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Posted by Dorothy (Holley, Ny) on 06/10/2014

Looking for information about frankensence for cancer and crown of thorns extract for arthritis.

Frozen Lemon

Posted by Mehnaaz (Banded,india) on 09/18/2014

Hi ec friends,
I am very glad to mention that recently I've read very precious knowledge about frozen lemon. When it is grated and is taken with food or water or any other way, it shows miracles! IT ENDS CYST AND TUMOUR. IT FIGHTS AGAINST CANCER. IT WORKS FASTER MORE THAN 10,000 TIMES OF CHEMOTHERAPY. I think, it is the BOON for cancer patients. It is good source of vit. C. Lemon peel is the most fruitful part of lemon for health. Please study more about it and also share with me if you find anything new about it. (Everyone should eat frozen grated lemon daily for happy and healthy life. )

Replied by Bee
(New York)

RE: Frozen lemon?

what do you mean by frozen Lemon?

I juice lemons and drink them with water.

we have lemon ice here in the States. LOL

Replied by Nonukes
(Hyogo, Japan)

Mehnaaz, would you please tell us where you read this information. How do we know what is the action of lemon peel on tumors? I have been alkalinizing with Ted's lemon juice and baking soda and have been wondering what to do with the growing collection of lemon peel halves in my freezer. I tried making candied lemon peel with coconut sugar, but coconut sugar does not crystalize. Don't try that. The resulting syrup is delicious, but I use even coconut sugar sparingly, so the syrup will last quite a while. I'm looking for healthful recipes using lemon zest. Does anyone have suggestions? One could just add grated lemon peel to smoothies. But could we please know what are the documented benefits of using lemon peel, or what experience people have had with it? And your source of information?

Replied by Sue

Please could you explain the dose. I have a young daughter who had colon cancer and they removed the tumour but insisted she had chemo to mop up any lingering cancer cells. She is already into her 5 th treatment and the oncologist stopped her having her last lot due to a not so good blood report. They want her to come off all her Naturapathy medicines and to have more blood tests again in a week. I am not a fan of chemo and wish I could stop it now. Please help with any advise. I'm desperate. Also I have a friend with lung cancer, could this help her too??? Kind regards Sue

Replied by Mr. Ree

Hi Sue, Please look up kerosene remedies on this site and elsewhere...It will give you case histories and how to take it...It works in a short time... Your daughter and friend will be fine....It works and has worked for hundreds of years...


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Posted by Greek (Chicago, IL) on 03/28/2008

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1985. We live in a polluted community, he smoked, and my families diet was pretty heavy in red meat. He was given the proper medication and then discharged. He knew that cancer usually returns so he decided to modify his diet.

The first thing he did was stop smoking. He then changed his diet. No more red meats. He made sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits every single day. His main fruit of choice is bananas. The addition he made, which I think was the most valuable was garlic. Garlic is a huge staple for mediterraneans, so this wasn't a big adjustment. It was a big adjustment for everyone else in the house that valued breathable air. Well, 23 years later, he's as healthy as a horse. He gave cancer one hell of a beating.

I take the garlic pills because of the obvious odor. I work with a lot of people and I don't want any embarassing odor. Is there anything that can kill the bad breath or the odor that comes from the pores?

Replied by Paul
(Cortlandt Manor, Ny)

Try drinking a glass of milk or chewing a couple of sprigs of Parsley, after consuming raw Garlic.

