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Baking Soda

Posted by Kristi (Cleburne, Texas) on 08/08/2008

Thought this would be of interest to you there at Earth Clinic. Check out this website and video of doctor who treats tumors with injections of BAKING SODA!

So Cool.

BTW - Fantastic newsletter.

Posted by roseroberta (Roseville, MN) on 04/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I suggest that your readers go here: Here you will find that doctors have been finding and ignoring that surrounding every cancer is fungus. Baking soda kills the fungus in the body. If some are getting a yeast infection which is a fungus. I find that interesting. This site uses straight Baking Soda with no ACV and does so both by mouth, intravenously and injected into cancer sites. It may be that acid reflux is also a symptom of candida. Those who find relief from bread....may and I am not sure....may be getting relief due to the fact that the bread feeds the yeast and gets it to shut up.

I have a cat who has incurable cancer. We are going to inject it into the site. I will print here how it goes.I myself have just started doing the ACV and honey with Baking Soda I may try also adding the Coconut oil. I would be interested in hearing from others, but don't want my email address hooked to a spider. Cheers.

Posted by C (Ohio) on 03/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Skin cancer and baking soda: Some time in the middle of January I was checking the net info on cancer always involving fungus - the info from the Italian Dr. Simoncini. My husband has been out of regular work for about 2 years and we do not have health insurance but he has needed a spot on his side taken care of. Upon watching the online video showing that cancer always comes with fungus and that baking soda could alkalize and destroy the colonies we decided to give it a try. We started by mixing baking soda with water and spreading it on a large band-aide. That did not work so well because the baking soda turns hard as a rock. My husband decided to mix it with glycerin to see if that would keep the soda softer longer and it did. The paste is made by putting some baking soda in a small dish and adding the glycerin until you have a white paste thin enough to spread on a band-aide. It still gets hard but not near as fast.

The spot on his side was a bit less than a quarter and about the thicknesses of 3 quarters. It definitely needed attention. It first reduced in height and then started shrinking circumference. It did go through various stages that looked really bad. At times I wondered what was going on. (Note: It is not a process without pain.) It was working and so my husband wanted to keep on going with it. We kept making sure the bandage was changed. He was also taking baking soda internally for a while but then stopped that. By the end of March it is basically gone. The area has a bit more healing to do but that just takes time.

The plus's of this are so wonderful. 1. No surgery!!!! 2. No dealing with the side affects of surgery - like as muscle that doesn't work as good because it was cut. 3. It only cost the price of baking soda, glycerin and band-aides. 4. Peace of mind.

We do realize that the fungus can still be in the body. He is trying extra strong oil of oregano to kill any remaining fungus infection. But that is another story.

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup

Posted by Mikeclu (Waco, Tx.) on 07/15/2016
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I am doing the baking soda and maple syrup. I do once a day b4 I go to bed.

One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate soda (arm and hammer pure baking soda), one teaspoon of organic maple syrup, and a cup of warm water.

I have been doing this so far for a month. when I started my psa was 48.19, it dropped to 36.2 just in one month. I am going to continue this until my psa drops to 0.0 .I also have ph level strips, and I check my ph twice a day for my urine and saliva. I am very happy that everything is going in the right direction.

Replied by Mikeclu
Waco, Tx

I would like to say that on my last lab work it was 36.2 . I just had another lab work done and my psa is now 21.5 .I am very satisfied. I will keep on doing this till I see that I do not have a prostate problem. thank you.

Replied by Annie
Sedona Az

Just wondering what protocol you are following? Husband got first PSA of 37.5 his dropped in a month to 30. He got diagnosis of stage IV metastatic cancer with metastisas to the bone. He has used the baking soda BUT not sure of the protocol.

Replied by Pianist

Some protocols call for 3:1 ratio of maple syrup to baking soda, others call for 1:1 or even 1:2. Can anyone clear up the confusion, please?

Replied by Vincent Van

Hi Mikeclu, My father aged 82 years is suffering from Prostate cancer . In the year 2008 he had to undergo orchidectomy in order to limit the growth of Prostate cancer . Meanwhile he was advised to take calutide 50 (Bicalutamide) for the control in growth of Prostate cancer. For the past one Eight Months he was suffering from pain while urinating and also less urine and frequent urge to go to Urine . The doctor recommended Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) a surgery to treat urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate. At the time before the surgery his PSA was 17.8 and surgery was done in the end of July 2016. He was discharged and advised to take Calutide 50 for 3 months . After one and half month my father is again having trouble in Urinating and there is a frequent urge to go to Urine and very less urine is coming. Also he wakes up at multiple times at night to go for Urine. The PSA level in the month of Sept was 13.1 and in the month of Jan2017 is 22 Now the doctor has advise him to go for Zelgor 250 mg (Abiraterone Acetate(250 mg)) 4 tablets a day in order to control the spread of cancer to other areas. As I came across this website I am intrigued with the medication using Baking Soda and maple syrup to cure Prostate cancer before going for Abiraterone Acetate Can you guide and confirm about this natural medication and how can we reverse the cancer. My father is also heart patient and diabetic. I want to give him the confirmation this protocol is correct and not harmful and is being used treat prostate cancer. Thanks in advance. Vincent Van, Singapore

