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Posted by Ben (Louisiana, US) on 03/08/2015

Hi to all . I suffer from genital herpes I experience an outbreak about every two weeks. I have tried everything. From Red Marine Algae, lysine, olive leaf extract, green algae, Mediterranean Oregano oil, red Pepper, cayenne pepper, Ginger, garlic, turmeric, Prunella Vulgaris, onion water, Apple cider vinegar, multi onion blend smoothie, mineral clay and that is about it. I say that with a very sarcastic under tone.

I started BHT this past Wednesday. I am starting to feel an outbreak right now. I see some red spots coming up. They are on and around my genital area in places that they have never been before. I got a blister in my mouth Friday which is now gone. I have never had a blister that looked like what I get down there anywhere but down there. I do get fever blisters but you cannot see them at all they just hurt a little bit and that's about it. I also have one that came up yesterday inside my nose. Is this normal ? Nothing has worked to date! I will say that nothing has made it run for the hills like this . Should I be concerned about this or is this the HSV reacting to the medicine ? I did take Valtrex for about 1 1/2 years it worked. I'm not real big on taking a pill for the rest of my life. So I started doing research and found many mixed reviews on a lot of different products. I have pretty much tried all of them.

So I'm going to give BHT a shot. Is there anything else that I should take with BHT and can I take it out of the capsules and apply it directly to the infected areas or the areas that are tingling before an outbreak ?

Replied by Anon
St. Charles, Mo

Hi Ben from LS,

Very interesting to read your experience with BHT for Genital Herpes. Although my outbreaks are not as severe as yours, I get around 2 - 3 per year.

I have started on BHT around December 2014, and no outbreaks since then but a very similar thing happened to me. I started getting the tingling and bumps on my butt, dull pain down from buttocks to knee on one leg. I never got this in this area ever before. I always used to get outbreaks in the same spot near my genitals. But since BHT, I only had slight discomfort around genitals but no big issue at all.

But the new location, the virus seemed to be trying very hard to break out for at least a month and half non-stop but never really causing a break-out. I still have what seems like a very mild issue on my butt.

When the mild attack was not going away for more than a month, I upped my dosage from 250mg 2x day to 500mg 2x day for a couple of days and that certainly helped. I also apply BHT dissolved to saturation in 70% isopropyl alcohol every 5 days or so.

So, my experience is similar to yours- BHT seems to be chasing the virus away from its usual breakout spot to new locations. My hope is that eventually, the virus will run out of places to go and gets wiped out.

Please keep the hope and continue with BHT. And share your updates here. I plan to get tested soon and BTW, I never got tested but the symptoms are unmistakable.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Hello Ben and Anon, Yes these are typical or the usual responses with the use of BHT to treat herpes infections. Generally: With the use of BHT to treat herpes infections of all types: The outbreaks and sores diminish over time with DAILY DOSING with 250mg to 500mg of BHT per day. Some have reported an immediate END to all outbreaks. But that is NOT the usual pattern. Most often the BHT treatment gradually decreases the occurence and severity of said outbreaks. Those sores that occur.

Also: Anon has good advice: If you have NO problem taking BHT, DOUBLE DOSING with BHT when a herpes outbreak occurs is helpful. And BHT dissolved in isopropanol [ rubbing alcohol as sold in drugstores ] is effective as a TOPICAL TREATMENT ONLY. NEVER drink isopropanol. It is TOXIC if imbibed.

I try and be very clear about all this....Oscar

Posted by Isabela (Florida, US) on 04/07/2014

Hello there, I have been reading about BHT and it is so controversial that I haven't decided yet if I will take it or not. I want to try it for herpes but I read that it passes your brain barriers. Please educate about this. Have you seen anyone eliminating the herpes virus with BHT? Is it safe? I appreciate your reply, blessings, Isabela

Replied by Mr. Ree

Isabela, Use Lysine for herpes. At 1-3 grams a day. It will work. BHT is a natural occuring antioxident from fresh water plankton and is a wonderful product. The FDA has been spreading rumors about since the 70's BECAUSE it works so well on many things. And after all how can you make $$ from something made by Mother Nature..

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/20/2012

There was what I consider a very important and instructive posting from Karin from Germany regarding this issue that was posted in this forum back on March 3, 2012.

Karin`s strategy is to hit those genital herpes outbreaks hard with a 500mg dose of BHT Twice a day for 3 days at the first indications of an outbreak and then to drop that dosage to one 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. This is what I consider a very instructive posting. Here is what Karin had to say:

03/02/2012: Paul from Otterndorf, Germany replies: "Hello Oscar, my name is Karin. I am the wife of Paul from Germany / Otterndorf. After my husband has done such a great experience with BHT, I wanted to try it. I have genital herpes for about 30 years, the last 5 years I had an outbreak every two weeks, that was really cruel. I notice it every time, just before it breaks, I feel a burning sensation in the legs and partly in the face.

