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Posted by Bella (Tulsa, Ok) on 05/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I contracted HSV (genital, not sure which "type") over 30 years ago. My first outbreak was the worst. After that, I had several more over about 5 years that usually coincided with the onset of my menstrual cycle. Once I discovered l-lysine, my life changed. I have probably had a handful of outbreaks since. In the past few years, I've switched to oil of oregano, a few drops under the tongue every day then a few drops under the tongue every few days.

What has also helped has been changing my diet. I've cut WAY back on chocolate and caffeine. I've eliminated peanuts completely. There are other foods and ingredients (argenine-rich) that can contribute to outbreaks and immune-suppression in general that I have eliminated as well.

I had a couple of URIs in the past few years. The first is what led me to using oil of oregano; got the second one when I stopped my daily oil of oregano usage due to other health concerns. When I got the second URI, I used a specific brand of aged garlic supplements to cure it.

The supplements also help strengthen immunity so I'm switching to those for continued immune system enhancement. The l-lysine worked well for me but I just feel like the garlic will work better for me overall at this point in my life.

What I've also found is that stress can add to higher occurrences of outbreaks as well as too much friction from "vigorous" or very frequent sex. Coconut oil really helps with the sex issue, both because it's good lubrication (not to be used with most condoms because it will degrade the material! ) and there's something in the coconut oil that fights viruses. (See the entries on genital herpes and coconut oil here on the site.)

My advice to people who are upset about having contracted the virus: get counseling to learn to handle the emotional roller coaster that might come with the diagnosis. Learn how to deal with stress through meditation, prayer, or whatever works.

You are NOT the virus. The virus is just an entity that co-exists in your body. It doesn't have to control your life. I know it's difficult getting the diagnosis but it's better to know you have it so you can take precautions not to pass it on to others.

Monolaurin, L-Lysine
Posted by Stargirl (Fayetteville, Nc) on 04/28/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from GH for two years. My outbreaks, although not very sever, would flair up monthly. Sometimes back to back. I've tried most of the remedies recommended on this site, but they mostly aleved the symptoms (ACV, coconut oil), but I wanted to prevent the flair ups; not just aleve the symptoms. After oregano oil caused a HUGE flair up I decided to do some more research and have found the perfect combination for me. I take (2) 990 mg of monolaurin acid along with (2) 500 mg of L-Lysine a day and viola no more flair ups! Monolaurin Acid has been studied and tested . "The monolauric acid essentially disintegrates the herpes virus within its own cell walls." I recommend anyone suffering from this terrible virus to research the effects of momolaurin acid. It really works. Going on 5 months symptom free and I refuse to go back!

General Feedback
Posted by Infected On Purpose (Ok) on 04/19/2017

This is totally my story but we're still together....but he's reminded daily of how lucky he is to have me

L-Lysine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Riley (Ottawa) on 04/14/2017

Do your research on oil of orgegano and olive leaf extract, oil of oregano actually is the only thing in the world that can cure the herpes virus!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nicole (Australia) on 04/11/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have found something even better. My last outbreak was a BAD one. I had a high fever because of it. I immediately went to the kitchen and took one tablespoon of l-lysine powder mixed with one teaspoon of vitamin c powder and a tablespoon of genuine new Zealand manuka honey mixed into a Luke warm half cup of purified water.

Made a turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup which is all I ate for the next three days and made up a small mixture of manuka honey, turmeric and vitamin c paste which I then slathered on to my entire vagina, I used a sanitary pad to stop the honey leakage and put on black pants (this stuff stains), laid a towel down and put myself to bed for the day while I ate bowls of turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup.

My soreness was completely gone by morning and by the next day I couldn't even tell I'd had an outbreak.

I was amazed. I've suffered for 10+ years, every outbreak lasting 7-12 days.

And now, thanks to my tireless research and trials, I have put together ingredients that cleared my outbreak within 24 hours.
I hope this helps someone.

ACV and Zovirax
Posted by Kat (Austin, Tx) on 04/02/2017

I agree about Genital Herpes not being as bad as most people make it out to be. I got it from my boyfriend in 2012. I had a very bad outbreak (that's how I knew I had it) & luckily had good insurance, although, besides diagnosing me and putting me on Valtrex, there wasn't much they could do.

Since 2012 I have had maybe 1 or 2 pimples/bumps (I wouldn't even call them sores) & I believe this low outbreak is due to me keeping my immune system up. I've tried Lysine & I guess it helps but really, it's about making sure you stay as healthy as possible. I take Tumeric, Vit. D, Omega 3's, Gingko Bibloa, 5 - HTP, & other various herbs that deal with stress and anxiety (valerian, passionflower etc.) I don't always take ALL of these but I intermittently use them. I also have started using Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic) occasionally. I eat organically whenever possible & quit smoking last year. I do occasionally drink alcohol but I have had to cut that back since it lowers my immunity. I try really hard to get into bed by no later than 11 pm & try to sleep at least 8 hours. I could/should start exercising again but MOSTLY for me? It's stress. If I keep my stress levels down? Then I'm good. I also have tried some meditation - nothing that takes more than 10 minutes but it helps. It takes time and persistence and it does NOT happen over night but I have not given it to my last 5 boyfriends (the virus) & I have not had a bump/pimple in about 2 years. Good luck & please do not see this as a dooms day thing. :-)