Replied by Nina

Hi my mom has lung cancer stage four, but she is unaware of her condition, and appears to be in the pink of health except for the occasional blood that she coughs out, she is in her eighties, plz tell me how to give this protocol and for how long. what is pas.? I don't have a clue. thanks a million. Nina

Replied by Jo
Victoria, Canada

Reishi tea reverses all cancers especially lung. I put 4-5 slices reishi mushroom into simmering water and let it simmer covered for an hour or so. Drink a couple cups a day. It doesn't taste bad at all. I've started adding astragalus to it and that does have a bit of s taste but not much. Good luck with mom <3

Posted by William Davis (Houston, Tx) on 02/17/2011

Reportedly, 1 parts baking soda and 3 parts raw organic maple syrup cooked @ 120 degrees f for five minutes creates a reliable treatment for cancer 85% of the time. Go figure...

Replied by Alpha Dave
Morristown, Nj

I have read that cancer cells feed on sugar. Maple syrup is almost all sugar.

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn

From what I've read on the internet, the cancer cells love the sugar but not the baking soda... The sugar is a way to get the cancer cells to ingest the baking soda, which is supposed to be lethal in some forms of cancer. I, personally, have no idea if this works or not but there ya go.

Replied by Ken

I think it is best to stick to molasses (instead of honey/maple syrup). This is because molasses is rich in iron, and cancer cells are VERY hungry for iron (not just sugar). hence, molasses should be a much better trojan horse.

Replied by Oma Beate

I know Curcumin is a much better way to kill cancer. I had a 8.5 cm Arduino tumor removed. Can't tell I am cancer free yet, because I will have a blood test and scan in February.

My missionary Dr. friend has excellent results with Turmeric (Curcumin)


Hi, could you please tell me how and when to take turmeric powder, as it is easily available in India. For how long does the patient need to consume it. Thanks a million, Nina.

Replied by Mikeclu
Waco, Tx.

Yes, and the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate soda) kills the cancer from the inside. It is like a Trojan horse. The cancer eats (wants) the sweet (sugar) not knowing that the bicarbonate is mixed in will come out to fight the cancer.

Replied by Mikeclu
Waco, Tx.
5 out of 5 stars

It does work. I am proof of that.

Replied by Vikki
5 out of 5 stars

I hope this is ok, I don't have a suggestion but a question. I am treating my dog with lymphoma and would like to know if I have to cook the concoction or can I give it raw. I think the honey would be more beneficial if raw and I am mixing it with raw liver. Many of the recipes seem to say it should be cooked. Thank you!

Replied by Vicky

Sugar acts as a trojan horse--without it the cancer won't consume the baking soda.

Replied by Jamal
Riyadh, Ksa

Hi Nina,

Just open earth clinic's cancer cure page. Go to the remedies and check (turmeric, sesame oil and yoghurt). You will see how to use turmeric for cancer. Hoping fast recovery for your mom. Best regards, Jamal

Replied by Baldev
192 posts

Hi Nina,

Turmeric is very good for general health and surely will have good effect on cancer. I will suggest you should get your own turmeric powder made rather buying ready made powder from the market because of the adulteration. You can make Turmeric tea by putting one tea spoon of turmeric powder in one mug of hot water and squeeze one lemon for the juice, stir it nicely and let your mother have it, at least twice a day. First mug she can have in the morning on empty stomach and second she can have in the evening five o clock or so. If she does not like the taste you can put half a tea spoon of honey in it. There is no time limit for this, it is a sort of tonic which one can take life long giving break here and there.

Good luck, Baldev

Posted by Kate (Henderson, Nv,usa) on 12/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to share a testimony of my father-in-law and his friend how they got cured of cancer using maple syrup and baking soda. My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my husband's friend told him of this successful cancer cure. The thought of going through chemotherapy and radiation at his age, 83 years old, didn't really appeal to him so he tried it. In two weeks, cancer is gone and even had another doctor checked it out. My father-in-law shared this with an 80 plus year old with pancreatic cancer who was told by doctor to "settle his affairs" coz he'll be gone soon. He did this, pancreatic cancer gone.

So cancer is not to be dreaded nor it's gonna cost you money-unless you want to help the 200 billion dollar cancer industry which they have no intention of defunding or finding real cure. Remember, our body produces liquid sodium bicarbonate to make our body alkaline. It does work. For formula, you can check online, search at yahoo baking soda/maple syrup cancer cure and it will give you websites to go to. God bless.

