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Genital Herpes Remedies

| Modified on Sep 12, 2021

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nomoreherpes (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I was soooo happy with my results, I just had to tell someone!!! I was diagnosed with Herpes in November 2012, and after using Hydrogen Peroxide for about a month I was retested and it was gone!!!! According to the test the value has to be below 0.90 to be negative, and my original value was 41.3, and now it's less than 0. 90 and stating negative results!!!

I've actually worked for a pharmaceutical company before and never trusted the drugs because I got to see what was actually in them. It's really sad you can't depend on the medical community to help heal the sick, but they are all about $. I plan to spread the word as much as possible.

The way I used hydrogen peroxide was made a 3% solution from a 35% solution (1 1/3 cups to a gallon of distilled water) I'm a chemist so it was easy for me to do the conversions then I measured it using cups to make it easier for everyone.

Then I inhaled it about twice a day using the over the counter Automizer using hydrogen peroxide instead of the meds the atomizer comes with.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Leyla (Columbia Falls, Mt) on 12/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to share my success story with oregano oil to give others hope as it really is key in fighting off this nasty problem. Mind you, the post will be a bit long.

I hooked up with my ex-boyfriend of one and a half years before he moved away for school. One night. Bad idea. I had of course imagined he had been seeing other people since we weren't together, but I never, EVER expected to contract STIs from him. He left me with both genital herpes and genital warts.

Now I also have had gastroinestinal problems since the age of 13, and it has left my immune system in horrible condition. I cannot stress how bad my outbreaks were. Every single one lasted for a minimum of three and a half weeks. I'd be clear for 3-4 days, then it would return again. Each outbreak was just as bad--if not worse--than the last. There would always be a period where the pain and itching was so severe that I was unable to walk. The warts were equally bad, and anytime I had them removed, they'd be back within a single week of the skin healing over. This went on for about 10 months, and it was definitely the worst period of my life. The emotional suffering is really the worst part of it all.

From my very first herpes rash I had begun taking mass amounts of supplements. Olive leaf extract, bitter melon, andrographis, echinacea, astralagus, ginger, Lysine, red marine algae, monolaurin, coconut oil... You name it, I've tried it. Even acupuncture and chinese herbs. It didn't seem to do much of anything. Applying tea tree oil, propolis, or melissa oil on the rash burned like hell, and would help with the pain and itching temporarily but the outbreaks were still just as long. One particular outbreak, I remember not taking anything, just to see what would happen. The rash persisted for nearly 7 weeks. Sorry for rambling but I really want to emphasize how bad my condition was.

I hadn't tried the oregano oil, as it was pretty expensive. I read that it tasted bad and I'm a total wimp. Can't even take cough medidcine I'm so sensitive to taste. On top of that, I believed my doctor when he told me there was no cure so I thought the whole Cure in a Cupboard thing was just a scam. One day I just decided why not give it a try, I've already thrown thousands down the drain in supplements so another couple hundred won't hurt.

Orderd super strength in a small bottle. Begun with the protocol, which was 5 drops under the tongue twice daily. At first, I had to do it in 1 or 2 drops at a time. My eyes would water and my mouth would start salivating like crazy from the burn, but it was by no means unbearable. Hold it under the tongue for as long as you can then wash it down with water. Over time, I increased my dosage. I had no bad side effects, but I believe that was due to me taking the olive leaf extract everyday. I got INSANE die-off reaction the first time I took that stuff, I was shaking with chills and fever and vomitting for 3 days with OLE.

As a side note, I read somewhere that a small bottle lasts you a long time. It barely lasted 2 weeks for me! Buy the bigger one if you're going to try it. I started upping it to 5 drops under the tongue 3 times a day within about 2 weeks. After a month, 4 times a day. Usually 8-10 drops. Experts can't seem to agree on a safe dosage for this stuff so just work your way up slowly. For the first 2 months of taking it, I noticed no improvement in my state. I got discouraged, but I remembered reading that it takes 1-3 months to heal so I stuck to it.

