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Natural Treatments for Cancer

| Modified on May 14, 2024
Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jo (Eu) on 04/11/2024

Hey, I see a lot of requests for info in regards to this Baking soda and molasses...and some mention hydrogen peroxide.

First and foremost, people keep asking is it good for this cancer or that cancer. Well, yes of course it is. It is not the type of cancer that it is curing, it is the mechanism and process of cancer that it is changing. First there is no cure for cancer, as it is not a disease per say, but your body at dis-ease. Many researchers have clearly stated cancer is a parasite. That is why people have great success with antiparasitics such Fenbendazole, or Ivermectin. Cancer is with out a doubt not something you catch, or something your dad had and you inherited it.

Many people question about what to take, what to eat, vitamins, treatments etc. Of course that it a wonderful thing. People should be asking these questions of others. Instead of putting all your eggs in the medical establishment for the truth. Now, I do not discount the med system can help, I would never state that, but...doctors are not taught to 'cure' the cause of the disease, just to stop the symptoms! That therein lies the problem. They never look for the underlying cause. The REAL underlying cause.

So, regardless of what treatment you use, if you want success in beating whatever your ailments are, you need to remember a few things;

1) Cancer hates oxygen. Oxygen therapy, and H2O2 are a death sentence to cancer.

2) Vitamins and minerals are key to beating any illness. A depleted or worn down body is already at a disadvantage in a fight.

3) A healthy diet free from processed food, sugars (unless honey), low carbs...and full of healthy fats, fiber, protein and proper carbs. Proper nutrition, proper nutrition, proper nutrition!!!

4) Exercise is key. Doesnt matter your age or ability. Exercise is key to strengthening the body, increasing oxygen, fighting ageing, building bones, and above all increasing the bodies ability to deal with issues better. Whether you lift weights run marathons, ride bikes or walk around the block, everything, absolutely everything is better than nothing!

5) Mental health. It is absolute key in my opinion. If you are worried, depressed, exasperated, dismayed, you will have a hell of a battle on your hands. If you have a proper mind set-I am gonna fight-then there is a far greater chance of success that you will succeed.

So, I never hoped to come across preachy or authoritative in this post. But I know from my families history (lost 4 people to cancer), my own Military injuries that were supposed to be life altering, and 2 other Military individuals who should be long gone, that there is nothing on this earth you can not defeat. All you need to do is ask for help, look into yourself, and make a decision. Get busy living or get busy dying!

It is a wonderful thing this Earth Clinic site. Great support for everyone. Props to Art who is everywhere all the time. Props to everyone contributing and supporting one another.

Budwig Diet
Posted by Scott (Newfoundland Labrador, Canada) on 02/28/2024

Thank you Lloyd,

I am not sure if you are still on this forum but I would appreciate you sharing your know of the budwig diet with me. I am battling cancer at this time.

Have a wonderful day!


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Willow (US) on 02/18/2024

Case Report: Inoperable Metastatic Esophageal Adenocarcinoma, age 66, Male

Papaya Leaf, Pau d'arco
Posted by La0508 (Neche, North Dakota, Usa) on 07/13/2011

In March 2010, a researcher from Univ of Florida stated that he had found that a water extract from papaya leaf had very strong anti-tumor effects. Granted, leukemia is NOT a tumor, but I have heard from people that it had a very powerful effect on leukemia. Papaya leaf is a folk remedy for cancer of all types. Pau d'arco (tabebuia impetiginosa or tabebuia avellanedae) is a specific for leukemia. Check out this site: -- these people sell only taheebo, period (taheebo is another name for pau d'arco)--because their grandfather had inoperable metastatic cancer--and was cured 15 years ago from drinking this tea. I have contacted them and found that their replies to me were very honest and straight forward, not trying to snow me with salesmanship. Their tea is rather expensive-maybe $25-$30 a month, but it is never bitter. There are other good sites to get taheebo, and a VERY STRONG extract in capsule form--called Taheebo Life Tea--google it. I use the tea for arthritis and cardiac arrhythmia, and it is wonderful. I often buy it from I would certainly use this combination all day long for cancer, and if I had any form of brain cancer-astrocytoma or glioma--I would add boswellia. But that's for another post.