Replied by Ning
Springfield, Missouri

My husband had prostate cancer in 2000 , he did the radiation and was cancer free, on OCT. 2010 he had abdominal pain on his right side, and ended up in the ER, they took CAT scan and Ultra sound and accidentally found a black mass on his thoracic spine, went to have another MRI on his thoracic spine and went to see the SURGEON for the results of the MRI and the findings is that maybe "prostate cancer"spreading on his spine, the doctor would like to do a BONE scan but husband decided not do it yet, so another MRI is coming up in FEB, 2011 and I am very anxious to start this baking soda and maple syrup for cancer remedies and I hope and pray to GOD that the black mass will be gone by then. I'll keep you posted... He's also drinking ojibwa tea 4 bags a day instead of water (he takes tea)and VIT D3 2x aday.. Goodluck and thanks a million for this site and to all the people who posted their testimonies!

Replied by Ning
Springfield, Missouri,usa
4 out of 5 stars

Hello!!! This is a follow up on my previous message, anyway, my husband had another MRI test last FEB. 10, 2011 and just today(feb 17, 2011) we went to see the Doctor for the result. The Doctor said its GOOD NEWS , the black mass on my husband's spine didnt grow anything , another MRI follow up after a yr, I'll keep you guys posted and for the time being, I'll let my husband continue to take the baking soda/maple syrup and 14 apricot seeds a day. Thnx for all the comments abt maple syrup and apricot seeds. GOD BLESS everyone.. Thnx ED....

Replied by Milind Shah
Nasik, India

Hi, Ning, I am curious about your husband's cancer. Is he cured now? And how long he took baking soda?

Replied by Melody

Where do you get the apricot seeds?

Burlington, Nj
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You can buy organic apricot seed online or at health food stores.

Replied by Khaja
Andhra Pradesh

Hello, please reply anyone. Please my father has urinary bladder cancer suggest me can I give baking soda with molasses to my father?

Replied by Ryan

Yes, you can use it. Here are the instructions on how to take it:

1. Buy sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

2. Buy pH test strips (available in some chemist and online).

3. Mix 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and 1 teaspoon of molasses in a half-pint glass of water.

4. Drink this once a day for 5 days (2 hours before or after a meal).

5. During this period, test your pH often (both your saliva and your urine). Your pH must be brought to the normal alkaline level of 7.2 - 7.5. This level should cause cancer cells to go dormant.

6. On day 6, increase the dosage to 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and drink it twice a day. (You may begin to feel a little nauseous or queasy, and your stool may become yellowish. This is expected. It means the cancer cells are being killed. Also, your lips may tingle and you may get Oxygen Euphoria and even a slight headache. This is also expected.)

7. On day 8, drink the solution 3 times a day until day 12. (You may get some diarrhoea and feel a little weak. You may also get night sweats. This is expected. If you feel the side effects are too strong, you can always go back to taking the solution twice a day and when the symptoms lessen, go back to 3 times a day. Experimentation is fine—listen to your body; it will tell you when to back off.)

10. On day 12, if you believe you are cured (see the doctor at this point to see if the cancer has gone) you can stop taking the sodium bicarbonate. But if you think you ever need a “tune-up” for cancer at any time, repeat all the above steps.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton Wa

In 1984 my mom was diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer. 9 months later she died of a cancer easily treatable by naturopathic medicine.

In my opinion, the baking soda /molasses or maple syrup route is a weak cancer cure. The thing that makes it even weaker is eating a poor diet while trying to recover your health. Cancer demands a learning process with hard lessons learned to those who fail to study.

Extreme careful attention needs to be focused on diet. Let Charlotte Gerson advise you on proper diet in her excellent videos such as "The Gerson Miracle" or a favorite of mine "Dying to have Known".

In all situations where healing is required the body must be supplied with an over supply of essential nutrients because of poor intestinal function and absorbtion of nutrients. Much of what goes through you does not get absorbed with 100 percent efficiency. This means juicing is essential for cancer recovery.

On the other hand toxins built up from many years of exposure need to be removed placing an additional burden the system. This is why such careful attention needs given to diet. Your body can not heal until chemical toxins are chelated out and super nutrition supplied.

If you watch Charlotte Gerson's videos it will all make perfect sense. Nothing artificial should be eaten. No cooked foods should be eaten. Cooked foods become a lifeless useless dead substance which burdens the body. The living enzymes are destroyed which give life to both the plant and the body. You can not thrive on dead devitalized non living foods and expect to survive. Juicing puts mega nutrition into a tired sick body. God designed fruits and vegetables to heal our bodies. Most foods in their natural fresh raw uncooked living state have anticancer properties to them. It is when we corrupt them that they fail to work for us.

Be a raw food junkie and regain your health! never eat pesticide laden produce, its best to grow your own or shop at farmers markets where you can trust the grower.

This is your first lesson, for your second lesson learn about a mineral which attacks certain cancers and iron dependant bacteria, its called gallium nitrate. This mineral solution has extreme anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties to it. It has been proven to work on severe late stage bladder cancer even after all other drugs have failed


Replied by Ryan

In my post above, about how to take sodium bicarbonate, ignore point 7, which says:

“On day 8, drink the solution 3 times a day until day 12. (You may get some diarrhoea and feel a little weak. You may also get night sweats. This is expected. If you feel the side effects are too strong, you can always go back to taking the solution twice a day and when the symptoms lessen, go back to 3 times a day. Experimentation is fine—listen to your body; it will tell you when to back off.)”