Just past the 2 month point, I suffered from the worst outbreak I have ever had. It covered a massive area, my genitals and it even went down a bit into my anal area. It was bright red. I remember crying myself to sleep one night the pain was so severe. But something surprising happened. It cleared up in about 8 days. That was the shortest outbreak I have ever had, and it was also my last.

That was 2 months ago, and to this day, I still have not had another outbreak. Oregano oil has been a miracle worker for me. I know a lot of people are going to question it being healed without a DNA test. I've gotten a few done in the first stages of my infection, and even though I was 100% positive I had genital herpes my tests would come back negative. (Both blood test and a swab of a lesion) So doctor's tests aren't as reliable as you may think.

I don't need a test to tell me I'm cured, I know I am. I continued to take the oregano oil for a full 4 months. Not one day did I miss a dosage, as I was completely determined to rid myself of this virus. My advice to you is to try it. And take it in LIQUID under the tongue if you want results!!! Best way to get it absorbed into your bloodstream. I'm no doctor, just an average 21 year old girl that suffered from the same problem as everyone else on this board. If it worked for me, I'm sure it can work for someone else. I wish good health and best of luck to all of you.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kay (Colorado) on 08/13/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have been using food grade h2o2 for a little over a month (25 drops x 3 times a day). I went to get retested this week and my level has dropped from 4.67 to 1.9. I would like to assume it is working. I plan to keep using it for the next 3 months then I'll get retested again! I heard that the blood takes 90 days to filter so hopefully by then end of that time this will all be over... But, I also feel like I should keep taking it 1 or 2 times a week just to make sure it all stays away!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Greed (Dc) on 11/27/2015

I have "undiagnosed" gential herpes. I am 23 and I contracted it when I was only 17. I've never had a cold sore or anything else like that in my life so imagine my horror when painful blisters started to appear on my sensitive clit and on the lips right above it. I haven't gone to the doctor to get it checked out maybe because I'm stupid, still in denial.. (Although writing this really helps) or just plain ashamed and afraid of getting a diagnosis and having a doctor look at me in my face and tell me I have gential herpes.

Anyways, I guess you can consider me lucky? Out of the 6 years I have lived with this virus I have only had outbreaks 3 times and it happens only once a year around the time I contracted the virus and in the same spot (either 1 or 2 blisters on my clit and/or a tiny cluster right above that on my vagina lip)

i am suffering from an outbreak right now as I write this and as I type this up on my iPhone I have a cotton swab with apple cider vinegar on it. This is my first time using ACV and I must say I do like it. Yes, it does burn a little but as a girl who wants to see and feel improvements immediately I think the stinging is a good sign like 'yeah take that herpes! ' At first I was using cold refined virgin coconut oil because coconut oil heals everything and I read somewhere that it kills the virus but to be honest I didn't think it was doing the job but maybe I'm impatient. The coconut oil stopped the excruciating itching (washed my hands, stuck my finger into the oil, applied topically to the affected area at night and went to bed) but like I said I didn't really like the results, I would wake up expecting the blisters to be gone, they are running their course, slowly, and that's not what I want. Mind you this is... Maybe day 4 or 5, after this outbreak clears up I'm definitely going to look into preventive measure like the pine cone extract, taking coconut oil orally, and/or taking ACV orally.

I really appreciate this website considering I am doing this alone and haven't told a soul my secret. I'm sure one day I will have to admit it to someone like my husband or a doctor or something but until then it is my secret and my shame alone but this site has really helped me and maybe it's not that bad. Maybe I can do this and do things so I won't have an outbreak and not feel ashamed of a mistake I did when I was young.

If anyone else is suffering I highly recommend all natural apple cider vinegar. Put it on a cotton swab and while you relax or before bed just let it sit there. Yes it will burn and yes you will want to tale it off. Maybe let it sit until you can't anymore, remove the swab, catch your breath, and douse another swab and do it again. I hope this post and this whole website helps anyone who feels like they are lost and alone like it helped me because you're not lost or alone and there are preventive measure so you can live a normal life and have a healthy, active sex life (please use protection of course) without feeling like you're going to pass on the virus.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by D (Memphis) on 02/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The peroxide worked for Hsv 1. I was diagnosed in 10/2012. I started the regiment. It was gone when I had my annual exam 4/2013.