ACV and Zovirax
Posted by Suzanne (Spartanburg Sc ) on 02/23/2017

I've had genital herpes for 3 years. It's no big deal AT ALL. I've never given it to any of my partners and I've had several great boyfriends since. No one really cares. It's not some nightmare and it's not a life ender. People make it out to seem like that and it's a bunch of BS. 1 out of 5 people have herpes and of those that have it 90% don't even know. Even this page makes it seem like a big deal. Be safe, use protection, always tell your partner before you have sex, and take an anti-viral when you need to. I have one or two minor outbreaks per year. Don't let people scare you.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lynn (Florida) on 02/02/2017

35% hydrogen peroxide can also kill off parasites which can be a little toxic. This may contribute to the stomach feeling upset. Support the kidneys as they filter blood and do a colon cleanse to help remove parasites.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cherie (Ca) on 01/30/2017

On the do u prepare it for the skin...would be totally appreciative!!! ...thanks.

EC: Hello,

The poster used a few drops of Food Grade H202 in water and drank it daily. She did not use it externally. Look up more info on Food Grade Peroxide on Earth Clinic here.

Sodium Chlorite
Posted by Hope4cure (Az) on 01/27/2017

I just want to say thank you 1st because you've given me hope. I need to know if I should be taking sodium chlorite while taking albendazole or do I stop for the 8 days?


ACV, Flower Remedies, Diet, Tea Tree Soap
Posted by Earth Angel (Usa) on 01/18/2017

No nuts. They are high in arginine, which activates the virus.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Organicswan (Chicago Il) on 12/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I think you should tell your spouse. I have had the horrible GH for 2years and since finding out the horrible news I have had multiple boyfriends and partners. Which I tearfully have told them all and crazy thing they are very accepting an comforting about it. I do have to admit I try to eat very healthy and try to maintain a healthy life style with occasional smoking (weed) and drinking but its about the mindset I have had one noticeable outbreak since having my initial outbreak and I took the valtrex continuously for a while too just too keep me from having an outbreak.

Anyhow, the apple cider works but sparingly. I think its best when mixed with something such as peroxide or water. Oh and the best thing if you ever have an outbreak is too put honey on the sores. It helps with the pain and itching. I read somewhere that honey is an antifungal or something like that but it helped me and even if I feel a slight tingle down there I first clean the area with water, dap with a towel or paper towel your choice. Wipe with the area with alcohol and let air dry for a minute then apply ACV then literally a dab of honey and the tingle goes away. But hey everyones body is different.

But to all people my advice is to drink a lot of water, eat raw veggies and if you don't like raw fruits and veggies make a smoothie an add as little of sweetener as possible but I promise you'll notice the difference in a week.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Happy (Arizona ) on 12/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had genital herpes so bad that I was breaking out in sores back to back. I never told my doctor that I had herpes because of the embarrassment and the fact that those findings must be reported to the BOH. My immune system had taken a dive, the lysine use to work, but all of a sudden it stop. The sores were coming out on my buttock, labia, and anus. I started the food grade H202 regimen 16 days ago and have not had further out breaks of herpes. I will continue the treatments for 3-5 months, but in a tapering dose and ending in a maintenance dose. I believe that after 30 days the virus will be totally eradicated, if not before. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I contracted herpes as a child while being raped, but I only broke out once in 25 years. I noticed the increase of outbreaks in the last 2 years. Then in the last 6 months or so they were coming more frequent, until it became back to back, even before a sore healed, more were coming. I was almost at the point where I was being forced to finally tell my PCP, for I knew I needed something to stop the outbreaks, and God brought to my attention the H202. Now I'm feeling clean and can be in a relationship, for I was feeling very lonely, but I couldn't tell anyone and didn't want to spread it. This was God sent, he heard my many cries, even on the 16 day-16 drops, I feel that the virus is more that 90% gone, but I'm only speculating. I just know that there has been no further outbreaks. I'm so happy now, I can have a normal life. Thank you God for the cleansing.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tracy (Florida) on 12/13/2016

Have you retested since finishing the h202 therapy?

Onion Family (Onions, Garlic, Celery, Thyme)
Posted by Tezcurry (Michigan) on 12/07/2016

I newly diagnosed. I'm pretty late on this but I really wanna know how can I do this so I can be cure I wanna know step by step. Can anyone advise a recipe?

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Monique (Australia) on 12/06/2016

D from Memphis, can you please tell me how you use the peroxide??

Posted by Miss S (Uk) on 11/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Genital Herpes - Having had this virus for many years and under treatment by my doctors I decided to try natural approaches since you have to have a break from the meds. I was on acyclovir which just suppresses the viruses and it's a lot of tablets and rather embarrassing carrying them everywhere. I tried Lysine which did not help and various vitamins and eventually was taking vitamin C and Zinc daily which seemed to help.