I just found out that 3 times a day might be a too much for the body to take, so keep the dosage to 2 teaspoons twice a day.

I also just noticed a typo in point 7, where it says, “go back to 3 times a day”. This should be “go back to 2 times a day”—but as you should ignore point 7 anyway, I just mention the typo to avoid confusion.

Replied by Ryan

Just to be extra cautious, I would lower the dosage from 2 teaspoons twice a day, to 1½ teaspoons twice a day. That way you are only consuming 3 teaspoons a day rather than 4 a day. 3 teaspoons a day is within the safe limit that baking soda manufacturers like Arm and Hammer stipulate.

Arm and Hammer instructions:


Do not take more than the following amounts in 24 hours:

Seven ½ teaspoons

Three ½ teaspoons if you are over 60 years of age.

Do not use the maximum dosage for more than 2 weeks.

Replied by Carolyn
10/23/2016 has apricot pits/seeds

Replied by Carol

Does the mixture have to be cooked and given with that much water? I want to give this to my cat who has stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma in the jaw bone, mets to the left side of his face and back around his left eye. I don't see how I can get that much fluids into him. If it's 1 tsp for a human, how much would the dose be for a 12 lb cat? Thanks for any info.

Posted by Whisper (Timmins, Ontario Canada) on 05/21/2009

Fungus and Cancer:

I've used baking soda and maple syrup to cure fungus that I had on my big toe. In a matter of 3 days of taking one batch of this every day I saw the difference.

What I did, in a small pot I put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 tsp of maple syrup I heated it up on medium (setting at 5) then reduced to 3 to allow it to boil for 5 minutes in all. Do not try to double the recipe otherwise you take away the effectiveness. Before it cools down too much I transfer onto a sandwich bag (not sure if this is wise, but that's what I've used so far) and I've put it in the freezer for about 3 to 4 minutes to let it cool and once cooled it comes off the plastic very easily, now don't let it sit in freezer too long otherwise it'll get real hard. Check it often and when it comes off then its ready to make into small pieces, I find its like making toffee, I twist it so that it looks equal lengthtwise and then take the scissors and cut into small sizes, once that is done I then take half of what I've cut and swallow them down with water. Some have eaten it straight from the pot I can't handle the taste and it seems to work just as well.

I learned this at another site and was wanting to share it since I've gained so much more from this site. APPARENTLY, HEATING it is VERY important. the molecules of the salts and sugars must be bonded by heat. THE FUNGUS OR CANCER loves the sugars of the syrup but then the attached sodium bicarbonate is A LETHAL TROJAN HORSE. I didn't use this for cancer but this information was given along with the fungus.

EC: This therapy is called the "Jim Kelmun Protocol"


Replied by Whisper
Timmins, Ontario Canada

All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor. Cancer is being recognized as a form of fungus

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

The maple syrup apparently enables and increases penetration of bicarbonate into all compartments of body, even those which are difficult
or impossible to penetrate by other means. These compartments include the central nervous system (CNS), through the blood-brain barrier, joints, solid tumors, and perhaps even the eyes. IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, and increases uptake of drugs into cells. More information can be found at their website.

Dr. Simoncini says that, "In some cases, the aggressive power of fungi is so great as to allow it, with only a cellular ring made up of three units,
to tighten in its grip, capture and kill its prey in a short time notwithstanding the prey's desperate struggling. Fungus, which is the most powerful and the most organized micro-organism known, seems to be an extremely logical candidate as a cause of neoplastic proliferation." More information can be found at his website.

This is information that I gathered from another site in one of their forums. The Maple Syrup hides the Baking Soda and cancer loves sugar eats it up and the baking soda acts as a trojan horse.

I've tried this for fungus infection and it worked in three days my fungus showed signs of healing, without having to cut away the nail it simply dries it up.

But it is also recommended for CANCER.

TESTIMONIAL: I first heard of this treatment at my local health food store. The lady @ the check out was wearing a turban on her head. She had been through an ordeal of lung cancer which was obvious. She said that one lung was full of malignant tumors and the other was 3/4 filled. She was even to the point of spitting up blood. The doctors told her to get her affairs in order because she only had 2 weeks to a month to live.
The girls at the health food store where she worked were frantically trying everything from bringing fresh juices to the hospital to desperate prayer. Then they found out about the baking soda/maple syrup treatment. As a last resort, they cooked it up and gave it to her.
It worked! I'm not sure how long it took, but it worked! The doctor was so astounded that he ended up leaving his clients to his associates and is now in full time research. And most importantly...SHE IS ALIVE!

