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Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes: Effective Treatment Options

Posted by Michele (Waterbury, Connecticut) on 11/04/2012
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Better But With Side Effects

This is an update from Michele in Waterbury. After taking BHT daily for three years, which was successfully managing my Genital Herpes outbreaks, I started having digestive problems. Constant gas, discomfort, bloating, intolerence of wheat and hemorrhoids. I read on this site that if you have hemorrhoids, you have a yeast infection in your gut. I am wondering if the daily dosing of BHT caused an im-balance in my gut and that now I have an overpopulation of yeast in my gut. I had to stop the BHT, and am treating the gut yeast infection with raw garlic and pre-biotics. I feel much better, but I can see that it will take some time to get back to normal. If I stop the raw garlic, the symptoms return. Since BHT is a preservative that kills bacteria, I think it killed off the good bacteria in my gut. Anyone else having gut problems?

I am treating the Genital Herpes with a prescription anti-viral. Just wanted to let people knonw, that if you are treating GH with BHT, and experiencing digestive problems, it may just be the BHT.