TTO and menthol powder or lotion, until the skin gets back to a more healthier state! The permethrin can be watered down and used daily over bad areas! WHEN skin is in a healthly state, take a bleach bath! Do add a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide to HOT AS YOU CAN STAND water... Use alot of after bath moisturizer! The thing to remember when using bleach, is that if your skin (in damaged skin) and you keep using bleach, although it may kill some mites, the female who is deeper in your skin to begin with, will burrow deeper!!! So-skin somewhat healthy. Hot water to open the pores. Hydrogen peroxide to allow the bleach to soak into your skin! When skin is still wet, LOTS of moisturizer!!! LOTS OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU SUFFERING =)

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

One of the most effective remedies for scabies is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has safely been used for decades to heal many ailments, from insect bites to acne. Tea tree oil has antifungal, as well as antibacterial, properties. Tea tree oil works by absorbing and penetrating into the lower layers of the skin, killing the parasite. Tea tree oil also kills the eggs that have been laid by the parasite, preventing reinfestation.

Instructions via the link:

Replied by I Hate Scabies!
(Leonardtown, Md)

So I recently learned that I have scabies for the third time within three years (all during summer time). It doesn't seem to have left my community & I feel so paranoid about every itch! I found out before I even showed symtoms (my boyfriends roommates thankfully let us know in time). To add to the scabies problem we've been dealing with fleas for almost a year now too! It sounds trashy I'm sure, but believe me, it's driving me & my boyfriend insane. It's hard to get stuff taken care of when unfortunately not everyone see's eye to eye on how to handle it. CRAZY RIGHT?! It shouldn't even be a discussion, just get the pests OUT. Period. THE END! But no, that is not the case, sadly.

Any ways. We have been using cold pressed neem oil twice a day for the past week or two & it was really doing a good job at controlling it, but it's getting worse. So we decided to start taking the HP & Borax baths. The first time I took the bath I did not air dry & then used the neem oil head to toe. Everything seemed fine. Two days later I was able to make the time for a second bath. I air dried this time & used a lot of neem oil. The next day I cleaned an entire basement in sweat pants & a hoodie (which really opened up my pores, ) noticed a little redness on my skin, especially my chest & neck. After cleaning I took a hot shower (also really opening up my pores) & used more neem oil after I dried off with a towel, this time I think I used just a tad too much on my chest & neck. I was very red by the time I finished but didn't notice anything wrong until later that night when my neck & chest were scary red & I had odd bumps every where. I got so confused as to whether it was just the reaction or if all those little red bumps were scabies that just became visible all of a sudden. I showered again before bed to see if it would help the reaction & the next morning rubbed coconut oil on me to soothe the itch & to see how my skin might react. Around one in the morning I took some benadryl to reduce the redness & bumps. It only helped a little so I went to the ER at about 7 in the morning to see if there was any advice a doctor might have, of course it's usually not much help. I can NOT go through this again, it's miserable, as any one with scabies would know. Right now I'm struggling with an allergic reaction & scabies & fleas. I am planning to try the borax but on a smaller area (had to learn the hard way) to see if it is what caused the reaction. Or just the combo of everything I had on my skin. I gave my skin a break from everything, which worries me a bit considering how quickly scabies appear but I don't want to make anything worse for my skin!

So my point to this post is to always test a product before getting into a hot bath with it & be more cautious about the things you put on your skin. Especially if you're like me with sensitive skin. It sucks to have scabies. But it sucks even more to have scabies & then a bad allergic reaction. I really wish the best of luck to any one with this infestation. The first time I didn't even know what it was till three months later (thanks to an idiot doctor who told me I was fine & had no idea what was wrong -_-). I will be paranoid for probably the rest of my life. I plan to keep up the cleaning & hopefully I can continue my treatment if my skin heals, for about a month if not the rest of my summer. Maybe I'll have a nice summer next year?



For the fleas which I think somehow are attracted to the scabies. I used Cinnamon. Diatomaceous Earth in the underwear and sprinkled on your bed, in your hair, etc. The cinnamon can be sprinkled in your underwear as well - wear it day and night. But the fleas live inside the bowel. Use coconut oil, cool in fridge if necessary, and roll cinnamon up inside, place them in the freezer then, to harden into a pointed tube-shape. Like Preparation H. Slide them up inside the anus at bedtime so the cinnamon stays inside. This killed them in me after 4 months of horror. I repeated a week later, just to be sure.

Bless you all and I do hope we all get cured.

Replied by Teresa

Please dont use bleach. The skin is the biggest organ in on our bodies. Try peppermint oil.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Tee (Marietta, Ga) on 01/22/2011

This did not work for me at all. As a matter of fact, I believe this caused the mites to spread. After having rashes in one area for four months, within days after starting the soaks, I started to get bites on my back and sides And even on my face. I also did not see any improvement with my original rash.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Deb (London, Ky. Usa) on 12/06/2010

I have a 9 month old grand-daughter which has had blisters on the bottoms of her feet for over 3 months now. It started out a blister on the mouth, which was diagnosed as Foot-Hand-Mouth disease. After a month of the blisters moving from her mouth to her hands and feet, her pediatrician decided it wasn't FHM disease and wanted to treat her for Psoriasis. After another month of treatment for Psoriasis, no cure. The blisters were still there and new ones coming on a daily basis. She even had one huge blister in her head. Her pediatrician treated her for scabies, yes the perm cream. Not only did I treat her, but I treated everyone of the family members that are around the baby and have any contact with her. Yes I bought the meds for all family members on both sides of the families so she wouldn't suffer. It didn't work. I even had my white carpet steam cleaned along with my sofa. Still blisters were popping up on a daily basis. The dermatologist also treated her for scabies, even though the scraping test came back negative for scabies, he wanted to treat her for them. So another perm treatment and still blisters popping up overnight.