TESTIMONIAL: I found it alkalinizes the urine well --- no more sensitivity, ph at 7.5 or so. I wondered why my toenails became nice again after I began taking this mix daily and your website answered my question. I found I have more mental acuity (goodbye senility fears!), more energy (back to my 3-4 hours of sleep), more ability to multi-task and focus, less joint pain and less pain in general, less problems with eczema, and hopefully no more bowel lesions when they do my next sigmoidoscopy. Tumors called birds-egg tumors have shrunk.

RECIPE: 1 tsp of Baking Soda and 3 tsp of Maple Syrup, Do not try to double recipe keep it as is otherwise you take away the effectiveness, boil for 5 minutes, I used organic Maple Syrup, I started it on 6 and when bubbling lowered it to 3 to be able to make it the 5 minutes. They say take it as soon as it cools down, I found it had a horrible taste, I let it cool down and then wiped it down on a plastic sandwich bag and put it in the freezer for about two minutes check it often don't leave too long otherwise it gets real hard. I roll it lengthwise and cut it in half, this is my morning dose and the other half is the evening one. With one of those halves I cut into four smaller pieces so that I'm able to swallow them as a pill form with water. I drink plenty of water after taking them. Some have taken this same recipe as much as 4 times a day. It's all a matter of choice on what your trying to heal, trust your body signs it will tell you whether your taking too much or if you don't see an improvement try a bigger dosage.

Replied by Fran

How do you store the mixture after mixing?

Posted by Rathmussen (Montreal, Canada) on 03/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

There is a lot of talk nowadays about cancer being caused by fungus, viruses or bacteria. I do some technical writing for research scientists and it seems more and more likely that a lot of supposed genetic diseases may be triggered by microbes (MS, Parkinson's, ALS, IBS) so it wouldn't surprise me if this were the case. (There's even a bacteria from chickens that might be playing a role in obesity!). That cancer cells usually have a strong presence of microbes is certainly suggestive, but this could also be an indication of opportunistic micro-organisms easily holing up in already damaged cells. This is, after all, how the common cold works-- they crawl into weak cells to multiply. Of course in the end, we are purged of damaged cells faster than our immune system could have gotten rid of them.

Most of us, even the healthiest of us, have random cancer cells that our immune system can recognize and whisk away. So it stands to reason that staying as healthy as possible, and helping our natural immune defense is essential for both longevity and quality of life. Eat a lot of raw unprocessed foods and consume small amounts of sugar (cancer cells thrive on sugar and consume many times more than an average cell. In fact, vitamin C is more potent with low blood sugar levels).

I came across this home remedy that uses cancer's predilection for sugar and the power of baking soda (that we have learned so much about here!). Apparently, by warming maple syrup with baking soda, the molecules combine somewhat and when the cancer cells try to suck up the sugar they get a mouthful of baking soda.

Directions: Mix one part baking soda with three parts maple syrup in a small saucepan. Stir briskly. Heat on low heat for five minutes. Take one teaspoon daily, as needed. (You have to give your body a break from baking soda sometimes, and apparently some baking soda might have aluminum, so try to find a high-grade product)

If I had cancer, I would try everything, including chlorine dioxide (MMS), and I would weigh my options with my doctor. This is such a politicized topic and conventional treatments can work. Chemotherapy gave my mom 10 years after breast cancer, but it had a horrible impact in her treatment of colon cancer. We were told after the operation that there was a little bit that had spread to a lymph node and doing chemo was practically preventative. At the end of the course of chemo it had taken over her liver. The doctor convinced her to do another round, but one session was all she could handle and in a matter of months she was gone. I can%'t know if natural therapies would have fared any better, but I wish I had known about some of them and suggested them.

Stay positive. Take control.

Replied by Karen
Shenandoah, Va

I watched my Mother go through Chemo and Radiation treatment from Breast Cancer two years ago and I will not go through this if diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you all so much for a wealth of information and alternatives to cancer treatment. Now after all these treatments we are finding out all the problems they cause in your body later on. I wish I would have read about these findings sooner. Keep up the good work. Anything is better than the chemo and radiation treatments we have today.

Baking Soda and Molasses

Posted by Laura (Wisconsin) on 10/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for sharing the hydrogen peroxide for stomach cancer story!

Here's one I read recently:

Baking Soda Molasses Protocol May Cure Many Cancers

One man claims he has found a cure for cancer and actually successfully treated his own by using baking soda.

Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage IV aggressive prostate cancer which metastasized to his bones. He initially turned to Cesium, but ended up using a baking soda molasses protocol as a natural cure which eliminated his cancer and has worked for hundreds of others.

Johnston says "it is very important for those of us who have done or are doing this [baking soda cancer cure] that we focus on an Alkaline Diet. At the very least, for those of us who are recovering I suggest a diet of at least 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic..."


1) Buy Arm & Hammer Baking Soda OR Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda. (Arm & Hammer is supposedly aluminum free also. Arm & Hammer was used in this protocol.)

2) Buy Black Strap molasses OR Organic Maple syrup, Grade B.