Dietary Changes
Posted by [email protected] (Bklyn, Ny) on 07/11/2012

Hey everyone, I had mentioned that next month I will get retested, but I changed my mind and decided to do it by year end. Here is the reason why. I have just began a vegan diet as of this week and figure I will be ready. I still take flounder and consume the "onion garlic " drink which I believe is masking the condition with GH. Masking is not enough, I want it gone! I was still eating meat and other foods I should not be consuming so hence I am not ready to be retested. With my new lifestyle, I believe the end of the year would be better. I no longer take spirulina since I found out it is high in arginine. I only take the onion/garlic drink, cinnamon drink, lots of freshly squeezed lemon for ph, virgin raw coconut oil and oil of oregano. No more oily foods, salt, sugar etc. I try to eat mostly organic foods especially fruits and veggies raw or blanched. The fact that my friend has evidence that these two people are cured, I feel it is time I get serious. I do not want to be an old woman with this when there is evidence out there of cures. I want my life back.

Folks, do not bother with those who post that there is no cure, all things are possible. Some people want to eat the same old foods and get good result. This is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We also have a God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. Oh, I also forgot to tell you I take purges and enema as well. Do not give up. The evidence is out there. I will keep u guys updated. God loves us in spite of. His nature is to love. Do not be discouraged!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mermaid Cure (California, US) on 09/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so grateful to have found this website!!!! Truly has given me new light and hope for my ailments!!! So THANK YOU TED! You have a heaven-sent spirit for doing this!!!!!

Great News!!! APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TABLETS works. I've successfully prevented break-outs.

I've been a GH (genital herpes) sufferer since 1984 and am now 54-, goin' on 34', for sure... lol, and am very happy on coming to terms with the cards I have been dealt. So if you or ANYONE thinks it's the end, I promise you it is NOT. Of course, it was devastating to me when I found out, especially since I was vacationing in New Zealand at the time and had just read an article in the local newspaper that Genital Herpes had not been reported in their country at that time and so, yay! ... what great news that was...haha...

I contracted it from a guy there a week later, who knew what he was doing. So, don't believe what you read in the news ever, about anything, from what I have learned they can be terribly inaccurate!!! . So, yes, it's been a major nuisance in my life, but have went on to have had beautiful loving, healthy and sexual relationships. I feel it is my altruistic responsibility to inform them about my annoying situation before we are intimate so that they have the option to make an informed decision. They usually say, is that it? They know that there are MANY and MUCH worse 'issues' and problems in life that could or could have happened. If they really care about you and they are worth having a relationship won't make a difference.

After finding this site a few years ago, I immediately bought the organic ACV and lots of Coconut Oil for my medicine cabinet and kitchen and make-up drawer. The best thing I found was the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TABLETS! You don't have to taste the vinegar, just take one tablet right when you first feel the slightest tingle. I have successfully staved off several outbreaks by catching it in time and am thinking I should just take one every day. They're not expensive and you find them at any health food store or vitamin shop.

So, I'm pretty sure GH prevails in epidemic proportions. At least HALF of my girlfriends have or have had it! That I happen to know of! I've just been super compelled to share this vital remedy for our condition and am feeling pretty good about it because I know it can help all of you who will find this. I wish I would would have found this out 20 years ago!!! The doc's had always just prescribed the Zovirax or similar, which helped too, but about equal to ACV.

Life is good and, especially when you find a 'community' like this one to share REAL story's from REAL people.

