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Natural Remedies for Insomnia, Tried and True

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium

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Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 09/12/2018
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I had been having trouble getting to and staying asleep for over a year. I tried melatonin, meditation, magnesium, castor oil, etc... Nothing really seemed to work consistently. For other health reasons, I started upping my intake of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. After this change to my diet, I noticed my sleep improved dramatically. I try to get 1,200 mg of calcium through my diet each day, but if I fall short, once in a while I will take one 500 mg chocolate supplement. Every night before I go to bed I take a half of a magnesium supplement with a glass of watermelon water (for potassium). This combination of minerals knocks me out. I still get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but when I get back in bed I fall right back to sleep. I also wake up feeling refreshed. I never would've thought that a nutritional deficiency could cause insomnia.

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc

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Posted by Margaret (Tallahassee, FL) on 09/14/2007
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Insomnia -- This really works. Combo Vitamin of Calcium 1000 mg, magnesium 400mg, & zinc 25 mg. 1 hour before bedtime. Also take Valerian Root 530mg 1 hour before bedtime. I guarantee in 1 weeks time, you won't need sleeping pills anymore.

Replied by Sasha
(Sav, Jamaica)
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This really works. I took it one evening and i was trying to remember what i ate or drank why i slept so calm and peaceful. Now that i saw this post, i realized that it was the calcium, magnesium and zinc combo. Thanks for sharing!

Carbohydrate Snack Before Bed

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Posted by Gina (Alberta) on 08/31/2018
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I recently read an article by a physician who suggested a carbohydrate snack at bedtime to cure insomnia. After years and years of believing that one should have a protein snack for sound sleep and never being able to fall asleep, I thought I would give it a try. So simple, right? It works. Every single time. Just an apple or some grapes, juice, whatever you like. Cherry juice even is a source of melatonin, so that might work really well. I can now fall asleep quickly and effortlessly and sleep soundly. It's beautiful.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Ve (Dayton, Ohio) on 02/17/2018 3 posts
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I developed insomnia after menopause. I tried lots of remedies. One remedy was melatonin which gave me strange dreams and made me groggy during the day. Then Magnesium which also made me groggy during the day. The third remedy I tried was Castor Oil. Since I am a big fan of castor oil I noticed that when I used it for other ailments I would sleep thru the night. So I experimented after reading an article that in the 70's there was a clinic in California that would have great success in curing all sorts of ailments when they gave people full body castor oil packs. I started rubbing castor oil all over my skin and I slept wonderfully thru the night. I don't use a pack at night just rub the oil on every night. Sometimes I cover most of my body and other nights a 1/2 a teaspoon anywhere and it still works! I use an oversized cotton pj with long arms or cotton pajama type leggings if I do my legs.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 11/21/2016
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Has anyone tried a castor oil pack for insomnia? I have seen that some use a drop in the eyes or on the eyelids for sleep.

I find that when I use one overnight I seem to sleep better and longer. I find them cozy and relaxing and that effect seems to last into the next day.

I put castor oil onto a piece of flannel (folded over a couple of times – maybe the end result is 6 inches by 6 inches – not too scientific.) I cover that with some plastic wrap. If I wear a long stretchy camisole under my night clothes, it seems to hold it in place pretty well. (But use old pajamas and sheets anyway, just in case! ) Then I apply a heating pad. I confess I do leave the heating pad on all night. This is not recommended for diabetics, the elderly or children. (Maybe for anyone. A warm rice sock would be an alternative.)

You are supposed to wash off the castor oil with a baking soda rinse in the morning, but I don't actually do that.

Castor oil packs are commonly used to detox the liver. I have heard that the liver detoxes overnight. Maybe the castor oil pack helps this process? Maybe sleep troubles is in part caused by a sluggish liver? Just wild guesses here.

Anyway, castor oil packs do help me to sleep well (even when I am using them over an ovary or my gall bladder.) I would be interested to hear if anyone else experiences this.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hello there Mama to Many!

Been reading your postings often. Good work there. I can relate to your use of a Castor Oil pack! I commenced a couple of weeks ago and have done it for one hour in the afternoon, six days each week, on my lower back. I largely follow your regime. I have cut a piece of flannel and folded it four times to make a six inch by six inch pad. Left in a container in the 'fridge in a little bit of good quality, Castor Oil (enough to lightly saturate but NO more), I drag it out when the billy has boiled and nearly fill the hot water bottle. Lying face down on a protective cloth over a piece of foam in my "sleep out" ( the smell is best kept to one's self ), I proceed to place the pad directly on the lumbar region, cover with a second layer of dry, double-folded flannel cloth, a double layer of plastic sheeting and then the HWB. Time passes O.K. I sometimes nod off until my clockwork timer shrills, when I promptly arise and use the discarded hot water from the HWB, plus a little Bicarb. and a dedicated sponge, to wipe down the nether regions. Already in my working gear, I am then good to garden. Good as gold: job done.