Posted by Carol (Boston) on 12/16/2023

Hi can you tell the recommended brand of brm4?

Lactobacillus Salivarius
Posted by Mary (Oregon) on 10/26/2023

This probiotic Lactobacillus Salivarius was given to people that were around Chernobyl. The Russian doctors figured out this would help build their immune systems and helped patients a lot.

Rife Machine
Posted by DJ (North America) on 09/20/2023

Is it possible to talk with you for more information?

Ted's Cornmeal Cure
Posted by Dano (North Carolina) on 07/29/2023

Yeasts are fungi.

Bowel Cleansing Protocol
Posted by Mandy (California ) on 07/26/2023

Would you please share the exact protocol details with us? If you can tell us about where to get Dr. Jensen's book? Thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Art (California) on 06/03/2023 2159 posts


It may be useful for your husband, if he tolerates melatonin, to take melatonin lozenges, dissolved and or chewed in the mouth, right when he lays down to go to sleep as this will allow the melatonin to not only go systemic but allow it to bathe the throat and esophageal area for an extended period of time. The addition of vitamin C and Andrographis should also be of value. Melatonin can also help ameliorate collateral oxidative damage caused by HP intake.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 06/02/2023

Hi Linda

Read your post. So sad.

I would like to share with you that Frankincense Oil is the best for killing any tumors By rubbing on the area or taking 2 to 3 drops internaly.

I had a small tumor in my bladder and before my next cat scan it was half gone. I rubbed 2-3 drops morning and night. Thought it would be a great help to add to your battle.

All the best


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Linda (Alberta ) on 06/02/2023

Hi, thanks for your post. So great to hear that. My husband has oropharyngeal cancer, we are dealing with this alternatively, want no part of the medical insanity. Could you please tell me how you took the HP? We take it already, the 35% yes, put drops in drinks, he probably gets 12-15 drops each day. Should I give him more? Thank you for any help in this 🤗

Andrographis Paniculata
Posted by Littlrabbit (Virginia) on 05/24/2023

This has been updated in 2010! The chemical andrographolide in King of Bitters is potent against multiple myeloma stem cells!

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Ken (Texas) on 05/22/2023

I take 16 (4x) daily during treatment along with 444 mg of Fenbendazole (1x) daily.

From my research:

Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Amygdalin by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952. Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts: 2 parts Glucose, 1 part Benzaldehyde, and 1 part Hydrogen Cyanide. I know what you're thinking. Cyanide? Yikes! Don't worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin). Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldehyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid.. Eat as many as you like I eat a handful every other day, healthy as can be.

Recommended Videos
Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Ontario) on 05/17/2023

Please, listen and watch. Doctors are doing it all wrong. This deserves Nobel Prize.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda
Posted by Kelly (The Netherlands) on 02/24/2023

Don't the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide react with each-other? I stopped taking baking soda when I started hydrogen peroxide for this reason.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 02/21/2023

Brenda, 12 apricot seeds 3 times a day sounds like a LOT. But even if you are convinced about the amount, perhaps it would be prudent to start with far less and slowly work your way up...

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Brenda (British Columbia) on 02/20/2023

Are fenbendazole and Apricot Seeds together ok?

Can anyone tell me is it ok to take fenbendazole - restarting today for 3 days, then off for 4 (ala Dr. Lee Merritt and others) together on same days as apricot seeds - looks like 12 seeds 3 times a day for my body weight

are there contraindications that I should be concerned about? thank you

Posted by Patty Payant (AZ) on 02/08/2023

Dr William Kelly's son John can be reached at [email protected] for enzymes.

Bone Cancer
Posted by Sharon (Florida) on 02/05/2023

Just make sure the cottage cheese is organic, because they are now putting the solvent propylene glycol in cottage cheese, which causes cancer. Thankfully, it does not seem to be in the organic cottage cheese.

