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Oral Pain Reliever

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Posted by Karra (Jacksonville, FL) on 02/13/2009
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Instant pain remedy for Herpes! I found a quick remedy for the pain associated with genital/oral herpes. Being in so much pain, I racked my brain for something that would help. I thought of Orajel aka Ambesol, tooth ache gel. IT WORKED GREAT! I have genital herpes. It halts the pain instantly. Any oral pain reliever works. Just apply a dab to the areas in pain. Within seconds the pain is gone. wears off after a while, but just re-apply. I also found that helps to keep the area extra clean! Soap & water at least three times a day and the the application of the orajel shortens the outbreak to less than 3 days.

Oregano and Eucalyptus Oils, Lysine

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Posted by Unexpected49 (Miami) on 06/18/2017
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I have read the post and I really like it. I thank you for sharing these type of information as I'am always looking for relief.

One thing I can say I do not agree with on the posts is the acetone, I agree with everything else but that. I believe once you have an open sore anything through it can lead to the blood stream and may cause additional health concerns later in life. Perhaps one may reconsider such, the ly-sine vitamin I've been taking along with vitamin C, I take the 1,000mg, and also 1,000gm ly-sine three times a day. because I have a lot of stress I still get outbreaks every now an then which is expected under the circumstances.

This what I have been using which works great for me, the results may vary person to person rather works well for me.

I mix oregano oil and eucalyptus oil, use a q-tip to administer it to the affected area. I will do it overnight and or a few times a day or so, if I do it at night the blister and or bump will be gone in the morning. It will not take 7 days to go away, it literally gone within few days.

I hope this helps a bit.

Replied by Asia
(Akron, Ohio)

I am rubbing oil of oregano and coconut oil on my lower back and also taking a few drops under my tongue along with vitamin C and Also a multi vitamin. I have been doing this for only a week now . I was Dx almost 4 weeks ago with HSV 2. How do you know if the oil of oregano is working? Will the oil force you to have an outbreak and discharge?

Replied by Art
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In reply to Asia (Akron, Ohio),

You must be pretty tough, because a few drops of pure essential oil of oregano under my tongue would probably burn a hole in my mouth!!! It is very powerful oil!


Oregano Oil

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Posted by Dj (Philadelphia, Pa) on 08/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I detected this at the end of 2015 after an unfortunate encounter and then tested positive for both HSV1 and 2. It was severe for a month. Then I came across this site and used Oregano oil. 2-3 times a day few drops from the filler under the tongue. I leave it there for a few seconds. Did this for couple of months and then it went away. Initially I put it on my penis - it burns like hell. Just dab it very lightly and it works but of course burns bad for a few minutes. I thought I got cured so I stopped and then it came back with a vengeance in 2 months.

Again started using it and didn't stop for 6 months. It went away for good. I get a minor sting when I forget to take it for couple of weeks and I take for a few days just to be sure and then nothing. One thing I can say with confidence is that after mid-2016 I have not seen an outbreak. I just bought it on iherb or Amazon based on price and went with the top reviewed product. Usually around 10 dollars and it lasts you a couple of months. I keep a couple of bottles in my medicine cabinet so I never run out. This site is god sent. Best of luck to everyone.

Replied by Jerome

Had you changed diet to accommodate healing?

Replied by andrew

Do you continue with the drops under the tongue still? Have you ever retested to check levels?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Ikki (Los Angeles, California) on 09/25/2014

Has anyone tested negative for HSV2 or HSV1 after testing positive by using Oil of Oregano? I heard about the book "The cure is in the Cupboard" by Dr Cass and saw youtube videos by him where he claims that by rubbing your lower back with oil of oregano twice a day and taking 5 drops twice a day for 6 months and detoxing after that, the virus will disappear and you will test negative. Has anybody done this?

Replied by Anony

Ps to all curious about oil of oregano. You HAVE to get the high grade oreganol. It's a tiny bottle for like 30 bucks. Expensive but you don't go through it too fast. If you don't get the highest grade and potency) there's no reason to get it at all.

Replied by Connor
(Carmel, Indiana)

I just recently contracted herpes so I have not had it long. I firmly beileve that it is not incurable. I believe there is a cure but we aren't allowed to know it since there's so much many info just suppressing the virus. I have researched and researched and I have read numerous articles as well as people's stories about how it is indeed possible to cure herpes with 100% oregano oil. I'm going to be buying some soon as well as changing my diet as it was suggested. Just really want to hear thoughts on this. :)

Replied by Bama

Who cares if a cure is suppressed? You know herpes is virus, take all the natural antivirals you can, do what you can to optimize your health and move forward. Sometimes the "cure" is worse than the disease, as when a drug cures a disease but causes other disease.

Replied by Pay It Forward

Heard about 'The Cure is in the Cupboard' from Christian Green (Nature Heals Us) on YT. He has a strategy and many ppl report in testimonials of having got rid of their virus. He says it's a parasite and recommends a multi-level approach whereby the use of herbs, supplements, 35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide, distilled water only, and super clean eating (zero processed foods) is used to attack and neutralize the virus.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Ppod (London, Uk) on 09/20/2014
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Hi, I wanted to report that I tried using Oil of Oregano - (internally; drops in water, and on the bottom of my spine) - to rid myself of the herpes virus. I tried this for 3 months as recommended by a poster here. It was the wild and Mediterranean type of oil, but it did not work. I wouldn't recommend taking this oil for such a long period of time because it depleted calcium in my bones and I'm not sure how safe it is to take the oil for several months on end?

I wish there was a cure, but there seems to be only 1 or 2 people on here reporting that they are completely free of symptoms, compared with others who are just managing their symptoms.

Has anyone else had success with oil of oregano? I may try stabilized Oxygen Drops next...

Good luck all.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Just an idea. I wonder if anybody has tried using Probiotics to fight herpes.

