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Posted by Sara (Houston, Texas)

For herpes, break open a vitamin A capsule and apply. I've tried everything. This helps me prevent a full blown outbreak. I get the virus on my nose!

Herpes and Sex Lube

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Posted by Ann O (US) on 05/29/2008


I was reading the Herpes pages, and someone mentioned to avoid foods and drinks with arginine. I think everyone should know that virtually all sex lubricants on the market contain arginine! I have not been able to find one that did not contain this, and it causes outbreaks immediately.

Replied by Stephani
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)


I had used astroglide with warming last week and immediately I got bacterial vaginosis, my lymph nodes swelled, and I had a herpes outbreak (worst one in about 15 years).

I am not sure if the astroglide caused the BV and outbreak because I have used regular astroglide before with no problems. It could also be the lidocaine my boyfriend used to desensitize his penis and prolong his erection.

If anyone knows about lidocaine or astroglide causing BV and herpes outbreaks; let me know.

I am currently taking L-Lysine capsules (2000 mg a day), ACV, Acidopolis, and Folic acid.

Replied by Rosy
(Orlando, Fl)

I would suggest only using all natural personal lubricants. I like a product called Silk. It is sold on Most conventional lubricants contain petrochemicals, which are not the best for vaginal flora.

Replied by Carol
(Bakersfield, Ca, USA)

Just a quickie!! the best lubricant of all is virgin coconut oil!! Causes no problems and smells good too.

Replied by June
(KC, KS)

I agree, Carol, coconut oil does work well for this purpose!

Replied by Kathleen
(San Antonio, Texas)

Latex and oils shouldn't be used together. The oil will break down the latex. My understanding is that non latex male condoms are not as effective. Female condoms are not latex and have a higher success rate so might be a good choice to use with coconut oil. Drawback is that they are more expensive.

Replied by Brooke
(Dallas, Texas)

My husband and I have been using coconut oil as a lubricant for a long time. The coconut oil soothes my skin whereas other lubes I have used would just irritate me. It was a pain to have to heat the oil every time to get it to liquefy and of course scooping it out of a jar isn't hygienic unless you use a spoon - another mood killer. During my OB appointment last month my doctor recommended a product called SemPure. It is 100% coconut oil, but stays liquid at room temperature. No more heating or scooping! We have been using for a few weeks and love it. Like other oils we can't use it with latex, but it does fine with polyurethane condoms.

Replied by K-t
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Thank you, This is true I think. I have GH. But with the herbs and lysine I take. Mostly few outbreaks...

But I noticed that with condoms. I was getting small OB everytime. Condoms with lube. So now I understand. Thank you. And I hope other notice this too. Sex is important to me, so finding best way to act normal. Is great!!

Herpes Outbreak Prevention Tips

Posted by Kelly (Dallas, Texas) on 07/26/2011

While reading the various treatments others have posted for herpes, which I will try some of these myself, I have not read what symptoms people notice they are having prior to an out break. Getting more in touch with your body's symptoms prior to an outbreak can completely prevent the outbreak altogether as the virus can be suppressed.

I will have fatique for sure... Also my "nerves will bother me" a lot! I will feel hot and cold, (sometimes but not always) and many times my stomach will rumble and act peculiar 24-48 hours prior to an outbreak. I have very carefully learned this over the years.

I have to avoid completely eating any type of acidy foods like tomatoes, tomatoe sauces, orange juice, jalapenos or spicy types of foods. Acidophilus tablets double or even tripling the normal dose along with eating yogurt is very helpful. If you have valtrex or similar product, acylovir and take as soon as you notice symptoms this will allow the virus to calm down and then go dormant as apposed to raising to the surface of the skin. Pay attention to feeling of your neck on each side, near the glands as this usually is very tender and hurts right before an outbreak occurs on the skin. If you feel it is coming to the surface but has not formed yet a sore, usually doubling the medication at that point will help that the sore is greatly reduced from what it could of been without taking it.

Also the nerve endings are effected by the virus so taking B vitamins and mineral supplements that help the nerves will be greatly effective in calming down the system and helping in suppressing the virus. Stay away from stressful situations as much as possible if you can and use deep breathing really helps....


