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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Posted by Amy (Richland, Washington) on 03/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

It all started when my boyfriend came home very itchy! We had two months in to our new apartment, also bought a new bedding set, new comforter set, NEW EVERYTHING! We thought perhaps the itching was brought on by dust, chemicals from his job, or something so simple as dry skin. Sadly, we were wrong! This is where our worst living nightmare came to life. The scratching got so bad and the most scratching happened when we were in bed trying to sleep and that never became possible. We would finally be able to sleep when our eyes couldn't take it any longer! In the morning is when we noticed the most bumps on my boyfriends rear and in between both our thighs. Two whole weeks went by, I would wonder to the store at night when the itching was unbearable because we both felt things crawling in a sense. SO I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! Cortizone creams, Cortaid sprays, Zyrtec Allergy pills, Benadryl. NOTHING over the counter got rid of this awful itching. Finally it came down to a night where I was so frustrated and spent hours in an emergency room to find out what my hubby and I had. SCABIES was the first word the doctor said! Thanks to Google, I later found out what this horrible parasite was. Sleep was out the window for sure! The doctor prescribed Permethrin cream. Shit sucked! Tried it twice and still nothing. So don't even waste your time with these doctor visits. One doctor prescribed me with Eurax 10% Lotion which was only available at one Rite Aid pharmacy for the price of $400! Crazy right, and no I didn't buy. Wasn't going to throw more money away for something that might have came back to haunt me.

So thanks to all the research online, I came across here. Read everyones stories and let me tell you, I know how it feels to have these disgusting things crawling around in your skin. It's mortifying and I will ever be the same.

When I came home from the first doctor visit I rushed to have everything washed in HOT water. I began to start washing piece by piece every single clothing we had and that became impossible. So now we have collected only a few pieces of clothing that we can wear over and over after washing over and over, manly pj's because we have been confined to these apartment walls. Every other piece of clothing and blanket I put in plastic bags tightly sealed and in front of the sun. They have to be on the skin to survive right? In those bags they will stay for a week so they can die completely!

I started up my bath and dropped a cup of bleach with the hottest water our bodies could take, following with sitting in there for a good 15-20 minutes. Washed our bodies with Sulfur soap and a all natural lavender soup to rinse off with. And when we got out we lightly dried ourselves and again rubbed some more bleach and water mixer, applying more amounts in the places where we both needed the most. I slept through the night for the first time in a month after doing this. Minor itches here and there, yes. The results are there, BLEACH is the cure for these things. Constant day to day cleaning of everything in your home and everything you touch. We washed and cleaned the carpets as an obsession that maybe they were all over the carpet. Now everything I clean I wipe down with bleach!

At first I found all of this very tiring but it's a routine one literally has to make part of their life to get rid of this condition. I have never came across with anyone besides my boyfriend and myself who has experienced this and I don't ever wish it upon anyone!

Right now we are going through the baths and constant cleaning to fight these off and little by little I know these suckers will give up with my "bleaching baths," as I like to call them.

I hope this is helpful to some like it was so very helpful to me! Many good lucks go out the the people experiencing this and trying to find ways to get rid of these suckers. Above all have faith that things will get better and that this will pass:)