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Iodine, Prunella Vulgaris, Grape Seed and Neem Extracts

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Posted by joe (singapore) on 09/25/2007

yesterday my penis was so very swollen. i use a combination of iodine to stop the itch and Prunella Vulgaris is a herb which is availible anywhere in the world. its very cheap in singapore only $1/ for 100 grams. i boil it and drink it every 4 hours and also apply it on my penis. 1 day later the swell is gone the itch almost gone and the boils gone no break-up of painfull wounds. i also took 2 pills of grape seed extract and neem extract. i belieive that the iodine and Prunella Vulgaris is the most effective to fight the herpes viurs. ipdine will burn about 2 minutes so apply a little by little on small areas. this will work a wonder.wish you best. i am trying other herps and keep you posted.

Ivermectin, Neosporin

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Posted by Chris (Florida) on 05/10/2022

I have heard herpes was healed by putting on a bandaid with a mix of ivermectin and Neosporin for 2 days. Supposedly the blisters cleared up within a week to 10 days.


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Posted by Anonymous (Houston, TX) on 01/03/2007

Ivy-Dry (dual acting spray purchased from Walgreen Drug Store 6 FL OZ bottle for about $8.00) This product relieves itching, oozing, and weeping associated with minor skin irritations from poison ivy, oak, and sumac. It also cured Herpes outbreaks.

Herpes outbreaks have lesions or small blisters. I have found that if I use Ivy-Dry on these lesions they will dry up and start to heal within 24 hours. Remember that this product is an external skin protectant that relieves the itching, oozing and weeping associated with minor skin irritations and rashes. After the healing process begins I see some dry dead skin begin to peel from the affected area of treatment. I would not recommend to over use this product as it will dry out your skin.(Normally two applications will clear up my out break. I spray the affected area once at night and once again in the morning. I also used this product after intercourse to prevent outbreaks ) Before using any product read the label first !

I have also started taking one capsule of red marine algae daily and I am outbreak free!


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Posted by Max (New Jersey) on 12/05/2013

I used to have outbreaks faithful every month. Especially around my period & worse with higher amounts of STRESS, & CAFFEINE. Honest to goodness, this works...!

Whenever I feel an outbreak coming on, I buy Kale at the supermarket, rinse it, and eat a leaf (raw). Twice a day for 2 days makes it virtually non-existant. If I've already broken out, I eat a leaf or two and in about an hour, maybe two- I've forgotten they were there; No itching or pain from lesions. The next 2 days, lesions are shrinking and almost dried out- day 3 DONE and on with LIFE!

I now eat Kale at least once a month, especially around "breakout time" and I don't "break out". I do also watch how much caffeine I take in and have just about eliminated most nuts out of my diet. If I go overboard on Arganine's, I load up on more Kale.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Trudeau's Protocol

Posted by Alyssa (West Chester, PA) on 09/29/2014

I have a question for everyone.

Did anyone pick up the book: Natural Cures, "they" don't want you to know about by Kevin Trudeau?

I ask because I picked up his book many years ago because I had heard that he was going to publish the "cure" to herpes. I read the book and never did his cure. Today I was went back to his book for his cure, because I figure what the hell am I waiting for, I've been living with this this for 20 years.

So my question is not only did anyone read this book but has anyone tried his regime for the cure:

Cleanse (From his chapter 6)
Larrea, red marine algae, lysine, hydrogen peroxide and DMSO.
(He states this as the "cure")

From what I know of this disease, it lives in our spinal cord. Stress will make the outbreaks occur more often and make the outbreaks worse. Rubbing the area, breaking the blisters open, spreads the blisters, (like poison ivy). But Oxygen kills it. Hence why he states hydrogen peroxide to use.

I have taken Valtrex and the outbreaks last 5 days, less when using hydrogen peroxide at the same time. (I pour the hydrogen peroxide into the lid and hold the lid over and against the blister for a least a minute, if not longer so that it is sitting in the liquid. I then pour the cap full over the blister and let air dry. It stops the pain.

I do not believe taking a bath in hydrogen peroxide and water is going to help you because you have watered it down. And I don't believe that hydrogen peroxide would be a good thing to get a lot of inside of the genital cavity for a woman, I would think that could cause a yeast infection. (But these are my opinions).