Essiac, Turmeric, Famotidine, Diphenhydramine
Posted by wynnye (Texas) on 01/29/2023

in June of 2022 I took my older dog, Ruby to the vet because I thought she had ingested something in the garage left by the handy man. on x-raying her stomach, the vet found a tumor on her spleen. upon further x-ray, looking to see if the cancer had spread to other organs, multiple lesions were found on her lungs (odd, I thought, since she had no coughing, shortness of breath, low energy, etc). but I saw the lesions on the x-ray. the Vet gave her 2 months at the outside. I took her home and did a little research. I started her on diphenhydramine 25mg twice a day with famotadine 10mg twice a day (I looked up the dosages online, according to her weight). The same with Essiac Tea, also by weight, twice a day. and Turmeric by weight, again twice a day. It is now January 2023 and she is going strong, energy, no symptoms!

Hemangiosarcoma Remedies
Posted by mtcountrykid (NW, Montana) on 12/08/2022

my Labrador was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma over two years ago and given 4 months to live.

We give her 1 eye dropper full of full spectrum CBD oil, 1 tbs fermented mushroom complete powder includes chaga, maitake, reishi, turkey tail, lion's mane mushrooms, and as much organ meat as we can.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Art (California) on 10/27/2022 2159 posts


In case you don't get the reply and information you are seeking, melatonin in at least one study has shown to be beneficial for esophageal cancer by inhibiting metastasis and this may be additive to your other treatment :

Here is a relevant study quote :

' In summary, our study demonstrated that 1mM pharmacological concentrations of melatonin inhibited the migration and invasion of TE-1 esophageal cancer cells through suppressing the NF-κB pathway and down-regulating the expression of MMP9, which provided a theoretical and experimental basis for the clinical treatment of melatonin in esophageal cancer. '

On a somewhat related note, the type of melatonin that dissolves in the mouth may be a useful form as the dissolving melatonin will bathe the esophagus lining on the way down before the melatonin goes systemic. Capsules or pills won't do that. Taking right before bed may allow the dissolved melatonin to stay in the esophagus longer because you won't be eating or drinking to wash the melatonin out of the esophagus.


Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Lisa (Michigan) on 10/27/2022

Could you please post your story and where you are at as of today on your esophageal cancer? All help is needed. Thanks

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Emma L (CA) on 10/24/2022

Are you referring to Panacur C, a dewormer for dogs she took for her cancer?

EC: Yes.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Jen (Australia ) on 10/09/2022

I sincerely hope you were successful.. Jen also Australia

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 10/03/2022 84 posts

As to Panacur C, you want to get the 1 g packets, because each of those packets contains 222 mg Fenbendazole.

Of Fenbendazole, the usual dose for humans is 222 mg/day in Joe Tippen's protocol, which is a suppressed cancer cure, as this is 222 mg/day dose has cured numerous terminally ill, stage IV cancer patients. View

As to Fenbendazole, and for short-term use, higher doses are also possible.

Example: Dr. Lee Merritt, MD takes Fenbendazole 700 mg/day for 3 days. However, her dose is only (700/(150/2.2) =) 10.27 mg/kg, because she weights only 150 lbs. Further, she takes this dose only for 3 days, then she pauses for 4 to 30 days. As she explains in her video, unless you want additional issues, don't pause for too long. You need to consider the life-cycle of parasites. View and may fast forward to 21:00.

One recurring issue is, no one knows what the proper dose should be for humans, so how are you going to decide what dose is right for you?

Another recurring issue is, if you ask your Medical Doctor, he or she will likely discourage you, and set you back for many months. Why? Partly because MDs are scared of Fenbendazole. And partly because MDs get ZERO training in parasitology. Therefore, don't ask your doctor. Ask your veterinarians and or farm supply stores!

For the most common worm, the roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides) in CATS, vets recommend Fenbendazole, 50 mg/kg/day x 3 to 5 days. After this 3-5-day period, you need to pause your treatment for an unspecified number of days.

For the largest-sized parasite, the fluke, a.k.a. flatworm (Fasciola hepatica) in SHEEP, vets recommend Fenbendazole, 150 mg/kg/day x 1 day. After this, you need to pause the treatment for an unspecified number of days.