I've since discovered taking zinc regularly 10-15mg a day I didn't have breakouts for my longest time ever. My tummy gets sensitive so I do miss days but if I ever feel a tingle I take a double dose of Zinc that day and it completely goes away. I have a hectic lifestyle and under stress this has helped me a lot.

One other thing I do is cut out sweet/sugary foods and drinks and have these occasionally. I mostly drink 1-1.5 litres of water a day, to keep my body PH good/alkaline. I do drink alcohol, and now try to have days off allowing my body time to recover as this affects my Ph balance. Too much refined sugar and lack of sleep guarantees a tingle for me.

The Zinc is my solution since I rarely take vitamin C now and I feel fine without it. I hope it works for you.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Pepe (Uk) on 11/22/2016

I just wanted to add that I tried oregano essential oil once and couldn't continue because it burned too much. BUT I bought some edible oregano oil which in the product description, listed the therapeutic effects on viruses. So, I'm going to try this for a month or so. I'll update with any positive results (hopefully! )

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jay (Orlando ) on 11/07/2016

I have been recently diagnosed and have been researching methods. It sounds like apple cider could be one of your "triggers" . Mixing coconut oil and tea tree oil helps me.

Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 10/11/2016

Thank you, Oscar, for clarifying that for us. I was concerned to see the poster was taking seven or so capsules each day. I hope this is a good day for you and that your pain level is coming down. So happy to see a couple of your posts recently! You are always helping others. If there is anything we could do to help you in some way, please just let us know and there will be a huge effort by so many on Earth Clinic who have benefited from your knowledge and research to get that help to you. You are a wonderful, giving, intelligent member of this group and we are sending you our prayers and best wishes that you will feel better. It is good to hear from you. You have been greatly missed! Take care!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Confusedaboutherpes (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/11/2016

I'm totally confused. I tested positive for H 2 years ago in June 2014. I didn't change a thing. A year later, I retested; surprisingly, I was negative. I was certain that the test was wrong, so I tested again & that test came back negative. I test every 4 months & my tests come back negative; however, I get mild itching. I still tell others that I have HSV-2 bc I thought once you are positive, you'll ALWAYS have it.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 10/11/2016

Yes Rsw, That is the dosage range I have discussed and recommended: one to two 250mg capsules of BHT with water only on an empty stomach. For those people who weigh more than 200 pounds some more BHT might be needed.

I spent years reading the many long, extensive WHO reports. One of those reports came out with a "No Observed Effects Level " or NOEL for BHT. When this WHO report says NOEL they are discussing ADVERSE or HARMFUL effects.

I will try and find that report and provide a link to it. Here is that link:

This is what it says at the bottom of this very long report:

4. EVALUATION In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0.3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

But the ADI IS 1/100th of that NOEL.

The ADI is defined as : ADI acceptable daily intake

So my recommendations are less than the NOEL but more than The ADI.

By the way: That long report answers just about every health concern you can imagine. It IS the most comprehensive report about BHT I know as to SAFETY concerns. ...Oscar

Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 10/09/2016

Hi Ladyme,

I am going from memory here, but I believe if you go back and read Oscar's BHT dosage recommendations, you are taking a much larger dose than he recommended. One or two 250 a 500 mg. capsules/day, depending on your size, is what I think he said.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cg (Ca) on 10/08/2016

I have noticed a similar pattern when taking ACV orally- anyone have credible information as to whether acidity increases recurrences?

Posted by Ladyme (U.s.a) on 10/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I've had hsv2 for almost 2 years night with an ex. I was suffering from this disease every single month. I only get outbreaks every 28 days..when it's that time of the month. I was nervous about trying BHT, but I'd already tried lots of other things and said why not. I tried the Oregano oil mixed with coconut oil...this didn't help at all. I've also tried extreme doses of Vitamin c and Lysine pills...this didn't help either. Finally I tried BHT, I ordered it from amazon. Because I know exactly when my outbreaks will happen, I started right away taking either 4 or 5 250mg pills in the morning with one full bottle of water. I'm now one month free of outbreaks. This is the longest I've ever gone without an outbreak, while I don't think I'm cured, I certainly think that I've found something that give me some sort of relief.

Also during the week when the outbreak was prone to come I took 2 more 250 mg pills at night so I was taking a total of 6 to 7 pills a day. During the time that I'm less likely to have an outbreak, I just take 4 pills in the morning. I will keep you guys posted hopefully I'll never have another one again. I've also bought the food grade peroxide, but haven't tried it yet because the BHT seems to be working. I hope I'm not taking too much of it.

General Feedback
Posted by Kkj (La) on 10/06/2016

Liposomal Vitamin C is nearly 10X better than reg vitamin C. You can also try Chaga Tea high in antioxidant boost your immune system ($20/lb will last you a for whole month)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Weeping (Virginia) on 09/18/2016

I have read all of your stories.