When it started again last week, I took the first 3 days of BHT 500mg twice daily on an empty stomach. I usually do not believe in miracles, but for me is probably a miracle happened - the herpes outbreak has not occurred. Additionally stops I feel as good as never before.

I will now continue with BHT-treatment with preventive 1x daily 250mg. Thanks again for your excellent work. All love from Germany, Karin"

Now Karin was a long time sufferer of this infection. Over 30 years. Her intuition as to how best to use the BHT for that infection is very impressive to me....Oscar

Posted by Alia (Birmingham, Uk) on 06/27/2012
0 out of 5 stars

Oscar, I know BHT has worked for some people with the herpes virus, but, is it possible to have a reaction to this. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and just now, as soon as I took the pill I started itching & then appeared a bump on the site at the base of my spine. Top of my buttocks area... I only take one pill at bedtime. I suffer quite badly with this virus, every month... Any suggestions?

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Alia from Birmingham UK, Let me see if I can help you. Did this bump you describe EVER occur PRIOR to trying the BHT ? Is it like a big pimple, or more like a boil ? Or something else ? Some people have experienced different skin reactions with the use of BHT. For now, cut back on the BHT to one capsule every other day. There is no big hurry with this treatment. We need to find a dosage you are OK with. Also these capsules can be opened up and you can tap out half the capsule and try half a capsule per day. And because you are having adverse effects please do join the BHT cures group here:

Look, this BHT really does seem to work remarkably well as a treatment for hepatitis C. For some people it takes getting used to. If needs be you can simply stop taking it if this problem does not go away or gets worse and start again with the BHT treatment in a week or two if this condition goes away. Also a menmber of this forum did report breaking out with pimples. He said he always broke out with pimples when detoxing. He also said: these pimples went away and his skin was like that of a baby`s, much improved, with the BHT treatments.

So for now, lower the dosage of BHT you are now taking and let`s see what happens....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Alia, I do suggest you join the BHT CURES group. That way you can stay in contact with me and other members using the BHT treatment. To do so go here:

For most people any problems with the BHT treatment tend to go away and soon [ within a few weeks ]. For some the BHT takes getting used to. For now: lower the dosage of BHT to allow your body to adjust to this BHT and let`s take it from there. Most people have NO problem with the BHT treatment. Some do.

Also, and impotantly: eating a heathy low fat diet is important. The same is very much true for doing an adequate amount exercise....Oscar

Posted by Bella (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/30/2009

herpes and BHT

If anyone can tell me where to look to buy BHT? I would love to know. I don't want to give my credit card info. to some off the internet from a google search. I've read there are quite a few scams out there: especially with
companies knowing that we can't normally buy BHT in stores any longer. At least not in Los Angeles.

Thank you,
Bella - [email protected]

Posted by Michele C (Waterbury, CT) on 05/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read here about taking BHT for genital herpes. I tried it and it worked great. I had been managing it for years with just L-Lysine, 500 mg, but increased to 3,000 for the occasional outbreak. But it wasn't working any more. In desperation, I checked out your site for a new remedy and found the BHT. I simply take one 250 mg. capsule per day, every day, and it started to work immediately! It has be two weeks and I have not had an outbreak. I can highly recommend this remedy. I am looking forward to good health for the future. Thank you so much for all that you do.


Replied by Christian
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Replied by Michele
Waterbury, Connecticut
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

This is an update from Michele in Waterbury. After taking BHT daily for three years, which was successfully managing my Genital Herpes outbreaks, I started having digestive problems. Constant gas, discomfort, bloating, intolerence of wheat and hemorrhoids. I read on this site that if you have hemorrhoids, you have a yeast infection in your gut. I am wondering if the daily dosing of BHT caused an im-balance in my gut and that now I have an overpopulation of yeast in my gut. I had to stop the BHT, and am treating the gut yeast infection with raw garlic and pre-biotics. I feel much better, but I can see that it will take some time to get back to normal. If I stop the raw garlic, the symptoms return. Since BHT is a preservative that kills bacteria, I think it killed off the good bacteria in my gut. Anyone else having gut problems?

I am treating the Genital Herpes with a prescription anti-viral. Just wanted to let people knonw, that if you are treating GH with BHT, and experiencing digestive problems, it may just be the BHT.

Replied by Bee
Los Angeles

If you are having gut issues, likely could be unrelated to BHT, an epidemic of allergies especially gluten, soy, and corn are snowballing because of GMO changes in recent years.

Replied by Ez
Phila, Pa

Has any one ever tried BHT dissolved in DMSO? would this be safe because I know dmso makes absobstion of chemicals very effective. I was thinking about placing this application on the lower spine where the herp likes to hide

What do you think??

