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Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl, Pa, Usa) on 04/11/2012

My first experience using ginger medicinally was for my dog who had lymphatic leukemia. Dylan was a 9 y/o Giant Schnauzer. I was searching the net for ways to help him and the use of a variety of amino acids and other anti oxidants helped keep him alive until I ran across this.

It turns out that ginger has the same effect on a variety of cancers as a drug, DiChloroAcetate (DCA), being experimented with at the University of Alberta with great success. Cancer shuts down the mitochondria in the cells with controls the lifecycle of the cells. What this means is the cells don't die. They just keep dividing and dividing. Ginger reactivates the mitochondria, causing the normal cell lifecycle to resume, and essentially causing the cells to essentially commit suicide. One of the other main benefits of ginger being used in this manner is, unlike conventional medicines which basically are poisons and the hope is they will kill the cancer before they kill everything else around it, is that ginger reawakening the mitochondria only affects the cancer cells, not the cells around the cancer.

Unfortunately, we will never see DCA used to treat cancer in the USA. It's a drug that has been off patent for decades and is now sold as a generic drug. There just isn't enough profit in it for the drug companies to do the R&D to get it approved.

Ginger also has a few other effects on cancer. It inhibits tumor growth. I believe this is from all the amino acids in ginger which are antioxidants scavenging up free radicals which spread cancer to other cells.

It also tricks cancer cells into consuming themselves. Ginger also helps maintain normal sugar levels in the body. Cancer thrives on sugar. When cancer runs out of sugar they start consuming themselves.

I would grate about a teaspoon of ginger into fruit and yogurt for breakfast for my dog and mix another grated teaspoon into his dinner.

I did not stop conventional treatment. I don't know if it would have worked alone. It was not worth the risk to find out.

They started calling Dylan a miracle dog. They thought he should have died 3 times. He was an incredibly strong dog and a fighter. He never really acted sick and he was always playful. The only way I discovered he had any problem were lumps on his throat.

Ginger does not work on all cancers. While he went into complete remission from the lymphatic leukemia, about a month later a different and very aggressive form of cancer came back and he never stood a chance. He was gone within two weeks.

Now my veterinarian recommends ginger for many of her other patients. One of her vet techs recommended it to her aunt who also had lymphatic leukemia. She's alive, well and cancer free today.

I also recommend a wide variety of amino acids be used. They are the building blocks of the body and help the patient stay strong as well as being antioxidants which inhibit the spread of cancer. Probably among the most beneficial are CoQ10 and a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetel L Carnatine. The CoQ10 and ALA support the mitochondria and the ALC recycles the ALA making it more effective.

Since then I've discovered that ginger has many other medicinal properties and I now take it regularly. I'll just take a slice of fresh ginger 1-2 times a day, suck on it until it's almost flavorless and then chew on it and swallow it. Now I'm taking fewer supplements for other problems. I'm also hoping this will help ward off cancer as my family seems susceptible to it.

I'll be growing my own ginger this summer. I hear it's pretty easy to grow in a planter and can be grown indoors. Just dig up the roots as you need them and put more soil in for the roots to continue to grow in.

Incidentally, I hear 2 drug companies are doing R&D for ginger as a cancer treatment along with other drugs. Of course they'll patent it and sell it for an insane profit if they're successful.

Graviola SIde Effects

Posted by Mothman777 (Dublin ) on 08/11/2020
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Graviola can produce some symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, so be very careful how you use it and for how long.

Guinea Hen Weed

Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 02/20/2012

Over the weekend I heard about the Jamaica Guinea Hen Weed or anamu that cured prostate, lung, lukemeia and breast cancer. One woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was told there was nothing else that the doctor could do to help her went home to Jamaica and started drinking the Guinea Hen Weed tea. After 3 months she went back to her doctor in Fort Myers who told her he could not find any sign of the cancer.

Another gentleman who lived in London, England was told they could not do anything for his prostate cancer. He went home to Jamaica and started a regimen of the tea daily. After 3 months he went back to London for a check up with his doctor and no cancer was found. I spoke with my sister-in-law in Florida yesterday (Sunday, 2/19) and asked her about this as she lived where there is a large Jamaican community. She told me that it really worked for cancer, and diabetes also (she is diabetic). Her best friend's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he used the tea to cure this cancer. If you google Jamaica Guinea Hen Weed or Anamu you can find information about this. I hope this helps.