Does it warrant such dedication you may well ponder? Well I AM sleeping much better, not going to "you no where" during the night, and feeling more mobile with a bit less pain. So it is worth all that lot for starters. Kidneys and liver yes but ovaries no I suspect. Mind you, I have gone and done the Raised Bed Trick, about four inches so far, at the same time I started on the Oil. Also, now taking Alfalfa and more MSM so that may have helped. Again, I have re-commenced my "Brew" of Molasses, Lime juice, Honey and ACV once per day which I am always a complete fan of anyway.

So yes, my sleeping HAS improved for sure and I think the Hot Oil Pad may be the secret and it only took a couple of weeks to kick in so all's good. I hope this helps others. Worth a try for sure and there may be other benefits too.

I love this Site as much as you do!

Cheers, Michael

Castor Oil
Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, USA) on 04/15/2011
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Castor oil has given me the best nights' (plural) sleep in a very long time!


Replied by L

You say that the Castor Oil is helping you to sleep, how are you using it, are you taking it by mouth, or just applying it to your eyes? Its would be nice to know of something else natural to help people sleep.

Replied by Alvina
(Damascus, Oregon)

I put castor oil on my upper eyelids before I go to bed and it helps me to go to sleep and sleep deep (except for nature calls)

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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If you need help to sleep take Melatonin, it is marvalous, read up on it, it does a lot of good for the body, it is given to children also to help sleep, and it is not a narcotic.

Replied by Sheila
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

Hi L, I either put a drop of Castor Oil straight in each eye, or take a drop on the tip of my finger and apply it onto each lid. I don't do this every night now since my body seems to have adjusted to a certain time to sleep. It does do the trick though.

I've used melatonin, as Merryanne has suggested, but I don't like to use animal hormones unless it was a dire situation. Instead of melatonin, I use the herb Valerian. It doesn't taste the best, but I got used to it. Buy the tincture and most instructions say to use 30-60 drops in a glass of water. When I take it, I usually do so before dinner at home.

Replied by Jean H.

Be careful giving melatonin to children as my research indicates it can cause seizures in children. I researched it for an article for my blog which is how I came across this. Plus, taking it can cause your body to stop producing it.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mel (Katy, Tx) on 01/16/2010
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Castor Oil cured my insomnia and a Pterygium on my left eye. A pterigium is fatty deposit from wind/dust that affects one or both eyes. There is no pain, but it looks gross. I first got this while living in West Texas and was diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist. My doctor told me that it is not serious unless it starts growing towards the pupil and therefore, should be removed because it will affect my eye sight. My pterigium over the years was getting closer and closer to my pupil as the years have gone by. I knew that very soon I would have to have surgery to have it removed. I started the castor oil therapy about 2 weeks ago for my insomnia and just about 2 days ago I was looking in the mirror and look at my eyes and had to do a double take. The pterygium is almost gone! It is very thin and is not noticeable at all. I am so happy! I started using castor oil for insomnia and that was successful and at the same time cured my pterygium. Thank you so much. :D

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Mel, could you tell us exactly how you used the castor oil? Thanks

Replied by Mel
(Katy, Tx)

Kay, I just use a q-tip and dip in the Castor oil bottle and have just a drop fall on the tip of my finger and quickly apply to my eyelid. Do the same for the other eye. Rub it in very well and get in bed. It works very fast. I am more excited about my pterygium diminishing and maybe possibly going away for good. Keeping my fingers crossed. So, for me it has helped in two ways and I hope that it helps someone else with insomnia and a pterygium.

Replied by Jennifer
(Buffalo, Ny)

How is eye now? My mom has one.

Castor Oil
Posted by Parag (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil is great to get that deep, restful sleep. Apply about a drop of castor oil to your eye lids only. It is okay if it enters your eye. This is the normal, regular castor oil you get at the stores. Initially you will fall to sleep the moment you hit the bed. So make sure you are ready to sleep when you use it. If you plan to sleep only 3 to 4 hours, i.e. not you full normal sleep, do not use castor oil as it will make getting up very difficult indeed! I use it when I have anxieties or when I find it difficult to sleep. I and my wife have been using it for decades now.