Posted by Alice (Billings, Montana, Usa) on 02/11/2012

If you are finding a herpes fighting solution than Dalinex is an effective homeopathic formula. It can be taken without any risk as it is made from organic products that do not causes any harm on the body.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Andrew (Kingston, Jamaica ) on 05/30/2022

For me so far I can, I've been having outbreaks almost every 2 weeks sometimes once a month based on if I'm on meds like lysine or prescription meds. I've had herpes for almost 4 years I think I got it from a partner but I don't know which one.

I've tried so many experiments like herbal remedies and even home remedies but none helped me like how I see HP does it even stops my genital herpes outbreaks. I hope when I get the food grade one it stops it completely for sure. I recently started using HP oral topically and I'm seeing great results. I notice it blocks the genital outbreaks but the oral ones still come I'm confused as to why but I'll be purchasing the Food grade HP to experiment again.

I hope this helps anyone struggling with this pest of a virus

Replied by Cured1012
(Los Angeles ca)

Hello I have been experiencing genital herpes since since 2007. I have had one ob after another. My md put me on valtrex since 2008 and took valtrex for about ten years. I started taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in 2018 for about one month, when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My outbreaks stopped for about three months. I was not on valtrex for those three months. Because I had a foot removed from my colon my healer and I decided for me not to go on the fghp. After three months of I began to experience ob again. I decided not to go back on valtrex and went two years having back to back ob. It was very taxing to my ego and self esteem.

During this two years I was on a plant based diet and tried everything. Lysine, monosaurin, olive leaf, ozone, tea tree oil, Dr.Robert Morse, oregano oil. After about two years I stayed on some of the supplements and got back on 1/8 of a dose of valtrex that I used to take and I had very infrequent obs. I have purchased fghp and want to circle back to ingest it and follow the one minute cure book protocol. I promise to report back on whether my body responds. I'm pretty hopeful. Anyone have any tips they may want to share I'm all ears. We're all in this together and know once I'm cured will be there to help others as much as I can to help them get past their herpes.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by BigRed (Wisconsin) on 04/19/2021

in response to:

Hope (Newcastle, Nsw) on 11/18/2009, who wrote: I'm currently reading up on MMS as I was diagnosed with HSV2 in July this year, I was wondering how long you have to use MMS for? and once you stop using MMS will my HSV2 outbreaks re-occur?

Try Madison Cavanaugh's protocol with 35% solution Hydrogen Peroxide. Read her book titled "one minute cure". It works! I had HSV2 and broke out with it once a month for over three years until I discovered Madison's book.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Quinn K. (Palm Beach, FL) on 11/28/2020

I honestly couldn't pinpoint when or how I picked up gen herpes. I've had it years before I got it confirmed. Although I had a pretty wild college life, I've never had unprotected sex until I was ready to have a baby after getting married. So I just never thought it possibly, now I know it could have come through several ways, not just two touching genitals.

Anywho, as my family and work life grew, so did the frequency of outbreaks. They were coming at minimum, every month, sometimes 2-3 times a month. They never spread into big patches, always just a blister or a few, but the regularity and size-to-pain ratio is what finally made me think “God, please don't tell me I have herpes” and I got checked. Yep. I had got it.

I knew I wasn't going on antivirals so I started taking lysine, vitamin C, and oregano. It helped a lot, reducing the severity of outbreaks and even stopping them, but I found myself mega doses of lysine, like 3k-8k mg, when I felt one coming on, especially when it would cone aggressively and stubbornly.

I then began to hear about a rare number of people messing their kidneys up with lysine and stopped taking it right away. I had a short period when the outbreaks reduced greatly and I didn't see one for months. Then they slowly crept back. I tried tea tree oil which is supposed to help, the problem was, if not diluted properly, due to its strength, it can irritate the skin causing temporary damage, which actually allows the virus to come through and then the skin is too irritated to use anything else. With now five kids and a spouse (who's never shown signs of having it), the stress of an outbreak and me contaminating our home was horrible. Sitting in a meeting wondering if people could see my discomfort on my face was terrible.