Replied by Wuwu
Sf, Ca

I appreciate anyone who saves people money. Will try sometime. Thanks so much!

Replied by Careful
Madrid, Spain

I have read horrible things about dmso; maybe you'd better try another of the many remedies available. I am now taking lysine, and will start Evening Primrose Oil, for the hormonal imbalance which I read causes outbreaks around your period.

Very good luck

Posted by Dana (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This worked the very first time out for me so maybe it will give someone else relief too. FYI....This will be a little long because genital herpes has ruled my life for so long so I've got a lot to tell. First I'll tell you what didn't work, Bach flower therapy, I tried it for six months, no, Choraphor was good when the lesions are active but for me, I experience a lot of discomfort before the actual outbreak so I hated waiting for a lesion to weep before doing anything about it. Then the pain applying to the lesion was too much in addtion to the price. Red Marine Algae, no, spirulina, no Lysine rich diet, no..monolaurin and lysine supplements, I think they are good in reducing the severity of colds and flu but not reducing the severity of genital herpes. I haven't had sugar in about a year, I don't wear binding clothes, I stopped chewing gum with aspartame....Everything I've used or tried, didn't seem to work. I was still getting outbreaks bi-monthly. (I'm not sure why, it may have to do with hormonal changes, I always get one right before my period and now I'm catching on, when I'm ovulating). As you can see, has been a quest. The only thing I didn't try was BHT. I had heard horror stories about it. However, I was so frustrated I finally purchased it and was only on my second day of taking it AND getting over a very bad outbreak of three lesions, when I felt another one was on its way. The pain in my leg was so great I knew it was going to be a doozy too. I immediately took 700 mgs of BHT as soon as I got home that day and took 700 mgs more in the morning and the evening for 2 days straight. Once I felt the lesion raising up, I also applied it topically. I broke open about 6 capsules of it and melted it in olive oil. I used a cotton ball to swab it on down there. What I liked about it was that it wasn't painful like Choraphor. I applied it topically for 2 days as well. After day 2 into day 3, all I had was the tiniest bump which I swabbed again. This is the fourth day, and while I still feel 'remnants' of the pain there are no active lesions at all. I know this doesn't mean I'm not contagious but at least I'm not suffering from the pain and discomfort. I'm going to buy the powdered version so that I won't have use my capsules again. Meanwhile, I read up on BHT and found that St. John's Wort can be used in conjunction with it to make it more effective. Since I've had outbreaks twice a month for almost 20 years I need all the help I can get. For now this is the regimin: 350 mg of BHT, one a day St John's Wort, and two to three shots of apple cider vinegar a day. I'm also taking Stress B Complex, Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin and Calcium. I still have lysine and monolaurin left but I don't know if I'll continue taking it since it didn't help too much before. I just may take the minimum required of both lysine and monolaurin because as I said before it seemed to reduce the severity of colds and flu. For outbreaks, I'll up the dosage to 700 mg of BHT twice daily, and swabbed the infected areas with it melted in olive oil. Thanks to the anonymous person that posted it here, it really worked this time around, I'll keep you all posted. Maybe I'll have even more good news in a few months.

Replied by Elisha
Austin, Texas

I have had herpes for several years and finally found an ointment that really helps with itching and heals lesions in a couple of days. It's call Lemon Balm for Wise Ways. I apply it with a q-tip to each lesion or with a cotton ball and the itching will automatically go away and stops the pain. I also use Olive Leaf Extract in capusle form and found this to work very well and L-lysine capsules as well. I am now going to try to use the APV directly and internally.

Replied by Milena
Brewster, Ny, Usa

How's it going? Was about to try acyclovir for genital herpes, but very leery of pharmaceuticals.

Posted by Anonymous (Philadelphia, PA)
5 out of 5 stars

BHT dissolved in olive oil is the greatest topical treatment I have ever tried. For every 5ml of oil use 5-350mg capsules or 1750mg of BHT powder. You must heat the oil but not hot enough to fry anything. Use a dropper to apply and do not contaminate the oil. Before I used peroxide and it would work but it turned my finger tips white and it left scars. There is absolutely no scarring using BHT and Olive oil and it even helps fade old HSV scars. I use it daily even when I'm not having an outbreak and so far so good. Hasn't been long enough to claim a reduction if outbreaks but the duration is like 2 days and you can't even tell you had an OB. AND it kills any pain from the ulcer. Try it.

Posted by Jenny
5 out of 5 stars

I recently paid $10 for two pages of information from this web site: Basically, the information said you can cure HSV (become antibody negative) using BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) for a year or two at a dose of @50 mg to 1,000 mg (I am going by memory - you'll need to do research yourself). There is a book called "Wipe Out Herpes With BHT" by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes. copyright 1983. which is where this information is sourced from. He said that the best source for BHT is

For more info go to:

There, I just saved you ten bucks! Hope this helps.

