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Natural Remedies for Insomnia: A Comprehensive Guide

Soursop Tea

Posted by Jacqui (Scottsville, Ky Usa) on 01/15/2012

I have a British Facebook friend who lives in the Carribean. I was telling her I have a lot of trouble going to sleep at night, and I wake up completely exhausted, this friend told me they use Soursop tea, and this will make me very sleepy. I looked up the Net about it, and this Soursop seems to be quite a remarkable tree, the fruits are used to eat with icecream etc, the leaves are for making Soursop tea.

This Soursop sounds quite an amazing tree. I was wondering if any of your readers can tell me more about it, and if it can be bought in USA, I would definitely want to know the soarce of where the Soursop came from too. I read where Amazon sell the dried tea cost around $7.. But some woman had left a review of her disappointment not on what the product can do for our health, but she said of the way it was packed etc, I mean, how would we know it was the real thing. If there was anyone out there who could help me find some leaves I can purchase online from a reputable soarce, I would appreciate please. I am a New Zealander living in Kentucky USA

Thank you, Regards Jacqui

Replied by Lanos
(So.calif, Usa)

Jacqui, ... May I suggest you might search the tonic called 'GRAVIOLA' online. This is a soursop product.

Good luck..

Replied by Caribbean Gal
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Try one of the Jamaican stores, I brought a pack recently for roughly $2.00

Spinach Powder

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Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 04/01/2023

I know this will sound strange but I think I accidentally discovered a treatment for my inability to get back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. Like a lot of people my age sleeping straight thru the night became a rare occurrence. Recently I read about spinach powder helping to control your appetite so I bought some. It tastes really disgusting so I mixed a spoonful in a glass of orange juice and held my nose while drinking it. That night I slept through the night without waking up. I drank this concoction for a couple of days and continued to sleep well. Sometimes I would wake up but I fell back asleep immediately. I stopped drinking the concoction because I got busy and didn't think about it and within a day or two my night time waking issue returned. I started drinking the disgusting concoction and once again I started sleeping through the night. I don't know if this is just a fluke but it's working for me.

St Johns Wort

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Posted by Brad (Ontario) on 12/08/2022

St Johns Wort is good for anxiety and depression, also a calmative. I found it helps with restless sleep when taken on an empty stomach. However be cautious when taking it because, similar to grapefruit, it will interact with other medications and supplements.

Suan Zao Ren

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/27/2008

Suan Zao Ren For Insomnia And More:

Major herb for insomnia, it has a very calming effect which alleviates symptoms such as anxiety, worry and restlessness, which may be contributing to insomnia. A neurocardiac sedative, it helps to regulate blood pressure.

nourish heart yin, tonify liver blood, quiet spirit
-irritability, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety due to deficiency
-prevents abnormal sweating
nourishes blood, calm spirit, clear Heat, relieve mental restlessness

A superior herb, one of the most popular herbs for insomnia, hypertension and other nerve disorders. Nontoxic and nutritious and can be used long-term. Regular use can brighten complexion.

Nourish the heart, benefit the liver and tranquilize the mind for insomnia and heart palpitations; nutrient; reduce perspiration.

To replenish the liver, to cause tranquilizations, to arrest excessive perspiration, and to promote the productionof body fluid.

Insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep; excessive sweating due to debility; thirst due to consumption of body fluid.

Nourishes the heart and the liver. Its natural tranquillizing properties are used to treat mental tiredness. It helps reduce sweating, especially anxiety sweating, and can be used effectively for insomnia and palpitations.

You can buy suan zao ren from chinese medical shop. Just put 30 g in a cup and pour in boiling water. Drink it after 15 minutes while it is still warm. The herb can be reused many times. Do not throw it away after your first drink. Good sleep to all who suffered from insomnia.

Avoid use during Pregnancy.

Sunflower Seeds

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Posted by 2q&learn (Southern California) on 10/11/2020 127 posts

When I want hell to relax & get sleepy at bedtime, I've found that eating Sunflower seeds soon helps me relax & start yawning! (For extra help, I add a Banana.)

When I've eaten foods high in Phosphorus it creates an imbalance, & I wind up getting painful leg cramps, usually at night. When I eat either Sunflower seeds (or Almonds) that same day, I never get those cramps!


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Posted by Gert (Hg, Al) on 07/31/2018

I finally found a formula that helps my insomnia and now have a pain--does anyone think this is from the stuff I take or could it be something else? I take 1 Seriphos (1000mg), 200 mg L-Theanine, 1000 mg Glycine, 1000 mg Taurine, 1000 mg Gaba and 500 mg niacinamide. This mix also calls for 1 mg extended release melatonin, which made me fall asleep faster but left me with a migraine all day after. Without the melatonin I fall asleep within an hour, wake up several times but go right back to sleep and have strange dreams.