Not wanting to get back in lysine, and not wanting to use irritating essential oils, I decided to try peroxide. I was worried it would burn me up, but surprisingly it didn't. I would get that tingle or itch or vibrating nerve feeling and apply peroxide. Magically I wouldn't get an OB. I've been doing this for over six months and no outbreak has come through.

Here's my routine that always works for me:

1. Peroxide. Using a spray bottle (you can find a peroxide spray at grocery store or in-line and use regular peroxide bottles to refill.) spray on a baby wipe or directly and dab any area that itches, tingles, and any genital area that ever had a breakout. Do this after using the restroom or even if you feel one coming on.

2. If you nice any irritation at all, add virgin coconut oil to this. You can rub some on a baby wipe and then spray it with peroxide. This blends it in your skin perfectly. You can even do this with no irritation, it just adds an extra step.

3. If you have a particularly aggressive threat of an outbreak, one that doesn't seem to want to let off, hit the shower. Even if you've already had one that day. Spray your whole genital area with the hottest water you can handle down there. Front and back. This kills the shedded virus on the skin and virus close to the skin that's still in the nerves and often chases it away. When you're done drying off, follow 1. And 2.

Keeping your genital area clean, front and back, is super important. My doctor, who is also a good buddy from college, said one of the biggest outside influences to an outbreak is being unclean and/or sweaty. Bacteria and sweat seem to make a happy environment for an OB. So even when you don't want to, shower the bastards off of you.

Try not to stress. When you feel the signs, inhale deep, and exhale. You'll be fine! Just try my tips!

I would go into dietary changes, but for me, what I eat doesn't seem to matter. I've been on a fully lysine diet, outbreaks. I've done high arginine diets, no increase in outbreaks. So this is a personal decision, and should be based on how diet affects your OBs.

This isn't a cure, but it sure beats drugs and for me, this has worked 100% of the time, coming from someone who was getting multiple outbreaks a month.

Best of luck.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Gridkeeper (Dc) on 07/13/2020

I had HSV-2 since 2015, I experienced the lowest lows of my entire life. I was hopeless, lost my joy, and really wasn't happy at all. I tried all manner of treatments over the course of years, and eventually to tried 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

I read various forums and found some people that had used it reported favorable results, some that even claimed that it cured them, and some reported that they didn't get good results. I figured that if it worked for some people it was worth a try for me. It seems to affect everyone a little differently.

HSV seems like a difficult virus to beat as it's quite resilient, so I hit it hard with the 35% hydrogen peroxide and eventually worked up to 25 drops 3x daily for 6 months in distilled water. I tried to eat as healthy as possible during this time, even eating a raw diet for about 3 months. After the 6 months of 25 drops a day 3x daily, I continued on lower maintenance doses for another 3 months. I wasn't super disciplined about the keeping the dose consistent, it was roughly 5-10 drops 3x daily, eventually tapering down to zero.

Since then, March 1, 2020, I have taken no medication or even supplements. I haven't had any breakouts, and I drink coffee all day, beer, and sometimes eat all kinds of junk food. I've had pizza, fries, you name it. I haven't gotten retested, but I haven;t had any issues for months now, so I'm going to see if it continues. I feel like it worked, because I had tons of issues previously.

I've come to believe that there are many suppressed cures/treatments. Other than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide that worked for me, there is the also the Bob Beck blood electrocution therapy, MMS/sodium chloride, which is a lot stronger than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, intravenous ozone, vitamin B17, Laetrile, and others.

I wouldn't recommend the particular protocol that I used unless you research 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide first because it's a bit extreme. Please do your own research about safe protocols. I was at such a low point in my life that it was worth it to me to risk possible side effects if I could possibly be cured.

For the record I didn't experience any side effects except for minor discomfort from taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on an empty stomach, and a little scratchiness in my throat. This protocol is hard to do at first, but then becomes routine, and for me it was well worth it and a hug blessing. My life was a living hell and now it's normal again. I thank God that I found out about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and suppressed cures.

