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Effective Natural Treatments for Genital Herpes Relief

Garlic Oil

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Posted by Raphael (Bangkok) on 08/09/2013

For Herpes (and also cold sores) - best method is Garlic Oil. If you get a break out just take a little and slowly use it to apply the oil under the skin at the breakout area! It will not come out and if yes keep doing and it will heal very fast!! And the break out will be more more rare. Mine is gone!!!! I also used coconut oil but couldnt say that it really helped.

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

My dear friend, herpes will be killed if you take Cimetidine and Zinc. It is a serious protocol. As a parasitologist, I used to prescribe it to people with bad parasite infestation with Herpes. Good luck.

Replied by Tonysha
(Ellenwood, Ga)

What is the protocol?

Garlic, Cayenne, ACV, Fiber, Distilled Water

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Posted by Kenneth (Orlando, Florida) on 03/15/2007

I discovered this site about two months ago and was seeking treatments and cures for a variety of ailments. I have suffered from herpes for years and noticed I was having outbreaks every few weeks. I really thought that my immune system was collasping or something. Anyway I did several things and have been sypmtom free for over two months. Thats the longest outbreak free period I have had in over fifteen years. Here is what I did. I immediately stopped ingesting aspartame and all other artificial sweetners immediately. I then began drinking the following mix first thing each morning. I crush one clove of garlic, add a teaspoon of cayeene pepper,one capful of apple cider vinegar and then add about six ounces of distilled water. I also cleaned my colon by merely taking five fiber capsules three times a day. I did this regimen for two weeks straight. I noticed that my blood pressure returned to normal, my digestive system problems stabalized, and I have been outbreak free. I have now come to believe that most of our health problems is a result of internal pollution in the form of toxins. Once we clean ourselves out, add "natural" products such as herbs, ACV, and fiber, our bodies are then able to do the rest and heal. Good luck to everyone.

General Feedback

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Posted by Alex (Manila, Philippines) on 03/25/2015

I've been expriencing herpes symtoms. I am worried I will lose my job because I have medical exam each contract. I'm working on the ship, my family is waiting to me and my girlfriend. Having herpes means you will be rejected to medical exam. Please help.

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Posted by Vsherry9 (Detroit, Mi) on 02/26/2015

I have had an ongoing issue with a whitish discharge, doesn't seem to smell, but I notice it every time I shower & clean myself out. I've made appointments with my gyno but every time she checks me out she cannot find anything, maybe because I'm showering before I go in (not sure), but each time she's prescribed antibiotics which haven't worked. So I gave up! It seems like I've had this forever. Question, is this normal or is it some kind of infection or STD? Just about 2 years ago I noticed a lesion on the outside top part of my vagina still in the pink area right before the hair. I again went to my gyno & she said I had Herpes, which is really surprising to me since I've been with my husband almost 22 years & have not been with another man. Just recently I've been having break outs from this, which is leaving me feeling fluish each time - I'm wondering if the 2 are some how related. If any one else has this problem & what anyone recommends for me to use. I am new here but I am not into medications & would love to hear about some natural cures. I've been reading on here for months but don't know really how to tell what exactly I should be using, ugh - help!!! I think doctors are to easy to prescribe antibiotics & I refuse to be their test subjects any longer.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

It could be herpes Zoster which is a form of shingles and can be very painful, there is a cream they prescribe for it . Shingles usually follow an emotional event or stress and can outbreak in many places on the body including the eye.

Replied by Vsherry9
(Detroit, Mi)

What I have is not a rash & is not that painful until the lesion bursts open (just a bit of stinging), so I highly doubt that it is Herpes Zoster/Shingles. I just get it in 2 spots right next to my hairline in my vaginal area. It started with one spot, but then I think it spread to another by being infected by the other. That was before I realized I had to make sure it was covered so it wouldn't spread. I believe it did start a few years ago - during the year of my first outbreak my daughter's boyfriend was killed in a car accident, a month later my father died, then a month later after that my brother died. So it definitely started after a stressful period in my life. My gyno also asked me if I husband gets cold sores & said that is possibly how I got it by having oral sex during one of his outbreaks, is this possible. I read something about putting hydrogen peroxide right on the lesion full strength - has anyone else tried this?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Shingles can settle in the nerves with no visible signs on the skin, pain can last for years in the nerves.