I have had chronic shingles practically my entire life. This probably created the chronic meningitis later on which I haven't had a problem with for a while. I noticed when I took an antibiotic, my shingles acted up. This leads me to believe that the source of infection is related to the colon gut flora. That is where most of the immune system lies.

Maybe try addressing the problem that way.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, US)

Ppod from London! I have to totally agree with you about the Oil of Oregano for treating herpes. I tried the Wild Mediterranean source as well but the supplement never touched my herpes outbreaks. I used it for 6 months straight too. This was pretty expensive as well. I was taking it in pretty high doses internally as well as applying it topically to the spinal area where genital herpes hides. I was using close to 1 bottle per month at I believe around $45 bottle the best I can remember.

I've not had much success at all with any supplements though in treating my long term herpes (20+ years) problem. I'm on the BHT protocol right now and hopefully I will see some improvement with this soon. I'm at just over 2 months now on the BHT treatment so I've got to give it a while longer before evaluating the results. Hope you find a solution for your herpes because what works for one doesn't mean it will work for all. God Bless!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, US)

To Prioris from FL. I haven't necessarily used Probiotics for treating my chronic & long term herpes infection. I've been taking them for digestive issues.

I've been on both the supplement form of probiotics as well as making my own water kefir from grains. Kefir water is much more powerful than taking probioitics in supplement form.

I do combine them both though but use them at different times of the day. I don't use them at the same time. The water kefir has helped me quite a bit with digestion but not with the herpes part of my sickness.

I use these probiotics all in pretty high doses too so if it was going to do anything for my herpes I would have seen it by now. Been doing this for months. I'm just keeping my trust in the BHT protocol now but am considering taking that protocol up a notch or 2. Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Have you used probiotics with different delivery methods such as Bio-tract and Beadlet Technology ?

Replied by Dd

I just started the Oil of Oregano but want to do the OLE protocol. I'll keep all informed. I am am now reading the MMS protocol also. But one step at a time.

Keeping hope alive thru these forums!! Thank you so much.

Replied by Elle
(Buckeye, Arizona)

How was your diet during the process?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jb (Vancouver, Bc, Vancouver) on 03/07/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HSV1 (genital) about 2 years ago, I followed this treatment during my first set of symptoms. I didnt have another breakout for 6 months, I followed the same procedure and havent had another breakout since. Here is what I did:

Buy yourself a bottle of Oil of Oregano (I get mine at GNC store, about $15/bottle)

Topical treatment: Mix 1 tbsp olive oil with 10 drops oil of oregano, using a cleam cotton swab use the oil mixture to treat areas with sores twice daily until they heal. (it burns like hell for about 5 minutes.. I use the oil of oregano straight without diluting it, but that's just me)

Oral Treatment: take 2 drops of straight oil of oregano twice a day orally, (tastes bad.. ) do this for atleast 6 weeks for the first time you use it.

Ongoing treatment: at the first signs of a breakout (itchy, pain, tingling etc) use the oil of orgeno topically, it should stop the outbreak from forming, take the oil orally if you think you are getting a breakout. The oil can also be rubbed into the skin at the base of the spine where the virus is believed to hybernate.

This treatment has been successful for myself (well over a year with no breakouts) and also my boyfriend. It speeds up the healing time of a current outbreak and can help prevent future ones.

Good Luck!

Replied by Ontario

To JB from Vancouver, the words 'thank you' don't seem enough. It is people like you who restore my faith in humanity. I'm so happy you shared your knowledge. Sincerely. Thank you.

Replied by Lm
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HSV 2 approximately 5 years ago and never had an outbreak until 2 days ago. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on the blisters the very first day and even slept with a cotton ball drenched in ACV on the blisters. This made the blisters get larger. So I began applying oil of oregano without diluting it and baking soda. And I was amazed by the results. My blisters dried out in a few hours. I keep taking the oil of oregano orally 3 times a day and I also rub it on the base of my spinal cord. I also take L-Lysine 1000mg 3-4 times a day and ChlorOxygen twice a day.

I'm on day 3 since the outbreak and my blisters are almost gone. I have discharge and discomfort but that's about it. I simply cannot believe my eyes, as I heard it takes at least 14 days to get rid of the outbreak.

Oil of oregano is quite potent people!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Gonnahealnow (Mahtomedi, Mn, Us) on 02/15/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Hello, February 4th, of this year, I contracted genital herpes. As soon as I felt a sore, I applied garlic and ACV. It was to no avail. Now I am applying Vitamin E (d) and Oil of Oregano, and finally! The sores are clearing up. I am wondering if anyone knows if this could possibly be the first and last time I see sores. Its a horrific experience. I'm praying its the last time. I am on a generic form of Valtrex as well. I am going to continue taking the Oil of Oregano by mouth daily and apply it topically. The sores are clearing up. Does anyone know if the OO will really cure this awful virus?

Replied by Chris

Hi Gonnahealnow, How did you get on with the oregano oil? I'm thinking of trying it myself. Did it work or are you still having symptoms? - Chris.

Replied by Lidae
(Houston, Texas)

When you started with the oil of oregano, did you go through a bad outbreak lasting awhile? Is it possible the oil brings it out to the surface? Thank you for your post!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Leyla (Columbia Falls, Mt) on 12/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to share my success story with oregano oil to give others hope as it really is key in fighting off this nasty problem. Mind you, the post will be a bit long.

I hooked up with my ex-boyfriend of one and a half years before he moved away for school. One night. Bad idea. I had of course imagined he had been seeing other people since we weren't together, but I never, EVER expected to contract STIs from him. He left me with both genital herpes and genital warts.

Now I also have had gastroinestinal problems since the age of 13, and it has left my immune system in horrible condition. I cannot stress how bad my outbreaks were. Every single one lasted for a minimum of three and a half weeks. I'd be clear for 3-4 days, then it would return again. Each outbreak was just as bad--if not worse--than the last. There would always be a period where the pain and itching was so severe that I was unable to walk. The warts were equally bad, and anytime I had them removed, they'd be back within a single week of the skin healing over. This went on for about 10 months, and it was definitely the worst period of my life. The emotional suffering is really the worst part of it all.