One more REALLY important Health tip that I discovered, especially for women, Is taking 1,200 mg of Vitamin D EVERY SINGLE DAY with the magnesium to digest ( they are sold together in one pill) for your bones and hair! I was diagnosed with 15% Osteoporosis in my spine that was completely a silent disease I was unaware of! Just had a routine bone scan for my 50,000 mile check up and found out. So my good Dr. told me my options of choosing Fosamax, that can have the side effects of ruining other organs over time or take the 1,200mg calcium every day, no more and no less! No question there...I started taking them and within weeks my hair started really growing! Beautiful baby hair coming in everywhere! So I told my GF, same age, and same thing happened to her! my hair is consistantly 4" longer than it used to be. I figure bones must be better shape too, but will find out on my next bone scan.

Enjoy life everyone-it's the only one we KNOW we have for sure! ... and don't sweat the small stuff!!!!! xoxo

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Angel9 (Los Angeles) on 12/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

All I want to know is... has anyone ever gone back to a doctor and test negative for HSV2 after being tested positive for HSV2? This and only this means you have been cured. You are not cured just by preventing outbreaks. You are just really good at dodging an attack. My GOAL!!! I have just had a positive blood test for HSV2. My plan is not to stop outbreaks but to stop the virus itself. Meaning the next time I get tested it will be negative. I don't know how long this will take but based on the knowledge I have gained about what type of virus this is, where it hides dormant in your body, and the many different theories people have on "CURING" herpes 1 & especially 2, it seems that the best way to start is with 35% Food Grade Peroxide. And obviously proper diet and immune system boosting vitamin regimen while only drinking DISTILLED WATER. Like I stated earlier I want to get rid of the virus not just the outbreaks. So far I have been reading miles and miles of claims of cures and all these claims are just stopping outbreaks not the virus. That is not enough for me. I have read only 1 and I mean only 1 person saying they have been tested negative after being tested positive. And he was using Oxygen Therapy with 35% food grade peroxide in Spain. Testing negative means, You can't pass what you don't have.

Pine Cone Extract
Posted by Joel (Middleton Usa) on 12/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Pine cone extract cures herpes. Same with Hemp Oil. You're all welcome :)

Posted by Suzy (Indiana) on 07/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Lecithin cures herpes. Get a bottle of soft capsules. They are large, take three a day, three times a day. You will never have an outbreak again. I say soft capsules because the liquid is thick and difficult to get down. Liquid is fine if you can take it. Just go buy lecithin in whatever form you want at your local health food store and take it daily. There's no magic formula of what brand or pill as opposed to liquid. Take it until you don't have an outbreak then take it a bit longer. There's an old post here on earthclinic about lecithin curing herpes. Do some research and find it. I had near continuous outbreaks until I started lecithin and I had tried everything out there. Lecithin works! I can't stress it enough. It will set you free. Then go tell everyone you know who suffers.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natalia (Mn, Usa) on 04/08/2018

John, It sounds like you are in the throes of a viral storm! Interesting timing: HS outbreaks typically happen at Easter and Valentines when excess chocolate is consumed. I haven't read the thread, so this may be redundant, but are you supplementing with Lysine? It is an essential amino acid that we make from other amino acids and a chem in chocolate blocks the body's ability to make this conversion, resulting in Lysine deficiency and the opportunity for the HS's to overgrow. If you are vegan or even vegetarian, you need to seriously balance your protein intake. If not, you need to support your immune system. There is a great deal of information on the web about how to boost immunity and balance the body for optimal health; this would heal and prevent these outbreaks. No standard MD is going to do anything other than throw bandaid meds at you; you need to go much deeper.

The major consideration for our immune system is the gut; you need to be taking pre- and pro-biotics to begin healing and addressing your diet and environment to address your system failure.

In Native culture, we use anti-viral medicine that is simple and free. Dunno if you have flat or white cedar in AL, but that is what we use as a tea. You can use the needles and fans of any pine tree as a strong anti-viral. Just boil a large amount in clean water until the oil floats on top. Strain and drink sweetened - pref with a natural sweetener. Best to you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nicole (Australia) on 04/11/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have found something even better. My last outbreak was a BAD one. I had a high fever because of it. I immediately went to the kitchen and took one tablespoon of l-lysine powder mixed with one teaspoon of vitamin c powder and a tablespoon of genuine new Zealand manuka honey mixed into a Luke warm half cup of purified water.