Coconut oil is anti viral and treats some venerial diseases. Ingesting a small amount 1/2 tsp. and increasing as tolerated up to 1/4 cup a day. Apply topically, you could have die off symptoms so GO SLOW.

Sorry you had to go through so much trauma in such a short time frame. B vitamins help with stress, ( when you feel like eating all the time, you have too much ).

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

So very much has been written and documented about the effectiveness of BHT as a treatment for ALL forms of the herpes viruses, I am surprised you have not heard about it. It seems surely worth a try. BHT cured me of one of the oral types of herpes virus. I used the 250mg of BHT per day with water only on an empty stomach method. BHT can also be mixed with regular type isopropanol you can by at any drugstore for use as a TOPICAL TREATMENT ONLY....Oscar

Replied by Martin
(New York, NY)

Dear Sherry,

I am very sorry for your recent and sudden losses. What you are describing sounds like herpes sores and I think you may be in a outbreak cycle from profound grief. Grief is one of the main triggers for genital herpes outbreaks. Unfortunately, an outbreak cycle can go on for many months so you might work to strengthen your immune system as soon as possible. I wouldn't waste too much energy focusing on how you could have gotten genital herpes. It does happen to a lot of people, even older ones. I know a couple of people who got it in their 60s for the first time.

People have good results lessening the severity of a genital herpes outbreak using medicinal mushrooms for the immune system and olive leaf capsules. Regular acupuncture treatments would help alleviate grief, and in my opinion, will be a very important component to stopping an outbreak cycle. I don't know much about BHT, but Oscar's recommendation sounds like a good one to research. Please keep us updated.

(Detroit, Mi)

I've never heard of medicinal mushrooms, but I did try olive leaf extract for a year, continuously twice a day at the exact same time each day, but it did nothing. I will research the medicinal mushrooms however.

Replied by Mactwo
(Beatty, Oregon)

All virus are preventible when the immune system has a constant available source of vitamin 'C'. Fifty milligrams plus for babies. one gram or more for healthy children and adults to 6 grams a day and more for seniors. Colds, flu, constipation and cold sores are just 4 signs of inadequate 'C'.

All virus are cured when the immune system has a constant available source of vitamin 'C'. Dr F R Klenner cured all virus patients he saw in over 45 years of practice with up to 160 grams of 'C' a day with oral, IV, and injections in days. Research!

Case History, Internet! Woman cured herself of vaginal herpes in 4 months with 'C', 44 grams a day and went on to have a perfect baby.

Consistent massive amounts oral 'C' will cure all virus in time. With a doctors help with 'C' injections and IV's can do the same in days.

All vitamins are important. It is impossible to get all the vitamin/minerals we need from food even if we ate 25 hours a day.

Health scientists agree on two important points. As much as 90% of health is dietary. Eighty percent of a healthy body is the digestion and elimination system. Disease prevention is the immune system fortified with the vitamins/minerals, and nutrients that support the immune and digestive systems. Quote, Dr F R Klenner, " white blood cell without adequate vitamin 'C' is like soldiers without bullets".

Few people understand the crippling effects to the immune system by toxic refined sugars, processed vegetable oils, junk foods, chemicals in processed foods, all soft drinks, soy, soy milk, microwave, deep fried foods and artificial sweeteners. The excess sugars in the body are used by fungus, yeasts, parasites, diseases to grow and replicate.

Causes allergies, bipolar, depression, obesity, etc.