From my very first herpes rash I had begun taking mass amounts of supplements. Olive leaf extract, bitter melon, andrographis, echinacea, astralagus, ginger, Lysine, red marine algae, monolaurin, coconut oil... You name it, I've tried it. Even acupuncture and chinese herbs. It didn't seem to do much of anything. Applying tea tree oil, propolis, or melissa oil on the rash burned like hell, and would help with the pain and itching temporarily but the outbreaks were still just as long. One particular outbreak, I remember not taking anything, just to see what would happen. The rash persisted for nearly 7 weeks. Sorry for rambling but I really want to emphasize how bad my condition was.

I hadn't tried the oregano oil, as it was pretty expensive. I read that it tasted bad and I'm a total wimp. Can't even take cough medidcine I'm so sensitive to taste. On top of that, I believed my doctor when he told me there was no cure so I thought the whole Cure in a Cupboard thing was just a scam. One day I just decided why not give it a try, I've already thrown thousands down the drain in supplements so another couple hundred won't hurt.

Orderd super strength in a small bottle. Begun with the protocol, which was 5 drops under the tongue twice daily. At first, I had to do it in 1 or 2 drops at a time. My eyes would water and my mouth would start salivating like crazy from the burn, but it was by no means unbearable. Hold it under the tongue for as long as you can then wash it down with water. Over time, I increased my dosage. I had no bad side effects, but I believe that was due to me taking the olive leaf extract everyday. I got INSANE die-off reaction the first time I took that stuff, I was shaking with chills and fever and vomitting for 3 days with OLE.

As a side note, I read somewhere that a small bottle lasts you a long time. It barely lasted 2 weeks for me! Buy the bigger one if you're going to try it. I started upping it to 5 drops under the tongue 3 times a day within about 2 weeks. After a month, 4 times a day. Usually 8-10 drops. Experts can't seem to agree on a safe dosage for this stuff so just work your way up slowly. For the first 2 months of taking it, I noticed no improvement in my state. I got discouraged, but I remembered reading that it takes 1-3 months to heal so I stuck to it.

Just past the 2 month point, I suffered from the worst outbreak I have ever had. It covered a massive area, my genitals and it even went down a bit into my anal area. It was bright red. I remember crying myself to sleep one night the pain was so severe. But something surprising happened. It cleared up in about 8 days. That was the shortest outbreak I have ever had, and it was also my last.

That was 2 months ago, and to this day, I still have not had another outbreak. Oregano oil has been a miracle worker for me. I know a lot of people are going to question it being healed without a DNA test. I've gotten a few done in the first stages of my infection, and even though I was 100% positive I had genital herpes my tests would come back negative. (Both blood test and a swab of a lesion) So doctor's tests aren't as reliable as you may think.

I don't need a test to tell me I'm cured, I know I am. I continued to take the oregano oil for a full 4 months. Not one day did I miss a dosage, as I was completely determined to rid myself of this virus. My advice to you is to try it. And take it in LIQUID under the tongue if you want results!!! Best way to get it absorbed into your bloodstream. I'm no doctor, just an average 21 year old girl that suffered from the same problem as everyone else on this board. If it worked for me, I'm sure it can work for someone else. I wish good health and best of luck to all of you.

Replied by Info
(Atlanta, Ga, Usa)

Can you tell me what is the best Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil to purchase. How should I take it. Diluted with water or undiluted. Also, Olive Leaf seems to aggravate my symptoms. The tingling in my anus area.

Replied by Anonymous

I was just wondering if this is really a cure? I am very interested in knowing because I have been dealing with this problem since 2008 and I have been trying to research a lot of different home remedies that I can use to get rid of this issue. Although I don't have outbreaks on a regular basis, but I do have them, but only in my genital area.

I have been using acyclovir and recently I started using Olive Leaf Extract, the Pills, which I got from a all natural medicine shop. Just recently I researched that pure Unrefined Coconut Oil helps dramatically. I personally have not yet tried it for a long period of time, but reading your story, I feel like it is very similar to mines. I would love for you to reply back to me and maybe help me through this process.

I would love to have my life back and maybe possibly even one day, have a family. I am scared that I might never be able to have kids because of this problem. If this, what you wrote above is accurate and very true. Also if the test have proven that it is completely gone from your system, body, blood-stream and etc. I would love to speak to you and really find out if this is all true. I have read a lot of stories about people finding cures for HSV2 and some of them are not TRUE at all. Your story however seems like it could be true just because like I said our stories are very similar. So please let me know if you could help! Thank you.. and if everything is correct and this is true that you have been cured, well then congratulations to you!

Replied by Phaedra

Putting the Oregano oil in a capsule would be easier I think. You could easily get 10 - 12 drops in and do that a few times a day. Make sure not to get Oregano on the outside of the capsule and then put vege oil on the outside so it will slide down your throat. I just put 1 drop on a Q-tip directly on the sore and it only stung mildly for about 5 mins.

Replied by Pepe

I just wanted to add that I tried oregano essential oil once and couldn't continue because it burned too much. BUT I bought some edible oregano oil which in the product description, listed the therapeutic effects on viruses. So, I'm going to try this for a month or so. I'll update with any positive results (hopefully! )

Replied by Shay

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your story. Can you please tell me the brand oregano oil you got and the same for the olive leaf extract.


Replied by Don

Hi leyla hope all is well with you I know you posted this some time ago. I was wondering if there was any updates with the oregeno oil and hsv outbreaks. Thanks.

