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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by [email protected]'s (Livonia, Mi ) on 02/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I want to let every know that this recipe works for scabies! We used it here on a seer of 7 year old twin boys! We included Sulpher soap and a spray of borax and hydrogen peroxide. As to the comment of "watch them crawl out" I think that was to make a point. So much safer and better than using insecticides! Everything was easy to get. I live in Livonia, Mi and there is a health food store here that has wonderful staff who helped me and told me how to use all these. Like the tea tree is so good to add a drop into my kids hair after shampoo to deter the little critters. Also coconut oil used for moisturizer and cooking, orange oil to clean my wood floors.... All these things I can use for multle purposes! I love this site and thank you for posting this recipe for scabies. Who would of knew? Coconut oil, tea, tree, orange oil, borax, Sulpher soap.... So easy and effective.

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by [email protected]'s (Livonia, Mi) on 02/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

WORKS! My twins had scabies from the day care weeks ago and we learned Permethrin is not what I want to expose my bpys to. So I researched on the Earth Clinic website and found this recipe but I changed it a little. 1. Wet skin with natural hand sanitizer made with Thymol extract)
2)first layer with ORANGE OIL
3)second layer raw organic COCONUT OIL.
4) third layer TEA TREE OIL (now brand)
5) within 5 minutes the scabies literally crawled out by the hundreds (scary),
6) leave oil mix on skin for at least 30 minutes,
7) soak in shower and watch the mites run down the drain, and wash with Sulpher soap. 8) disinfect entire home with 1 percent hydrogen peroxide spray and Borax solution (can also spray skin with this). Use borax to spindle on carpet and then vacuum a few days later. 9) Rinse and Repeat
10) RELAX! ... Please follow these 10 easy steps and soon you will be posting the good news. Like I did for twin boys! No more scabies! Yaaaeeeeeee and my boys are safe from pesticide toxicity!

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by Aristeo (Solano, Philippines) on 02/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Acapulco leaves can cure scabies. Extract of the leaves can cure scabies.