Replied by Vsherry9
(Detroit, Mi)

Thank you everyone! Sometimes life just throws some bad circumstances your way & you just learn to deal with it & move on. I am definitely going to try the BHT after I research a little more on it. Thanks again I truly do appreciate it.

Replied by Sv

Lysine helps with this monster... It's an amino acid.... very safe....

Replied by Vsherry9
(Detroit, Mi)

I'm sorry I'm so late replying, but I will give it a try, it is however this many months later & I am still having outbreaks. This is definitely on my list of things to try. Thank you!

Replied by Kkj

Liposomal Vitamin C is nearly 10X better than reg vitamin C. You can also try Chaga Tea high in antioxidant boost your immune system ($20/lb will last you a for whole month)

General Feedback
Posted by Jd320 (Small Town, Delaware, Us) on 09/08/2011

I have been diagnosed with genital herpes (visually by doctor, still waiting on lab results). I refuse to believe that I am stuck with this virus for life. I refuse to take medications that will not even cure me but cause more side affects. After extensive research into alternative treatments such as colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide; I came across some really interesting info on a product called IV-7.

Here is a link to a youtube video of a man who cured a cyst that could have been fatal.

It seems to be similar to colloidal silver but the silver is reduced to a pico size instead of nano. Which from having a electrical background I know pico is. 000000000001 vs nano .000000001.

This stuff is sold as a disinfectant but has selling points like this

IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for food contact surfaces kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi and is approved for use on surfaces with which food has direct contact without the need to be rinsed!

the genteleman also mentions it has a zero toxicity rating and that he knows people who have cured herpes-1 and 2.

I would like any and all thoughts on this as I am seriously considering it. Thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

To JD 320, Genital and other forms of herpes have been discussed for many years now as responsive to BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. Pearson and Shaw discuss it their book: The Life Extension Companion. Many people have reported impressive results with BHT as a treatment for the different herpes viruses including genital herpes including Pearson and Shaw. I once had oral type herpes but have not had an outbreak for at least 10 years now, thanks to BHT. I take one 350mg capsule with a gulp of water to wash it down on an empty stomach once a day as suggested by Pearson and Shaw for herpes infections.

I know NOTHING about the other treatment you discussed....Oscar

Replied by Fety
(Somewhere In, Wa)

Yes! I use IV-7 regularly mostly as a preventative. I'm friends with Ian Jacklin and bought 2 gallons of the IV-7 through him, he's the one that shot that video with Ian Clark. I nebulize IV-7 whenever I feel a scratch in my throat and take it orally too. I can say it definitely helps kill whatever is going on in the nose, throat and lungs. It is the easiest way to get it into the blood stream allow the silver to do its work. If I happen to get a cold that sets in, nebulizing shortens it to 2-3 days maximum. FYI, I use a Pari LC Star nebulizer, it generates the smallest mist particle size.

Replied by Anna
(Lakelands, Wa, Australia)

Would you mind telling me where and how I can purchase this product please? Much appreciated.

General Feedback
Posted by Steve (Bryan, Texas) on 08/09/2009

too many abbreviations, too much dancing circles

ok i havnt tried anything yet, except zovirax, it works ok most of the time. i usully breakout one my back side top of my butt cheek, usually on the left, i have been reading your articles here im confused. please tell me what to get to cure my genital herpes or greatly suppress it. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!. I have had this for 23 years, i would give my left nut to get rid of it. I tend to break out now if i get too hot. Like riding in a hot car if the seat is hot. It seems the heat causes me to break out, cause my butt is right against the hot seat.

Replied by Morgan
(Nyc, Ny)

CURE TO GENITAL HERPES: Hydro Peroxide DMSO (human grade) Apply one at a time to the area where the breakout ocurred. This combination seals the nerve endings (virus path), and you are virtually cured. Is it for everyone? I don't know, but I am virus free for 11 yrs now.