Replied by Jessica
(Butte, Mt)

Leyla From Columbia Falls,

What kind of diet were you on when you were using Oregano oil? Was it raw vegan or were you consuming fish or eggs too? Please let me know soon I really need to know what diet plan to follow. Thank you!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Bye Bye Pain (Beaumont, Tx, Usa) on 09/09/2011

Mediterranean oil of Oregano. I am 17 years old and have been using this for over 2 months now and still no genital outbreak! Its Very expensive let me tell you.. 43 fl. Oz. For about $30, BUT IT WORKS. I have had herpes for over 2 years now and I know its very painfull. This really helps, you rub it on your spinal cord once a day. (Spinal Cord because thats where the virus lives. ) and about 4 drops under your tounge twice a day. Keep this up and have a good routine, and it will be gone in 6 weeks or less. It has to be MEDITERRANEAN OIL OF OREGANO, or it will not work. There are many oils out there but this one is P73. Be sure to get that one. I hope you try it.

Replied by Sam
(New York, NY)

How have you been doing with this treatment? Can you give us an update?

Replied by Tanya
(Hailey, Idaho, Usa)

seriously, Oil of Oregano W O R K S

I was really suffering two days ago with a third outbreak in a month. I must be under a LOT of stress because I usually don't have this problem but once a year.

I've decided to analyze myself and started with my diet. I like wine and usually have one or two glasses a night and especially since my husband cooks, it's endearing to share such goodness! But I started wondering if my liver is being compromised because I shouldn't be having this kind of problem. So, after my last two glasses last night, I am quitting for at least a couple months to see how things go. I want health, not suffering. I also wish to be a good example to my 18, 20 and 22-year old children.

So, when this blister with no pain showed up on top of my butt crack, I was mortified and DONE with this curse. I showed it to my daughter as a warning about how it's better to keep your pants on and dress down. she was grossed out.. GOOD!!

I sterilized a pin, popped the tiny blisters, carefully grabbed Oil of Oregano Spirits from Turkey (SUPER HOT!!! ), and with the Thieves oil, rubbed it in before going to bed.

In the morning, with a cup of coffee, I took 2 aspirin which I never take but read here that some found it helpful. Since I like coffee, I thought I'd try it. 30 minutes later, I had a multigrain, organic bread with raw, wild honey, peanut butter and banana. I took 1000 mg. Ester C, 2 L-lysine tablets, 2 zinc capsules, 2 probiotic capsules and 2 Omega 3-6-9 capsules. At lunch I put more oils on, had a big salad and took more supplements. Before going home, I put on more oils and then when I got home, I put on more oils.

By the next night (last night), the very red, very hard lump with 3 blisters on it, at 1. 5" across with the redness, was now nearly all gone, flat and flesh colored again. This was LESS than 24 HOURS LATER. I can't stress enough how much I really, really hate this virus. The lump had 3 small, dark 'pits' in it last night, signs of a very mean virus trying to take over my body. Since last night, there's only about 1. 5 of the pits left, no redness, blistering or less. I'm still taking the supplements and am going to get a few more from looking at the other posts on this.

I have to say that since I've not had much garlic, I have had more problems. I normally eat a lot of garlic, with or without wine, but now - since I've got the husband back from the sea, I tend to eat too much and drink too much wine. I am going to change this.

Henceforth, I am going to get these supplements to also add to my life in case I have any other issues with this:

Olive leaf, VRP collodial silver, Primal Defense, Thieves, BHT, Red Marine Algae, dandelion, and some liver de-tox supplements.

No one should have to go through this problem. With the exercise I do, I should be the image of health inside and out, but I really think my liver is telling me to stop this drinking and let it heal before having more, otherwise, adding these supplements to my diet cannot do anything but increase my overall health.

Replied by Chris

Hey there. Please could u tell me if you're still outbreak free since using the oregano oil in 2011 when u were 17. Would b really greatful if u would let me know this as I'm really struggling with this nasty condition. Many thanks - Chris.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Cured (Windy City, Usa) on 03/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I understand how great the results of ACV can be but why no one is mentioning, or maybe no one knows that Oil of Oregano kills the virus that causes any kind of herpes outbreaks. I know we have been fed the idea that there isn't a cure for it but please check around the web and see what others have to say about the effects of Oil of Oregano to herpes virus. You can take the oil of oregano both orally and apply it topically. You could find it in any health food store and even cheaper over the net.

Some argue that Oil of Oregano works so well because it kills fungal cells and infections and many think herpes infection is similar to fungal ones therefore it would be hard if not close to impossible to kill it with traditional antibiotic prescriptions.

So, do your homework and find out what others have to say. Take the recommended dose orally and apply with a qt topically. Healing should begin immediately. Take the oil orally for up to 20 days to kill the core of the infection (Inside of you, usually within the nerves system, and you may never ever have to deal with this disease again.

Try combining with L-Lysine and ACV and stay away from red wine, chocolate, and citrus fruit during the time of the treatment. Alcohol, cigarettes and coffee would not be helpful either.

P.S. try to find a good source of oregano oil. Some brands are better then others. Again, do your homework if you want to be free from suffering. I wish you health and happiness and I send you love and blessings.

Namas te.

Replied by Earthgirl
(Atlanta, Ga, Usa)

Hi, I just wanted to verify if the Oil of Oregano actually cured your HSV2 Virus or is it just maintaining the outbreak? Basically are you virus free now? Did you go back to the doctor to have test done to see if it is still in your system, the reason that I ask is b/c I was told that there is no cure and that you live with it for the rest of your life. Thank you so much for sharing the info that you've previously provided, it's a huge help!

Replied by Jc
(Seattle, Usa)

Was curious how long it takes for the Oil of Oregano to completely kill the infection, since it was mentioned that it takes 20 days for it to kill the 'core of the infection'? Thanks.

Replied by Erny
(Edo state)

Please can someone recommend the type of oregano oil to use for this condition? Thank you.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lani (Houston, Texas) on 12/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Oregano Oil for Herpes Outbreaks:

I happened upon this about 4 years ago, I've had herpes now for several years and break out about twice a year or sometimes more, if I am not getting enough sleep.

