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Posted by Littlejoe12 (Carmichael, Ca.) on 07/02/2012

Cancer is not viral. It is a fungus. All sickness was fungal back in the day until antibiotics came into play. That is when bacterial started & viral is used alot when the allopathic medical field is not knowledged or is guessing which they are any way. They are practicing medicine. They are taught & allowed to only treat the symptoms because of the FDA, Big Pharma, ect. It is all about GREED (money) not what is best for us or to heal but usually treat us with things that cause bad side effects or death. Get knowledged by going to these websites. NATURAL NEWS. COM & NATURALNEWSRADIO. COM. LISTEN TO ROBERT SCOTT BELL & MIKE THE HEALTH RANGERS SHOWS & CHECK THE LINKS OUT & DO YOUR HOMEWORK (RESEARCH) ALSO MERCOLA. COM GET BLESSED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE & THEN SHARE IT

Replied by Kathy
Henrico, Virginia

I think it is sad that, I feel, the FDA has now become the Fool and Deceive Agency.

Posted by Stuart (Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines) on 12/27/2011

My Wife has colon cancer, and is now suffering with extreme cachexia, I have recently started her on hydrazine sulphate to reverse it.

But I have also read about chloroquine (anti malarial drug) which is now under clinical trials, as it inhibits autophagy.

My question do you think it is possible to combine both treatments in an attempt to starve the cancer?

Posted by Kat (Campbell River, Bc, Canada) on 12/18/2011

Hi I need to know what is the difference betwwen a nottingham grade 2/3 cancer and a stage 1, 2, 3 cancer Confussed??? I have would also like to comunicate with someone who has breast cancer and what treatments are working well in shrinking a second tumor. Thanks- I have a few other posts and any inofrmation is so so appreciated. thanks, Kat

Replied by Lymiesheri
Kansas City, Missouri, Usa

Get this book "How I Cured My Stage Four Multi-Organ Cancer" By William Truck. He used black salve and yellow salve to pull it up to the surface of the skin in what is called an eschar. Then the eschar is removed much as a scab. It left a huge scar. But if he had applied a plantain poultice, or even honey it would have healed without scaring. Soak plantain leaf in olive oil over night. Apply to skin. Allow to stay until leaf dries up. Then replace continually until sore heals. if bandaid is needed only use gauze and make it big, two pieces overlapping about one half inch to cover wound. Then when leaf dries just part the gauze and insert new leaf.

I did this for my husband's brown recluse bite. Three days completely healed no scar. Plantain very powerful, but don't know that it is as powerful as the salve. Expect a lot of pain as the salve does it's job with removing the tumor if you have a cancer. Truck's book says some don't have that much pain because their cancers are much smaller.

Posted by Carba (Alton, Illinois) on 12/11/2011

I have a loved on with a cancer rare but their enzymes are very low.. My question to anyone that can answer how do you keep your enzymes to balance.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Carba, There's nothing more deadly to enzymes than acidic body (which also harbors cancer). Purchase PH strips and use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) orally to get your PH slightly alkaline. Ted recommends bicarb and ACV effective for alkalizing. For immediate and powerful relief, take a very warm bath with 1/2 cup sodium bicarbonate and 1/2 cup epsom salt for at least 30 min.

Also, the numerous glands in the human body produce hormones & enzymes, so during illness or in aging, the glands lose some degree of function. Consume as directed herbal gland cleanser/stimulator, raw multiglandular, and digestive/systemic enzymes.

Posted by Hope4friends (Phoenix, Az) on 10/13/2011

If you read internet blogs, you will find claims that everything under the sun treats cancer (and everything causes cancer).

Knowing many friends and relatives with different types of cancers, I want to be able to help with alternatives to chemo and radiation. Even if they choose to go with chemo and radiation, and you certainly can't blame them when they're fighting for their lives, perhaps there are some alternative therapies that help the process.

Of course, there are some legitimate alternative treatments out there. Please reply with the very best alternative treatments you know of, especially if you've witnessed the treatment's success for yourself.

There have to be some treatments that, when applied together, do much better than a singular treatment. There are also different cancers that may be better treated with one type of treatment versus another.