As to further increasing your dose, don't do it because 1) Safety comes first, 2) These doses are the highest doses already, and 3) Why spend more than what you have to? You won't get a bigger bang for your buck!

However, if you use a higher dose, it's unlikely that it will kill you. Because, for rats, the oral LD50 was greater than 5, 000 mg/kg. See (22.2_pct) Solid Formulation_AH_ID_6N.pdf

However, Fenbendazole CAN kill you due to known and unknown drug interactions. Example: If you use Fenbendazole in combination with Salicylanilides, such as Dibromsalan and Niclosamide. Deaths and abortions have been reported after using these medications together. See .

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Valerie (Wirral, UK) on 09/11/2022

I thank you for taking the trouble to post your experience. It's extremely helpful. I just wish posters would mention dosages

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by George (Utah, US) on 09/30/2014

I'm a retired RN and have been reading the many conversations about 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on why it works or doesn't. I wanted to share some thoughts on how it might work against cancer or any fast dividing cells. HP when it encounters a cell will inject O2 into the cell until the cell can't take and more, ruptures and the cell dies. If you have a fast dividing cell, like a cancer cell, it will uptake the HP O2 into the cell quicker than a normal cell and deplete HP. Then you would need another dose of HP. Depending on type of cancer and the amount (billions or trillions) of cancer cells that you're dealing with, it could take months of treatment. Again, HP works by injecting O2 into a cell until the cell bursts. I hope this helps.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lou (Aransas Pass, Tx) on 03/12/2012

I started taking H202 (food grade) November 11th 2011, I was told my throat cancer was fatal, nothing could be done. Today I was told not only the tumor but also the cancer is gone, no sign of it. You nay sayers can do as you wish, don't listen to us lucky people that feel better than we have in years. But if you do use it, follow the instructions, don't use the cheap stuff you get at local stores, use food grade only. Read up on it, my wife bought this and gave me the max dose, heck we were told I had less than a month, how could it hurt?Now with today's news we can start planning trips we thought would never happen.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, California) on 05/31/2007

I just called my uncle to tell him about hydrogen peroxide (who has throat cancer, though it's in remission), and, I got all excited about it--that I had read here that it had cured some people's cancers, etc, and he just laughed, then said, "Tara--that's why my cancer is in remission."

He said he had stumbled upon this treatment accidently, when 20 years he swallowed some hydrogen peroxide (not on purpose) while brushing his teeth one day.

Then he said--"it just made me feel better, so I continued to do it".

Since then, he's been drinking one 16oz glass of water with a little hydrogen peroxide every day for the last 20 years. He said even though he still has a tumor, it hasn't changed since he started this treatment, and like he said, he's still alive. (The doctors are "baffled", because they think he should have died a long time ago.) [I wish we could hold some kind of conference to exchange these stories--you don't know me, and I don't know you, but if you knew me, you'd know, that I was only writing this because it's the truth, and I'm writing it in the hopes it might keep someone else's loved one alive after a diagnosis of cancer for 20 years too. It's so crazy to think about it (because it counters everything we've grown to believe), that I still have a hard time things like this myself, but after reading about this therapy, then talking my uncle--a lot more lives could be saved if we dropped the propaganda and started having open discussions about human health, irrelevant of money and power--]

Essiac Tea
Posted by Hope (Michigan ) on 07/24/2022

Hi. I just read your post and was wondering how you're doing? I also was diagnosed with cancer and was wondering if the powdered essiac tea with all the herbs included is okay also is there a particular way to drink the tea? any advice at all would be appreciated God bless you!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Hope (Michigan ) on 07/24/2022

Hi. Maybe a stupid question but isn't it true that you shouldn't eat sugar when you have cancer? So wouldn't molasses make the cancer grow just trying to understand. Thanks.