I was using Oregano oil for something unrelated during the beginning stages of a herpes outbreak. Those who have herpes recognize the pain that comes with the beginning of an outbreak. After taking the oregano oil, the outbreak was very mild and I continued the oregano oil for a few days until the outbreak disappeared altogether.

For the last 4 years or so, this has worked for me every single time I've had an outbreak. I've never had a severe or painful one since, as long as I take oregano oil for about 3 days from the onset of the symptoms.

Amount: I cannot take the taste of oregano oil, so I buy the oil and I fill up an empty capsule and swallow it with water, followed by a glass of water. I usually take one capsule, twice a day for about 3 days. At first I thought it was coincidence, but for me this is tried and true.

I hope this helps others.

I wonder if this would eventually kill the virus by taking it daily for a prolonged period of time?? However, I don't know how healthy it is to take Oregano oil on a daily basis.

Any feedback to these questions would be very much appreciated.

Replied by Tracey
(Gainesville, FL)

Thank you for your post. Anything that is helpful with this horrible pain is so appreciated. Where can I purchase oregano oil. What are the specific's? How many mg's. thanks again

Replied by Liz
(Boulder, Co)

I have just starting taking Oregano oil everyday, so I don't know if it is working yet but I am hoping for the best. I heard about it through my stepfather he lives by the stuff (for everything). My brother also takes if to boost his immune system. He has been taking it everyday for the last 4 years and hasn't gotten sick. Therefore, I think is is safe to take on a daily base. I take 4 drops of it in the morning and 4 drops at night. I also rub it on the base of my spine since that is where the virus lives and the oil will seep in through the skin.

Replied by Lynn
(Charlotte, Nc)

To Liz from Boulder, CO...How is the oil of oregano working for you? Have you had any OB since you starting taking and applying the oil of oregano? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Terri (Upper Marlboro, USA) on 03/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was doing some additional research on a particular brand of Oil of Oregano (as I mainly used another brand) and came across info regarding it's effectiveness to cure Herpes. While I have not used Oil of Oregano for this purpose, it's one of the staple natural remedies I've been using for years. Some of the things I've successfully used it for are: Yeast Infections, Abcesses, intestinal parasites (after eating Pork they usually make themselves known), bleeding gums, itching skin and I'm sure there are many more things it could be used for. Give it a try and see what happens. It's a little pricey for the small bottle but it lasts a long time. It can be used internally and externally. It's very caustic taken in liquid so after a while I got smart and now buy gel capsules and use the dropper to fill it and take it that way. If you try it, please report back your findings so others may benefit.

For Herpes (
In "The Cure is in the Cupboard", Dr Cass Ingram's states that "a study done by Sidiqqui determined that the oil completely destroyed herpes viruses, 'disintegrating' them. He states to daily rub the oil vigorously over the spinal column since that is where the virus lives when it is dormant. He states to take 5 or more drops of the oil under the tongue twice daily. Naturally, everyone's immune system is different so no time frame is given; however, one of the testimonials given in the book states that a woman's genital herpes completely disappeared after only 1 month, after having it for several years.

Also visit Edgar Cayces' site on using Caster Oil packs to strenthen your immune system. Don't recall the URL so you'll need to Google it.

P.S. Make sure the Oil of Oregano you purchase comes from the Mediterranian. This is the only kind that contains the medicinal properties.

Replied by L.
(Berkeley, CA)

I am writing about severe, non-responsive, apparently untreatable genital herpes.

I have had herpes for tweny years. It was never a huge problem till two years ago when I came down with a painful outbreak with swollen genital glands, which have continued to this day. No anti-viral or natural remedy has had any effect. I have had continuous outbreaks while on anti-viral medications. I have also been in a state of constant outbreak for the past two months,so painful that I cannot stand it. At first I though BHT was working, but it didn't. I am on daily: BHT 3,150 mg Lysine 3000 mg Zinc, 50 mg Vit C w/bioflav 2000mg Vit A 24,000 IU Vit E 1600 IU Selenium 200 mg B50 2 per day Vit B1 1000mg Ted's Apple Cider Vinegar recipe Applied topically: ACV Hydrogine Peroxide Black tea

I am in terrible pain; please help me if you can. Many thanks

Replied by Michelle
(Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

Poor you L :(, I'm going through the same thing 3 months not stop burning during peeing, bladder pain, bloated abdomen and just feeling like complete crap.. I've tried Valtrex for 2 years and towards the end I was in agony I was in so much pain.. I'm taking Lysine now, I don't know if it works.. But if your bladder burns try Baking Soda and water about half a teaspoon to one teaspoon in a glass in the morning at at night.. Try it for a week.. Also get a lot of sleep.. I hope this helps...

Replied by Anonymous
(Bklyn, Ny)

Eat flounder. Here is how: Prepare without seasonings, after it is cooked, then u can season if u wish. I just squeeze fresh lemon or lime and eat weekly. It worked for this man and it is working for me. Change your diet and u will never have OB again. It stops it in its track Avoid chicken soups. I no longer live in fear. In the meantime I am working on curing it by using other things. Read my post. If u can't afford flounder. Use cod, tilapia or catfish. I try to use flounder since this is what worked for this man.

Wendy from bklyn

Replied by Cured
(New York)
5 out of 5 stars

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano cured me! I swear to you. Take 5 drops, under the tongue (hold it there for at least 30 seconds) then wash it down with water, twice daily. I have 100% faith in this. It worked for me. I swear by it. It has to be the Wild Meditterranean Oil of Oregano that says P73 on the bottle, it has the strongest healing properties. You can also rub a few drops, vigorously, on your skin at the base of your spine, each day. The results were so very quick for me and my body is eradicated of the virus. The Oil of Oregano disentigrates/destroys the virus, with consistent use for a couple of months. Also, look into a book called "The Cure is in the Cupboard. How to use Oregano for Better Health. " by Dr. Cass Ingram

Replied by Cure Focused
(Midwest City, Oklahoma, United States)

Funny story... Well not really. I had a bump on my labia, went to the Dr and was advised that it looked like genital herpes. The Dr took a sample culture and ran blood test. Blood test came back positive for HSV-1, however some how the culture was too warm to test and the bump was gone. After reading some of these post Im not 100% sure the bump was Herpes, I didnt experience tingling and pain, just a little soreness and an itch. But this has happened twice, Jan 2012 and June 2012.... Bump similar in nature but on opposite sides of the outer labia. But because I did test positive for HSV1, although I've never had a cold sore, I am going to go ahead and try preventative/curative remedies. The first this I saw online that spark my attention was Oil of Oregano! I ordered it immediately from a distributor out of Greece it is 83-85% carvacol. Cant wait for it to arrive!!!