Posted by Barry (Blountville, TN) on 03/02/2007

Garlic quickly killed my cancer and saved my life. Hi, My name is Barry Bittinger. My Friends call me Boone Doggie. I have had cancer three times, and I used garlic alone to kill the cancer all three times. The first time I used garlic it was a mistake, I misunderstood the difference between a clove and a bulb. My daughter Lynn told me to eat a clove a week to cleanse my blood. I mostly ignored her, there was nothing wrong with my blood I thought. Then, after having a growth in my right lymph nodes, hurting, and swelling and growing to a massive size, It all turned to blood poison, this was after having the cancer for several months. I would have gone to the doctor, but I was warned about letting a doctor just cut it out. I decided to wait and try other things. NOTHING WORKED, it just cost a lot. Then it all broke loose, the time had come. I tried to drive my car to where my oldest daughter worked, I COULDN'T I was totally zapped of all my energy. I went back home to wait for the grim reaper to take me away, I'm not a fool, I would go to the hospital, but only as a last resort. A acquaintance of mine had lymph node cancer, he went to a hospital and his lymph nodes were removed, He died quickly. Don't let them do that I was told. When all went south, and blood poison had taken over my arm, at first my right shoulder half way down my mussel, I lay down because I was so exhausted, for about 30 or 40 minutes. When I awoke, the blood poison had moved to a position 5 or 6 inches above my wrist. I knew if I lay down again it would be over, So I thought of a place where I could go in my condition that I could drive my car and make it, and get some garlic. This I did to clean my blood. Not knowing that in doing so I would also cure myself of cancer! I went to a near by store and purchased 4 bulbs of garlic. I thought that I had purchased 4 cloves. This is what saved my life! not knowing the difference between a bulb and a clove. If I had known the difference between a clove and a bulb I would be dead today. The garlic that I ate not only Stopped the blood poison in it's tracks, It killed the cancerous growth (The size of a baseball) in my right under arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I returned home with the garlic, I got out a plate and broke the garlic bulb, I thought was a clove all over the plate. I started eating all i could eat. about 7 or 8 pieces every time. which amounted to about a bulb a day. I ate the garlic two times a day, about half a bulb at a time. (there is more to the story I can tell later) For now the important message is (GARLIC KILLS CANCER QUICKLY) I should have started eating garlic all the time, but I didn't. I got cancer two more times. Once in my stomach and once in my eye, I killed the cancer both times by repeating the mistake I made the first time. The stomach cancer I killed by going to a dinner the first night that I realized it was there, The first treatment didn't get it. The stomach cancer had grown to the size of a goose egg in only one day. I had to do the same thing the next evening when I went to eat. I ate a measure of granulated garlic on each bite I took. The next morning it was dead. When I got the cancer in my eye, I didn't eat the garlic, I simply taped a sliver of garlic over the cancerous spot, it burned for about 4 or 5 hours. When I awoke the next morning the garlic had turned the cancer spot into a blister. I dissolved in a day or two, But left me the biggest black eye I have ever had. I now eat a small amount of garlic every day, I have had no more cancer since I started the garlic once a day.

Replied by Barry
(Blountville, Tennessee)

I sent earthclinic a story about how garlic ridded me of cancer, this is under the heading Garlic Bulbs. 3/02/2007 under holistic cures for cancer.

Thank goodness for earthclinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I would like to add a blog I just installed on Yahoo 360 on how others are finding garlic very helpful in staving off death by cancer by using garlic against it.

Entry for April 11, 2007: 14 years ago I had a serious bought with cancer, It was then I made the mistake that killed my cancer and saved my life. I have been trying to relay this information to you all since that time.

It is obvious to me that some people don't want to know anything different when what is told to them, they are having to much fun with this. And many are getting very rich!

I have some news about the ones who have found out about Garlic. Myself, I am sure I would not have made it, except for the garlic, and now several others have used garlic against cancer and are OK. I have an email to share from one person who expected to die from prostate cancer, His wife had already been killed by cancer, I want to share my latest email from him.

Then again, a lady friend of mine, K, is what I am going to call her, Another friend of hers whispered to me, K has been diagnosed with brain cancer, She only has 6 months to live. The first thing I did was get her phone no. and call to tell her about garlic. The results are, she started by eating a bulb of garlic a day, Then tapering off to a clove a day. Her cancer symptoms are gone, her pain is gone, and she has gone back to work, in a cancer killed state. this is a 2007 story, This whole episode started 6 weeks ago, a woman who was given 6 months to live has been given many more yrs to live because she used garlic to cure herself of brain cancer. I first heard of her cancer trouble in early 2007 it is now April 11,2007, now and she (K) is no longer worried about death from brain cancer.