I came to the internet for research on scabies and found this site. I read for a treatment on the critters and found the Peroxide and borax treatment. Now, I'm not sure if it was scabies or not, but my 9 month old grand-daughter sure loves me for getting rid of her itchy, red, infectious blisters on the bottoms of her feet and bosy. I used about 1/2 cup borax and 1/2 cup peroxide in as warm water as she could stand, and I soaked her in it for about 5-10 minutes once daily for 2 days. Afterwards, I let her air dry in a very warm house and left it on her for about 2 hours and then gave her a bath in olive oil soap, which I had purchased because the dermatologist said she was allergic to coconut oil. Which she is not. After the bath with theolive oil soap ($1.50 a bar), I rinsed her off with fresh water and patted her dry, and then rubbed her down with extra virgin olive oil and proceeded to pat her dry again. Her blisters are now all gone and her skin is soft without any harm to her body as those poisonous creams the doctors were prescribing for her.

An old lady probably in her 90's had mentioned to me before I came here for help about using virgin olive oil on her and all of her ailments would disappear. I was skeptical, Not anymore, Thanks old lady from wal-mart check-out line. I appreciate you and this site for the cure of my granddaughter's feet!!! I was careful to not let her get any of the bathing solution in her mouth and eyes too. She has an appointment in 2 days with the doctor and the dermatologist on the same day. I will mention this solution for whatever it was ailing my baby...

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
117 posts

To Deb in KY, God bless you, and all the loving Grandmas.

Replied by Courtney
(Schenectady, Ny)

Thanks for all of the advice! Seriously, this is the only website that I have actually found useful advice on! I found Borax and want to use it on my skin but I do not have a tub in my apartment. Does anyone know of another effective way to use the Borax treatment without having to soak in it? Can I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on? I know you are supposed to leave it on but do you leave it on until your next shower? I'm literally going insane here! Any advice will help!! Thanks in advance!!

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Courtney, yes you can put borax in a spray bottle and leave it on for as long as it feels good to you! Try maybe an hour before showering at first and leave on longer if need be next time. About maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle borax, the rest water. Lily.

Replied by Cathrine
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Hi there,

With all my experimenting with scabies I have come to the conclusion that 2 remedies are required. One to kill the mites and one to kill the larvae. Hydrogen peroxide rubbed onto bumps seems to kill the larvae. I used some of my 12% cream hair peroxide on new bumps and immediately could see a white head appear on the bump. Im guessing that this is peroxide entering through the burrow and fizzing on the larvae.

For the mites I would use eucalyptus oil all over my body and scalp and leave for a couple of hours. The eucalyptus is similar to borax because it comes from that camphor/menthol family. It does not irritate skin. I used it full strength with no problems but some sites say you must dilute it with a carier oil. The next day I used 3% peroxide on my scalp and rubbed it vigorously into my scalp so it could get to any burrows and larvae. If eggs are constantly being laid then hatched then it requires diligence to catch all the hatching cycles and finally get the population down. I got on top of my scabies but I never treated my scalp and within 2 weeks I had woken up one morning with bites on my face and chest. After treating scalp and body Im not feeling any crawling feelings and there are no new bites, Fingers crossed.

Replied by Cathrine
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

I have had to add something else as I was so disgusted by what I found last night. I rubbed a little 12% hair peroxide into a couple of spots on my face that didnt show any bumps but I had felt crawling sensations over the past week. The areas turned into huge raised white welts one as big as 1cm. The peroxide was reacting with something under my skin. I tested some on a normal pimple and it didnt respond or go white. This was larvae and all their excretment under my skin. The areas that were infested were around my nostrils, under my eyebrows but above my lids and the upper lip (moustache) area. The skin appeared normal on the surface. I have now with a brush rubbed peroxide into my whole body and it seems my scalp, chest and face were the most heavily infested with a few small welts on my back. The scabies first presented on my hands and forearms and after treatment they returned the second time on my scalp and chest spreading to my face. I think I have killed all the larvae on my body now. Be aware that normal looking skin can have eggs underneath.

Replied by Maven
(Glen Burnie, Md)

It could have also been a fungal infection due to the weakening of the skin. I use the borax treatment, with peroxide and pour mineral oil around the base of the portion of leg showing, this effectively creates an oil barrier that they will get stuck in if they surface. I was prescribed clarithromycin for the fungal infection that had grown from the damn feces and larvae, regular occuring fungus is fueled by the feces it seems like.