3) Buy pH test strips; strips don't run and are easy to use. Litmus paper may also be used along with the strips.

4) Buy a good brand of potassium.

5) Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda & 1 teaspoon molasses/syrup in 1 cup water.

(May be warmed in a pan for dissolving, but this isn't required; room temperature is fine. If you heat it, heat on low. Heat the water and baking soda together, turn off heat, and then add the molasses or syrup. Don't use a microwave! )

6) Drink this solution once a day for 5 days.

(Always drink the solution 2 hours before or after a meal.)

7) Test your pH often; both your saliva and your urine.

(The pH must be brought to the normal/alkaline level which is 7.2 - 7.5. This level should cause cancer cells to go dormant; and a level of 8.0 - 8.5 should kill them; and so it is advisable to bring your pH level to 8.0 - 8.5 for 4 to 5 days ONLY, and then lower again to normal.)

8) On day 6, mix 2 teaspoons baking soda & 2 teaspoons molasses/syrup in 1 cup water; drink twice a day. Continue this formula through day 7.

(You may begin to feel a little nauseous or queasy, and your stool may become yellowish. This is expected. Something good is happening in your body - something bad to the cancer. Also, your lips may tingle and you may get Oxygen Euphoria and even a slight headache. This is expected and may eventually lessen.)

9) On day 8, drink the mixture 3 times a day through day 11.

(You may get some diarrhea and feel a little weak. This is expected. But taking potassium daily while on this BAKING SODA CURE should lessen your loss of energy. You should take a high dosage of potassium daily with this cure. On day 9 or 10 of this dosage, you may get night sweats. This is expected. What you are doing right now is getting your pH to 8.0 - 8.5 and (more or less) holding that for a few days. If you feel the side effects are too strong, you may always go back to taking the mixture twice a day, and when the symptoms lessen, go back to 3 times a day. Experimentation is fine - listen to your body; it will tell you when to back off.)

10) On day 12, if you believe you're cured, you can stop taking the BAKING SODA CURE. But if you think you ever need a "tune-up" for cancer at any time, repeat all the above steps. If you're cancer free, it is advisable to use 2 teaspoons baking soda and only one teaspoon molasses/syrup in 1 cup of water once or twice daily for 7 days: I.e., if you're only trying to raise your pH to the alkaline range of 7.2 - 7.5.

Replied by Jane M.
Nairobi, Kenya

Pls does it help with colon cancer?

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I cannot attest whether the above therapy works for colon cancer, but it would do no harm. Baking soda and food grade hydrogen peroxide are logical choices to take daily in your drinking water with any type of cancer. But as a herbalist, I'd strongly recommend soursop, which should be available in Nigeria.

Annonaceous Acetogenin in the Soursop tree are “... not only are effective in killing tumors that have proven resistant to anti-cancer agents, but also seem to have a special affinity for such resistant cells.”

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/31/2009

The Molasses/Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Cure(Works like The Maple Syrup/Bicarb Cure)

Hi everyone...I've been trying to buy organic Maple Syrup to use with Baking Soda occasionally as an alkalizer and preventative, but this is impossible to buy in the Philippines where I live. So I searched for evidence of other possible natural sugar sources being used with Sodium bicarbonate within a cure.

Apparently, this cancer cure works exactly the same if you use molasses and Sodium Bicarbonate. The site I discovered was just a single testimonial on one web page which sells nothing. It is written as a diary of amounts and effects of taking this cure and gives full and detailed description of the molasses/bicarb remedy, together with a day by day diary or log by the cancer participant who had Stage Three prostate and bone cancer(he completely cured himself in 9 days). This account also contains how he made up and took this formula, how many days he took for and the effects etc. The piece was also written up by Dr Sircus, a well known natural allopathic doctor. Here is the site:

Taking Sodium Bicarbonate together with molasses seems to somehow combine together(isomer?) the two ingedients. Since cancers are voracious for glucose -- the sodium bicarbonate/molasses seems to get drawn into the cancer cells -- these cancer cells need 17 times more glucose than normal human cells because their respiration is anaerobic. So this mixture is introduced as a trojan horse to the cancer cell and draws in oxygen which is like cynide to the cancer cell, but harmless to normal human cells. From the article itself -- cancers will stop growing between pH 7 - 7.5 and all cancers will be wiped out at between pH 8 -- 8.5.

I've also put up a similar article in the "honey" section at earth clinic -- I found a patent where honey/bicarb was used very successfully -- backed up by much successful human research that I've never heard about. It seems this honey cure works for alot of other ailments besides cancer as well.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Everyone...Here is more evidence of success against cancer using the simple Baking Soda/Molasses protocol.

The link below describes the personal story of someone called Vern and his story details all the protocols, side-effects etc. of his Baking Soda/Molasses cure for Stage 4 prostate cancer that had metastased into bone cancer. He cured his cancers by taking this protocol in order to simply maintain his body pH at 8.0 - 8.5 for 4 days, which was enough to completely wipe out both the prostate as well as bone cancers.