The other story I have to share with you today has taken a little longer. But instead of trying to tell the story myself, I will cut and paste his latest email to me

This is S's latest email, he is from the UK,

"Hi Barry,wanted to up-date you after the latest hospital visit. Well great news to tell. In sept 06 when the trouble started my PSA count was 13.9 . Couldn't pass water & awful pain in the lower region. Found you & also started garlic.Took a Whole bulb on 2 separate days. Next reading in Jan 07 was 4.2 alarm bells ringing as still well above the acceptable 0--3 The next step was to have a biopsy to test for cancer cells, massively invasive & huge side effects. So we agreed to wait a while & have another test first. I did as you said & organised change in my life. Looked for calm in my mind. At this time i was on a drug to relax my muscles in that area to assist in passing water. Stopped the pills at the end of Jan 07 as hate pills. Started taking 1 garlic piece 3 times a week. You said increase it a little so i slowly built up to 3 pieces each day every day by end of March.Find it hard to swallow but try to imagine the good it is doing me. Next check was Feb 07 & was 3.9 still high but heading in the right direction.I still had an ache in the same place. Barry the inspiration i got from you & watching the numbers fall helped me so much. The latest check last week was 3.2 must get into the 0---3 group so still lots of work to do. Still have an ache which needs investigating, otherwise feel so much better. Will up-date you next check, positive thinking & all that so God willing it will be in the 0----3 Bless you my friend, S"

after using garlic to rid himself of prostate cancer.

This is good as I can do, If you can't believe, that garlic gets rid of cancer, then what can I say, I am only here to help because of what garlic did for me, You could at least try some garlic for a few days if you find you have contracted a cancer, I'll gurantee you may be rid of the cancer before you make for your doctors appointment.

Later Your Friend Boone Doggie sometimes called by my real name Barry.

This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Garlic, Cayenne, Chili, Iodine, Baking Soda, Tomato Juice

Posted by Balticseaviking (La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico) on 10/19/2010

I have been on HBP medicine for years and I was diagnosed with what the Drs. said was prostate cancer. I of course did lots of research and came up with a, what I call, my everything formula. I make my own cayenne tincture and a kind of garlic tincture. I use habenero peppers as they are the hottest I can find here in Mexico, if I could find hotter I would use them. Anyhow I take 5ml of the tincture, a tablespoon of the garlic, which is kinda like a tincture and is made the same way a tincture is made, two tablespoons of ACV, four drops of Lugol's Iodine, 8 ounces of tomato juice and 8 ounces of purified water, also a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Mix it all until the foaming stops, drink it down. I find it tastes nice, hot, but nice. Of course I didn't start out with 5mls of tincture, I started with 2 and worked my way up. I had a cat scan and a bone scan last month, both came out clear with no indication of disease and the blood pressure is now normal. Bet you can guess what the Drs. wanted to do- right, put me on chemo and radiation. When I asked why they had no explanation, guess it is because of the ungodly amount of money they make with these procedures. Try it you will get used to the taste and will look forward to you daily Whamo!


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/11/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

When you have cancer then the cancer produces an enzyme called Nagalase. With this enzyme in place your immune system cannot detect the cancer cells to destroy them. But if you inject the compound GcMAF then your own immune system can now see these cancer cells and destroy them. The Nagalase test is not done any where in the U S....... Why?

My Tractor Driver and I just sent our blood samples to Holland for the Nagalase test. If your test is below 1 then you don't have cancer. Her test was good, but mine was 2.4, so my cancer is confirmed a third time with 3 different tests. The Oncoblot test cost $800, the DNA cost $85 and the Nagalase cost $100. The last two are chump change compared to our traditional medical tests.

This protocol will only work through stage 2 cancer but our modern medicine can only detect cancer when it gets to stage 3 and most times 4. You test for Nagalase and if above 1, then you inject GcMAF on a periodic basis and test until your Nagalase is below 0.65. Then you are cancer free. No vomiting, no hair loss and no wishing you were dead.

The lab in Europe that produced GcMAF has been destroyed by our equivalent of the FDA. The 6 American doctors working on this project are no longer with us.

What this means... is that for 100 bucks a year you could learn if you have pre-clinical cancer and get the GcMAF shots and your body would cure your cancer. No $1,000,000 spent and all the pain that goes with our current cancer treatments. That will never be allowed to happen. Next to energy, cancer bank rolls this country.

That is where I am and why I ask all to follow my saga and you will learn a hellava lot. I keep telling all that knowledge is the way. I got part of that, but what I now need is discipline.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , have had 3 different cancer tests of which most have never heard. Today, I learned of another that is cheap and done in the U.S.