Posted by Teresa (Bethpage, Tn) on 02/23/2013

I have been reading that hedgeapples or osage orange heals cancer and helps with AIDS, arthritis, cholesterol, & anti-aging. Here is a helpful site to begin reading on this:

Hemp Oil

Posted by Rietha (South Africa) on 06/15/2014
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Use Hemp oil (marijuana) for 100% cancer treatment............even if doctors has not given you any more time to


Posted by Hoke (Haven, Ca) on 09/26/2012

Hemp oil can cure cancer... you can buy this anywhere for less than $10 bucks. Please follow links for more info.

Good luck!

Hemp Oil With Thc

Posted by Lightworkernaven (Lakewood, Ohio, Usa) on 01/27/2012

Hemp oil made withour removing the THC is the cure for cancer. It has been proven by many to work and here is a link showing many videos on the benefits of using Hemp to cure cancer and more.
On this link you will also learn how to prepare your own Hemp Oil to cure your illness. Hemp Oil cures many ailments and not just cancer, so be sure to try it on a variety of things, as Hemp does not have any negative side effects and in fact it only attacks malfunctioning cells so that healthy cells can thrive. In other words, Hemp rejuvenates your body.

Why has this cure been blocked out by society? The medical industry would crash significantly if Hemp was widely know again as a cure to most everything. Hemp would crash more industries and save people so much money that the Illuminati might even loose their control ion the world faster than they already are. The only thing Hemp with THC not removed damages, is the dark ones' checkbook.

Herbal Remedies From India

Posted by Sid (Bangalore, India) on 05/30/2008
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Yes "SOME RELIEF"! I ain't using the word "CURE" yet. I am providing this information because someone like you did the same to me. Read on. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in Jan'08. Shocked & downcast my small family felt devastated, particularly when all the doctors we came consulted simply had just a few months to offer. We did the Pet-scan which reveale the extent of spread [wide spread into the bones -metastasis]. Thereafter we had 3 cyles of chemo & 10 sittings of Radiation. No dout this provided immediate but temporary relief with hoary side effects in future, particularly with more cheom & RT if the treatment were to be continued. I asked the oncologist he said this treatment may add a few months. Disheartened we were praying some relief turns up before we continued the therapies. And "RELIEF" did turn up. I got a call from Coimbatore from a friend. He gave me a mobile number of a Herbal Doctor in Pune city, said he copied from a advt sticker somewhere. I immediately I called up the number and spoke with the doctor for about 45 mins on long distance call. I was convinced that his meds would attempt to normalise the body and help it to fight the cancer from within. He sent me the meds the same day and I received the parcel two days later.

The meds were in the form of herbal powders for 40days. Incidentally today is the 40th day. I have received the meds for the next 40 days today. Now let's see the effect of the herbal treatment. My wife who had not gone out since the chemo & RT were started, insisted on the 3rd day of herbal treatment that she would like to out for shopping a few personal items. And shopping she did. The pains in her bones have reduced. Her appetite has improved. She is doing some small domestic chores every day. The doctor keeps calling from Pune almost every other day.

I observe and trust my wife is on the way to recovery. Would any one out there like to reach the doctor ? Contact me by email. Talk to him & convince yourself. No harm even giving his treatment a try as I did for my wife. At worst you just going to lose a few bucks. But at best you are going to save somebody's life, may be yours.

If you have a genuine query about this herbal treatment please feel free to email me: myhealtha2z[AT]

Replied by Sylvia
Chattanooga, TN

Please tell me how to get the suppplements. I have stage IV breast cancer.

Replied by Rena
Birmingham, Alabama

Was the doctor's information provided? I would like to have it for stage 3 colon cancer met.

EC: It was not provided, only Sid's email address...

Replied by Kamla
Bethlehem, Pa, USA

Please give me the info of the herbal cure of India for cure of breast cancer,will appreciate. Thanks

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 01/08/2009
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Just 3 weeks ago my husband had HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for prostate cancer. He is completely back to his old self, and never felt any pain or discomfort, never had the threat of maybe he would be incontinent or impotent. It was so easy!