Question....Cured from New York.... Did you have blood test ran after completing your 2 months of using this? Im just curious what the results showed?

Replied by Sylvie
(Newport Beach, Ca)

I came across this while looking up for that book and reading reviews.

For release, April 9, 2003
Cassim Igram, D. O. , a 47 year-old physician from Batavia, Illinois, entered into a Settlement Agreement with the Board to resolve pending disciplinary charges. Dr. Igram was charged with being disciplined by the Illinois Medical Board. The Illinois Board accused Dr. Igram of engaging in unprofessional, unethical and dishonorable conduct in his care and treatment of several individuals who sought nutritional consultation. Dr. Igram was fined $4,000 and his Illinois medical license was placed on permanent and irrevocable inactive status. Under the terms of the Iowa Settlement Agreement, Dr. Igram must provide the Board 90 days written notice and fully comply with any and all requirements established by the Iowa Board prior to beginning the practice of medicine under his Iowa medical license.

Replied by Susan
(Sydney, Australia)

Having oregano flakes on my veggies - will this help a little? Im trying to kill parasites and yeast infections. Also take caprylic acid, coconut oil, garlic.

Replied by Paul

Take 3 to 4 drops in a shot glass of hot water, then immediately chase it with another shot glass of coconut milk. This will pretty much end the bad taste issue.

Replied by Sofia

Stay off suppressive meds. They don't actually suppress the virus, they suppress how your immune system responds to the virus to lessen the appearance of outbreaks. I have stopped my outbreaks doing the following.

Chaga mushroom tea, which I make I buy the chaga mushroom online in a grainlike form and you seep the grains of the mushroom in warm water not boiling but almost it tastes like spicy vanilla, Chaga is a antioxident and amazing immunesystem boster you should look up about chaga this is some info on what the heck it is its a fungus and truelly it kills virus and such its awsome.

The Oregano oil is awsome tastes horrible foul springs to mind oregano oil the wild organic mediteranean version with 75 % carvacrol it is great stuff truly awsome when u get a outbreak put the oil in the mouth on any oral sores it stops the itching and it does help when u first start taking this the outbreaks get less and less I recomend it.

Basically it lowers lvls of metals in your blood and its anti viral and such hsv 1 and hsv2 love to thrive and the oregano seems to knock them dead.

Think about this logically, most of the meds out there are actually derived from nature and they basically put masses of modified chemicals in also the pharma companies., they put enough things in to supress but not to cure if they cure it think how much money they loose. Frankly also my aunt's a doctor and you know that doctors take a huge bonus from med companies for prescriptions they hand out and people turn in for meds.

As a doctor you learn all these methods to treat but you're not going to give those out cos u sign a nice agreement with the government and pharma companies stopping you from doing so legally binding contracts. sure you tell your family and such of other more benefical means. My aunt is a doctor told me to say the hell of acyclovir its like a total poison to your body after taking in a few yrs outbreaks will hit u like a truck cos you spent 2 years hitting your immunsystem with hard meds that actually damage you in the longrun. all those side effects its a sign of toxic reactions to chemicals in your body your body hates these chemicals and its fighting them as well as the virus and you just get more and more sick.

Avoid arginine rich foods coffee nuts chocolate and big no no is grapes, alcohol knocks your body also basically live as healthy as u can and avoid processed foods as much as u can, put good foods in your body and stack up on vitamin D3 builds on your immunity. basically make your body strong and you stop that nasty hsv coming out not by supression but by keeping it under raps yourself.

L-lysine basically if you been eating a bunch of l-aranine rich foods take a bunch of the l-lysine to knock back the hsv, it is known for thriving on l-arganine and helps the replication of the virus.

Also drink lemon change your ph lvls to make your body a hostile enviroment for hsv. Basically its chemistry and researching about the virus what it likes doesnt like and finding the right balance for you.

Replied by Tommy

I had been using peroxide since I had seen it mentioned on several internet support sites. I continued to have the worst outbreaks in years. Told my doctor and he said Hydrogen peroxide antagonizes herpes so I stopped and the severity of the problem was cut in half in a few days. Monolaurin has helped but you need about 3 grams a day during outbreaks but it does work very well compared to the three antivirals my dr put me on. No peroxide on the sore is my advice.

Replied by Dijon
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Did you go get retested after using this oil and did it come back negative?

Replied by Jared

I read the book also, did it really work for you?

Oregano Oil and Coconut Oil

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Posted by Joanie (Austin, Texas) on 09/22/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I've had HSV2 for over 40 years - with chronic, severe outbreaks. I've tried just about everything that's been mentioned on this site... with no success. I have found something that helps. In a small container, I mix coconut oil and pure oil of oregano. When an outbreak starts, I put this mixture on - and continue applying until it goes away. This has speeded up the healing and diminished the pain.

Oil of Oregano is an anti-viral and coconut oil is a mid-chain fatty acid that supposedly dissolves the outer covering of the virus, thus allowing the body's white cells to destroy it.