I won't go into my usual diatribe about modern medicine not using these cheap tests in the detection and following of the treatment progress. Ya'll draw your own conclusions.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

Saw our Anti-Aging doctor today and she was not happy with my PSA test as it is going up and up. I have known for about 5 or 6 years that I have either stage one or two blood cancer, but it appears to be on the move. It went to the back burner when I crushed my T 12 and got Lymphodema and low back pain as a result. I have whipped the low back pain and addressing the lymphodema with some success, but now that too goes to the back burner.

My doctor said she wanted to send me to an Oncologist and I said no, I will not do chemo, surgery, nor radiation. I will not even do a prostate biopsy, for that just causes the tumor to mastisiizes through out your body. She then explained that that is old news and now they do an MRI. I said OK, I'll do it, but will find an integrative doctor to treat me. She said, that would be me, as I have been trained to addressing cancer in natural ways. She is like the folks on EC, they too, don't know how to take me. I just glad that we have a great relationship.

ATS =============ORH=============

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,, as all know .... I cheats. I want to do the new super oxygenation protocol that Dr Shallenberger and Longivity have come up with, but I don' want to spend the $6,000 for their equipment. I already have the ozone generator, suit and sauna. All I need is the oxygen to breath while in the ozone sauna.

So today I got my Nurse Practitioner to write me a prescription for my oxygen supplier to allow me to breath O2 while in my ozone sauna. There are many ways to skin a cat. I will use this program in addressing my cancer. With my PSA going up I will just assume that my cancer is moving. The MRI on June 22 will confirm that, but I'm not waiting. I will resume the Bill Hernderson's Protocol that I have used in the past. It rebuilds your own immune system to defeat cancer. I have also bought an ORP meter that P. Raghaven suggested here on EC.

As I have said in years past, the two greatest things that have occurred in my lifetime are the auto and the internet. The auto allowed you to travel, so you did not have to marry your first cousin that lived in the same hollow. You could travel a few ridges over and get into a different gene pool. The internet allows us to get different opinions such that Walter Cronkite does not tell us how to think every day at 6 o'clock. The internet certainly has messed up Main Street Media's play house. We can now think for ourselves, and not be brain washed.


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Posted by Maria (Toronto, ON) on 03/22/2022

For many years now, I have noticed a correlation between a disease and unresolved problems in relationships, especially when one person feels hurt by another and will not let it go. I noticed that a mother with uterus cancer might have problems with her child who feels hurt by a mother and mother has problems forgiving a child or someone else. A father with testicle cancer has a grown up son who feels unloved and neglected by a father. There is a correlation there and I believe that attempting to solve the relationship (ask for forgiveness, repair the hurt if possible and forgive any other hurts) might help a problem. I was able to manage some health issues of my own using this method. It is much more complex, but in a nutshell, it is often related to relationships.

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Posted by Catperson (Phoenix, Az) on 09/10/2012

Is it necessary to make drastic or any diet changes while taking curcumin? I have never read where anyone who has cancer saying they've made any changes to their diet, and they say they are cancer free after they've been on curcumin. Thanks.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Take your green drinks.

General Feedback
Posted by Riz (Ortonville, Mi) on 08/15/2012

taken from internet...thoughts?))

Study highlights role of glutamine in absence of glucose in growth of B cell tumor.

Cancer cells have been long known to have a "sweet tooth, " using vast amounts of glucose for energy and for building blocks for cell replication.

Now, a study by a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere shows that lymph gland cancer cells called B cells can use glutamine in the absence of glucose for cell replication and survival, particularly under low-oxygen conditions, which are common in tumors.

Writing in the Jan. 4, 2012, edition of Cell Metabolism, Anne Le, M. D. , and a team of investigators collaborating with the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, say the finding is critical for developing innovative cancer therapies because it offers "proof of concept" evidence that curbing the growth of B cell cancers can be accomplished by inhibiting a glutamine enzyme called glutaminase.

Le notes that although little is known about glutamine's role in the growth of B cell cancer, the amino acid circulates in the blood at the highest level among the 20 amino acids that do so.

The tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA or Krebs cycle) is classically regarded as a pathway for glucose oxidation. However, the experiments by Le and the team show that B cells oxidize glutamine when glucose is absent.

The study also found that when oxygen is scarce, there is enhanced conversion of glutamine to glutathione, an important agent for controlling the accumulation of oxygen-containing chemically reactive molecules that cause damage to normal cells.

When the investigators used a glutaminase inhibitor, cancerous growth of B cells was stopped in petri dishes.

"The flexibility of the TCA cycle in using both glutamine and glucose pathways may be important for cancer cells to proliferate and survive, especially under the low-oxygen and nutrient-deprived conditions often encountered in the tumor microenvironment, " says Le.

Now, perhaps, scientists can exploit that survival strategy to stop cancer, according to former Johns Hopkins scientist Chi Dang, M. D. , now at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania. "A broader and deeper understanding of cancer cell metabolism and cancer cells'ability to reprogram biochemical pathways under metabolic stress can be a rich ground for therapeutic approaches targeting tumor metabolism, " he says.

In addition to Le, an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, other researchers from Johns Hopkins who participated in this study include Sminu Bose, Arvin Gouw, Joseph Barbi, Takashi Tsukamoto, Camilo J. Rojas and Barbara Slusher. The Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, where Tsukamoto, Rojas and Slusher are faculty, is pursuing the development of new glutaminase inhibitor drugs.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Below is the latest cancer update from the WHO (World Health Organization). Please pay attention to the 'key facts' section. The last bullet says this:

"It is expected that annual cancer cases will rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 within the next two decades."

Not only will cancer cases rise, the fact that cancer will still not have a cure from the allopathic medical field is even more sad. When will this stop? Probably NEVER because they don't want a cure! Here's the article link:

Replied by Homeboy

The cancer cure discovered by the 12 doctors this molecule GcMAF universal cure for cancer and was treating autism and whole long list of other illnesses. The doctor made some other very shocking discoveries regarding vaccines. Sadly, all the doctors that were doing this research were all killed. GcMAF is being offered in advanced nations, However, you can guarantee that it will not be offered here to us homeboys!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U HOMEBOY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you right on the money with this conclusion. These doctors used the Nagalase test to determine if you have any cancer at all. We sent our blood test to Holland and learned that my tractor driver was good to go, but I was over 2, so I did have cancer. But how was I to treat it as you elude.

I'm not telling you anything new, but our medical folks are corrupt to the core. It's a money thing. That is the reason that I welcome a violet revolution. We need it and may the best folks win.


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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 08/11/2012

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , Thought I'd bring you up to date on the carcinoma that I had on my hand. First, I tried to handle it by treating it with iodine. That was affecting it but too slow so I got my doctor to cut it out. It healed very well, except there was a tiny black spot still there. Even though the pathologists reported to the sergeon that he got the entire cancer, I knew he had not. I then ordered Bloodroot Black Salve from Uragury from the American the FDA sent to prison for selling the stuff here several years ago. Anyway , the salve caused the cancer to harden and start to rise just like it did with the iodine. Only this time it also ate deep into my hand. Dear hearts, there is much pain to this procedure. Soon the entire thing came off and left a pretty deep hole in my hand. That is what it is supposed to do. Now the hole has filled in and only a small scab remains. I am satisfided that the cancer is gone. On future skin cancers, I will use the solution made from the Egg Plant. It is slower but is not as agressive as Bloodroot Black Salve. You got to get the Egg Plant solution from Australia.

Got ATS to tell you, but you will have to wait 6 months on this one. I got another serious health problem and have elected to go the natural way. It's a goodie and I kinda scared, but I got a program and it will be thumbs up or thumbs down. At 76, I have lived a full life and am going out with dignity one way or the other.

Ya'll behave for a change. ==ROBERT HENRY====

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

We'll try to behave, Robert! Keep up the spirit! You are an inspiration.

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Posted by Lisa (Pocatello, Idaho) on 07/28/2012

My son is fighting 4th stage cancer and I was told cayenne pepper was good for this. Have u ever heard of this?

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Lisa from Idaho - Kelley Eidem, the author who wrote The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, has a YouTube video on using SinusBuster for cancer pain. SinusBuster is a cayenne spray used for sinus problems and headaches. You can buy it at any health food store or even some supermarket pharmacies.