I've listed some treatments I've heard about:

Essiac tea, Budwig Protocol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Antioxidants, Mega doses of Vitamin C, detoxing, Omega 3 and other Omegas, Ozone therapy, group prayer, energy healing, Acupuncture, Tesla Coil, hot springs bathing, sulphur springs bathing, oil pulling, hyperbaric chamber, Coconut Oil, Coenzyme Q-10, Ubiquinone.

Please share your thoughts on promising individual treatments and combinations.

Thank you.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Hope4friends, I may be reiterating some recent post but I personaly believe that the use of Magnets or hemotite stones is critical in cancer theropy. My theory is that of all the conventional and alternative cancer theropies that do not work, they all have, ultimately an homogenous cause, and energy modalities should be used Firstly in order to remove the negative energy, inflammation, acidification, and god knows how many more "ations".

Some specialist are finding Near-Infared Light Theropy (topical or sauna) very helpful in detox & healing.

Also I have personaly witnessed good results with Leonard Horrowitze's theoretical Solffagio Harmonics. The 528 "Love" vibration supposedly the same vibration that is God's heartbeat is especially encouraged as it heals and reprograms damaged DNA. Also, I have only done a few of the Carlos Castaneda Tensegrity movements, but I do notice some slight immediate resuts especially the "Helping The Flow Of Immunity" (minor movement). Tensegrity is available in book or DVD format. Yoga and Meditation, yes.

Also, it seems rather obvious that Liver Support is critical in beating cancer as the Liver is such a vital organ. Colon and Gallbladder cleanses are, in turn, critical for Liver health (i know, I found out that hard way).

Lastly, CoQ10 or ubiguinone gets most of the rave in cellular energy and oxygenation, but I wouldn't rely on it alone. Also use the coenzymes Alpha Lipoic Acid and NADH.

Lastly again, there is much studies recommending the body's need for Methylation. Suppliment with the fallowing methyl donors vit-b12, Folic Acid, SAM-e, Betaine, DMG.

Replied by Rxgrandma
Fruitport, Michigan

Several years ago a customer came into the store and told me his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years ago. He declined surgery, radiation, and chemo and opted for alternative. He doesn't know which worked, but he started her on three things: flaxseed oil in cottage cheese, shark cartilidge, and apricot pits (seeds) from the cannery. They are bitter to the taste. (They contains cianide but there are good cianides and bad ones. This kind kills the bad cells and doesn't hurt the good ones. ) She lived without problems (and smoked on the side) for those 30 years. She died after suffering with Alzheimer's for a few years during which time he continued to care for her. He died at 96 and ate apricot pits (seeds) regularly. Hope this helps someone else.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

These 3 therapies are focusing on boosting the bodies immune response and except for LDN should be able to boost the other chosen therapies.. (consult your doctor naturally... and do as much research as possible...)

1. LDN... Low dose naltrexone... one of many links

2. Beta Glucans such as AHCC...

3. IP6-Inositol

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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One could also include Lima Beans, Peaches, or Almonds in the diet if low-dose cyanide does indeed kill cancer.

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

TimH, Would you please explain why lima beans, peaches & almonds in a daily diet can help fight cancer or help boost LDN? Thank you

Posted by Connie (Salt Lake City, Utah, Usa) on 10/10/2011

I received this link from a relative. Some seems unclear to For example. Ted says no potassium gluconate, yet says it blocks cancer glycosis. I would like to have the protocol listed by supplement, amt to be taken and when including source and cost, as well as things to avoid. I was given 6 mo. - 1 year as of Jan 1 this year. Have not done chemo, radiation or surgery. What do you think of DIM? Thank you for your help.

Replied by Rsw
Uniomtown, Oh


Please read the story of Jacinta and John and the protocol they developed to overcome Jacinta's very serious cancer diagnosis. It is not the same cancer as you describe but some of the protocol may also work for you, too. Jacinta has been well for 38 months now.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Connie, you should watch this video on cancer and iodine deficiency.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 09/23/2011

The Great Cancer Hoax, Part II, the cure the FDA tried their best to shut down... From the Dr. Mercola website. A video, only available to watch until 24 September.