Now, after a week of doing this at night, I have a pain in my back (slightly lower than kidney) that radiates over to my hip and on to my groin. Almost like a kidney stone? Never had one, so no idea what causes this. It aches during the day unless I'm moving and is what I notice most when trying to go to sleep. Any ideas what it could be? Almost like a pulled muscle, except I haven't done anything to pull a muscle.

Posted by Amy (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 01/05/2009

I suffer from occasional insomnia and find this is a sure-fire cure:

1000mg L-Tyrosine (capsule form)
3-9mg Melatonin (sub-lingual tablets best)
500-1500mg Vitamin C (chewable best)

For me, this works best if taken as soon as you realise it's going to be one of those nights. I take it with a glass of water, and a slice or two of bread. Ideally, try this when you'll be able to devote 6-8hr to sleep--after that I always wake up 100% refreshed. Best of luck!

Posted by CheeMiss (Toronto, ON) on 12/26/2008


I have genetic chronic insomnia. My max sleep time is 2 hrs. On rare occasion 4 hrs. I have tried pretty much everything on this site. Nothing seems to work for a long deep sleep. BTW: even the strongest sleeping pills don't keep me down past 4 hrs and leave me very groggy, so I avoid them.

I have been searching the net and came across GABA & a product called Great Nights Sleep 2.Has anyone had any experience with either of these products? Please advise. I'm so burnt out and desperate and I don't want to spend any more monies on things that don't work. Thank You.

Replied by Jake
(Chicago, IL)

blackstrap molasses, aloe vera, coconut oil, melatonin and DHEA supplements have all helped me. I suffer from a similar problem and only recently have been having more than 2 hour stretches of sleep on a regular basis.

My DHEA levels are normally well below the reference range and supplementation brings them up. You might check your level.

Most important perhaps is the coconut oil. When I went up from 2 Tablespoons to 4 to 6 Tablspoons - 2 or 3 after dinner time before bed, I noted a definite improvement. You need to find your own levels her and especially for the melatonin - I currently take a quarter of a 3 mg. lozenge under the tongue type - each time I wake up to go to the bathroom.


Replied by CheeMiss
(Toronto, ON)

Hi Jake,

Thank you for your help. I have been taking or tried all that you mentioned to no avail except for the DHEA supplement. I will ask my doctor to check my levels as you suggested. Our gene pool insomnia is tough on all of us, as nothing much works. I wonder why doctors just dismiss this without checking our blood for imbalances. All they seem to want to do is push the pharmaceuticals.

Replied by Pamela
(Houston, Texas)

I have used Gaba for years for insomnia with great results. I used the Now brand in powder formed with a 5 mg of B6. The key is to take right before you go to bed on an empty stomach. It needs to get to the brain receptors to make neuro-transmitters. I used anywhere from 2,000 - 5,000 mg, depending on how I was feeling. Anything over 5,000 mg did not do any good. Beware that you may get rapid breathing, heart rate, or shortness of breathe for a minute. This because the Gaba relaxes the blood vessels and blood is moving faster; I did. It seem to be the more intense I felt the more I would experience these symptoms. I did research on Gaba a lot before I used these higher amounts. The lower amounts of Gaba had no effect on me, but they may you. Don't take my word for it you can research it too. I hope this helps.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Canada)

Hi CheeMiss: Regarding your insomnina, have you ever considered thyroid insufficiency? Hypothyroidism runs in families and is often not detected by blood tests.Insomnia is a huge symptom of hypothyroidism. I have had this problem and as my blood tests were low normal I got No help from my md. go to Doctor Wilson has devised a wonderful protocol for treating hypothyroidism that works!

Also I sleep alot longer each night now. Good luck, Mary

Replied by Cal
(Calgary, AB Canada)

Sea salts worked for me. The one without any additives etc, just wind and sun-dried. You can get at health stores. I used to always wake up around 2 am and couldn't fall asleep again. Also could only sleep on my left side but since I started taking sea salts things changed immediately. I just add a little to my drinking water, enough to taste it without it being salty and I can sleep on any side and even if I wake up I fall asleep again.

Sweet Woodruff

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Posted by Tricia (Murrells Inlet, SC USA) on 02/24/2009

To combat insomnia, take 1/2 tsp of powdered woodruff mixed with honey or fruit puree 30 min before bedtime.Take Care! In large doses, woodruff may cause internal bleeding. Don't use it if you're pregnant or taking conventional medication for circulatory problems.

Taurine and L-Glutamine

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Posted by Raphael (TX) on 10/31/2023

Taurine and L-Glutamine for Insomnia

I had tried Glycine, Mg Glycinate, Theanine, GABA, Inositol, and they don't seems to help my sleep one way or the others. Finally as my last resort, I looked what else I have in the cabinet, I got Taurine which is for my brain fog and L-Glutamine for my leaky guts. Last night I took both before going to bed, my sleep lasted like 12 hours. I did woke 1 time for pee-pee. I have tinnitus long time but it gets louder after I had COVID-19 2 months ago, that may be the culprit bothering my sleep. I am sure to try this combo again tonight.