Please feel free to ask me questions. I hope that you all succeed in your journey to beat this as I did.

Replied by Andrew

Are you going to get tested to see if the protocol worked? Or just go until you see an OB?

Replied by andrew

Do you know what your original test numbers were? Have you remained OB free? Do you plan on retesting?

Replied by Coleman

How are you feeling now? Has there been any new outbreaks since then?

Replied by Sarah

Where did you find the food grade peroxide? Will you give me the link and help me too? Please

Replied by M.M
(Denver, CO)

Would you give me more information on how exactly you beat it and what you did?

Replied by Diana
(Biloxi, Mississippi)

How do I use the peroxide. Do I drink it or bath in it…please help me please

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dae Dae (Ga) on 09/02/2017

I tried hydrogen peroxide 3% you can also try 6% but you have to order the 6%. it worked wonders for me, Instant relief up on using it and the healing process is quicker. Get a cotton ball dab the difficult area and you will feel instead relief, do it a few times throughout the day, every day until completely healed. I hope this provide some help I know how excruciating this is.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Happy (Arizona ) on 12/21/2016

I had genital herpes so bad that I was breaking out in sores back to back. I never told my doctor that I had herpes because of the embarrassment and the fact that those findings must be reported to the BOH. My immune system had taken a dive, the lysine use to work, but all of a sudden it stop. The sores were coming out on my buttock, labia, and anus. I started the food grade H202 regimen 16 days ago and have not had further out breaks of herpes. I will continue the treatments for 3-5 months, but in a tapering dose and ending in a maintenance dose. I believe that after 30 days the virus will be totally eradicated, if not before. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I contracted herpes as a child while being raped, but I only broke out once in 25 years. I noticed the increase of outbreaks in the last 2 years. Then in the last 6 months or so they were coming more frequent, until it became back to back, even before a sore healed, more were coming. I was almost at the point where I was being forced to finally tell my PCP, for I knew I needed something to stop the outbreaks, and God brought to my attention the H202. Now I'm feeling clean and can be in a relationship, for I was feeling very lonely, but I couldn't tell anyone and didn't want to spread it. This was God sent, he heard my many cries, even on the 16 day-16 drops, I feel that the virus is more that 90% gone, but I'm only speculating. I just know that there has been no further outbreaks. I'm so happy now, I can have a normal life. Thank you God for the cleansing.

Replied by Cherie

On the do u prepare it for the skin...would be totally appreciative!!! ...thanks.

EC: Hello,

The poster used a few drops of Food Grade H202 in water and drank it daily. She did not use it externally. Look up more info on Food Grade Peroxide on Earth Clinic here.

Replied by Andrew

Have you been rested since this post? Have you had any more OB's?

Replied by Keeker
(Sterling Height, MI)

Hi, any ideas what strength peroxide Happy from AZ used in 2016?

Replied by Tina
(Virginia Beach Virginia)

I am dealing with your exact same situation. I do not want to tell my primary care due to being military and I feel everyone will know because people I work with have access to my medical records. Did you only use the HP topically or orally and how long did it take to get rid of the visual effects? Did your PC know when you got a PAP? Please help with any information

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shirley (Ny) on 07/23/2016

I know no one would probably believe this but I had a stomach operation many yrs ago. Since then I developed herpes all over my body. I was tested, and I thought I would loose my mind, the itching and pain was so bad. My legs swelled and I could barely walk. I started using the 35% food grade peroxide [garden of eden] put 2 cups into my tub filled with bath water and soaked. Also, I diluted the food grade peroxide with water and rubbed it all over my body every day 2 times a day. I am doing so much better.

