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Bitter Melon
Posted by Imogen (Philippines) on 02/08/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Crystal posted about bitter melon cure for scabies in 2018. Thank you, Crystal! It's a miracle! In the Philippines bitter melon is very common. My grandma often tells me to eat it coz it's medicine. But I just hated it.

So we have a big garden and one of the tenants got a stray cat. Then they had the worst scabies case. They had to leave the place coz according to them it's in the property but in truth none of that happened until they adopted that cat. The bugs spread all over the place and we got it for many years. It was just the most resistant type of bug!
We used everything! Ivermectin, sulfur, Permethrin, tea tree oil, acapulco oil, clove oil, blower, teds remedies...the list goes on . Nothing worked.
The itch was so bad all I could do was cry!

The sleepless nights and the suffering! I understand it totally!
I never want even my enemies to have them.

So, I read Crystal's post. So I said I'll give it a try. What do I got to lose? I can buy bitter melon capsules anywhere in the Philippines! They are called ampalaya capsules. They're more popular as diabetes cure. It lowers blood sugar significantly. So I took two capsules 2x/ day. I kid you not! First two days the itch was gone 50%, on the third day the itch was totally gone. On the 5th day, the rashes have totally dried out. For the first time in maybe 5 years, we are itch free n cured!

So we just take it 2x a day now . It has other health benefits . Since I started drinking it, I lost weight. But after using the bathroom gosh! It's like I pooped smth dead. So I'm thinking maybe the bitterness was just all over our system that all the mites just ran away!
We were not the chosen host anymore.

I'm thinking if there are no host, then all the mites will just die after 3 days.

This is a miracle! Thank you Crystal wherever u are! Thank u Earth clinic! Thank you God! You are a miracle working God!

Bitter Melon
Posted by Crystal (Nv) on 08/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Please get bitter melon or bitter gourd. You can find the pills at your local health food store or online (Amazon). You can find the fruit at Asian markets and juice it. This worked for me when all else failed and I had tried EVERYTHING. I had it all over my hands for close to a year and had practically given up but continued to do research and found bitter melon which is known as the scabies fruit in some foreign countries. As the name implies it is very very bitter and I am sure that it makes our bodies not a good host for the scabies parasite. They do not like the taste of it. Take it as directed.