Made a turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup which is all I ate for the next three days and made up a small mixture of manuka honey, turmeric and vitamin c paste which I then slathered on to my entire vagina, I used a sanitary pad to stop the honey leakage and put on black pants (this stuff stains), laid a towel down and put myself to bed for the day while I ate bowls of turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup.

My soreness was completely gone by morning and by the next day I couldn't even tell I'd had an outbreak.

I was amazed. I've suffered for 10+ years, every outbreak lasting 7-12 days.

And now, thanks to my tireless research and trials, I have put together ingredients that cleared my outbreak within 24 hours.
I hope this helps someone.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Happy (Arizona ) on 12/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had genital herpes so bad that I was breaking out in sores back to back. I never told my doctor that I had herpes because of the embarrassment and the fact that those findings must be reported to the BOH. My immune system had taken a dive, the lysine use to work, but all of a sudden it stop. The sores were coming out on my buttock, labia, and anus. I started the food grade H202 regimen 16 days ago and have not had further out breaks of herpes. I will continue the treatments for 3-5 months, but in a tapering dose and ending in a maintenance dose. I believe that after 30 days the virus will be totally eradicated, if not before. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I contracted herpes as a child while being raped, but I only broke out once in 25 years. I noticed the increase of outbreaks in the last 2 years. Then in the last 6 months or so they were coming more frequent, until it became back to back, even before a sore healed, more were coming. I was almost at the point where I was being forced to finally tell my PCP, for I knew I needed something to stop the outbreaks, and God brought to my attention the H202. Now I'm feeling clean and can be in a relationship, for I was feeling very lonely, but I couldn't tell anyone and didn't want to spread it. This was God sent, he heard my many cries, even on the 16 day-16 drops, I feel that the virus is more that 90% gone, but I'm only speculating. I just know that there has been no further outbreaks. I'm so happy now, I can have a normal life. Thank you God for the cleansing.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Whaddup (Usa) on 05/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Yo! I got diagnosed with genital herpes on Tuesday (it's Thursday) and dude I was buggin but I it will be okay!!! Okay I'll start with the details on finding out I have herpes.

So obviously this is my first outbreak. About a week and a half ago I started having flu like symptoms (fever, chills, fatigue) and eventually my tonsils started swelling. I went to a walk in clinic two days ago and they just said I had a virus and sent me away! A couple days before that I noticed some discomfort between my vagina and bumhole, I assumed it was tearing which has happened before but after I went to the walk in clinic I still just felt like something was I checked down there and noticed three or four whitish, round blisters, they didn't even really look like blisters! Then I googled herpes symptoms and read that the first time can give you flu like symptoms so I immediately went to planned parenthood and learned that I do indeed have herpes.

So up until I went to planned parenthood I really hadn't experienced much pain, but I think the gynoi saw popped my blisters to test the fluid so after this I started hurting pretty bad...I didn't take any painkillers or put anything on the sores. I was too afraid to even look at them and usually when I have any kind of sore I feel it's best to leave it alone and let it do its work, but the next day was so horrible. I couldn't go pee unless I was in the shower, I was working as a nanny and just couldn't even move. I thought I must have a horrible case of herpes, I didn't realize it was so painful. I decided to take some ibuprofen which helped a little...but I was still in horrifying pain. I had to do something! So...

I have used coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for several things in my life, especially skin care so I already felt confident in its abilities, but I was in so much pain I just didn't want to make things worse, but I was desperate. I took a shower and rinsed everything with water. Then I mixed about 5 parts water with on part Apple Cider Vinegar and spiked a wash cloth with the solution. I laid in on my whole crotch for about 20 seconds. YES IT STUNG, it did not feel good but it also didn't feel any worse than when I pee. After that I let everything air dry for about 10 minutes. I still felt stinging, I was so worried I have made things worse! Then I coated one side of a wash cloth with coconut oil and laid that on my crotch for about 5 minutes, then took it off and left the coconut oil on the sores. I did all of this right before bed. After it all I was still in a lot of pain, but it felt different than what I had been felt like somethings was happening hat wasn't before of that makes sense...