Replied by Chris

Good feedback happygirl. U've tried a few things that I had in mind so I found your posts helpful. Thank u and well done, please keep posting. So what do u think about ingesting oregano oil then, possible cure? Or drinking the silver water, is it not the miracle cure it's claimed to be? Chris - uk

Oregano Oil, DMSO

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Posted by Happygirl (Dallas, Tx) on 10/10/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Okay, so I was diagnosed w/hsv2 back in Dec/2012. Since then, I have tried everything from Valtrex both oral and topical, Fenvir, Dynaclear, L-lysine, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, massive dosages of vitamin C (which has done wonders for my skin BTW-pimples are gone), vitamin B-complex, zinc, hydrogen peroxide, ACV both interally and externally--nothing seemed to work. I felt like I was having an OB every other week. They were minimal though. I would get the tingling/sore feeling and sometimes a tiny bump would form, but no blisters. My skin would just be irritated probably from all the junk I was putting on it. But never the less, it was literally EVER other week.

Well, about 3 wks ago I had an OB and OMG did it hurt. I went to a Chinese herb doctor on the second day of my OB. She put me on pills..... I was taking 30 pills a day and a 6 weeks supply cost me $200. She told me I would have to continue taking the pills for at least 6 months, possibly all the way up to year before I would see results, meaning--no more OB's. I bought into the idea for about 3 weeks, then decided I was tired of swallowing massive quanity of pills and quit bc I was still getting the tingly feeling/irritation.

So, I further researched the web and decided to give oil of oregano a try. It was $30 for a small dropper bottle, I figured what do I have to lose. I've tried just about everything on the web!! I began doing 4 drops under my tongue (twice a day) and then at night (4 drops) rubbing the oil onto the base of my spine. (Yes, at night bc the scent is very powerful and not pleasant).

I had one episode about 2 days into it, where I got the tingly feeling, and decided to drop OOO on a q-tip and put it on the irritated area. OMG, did it burn. I should have diluted, but didn't. Lesson learned!! Anyways, with one treatment, the tingly feeling went away and I have not had one since.

I was having such good results, so I decided to take it a step further and ordered DSMO in the cream form (the rose scented one off EBAY). I began rubbing a mixture of OOO and DSMO onto the base of my spine every night.

Not saying this is for everyone, but it has been amazing for me. Not once since I started using this combo have I had any predome symptoms. I couldn't be happier. I do have to say, if you decide to try the DSMO on the base of your spine, use a light (and I stress, light) coat. I've experimented and went heavier one night and got so sick. I wanted to throw up so bad. It passed, but it was an awful feeling. So, keep it light. I've read that some ppl have actually been cured using this method for a month or two. Not saying I am or will be, but if the symptoms stay away--that's all I'm asking for.

Replied by Katy To Happygirl
(Melbourne, Australia)

I am also trying the oregano oil (10 drop 3 times a day and on spine 3 times a day), vitamin C (9.5g) day, coconut oil drinking (4 tablespoons a day). I am now only getting a tingle for say 15 minutes bi-monthly. I want it gone though and then get tested. How much DMSO do you put on so you do not get sick now? Thanks very much and please keep us posted. Did you get a positive HSV2 test? Will you do another test soon?

Replied by Happygirl
(Dallas, Tx)

I put a very light coat. The DMSO that I use has a creamy texture, so I just basically run one finger half way across the top of the jar. Just enough to get some on my finger. First, I'll rub the oregano oil onto my spine, then the DMSO follows on top. It seems to be working for me. This is the first time in close to a year that I haven't had any symptoms!!! I'm so happy..... my fingers are crossed it will remain this way.

Yes, I did test positive for HSV2 antibodies back in Dec/2012. Since then, it's been non-stop w/the tingles/irritation. That is until I started the OOO/DMSO!! I may retest if I don't have any symtoms or OB's in about 4 months, or so.

Wow, you do 10 drops? 3 times a day both orally and externally?? How long have you been doing this?? That's awesome you only too only get the tingles and nothing more. Full on OB's hurt. :(

I too still take Vitamin C, but it's just the regular amount, nothing crazy like I was doing. Try the DMSO, I honestly believe this is what has made the difference for me....

Replied by Katy
(Melbourne, Australia)

Yes, I'm taking 10 drops 3 times daily and rubbing 6 drops 3 times daily. Coconut oil 3 times daily in a 20 ml spoon melted in warm water. How much vitamin C do you take? Please please get tested when you feel in you're heart it's gone.

Replied by Katy
(Melbourne, Australia)

To Happygirl, how have you been going? Any changes to report? Are you clear of all symptoms? Hope you are and feeling well!

Replied by Happygirl
1 out of 5 stars

Well, the oregano oil and DMSO did not work out so great after all. I was still having OB's. About 2 months ago, I tried Kyolic Immune Formula (Garlic pills w/other immune boosting ingredients like vitamin c and mushrooms) and so far it's been working great. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and my OB's have been kept at bay.....or at least I hope!

Replied by Katy

Hi Happygirl, how long did you end up doing the DMSO for? Had you stopped when the OB happened? Were you taking the Oregano Oil orally also? Thanks very much

Replied by Anoymous
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Please, please, please, please, please stay well clear of using DMSO gel with oregano oil. It is extremely dangerous because it goes into your system and burns everything in its path. I had contracted genital herpes and sought every remedy online. I had some success with olive leaf extract but knew deep inside that there probably was a better day but ran out of patience. I had read online that people started rubbing oregano oil on their spine and mixing this with DMSO to take this deep into the nervous system to kill the herpes virus. Whilst this is true, the oregano oil kills everything in its path. That includes your good nerves and myelin sheaths which surrounds your nerves!!

After rubbing DMSO with oregano oil for only 3 days I had to stop as the oregano oil burned my skin which turned ash black and I had to be rushed to hospital suffering from dizziness. I've never had dizziness in my life. Within a few days my legs felt really heavy and I had to take a week off work. I have not been to the gym for two months now despite always going three times a week and I haven't been able to run since. My legs still feel heavy and I still feel dizzy. I have scarring where I put the oregano oil on my lower spine.