All of the areas you noted are naturally oily areas of the face, but the seborratic derm was probably a manifestation of presence of mites. aka get nizoral, womens yeast infection cream, etc and try that on face. or go get some antibiotics, warning tho: if it is strong enough, be ready to feel all the mites on the move at once, my first dosage was while driving back from the ER, had to stop on side of the road. this time, I'll be at home and will hop in the shower 5-10 minutes after taken the meds. so when they run out... wash'n em down, let you all know how it goes. Treat this as a systemic problem, the feces is a huge factor, espcially if you get ringworm, (fungus) and with all the hot baths, you are bound to get ringworm or some other infection. FIght the war on all fronts troops!!

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Itchy (Houston, Tx) on 01/11/2010


My son got infected. Don't know how. Despite the warnings to treat everyone in the house, I only had my son taking the Borax baths. Well, now I'm infected, my other son, and my mother who does not live with us. I am going to start bathing everyone twice a day. But I wanted to report I saw two fresh welts on both my hands last night and began itching so I got a spray bottle and mixed warm water, borax, and peroxide. No measuring just pouring in, but you can't put too much borax because it will not dissolve and spray out. Itching stopped immediately when sprayed on. So I sprayed the kids down also. Usually there would be a bump left in those spots. Woke up this bump! Also, the itching in the morning would normally wake the kids up early in the morning. Every one was sound asleep!

Try this. My spray bottle was 8 oz so I'd say approx. 1tbs of borax, 1 tbs of peroxide, and 6oz of warm water (you need room to shake the botte to mix) Shake well the borax has to dissolve.

Replied by Craig
(Windsor, Ontario)

I went through this as well. My doctor said I had dry skin and a cream would work. This didn't work. I had the red bumps and it bothered me at night the crawlers as well and in the heat I was itchy. After finding this site I found out that it was scabies. Now I don't know where I got it from and I'm a very clean person but there is a lot of cures out there but the one I like is the borax when I shower and a warm the bottle of h-peroxide in the shower, after I shower I dump the bottle over me yes it does sting for a bit but it kills them, always put clean clothes on after words put dirty clothes in garbage bag first before showering! My cure is as follows...Clean everything, you house including window curtains,sills and ledges, clothes and any one there will have to be treated as well. These things are hard to get rid of. You should put dirty clothes in garbage bags IE orange for dirty black for clean that way bags don't get mixed up, use disposable latex gloves when doing laundry as well never us the same gloves twice (re-infection is why) so throw them away each time, bleach all floors including wood floors as well, they will get in the cracks, steam clean furniture throw rugs and carpets, for the bed get a plastic liner to encase the bed, same as the pillows. Wash plastic bed liner and pillows, head boards, foot boards bed rails basically sterilize the beds each day, rubbing alcohol does not work so don't bother it only chases them away do this before new linen goes on each day, keep bed away from the walls nothing should touch the walls if you have pets keep the bedroom doors closed at all times they will have it to so they will have to be treated as well and possibly caged and Isolated sadly enough:( the vet will have something for them or a cure on this site. For both dogs and cats it called "mange" as well all their bedding or scratching posts collars even the leash and dog house, everything must be done. You can get over the counter stuff,the pharmacist will know what product you can use. (NOTE: BE CAREFUL OF THIS STUFF IT CAN BE DANGEROUS AND POSSIBLY ALSO SIDE EFFECTS, IT HAS A PESTICIDE IN IT, THE SAME AS RAID USES.) If you use this stuff use only once. Make sure you get under the toe nails and finger nails also your private areas basically cover your self from head to toe and don't forget the bottom of the feet inside the ears as well, right up to your hair line, ANOTHER TRICK IS TO KEEP ONLY A SMALL QUANTITY OF CLOTHES FOR EACH PERSON TO WEAR ABOUT 3 DAYS WORTH ONLY, THE SAME AS BED LINEN AND ALL BLANKETS MAKE SURE TO DO ALL JACKETS,COATS SHOES AND BOOTS AS WELL. If you have a basement cement floor and you put dirty clothes on the floor well you guessed it this has to be bleached as well. The scabies can't live off the body for more than a week or two but I wanted to be safe so I waited a month with double bag dirty clothes, wash all clothes in the hot wash cycle( a little borax in the wash doesn't hurt either) and dry on high for 25 min or more. The expensive way is to dry clean them but let the cleaner know about the infection first. You must be very "I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH ABOUT THIS" you must be very diligent about this or they will come back trust me Third time's the charm. Really it took me three attempts and experimentation to get rid of these things but 5 months later we're all free and clear of these little buggers and my family and I have never felt better. If you follow this diligently and to the letter I promise you this will work but don't skip a step. Good Luck. Craig

Replied by Aladdin
(Brooklyn, Ny)

A reassessment of boric acid/borax by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs found potential developmental toxicity (especially effects on the testes). BE CAREFUL!

Replied by Red
(Austin, Tx)

Better But With Side Effects

I've had scabies for over 2 months. I've had 3 full body treatments with permetherin cream 5% from the Dr. It didn't work for me. I also tried one of the online treatments with enzymes and oil. It got better, but didn't go away. I started that after the 1st permetherine treatment failed. The combination didn't work either. I tried the borax/epsom salt/hydrogen peroxide bath suggested above - now that seemed to work, but I think the person who mentioned it could be toxic was right. I got the runs the next morning. I kept using it and it got much worse. I started vomiting too. I think it would work, but that was way too strong for me. I missed almost a week of work recovering. I found another one online that is the enzymes only and less expensive. This one also seems to be working, but I'm not getting sick from it. There was a big difference the first time. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you in a week or so that it's totally gone. Another tip that someone else mentioned - avoid sweets. I'm borderline diabetic and when I ate a dessert or something, I noticed they were a LOT more active, and the # of bites went up. I felt like I was being eaten alive. I stopped eating any sugar, and it went down. So, that's my experience. Good luck.

