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Cancer - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Cancer. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 08/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars


Cancer cells are formed when free radicals damage DNA of normal cells. There is a need to give high level overview of cells to understand this. Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. An average human body composed of about 30 trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy and carry out specialized functions.

There are about 200 types of cells in our body and they are: sperm cells, stem cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, nerve cells, muscle cells, bone cells, skin cells, fat cells, etc.

Average volume of some cell types are given below:

1) Sperm cell = 30 um3 (micro meter cube) - Smallest cell.

2) Beta cell = 1000 um3 (micro meter cube).

3) Fat cell = 600,000 um3 (micro meter cube) - Second largest cell.

4) Oocyte cell = 4,000,000 um3 (micro meter cube) – Largest cell.

According to an article titled “ Mitochondria”, mitochondria are inside the cells and are known as powerhouse of the cell. They act like a digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell. Mitochondria generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cells. Mitochondria stores the chemical in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). According to an article titled “Mitochondrial Respiration”, mitochondrial respirations is the set of metabolic reactions and processes requiring oxygen that takes place in mitochondria to convert the energy stored in macronutrients to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal donor in the cell. Defects in the mitochondria respiration may be the underlying cause of cancer.

Graviola (annona muricata) is a small evergreen tree found in South America, Africa, and South / Southeast Asia. Graviola leaf are rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight against free radical damage to cells. One can see 24 user reviews on graviola from WebMD by google search with “webmd graviola user reviews”. There are a number of articles available in the net about graviola and cancer. Some of the titles of articles are given below:

1) Anti Cancer Activity on Graviola.

2) Survivor Credits Good life, God and Graviola Tea to Survival.

3) Can Graviola Help To Treat cancer?

4) Can Soursop Leaves Really cure Cancer?

About 6 years ago, two ladies in my town were diagnosed with stomach cancer stage – 4. There were given 6 month time to live by doctors. They could not afford chemo / radiation treatment at that time and also they didn't like the treatment. One of the ladies consulted a tribal herbal doctor in the state of Karnataka (nearest town: KOZHIKODE, KERALA). The herbal doctor advised her to make herbal tea using 9 leaves of graviola tree per day with 3 cups of water. He suggested to consume this tea during entire day or one cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon and one cup at night.

There is a video available in the net titled “How to make soursop tea”. Soursop tree is another name for Graviola tree.

Ladies decided to take one cup of green drink rich in chlorophyll with some lemon juice from half a lemon. Green drink can consumed 30 minutes before eating. Green drink will increase oxygen supply to all cells including cancer cells and lemon juice will alkalize the body. They are living more than 6 years and are very active.

I noticed that some other people with similar conditions opted for regular treatments and they lived less than one year after diagnosis. They are taking now one cup of graviola tea per day using 3 leaves for maintenance after cure. But if they stopped taking this maintenace tea, they get pain in the stomach. But they are not taking any probiotics and flax seed now.

There is an article titled “Difference Between Antioxidants and Phytochemicals?” by Karen Collins of American Institute for Cancer Research. This gives some explanations for the above treatment. “Phytochemicals are chemicals produced by plants. Many phytochemicals act as antioxidants neutralizing free radicals and removing their power to create damaged cells. Many of phytochemicals that show high antioxidant scores in lab tests can't even be absorbed from the gut. However, healthful (probiotic) bacteria in the colon may break down many of them, forming other compounds that can be absorbed”. From this article, it appears that antioxidants can be classified into two types:

1) Antioxidants that can be absorbed directly by the body without the help of any probiotic bacteria. An example of the antioxidants is the antioxidants in graviola tree leaf.

2) Antioxidants that cannot be absorbed directly by the body. But a particular strain of probiotic bacteria can modify the antioxidants so that it can be absorbed by the body. If the count of this particular probiotic bacteria is low in the digestive system, then there will not be enough antioxidants in the body to neutralize all free radicals in the body. This may start cancer problem. One can identify this particular probiotic bacteria by stool testing by measuring various probiotic levels in the stool. Also, one can also contact the author of article “Difference Between Antioxidants and Phytochemicals?” for the latest article on this subject mentioning the name of the probiotic strain that can convert non-absorbable antioxidants into absorbable form

According to articles available in the net, graviola leaves are rich in pytochemicals ‘Acetogenins' . According to an article titled “Exploring the Leaves of Annona muricata L as a source of Potential Anti-inflammatory and Anticancer Agents”, the Annonaceous acetogenins are an exciting new class of bioactive natural products whose antitumor, pesticidal and other bioactivities are due to inhibition of electron transport in mitochondria. Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell.