EC: BHT is butylated hydroxytoluene, phenolic compounds that are often added to foods to preserve fats. BHT may have antiviral and anti microbial activities. Studies are underway concerning the use of BHT in the treatment of herpes simplex and AIDS.

BHT, Oil Pulling  

Posted by Pookie65 (Hampshire, England) on 05/23/2014

Greetings from the UK! I have recently been researching natural remedies for HSV and HPV and stumbled across Earth Clinic. I am currently looking to improve my overall health by detoxing my body, eating healthily etc prior to starting either an H202 protocol or the BHT protocol (sooooo much information about both, I am feeling like a rabbit in headlights! ) I think I am leaning towards BHT...

I am a long term HSV sufferer (although I use the term 'sufferer' relatively loosely, as I tend to get only 2 - 3 mild OB's a year. I was diagnosed in 2001, sucked it up and got on with my life. I believe (although not formally diagnosed) I have had HPV for approximately 4 years also (a fellow HSV partner, who very kindly shared this 2nd gift).

As part of my research for getting uber healthy in preparation for the BHT protocol, I have been reading about the benefits of oil pulling - does anybody know of any reasons why I could not combine this while on BHT? I want to give my body the best chance possible, so am concerned that one might contra-indicate the other in some way... I would be opting for the 100% pure organic coconut oil.

This is a great site by the way, I wish I had searched for it many years ago!

Bitter Melon  

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Posted by Michael (Des Moines, Iowa) on 11/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Bitter Melon for Herpes! I had started to have regular outbreaks of genital herpes and I scrambled everywhere for a cure. I found that Bitter Melon is used for Acyclovir resistent herpes so I figured if it works for Acyclovir resistent herpes it must work wonders for the regular herpes. I take it as directed and I have not had any outbreaks since then. When I first started taking it my outbreaks became less and less and less bothersome until I have had no outbreaks. I had an outbreak recently because I stoped taking the Bitter Melon but it was only for two days and I got right back on the Bitter melon and I'm all good now! I thank God for all His herbs He provided for us!!! I prefer the Solaray brand which is the most effective for me. It's hard to find in stores so you're better off buying it from which makes it a bit pricey but TRUST me it's worth it. 'I hope this will help many of you and God bless!

Replied by Dmember
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

Bitter Melon for genital herpes. I used get the outbreaks every month for many years. One would finish and then a within a week it would be back. I went a few years like this. I then started working near a Chinese food court and quite often would eat bitter melon there. Thinking back that's about the same time my outbreaks started to decrease and came only 2 or 3 times a year. After getting on the net and doing some research about herpes I stumbled upon bitter melon as a weapon against herpes. Put 2 and 2 together. Must be something to it and I would say it's worth it to add it to your list of healthy "foods with benefits" list. Last but not least it's not called bitter melon for nothing. An acquired taste and can be bought in tea form too.

Replied by Crystal
North Hollywood, California, Us

Mountain rose herbs has the actual bitter melon, just google the name and it will pop up. I get all my stuff there.

Black Tea  

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Posted by Seema (Chicago, Il) on 03/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Was just reading up on this site on natural cures for Herpes 2 with a cup of black tea in my hand. Thought, "Gee, I can try this out right now", took the warm tea bag, broke it open, and applied the black leaves on the sores (really packed 'em in good, as I am a woman) and continued to read for another half hour. Upon gathering up the leaves and washing them away, ahhhhhhh, relief! The most I have felt in more than a week! I cannot believe that my infection decided to take a turn for the better just as I applied those leaves. There must be a connection! Goodby Valtrex!! It has made me very forgetful and detached. Have not been getting my work done. Will update.

Posted by Lucy (NY) on 02/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Black Tea is a remedy to drink against hsv, also, placing a tea tea bag on the sores, truly desperate do both (the tea bag should be luke warm for placing on sore leave for a good bit & do time & again throughout the day-also, place tea or tea bag in a plastic in freezer and do the treatment-works! It is an antioxidant naturally & the Tannin acid makes it unbearable for the virus! Hope this helps anyone-I know that this ailment is a sentence in hell for me for the past 14 years! I would not wish it upon my worse enemy trust me.

Black Walnut Hull  

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Posted by Beau (Ocean Springs MS) on 05/30/2006
5 out of 5 stars

black walnut hull (tincture form) cures herpes (genital)

Choraphor, Zinc Gluconate  

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Posted by Dave (Houston, TX) on 11/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Choraphor and Zinc Gluconate didn't cure, just reduced severity. I tried choraphor and it worked ok but did not work as well as the zinc. The zinc will actually penetrate the skin and kill the virus. It reduces the healing time and makes any other outbreaks very mild. I am continuing the treatment hoping to put years between outbreaks.