Here's the page with the information:

The article is entitled: Can Cancer Pain Be Wiped Out with a Nasal Spray? The video is near the end of the article. The sound and picture isn't the best but there is good information in it as well as in the article. The comment section is a must read (scroll past the ads). People are writing in saying what worked for their cancer pain.

It seems alkalizing the body is a key component.

Best of luck to you and your son. Take care, Bess

Replied by Vivek
(Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)

Hi Lisa, You May check this link for cancer protocol with natural way. Kellly Eidem runs hubb pages you can seek his help for your son'c cure

Hope this will help you. Many good wishes for your son's recovery.

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn USA) on 07/02/2012

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN. Just became aware that there is a test developed by Purdue U that can tell by a particular protein in your cells if you have cancer or not. It is 5 to 6 years ahead of our current accepted technology. We just took the test and will know in a few weeks if we have a problem or not. Also, they have a protocol that can eliminate these cancer cells in this early stage. Imagine that. Naturally this is all early science stuff. We will keep you posted on the results.

Yo Redneck Buddy == ROBERT HENRY=====

Replied by Lou
(Elk Grove, Ca, Usa)

Hi Robert, It is a great news, about the marker to detect cancer as well as a protocol to eliminate it. Can you please provide a link so everyone else can read and learn more what is current in cancer treatment.

I sincerely hope that your test results will come out to your liking. Good Luck and God Bless.

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Posted by Littlejoe12 (Carmichael, Ca.) on 07/02/2012

Cancer is not viral. It is a fungus. All sickness was fungal back in the day until antibiotics came into play. That is when bacterial started & viral is used alot when the allopathic medical field is not knowledged or is guessing which they are any way. They are practicing medicine. They are taught & allowed to only treat the symptoms because of the FDA, Big Pharma, ect. It is all about GREED (money) not what is best for us or to heal but usually treat us with things that cause bad side effects or death. Get knowledged by going to these websites. NATURAL NEWS. COM & NATURALNEWSRADIO. COM. LISTEN TO ROBERT SCOTT BELL & MIKE THE HEALTH RANGERS SHOWS & CHECK THE LINKS OUT & DO YOUR HOMEWORK (RESEARCH) ALSO MERCOLA. COM GET BLESSED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE & THEN SHARE IT

Replied by Kathy
(Henrico, Virginia)

I think it is sad that, I feel, the FDA has now become the Fool and Deceive Agency.

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Posted by Stuart (Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines) on 12/27/2011

My Wife has colon cancer, and is now suffering with extreme cachexia, I have recently started her on hydrazine sulphate to reverse it.

But I have also read about chloroquine (anti malarial drug) which is now under clinical trials, as it inhibits autophagy.

My question do you think it is possible to combine both treatments in an attempt to starve the cancer?

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Posted by Kat (Campbell River, Bc, Canada) on 12/18/2011

Hi I need to know what is the difference betwwen a nottingham grade 2/3 cancer and a stage 1, 2, 3 cancer Confussed??? I have would also like to comunicate with someone who has breast cancer and what treatments are working well in shrinking a second tumor. Thanks- I have a few other posts and any inofrmation is so so appreciated. thanks, Kat

Replied by Lymiesheri
(Kansas City, Missouri, Usa)

Get this book "How I Cured My Stage Four Multi-Organ Cancer" By William Truck. He used black salve and yellow salve to pull it up to the surface of the skin in what is called an eschar. Then the eschar is removed much as a scab. It left a huge scar. But if he had applied a plantain poultice, or even honey it would have healed without scaring. Soak plantain leaf in olive oil over night. Apply to skin. Allow to stay until leaf dries up. Then replace continually until sore heals. if bandaid is needed only use gauze and make it big, two pieces overlapping about one half inch to cover wound. Then when leaf dries just part the gauze and insert new leaf.

I did this for my husband's brown recluse bite. Three days completely healed no scar. Plantain very powerful, but don't know that it is as powerful as the salve. Expect a lot of pain as the salve does it's job with removing the tumor if you have a cancer. Truck's book says some don't have that much pain because their cancers are much smaller.