My breakouts have gotten less often, I believe because I try very hard not to get stressed even using prescription drugs to help, like Ativan, when necessary. I think they have also become less often because I have had this disease for a long time. I did use the generic form of Valtrex and it did not work and caused the outbreak to last for weeks so please if you are having troubles with the generic form ask for the name brand, it does cost more but it is worth every penny.

In the mean time, has anyone used the regime described from the book?

Replied by Anonymous

Somewhat, till I found out flounder cures. Flounder loaded with lysine. Cook plain unseasoned, take vitamins, real green coconut water, herbs... Best to get supervised while on regimen. The man who got cured did it while being supervised by iridologist. His weight, blood counts were constantly monitored, organ. She was also a medical Dr.30days regimen with no food. Too much lysine destroys liver.. So one size does not fit all. Read also "onion family" cures on EC. Must change diet..


Coconut water and onions are both high in Arginine and feed the virus. A diet higher in Lysine vs Arginine will starve the virus. It's important to check online the Lysine vs Arginine ratio of everything you ingest. Even Vitamin C supplements are high in Arginine. We know Herpes is a protein based virus and reacts to Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein.

And as Lyn has pointed out, regular blood tests of your liver and kidneys along with your IgG score for your Herpes is important to monitor your health.

Replied by Lyn
(Ny, US)

Hi everyone,
Like some of you, I've overused and abused lysine. I used it excessively for yrs in the form of flounder.... One of the best and effective ways to get lysine. It worked!! My recent liver test showed abnormality. I have refrained and will redo test in few months. I was not shocked when doc told me cause I knew of side effects. I have known of someone who got cured but later died due to excessive lysine in body. His kidneys and liver was basically eaten. Flounder was like a God to me. Now, I can't use it and is praying for a miracle. The flounder regimen on EC was posted by me.. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!

King Coconut

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Posted by C.P. Samaraweera (Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka) on 10/29/2008

I am suffering from Herpes for the past 8 years and have tried several medication such as pills like Herperex and also the Herperex cream etc. the Herprex Pills are very effective but time going by things change, the strength of the pill has to be increased, in my case when the strength of the pill was increased I started suffering with a pain in my chest. However, two years ago I had to be hospitalised for a stroke (not due to the madication or due to Herpes) and just after my stroke the symptoms begone to appear but not for very long in 2 to 3 days the symptoms disappeared and later I was wondering how and later I realised that I was given King Coconut to drink, later a many times when I got the symptoms I started drinking King Coconut and within a max 2 to 3 days it disappeared, sometimes if taken at the very early days of the symptoms then Herpes disappears within 1 to 2 days. Look for the King Coconut which is orange in colour this is mainly available in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. if not drink the one available in your country. Also for Cucumber the symptoms disappear, it cools your system, the main cause of Herpers once infected is the body heat, eat cooling things, do not eat heaty food like prawns, lobster, pork or anything heaty, prawns are very heaty anyone suffering from Herpes will notice the symptoms the next after eating prawns but if raw lime juice is sprinkled over prawns the possibilities are that you may see a delay in Herpes coming up.

EC: Photos of King Coconut:

"A distinct cultivar, popular in Sri Lanka where it is said to have originated and where it is called thambili. Most valuable at the immature stage, when the juice inside is sweet and the albumen tender. The colour is an attractive orange-yellow, and large bunches of these nuts are a common sight in every market and roadside stall."

Replied by Gunawardana
(Galle, Sri Lanka)

Hey Mr samaraweera....i too suffering from the same, do u know how to get any lysine tablets here...any product name? Samaraweera


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Posted by Lola (New York) on 05/12/2019

I just recently contracted hsv2 (about 2 weeks ago) Since then I've been going through a horrible depression and bad thoughts have come to my mind. I'm only 32 and this has affected me enormously. But, I still want to keep my hopes up, I still want to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Since my first outbreak I started reading every article you can imagine, and what I have already implemented in my routine has been an almost vegan diet, mainly fruits and vegetables.

I have been taking lysine 3,000mg daily and also have been putting lysine ointment on my lips. For my first breakout I just had genital ulcers nothing showed up in my face but just felt this tingling sensation. But, I applied daily the lysine ointment to prevent anything from coming out, and till now it seemed to work. I would like to know, if you have hsv2 how likely is it to get it on the lips or face? This is extremely a concern for me. What else can I implement in care routine to prevent the breakout specially on my lip area.