Replied by Fionna
(Miami, Fla)

this is to Morgan: You stated you applied dsmo and HP one at a time and it sealed the nerve ending. Was this during a breakout or before. Also, did you apply just once per area?thank you, fionna

Replied by Tammy1
(London, Greater London)

Thank you Morgan. How frequent did you apply Hydro Peroxide DMSO (human grade)? How long did you apply it for?

Replied by Ashly

What is the dilution of the food grade hydrogen peroxide for topical use to kill the virus on the skin? Is it effective on the area of a healed break out?

General Feedback
Posted by Ozena (Newyork, Newyork) on 06/16/2009

I was diagnosed with GH almost 6 years ago I tell u it was the worst thing that could happen to me,because the person knew he had it and infected me on purpose, yeh sure I should have let him give me oral, but I was caught up in the moment like many of you,This bastard ruined my life,I tried to get the health dept to stop him,who knows how many women he infected? I was too embarassed to call the police, I will never forget that outbreak, sores itching,being mesirable,I was on Valtrex but that made me sick do I stopped,6 years later no outbreaks at all,everbody is different, not a sore or lesion, some stings sometimes, but I go about my buisness, I think mentally Im coming along, Im 39 so at 33 when this happens and my baby was almost 3 then it was HARD to deal with,clinic visits, the doctors treated me like a leper, I would never think to give this to anyone, NEVER, I was seeing someone who knew, it was good at first but it didnt work out, oh well, if someone comes along I will always be honest, its my disease not theirs,That creep who gave it to me will get his whereever the Coward is, keep your heads up it will be ok!!!

Replied by Infected On Purpose

This is totally my story but we're still together....but he's reminded daily of how lucky he is to have me

General Feedback
Posted by David (Atlanta, Ga) on 12/30/2008

I just found out last week that I tested positive for HSV-2. I have been looking at internet information for a cure. I do believe there is actually a cure out there because all things are possible. I am looking for a cure not a outback treatment. The doctor says it is a life time disease but I don't believe such a thing. 1) Is there someone that has actually re-tested with negative result? 2) What was you cure regiment? 3) How long did it take you to rid yourself from the disease? I understand that diet, exercise, and herbs, low stress, spiritual balance will help in immune system health. I have heard of people being cured AIDS, so I know herpes can be cure. If anybody can actually help let me know. Remember responses for cures not just outbreak treatments. I know there are real people that have been actually cured out there. Please and thank you for your help.

David, Atlanta, GA

Replied by Darcy
(Patong, Phuket, Thailand)

Hi David from Atlanta. I was tested positive for HSV-2 just last July 2008. I have experienced a day or 2 rest for a 5 month long continuous outbreaks and I was so desperate and looked everywhere for relief, remedy and cure. I have tried a lot of suggested medicines, home remedies etc., that was listed in this very helpul site. But as weeks go by, I have discovered a herbal drink from Philippines that was a very big help to this disease. For your info, I have a very weak immune system and I think if someone with a normal or much stronger immune system than mine, I guess taking this drink would be more effective. I saw the changes and progress of my immune system after i drank the first 2 sachets. It's called _____, it's quite known now in the Philippines, for it has cured a lot of sickness and diseases, and as for my HSV-2... i don't know if it has cured me, but it did gave me hope and still think strong of my future. I have a friend who sells this in Thailand, and in Manila.

To support more for my body's defenses, I drink 2 cups of GreenTea everyday, as this is equivalent to 8 apples, which has more vitamin C than citrus. I take Centrum, 1000mgs VitC, 400IU VitE.. yeah! it's not hard, it's just that my immune system is very weak so I just have to find more support. Of course, nothing is possible without the help of God, a prayer full of faith.

God bless!

More power Earthclinic!!

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

sorry to be a downer but this sounds like a spam post.. at least don't mention the product name... He is asking specifically from someone who cured themselves...not for a vague remedy.

