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King Coconut
Posted by C.P. Samaraweera (Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am suffering from Herpes for the past 8 years and have tried several medication such as pills like Herperex and also the Herperex cream etc. the Herprex Pills are very effective but time going by things change, the strength of the pill has to be increased, in my case when the strength of the pill was increased I started suffering with a pain in my chest. However, two years ago I had to be hospitalised for a stroke (not due to the madication or due to Herpes) and just after my stroke the symptoms begone to appear but not for very long in 2 to 3 days the symptoms disappeared and later I was wondering how and later I realised that I was given King Coconut to drink, later a many times when I got the symptoms I started drinking King Coconut and within a max 2 to 3 days it disappeared, sometimes if taken at the very early days of the symptoms then Herpes disappears within 1 to 2 days. Look for the King Coconut which is orange in colour this is mainly available in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. if not drink the one available in your country. Also for Cucumber the symptoms disappear, it cools your system, the main cause of Herpers once infected is the body heat, eat cooling things, do not eat heaty food like prawns, lobster, pork or anything heaty, prawns are very heaty anyone suffering from Herpes will notice the symptoms the next after eating prawns but if raw lime juice is sprinkled over prawns the possibilities are that you may see a delay in Herpes coming up.

EC: Photos of King Coconut:

"A distinct cultivar, popular in Sri Lanka where it is said to have originated and where it is called thambili. Most valuable at the immature stage, when the juice inside is sweet and the albumen tender. The colour is an attractive orange-yellow, and large bunches of these nuts are a common sight in every market and roadside stall."