Hope it helps you too. Wish you sweet dreams!

Replied by Robin
(Rural, VA)
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This is amazing. I have been on a quest for a good nights sleep, which didn't include medications, for several months. I fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time, but wake up several times, sometimes for a few hours at a time. I have tried everything posted on this site, but the Castor Oil works! My boyfriend laughs at me and my crazy remedies. Well he has insomnia too, and I'm sleeping through the night. Does anyone have any ideas about why this works?

Replied by Mark
(Phoenix, Az)
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A drop of Castor Oil on each eyelid makes you reach REM sleep and stay asleep. It's the best cure I've found for waking up often in the night.


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Posted by Greg (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) on 04/10/2009

Insomnia: This may sound a bit nutty but I'd try making a tea out of food grade catnip, it is a VERY old tea, and formerly the Major tea in all of the European continent, before black teas were introduced from trade with China and India.

EC: A store like Whole Foods might sell Catnip Teabags. It's easy to find online.

Replied by One2die4
(Oxon Hill, Washington DC)

so do you drink the catnip tea or what? thanks

EC: Yes!!

Replied by Peacepasstethallunderstanding
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For those searching for insomnia helps I like to try tinctures. Catnip has helped along with skullcap. If I wake middle of night tincture of catnip and the 4-7-8 breathing has helped. I got a Saliva hormone level test that verified my need for help.


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Posted by Ravi S (Dallas, Texas, United States) on 12/26/2009
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Celery stick before bedtime takes care of sleep disorder. I have tried and it worked for me.


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Posted by Aimee (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/22/2007
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I've had sleep problems for as long as I can remember and it doesn't help that I'm also bipolar. I've tried everything from mind tricks and herbal remedies to over the counter pills but one thing I found that seems to work like a charm is half a cup of chamomile tea mixed with half a cup of milk. The drink should be warm, not hot, so what I do is make cup of the tea by heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then adding the milk afterwards allowing the tea to heat the milk. After drinking it, I'm asleep within half an hour.

Cherry Juice

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Posted by Gracie (Nottingham) on 09/25/2020
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Some nights I have problems getting to sleep, and lie there for seemingly hours tossing and turning and churning over in my mind past hurts and making mountains out of molehills. And the same occurs if I wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and can't get back to sleep again. However, I've discovered that if take 4 - 6 teaspoons of Concentrated Montmorency Cherry Juice in a drop of water and a small bowl of oats made with milk it puts me to sleep for six to seven hours. Apparently, the cherry juice is naturally high in melatonin and so are the oats but less so.

It works for me, give it a try!

Cherry Juice
Posted by Deidre (Fairfield County, Ct) on 03/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have struggled with Insomnia most of my life, and prefer natural alternatives versus prescription or over the counter drugs. Have recently started taking Tart Cherry Juice at night, about an hour before bed - and it makes an amazing difference. It doesn't make you "groggy" but rather just takes the edge off and relaxes you to induce good sleep. I usually take eight teaspoons with water (fill up to eight ounces), again around an hour before bed - and it really helps. Just wanted to share, as I know many people suffer from degrading insomnia!

Cherry Juice
Posted by Mommy2 (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 02/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My husband travels a lot and does not rest well when he sleeps. I'd heard so much about how Tart Cherry Juice helps with sleep issues, so I decided to give it a try. We both had a cup one night about 2hours before bed. Wow!! What a wonderful surprise. I was awaken about 3am. He said he didn't know what was going on, but he was "in the mood". 3 orgasms for him! Needless to say, tart cherry juice is a staple in our house. I did notice I was more aroused too.

We joked about it the next morning. But, guess what. When I searched the benefits online, it did what it was supposed to do.

As for our sleep... I have noticed a deeper sleep and he's noticed less grogginess when in the morning.

Replied by Konkneeswell
(Coral Springs, Florida, Usa)

Hi, what brand of cherry juice did you use?

Chia Seeds

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Posted by Wendy (New York, Ny) on 03/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering from insomnia for years and I finally found something that really works & wanted to report it for people here! I've been taking 2 heaping tablespoons of Chia seeds in 8 ounces of almond milk, and within an hour after, I'm out like a light and super relaxed all day, I may even feel a bit too sleepy throughout the day, but it's a welcomed relief from the insomnia that has left me stressed out & debilitated for years. Chia has been a real miracle for me, definitely try it if your stressed out, have anxiety, and can't sleep!

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