Replied by Kris

Try taking 'Curcumin' (not 'tumeric'). Buy high mgs capsules ... start by taking 2 caps morning and 2 night. Lots of water. Do this for 2 months. Then go back to 1 morning and 1 night. Never miss a day! NEVER! This is what stops outbreaks. If the outbreaks come back - you may need to go back to 2 capsules Am and Pm... Also drink glass of water 'EVERY MORNING WITHOUT FAIL'......AND IN THAT GLASS OF WATER ADD HALF A DROPPER OF 'HYDROGEN PEROXIDE' (3%),,, ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.!! use DMSO straight onto lesions. and keep dabbing it on ... until it goes - herpes hates DMSO. Curcumin also does many other things for the body (research it) !!

Replied by T

I have had it since I was 19, I'm 40. Maybe 6 outbreaks ever. Never on my face. I know a lot of people that get cold sores but not the Idk if people get both or how that works exactly. I have some pills from the doctor and hand if ever I have an outbreak. The 2nd outbreak, about a year after the first was PAINFUL, made it hard to walk😫🤬☹️ It was extremely depressing. People can be carriers for years and not even know they had been having internal outbreaks or whatever. Scary. I'm happily married and have learned to accept it and THANK GOD it only comes on once a year if that. Keep your head up.

Coconut oil helps applied directly. ACV burns but dapping the spots with it will help. Antibacterial, viral, anti is coconut oil, oregano oil...not sure which of the others, maybe almond?

(Faithville, Us)

Herpes Zoster is from having had chicken pox as a child and appears the same as herpes from sexually transmitted disease. I was married twenty years when I got a bad case of it vaginally and could hardly walk. It was brought on by stress and is similar to shingles that also come from having had chicken pox. This chicken pox virus remains in tissue and can be symptomatic when under great stress. It was hard to understand and added marital stress on top of the stress I had already had that brought it about. My OBGYN did not seem to know there was a difference and that did not help me either.

Posted by Bella (Tulsa, Ok) on 05/03/2017

I contracted HSV (genital, not sure which "type") over 30 years ago. My first outbreak was the worst. After that, I had several more over about 5 years that usually coincided with the onset of my menstrual cycle. Once I discovered l-lysine, my life changed. I have probably had a handful of outbreaks since. In the past few years, I've switched to oil of oregano, a few drops under the tongue every day then a few drops under the tongue every few days.

What has also helped has been changing my diet. I've cut WAY back on chocolate and caffeine. I've eliminated peanuts completely. There are other foods and ingredients (argenine-rich) that can contribute to outbreaks and immune-suppression in general that I have eliminated as well.

I had a couple of URIs in the past few years. The first is what led me to using oil of oregano; got the second one when I stopped my daily oil of oregano usage due to other health concerns. When I got the second URI, I used a specific brand of aged garlic supplements to cure it.

The supplements also help strengthen immunity so I'm switching to those for continued immune system enhancement. The l-lysine worked well for me but I just feel like the garlic will work better for me overall at this point in my life.

What I've also found is that stress can add to higher occurrences of outbreaks as well as too much friction from "vigorous" or very frequent sex. Coconut oil really helps with the sex issue, both because it's good lubrication (not to be used with most condoms because it will degrade the material! ) and there's something in the coconut oil that fights viruses. (See the entries on genital herpes and coconut oil here on the site.)

My advice to people who are upset about having contracted the virus: get counseling to learn to handle the emotional roller coaster that might come with the diagnosis. Learn how to deal with stress through meditation, prayer, or whatever works.

You are NOT the virus. The virus is just an entity that co-exists in your body. It doesn't have to control your life. I know it's difficult getting the diagnosis but it's better to know you have it so you can take precautions not to pass it on to others.

Posted by L J (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/28/2014

Hi girls, if you want to rid yourself of Herpes, take L - Lysine...the amino acid, it cures facial cold sores and also down below..although don't take it with L Arginine. They cancel each other out, , xoxo

Posted by Elen (Italy) on 09/24/2013

Genital Herpes: Question about L-Lysine and products to avoid:

L-lysine:from what I have read it has a side effect: being an amino acid, taking it leads either to putting on extra weight or in case you work out a lot putting on muscles. In fact it is used in sports as an additive. I was wondering if people for whom L-lisine works could share there experience: do you feel like you put more weight on?