Replied by Yvonne
(Colbert, Wa)

The runs could have been from the epsom salts, as they are magnesium, which can cause diarrhea if overdosed.

Replied by Thelman
(Orlando, Florida)

Im a single guy that is working hard and dont have that much time at home. So when I get back and get bitten all night Im going crazy RIGHT NOW on my laptop reading your cures. Well, after using those dumb bug bombs from home depot Im going with the borax. As soon as I get up in the morning Im going to do what you suggest. For 2 months now I have bumps everywhere and am GOING crazy so hopefully tomorrow night I can stop being the bug buffet. I hate these M##!! &% bugs. Thanks again

Replied by Sava
(Charlotte, Nc)

How long does this cure take to rid one of bird mites? I've started in the last 5 days. I also need to know how to rid them from my car and apartment. I have bamboo floors and can't use borax on them -- landlord wouldn't be a happy! I've been spraying windex in the car, but I still have them.

Any help would be appreciated. The two people I've tried to tell this about don't really believe me. They think I'm just stressed out. Who would make this up?

Replied by Icarus
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I just recently figured out that I have scabies, so my boyfriend and I have been doing a slue of things both to ourselves and the apt to do a full cleanse and it has been going great. We've seen a significant reduction of bites, itching, and all that jazz.
Cleaning house/apt. we've been using a mix of bleach and water on the mattress, borax powder on upholstery that we vacuum off after letting it set for an hour or 2, anything small enough and un-important enough has been bagged and will remain sealed for at least 5 days, and as far as cleaning the floor we've been using rubbing alcohol and water. Rubbing alcohol kills the mites when they're host-less. As far as your other inquiry about how long it takes, well, we've been doing all this stuff for a few days and have seen significant improvements (sulfur scrub in the morning [Brimstone salt scrub from lush] followed by calamine and lotion, tbls applecider vinegar at breakfast and before bed, borax bath at night along with an anti-histamine. Itching less, fewer bites, and it's only been a few days.

Replied by Jo
(Culver City, Ca)

Wanted to mention a piece most seem to overlook; I am using borax and peroxide; what a grateful being I am for it! But please realize there are welts and bites, and secondary allergic reactions; so often they persist and can keep the idea you are still infected, when you actually are free of the mites.

been using tea tree and neem oils topically if I am bothered between baths, I dry my bedding each morning, and clothes I wore the day before, and keep everything separated.... Best of luck!

Replied by Jaymak

Bird mites cannot reproduce without bird blood. They can feed on any blood, but need bird blood to reproduce. Get rid of the birds, ( I had one in my dryer vent with mites, and I was diagnosed with delisional parisitosis, before finally finding the cause) The doctors thought I was insane. Despite being very tiny, bird mites can sense your exhalation and will travel very very long distances to reach food. It was probably 30 feet of dryer vent and another 50 feet to reach my bed.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Gemini (Greenville, North Carolina, Usa) on 12/27/2009

My husband and I have scabies... I hate to admit it but its true. We work from city to city in 12 week spurts and contracted this evil critter during our last run, from a hotel, I'm sure.

He started scratching before me. In the beginning we thought it was because he had his hair cut the day the "itch" began. Once he showered and attempted to settle down for bed the itch became more intense. I assumed he had an allergy to something and gave him Benadryl. That night he was miserable after the Benadrly wore off and I slept like a baby. 3 days later I started to itch. I had red whwelts around my waist and buttocks. He only had red bumps on his arm and the small of his back.

When my Doctors office was open that next morning, I was the first in line. He diagnosed us as having scabies and prescribed permethrin for us both. IT DID NOT WORK! Second application DID NOT WORK!

So I hit the web, stumbled across Earth Clinic and began researching treatments for these evil mites... We have suffered 4 weeks with of lack of sleep and we cut off the connection with family and friends in fear the too may be infected with our unwanted critters.

I would recommend to anyone that has Scabies to try the Borax Soak- With all of the hair brained things we have tried this was the only that showed any progress for success... 3 cups borax, 2 cups epsom salt, 2 cups hydrogen peroxide in the hottest bath that you can tolerate. Soak for 30 mins. Do not rinse, pat dry and apply clear fingernail polish to the bumps. My theory was it would suficate them. We repeated this soak twice a day for 7 days. At the present we are on the road to recovery...(fingers crossed) I only have old bumps that have now dried and are fading and my hubby has 2 red angry whelts along with older bumps drying and fading. This is a far cry better than the HUNDREDS of spots, bumps, whelts, patches and brusing (from scratching)We will continue to do this soak every other day forever or until we have had zero break outs and all spots are healed for at lease 2 weeks.

Please keep in mind... I had our home sprayed and carpets cleaned along with wearing all clothing once and washing clothing asap in hot water and borax.

As for the occasional itch we use hand sanitizer. It cools the spot and we think it slows or kills the mites. I will admit that I have developed a mental issue with this ordeal. I fear that they will never go away fully. Everytime I feel anything crawly or itchy I automatically assume we were defeated again by the evil mites.... This is by far one of the most horrible experience of my life.