Many articles say graviola leaves has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties and may treat breast cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, etc. According to an article titled “Annonaceous Actogenins as a new anticancer agent”, acetogenins are versatile anticancer molecules causing tumor cell death.

Suggested Treatment – Four Step Process.

1) First cut 9 graviola tree leaves into small pieces with scissor. Boil about 3 cups of water and add leaf. Let it simmer while covered for 10 to 20 minutes. Three cups of tea are ready when the water takes on a greenish – brown color. Consume one cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon and one cup at night. If fresh graviola tree leaves are not available, one can buy dried graviola tree leaves online.

2) Make one cup of green drink using one of the following: mint leaves, wheatgrass, etc. Then add lemon juice from half a lemon. Drink this once a day.

3) According to article titled “Probiotic Bacteria: A Promising Tool in Cancer Prevention and Therapy”, probiotic bacteria have been shown to play a significant role in immunomodulation and display antitumor properties. Some of probiotic strains recommended are Lactococcus Lactis, L. Casei, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, B. Longum, etc. I searched the net and the following six brands contains the above probiotic strains:

. CaptainBiotics Probiotic - 19 probiotic strains.

. Innate Vitality Women's - 17 probiotic strains.

. InnovixLabs - 31 probiotic strains.

. NewRhythm Probiotic - 20 probiotic strains.

. wholesome RAW Probiotic 100 billion CFU - 34 probiotic strains.

. Terranics Probiotic - 19 probiotic strains.

While selecting a brand, make sure it also contains probiotic strain that can convert unabsorbable antioxidants into absorbable antioxidants. Consume one probiotic tablet / capsule per day

4) Consume 2 teaspoons of ground flax seed at night. Flax seeds are rich in fibre which are foods for probiotic bacteria. So, probiotic bacteria will multiply very fast.

I hope the information provided here will be useful.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Broccoli Sprout Juice

Posted by Susan Jones (Uk) on 01/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with P. Ragahvan's alkalizing protocol for cancer - it is pretty much what we followed for my daughter when she had cancer. However, I would add to the protocol broccoli sprout juice - she drank 60ml per day and her 2 month scan showed her to be completely free of cancer. Since my daughter recovered, I have spoken to several people who used only broccoli sprout juice (and didn't follow the rest of the protocol) and seemed to heal using only this combined with alkaline forming food.

When I researched what could help my daughter I discovered that broccoli sprout juice seems to be almost a miracle cure for cancer with over 1000 research studies showing positive effects of sulforaphane on cancer.

Now I was scared at the time and didn't just trust the juice alone, so I will never know if it would have worked for her without anything else, but I do think that broccoli sprout juice should be listed as a separate item as a remedy for cancer on this forum.

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol

Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 01/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Protocol To Control / Cure Cancer

I am suggesting a protocol to control/cure cancer. This is basically based on treatments suggested by Dr. Coldwell to cancer patients and also on research papers available on the net about cancer treatment. In my opinion, this protocol will control many types of cancer and it may cure some types of cancer. It is as follows:


Once the body becomes alkaline, cancer cell multiplications will come to complete stop. Cancer cells cannot survive in oxygenated cellular environment. The four minerals " calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium " in proper proportion are needed to make the body alkaline. The body can absorb calcium and magnesium only when the vitamin D level in the blood is normal. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the blood, one may have to take one capsule of probiotic L. Reuteri per day to correct this problem. About 85 % of the population do not have L. Reuteri in their digestive system even though L. Reuteri is in the breast milk. If L. Reuteri is not available, one may take vitamin D3 Supplements.

An easy way to determine whether the body is alkaline or acidic is by measuring ph level of the urine in the morning:

1) If the urine ph level is from 6 to 7, the body is alkaline.

2) If the urine ph level is less than 5.5, the body is acidic.