Anyways, I fell asleep and didn't wake up for six hours! I hadn't slept that long in like two weeks. And oh my goodness I fell a lot better. I took a quick shower to rinse everything off and letting the water ribbon the sores didn't hurt as much as the day before, neither did peeing. So I went through the same acv/coconut ops process as the night before and the Apple Cider Vinegar barely stung at all!!! I was so happy, it was a lot easier to move around. I'm at work right now and I just feel so much more comfortable than yesterday. This is my first outbreak which is supposed to be the worst and I've only had visible sores for 4-5 days and I feel like they're getting so much better. I'm so glad I went through with the Apple Cider Vinegar and coconut oil! The oil really soothes the pain and itching.

So I would totally recommend both products for anyone with herpes. I would suggest heavily diluting the vinegar to see how your skin reacts. If you're nervous/skeptical I would at least try the coconut oil, it's so soothing!

Good luck all, I know this sucks :( but it happens! I have been reading about how to prevent future outbreaks and basically you just have to live a healthy life! Eat well, sleep exercise, stress management! These are all things I should be doing anyways but now I have a lot more motivation to keep up with it. You can get through this guys!!! You're not alone, and it does get better. You will feel better soon I promise. Peace and love.

Coconut and Frankincense Oils
Posted by Diana (Northern Virginia USA) on 08/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I contracted genital herpes from my husband after 20 years of marriage. I knew going into the marriage that he had it but anyway I've struggled with them terribly until the last two years. I have no scientific proof or I should say explanation but I can tell you what has worked and completely eliminated outbreaks which I was getting every month for a year.

Lysine didn't help and I was even breaking through the daily prophylactic antibiotic. I knew the antibiotics were not good. Perhaps God gave me the idea,

I took the healthy coconut oil that isn't refined, maybe about a cup, and dropped 20 to 30 drops of frankincense (I use Doterra) And I began applying it to the genitals which also helped with dryness at my age. Not one outbreak.

I began to think I was healed so I stopped and within a week had an outbreak. Naturally, I've been using it ever since and zero outbreaks. I can't explain it I can only tell you it's worked.

DMSO, Coconut Oil & Lemon Water
Posted by Ena (Knoxville, TN) on 08/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

So in the past when I've gotten the beginning signs of a cold sore, I've applied a layer of pure DMSO that I got from the local Tractor Supply Company in the equestrian section. I use the pure 99% gel form. It's easier to use. Then a layer of Extra Virgin Coconut oil, then another layer of DMSO. I let it soak in for 20 minutes before I dress. Do this three times a day. Make sure the area is clean before application. If I catch the outbreak early, it never turns into a sore and goes away in a couple of days. If I drink lemon water every day, twice a day, morning and bedtime, in addition to a daily application of the DMSO and Coconut oil, then I have thus far been able to prevent the outbreaks altogether. Use fresh Lemons, not the already squeezed lemon you buy in a bottle. Also, try to avoid sugar and alcohol. I personally drink coffee every day on this protocol and still am outbreaks free as long as I maintain the regimen daily.

Oregano Oil, DMSO
Posted by Anoymous (London) on 03/26/2016
1 out of 5 stars


Please, please, please, please, please stay well clear of using DMSO gel with oregano oil. It is extremely dangerous because it goes into your system and burns everything in its path. I had contracted genital herpes and sought every remedy online. I had some success with olive leaf extract but knew deep inside that there probably was a better day but ran out of patience. I had read online that people started rubbing oregano oil on their spine and mixing this with DMSO to take this deep into the nervous system to kill the herpes virus. Whilst this is true, the oregano oil kills everything in its path. That includes your good nerves and myelin sheaths which surrounds your nerves!!