Good luck to all with this horrible illness. I pray that you find relief. I will follow up in soon to relay our progress. Happy Holidays, Genny

Replied by Georgia
(Columbus, Ga)


Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

Try using Eno salts and Glyco-thymoline. The ENo will alkalinize the body, a teaspoon in a glass of water every morning before breakfast for 6 to 7 days. Then take a cotton ball soaked in Glyco-thymoline and put that on the parts that are affected. When it has dried, put 2 ounces of Camphorated oil (which is just camphor and olive oil) and 1/2 ounce of lanolin in a bottle. Bathe the body with a sponge or massage this into your skin. It wouldn't hurt if you drank a little bit of Glyco-thymolie in water once or twice a day either, 4-6 drops in water.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Kymom (Bowling Green, Ky) on 11/27/2009


After suffering for about 10 days with intense itching in the palms of my hands and fingers, I went to a dermatologist. I had been treating myself for hand eczema using suggestions from EC. The Derm felt I had scabies. I got the cream RX filled, but came to this site for recommendations to try first. That night I bathed in 2 cups of Borax with 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. I slept all night without a terrible itching episode for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. I bathed the same for another 2 nights and also kept borax in my shower to use as a scrub in the mornings. I changed my sheets every day and only wore clothing one time. I washed everything in hot water and added borax to the laundry detergeant. Luckily, I am the only one here at home who has suffered. Don't know where they came from, but I have such peace of mind knowing that we can fix the problem without harmful creams. And the relief was almost instant! I am continuing to use Borax with my laundry detergeant and scrub with it on the spots that may come up.

Thank you to Earth Clinic for this site and for all of you who post here. I also had a terrible case of acid reflux for a month solid that I cured with apple cider vinegar after reading here. It took 4-6 weeks, but I have absolutely no symptoms now.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Lori (Edmond, Oklahoma, Usa) on 11/13/2009

I would like to thank everyone who posted a cure for scabies on the site, you were all a godsend. I recieved some items, clothes, furniture ect. from a family friend who was cleaning out her garage. I also got bedbugs and scabies. We had no idea what was going on. I have four boys and they were scratching up a storm. I thought I was going crazy. We'd just switched detergents, so I thought that must be it, but it wasn't. When I told my friend about it, she was very concerned that we may have gotten scabies from her things, because she didn't think they could live that long. So I went to the dr. and she thought it was allergies too. But it wasn't and the use of the borax and peroxide soak proved it. I found a questionaire on another website, and every answer was yes. When I found this website, I thanked god. I combined 2-cups of borax with 1 bottle of peroxide, this into a full tub of water as hot as you can stand it.

For my children I used 1 cup borax and 1/2 cup of peroxide. I also decided to use the antibacterial soap. I did this because although we have all been afflicted with the bites, my husband hands and arms are totally clear. Where he works he always has to use the antibacterial gel, you know the inst-wash stuff. and he just rubs it on like lotion. So we've started using that too. Just in case anyone else thinks it might help. Good luck to all of you. We'll be taking bath #2 tonight, and another tomorrow. Then start again next friday. Also I'm gonna try the Diatomaceous earth powder. Have any of you ever heard of Dri-Die? It's supposed to kill bedbugs, and other creepy crawlies. Is it anything like DE? Thanks...Lori

Replied by Melody
(Kansas City)

How long ago had your friend had Scabies when you got her furniture, clothing etc.? I heard they die after 3 days when they don't have a human host.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Codysmom (Annandale, Va) on 09/26/2009

food grade diatomaceous earth and borax baths got rid of my scabies or bed bugs whatever those pesky bugs were. You can buy food grade diatomaceous earth from online and I put the powder all over my body and all over my bed when I was infested. I put the powder on areas of my body that felt itchy. Shortly after the itch would go away. This helped tremendously. I also discovered what a wonderful product DE is. You can drink it and it removes parasites in your body. It is all natural. I also feed to my dog to keep bugs out of him. It is also great for the yard. My basement used to have lots of spiders and I just put the powder on my window sills and the spiders and ants stay away. This stuff is great. A wonderful product to have around the home.

Replied by Jane
(Detroit, Michigan)

where do you find Diatomaceous Earth to purchase?

Replied by Eileen
(Valley Park, Mo, U.s.a.)

You can find diatomaceous online from many places. Just in put "diatomaceous earth for human use" and you will find many sites. I got mine through the Internet some time ago, can't remember the site but there were many listed.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Diatomaceous earth (D. E. ) is available from shops that sell swimming pool supplies. It normally comes in a large box, however you can use what is left over to treat ants if you need it. I learned this from a past apartment maintenance person. I had ants outside my door - anthills and ants in the entryway cracks. They came around with their box of DE and put it on the ant areas. It was the same thing they (and I) have used in pools. I thought they were being "cheap" lol but it really worked.