I am 53 and have had our little problem since age 23. I have learned to live with it. Taken ZrX prescribed by my doctor years ago. I went many years without anything happening. After my divorce I started seeing somebody that I respect more than anything in this world. The last person I wanted to tell. The first person I should've told.

So far all is well and I go through very hard times explaining I just cannot at times. I must say, life has been very hard. I have been looking for another solution other than mentioned medication above. I just ordered pure organic oregano oil. Three drops under the tongue mixed with a little olive oil for the duration of 3 to 5 minutes.

I have read many blogs on this. This is a terrible thing to live with but it is nothing to be ashamed of. I have not been with many people. It just happened. They say that there is a cure on the rise. If so I will be first in line. Until then know that you can have a normal life. Be honest with your partner

Pine Cone Extract
Posted by Sarah (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 09/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Pine cone extract works wonders for preventing herpes outbreaks.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Phaedra (Australia) on 09/04/2016

Putting the Oregano oil in a capsule would be easier I think. You could easily get 10 - 12 drops in and do that a few times a day. Make sure not to get Oregano on the outside of the capsule and then put vege oil on the outside so it will slide down your throat. I just put 1 drop on a Q-tip directly on the sore and it only stung mildly for about 5 mins.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jessica (San Antonio, Texas) on 08/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars


Using Apple cider vinegar before my sore bursts keeps them from bursting and itching. If they've already burst, add two cups to a warm bath! Provides hours of relief.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mel (Texas) on 08/19/2016

Hi. That's great news! I'm wondering; did you get tested for HSV1 IGM or IGG? IGG confirms you do/don't have the disease while IGM shows if your body is creating the antibodies. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tina (New York) on 08/09/2016

You need to dilute it. It burned me as well while I was using it without diluting. Works perfect now. Also oil of oregano.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shirley (Ny) on 07/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I know no one would probably believe this but I had a stomach operation many yrs ago. Since then I developed herpes all over my body. I was tested, and I thought I would loose my mind, the itching and pain was so bad. My legs swelled and I could barely walk. I started using the 35% food grade peroxide [garden of eden] put 2 cups into my tub filled with bath water and soaked. Also, I diluted the food grade peroxide with water and rubbed it all over my body every day 2 times a day. I am doing so much better.

Now I'm going to start with taking it internally 2 drops twice a day and I will increase it each day. What I've found to really work well is olive leaf extract and n-a-c. I use them together. I can tell it's working, feel so much better. I rub the peroxide on the bottom and top of my spine. That is where the virus lives.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Won'tbackdown (Fl) on 07/20/2016
0 out of 5 stars

I have to agree. I am currently suffering an outbreak and have tried several of these remedies in hope of some relief. I applied ACV on a cotton ball to my sores. It has burned the skin and it looks awful!!! It has definitely made it a lot worse for me. I do, however, believe in ACV. I drink 2 table spoons in distilled water twice a day for my allergies and is helped there. Just don't put it on your skin!! Or at least use caution!!!

Neem Seed Oil
Posted by Hope2 (Ny) on 07/15/2016

I ingested 4 tablespoons of neem oil straight without capsule, and it did nothing for me. I just did it once.

Hypericum Mysorense
Posted by Ali (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/14/2016

I used this also along with bio 88 another product on the site. I had the same amazing results.

Hypericum Mysorense
Posted by Ali (Atlanta, Georgia ) on 07/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all,

I have used this site for all kinds of aliments. I found something that worked so well I felt I owed to all the other sufferers out there to post. I have tried many things for herpes on this site, some with a little success. I have spent thousands trying different options. I got this about five years go, however it didn't manifest until around two years ago. It progressively got worse. I went from an outbreak every few mos to every month almost. I was at my wits end but I never lost hope. I knew God would have an answer. I had tried everything except for a few very expensive options. I would check the web periodically to see if something new had popped up. I found a few blogs recommending Hypericum mysorense (2pills a day) and nosodes (5 drops 3x a day)I had nothing to loose. I started using them both two months ago and all symptoms vanished almost immediately. I still had small amounts of sugar and alcohol and I was still good. This has been my miracle. Ali

General Feedback
Posted by Vsherry9 (Detroit, Mi) on 07/11/2016

I've never heard of medicinal mushrooms, but I did try olive leaf extract for a year, continuously twice a day at the exact same time each day, but it did nothing. I will research the medicinal mushrooms however.

General Feedback
Posted by Vsherry9 (Detroit, Mi) on 07/11/2016

I'm sorry I'm so late replying, but I will give it a try, it is however this many months later & I am still having outbreaks. This is definitely on my list of things to try. Thank you!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cyn (California ) on 07/10/2016

Do you just inhale it?

EC: Please see the H2o2 inhalation method on Earth Clinic here.