After rubbing DMSO with oregano oil for only 3 days I had to stop as the oregano oil burned my skin which turned ash black and I had to be rushed to hospital suffering from dizziness. I've never had dizziness in my life. Within a few days my legs felt really heavy and I had to take a week off work. I have not been to the gym for two months now despite always going three times a week and I haven't been able to run since. My legs still feel heavy and I still feel dizzy. I have scarring where I put the oregano oil on my lower spine.

I am praying for my full recovery and really hope that I can warn everyone not to be so foolish and stupid as I was which was to follow a dangerous hint online which no doctor in the world would recommend. Oregano oil might be ok but mixed with DMSO and this takes this straight deep into the skin and starts burning its way through your myelin sheaths (protective coat which surrounds the nerves). If the myelin sheaths are damaged you will suffer the SAME side effects as someone who has Multiple Sclerosis.

I am slowly getting better but some days I wake up and feel I can barely move.

Weirdly, I bought the DMSO three months ago and my gut instinct said it was bad to use this but my head thought it knew better. Now I will never ignore my intuition ever again.

ACV and Zovirax
Posted by Suzanne (Spartanburg Sc ) on 02/23/2017

I've had genital herpes for 3 years. It's no big deal AT ALL. I've never given it to any of my partners and I've had several great boyfriends since. No one really cares. It's not some nightmare and it's not a life ender. People make it out to seem like that and it's a bunch of BS. 1 out of 5 people have herpes and of those that have it 90% don't even know. Even this page makes it seem like a big deal. Be safe, use protection, always tell your partner before you have sex, and take an anti-viral when you need to. I have one or two minor outbreaks per year. Don't let people scare you.

Posted by Ena (Knoxville, TN) on 09/07/2021

FINAL UPDATE! I stopped using everything and started inreasing my consumption of lemon water. Month long outbreak gone in 2 days!!! Only lemon water. That's it. So I will still try the lecithin for a few months because it has other health benefits, but I've found my miracle..... 1 lemon squeezed in 1.5 liters drunk throughout the day. Drink additional water with electrolytes so you don't get dehydrated and drink with a straw so it doesn't damage enamel on teeth. Hope this helps!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Gridkeeper (Dc) on 07/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had HSV-2 since 2015, I experienced the lowest lows of my entire life. I was hopeless, lost my joy, and really wasn't happy at all. I tried all manner of treatments over the course of years, and eventually to tried 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

I read various forums and found some people that had used it reported favorable results, some that even claimed that it cured them, and some reported that they didn't get good results. I figured that if it worked for some people it was worth a try for me. It seems to affect everyone a little differently.

HSV seems like a difficult virus to beat as it's quite resilient, so I hit it hard with the 35% hydrogen peroxide and eventually worked up to 25 drops 3x daily for 6 months in distilled water. I tried to eat as healthy as possible during this time, even eating a raw diet for about 3 months. After the 6 months of 25 drops a day 3x daily, I continued on lower maintenance doses for another 3 months. I wasn't super disciplined about the keeping the dose consistent, it was roughly 5-10 drops 3x daily, eventually tapering down to zero.

Since then, March 1, 2020, I have taken no medication or even supplements. I haven't had any breakouts, and I drink coffee all day, beer, and sometimes eat all kinds of junk food. I've had pizza, fries, you name it. I haven't gotten retested, but I haven;t had any issues for months now, so I'm going to see if it continues. I feel like it worked, because I had tons of issues previously.

I've come to believe that there are many suppressed cures/treatments. Other than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide that worked for me, there is the also the Bob Beck blood electrocution therapy, MMS/sodium chloride, which is a lot stronger than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, intravenous ozone, vitamin B17, Laetrile, and others.

I wouldn't recommend the particular protocol that I used unless you research 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide first because it's a bit extreme. Please do your own research about safe protocols. I was at such a low point in my life that it was worth it to me to risk possible side effects if I could possibly be cured.

For the record I didn't experience any side effects except for minor discomfort from taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on an empty stomach, and a little scratchiness in my throat. This protocol is hard to do at first, but then becomes routine, and for me it was well worth it and a hug blessing. My life was a living hell and now it's normal again. I thank God that I found out about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and suppressed cures.