Baking Soda
Posted by Hope (Michigan ) on 07/24/2022

Hi, I have a question regarding using baking soda to reduce the size of tumors does it help with large tumors or just smaller ones? Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Jerry (Miramar ) on 07/19/2022 22 posts

So..its been many years, and the article has since been been removed from the Mercola site. If you or anyone can recall the points, and would love to share, it would be appreciated. Since Ted has not been around, there've been many changes. Excellent posts, tried and proven true, cures that worked and ideas have been removed. And many people have taken physical notes over the years, of cure that are not here anymore. Its not the "neighborhood health and prayer center" anymore. I was one of the email prayer partners, all that was cut off. My prayer today, is that for you the one who is searching for a cure, to be filled with Godly wisdom, to be led to that cure.

EC: Not true. Very few posts on Earth Clinic have been removed over the years. However, if you are using a mobile device, switch to VIEW FULL VERSION in the main menu, and you will access the full site. Or use a desktop computer, which is the best way to view all the content on the site.

Mobile users on Earth Clinic are redirected to a fast-loading mini-site specifically designed for mobile devices unless they choose the View Full Version option. Since 2014.

Pancreatic Enzymes
Posted by daniel (TN) on 06/29/2022

Hey the best cure for cancer is pancreatic enzymes, along with other programs. I recommend anyone with cancer do research on william donald kelley, nicholas j gonzales, curtis kuhn, by the way if you have acidic cancer like in the organs then Molasses and baking soda protocol really works.

Do youf research - nutrycology pancreatic enzymes are great.

God bless

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Molly M (Central Texas) on 06/07/2022 7 posts

Candy, read this whole story and the comments about Joe Tippens overcoming cancer that had metastasized throughout his body. He is a wonderfully lighthearted and enjoyable writer, so you can easily read his story and relate to his very positive attitude. This is the link:

You'll have to copy and paste, or scroll up to the hot link Gerald posted and go right to the blog. Fenbendazole comes in two brand names, Panacur-C and Safe-Guard. You have to take a dosage every day according to your weight, and be advised that the largest dosage for dogs at 80 pounds or more actually takes TWO packets per 80 pounds. I found the Safe-Guard for large dogs on, and it arrived within 3 days. IT IS COMPLETELY SAFE FOR HUMANS - DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TAKING IT WHEN THE BOX STATES, "For dogs only..."! There is actually a "human" pharmaceutical, Menbenzadole, that is the same medicine only higher can be expected by its makers, Big Pharma. Read ALL of Joe's blog post, as he states toward the end that it is perfectly safe to take the fenbendazole 7 days a week, instead of his first system of dosing, 3 days on and 4 days off.

For your dog, just give him 1 packet a day according to his weight, or according to the listing of dosages if he's 61 to 80 pounds or more.

For all of us, human or animal, we'll be free of all kinds of worms FOR SURE! The cancer will also be gone after a while, and like Joe, we should continue taking the maintenance dosages for the rest of our lives....just to avoid reoccurrences.

Good luck, and tell us all about your and your dog's cures!

Molly in Texas

Book Recommendation
Posted by Aurora (Mason City Ia) on 06/02/2022

The book isn't available on Amazon, and the interview is gone. This really makes me want to read what He had to say. Any idea where can I get the book? or interview (s)? Thanks in advance for any response. Aurora

Oil Pulling
Posted by Mria (Canada) on 05/12/2022 9 posts

How long did it take to cure your lung cancer by oil pulling?

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Maria (Canada ) on 05/04/2022 9 posts

How much to take daily?

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Candy (St Louis) on 05/03/2022

What dose did you use for humans and what dose would be used for a dog with cancer?

General Feedback
Posted by Maria (Toronto, ON) on 03/22/2022

For many years now, I have noticed a correlation between a disease and unresolved problems in relationships, especially when one person feels hurt by another and will not let it go. I noticed that a mother with uterus cancer might have problems with her child who feels hurt by a mother and mother has problems forgiving a child or someone else. A father with testicle cancer has a grown up son who feels unloved and neglected by a father. There is a correlation there and I believe that attempting to solve the relationship (ask for forgiveness, repair the hurt if possible and forgive any other hurts) might help a problem. I was able to manage some health issues of my own using this method. It is much more complex, but in a nutshell, it is often related to relationships.

Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 03/22/2022 21 posts


Since I am a researcher I always look for curements for serious illnesses.

I found this article, how wheatgrass can cure cancer.

I hope it can be helpful to anyone that is suffering. This is the article link.

Also make sure you stop sugar. Sugar is destructive for the body.

All the best.

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol
Posted by beverly (Texas) on 02/05/2022

except for sarcoidosis...........I was told not to take vitamin d and to stay out of the sun............for the past 30 years.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 01/11/2022

Just to add to the melatonin study. When I told one of my onc's I started taking melatonin he said "I don't recommend it. You need to stop. Cancer is stressful enough and melatonin causes nightmares. Just another stress on you." So, he said he would rx lexapro or xanax if I needed it. No thanks!


Posted by Betty (CA) on 01/11/2022

I will give 2 reasons first hand experience.

1. Chemo centers are driven by incentives to keep an 80% capacity all day long of people in the chemo chair hooked up. I have seen onc's actually walk through, not to check on people, but to count empty chairs.

2. Other concern is statistics. They are taught to keep control of the patient and deter everything not listed per NCCN to the point of scaring the crap out of people saying things like "No no no, do not do this or take that. You could die." Then they spill analogies like "We are in the middle of a football game now, it's halftime. Ball is in the air and we just have to wait for the end outcome (statistic). Just let me worry about your cancer. You rest and make sure you come to all appts."

I could go on and on.

I know for a fact if I had followed along blindly obeying I would be dead already.

Posted by Art (California) on 01/10/2022 2159 posts

In this very significant new review of meta analysis' of melatonin, it was shown that melatonin significantly increased the one year survival rate of cancer patients with a p-value of 0.005. How do oncologists not recommend melatonin to their cancer patients? I think vets should take notice also because melatonin is naturally occurring in animals just as it is in humans and plant life.


Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by coolings (california) on 12/08/2021

hello, and thanks for sharing. what was the dosage for the ivermectin? and how often do you take it and for how long should you do so? thank you.

ORH's Cancer Protocol
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 11/08/2021


HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,, ORH here and as ususal, I have a ditty to tell. Over the years, I have used Perdue University to test my blood for cancer. That cost was $800 and all the man and wife research team could tell me was that I had cancer. I handled that with concentrated Green Tea every 6 hours night and day. On my next test I sent my blood to Holland and they did the Nagalase test and that cost just $80. I took care of that by building up my immune system with Transfer Point's Beta Glucan and other protocols.

I have just learned that the Navarro Clinic in the Philippines has done a urine test since the '80's and that cost is even less. My PSA is up again and I suspect that I have cancer in my prostate. Like the Redneck that I am, I refuse to get a biopsy due to metastasizing. Thus, I will collect my dried urine sample to learn if I am correct or not. If so, then I have already researched and have a program in mind.

For my immune system, I will again do Beta Glucan and add CDS to that. For the cancer itself I will get back on the Merk Dog Dewormer and Vitamin C IV's. May try to figure out how to get Ozone involved. Will use the urine test to follow my progress. Still have the issue of CHF..... LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF CHERRIES because the Lord provides. ====ORH====

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by SamB (NC) on 10/24/2021

Did it save your cat? How much did you give?

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by STEVEN (PA - Pennsylvania) on 10/02/2021

My sister-in-law was diagnosed in July 2020 with adenocarcinoma esophageal cancer. They didn't expect her to live more than two months. She went on a strict modified keto diet and lost 100 pounds.

In April 2021 she started taking Panacur C. Two months later she doubled the dosage and here in October 2021 she is still taking it along with numerous other things. She is regaining her strength and energy.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Gerald (OH) on 09/10/2021

Public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try ‘any' type of treatment on human beings, ” Oster decreed, falsely suggesting that ivermectin is only for “livestock” and not humans.

It is like banging one's head against the wall trying to set the record straight that ivermectin is fully FDA-approved for humans. The prevailing narrative right now is that it is a dangerous “horse paste” that is not for human intake, which is patently false.