EC: Thank you for pointing it out! Product name removed!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello David,

Since L-lysine 2 grams with 2 grams Vitamin C 4 times per day (suggest mealtime & bedtime) works to rid one of HSV-l, it should work on HSV-2 also. That is what I would be trying first off for any viral infection because I know it works on chicken pox (therefore should work for shingles or Herpes Zoster), mononucleosis (kissing fever) and several other viruses as well.

Genital Herpes Advice

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Posted by James (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 03/29/2009

After 25 years of herpes, doctors, and drugs, I found what works best the hard way, by experience. And I later found it best summed up here in two short lines:

"-Avoid sugars (that creates dampness), caffeine, alcohol, spicy, greasy foods. -Keep immune system strong -Avoid stress and anger -Get adequate sleep"

Of course, we all learn about Lysine, extra Vit. C, and to avoid chocolate, nuts, too much garlic, too many berries & grapes, Arginine, etc, but the above quote is very important. I learned about sugar, caffeine, and alcohol the hard way.

1. Sugar habit = more frequent outbreaks

2. Caffeine habit = more frequent outbreaks (& hardest to quit, takes great willpower. Use 1/4 tsp of Cinnamon in coffee to lesson outbreaks due to coffee addiction. Use Honey or Agave, NO sugar)

3. Alcohol habit (especially wine) = more frequent outbreaks

4. Spicy or greasy food habit = more frequent outbreaks

5. Long held anger = more frequent outbreaks

6. Six hours or less sleep = more frequent outbreaks

7. Eating within 3 hours of sleeptime = more frequent outbreaks (because Liver can't detox blood during sleeptime if it has to deal with a long and slow digestive operation. Then your undetoxed blood is now even more toxic the next day, soon a viral overload occurs & bam, another outbreak)

* Combine any three of the above and you should expect another outbreak.

* If you drink a bitter herb tea (dandelion, burdock, yellow dock, google for more. I also use Chinese herbs that have strange names I can't recall) before you do the evil deeds, you may escape an outbreak, but the body is now weakened so these evil deeds shouldn't be repeated again the next day. Take a break from all the stimulating action.

* Mushroom extracts (liquid/alcohol) have impressive results on strengthening immune system. (When you are to the point of having a continuous outbreak, try Mushroom extracts, and PLENTY of sleep, at least 8 hours/day) How did I do it: Use 2x or 3x per day for 3 months, then off 1 month, then repeat cycle. Works best by putting 1 dropper full in mouth with about 1 tablespoon of good pure water. Swish around in mouth or hold in mouth for 1 minute or more if you can. Best absorption occurs in mouth, then swallow.

* Licorice herb tea, or extract, for 2 weeks seems to really improve immune system also. Don't use for more than 2 weeks, then take 2 weeks off, then use again if needed.

* Force yourself to go to bed early as a regular habit. And avoid the late eating.

Genital Herpes Triggers

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Posted by Aaron (Las Cruces, New Mexico) on 05/21/2008

I've had herpes for a very long time and there's one thing that seems to trigger an outbreak without question and i know this will sound weird. the only thing that i can say deffinately causes an outbreak is splashback from the toilet. anytime i go to the restroom and there's a splash large enough to get my butt wet an outbreak will show up there within 24 hours. i'm not sure why this happens but it surely does.

Genital Herpes Triggers
Posted by Katherine (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/14/2008

Thank you all for the information regarding clearing up and preventing outbreaks. I've suffered from GH for about 10 years. I find my outbreaks are related to a latex sensitivity that I have. If I use prophylactics that are non-latex, I don't usually have much of an issue. Problem is, these products are very expensive. Also have found that excessive sugar in my diet can easily bring on an outbreak. Sun seems to counteract this. I think outbreak triggers and methods of clearing up outbreaks are very personal and different for everyone. Thank you all for sharing though, gives me possibilities to try.