Olive Leaf Extract
Posted by Do Over (Maine) on 06/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Massive, miserable outbreak had been going on for at least 6 weeks when I finally decided to try Olive Leaf extract. Itching, burning, misery nearly gone by the next day. I didn't mess around and went to the health food store and bought the best grade I could find. Taking (2) 900 mg+ per serving every day. Take between meals on an empty stomach. Symptoms often return if I miss a few days. Cost is about .76 cents per day.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Karen (Belleville, Mi) on 06/13/2016
3 out of 5 stars

I've been diagnosed with GH for little over a year now (my fiancée had had GH for 6-7) We both came into our relationship with GH from prior partners. There is hope having GH AND a normal relationship!

Anyway.....I was put on Valtrex immediately upon my diagnosis. They always say your first outbreak is your worst....well the one I'm currently on is a close second. We both have had small outbreaks over the last year we've been together; we thought that one was free and outbreak free, passed it on to the other. It's been a pretty crappy cycle. I stopped taking the Valtrex (and it's generic) for not only how ungodly expensive it is, but because the side effects are terrible. I know that I will be one of the people that will say we both don't want to be on a pill for the rest of our lives.

I have tried coconut oil to the affected areas, no luck. I have tried rubbing alcohol (holy hell the burning was terrible), and peroxide. I have also tried Lysine (not since I've been diagnosed with GH). I plan on trying the Lysine and Bach remedies for sure.

I have changed my diet, I get daily exercise, and I try to stay away from as many sick people as possible. Having GH means that we ALL have an auto - immune disorder, we stay sicker longer and when when we're sick....we get outbreaks. I have also noticed that simply changing your body wash, is also a huge difference too. I used to use body wash; but after having back to back outbreaks, I have been using Dial antibacterial bar soap during my showers. And that alone has helped my outbreaks. Females have more outbreaks than males. So we have to kill as much bacteria down there as possible.

I also have psoriasis, which is genetic and another autoimmune disorder. Many women suffer from endometriosis, and if you're one of those unlucky women like me...nothing has worked. I have noticed that when my hormones are off, I have an outbreak. This last one was because of my Lupron shot, I'm having a forced menopause at 26 because my "monthly visitor" has became so excruciating painful...that I'm on a shot to kill the cells in my ovaries.

Since I have been on this last outbreak for the past 2 almost 3 weeks, I am using witch hazel. Specifically the Tuck's (or walmart brand) Hemorrhoidal Pads when I go to the bathroom. The witch hazel has helped shrink the lesions, and will eventually dry up. Since I have been using the wipe pads the last 4 days, I can now use the ladies room in peace! No burning or itching! The last 4 days, I have noticed less itching, hardly any burning or itching, and the sores are going away. The pads have witch hazel, and a hemmroidal astringent in it. So there is some type of cooling sensation, and some numbing. I'm not saying it's a cure, but witch hazel does help with the sores and bathroom usage. I got the equate pads at walmart. 200 pads for $7.

After reading some of the awesome suggestions on here, I plan on trying the Bach Flower remedy soon for the both of us.

Also, you can spread it from your genitals to your butt crack (and sometimes inside) if you use the same wipe, piece of toilet paper, etc. Be careful with your hand washing and cuts. Herpes isn't just a virus, it's in your bloodstream. Don't share toothbrushes, razors, shower loofahs, towels.

Hope this all helps!

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shawn (Il) on 05/31/2016

How strict were you with the peroxide routine?
Must you take it 3 hours before or after on a empty stomach?
Must the dosage go up to 25 drops 3 times a day?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Whaddup (Usa) on 05/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Yo! I got diagnosed with genital herpes on Tuesday (it's Thursday) and dude I was buggin but I it will be okay!!! Okay I'll start with the details on finding out I have herpes.

So obviously this is my first outbreak. About a week and a half ago I started having flu like symptoms (fever, chills, fatigue) and eventually my tonsils started swelling. I went to a walk in clinic two days ago and they just said I had a virus and sent me away! A couple days before that I noticed some discomfort between my vagina and bumhole, I assumed it was tearing which has happened before but after I went to the walk in clinic I still just felt like something was I checked down there and noticed three or four whitish, round blisters, they didn't even really look like blisters! Then I googled herpes symptoms and read that the first time can give you flu like symptoms so I immediately went to planned parenthood and learned that I do indeed have herpes.

So up until I went to planned parenthood I really hadn't experienced much pain, but I think the gynoi saw popped my blisters to test the fluid so after this I started hurting pretty bad...I didn't take any painkillers or put anything on the sores. I was too afraid to even look at them and usually when I have any kind of sore I feel it's best to leave it alone and let it do its work, but the next day was so horrible. I couldn't go pee unless I was in the shower, I was working as a nanny and just couldn't even move. I thought I must have a horrible case of herpes, I didn't realize it was so painful. I decided to take some ibuprofen which helped a little...but I was still in horrifying pain. I had to do something! So...