Posted by Love (Louisville, Ky | Usa) on 04/26/2011

Excellent study on curing cancer... Endorsed by Dr. Mercola

Replied by Rob
Ny, Ny

great info.. Thanks Love... It is the nature of any great momentum, in this case the cancer drug industry, that it is incredibly resistant to anything other than its continued direction...

Posted by Steven (Mclean, Va) on 04/05/2011

I am looking for a clinic that uses dmso to treat my condition. please advise.

Replied by Knute
Sacramento, Ca

I found that The Camelot Cancer Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been recommended by many. They do treatments that are intravenous DMSO-based.

You may also want to check with Frank Cousineau with the Cancer Control Society (CCS) who, among other things, organizes tours to alternative cancer clinics in Tijuana, Mexico several times a year.

I attended the CCS convention last year and was very impressed.

Posted by Mzellie (Janesville, Wi) on 02/14/2011

Can Ted tell me about ACV, B. Soda, & honey mixture and is this ok for cancer.. ?? I thought I read that the B. Soda gobbles up the cancer as the cancer Thank you go after the honey and a blast of B soda will kill the cancer cell...??

Replied by Camilla
Istanbul, Turkey

Look up Dr Tullio Simoncelli on web, even youtube. Bicarbonate and Maple Suryp!

Posted by Jay (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/06/2010

Just found this article and thought others concerned about cancer treatments might find it helpful:

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 08/16/2010

Reasons for Cancer and Auto-Immune Diseases

Whilst on the internet I have discovered a very good article by Mathias Rath. His cellular/nutritive approach to cancer and auto-immune diseases in general is very different to the standard conventional drugs medicine propaganda. The explanations he proposes are simply explained at the cellular level with many informative diagrams. Here is the link to the article (pdf):

The Origins of Disease

Posted by Shaun (Old York, Uk) on 03/02/2010

Cancer as a metabolic disease: A commentary

Hi Deirdre,

I have recently lost a few close friends and family members to cancer. As such I found the following pdf to be of some help in understanding some of the 'back-office' cell interactions as to how cancer gets its foothold. It is mostly in keeping with the cancer philosophies of EC. It may also help some of your 'posters' in getting a better handle on this terrible condition. I have also added a diagrammatic link to cell metabolism which I'm sure your readers will find as mind boggling as I did!

EC: Thank you, Shaun! Looks very interesting and that diagram is amazing.

To all: the above pdf is a 54 page document!


Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
512 posts

I beg to differ that these alternative herbal remedies being untested. If you want to know how well they have been tested, read up on what the doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been doing over the last 40 or so years. You will find that they have been collecting plants from all over planet earth and determining what chemicals they have and what activities those chemicals have. In other words, they have been exploring home/herbal remedies and borrowing from them just as medicine has always done. Savvy doctors were prescribing l foxglove leaf for their "weak heart" patients long before the pharmaceuticals were producing digitalis pills.

It was in a physiology class at a well known medical school in l978/9 that the instructor shared a little pearl of wisdom. It was: "From some research we have going on here, we don't know how, but for some reason poke berries throws the body into gear to fight". I just sat there & grinned because I had been taking them for the last l5 years on the advice of a little country woman who probably didn't go beyond the 3rd or 4th grade in school. Most likely the producers of Vioxx studied this plant and found one or two chemicals that had the anti-arthritis action they wanted and made a synthetic version of them that could be patented, so they could rake in huge profits from it. You probably already know that Vioxx decreased quality of life or outright killed thousands of people.

It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that the reason poke berries safely boosts the immune system, while a synthetic version of a few of the herb's chemicals maimed or outright killed thousands of people, is because the herbal remedy still contains the fail safe chemicals that the pharmaceutical company removed from their synthetic version they marketed. The problem is that the pharmaceutical company didn't test their synthetic version before marketing it and creating havoc for too many people taking it. An aunt of mine now has the residual damage from a stroke and a pacemaker implanted, thanks to Vioxx.