HIFU, as it is called, is in clinical trials in the USA, but your urologist won't tell you about it, ours tried to discourage us, by telling us it wasn't approved by the FDA, but after much searching and studing--we knew it was the right decision! No cutting!

HIFU has been used in Europe for 16 years with a 94% cure rate. It would be 100% except if the cancer has spread outside the gland too far, then it cannot get it all, neither can surgery though, chemo is the choice then, but HIFU can be done first.

There are two HIFU machines, the Albatherm only has one size setting, so if your gland is larger than the setting it also may not get all the cancer. But the Sonablade500 can be adjusted to accomodate all sizes and if the gland moves during the procedure then so can the ultrasound beams. The Sonablade500 is made in the USA, while the Albatherm is made in Europe.

Because HIFU hasn't finished clinical trials in the USA it isn't FDA approved, so you must go outside the US to have it done. We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We met Dr. S. Scionti ( ) and his team of nurses, anathiesologist and mechanics for the machine the night prior to the treatment at Xavier Hospital, which was spotlessly clean. The treatment took 2 hours, then we waited for husband to come out of his sleep, and we went back to the hotel, we had dinner out, and life was good! A supra-pubic catheter is installed, it is needed as the doctor uses it to clean him out prior to treatment, then there are tiny particles of prostate that must leave the body and the catheter makes this easier, or they could clog up the urethra. The catheter was a bummer, stayed in 12 days, but I understand you get the catheter with surgery too. Radiation causes other cancers, like bladder and renal.

HIFU is the answer! For complete info here is a website from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, an independent research charity which explains it:

Dr. S. Scionti is the most experienced in HIFU outside Europe, over 400 treatments. He lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina. 888-874-4384

It just makes me sick that the rest of the world has this easy treatment and we've never heard of it!

The Japanese use HIFU for bone, liver, kidney, pancreatic, prostate and breast cancer.

Hodgkins Lymphoma

Posted by Linda Kimball (New Port Richey, Florida USA) on 01/25/2008
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Brad, my son, was diagnosed at 15 with stage 4 Hodgkins. We knew nothing of alternative cures nor were we offered anything but chemo and radiation. Brad went through both and it almost destroyed him. Brad was in remission for a year and half and then relapsed. We knew at that traditional medicine would not cure him. We chose a gentle alternative therapy that have him 13 months of good life. He was told he had 4. The only way that the true safe cures for cancer are going to become credible is for those of us that know the truth to ban together. Go to Brad's website: Email me if you want to be counted as a fighter for those that have died from traditional treatment. Keeping The Promise.

Replied by Ladonna
Houston, Tx

llo, I just found this website,, and read about your 15 yr old son, but now he should be 19. Our son was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Classical Lymphoma and he refuses chemo. How is your son doing and what kind of Hodgkins does he have? Thanks, LaDonna (ronladonna (at) yahoo (dot) com)

Homeopathic Remedies

Posted by Dr.Shitaangshu Shakhor Halder (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 01/28/2009
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Syphilinum, Acid Nit, Staphysigria, and Thuja can Cure Nasal cancer.

Hoxsey Documentary

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/10/2007 512 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have learned that very few doctors are concerned with the patients' health, they are more interested in keeping you coming back constantly so they can pay for their expensive cars, homes, boats, etc. The ones who are concerned about the patient and try to help you, the AMA goes after in a big way, holler "Quack" and put them out of business as quickly & quietly as possible.

I mentioned to a co-worker several years back, about some people going to Greece & other countries for cancer treatment or cures that are unavailable here. She said "They're just going to take their money and leave them destitute". My reply was "M----, you can't be so naive that you think our doctors aren't doing the same thing. Of course, we aren't because we work at the VA and they don't have to pay for treatment here but the private sector is."

Cable TV aired a 2 hr. documentary back in the 60's titled "Hoxsey: Quacks Who Cure Cancer" which went into great detail about Hoxsey's herbal treatment which his grand-father came up with after watching a favorite mare that he turned out to pasture to die as peacefully as possible with her cancer. Instead she ate herself back to health, eating things that horse's normally don't eat. Yep, bloodroot was part of that treatment. When orthodox medicine tried to buy his formula/treatment method, he told them he would sell it to them but they had to agree to keep treatment cheap enough that people could afford it. He was told that they would charge what they wanted to after they bought it and he refused to sell. They promptly went after him for practicing medicine without a license and closed his cliniics. He let the nurse working with him have it and she has been treating cancer patients with it in TiaJuana, Mexico until her death in the last couple of years. I just hope the treatment didn't die with her. I think that documentary is still available through Project Hope, but they have changed its name (probably because the AMA was against it).