I have used coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for several things in my life, especially skin care so I already felt confident in its abilities, but I was in so much pain I just didn't want to make things worse, but I was desperate. I took a shower and rinsed everything with water. Then I mixed about 5 parts water with on part Apple Cider Vinegar and spiked a wash cloth with the solution. I laid in on my whole crotch for about 20 seconds. YES IT STUNG, it did not feel good but it also didn't feel any worse than when I pee. After that I let everything air dry for about 10 minutes. I still felt stinging, I was so worried I have made things worse! Then I coated one side of a wash cloth with coconut oil and laid that on my crotch for about 5 minutes, then took it off and left the coconut oil on the sores. I did all of this right before bed. After it all I was still in a lot of pain, but it felt different than what I had been felt like somethings was happening hat wasn't before of that makes sense...

Anyways, I fell asleep and didn't wake up for six hours! I hadn't slept that long in like two weeks. And oh my goodness I fell a lot better. I took a quick shower to rinse everything off and letting the water ribbon the sores didn't hurt as much as the day before, neither did peeing. So I went through the same acv/coconut ops process as the night before and the Apple Cider Vinegar barely stung at all!!! I was so happy, it was a lot easier to move around. I'm at work right now and I just feel so much more comfortable than yesterday. This is my first outbreak which is supposed to be the worst and I've only had visible sores for 4-5 days and I feel like they're getting so much better. I'm so glad I went through with the Apple Cider Vinegar and coconut oil! The oil really soothes the pain and itching.

So I would totally recommend both products for anyone with herpes. I would suggest heavily diluting the vinegar to see how your skin reacts. If you're nervous/skeptical I would at least try the coconut oil, it's so soothing!

Good luck all, I know this sucks :( but it happens! I have been reading about how to prevent future outbreaks and basically you just have to live a healthy life! Eat well, sleep exercise, stress management! These are all things I should be doing anyways but now I have a lot more motivation to keep up with it. You can get through this guys!!! You're not alone, and it does get better. You will feel better soon I promise. Peace and love.

Antiviral Cleanse
Posted by Looking4naturalcureforh2 (Atl) on 05/09/2016

Thank you for sharing information. It's been several years, but would you or others mind sharing info on test results. Mine is around 7.2 for H2. Want to bring it down to less than .91 for negative using natural way. I have been lucky not to have serious OBs, just minor, 2 so far.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Elia (Sioux Falls ) on 04/21/2016

I got genital herpes and I'm wondering if I pop the cold sores and put tea tree oil how long does it take for the blisters to go away! I'm freaken out please help!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lm (Ny) on 04/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HSV 2 approximately 5 years ago and never had an outbreak until 2 days ago. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on the blisters the very first day and even slept with a cotton ball drenched in ACV on the blisters. This made the blisters get larger. So I began applying oil of oregano without diluting it and baking soda. And I was amazed by the results. My blisters dried out in a few hours. I keep taking the oil of oregano orally 3 times a day and I also rub it on the base of my spinal cord. I also take L-Lysine 1000mg 3-4 times a day and ChlorOxygen twice a day.

I'm on day 3 since the outbreak and my blisters are almost gone. I have discharge and discomfort but that's about it. I simply cannot believe my eyes, as I heard it takes at least 14 days to get rid of the outbreak.

Oil of oregano is quite potent people!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Anonymous (California) on 04/04/2016

I was just wondering if this is really a cure? I am very interested in knowing because I have been dealing with this problem since 2008 and I have been trying to research a lot of different home remedies that I can use to get rid of this issue. Although I don't have outbreaks on a regular basis, but I do have them, but only in my genital area.

I have been using acyclovir and recently I started using Olive Leaf Extract, the Pills, which I got from a all natural medicine shop. Just recently I researched that pure Unrefined Coconut Oil helps dramatically. I personally have not yet tried it for a long period of time, but reading your story, I feel like it is very similar to mines. I would love for you to reply back to me and maybe help me through this process.

I would love to have my life back and maybe possibly even one day, have a family. I am scared that I might never be able to have kids because of this problem. If this, what you wrote above is accurate and very true. Also if the test have proven that it is completely gone from your system, body, blood-stream and etc. I would love to speak to you and really find out if this is all true. I have read a lot of stories about people finding cures for HSV2 and some of them are not TRUE at all. Your story however seems like it could be true just because like I said our stories are very similar. So please let me know if you could help! Thank you.. and if everything is correct and this is true that you have been cured, well then congratulations to you!

Oregano Oil, DMSO
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 03/27/2016

Dmso is a chemical that needs to be handled appropriately. It has been used by more than 500 million people but it still needs certain precautions in its use.

As you found out in a hurry dmso acts as a carrier to transport other chemicals deep into tissues. You got to be careful what you mix dmso with since it penetrates skin just like a hypodermic needle.

Mixing dmso with unknown materials is a really bad idea. Dmso is a liquid not a gel therefore the ingredients composing the gel can be absorbed into your body and blood stream. same goes for the oregano oil. Herbs are like any other food crop frequently contaminated with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. These unidentified chemicals if present can be absorbed into your skin as well. The same can be said of the soaps or lotions on your skin.

People sometimes use antibacterial soaps thinking they are doing their bodies a favor by putting dioxin related carcinogenic chemicals on the skin.