The link to this remarkable story is here:

Certain caveats about this protocol. First, I have only every found this protocol successfully being used against prostate/bone cancer. Second, for ordinary tumor cancers(non-metastased), as Ted says, there is a chance that this protocol could -- via feeding glucose to the cancer -- cause the cancer to suddenly metastase into its more virulent, viral form which could also cause dangerous cachexia in the patient.

Of note about this story of a prostate cancer cure, is that it seems to work successfully against already metastased cancer, and the protocol seems somehow to be able to even penetrate the blood/bone barrier to kill off the seconadary bone cancer(very difficult to do).

Replied by Natalie
West Palm Beach, Fl

My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastesized to the brain. We are following radiation and chemotherapy but I am searching the web over for a natural cure that may significantly increase her odds of beating this. My mother is extremely close to me and I just cannot accept this diagnosis and am willing to try anything. Do you have any suggestions to follow? I appreciate any help!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Natalie, I can fully understand how you feel, my mother died of breast cancer 12 years ago. I wish that she was here now because I believe that now I could have tried more to help her. I would advise you to search for a few books on cancer. As it runs in my family I have made a list of the books which I find might be of interest and I could send it to you or else go on Amazon and have a look because there you can also read all the reviews. The first book I am going to read is Anti-Cancer A new way of life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. There are very inspiring books written by survivers who also tell you what they did and why they think that it did work. Right now my husband and I are ok and there are no such problems in the family but my reason for reading these books is that it is better to have the information before the crisis strikes. All the best to you and your mother!

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

I am sorry to hear what you and family are going through. As others will suggest a nutrient rich simple diet with adequate protein. (many small meals instead of 3 large) Organic juicing. Ginger tea to help with nausea, Astragalus, Mushroom Formulas, (Fu Zheng) getting Vit. D levels up to "sufficient" to help with immune function... Since she is taking Chemo, there is controversy about anti-oxidants interfering... I cannot suggest either way.... Though I feel the real cure has to come from the body's ability to fight it, so strengthening it's defense system is key. In this respect there a couple things of recent research that appear to be promising. 1. One is low dose naltrexone.. Taken just before bedtime. It appears to dramatically increase the bodies immune system by increasing it's endorphins... See link though I encourage you to seek out much more info. That is available...

2. Another is fruit phenols.. See link..

Having lost my mother to cancer 5 years ago, I only wish we could have known about some of these latest findings & I wonder if they could have changed it's course... Best of healing to you!

Replied by Joe
Jupiter, Fl

Start with overall immune support for the best defense to battle cancer:

1. Iodine drops (4) from Lugol's, 2.5% human consumption type. This will eliminate toxins and metals linked to cancers. There plenty of specialist that have books and research on Iodine.

2. Probiotics to support most of immune cells which are developed in the intestine.

Follow Ted's Cancer fungus or vital remedies:
Email Bill from the Philippines for programs. He is on the site.

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Answer to Natalie from West Palm Beach for natural cures for cancer

Hi Natalie, Here are a few articles or post I would like you to read. They will seem complicated, but the more you will read the more you will understand. But the key is to understand that if one change the "terrain" than you change the condition that favored the coming of cancer. Keys are oxygenation and pH I. E alkalizing..

See post from Londi from Scottsdale in


Look for acidic brain

See my posts on ph and cancer a little after.

Search EC for alkalizing formulas ...

You can check these out too

Good Luck, Alain

Replied by Tony
Church Hill, Tn, Usa

Hello everyone here at EC! I'm currently on a candida protocol provided by Bill here at EC. I'm now into my 8th week of treatment. Let me say that it's not been easy at all. Having significant die-off/detox symptoms. They've been really bad for the past 4-5 days. Just felt awful & no other way to describe it.

Anyhow, I've had numerous blood/diagnostic tests run & there has been no signs of any cancer in my body. My candida is really bad & has been spreading for probably over 17 years now. 17 years ago is when I first noticed a white-coated tongue. Things just came to a big halt back in February with sickness.

I'm just wondering if it would be OK to add the baking soda/maple syrup remedy that's for cancer into my candida protocol? Maybe do this remedy once daily at 1 tsp. to go along with the standard alkalizing remedies? You're not supposed to have any type of sugar with a candida issue though. That's the pitfall! But, cancer is a fungus & this remedy cures cancer then why wouldn't it be OK for candida even though it has sugar?

I have read this remedy for cancer can be used for candida as well because it raises the body PH pretty quickly. I can surely say that the way I feel now it makes me think I have cancer. Some will say I'm over-reacting but I feel that cancer isn't too far away due to my significant candida problems.

Cancer is a fungus anyhow so I'm just trying to keep it away while doing this candida treatment. My body couldn't be too far away from some type of cancer because of the condition it's in with candida overgrowth. Below is a link to my story about candida:

I've also read about Ted's cancer remedy with GF cornmeal. That sounds like another option because it's anti-fungal as well. I'm just trying to keep all options open. I definitely don't want this candida overgrowth lead to cancer. That's why I need to take action now! Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Heather

Hi Tony, You are getting really confused. Let be clear no sugar in any form for someone with candida and no sugar in any form for someone with cancer. Iodine is excellent for both candida and cancer.