Now I'm going to start with taking it internally 2 drops twice a day and I will increase it each day. What I've found to really work well is olive leaf extract and n-a-c. I use them together. I can tell it's working, feel so much better. I rub the peroxide on the bottom and top of my spine. That is where the virus lives.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Beinghopeful (Mi) on 03/29/2014

Hello, I was diagnosed with herpes type 2. Have read that this oxygen therapy may cure my herpes. I am going to try the food grade 35% h2o2. 3 drops 3x times each day in a 6 oz glass cup! Then, day 2 it goes up to 4 drops 3x times each day and I will keep increasing the number of drops untilI have reached the maximum of 25 drops then the very next day I will start dropping the amount back down to 24 drops 3x times each day then 23 drops 3x each day and i will continue down to maintenance level of 10,5,3-whatever feels right! Is this ok? Also, I am bit confused about this whole regime like others. So.. I know it has to be taken with distilled water on an empty stomach 1 hour before food and 3 hours after food and water or liquids 1/2 hr after is ok. But I have also heard of the three hr window too. I am a bit confused on to how to complete this oxygen therapy. When to eat.. Etc.. What can?I drink? Can I go back to drinking spring water after the 1/2 hr? I do take mulit-vitamins so I've read that it is a no no. But, is that only between the 3 hr window or the 1 hr before food and 3 hrs after food thing? Any information I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much!!! :) oh! Also, was thinking about taking the hperoxide 35% food grade into a bath becaus eI think I would have a hard time following the procedures of taking it orally and I have heard that you can eat whenever while inducing the formula into a warm bath so that might be the way to go for me but was wondering if it would have the same effects as taking it orally as a result to try to get rid of the simplex virus!? Again, thank you so much. I do look forward to hearing form you! I am excited to start!

Replied by Michelle
(Richmond, Virginia)

I knew about this 35 years ago and did this back then. It was a cure for cancer. My mother had just passed away. it is very hard to get up to the 25 drops and not easy trust me. I never stuck to this as it got very costly. However, you can put it in Juice as well as carrot juice. It will not taste as bad. You can put it in your bathtub but osmosis it's still not as good. I was taking it internally.

I'm here looking up natural remedies myself the first time because I have just broken out and nothing seems to be working and I keep breaking out I just started breaking out it must have been dormant to me for years. And I'm 65, how embarrassing. I still plan on dating again. I do swear by peroxide though. If you use the 35% h202 topically you must dilute this with distilled water.

DO NOT put 35% directly on your skin. It will burn you.

Replied by Jessica
(Oakland, Ca)

Ok so after some extensive research I am now going to try inhaling h2o2 orally through a nasal sprayer (I bought a colloidal silver one and put the contents in another bottle to use later) I plan on inhaling h2o2 upon rising, then 3 times a day dosing with stabilized oxygen with colloidal silver, as well as olive leaf extract. I can tell you that after 2 days of h2o2 and colloidal silver not only is any visible signs going away but my mental and physical health have improved. I will keep posting upon new improvements with this method. Good luck to you all!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nomoreherpes (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/05/2013

Hello, I was soooo happy with my results, I just had to tell someone!!! I was diagnosed with Herpes in November 2012, and after using Hydrogen Peroxide for about a month I was retested and it was gone!!!! According to the test the value has to be below 0.90 to be negative, and my original value was 41.3, and now it's less than 0. 90 and stating negative results!!!

I've actually worked for a pharmaceutical company before and never trusted the drugs because I got to see what was actually in them. It's really sad you can't depend on the medical community to help heal the sick, but they are all about $. I plan to spread the word as much as possible.

The way I used hydrogen peroxide was made a 3% solution from a 35% solution (1 1/3 cups to a gallon of distilled water) I'm a chemist so it was easy for me to do the conversions then I measured it using cups to make it easier for everyone.

Then I inhaled it about twice a day using the over the counter Automizer using hydrogen peroxide instead of the meds the atomizer comes with.

Replied by Victor
(Santo Domingo, Rd)

Hi Nomoreherpes from Atlanta. How do you inhale the h2o2, nasal, oral?

Replied by Terrell
(Shreveport, La)

Please go into detail and how I'm suppose to use this product, hydrogen peroxide, for genital herpes.

Replied by Shari
(Moorhead, Mn)

Hi, how long did you use the food grade hydrogen peroxide with the automizer? Are you still symptom free? Thank you!

Replied by Jessica
(Oakland Ca)

I am so inspired by your story about using an inhaler, but my question is... Could you mix a solution of h2o2 and stabilized oxygen together or would that potentially cause tissue damage? Also I am already dropping h2o2 into water and taking that 3 times daily. Wondering if I could continue that or just stay with the inhaler...