If you want to broaden your mind with a little more reading, go pick up a copy of "The Green Pharmacy" by James Duke, PhD degree botanist. You can get a quick education on how well these herbal remedies (plants, many of which are labeled weeds) have been studied and tested. Even the lowly little prickly pear cactus has an amazing array of chemicals and nutrients in it.

Posted by Alon Shomer (Jerusalem, Israel) on 03/29/2009

In my years of practice as an N.D. I came to a conclusion as to what cancer is. I believe that understanding what cancer is will facilitate the right treatments.

Cancer is a normal process and not a malfunction.

It is a one, a singular disease that takes place in the body in order to save the body from death.

I know it sounds like a contradiction since cancer leads to death, but this is because we don't see the whole picture.

Cancer cells are produced by the immune system in locations of the body where normal cells are unable to survive.

Some times the conditions for survival for normal cells in a specific location of the body become Intolerable up to a point when the normal cells cannot live there any more.

What leads to this worsening of conditions? There are mainly three reasons:

1) A trauma to the body that leads to a long standing lack of blood/lymph/nerve supply to a specific location.
2) A chronic accumulation of toxins in the body that accumulate in a specific location.
3) A continuous irritation from external or internal source.

At the beginning the immune system creates an inflammatory process in the specific location, aimed at eliminating the accumulated toxins. It may clear the area which will go back to function normally. It can also remain inflamed at that location but it will remain stable. The accumulation of toxins may increase and as a result, the inflammation can also get worse.

As the inflammation gets worse, more and more cells are dying in that location, blood supply is restricted, the oxygen level is going down and the acidity is going up from the breakdown of proteins.

These conditions augment the cells death and create a vicious circle of dying cells and worsening conditions.

The described set of events may lead to the complete destruction (necrosis) of the organ where it take place in, and then to a quick death.

The solution made by the body is to manufacture different type of cells that can flourish in such conditions.

These special cells will take the place of the normal cells until the conditions are back to normal and then they should die, when normal cells can live there again. Or if the conditions do not improve, extend the life of the organ and that person.

What type of cells can live in such conditions?

They need to be able to live in low oxygen low blood supply and in high acidic conditions. They also should be able to replenish the blood supply to this location. They should also keep on multiplying so if some die due to the tough conditions, enough of them will survive.

When we examine cancer cells we can see that they survive and more active (malignant) the more these conditions exist:

1) cancer cells can live in conditions where oxygen is very low by not using the Krebs cycle for getting their energy (as normal cells do) and using a process called Glycolysis which does not require oxygen.

2) Cancer cells can survive in a much more acidic conditions then normal cells.

3) Since they do not need so much oxygen and can live in acidic conditions, they can live in a low blood supply level.

4) Cancer cells also produce constantly new blood veins to improve blood supply to that location.

5) Cancer cells can consume the free amino acids and other nutrient from the breaking down of cells around them.

6) Cancer cells multiply constantly so even if some are destroyed due to these conditions, others will quickly replace them.

As a result of these characteristics, cancer cells can replace normal cells in a specific location and by doing so, inhibiting the quick destruction (necrosis) of an organ.

As a rule, cancer always starts in inflamed location.

When the process of inflammation is increased very slowly the end result will be a local necrosis like we see in arthritis or emphysema which they are a localized, partial destruction of an organ. If the inflammation is more aggressive the result is cancer.

Cancer can be eliminated if we eliminate the accumulation of toxins to the area and stop the inflammatory process.

If it can not be done then at least the cancer gave us several more years to live.

An operation to remove a tumor will be effective if the source of the cancer is localized, if it is a systemic accumulation of toxins or irritation then the cancer will reappear in the same or a different location.


I appreciate everything you said. You described your theories as to the cause, but in the end said nothing about the cure, except to fix your problem. If you have a practical solution for cancer.... a zillion people are waiting. Otherwise, you have just told us to do healthy things. Heck. My mom always told me to be nice and I was ........ sometimes. What was the point of your post?

Posted by James (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/25/2009

Word to the wise suggestion: view Mr. G. Edward Griffin's "A World Without Cancer" on Google video or read his book by the same name.

EC: Topic is about Vitamin B17 for cancer...