Replied by Tony
Church Hill, Tn, Usa

Hello again Lisa. Then explain to me the connection between cures for cancer from baking soda & maple syrup? I mean it's not like it's some made up theory. There's articles/blogs about this cure all over the net.

Yes, I'm sick but I'm not confused! I've read too much about this recently. Here's a great link for real proof about the connection between maple syrup & baking soda curing cancer along with the numerous cures from baking soda alone which we know about here at EC: Cure with Baking Soda .pdf

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Tony, Just to clarify, that was not me who wrote this regarding baking soda and molasses for cancer. It was Heather from Leicester. I know, it can be confusing when so many are writing to you. Sorry about that, Lisa

Replied by Pam
Livonia, Mi

She should try the maple syrup/baking soda remedy. Read the other stories, this should help.

Replied by Pam
Livonia, Mi

This simply isn't true. While I agree cancer thrives on sugar, yes, but the concoction, organic unsulfured Molasses, or maple syrup or honey is acting as somewhat of a decoy, so immediately the cancer clings to it but is LETHAL when mixed with organic baking soda.


Posted by Aclark (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on 02/27/2012

In one post Ted says bananas make cancer spread and in another one he recommends eating them. Can he clear this up?

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

With regards to cancer, the latest havard study which no doubt will be buried. Has proven a big link between industrialised milk production with regards to prostate and breast cancer. Apparently the estrogen that feeds these cancers is 300 times the amount found in cows that are just milked after having the calf. In the industrialised setting the cows are milked 300 days of the year. no wonder when you push nature for profit.

Posted by lucille (DENNISPORT, MA) on 10/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i am a cancer survivor of 8 yrs now. i heard that putting or rubbing bananas on your breasts will help somehow treating or delaying breast cancer. do you have any comments? thanks, lu o


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/18/2014

A number of people have posted requests for information regarding cancer. I dug up this WHO [ World Health Organization ] toxicology report that discusses studies done on mice and rats that shows a very significant " Protective effect " regarding cancer with the use of BHT in sensible dosages.

Extract from report:

Special studies on the protective effect in vivo Groups each of 60 FAF, male mice were maintained on semi- synthetic diets containing 0,0.25 or 0.5% BHT. The mean life-span of the test animals was significantly greater than controls, being 17.0?5.0 and 20.9?4.7 months respectively for the 0.25% or 0.5% BHT, as compared to 14.5?4.6 months for controls (Harman, 1968). Groups each of 20 male and 20 female Charles River rats were maintained on test diets (males 24 weeks, females 36 weeks) containing BHT and/or carcinogen. (N-2-fluorenylacetamide or N-hydroxy-N-2- fluorenylacetamide) in the molar ratio of 30:1, equivalent to 6600 ppm (0.66%) BHT, then continued on control diets for another 12 weeks. The N-2-fluorenylacetamide alone resulted in hepatomas in 70% of the male rats, mammary adenocarcinoma in 20% of the females. With N-hydroxy-N-2-fluorenylacetamide 60% of the males had hepatomas and 70% of the females had mammary adenocarcinoma. BHT reduced the incidence of hepatomas in males to 20% when the carcinogen was N-2-fluorenylacetamide, and to 15% (hepatomas in males), when N-hydroxyl-N-2-fluorenylacetamide was the test compound. Similar results were obtained with Fischer strain rats. Liver and oesophageal- tumour production with diethylnitrosamines (55 ppm (0.0055%)) in drinking water for 24 weeks was not affected by BHT (Ulland et al., 1973).

Link to entire WHO report here:

Bile Duct Tumor Remedies

Posted by Garima (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 02/05/2013

My mother (72) was diagnosed of a tumor in her bile duct (2 cm) which is cancerous. Her eyes and skin are very yellow. Allopathic doctors have no treatment for her as they say the cancer has entered into blood vessels. Please suggest what can be alternative treatment.

Replied by Anon

Hi, I would try the budwig protocol.

Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

Posted by Marjolein (Egypt) on 08/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Black seed oil 400mg

3 years ago I've been suffering with my health, was tired all the time and could do nearly nothing and lots of headache. Went to do several tests and also a blood test which said I had neutropenia and then they advice me to do an bone marrow punction as they thought I had leukemia. I was 25y and didn't want to do this and didn't want to admit to it and totally went into the net to see what I could do and then I started with black seed oil capsules 3 times a day (400mg each) combined with vitamines b and magnesium and CBD oil twice a week. Also I quit with the hormones ( birth control) now 3 years later I feel as a different person! I play squash again and feel active and I do have energy. Last month I have done again a blood check and all is back to normal! Till now I still take 3 times a week the black seed oil caps and vitamins and also I started last week with baking soda just to to stay hopefully in good shape for always.