Replied by Mike

Can you tell me how to use hydrogen peroxide you use any other diet or you just inhaled? Please reply me thank you

Replied by Dakota

Hydrogen peroxide works. I had my ob for 7 days so far. The first 5 days I was using apple cider vinegar it was painful and I was seeing no results. So the fifth day I started with peroxide... I will admit it stings but not as bad as the ACV. And the next morning my sore started to clear up. Also I used tea tree all alternating through out the day. About 5 times a day.. Thank you so much I didn't want to have to go to the doctor. I hate those meds.

Replied by Jessica

Can u please give more details on ur treatment.

Replied by Charlie

Hello, I want to try using hyrogen peroxide for herpes but I am curious to know is your outcome still negative after posting your post last year? I have been researching natural remedies and I have become discouraged. Thank you.

Replied by Anothervictim

Could you please let me know in detail the exact method you used with the hydrogen peroxide in order to completely eradicate this awful disease from your body? Also, after follow-up retests, have you continued to test negative? My email address is: fdelphi03 at gmail dot Com

Replied by Dre
(Miami, Fl, Usa)

Can u help me with the conversion please.

Replied by Em
(Saudi Arabia)

Can you please reply to all the queries please, I also want to know are you still outbreak free and negative of virus please reply. It will help us a lot

Replied by Sofia

Hi! Could you please explain better how you use the hydrogen peroxide and also where I can find the best atomizer? Thx!

Replied by Angela

Hi, can you let me know how do you store the hydrogen and water solution after its mixed? Do you take it on an empty stomach? And where do you purchase the automizer?

Replied by Sandra

Did this seriously work? I just found out I have herpes has be within 9 months. Hold long do u inhale the peroxide mixture and how long did it take to go away?

Replied by Cyn

Do you just inhale it?

EC: Please see the H2o2 inhalation method on Earth Clinic here.

Replied by Peaches
(Nashville Tn.)

Can you please help me, I have the herpes virus I have purchased so many books about it and I can't find anything.....

Replied by Susie

How do you know for sure if you were cured? Did you take the hydrogen peroxide on the day you were tested? Because taking that or any antivirals will make the test for antibodies show up super low. It will not be accurate. Have you been tested again or had an outbreak since this post?


And I'm curious as to which form of HSV she had: oral or genital?

Replied by Rabbit

Hi did you take a igg test and change your diet?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jdizo (La, California) on 04/11/2013

So as far as a "Cure" what do you guys think about Oxygenating or using the One Minute Miracle... It seems to make sense... also that 35% Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the virus for good after 2 to 3 months of taking this....

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ali (Jacksonville, Fl) on 09/13/2009

Adding diluted Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a pitcher of ice tea has been a God Send. I was devasted when I tested positive about 7 yrs. ago. I never had a severe case and outbreaks were pretty infrequent but it was more the embarrassment than the discomfort that lead me to find a solution. The lysine did not work at all for me. But to my utter amazement and relief the FGHP did! It has been about 3 years since I started adding it and I have not had an "occurrence" since...not one full blown outbreak!!! Although I have felt like it was going to happen due to fatigue or sore legs or a pain in my stomach but then I would make an effort to ingest more of the FDHP than normal which seemed to stop the potential onset in its tracks. Please try this and be the directions and dilute properly. All I can say is it REALLY worked. I think I might get tested during my next wellness visit to see if it's gone....fingers crossed!

Replied by Espero
(La, Ca)

how did you make your tea/how many times a day, etc. I have some H202 but am hesitant to take it. please let me know. Thanks!

Replied by Mikayla
(Austin, Tx)

Yes, I 'd also like to know how much FGHP you use? Also, did you never increase the dosage to the 25 drops they recommend? You just kept it at around 7?

Replied by Saxon
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Please how can I get hydrogen peroxide for herpes treatment and cure, am really suffering with outbreaks, I am tired of buying medicine every week in order to reduce my herpes and its outbreak, please I need help.