Products to avoid: it is often that I see that vitamin C and in general citruses and sour fruits are to be avoided as they tend to cause a recurrent outburst of Herpes. Some other sources just mention that vitamin C is important for immune system so it is advisable. Did anyone have any problems taking vitamin C or eating citruses?

Almost the same contradictive situation I see with dairy products: they are full of proteins and especially of L-lisine. However, I often see it amongst the products to avoid. I personally find it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle if I avoid dairy products and vitamin C.

(I mean it is possible of course, I have some friends who are vegan and they are perfectly fine and happy people, but they do eat whole wheat products, beans, soy etc, which I have to avoid.)

Thank you for your replies.

Replied by Novastar
(Los Altos, Ca)
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Lysine definitely works but it unfortunately is not a cure for me, but it helps me manage the symptoms. If I know I have a stressful time coming or I have my menstrual time coming, I'll take one 1000mg per day to prevent. If I am feeling some irritation or flu like symptoms ill take 3-4000mg. Nuts/ vegetarian diet is also contraindicated for this issue due to the argentine but only when my immune system is low. There have been times when I'm really living well that I can eat nuts or anything and don't even remember I have this but add in just a little stress and its recipe for disaster. Still searching for a more lasting cure...

Replied by Novastar
(Los Altos, Ca)
2 posts

Lysine definitely works but it unfortunately is not a cure for me, but it helps me manage the symptoms. If I know I have a stressful time coming or I have my menstrual time coming, I'll take one 1000mg per day to prevent. If I am feeling some irritation or flu like symptoms I'll take 3-4000mg. Nuts/ vegetarian diet is also contraindicated for this issue due to the arginine but only when my immune system is low. There have been times when I'm really living well that I can eat nuts or anything and don't even remember I have this but add in just a little stress and its recipe for disaster. Still searching for a more lasting cure...

Posted by John (Tulsa, Ok) on 05/23/2012

I take 1000mg of l-lysine once or twice a week and that usually keeps the herpes virus under control. If I get really stressed out and get an outbreak then I will take 2000mg per day until it is gone. I works well for me.

Posted by Sharon (Wesley Chapel, Fl) on 01/25/2010

Preventing herpes outbreaks

For those folks who need a simple, cheap, effective way to prevent herpes, take 1000 mg tablet of lysine once a day. TADA!- If you have an outbreak, you have to take it hourly until it subsides. Keep up the water to flush it out. If you get sick, double or triple your dose as the body uses up lysine so fast during illness or stress you will break out. For those folks who weigh in over 180 lbs, you need 2000 mg a day. Cheers, as this has worked for my family for 10 years.

Replied by Em
(Saudi Arabia)

Hi Sharon, can please let me know did you put on weight after taking l lysine regularly on daily basis? I have started to take l lysine and I'm concerned about weight, I don't want to put on weight, please do reply, it will be a great help.

Posted by Danielle (Lakewood, Co) on 01/02/2010

Just want to say that I am so happy to have found this website. I wish that I would have found it two years as I was searching for answers that long ago. I have had herpes inside of my mouth for as long as I can remember. The outbreaks have become less frequent as I have gotten older but when they do occur they are most painful as I usually get multiple lesions inside my mouth for over a week. Two years ago I found a lesion just outside the opening to my v-----. I assumed that I had genital herpes as I had been very sexually active with several partners in a short time period. However, the doctor said that I had Herpes I which is "supposed" to stay in the mouth but that I had contracted it from oral sex. So for two years I am not sure if I have had another outbreak or not. I have had some redness and soreness but no visible soreness. I also have given it some thought and am thinking that I more than likely did not contract this by being promiscuous. I think that I may have contracted this from my husband. I have been married twice for five years each time and both husbands would get herpes on the outside of their lips. I have had some of the same minor symptoms for years but since I had NO idea that it was even possible to contract oral herpes "down below" I guess I ignored any minor symptoms had. As far as I know I have not given it to any one else. I have a new partner now and I don't think he is thrilled about it. I know this is a medical question but can anyone help me get this question answered. If I have HS1 down there and he has never had herpes his whole life - he is 43 - can he still get it and does it then convert to HS2 for him if he does get it????