I am 76 years old, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma 2 1/2 years ago. I had a tumor removed on my neck, I was told by a doctor that I should get 45 treatments of radiation or I guarantee it will spread to another place in my body, They wanted me to get a CT scan with contrast to see if it had spread. I refused all treatment because I was positive my cancer started with a CT scan of my leg prior to having a stent put in, from that moment on a tumor started growing on my neck and within 30 days it was the size of a golf ball. I told many doctors that the CT scan started my cancer, their reply was dead silence.

So I started takeing Fenbendasol like Joe Tippens did

Recently I had to get another CT scan for the stent in my leg had completely blocked off. they took it from my chest down, No sign of cancer, I started taking Fenbendasol as of now no signs of cancer.

Let me tell you Cancer treatment in America is a 500 Billion dollar per year industry they are not going to come up with a cure and kill that cash cow.

I feel if I had taken their radiation treatment I would not be here now, after all, it was radiation that started it.

These dewormer meds are safe and do work.

All of these statments or my own personal opinion.

Also, I had started getting skin outbreaks in my left ear, started applying Black Seed oil on them, the sore inside my ear went away, the behind my ear started clearing up, I would also put fenbendazole on it, It all seems to be working.

And if you are concerned about Covid, please follow the links in my previous post on the Squamous Cell Carcinoma page here under Ivermectin:

My daughter and my wife are servers and I did know it was just a matter of time before they would bring it home to me. Sure enough, my daughter had signs, I immediately went to Tractor supply and bought ivermectin for horses and started taking it, also gave it to my daughter and wife, they stopped after a few doses and should have kept taking it but they did not have serious covid effects and was over it in about 6 days, Thank God I did not get it.

I still take it twice a week to prevent covid and cancer.

I hope this information will help someone out there suffering from these problems.


Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 09/04/2021

Hello Robert, how much baking soda should be used?

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/03/2021 233 posts

I would dissolve the fenbendazole in the dmso, in fact I did this for my husband's kidney tumour, results on biopsy are still pending, we are a work in progress. Before surgery I was supplying budwig meal x4 a day with the fenben mixed in, emulsified into the mix. I also infiltrated the skin directly to the kidney because of a stomach ulcer. He'd lost 20 kg in three weeks and since he has been home he has regained muscle function (he was having spasms bordering on seizures) and has put on about 3/4 the weight he has lost. Another thing you could try because it's melanoma (accessible) is dissolving the baking soda in dmso and delivering that to the cancer directly. Since surgery I have reduced the budwig meal mixed with fenbendazole to one a day, Joe tippens beat his 50 inoperable tumours with 222mg daily (4 days on 3 days off) studies were done with 1500mg and daily with no break. We're not breaking but I still have so much to throw at this if it comes to pass that the tippens dose *delivered inside the cancer cell* by the budwig is not enough. I am confident in this two punch approach. I am seeing marked improvement with my eyes.

Best to you

Baking Soda
Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 09/03/2021

Hello Robert, I can't find this post from Ted, do you know if he mentioned the dosage? My dog has melanoma, the tumor is on his digit and is quite big, making it uncomfortable for him to walk. I would try to saturate the tumor with baking soda. If it can shrink to half its size, he would be walk to walk more comfortably.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 09/03/2021

Hello Joe, do you think fenbendazole could be used to help a dog that has melanoma?

Kidney Cancer
Posted by Robert S. (U.S.A.) on 08/30/2021

Everything was in the post. You can buy it on, a bit expensive, but not when your life might depend on it.

Kidney Cancer
Posted by Robert S. (USA.) on 08/30/2021

Look into Hulda Clark methods, she knows what she is talking about and has an excellent track record with terminal cancers of all types.

Posted by Robert S. (USA.) on 08/30/2021

Inject some sodium bicarbonate directly into the cancer, this will kill it off much quicker than iodine alone. Use distilled water, add some SB and make sure everything is clean. Wash the area to be injected with povidone iodine. You might want to add some Loguls iodine topically, the stronger, the better.