I am praying for my full recovery and really hope that I can warn everyone not to be so foolish and stupid as I was which was to follow a dangerous hint online which no doctor in the world would recommend. Oregano oil might be ok but mixed with DMSO and this takes this straight deep into the skin and starts burning its way through your myelin sheaths (protective coat which surrounds the nerves). If the myelin sheaths are damaged you will suffer the SAME side effects as someone who has Multiple Sclerosis.

I am slowly getting better but some days I wake up and feel I can barely move.

Weirdly, I bought the DMSO three months ago and my gut instinct said it was bad to use this but my head thought it knew better. Now I will never ignore my intuition ever again.

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

Dmso is a chemical that needs to be handled appropriately. It has been used by more than 500 million people but it still needs certain precautions in its use.

As you found out in a hurry dmso acts as a carrier to transport other chemicals deep into tissues. You got to be careful what you mix dmso with since it penetrates skin just like a hypodermic needle.

Mixing dmso with unknown materials is a really bad idea. Dmso is a liquid not a gel therefore the ingredients composing the gel can be absorbed into your body and blood stream. same goes for the oregano oil. Herbs are like any other food crop frequently contaminated with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. These unidentified chemicals if present can be absorbed into your skin as well. The same can be said of the soaps or lotions on your skin.

People sometimes use antibacterial soaps thinking they are doing their bodies a favor by putting dioxin related carcinogenic chemicals on the skin.

The fda does not regulate chemicals such as soaps and cosmetics applied externally. A surprising number of skin care products are very dangerous.

I found one mascara eye liner product that actually used mercury as a preservative!

Some products like most sunscreens for example actually cause skin cancer! a test of more than 150 leading sun screen products was conducted and it was found that the vast majority contained cancer causing chemicals in them.

I discoverd one sunscreen product that contained lead and mercury, I could not believe my eyes when I read the report.

Moral of the story: dmso needs handled with respect. It is a safe product if used safely and a dangerous product if used dangerously.

For treatment of herpes, use dmso on clean skin all by its self.

Always reduce dmso before use 50/50 with water.

Osha, Usnea and Echinacea

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Posted by Alex (Eugene, Oregon) on 02/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I don't have herpes but have advised people who do as I work in the healing industry as a body worker and spiritual counselor. I treated my children's viral and bacterial infections while they were growing up with the following herbs.

Osha is a strong antiviral. Usnea is a strong antibacterial and antifungal. Echinacea is a good blood purifier.

Years ago when clients asked if there is anything I could recommend for their herpes breakouts I told them of these herbs. I suggested they take the tinctures orally and to use a combination of the Osha and Usnea as a topical and apply it with a cotton swab. I suggested they take 30 drops of each of the 3 tinctures together every 2-3 hours at the first signs of an outbreak and to take this dosage for the first 24-48 hrs depending on results and then to do the bottle recommendation for at least 5 days. The bottle should recommend about 30-35 drops 3 times a day.

This is the same course of action I would use with my kids at the first signs of any illness. Those who tried it say it stopped the outbreak in its tracks and healed it in a couple of days. These herbs are fine to use in these dosages for the first few days without worrying about overdosing or side effects. I recommend these to people who can't fight off viral infections and they are amazed at how fast they respond to them. Something I have been doing the last few years is to mix these 3 herbs in a atomizing spray bottle and spraying it into my throat where it can really absorb. I have been free of any type of viral infection for about 13 years. The atomizing spray bottle may be a good application for topical use especially when away from home and without swabs. I take the 3 herbs throughout the flu and cold season as a preventative and especially if I'm going to be out in a large crowd such as a convention. These tinctures can also be put into a bottle of water in their daily dose amounts and sipped throughout the day and they will metabolize well through the kidneys. The tinctures are best taken if allowed to absorb sublingually (under the tongue) but these herbs are an acquired taste. Since herbs lack the residual affect of pharmaceuticals it's important to be diligent with taking them during any treatment to ensure their efficacy. I think with the condition of a herpes outbreak treating both topically and at the same time systemically is a good system of treatment.

The Osha is also a good lung herb in that it is a bronchial dilator and is also a good expectorant and as a strong antiviral will fight the virus where it's breaking out and also at its source. The Usnea will help to fight secondary infections at the breakout site and to give an extra boost to the immune system by taking off some of its load of keeping harmful bacterial in the body in check; this will free up some of the immune system to fight the herpes outbreak. Echinacea balances blood PH and in doing so stimulates a sluggish lymphatic system and this will enhance the body's ability to fight infection. I also recommend maximizing the health of the immune system by eliminating all sugars, GMOs, junk foods and their additives, fluoride in water and toothpaste, refined flours and grains, sodas and all sugary drinks, meats and dairy with hormones. Eat organic as much possible and meats that are free range and fed non-GMO grains. Another thing that is wreaking havoc on our health is the over abundance of omega 6 oils to omega 3s. Western diet is lacking in EFAs; essential fatty acids. All these things contribute to a weakened immune system that will make it much more susceptible to diseases and out breaks as well as allergies. Our food and water supply has been compromised for profits and we as individuals need to be diligent about what we are eating and indulging in. At age 61 I'm free of all meds and am in robust health and do aerobics 4-5 days a week, pump iron and eat a healthy, natural, GMO free and organic diet. I'm free of spending time and money chasing my health through a ineffective health system and free of spending money on pharm drugs.

De-stressing and finding inner peace is also conducive to a healthy body and immune system as well as the mind. Meditation daily can add to the health of your overall being and its ability to fight infections and ward off outbreaks. I recommend to start telling your body every day you are giving it permission to heal and rid itself of all viruses. Tell your body it's strong enough to heal itself. When you've told yourself this enough then you will start to feel and know it and it will respond. Every cell in our body is a sentient being and responds to what we give it a tell it. Believe. Faith is an inner acknowledgement of truth. Faith and truth are yours to use for your own healing. Blessings and best wishes to everyone.