Anyway, I got a terrible breakout both in my mouth and down there last week when I went on vacation. Thank GOD for this site. I had sugarfree gum, sugar free drinks and sugarfree energy drinks. I immediately bought some L Lysine which made everything in my mouth disappear within a couple days. Now I am trying the apple cider vinegar for down there. It has given me some relief but I think I need to try some of the other remedies. I am most happy to find out all the preventative things that I can do! I drink a lot of wine and eat a little chocolate almost every day. I was even using splenda in my tea. I think the aspartame is what did it for me though. I got rid of the splenda and bought stevia yesterday.

Again thank you.

Replied by Laforest
(Calabasas, Ca, United States)

Virtually no serious adverse reactions of L-lysine were observed until today. A large dosage can lead to the creation of gallbladder stones. An abnormal consumption of amino lysine through quite a while is additionally considered to improve the levels of blood cholesterol and even triglycerides, therefore the individuals who have a track record of cardiac complications ought to seek advice from their own medical professional before you go to lysine benefits and side effects dietary supplements. Dosage amounts more than 40 gr everyday may also lead to queasiness, aches, abdomen problems and also diarrhea.

Thus, amino lysine is a crucial amino which takes on a very important position in lots of vital life steps. But it surely needs to be ingested in the necessary quantity, being an abnormal quantity can result in selected health issues for example gallbladder stones along with a reducing of the stage of l-arginine. Apart from this, a knowledgeable medical doctor needs to be contacted prior to taking amino lysine health supplements, specifically by expectant along with breastfeeding mommies and other people who have cardiac problems, kidney as well as liver conditions.

Replied by Bonnie
(Victoria, Bc)

My MD recommended 1500 mg of L-Lysine daily and 3000 per day during an outbreak of GH. I find taking it daily helps prevent outbreaks. I'm going to try the ACV on the blisters.

Posted by Barbara (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/16/2009

L-Lysine for herpes

I have herpes that only occurs about once a year. I eat alot of citrus and don't stress out about it so for the entire 17 years I have had it I have only had about 6-8 breakouts. The first 12 years I had about four breakouts but the past few years it was more recurrent about once or twice a year, each bout lasting one to two days. Last year after my first major bout (my sore lasted six days and then I got another one right afterwards) I started to use L-lysine. I take 2 500 mg capsules 3-4 times a month, and everyday for a few days if I am feeling run down or stressed. I have had tingles since then ( it has been seven months but nothing so far.) I also use a common herpes prevention cream (abreva) for the tingles which really seems to help. I rub it on as soon as I feel any tingling and sometimes a few times and that really helps as well.

I feel confident this is the cure that will make my immune system strong enough to battle this ailment as I believe herpes can be cured with a strong healthy immune system and care.

Posted by Okemah (San Diego, CA, US) on 09/22/2008

For over twenty years I've witnessed L-Lysine work for family, friends, neighbors,and recently nurses at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Nurses claim they noticed it stunted the growth overnight. People with reoccurring fever blisters, cold sores, canker sores and I suppose herpes, too, may find relief. My mother, Nancy, had suffered with fever blisters in her youth. She felt they were triggered by stressful events in her life. And by paying attention to her own symptoms (nerve twitch in the area the blister intends to form) and taking L-Lysine she could keep the blisters from ever forming. Within an hour of feeling the twitch she would take no less than 3000mgs - 6000mg of L-Lysine and repeat treatment every two to three hours until bedtime. Upon rising she continued her assault until she had no symptoms (twitching nerve/nerves) for one complete day. Then she felt she had enough amino acids to squash its desire to produce. If she felt it again or felt one in another area she would slam another 3000-6000mgs to squash its desire as well. Everyone will find their own dosage through trial and error, too little and you'll blister, but keep taking the L-Lysine and you'll heal faster. Almost enough, a bump may form but not into an open sore. Always check dates for freshness because it has to be potent.The day before her mothers funeral she had 5 blisters, until then I never saw more than one. We eventually traced it back to her using an old bottle that had little or no potency. Some may require less and some seem unable to be honestly consistent with their dosages to squash the sore. Pound it down, we say, 1000mg tablets, yes they are big. If you prefer there are also 500mg tablets, available. It works!