Replied by K8e
(Surrey, Bc, Canada)

Be careful when buying DE to get FOOD GRADE diatomacious earth. DO NOT buy the stuff meant for pools, it is not the same and will not have the same effect. The stuff you want looks like flour, and can be applied topically or taken orally, but look it up online first for proper dosage. And also be very careful not to breathe it in, you may want to wear a mask and gloves if spreading it around your place. It is not toxic, however it has a very drying effect on your skin. It doesn't feel sharp to humans, but to insects the ground pieces have razor sharp edges that cut the exoskeleton of the insect/bug and dry it out. Taken internally it can help with worms and parasites, and used around your house it can help with all bugs like fleas, bed bugs, flys, mites, etc. It can be used in the garden as well, but is harmful to helpful, beneficial insects too. It's great stuff with many uses if you google it. You can buy it online, or I found it locally where livestock/horse supplies are sold as many use it on their animals.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Flaca_t (Atlanta, Georgia) on 09/20/2009

I spent the night at my male friends house on Labor Day Sept 5,. Showered, slept in his pj's. Did sleep 2 more nights, 9th, 12th. No intimacy but kissing. On Mon, Sept.14, he calls and says that he has scabies and that I gave it to him. He went to the DR on Mon and got premetrin. Tells me he started itching on or about Aug 25. I immediately looked up the condition. AND came to this site. Based on my reading, he had to have been infected at the barest minimum of 1 week prior to his itching. I had no symptoms- no itching, saw no bugs. I washed my linen, secured my clothing from my visits to him.

Bathed in H202 and seemed to be fine.

Realized that I would get them also but didn't go to DR. Today, I saw 2 little black bugs, and I have what could be bites. DISTRESS- have appointment on Sept 23 for well women stuff.

QUESTIONS: IS THIS TOO SOON? DO I NEED SORES? IS THERE A BLOOD TEST? Just went to the store to get borax, H202 and citris mouth wash.

Replied by Stephan Toth
(London, United Kingdom)


Sorry to hear your dilema, its simply a case better safe than sorry. Get a bottle or tube of incetacidal head lice treatment from your pharmacy and treat your whole body covering every bit of skin area. Pay attention to skin folds, hairy bits and nails leave it on for a full 24 hours and then shower and wash your hair normally. To be absolutely safe repeat the treatment after four to five days.

Kind regards,
Stephan Toth

Replied by Hedi
(Cheynne, Wy)

I have read every one of the cures listed on here. I do not have a bath tub to soak in, so how can I get cured of these horrendous ailment with just a shower? Any suggestions?


I realize this is an old post but for those with the same question: if you don't have a bath, get a little container plastic, metal, or whatever and mix the solution in it. Use a small facecloth or any piece of clothing and soak it in the solution. Then scrub the saturated cloth all over to apply the solution. Repeat to keep body wet if it dries out fast.

Replied by Anna
(Mineral Wells, Texas)

when we were kids, we moved to a house that had a old couch, my brothers and i, all got mites/scabies. over 30 years ago, my mother treated us with plain old petroleum jelly mixed with sulpher powder. had to strip down to nothing and put it liberally all over the body. keep it on for at least 8 hours, she told us it suffocated them. no more itch. no more bugs. threw away that couch and taught us not to climb all over old furniture that didn't belong to us.

Replied by Jane
(Detroit, Michigan)

where can you buy sulfur powder?

Replied by Anna
(Mineral Wells, Tx)

sorry, just saw mother actually learned about this from a pharmacist, a long time ago.she bought sulfer powder from the pharmacy. i just called a pharmacy and they still sell it. just ask a pharmacist for. then she just mixed the two together, i remember it being really yellow and gritty (and gross), i had to stay on a sheet all day. then showered it all off. never had to do it again.

(north carolina)

Hello, How long did it take the sulfur to work? and How did your mother clean everything? Please help

Replied by Sara
(Nyc, Ny)

Re: 09/20/2009: Flaca_t 's comment
You said you saw 2 bugs. Where were they? On your body? Or on furniture? Also scabies mites are teeny tiny. This might be bedbugs, which is a whole different, disgusting, can of worms. Clean all your clothes, change your sheets, use the hottest dryer setting, and use a hair blowdryer to get at the seams of your mattress if you are actually worried about bed bugs.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx)

I got sulfur soap and sulfur ointment online from a place in Oklahoma. Type 'sulfur soap' and 'sulfur ointment' in the search engine. I am pretty sure they ship internationally and they are very affordable. The sulfur ointment is a little grainy, I imagine it is the sulfur powder and petrolateum already made up for you. Very few ingredients. My son and I have been using it daily and no new bites, fingers crossed.

Replied by Suzy
(Lansing, Michigan)

cheapest, safest, best quality sulfur powder I can find, feed grade:

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Coco (Pt. Charlotte, Fl, Usa) on 09/20/2009

Thank you Ted, for your answers, when dermatologists are in denial, you are a God send.

I believe I have mites burrowing into my scalp and skin. Bumps/bites become itchy, I scratch (try not to). Then I end up with tons of bites/scratch marks on my arms, legs, chest, back, face, nose, and scalp. I have had this for approx 2 yrs now and have tried many remedies. Nothing has eradicated the mite. Sometimes I feel I am reducing the problem, then out of nowhere I end up with a new set of bites. I always seem to have more than one new bite in an area of my body. I have colored/bleached my hair for over 20 years. When I color/bleach my hair once a month, the bleach formula is extremely strong and is left on my hair for 30 mins. I can't help but wonder why the mites, at least the mites on my scalp don't die when I bleach my hair? If the strong bleach/peroxide formula doesn't kill them, how will borax and peroxide kill them? I recall that the initial itching began over two years ago when I went swimming at the beach and just let me hair dry in the sun, didn't shampoo until the next day or so. I have been reading voraciously to try to identify whats biting me. Some kind of mite seems to be most likely. My mites are white and look like a grain of rice but much, much smaller than rice. I would be forever grateful if you have any helpful information to rid my body of this parasite.