Please feel free to ask me questions. I hope that you all succeed in your journey to beat this as I did.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alex (Australia) on 07/29/2015

Hey Dan, firstly, I don't believe ACV is a outright cure for herpes...So don't get your hopes too high. Its more like a deterrent and (in my opinion and personal observation) definitely assists the body fighting the virus when it goes active.

To fight any virus there's a couple of things you should do. Exactly the same principle as getting a flu.

1.Stay Warm...really warm. There's a reason why the body will shiver and get fever. The body has identified the virus has gone active and it's trying to overheat the little bastard. A little fever is good. Let the bodies evolutionary instincts have this one.

2. Vitamin C - 500mg every 6 hrs

3. ACV & Honey - Every 6 hrs (a mate of mine puts ACV in 1 litre of water, keeps it on his desk and drinks it throughout the day.)

4. 500gm Lysine - Every 8 hrs - Seems to toughen the skin.

Put this together and see how you go.

My recent attack, I performed the above over a period of 4 days. I could feel the virus trying hard... but it never breached the outside skin. Although, let's be clear, I knew at that moment I was still infectious. Might not have breached the outside but it still stung a little at the start of day 2 when I pissed.

There's some hope there.

Good luck... and please share if you find something else that works. All of us need to help each other with all diseases as the pharmaceutical industry wont. A natural cure is out there and it'll be up to those who have the disease to find it.

Neem Oil, DMSO
Posted by Compelledtotell (South Carolina) on 12/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from back to back breakouts in the vaginal area, sometimes twice or three times a month for almost 10 years. It would always happen around the time of my period and sometimes would occur after having sex. I am now so happy to say that I have not had an outbreak in forever. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I had one. It's been at least a year I would say. Here is what I did. I took the Humaworm cleanse and was outbreak free for about 4 months, then it came back. When the outbreak came back I was really really angry. First, I believe in the power of the mind. I was sick and tired of having outbreaks and I just got so angry, so mad, and decided that this virus would no longer live inside my body. I became determined to find a cure and no longer accepted that there was no cure. A cure existed on God's green earth and it was mine to claim. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and the Secret. So I found a site that said to use DMSO and another site that said Neem was an antiviral. So I put a small amount of DMSO on the blister and then immediately put Neem oil on the area. Please be sure to wash your hands first and to wash the area before applying DMSO. Then I got some DMSO and placed it at the back of my spine and put some Neem oil in that area as well. Well I don't know if it was the positive thinking or the DMSO or the Neem. But since that day, I have not had a single outbreak.

ACV and Zovirax
Posted by Kat (Austin, Tx) on 04/02/2017

I agree about Genital Herpes not being as bad as most people make it out to be. I got it from my boyfriend in 2012. I had a very bad outbreak (that's how I knew I had it) & luckily had good insurance, although, besides diagnosing me and putting me on Valtrex, there wasn't much they could do.

Since 2012 I have had maybe 1 or 2 pimples/bumps (I wouldn't even call them sores) & I believe this low outbreak is due to me keeping my immune system up. I've tried Lysine & I guess it helps but really, it's about making sure you stay as healthy as possible. I take Tumeric, Vit. D, Omega 3's, Gingko Bibloa, 5 - HTP, & other various herbs that deal with stress and anxiety (valerian, passionflower etc.) I don't always take ALL of these but I intermittently use them. I also have started using Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic) occasionally. I eat organically whenever possible & quit smoking last year. I do occasionally drink alcohol but I have had to cut that back since it lowers my immunity. I try really hard to get into bed by no later than 11 pm & try to sleep at least 8 hours. I could/should start exercising again but MOSTLY for me? It's stress. If I keep my stress levels down? Then I'm good. I also have tried some meditation - nothing that takes more than 10 minutes but it helps. It takes time and persistence and it does NOT happen over night but I have not given it to my last 5 boyfriends (the virus) & I have not had a bump/pimple in about 2 years. Good luck & please do not see this as a dooms day thing. :-)