One part of that documentary that I especially loved was the little woman who told about telling her doctor she was going to see Hoxsey, to which he replied, "What for, he's just going to take all your money". Her reply: "Uhuh, they can't . You already did

Replied by Trudy
Harbor Springs, Michigan, Usa

I personally know 2 men (one is my husband's uncle) who had Hoxsey Treatment and are both cancer free now. I took my father to the clinic for advanced stage 4 lung cancer. The doctors and staff were incredibly kind and compassionate. When we returned home he did very well on the Hoxsey. We saw improvements in his motor skills right away, and yet his cancer was too advanced and he was still being given radiation treatments. He passed away 3 weeks from the day we took him to Mexico.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone. It is not expensive and the biggest obstacle is getting to the clinic, and sticking to the dietary restrictions.

Replied by Andi

My dad has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, high calcium levels and poorly functioning kidneys.

Can anyone share a story where this therapy has been successful on a similar case.

Thank you. =)

HPV Throat Cancer Remedies

Posted by Austin (San Diego, California) on 03/19/2014

I have an HPV throat cancer tumor which has metasticized to a large swelling in my neck. The throat umor seems manageable, so far, but the neck tumor has swollen to the size of an egg. Can you suggest some remedies to shrink it?

Replied by Mike62

Austin: Eat 2oz organic strawberries with a green smoothie made from 1oz organic baby leaves and some organic chili every 2 hours. Add 10g activated barley, 2g non denatured whey , 1g colostrum, 1ml yucca liquid, 2g expeller pressed coconut oil, 6g black chia seeds, 1/2g unrefined sea salt, 1g Hawaiian spirulina, and 4g raw cocoa powder. Take 1 cap/4x/day 17 mushroom blend extract from Washington, and 1ml/4x/day skate liver oil. Sun bathe for short periods of time frequently without sunscreen. Do not wash the body with soap, just the crotch and under arms.

Replied by Kara
New York, Ny

I am so sorry you are going through this. I would look into the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method and start that up immediately. It's cheap and effective.

Hulda Clark

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 02/15/2015

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

I just got Hulda Clark's last book and a DVD accompanied it. Friends and neighbors there has never been a mind like this woman had. No medical Nobel Prize winner is in her league and yet she was run out of the US and had to practice in Mexico. The bright minds in Germany and Switzerland think of her as a Goddess. They are open minded and are physicians who want to help their fellow man. In her last book she says that cancer can be cured in two weeks. She once thought it would take three. If you think she is an egotistical woman, then watch her videos. She is humble pie.

The more I learn about healing the more I want to cry about our current medical folks. It's only about money. Those that think outside the box are ruined, so all submit to the elitist. This saga now controls our country, whether it be medicine or politics.


Replied by Timh
2109 posts

--ORH-- As always, I admire your brash honesty and disclosure commitment, we all need this. Thank You!

As for Hulda, I bought The Cure For All Cancers a few yrs back when my mom got a diagnosis which proved fatal despite a really effective treatment from the good natural Minnonite "River Doctors" (somehow got this label because they live within walking distance of the Cumberland River).

Anyway my health goes into rapid decline and this person/book became like a bible to me because I had many of these conditions she covers, to a severe degree. That's about the same time I joined up here at E.C. and w/ the greatest of effort and help from sundry sources am still alive to yap about it and maybe help a few other folks, like myself, caught up in the storm.

Time after time, in my situation, by very close attention to detail, Hulda was correct. That syncrometer thing she developed was an invaluable instrument which detected a signature frequency of every organic or inorganic molecule it observed. Really expert diagnostics.

Many folks may consider her fanatical, but she was simply being completely thorough. One may find it very difficult, w/ the degree of avoidance she preached, but it is important to go as far as possible for a clean environment both internal or external.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Weslo (Panama City Beach, Fl) on 02/10/2018 8 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I am sorry that I just found this blog.