Sincerely and Thank you

Replied by Jana
(Ludington, Mi)

Dear Coco,

I'm no expert, but from how you describe the mites as looking like long grains of white rice, but smaller, it sounds like head lice. The bleach you uses on your hair would kill the live lice, but not the lice eggs, so they would hatch and start the infestation all over again. You could use the lice killer shampoo from over the counter, but that exposes your body to toxins. I use a thick conditioner, slather it all over my scalp, wrap hair in plastic wrap, leave on for at least 12 hours, then use the little lice comb (can be picked up at pharmacy), and comb the eggs out. The problem with head lice is the lice are easy to kill, but the eggs just keep on living, unless removed from hair entirely. The eggs are incased in a glue sack that nothing over the counter or otherwise seem to desolve. From my experience, the conditioner sufficates the live ones, and makes the eggs detach from the hair follical more easily. I use the comb everyday for at least 3 days (as in put the conditioner back in your hair like you would after a shampoo), then comb them out. I repeat the whole process(conditioner plus plastic wrap)one week later incase I missed any eggs that might hatch. You will easily be able to see the eggs in the conditioner once they are combed out of the hair. Just smear the contitioner residue (from the comb) on a white paper towel, and you will be able to see the eggs. They appear to be black or dark tan with a tiny stalk on the end of them. They look similar to a poppy seed, but much smaller. As a rule scabies (at least in adults) do not effect the face or scalp. That occurs mostly on babies, or small children. I hope this helps. It can't hurt to try it. If nothing else, your hair will get a deep condition...

Replied by Run Scabies Runminneapollis
(Minneapolis, Mn)

For Head Lice use what our great grandparents used: MAYONNAISE!!! It gets in their lungs and makes them explode plus it makes it easier to pull out the eggs. Good luck!

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by L Dizzwl (Chicago, Il) on 09/18/2009

i work in the public everyday and i am exposed to all kinds of things .and in october 2007 i developd an itch in my rectum i thought that it was from a hemmeroid and that it was going to go away .but i noticed that the itch was intense and when i layed down it got worse .after christmas i went crazy to the point i went to the doctor and i told them i thought it was the jock itch and they gave me some cream andtold me to improve my hygene but i couldnt understand becuase i showerd twice daily .and when i used the cream the itch got violent .to the point i sometimes had to miss work .i thought all was lost so i learned how to deal with it.until someone said that it might be scabbies and that the symptoms are the same as jock itch .so i googled and this website came up and when i saw this remedy i said the hell with it and decided to try it .i used two cups of borax and hydrogen peroxide 1/2 a bottle i soaked last night and the itching kinda subsided i used citrus listerine and the itching stopped ,i just soaked agin in the same soulution and this time i added 2 drops of tea tree oil .i have been suffering for the last two years and i been to the doctor numerous times and it looks like the only thing they said is that it was the jock itch an boy were they wrong .i tried all of the over the counter remedies and nothing helped .the i started looking at psorosis and that was wrong .so i just started taking real hot showers and that was only temporary relief .it want from my arms legs groin neck balls especialy balls, embarassing and ultra uncomfortable. this time i think iv'e got a winner. thanx you all and i will give an update the next time i soak

Replied by Kim
(Eau Claire, Wi Usa)

can u put this on your head and face too?? I have been suffering with these dam things for about 6-7 weeks thanks to my neice!!! And have already done the perscrip. 3 times and my chidren will do the second does of cream tonight 4/14/11. please someone let me know asap....

Replied by Dianna
(Houston, Tx)

i wouldn't put the hydrogen peroxide on your hair. It will bleach you hair. when I was a kid we would do this to get 'blond' hair.

you can use borax alone on your hair and it will do a similar thing.

Replied by Soccer From Cali
(Sylmar, California)

Hey, I had this problem for over d months didnt know wat it was the itching kept getting worse every day noticed red spot kept coming more everyday.. After I couldnt take it I showed my moms ma ribs my back ma legs so she took me emergency into the hospital. They gave me that five percent creme. I tried it they say it will all b gone in three weeks. I waited one week I saw sum improvement but I wasnt satisfied so I tried that bleach bath but I kinda mest up. I actually showered and had a spray bottle in my hand I over did it wit the bleach on the bottle. I might of put too much bleach- it really burn but I took it just to get rid of these creatures ma skin got lil worse so the next night I decided to put the creme again which was yesterday and last night I finally got sum sleep. I dont know if it was cause of the bleach or the creame but I sure do it keeps getting better I sware besides embarrasing this is by far the worst thing ever happend to me since I play soccer. I'm shy to take my shirt in front of people cause of the bites in my stomach I have nice abs and I cant show off. I'm only tweenty four yrs old.