The fda does not regulate chemicals such as soaps and cosmetics applied externally. A surprising number of skin care products are very dangerous.

I found one mascara eye liner product that actually used mercury as a preservative!

Some products like most sunscreens for example actually cause skin cancer! a test of more than 150 leading sun screen products was conducted and it was found that the vast majority contained cancer causing chemicals in them.

I discoverd one sunscreen product that contained lead and mercury, I could not believe my eyes when I read the report.

Moral of the story: dmso needs handled with respect. It is a safe product if used safely and a dangerous product if used dangerously.

For treatment of herpes, use dmso on clean skin all by its self.

Always reduce dmso before use 50/50 with water.

Oregano Oil, DMSO
Posted by Anoymous (London) on 03/26/2016
1 out of 5 stars


Please, please, please, please, please stay well clear of using DMSO gel with oregano oil. It is extremely dangerous because it goes into your system and burns everything in its path. I had contracted genital herpes and sought every remedy online. I had some success with olive leaf extract but knew deep inside that there probably was a better day but ran out of patience. I had read online that people started rubbing oregano oil on their spine and mixing this with DMSO to take this deep into the nervous system to kill the herpes virus. Whilst this is true, the oregano oil kills everything in its path. That includes your good nerves and myelin sheaths which surrounds your nerves!!

After rubbing DMSO with oregano oil for only 3 days I had to stop as the oregano oil burned my skin which turned ash black and I had to be rushed to hospital suffering from dizziness. I've never had dizziness in my life. Within a few days my legs felt really heavy and I had to take a week off work. I have not been to the gym for two months now despite always going three times a week and I haven't been able to run since. My legs still feel heavy and I still feel dizzy. I have scarring where I put the oregano oil on my lower spine.

I am praying for my full recovery and really hope that I can warn everyone not to be so foolish and stupid as I was which was to follow a dangerous hint online which no doctor in the world would recommend. Oregano oil might be ok but mixed with DMSO and this takes this straight deep into the skin and starts burning its way through your myelin sheaths (protective coat which surrounds the nerves). If the myelin sheaths are damaged you will suffer the SAME side effects as someone who has Multiple Sclerosis.

I am slowly getting better but some days I wake up and feel I can barely move.

Weirdly, I bought the DMSO three months ago and my gut instinct said it was bad to use this but my head thought it knew better. Now I will never ignore my intuition ever again.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Monet (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/22/2016

I've had hsv2 since 08/13. I used to take Valtrex but it made me very nauseous. I just came upon your post & am interested. I've read the protocol you've listed & was wondering after the first 16 days, how would I increase? By one drop or two??

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by D (Memphis) on 02/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The peroxide worked for Hsv 1. I was diagnosed in 10/2012. I started the regiment. It was gone when I had my annual exam 4/2013.

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Jamesbond (Australia) on 02/22/2016

Hey I just orded PV & Monolaurin. Are you still OB free ?

Thanks! Hope you're well :)

Posted by Jill (Bklyn) on 02/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've had hsv 1 &2 for about 10 yrs..had ONLY 1 OB on my lips (first sign of hsv 1), since then I've always applied abreva daily on my lips in the morn and before I go to bed. I've also used flounder for yrs, thus reducing OB. I used too much and it affected my liver so I stopped.

In December 2015, I started using wheatgrass juice powder, mixed in with real pure coconut water(herbalist recommendation), mixed in a shaker bottle or mug for easy dissolving. Ps take on empty stomach, wait for half hour to 1 hr before consuming any thing else. Take 1 scoop or 2,2-3x daily then decrease to one scoop.

I've had no vaginal or facial ob since. This enables me to eat a more regular diet still avoiding sugar, chocolate and the no no's for herpes. I eat rice sparingly. I eat meat sparingly because I have a hard time stopping. I am stress free and feel so relieved. I blend organic veggie drinks 2x daily, one after I take morning wheatgrass. I live in Bklyn and has access to multiple organic stores, so when fresh wheatgrass is available, I blend in my nutribullet Rx with coconut water.

Ps cut wheat grass in half inch pieces. I believe if I change my diet...disease will go, because I've heard of others who got cured by using wheatgrass, dietary changes got retested and having a clean bill of health.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Bama (Bama) on 02/17/2016

Who cares if a cure is suppressed? You know herpes is virus, take all the natural antivirals you can, do what you can to optimize your health and move forward. Sometimes the "cure" is worse than the disease, as when a drug cures a disease but causes other disease.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Connor (Carmel, Indiana ) on 02/16/2016

I just recently contracted herpes so I have not had it long. I firmly beileve that it is not incurable. I believe there is a cure but we aren't allowed to know it since there's so much many info just suppressing the virus. I have researched and researched and I have read numerous articles as well as people's stories about how it is indeed possible to cure herpes with 100% oregano oil. I'm going to be buying some soon as well as changing my diet as it was suggested. Just really want to hear thoughts on this. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Herb Med (California) on 02/17/2016