Ted's Alkalizing Remedy

Posted by GertJR (Madison) on 06/17/2019

Ted from Bangkok says in one of his insomnia messages to take Hydrogen Sulfide and Sodium Nitrite. I see sodium nitrite is used in curing meats, so 'curing salt' is this item. How do you get hydrogen sulfide?

When I look on amazon, it doesn't have it and wikipedia says it's the rotten egg smell but nothing about where to get it. I'm trying all his suggestions for insomnia and this is the next one in the list (still no success, really). I can fall asleep and even sleep 3 hours at a time, but never feel rested. I'm doing epsom salt baths, alkalyzing (my ph is 7.3 this morning), passion flower, valerian, lemon balm in sleepy tea (yogi brand), kava and so much else I cant remember. Melatonin 2 mg. And benadryl......sure want to eliminate the benadryl.

Ted's Alkalizing Remedy

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Posted by Megabells (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/17/2012

I took Ted's Alkalyzing remedy for my candida and it cured my insomnia! It helped my husband's long standing insomnia issues too. We are sleeping through the night!

Replied by Tina
(Houston, Us)

Can you please specify what this remedy is, since I suffer from insomnia and am willing to try anything at this point.

Many thanks!

Replied by Granny

Just a question. I'm planning to follow Ted's advice for insomnia--1/4 tsp Potassium Carbonate + 1/2 tsp Sodium Carbonate in a glass of water to alkalize my system. Do I do this once a day? In the evening before bed? or does that even matter? I tested my ph first thing this morning and it was all the way on the acid end. (my test strip is for fish tank, so not so accurate, I think). I have ordered strips specifically for humans saliva & urine. Thanks for all your help.

Replied by Janet

Granny, I use Ted's remedy in the morning. It seems to improve sleeping at night. 5 drops of magnesium oil or 2 magnesium malate 250mg.

Going further into his remedies as I have multiple problems. I have used dhea 25mg in the am and. 5mg melatonin at night. Including the potassium carbonate.

I was truly shocked that the pot. carb. was so effective. I mention the other as a fall back. Janet

The Pillow Method

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Posted by Tammie (Greensboro)

This works everytime for me. Put a fat pillow under your legs/knees and take your pillow out from under your head (make your head level with or below your heart). I can lay awake for hours but as soon as I do this, I'm asleep within 10 mins.

Theanine, Taurine

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Posted by Steven (Jersey City, Nj, USA) on 09/26/2012

After three years of crippling insomina and trying every remedy under the sun (supplements and drugs) I finally found relief with a combination of taurine and theanine. I'm still not a champion sleeper with actual energy, but I don't feel like I'm dying everyday. I am able to fall asleep fairly promptly, and now when I wake up in the middle of the night I actually return to solid sleep and not fragmented. I still could use more sleep in the morning if if it weren't for having to go to work, but I can actually catch successful naps at lunchtime now too, just from the one dose at night time. The one catch is after about a month I was having insomnia again for a week and I had to increase the theanine dose from 100mg at night to 200mg, and it did work. Which is the recommended dose anyway, but I hope I don't have to keep increasing. But at least I know for a fact the theanine is helping. I've never taken the taurine on its own (500mg), so I'm not being a good scientist, can't say for certainty that helps, but other have recommeded this combo, and it's working for me.

Replied by Steven
(Jersey City, Nj, Usa)

UPDATE: I found the last ingredient that is allowing me to sleep solidly throught the night with no awakenings - L-glutamine (1/4 tsp[1 gm] in the morning)! It has been working for two weeks now. The only catch is I guess I'm sleeping so soundly I have no recall of dreams anymore. Taurine and Theanine seemed to increase dream recall for awhile. I reduced my dose of b-12 also which I believe was contributing to an increase of dream recall, so that is something to play around with, but for now I'm happy with solid sleep so I can live during the day instead of dreams.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2064 posts

Steven, by another of those "cosmic connections" I, only minutes ago, recommended both Glutamine and Taurine to V to help mental function as well as sleep. Anyway, if you wish to increase your dream awareness during sleep, try any otc herbal sleep aid combination that includes at least Valerian and Passionflower. If this doesn't much good, try some Calea and Lucid Dream inducing music or any meditation/relaxation music (many of which found on YouTube). In addition to Melatonin, i've recently had real good results w/ 5HTP before retiring.

Thyme Essential Oil

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Posted by Brad (Ontario) on 01/23/2023

Thyme is great for stress and anxiety, which contribute to insomnia. Can be taken internally and externally, do research first before taking internally or if your on medications. Mix some thyme oil with a carrier because its a HOT oil and a mucous membrane irritant, mix with almond or jojoba or a good quality carrier oil and rub on chest and neck and shoulders before going to bed. Can be brewed into a tea with the dried herb and used in cooking.

Replied by mr black

Thyme tea for insomnia

Thyme can be consumed in tea form to help with sleep issues.