I had lung cancer back in 2005, stage 3. I refused the chemo and radiation.

Someone told me about cancer treatments in Germany. I researched, booked my flight and went to Germany for treatments. Germany destroyed all of the cancer cells in my body head to toe with heat. They taught me about the food grade hydrogen peroxide for preventive treatments. My lungs were full of asbestos due to working in the steel mills after Vietnam. My lungs if, X-rayed today, would be black. The asbestos cannot be removed, so it would be easy for the cancer to return. It never has, and it also knocked out the agent orange from Vietnam. I took everything that the VA offered and nothing worked, but the Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cancer cells have a hard shell around them, that our immune system cannot penetrate. The first thing that the chemo and radiation does, is knock out our immune system. The hydrogen peroxide dissolves the hard shell and our immune system destroys the cancer cells.

Hydrogen peroxide is the same as the ozone layer. A mother's first breast milk after birth, is full of hydrogen peroxide, which fires up the babies immune system. I had a friend buried today, who died from spinal cancer after just 5 short months. My wife and I met him about 4 years ago in his restaurant. I told him about the hydrogen peroxide, but like most, he fell in line with the medical process and they burnt him up with chemo and radiation. I can remember how I use to fall for the same due process. There are many good things that doctors can and do, but cancer is not one of them, based on my experience. We have had friends and family beat cancer with the hydrogen peroxide, because they knew what I did and it gave them something else to believe in. I have lost another friend to cancer, and it simply did not have to be. He has left behind a wife and a 6 year old daughter.

If this saves one life, for any one of you or your family, it will have been well worth it.


Replied by Marnie
Madera, Ca

Hi Weslo,

Can you please share some general instructions on how to take the food grade peroxide if you're treating cancer? Thanks

Replied by Sim
Culver City

Please share how to use the hydrogen peroxide. Thanks.

Replied by Weslo
Panama City Beach, Fl
8 posts

Hi Sim,

I purchased the book "One Minute Cure" and it had all of the information about the H2O2. I saw on a post here, that you can do a web search for One Minute Cure pdf and it will come up.

1. Cannot do the therapy if you have had an organ transplant.

2. Purchase 35% Food Grade from health food store. (true 35% should not freeze in the freezer. Make you sure you tell the clerk that you are going to put it in the freezer. In recent years we have had some diluted versions slipped in and misled.)

3. Use 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water and a dropper for H2O2.

4. Must take dose on an empty stomach. (bacteria in food in your stomach can foam as the hydrogen peroxide attacks it.)If you have eaten, you must wait 3 hours for food to digest!

5. Start with 3 drops on day one, and go up 1 drop each day until you reach 25 drops. Stay on 25 drops for 2 weeks. Then come down 1 drop each day until you get back down to the maintenance dose of 3 drops.

You might experience a period along the way that you develop flu like symptoms, but that is the body flushing out the toxins.

Along the way you will feel an energy pickup as the oxygen is going into the different organs of your body.

I have seen this knock out cancer in my own personal family.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with a cancerous grown in her breast. Her surgery was scheduled 7 weeks away. My wife flew to Nashville and put her on hydrogen peroxide at an accelerated dosage. When she went in for her surgery, they closed her up, the growth was already gone!

Best wishes!



I am starting this food grade hydrogen peroxide in distilled water protocol today. I definitely took it on an empty stomach. But I need to know how long I have to wait to eat something AFTER I've drunk the solution.

Panama City Beach, FL

Wait one hour for any liquid to clear your system. Solid foods take 3 hours to clear your system.

Hope this helps.


Replied by Gayle S.
Gulfport, Ms

Can you please explain the heat treatment you received in Germany? Can I do something like it here in the US, myself? I don't have the funds to go there. Thank you!

Replied by Mike
P C Beach, Fl

Morning Gayle, I do not know of any places here in the states that Big Pharma has allowed to do the heat treatments. But, after my treatments, I was shown, that due to my lungs being full of Asbestos, I would need to do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatments. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have done the Hydrogen Peroxide treatments. If you go to "The One Minute Cure" website. The website for the treatments in Germany is "German Cancer Breakthrough". I went to the clinic in Frankfort, Germany. I hope this helps. Mike