All one need for this determination is a digital ph meter which are available online for about us dollar 20 in There is no need to buy expensive ph meter for this purpose.

Some food items which are highly alkaline are : Lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, Watermelon juice, Baking soda, etc. To make body alkaline, one can make a drink by mixing 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice from one lemon in a glass of water. This drink has to taken 2 to 3 times a day so that the urine ph level is maintained at 6.8 plus or minus 0.2. At this level, cancer cell multiplication will come to complete stop.


Most free radicals are coming from oxygen atoms and are called reactive oxygen. The damages to cells caused by free radicals, especially the damage to DNA, may play a role in the development of cancer and other health conditions. There are three vitamin-based antioxidants:

1) Vitamin C

2) Vitamin E

3) Beta-carotene ( Vitamin A )

One may take 500 mg Vitamin C tablets for about three times a day to neutralize free radicals.


Chlorophyll will help in the synthesis and repair of cells in the body. Chlorophyll plays an important role in this protocol. A glass of chlorophyll-rich green drink can be made by using chlorophyll-rich foods like spinach, cilantro, parsley, kale, etc. You may add turmeric and a pinch of sea salt to this drink. This drink has to taken for three times a day.

The protocol has to be followed for about 10 to 16 weeks. If there is no improvements at the end of 10 th week, one may discontinue this protocol. You can try this protocol under the guidance of your doctor.

Best Wishes,

P. Raghavan.

Baking Soda and Molasses

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

The Molasses/Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Cure(Works like The Maple Syrup/Bicarb Cure)

Hi everyone...I've been trying to buy organic Maple Syrup to use with Baking Soda occasionally as an alkalizer and preventative, but this is impossible to buy in the Philippines where I live. So I searched for evidence of other possible natural sugar sources being used with Sodium bicarbonate within a cure.

Apparently, this cancer cure works exactly the same if you use molasses and Sodium Bicarbonate. The site I discovered was just a single testimonial on one web page which sells nothing. It is written as a diary of amounts and effects of taking this cure and gives full and detailed description of the molasses/bicarb remedy, together with a day by day diary or log by the cancer participant who had Stage Three prostate and bone cancer(he completely cured himself in 9 days). This account also contains how he made up and took this formula, how many days he took for and the effects etc. The piece was also written up by Dr Sircus, a well known natural allopathic doctor. Here is the site:

Taking Sodium Bicarbonate together with molasses seems to somehow combine together(isomer?) the two ingedients. Since cancers are voracious for glucose -- the sodium bicarbonate/molasses seems to get drawn into the cancer cells -- these cancer cells need 17 times more glucose than normal human cells because their respiration is anaerobic. So this mixture is introduced as a trojan horse to the cancer cell and draws in oxygen which is like cynide to the cancer cell, but harmless to normal human cells. From the article itself -- cancers will stop growing between pH 7 - 7.5 and all cancers will be wiped out at between pH 8 -- 8.5.

I've also put up a similar article in the "honey" section at earth clinic -- I found a patent where honey/bicarb was used very successfully -- backed up by much successful human research that I've never heard about. It seems this honey cure works for alot of other ailments besides cancer as well.

Apricot Seeds

Posted by Steve (Virginia)
5 out of 5 stars

This is one of the best actual cures for cancer. When you go into the store you see many vitamins.You don't see vitamin b-17 now do you?

That's because the FDA took control over it-funny how that's the only vitamin (so far) that they control. Organic apples have vitamin b-17 in the skin,but if they're not organic they don't since the chemicals non-organic farmers use kill it. But,there is hope!!! Buy apricots from any store, rinse them off well and eat them. Don't throw away the hard shell that is in the core of the apricot. Smash the hard shell open with a hammer.

Put it in a bag so it doesn't go flying everywhere,or use whatever you can use-maybe a nut cracker. Once the hard shell is broke there is a soft seed in it. Eat it. It's bitter tasting but kills cancer.

Apple seeds also have the same thing, but apricot seeds are much higher in B-17. To prevent cancer eat 14 apricot seeds every other day, or six-seven a day.

If you have cancer, well, I'd tell you to eat 50 a day!! It works. My mom had breast cancer and now she's fine and healthy because of this! No B.S