Replied by Soccer
(Sylmar, California)

hey I had this problem for over d months didnt know wat it was the itching kept getting worse every day noticed red spot kept coming more everyday.. After I couldnt take it I showed my moms ma ribs my back ma legs so she took me emergency into the hospital. They gave me that five percent creame I tried it they say it will all b gone in three weeks I waited one week I saw sum improvement but I wasent satisfied soo I tried that bleach bath but I kinnda mest up I actually showered and had a spray bottle in ma hand I over did it wit the bleach on the bottl I might of put too much bleach it really burn but I took it just to get rid of these cratures ma sking got lil worse so the next night I decided to put the creame again wich was yesterday and last night I finally got sum sleep I dnt know if it was cause of the bleach or the creame but I sure do it keeps getting better I sware besides embarrasing this is by far the worst thing ever happend to memmmsince I play soccer im shy to take ma shirt in front of peoplr cause of the bites in ma stomach I have nice abbs and I cant show off im onlytweenty four yrs old

Replied by Soccer Cali
(Sylmar, California)

Hey, soccer from cali again, For this cream to work u must stay in hot water the hottest u can take in order for the pores on your skin to open and let the cream inside your pores where the scabies are at. Very importnant.... good luck it's been like a week from my last reply and I'm doing super better thank god may god bless u all and good luck .....

Replied by Paul
(Montreal, Canada)

I have a question to ask you guys, I have had scabies for 8 months, now they are all in my body including near my eyes ( I feel they are crawling). I can not use the bleach/peroxide near my eyes, right? How can I resolve this problem? thanks.


Aloe vera juice is a remedy that will not hurt but any remedy needs to be kept out of the eyes. Keep eyes closed and smear aloe vera juice or gel there one can add 1 drop clove or tea tree oil to an ounce of aloe juice mixed well also, but don't open eyes till it dries. Same could be done with coconut oil or other carrier oil.

Replied by Marc
(Tucson, Az / Usa)

Soak your entire body up to your neck in borax and hydrogen peroxide. You can use q-tips near the ears and face. Eat a lot of fresh garlic and spray non-chlorine bleach between baths twice a day. Has it improved yet?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

how to get rid of them near your eyes: coconut oil smothers them and is safe to use around your eyes and on your face. Also, hydrogen peroxide is safe on your face if you use it on a cotton ball. Be sure the excess is out of the cotton ball before you dab it around your eyes. HP is a pro-oxidant so I would recommend it for just a few days each week.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Codysmom (Annandale, Va, USA) on 08/07/2009

borax and hydrogen peroxide cured my scabies

After 4 weeks of uncomfortable itching all over, I finally figured out that I had scabies. I decided to try the hydrogen peroxide and borax remedy posted on this site and it worked like a charm. I did have to soak in a bath of hot water, hydrogen peroxide (1 bottle) and 2 laundry scoops of the borax for two days, 30 minutes each soak. Then the next two days I didn't have time for baths so I just scrubbed borax all over while I was in the shower. I scrubbed for a good 10 minutes. I now just have slight itching in a couple of areas and I will continue to scrubb with borax until the itching is gone. This whole rememdy cost me $4 and I didn't have to go to the doctor for that pesticide cream. Yea for this site.

Replied by Buggie Mom
(St. Louis, Mo)

So have the scabies come back? I am on day 2 of my soaks of borax. Earlier today, I found 2 dead tiny bugs in my bra after a horrible itching fit. Should I really be able to see these mites or do we have some other mite????


Yes, you can see the tiny mites when they die or are released from the skin. U normally cannot see them when they are under the skin. That's where the confusion comes in. But yes, they look like tiny specks.

Replied by Codysmom
(Annandale, Va)

Yes the bugs did come back because they lay eggs and the eggs hatch. I had to scrub with borax everyday for about a month. I also only wore clothing once and washed the sheets in hot water. I also bought food grade diatomaceous earth and put the dust all over my house and skin. The itching has finally stopped. I now actually think they were bed bugs instead of scabies but both are very pesty bugs and produce the same type of itch. This all happened because I took in and slept on an old bed mattress from my parents friend. I got rid of the mattress and will never do that again.

Replied by Shirley
(Perth, Western Australia, australia)

Where can I buy borax here in perth australia? i seacrhed the net and find one but it is used as disinfectant and for household cleaning. Is it safe to use? Please help!!!! I have this scabies for two weeks now and I used the cream twice... still itching... and I still have tons of little blisters(pimple-like) all over my body especially arms and abdomen.I like to try the borax and peroxide but I don't know where to buy the right one.. is the disinfectant type can do?

EC: Here are a few posts on the subject:

Replied by Fuck Scabies
(Pasadena, Ca)

Garlic fresh crush not diced in bath, take garlic pils open and like vit e oil run on body odorless n eat as much. parasites (all) hate garlic

Replied by Fran

I need to begin scabies bathing treatment - but I am confused by all the different amounts and strengths of borax, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, etc. that others report success with:

2 C. borax, 1 C. 3% hydrogen peroxide, etc.

1 C. borax, 1 C. 35% hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Immerse hair 10 min.?

Can you give basic amounts to start with in hot bath - duration 30 minutes?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Fran, You might be interested to know about use of clove bud essential oil used in a carrier oil for scabies. Clove oil on its own will burn!

See this article for more info:

The article details a study done on permethrin-resistant scabies. The results showed that a 6% clove oil mix with other oil killed the scabies within 15 minutes.

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