This is wrong: suggesting that women or anyone else for that matter, "use a cotton ball with ACV and tape it in place of the sore over night". depending on the type of skin, some skin types can handle the acid, other type of more sensitive skin may get damaged from acid burn. -- A lady stated in this forum that just by applying ACV a couple of times per day, her skin turned raw and she could hardly sit. Imagine if she had taped the acid to her skin over night.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Herb Med (California) on 02/17/2016

Apple Cider Vinegar is ACID. So, acid burns the skin. If you were to leave it there long enough, days, it may very well burn a hole in your skin. Garlic, the juice, is a very powerful ACID as well.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Dd (Midweat) on 02/11/2016

I just started the Oil of Oregano but want to do the OLE protocol. I'll keep all informed. I am am now reading the MMS protocol also. But one step at a time.

Keeping hope alive thru these forums!! Thank you so much.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sylvia (West Virginia) on 01/31/2016

any update on this??

Coconut Oil, Oregano Oil
Posted by Tessa (Mo - Missouri) on 01/27/2016

What do you mean "Taking oregano oil" like swallowing it in water or taking it as a pill? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hypericum Mysorense
Posted by Alan (London) on 01/27/2016

hi can you tell me the website you got the Hypericum Mysorense from?

Sodium Chlorite
Posted by Gjp (Grove City, Ohio) on 12/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 on January 2014. I'm Chemist and since then I was investigating report of possible cures. To make the story short, I found Sodium Chlorite 28% and Dr. Hulda Clark theory how they virus survived to medication. Put the two together and found the cure to my problem. I used Sodium Chlorite 28% Drops in a gel cap fill to the half with sugar and then added the 9 drops of sodium chlorite 28% and drank this with four ounces of Gatorade orange or Seven UP. Then on Full moon start taking Albendazole 400 mg every 12 hours per 8 days to kill all the parasite in my system. Repeat for three full moon circle. I did that on May 2014 since then I did not suffer any more OB. Has been 19 month and I been free. I tested for HSV-1 and HSV-2 using the PCR RNA method and came negative for both virus. If you need proof of this you can email me. The way how to use Sodium Chlorite is in a pdf that I can send to you.

Here is my Facebook group page:

Instructions on how to use sodium chlorite here

How to Use?

Begin preparing your body for two weeks by ingesting a quarter of your total weight drops by following the table below. For example for a weight of 190 the total drops is 36 drops and the initial drops for two weeks is 9, I.e. 36 divided by 4. In addition to this take one tablespoon of Honey mix with one teaspoon of Cinnamon every morning with empty stomach, and 30 minute before each meal.

Based on the example above, every night before bed take 9 drops of Sodium Chlorite in a gelatin capsule and a glass of water and sugar (34gr of sugar in 590ml of water). As an alternative you can use two ounces of Gatorade Orange Flavor and 9 drops of Sodium Chlorite in the gel cap with no sugar. If you don't have gel caps you can put the drops directly in the two ounces of Gatorade and drink immediately. Seven Up is another option to Gatorade but Gatorade is preferred for its stronger effectiveness.

If at any time during those two weeks you suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, stop the process and wait for 24 hours. Taking a break will remove the effects of the pathogens. Continue for another two weeks until you get this process smoothly. YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR BODY IS CLEAN.

Four Times a Day Method (after 2 weeks)

Time Dosage: Morning, Afternoon, Night time

Take one dose four times a day. Take the dose two hours after meals for the duration of 21 days or until your condition is removed. The last two doses at night, you will take in one hour difference before going bed. Example, take 9 drops at 9 PM then another 9 drops at 10 pm.

If you have no improvements during the first week assess other factors that can affect the process to not work such as modifying your diet or the dosage.

The following should not be taken when doing this procedure.

Avoid at all costs, the consumption of antioxidant products consumed two hours before and two hours after MMS finished ingestion. Among the most Antioxidants: Vitamin C , Natural Juices Bottled juices with Vitamin C added, COFFEE, TEA or any natural stimulant beverage.

Suggestion: (Important)

Add Activated Charcoal and Sea Water when run this method. Once you enter to the second phase add probiotics to keep your intestinal flora healthy.

Stabilized Oxygen
Posted by Angela (Atlanta Ga) on 12/09/2015

What was your test results after you went back to the doctor to get tested?

Olive Leaf and Turmeric
Posted by Kristin (Massachusetts) on 12/03/2015

Wanted to the olive leaf worked and did you repeat blood work after taking olive leaf and if so, did you get a negative test result?

Urine Therapy
Posted by Trevor (Thailand) on 11/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I got Herpes in March 2013. I had read about urine therapy in the past and got further information online. Many people in a forum had success with it. The only negative was will it come back if the therapy is stopped. Initially I took it internally several times a day plus leaving a small amount under my tongue for at least 20 minutes. It cleared after about 4-5 weeks.

A couple of months later I only had 2 small spots. That went after a short time and I've had no outbreaks since. It's been 2 and a half years. I still use the therapy.

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