Gentian Violet

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/18/2022

Gentian Violet and Infrared Light Therapy for Genital Herpes

Back in the 1980's I remember Gentian Violet used for herpes. I was 19 in the military when a GF (nothing sexual between us) had a genital herpes outbreak. I didn't know what it was, but there had been news reports about the new STD genital herpes. Her OB/GYN treated her with gentian violet 1% painting her private parts and shinning a red infared light, lighting her girly part. I doubt that the treatment was going to have any effect; but in seven days, her outbreak was over.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Ian (Sydney, Australia) on 07/13/2008

I have found a product called Traveler's Friend 'Citrus Seed Extract' which the health food shop assistant said he was sure was mostly Grapefruit seed extract. I tried it amongst many things I am exploring having contracted herpes. I am improving every day and continuing with oral coconut oil, colloidal silver and (carefully diluted hydrogen peroxide). The reason why I'm posting this is that I had three small blisters appear on the top of my p----. As well as all the rest of my genitals being affected this was too much. I put a drop of grapefruit seed extract on these three (they were close together). To my huge surprise within half an hour they had retreated, then got small scabs and healed far quicker than anything else has!! WARNING: I then got excited and put the gfs extract on other larger sores, and suffered severe pain which I think was a result of this. Nonetheless, the incredible speed at which the gfs extract turned those three sores (painlessly) into final phase needs to be mentioned and is surely worth exploring. I am now taking gfs extract orally (15 drops in a glass of water 3x/day and may increase)

Healthy Diet, L-Lysine, Lemon Balm

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Posted by Khfromoz (Knoxville, Tennessee, United States) on 01/17/2010

I have been plauged with sores on my lips since getting kissed in high school by a guy who had a sore (I remember noticing it but didn't know what it was). I tried every prescribed medication but never really found relief, especially after the sore erupted. Over the years, I have experienced fewer outbreaks and I attribute that to: eating healthier, developing better ways to cope with stress, and including l-lysine and lemonbalm in my supplement regimine. As soon as I feel that tight, tingly spot in my lip, I load up (just about triple) my dose of the l-lysine and lemonbalm, and the outbreak doesn't come through. This has been a terrible week (including the death of a family member) and I missed that tight, tingly feeling. Today, I have blisters. I've read and read and read everyone's posts. I'm trying the hydrogen peroxide treatment and calling in sick to work. I'llbe happy to post the outcome later, but I wanted to let you guys know what I've found that prevents the sores to begin with. Research for your self to determine the best dosages and frequency of before you begin any herbal supplementation, but I personally attest to the effectiveness of this regimine.

Herbal/Supplement Regime

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Posted by Frank (San Antonio Texas)

I had breakouts all the time. I went to a holistic doctor which gave me the following for for 45 days(Flora max 2 caps 2x a day, Colostrum 600mg 2 caps 2x a day, Red Marine Algae 500mg 2 caps 2x a day, BHT food grade preservative 2 caps 2x a day, Colloidal Silver 400ppm 1/2 tps in 2 oz of water 2x a day and Host Defence made from organic mushrooms 2 caps 2x a day. Part 1 build basic immune system and weaken the virus breakouts go away in about 2 weeks. Part 2 introduce special agents herbal medicines that kill the virus. You will continue to take Red Marine Algae, BHT and VRP Colloidal Silver. I have not had another breakout again and this really works.

Replied by Pauline
(Perth, Western Australia)

Vitamin B complex in prophylaxis of herpes.

I found out some information on internet and I use this method successfully for many years. So…. I take every day Vitamin B complex (if you read more about group B vitamins, you will discover it works for immune system support). If it is huge dose, I take it once in 2-3 days, if it small dose, then every day. Believe me while I take it, herpes never come, it can be as long as 6 months. As soon I get slack, forget to buy Vitamins for couple of weeks or start to think my herpes get cured and stop taking it- it is back in my tender place at once! Also, if I go on Diet, or get very stressed or overtired or get sick with cold, even overexposed to sun, herpes strait away feel that my immune system is down and make itself comfortable and kick in. So it is very important to look after your health and wellbeing and never let your immune system down.