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Mite Infestation Cures

Manuka Honey +
Posted by Jo (Los Angeles) on 10/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had an earlier version of mites that persisted and thrived in my skin.. like scabies but harder to eliminate. I could BOIL my clothes and it wouldn't phase them. I found the best thing for my body was a manuka honey treatment but I could duplicate it with locally accessed ingredients for less and no wait on the shipping from new zealand. you need to blend ingredients to have it work. the most effective treatment was the mildest surprisingly. their lotion was a dilution of the oil, and it actually stopped the infestation. I would get a bottle of east cape manuka oil and one of lemon myrtle oil and mix in the base of sweet almond carrier oil. 6oz of almond oil to 1oz manuka to 1/2 oz lemon myrtle. These three ingredients make a lot of the product you need. and a small amount of this into an unscented body lotion well mixed, applied several times a day and the rash would be gone. for my clothes and bedding I used Kleen Free (formerly Kleen Green) and several ounces in a warm or hot laundry cycle would get everything if I soaked things first. I understand borax works and it's cheaper, but I haven't tried that. The great thing about Kleen Free is a gallon makes over 10 gallons so you can put it in a spray bottle and spray your hair, your skin, it gets the ones that might be crawling. if you have scabies this will work for you; be persistent, at any notice spray the kleen free solution (i get the unscented) and put the lotion on any active "underskin" area and around that area to keep them from traveling to a new part of the skin. I would sleep with a spray of the kleenfree on my hair in a plastic bag. But you have to treat everything at the same time.. use something on all surfaces, and yourself, make sure your bed is in a zipped mite free casing, the bedding is clean, and then continue this process. you can beat them !! I did it successfully for years, but occasionally I'd have a piece of clothing that I hadn't worn and it would start the infection process and I'd treat everything asap to keep from further invasion.